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An-Nur 58-64 Word Analysis and Tafsir 61


AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of healthy eating and avoiding blaming one another during dinner. They stress the need for privacy and avoiding injuries to family members, as well as avoiding negative behavior. The speakers also emphasize the importance of being mindful of one's behavior and following commands to build healthy relationships.
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We learned that even our vessels that are in who he said concerning this ayah, that when a loss of penalty revealed, yeah, you're Latina ama no letter kulu Amala, combinar conville, battle, insulted Missa that Oh, you have believed, eat not your property among yourselves unjustly, we do not consume one another's property unjustly.

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So when this I was revealed, the Muslim said that Allah has forbidden us to eat up our property among ourselves and justly, and the food is best property.

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So it is not permissible for anyone among us to eat at the house of anyone else. Obviously, that would be without permission. So that people stop doing that. So then Allah subhanaw taala revealed desire, but there is no blame. There's no sin in doing that. But again, as I mentioned to you, it must be in an approved manner. And what does it mean by approved manner? That some fuqaha they have said that a person may eat over there, but he cannot take the food with him.

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You understand?

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Like, for example, you go, there is some fruit you have it, you open up the cabinet, and you find a packet of chips, like, Wow, nice. So you take it and you walk up? Can you do that? No, you can't. Even if it's your parents house, and you're not living over there. But you can't just do this, that you go and open up the pantry and see, okay, what can I take home with me and you take all the goodies and your sister who lives with your parents, she's wondering where did all that stuff go, you can't do that. You can eat over there, but you can't take it with you. This is one rule.

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similarity. For example, if you go to your friend's house, she's invited you over. Now, you know, people are served dinner, you have dinner, and then you just go bring a container from the kitchen and you start putting food for yourself to take home with you. This is not appropriate, unless I wish she told you to do that. You can't just start backing up food by yourself so that you don't have to cook the next day. No, you can't do that. This is wonderful.

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Secondly, whatever a person does eat without permission, the amount of that food and the type of that food should also be reasonable. You understand?

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Like, for example, as I mentioned to you, if it's out on the table, eating, don't need everything, eat a little bit, whatever is necessary. And if you want to eat more than you can take permission

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type like for example, something has been prepared exclusively for someone.

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Like for example, it's possible that they have a child and for that child to have this very nice baby cereal. Some people like baby cereal, she will start having that. And when the child becomes hungry, the mother is looking for the baby cereal and she couldn't find it anywhere. Because you had it all.

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Similarly, there's food in the fridge. And you know that in this container, the woman of the house she packs lunch for her husband. And you see that container in the fridge, what do you do you open up you start eating it when you know it is for their lunch, you cannot start eating it thinking I don't need permission I can eat whatever I want this is inappropriate.

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So, these are two things that we must remember that we can eat there, but we cannot take with us unless they allow us to do so.

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Secondly, the quantity the type must also be reasonable

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laser Lake engineer, there is no blame on you. And that Kaluga Miran that you all eat together Oh Ashton or separately as that is a plural of shatta which is the plural of shady

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and chatty from the roof machine data. It's the opposite of that leaf.

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Remember Some may you live in a home

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that leaf is to compose to put together and *tier is when something is separated. Scattered diverse. For there is no blame on you whether all of you eat together or you eat separately, meaning you can also eat alone.

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Now there were some Arab tribes who would not eat unless everyone was present. And it is also said that Ibrahim or listen um you will not eat alone. He will always have somebody with the other some guests eat with him, otherwise he would not eat.

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And there were some others who prefer eating on their own. So over here we are being told it's perfectly fine whether you eat together or you eat separately. There is no harm in that.

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But remember that eating together is definitely a source of benefit. Because we see that once this person came to the profits out of us and he said that we eat but we don't feel satisfied.

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We eat but we don't feel satisfied. So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said perhaps you are eating separately.

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Perhaps you are eating separately.

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eat together and mention the name of Allah, and He will bless the food for you, this recording was made.

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So we see that as a family when people are living in the same house, and there must be at least one meal, at least one meal, at the time of which every single person is present at the dinner table. And remember, no matter how busy you are, no matter how busy you are, what busy schedule you have, no matter how many meetings you have, no matter how much homework you have, or how many tests you have coming up, you have to take this time out for your family.

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This is a must.

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a must.

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Because this is when the family members, they get to bond with one another, they get to spend time with one another. You can make sure your children are eating properly, you can make sure that your husband is also satisfied with the food. So at least take out time for dinner at the time which everyone is eating together. I remember growing up my parents were extremely busy. Both were extremely busy. But every single day we had to eat together. No excuse, no excuse. And it really helps that for the rest of the day you're doing your work. You know the husband is doing his work, the wife is doing his work, the children are busy, they're doing their work. But at dinnertime, when

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all of you are together, it develops a good bond between everyone you understand. And if all day long, you're away from one another. And at the time of dinners while you're away from one another than when will you bond with one another.

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This is one of the times when you can really share a lot of good things with your family members, you can teach a lot of things to your children, a lot of etiquettes basic etiquette, they can be taught at the dinner table children eat with the right hand, say Bismillah you can teach many doors when children when everybody's eating together.

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also, this command shows to us that there's no blame on you if you eat together or you eat separately. Now there are certain times when you know you have no choice but to eat separately.

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Like for example, it's possible that you have to leave very early, and your husband perhaps has to leave late or he has to leave very early and you leave late. So it doesn't mean that you must eat together at the same time. There's no blame. It's better if you eat together. But if you must eat separately, then it's okay. But please don't use television as your companion when you're eating.

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Because if you choose the television as your companion when you're eating, then First of all, it'll take very, very long to complete your food to finish eating, why you have your bite right in front of you. But when you're watching your eyes, if it's glued on the TV, it will take very long the food will get cold, you won't get much nourishment, and whatever you're eating, it won't really benefit you as much because of what you're watching. And because that also affects the food it affects you. It affects how you're taking whatever you're taking in.

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So make sure you choose a good companion for yourself. But if for some reason you have to eat separately, that's also permissible.

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Now many times what happens when people get together?

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What do they want that everybody should sit together and eat? Even if it means there are men and women who are not related?

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Isn't it

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and sometimes it also happens within the family.

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That for example, if somebody is living with their in laws, then the brother in law has to eat at the same table at the same time. And what's the reason that is given eating together brings Baraka yes, it does bring Baraka but not when the hoodoo devala are being violated.

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So yes, we have been given the allowance, wherever it is suitable, eat together, wherever it's not suitable, don't eat together.

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Wherever the situation allows you eat together wherever the situation does not allow you eat separately, know how much no blame, we have been given this choice, because situations change.

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So, so far, what have we learned in this ayah just before we continue, that there is no blame on the handicapped person, on the sick person, on the blind person, any disability that a person may have, even if they're very old, that they eat with others at the same time, at the same table at the same location. There is no blame.

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Just because someone has a disability does not mean they have to be excluded. No, there must be included.

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And similarly, the people with the disability they should not feel bad in their hearts. They should not feel bad in their heart, that they're causing disturbance to other people. They're causing other people to get annoyed No, because they have a right upon the entire society. They have a right upon the entire society. Such people have the choice to eat with other people whenever they want.

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And people we are allowed to eat from our relatives houses, our own houses as well as our very close friends houses without permission but obviously in a manner that is approved in a quantity. That is real

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And you see, sometimes it happens that a person may go to his relatives house. And he feels awkward eating over there. Why? What could be the reason?

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There could have been some argument in the past, or, for example, you feel that they're not financially that strong. So if you're eating, then you might cause them some burden. But what do we see that when it comes to eating small things, it's perfectly fine.

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Now, when you go to somebody's house to eat, or when you go to visit somebody, especially for younger relatives don't go in a time when you know, they will be eating, if you feel awkward eating with them, that you know, they're, they're struggling financially, that, for example, you walk in, at the time when everybody's eating, you know, it's dinnertime, you know, this is the time that they give supper to their children, and you walk in at that time, and then you feel awkward, that the dinner that they have is only sufficient for the family, if you start eating, other people won't be able to eat property, don't go at such a time.

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Or when you have to go then eat moderately, don't eat everything. And when you go and eat, then don't go on making requests. Can you make this for me? Can you bring me some yogurt? Can you make me some salad? Can you get me some dessert? No, they didn't invite you for dinner. Right. And if they are being very hospitable that they're making you eat, then if they had yogurt, they would have given it to you. And if they had salad, they would have given it to you. And if they had dessert, they would have brought it to you. So don't go on making such requests either causing burden to other people. Sometimes it happens that you go to somebody else they've invited for dinner, and you

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start making such demands that no salad, no appetizers, no dessert. If they had it, they would have brought it. Or you say well, that's it. That was

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that's not appropriate. Whatever they had, they put it before you. Yes, there's no blame. If you eat without permission. However, don't go on making such requests. You're not at a restaurant.

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And to eat something that you know is exclusively for them, or they have prepared exclusively for someone. Like for example, you go to your parents house, you know that your father has restricted, it has to eat certain things. And you see that particular food in the refrigerator, and you like it as well, and you have it, it would cause inconvenience to him, it would cause inconvenience to your mother.

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And remember that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, lay your Helloooo merely marry a Muslim in Illa and leave enough seminoe that the wealth of a Muslim is not permissible for another except by his approval. Okay, I'm leaving up someone who that leaving us is like the approval from the heart satisfaction from the heart. So unless the other is okay, you're not allowed to take his stuff. You understand?

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Now, for example, you're sitting in the cafeteria with your friend, you're very good friends with her. She's opened up her lunchbox, she has a very nice salad. And if you have that relationship, where you can eat some of it without her permission, it's okay. Because you know that they have cleanups, right? They're satisfied in their heart if you take it.

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But there's somebody who you don't even know their name, and hardly ever you sit with them. And all of a sudden you sit next to them and you see their sandwich looks really nice. That took one half and you pick up the other half. That is not right.

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That's not right at all. So just make sure whatever you take, that belongs to somebody else, as long as they're okay with it, and you know, they'll be okay with it, then you should take it otherwise.

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If somebody offers you some food, and you think that they're just offering it for the sake of offering, and they don't really mean it, then should you take it or not. If you take it you're not at fault. You're not because they should not lie, they should not pretend. And if honestly, you cannot offer it to somebody don't offer it. If you can offer a little bit then give a little bit only. Okay. And remember that if you do share something with someone then it will only add don't think that that those two bytes of the sandwiches you share with somebody, it's gonna cause you to be hungry. Don't think like that.

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fader the Halton booth and then when you enter houses, which houses

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which houses the houses of all these people that have been mentioned over here, your parents, your children, your uncle's, your aunts, your grandparents, your sister, your brother, when you enter the houses of these people, then what should you do? For suddenly mu Allah and Prosecco then you should greet yourselves. Send Salam upon yourselves. What does it mean by that?

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sense an M on yourself.

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Are that unforeseeable

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That when you say Salaam to the other person, what does that bring? Salaam for you?

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When you say Assalamu alaikum, what are you going to receive wireless Musa so for suddenly more Allah and physical meaning say Salaam. When you enter, say salam when you enter and remember that unforce also means that because Muslims are like one body. So when you greet someone it's as if you're greeting yourself. When you do good to someone, it says, oh, you're doing good to yourself. So for certainly more Allah and physical.

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Why, because this is the here then this is a greeting, saying Assalamualaikum is a greeting, from who Minar in delay, it is from Allah. Meaning Allah has taught you this greeting.

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So whenever you enter the house, whether you're upset, or you're in a rush, or you're very, very happy, what should you do? Say salon?

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Because if, for example, you walk in and you don't see a salon, just throw your bag and walk up the stairs and do your room. What are the people going to think?

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What are they going to think?

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Something's wrong, isn't it. So when you walk into the house, don't walk in like a thief. Don't walk in like a person who's extremely upset and very, very angry because now you walked into your house, not into your office. So when you come home, be good to the people of the house. And that starts with the saying of Salah,

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say Salaam,

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inform other people that you're there. make your presence known to others so that they don't get frightened

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and greet them.

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Many times it happens that when we come home, we walk in so silently, so quietly, that other people have no idea if we have come even or not.

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Or for example, if we're leaving, we leave so quietly that other people have no idea if we have left or not.

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It doesn't mean you have to go to every single person and say sir Mr. aliko when you walk in says and I'm outraged when you're leaving says and I would rather other people know that everything's normal between you and them.

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Because when you don't know Salaam then you know there is this tension between people people feel awkward. That What's wrong? Did I say something? Did my inner reaction upset them in some way? What happened now? Why are they upset with me.

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And many times it happens that for example, if girls are living with their indoors, then they don't practice such things and many times it causes tension between relationships. So if you start just this one thing, when you walk in say Salaam out loud, when you go out, say salon club, it's going to create a lot of bees in the family.

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So for suddenly more of that and forcing them to hate them in or in delay. This is a greeting that is from Allah meaning Allah has taught you is that they want Allah subhanaw taala created Adam and his Sunnah. And he breathed into him the rule, the first command that he gave to either medicine was to say Sam to the angels.

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So this is the here for who men are in dilemma it is from Allah.

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And when a person says Salaam to the other, he is greeting the other how that he is praying for Salaam and Baraka from Allah subhanaw taala that As salam or Aleikum in the Peace be upon you From who? from Allah soprano. And this the here it is very, very special. It is mobile rakata it is one that is blessed with full of blessings. If you say hi, what does Jaime What does it mean? That maybe you're sighing out of pain? Hi.

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Okay. What does that mean? What does he mean? meaningless words, meaningless.

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But if you say a certain word Eco, what does that mean? A peace be upon May you be good. May you be safe. May Allah protect you, may Allah preserve you. You're at peace for me. Baraka when you say hi, Do you get any reward for saying hi Ah, I do you know, but when you say a samurai they come you get your word when you say Assalamualaikum warahmatullah more reward. Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh do much more reward mubaraka it brings blessings. It brings a lot of good deeds.

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So, we should start this ourselves as well. That when we come in when we go, we should say somehow and we should also teach our children because many times what happens we teach our children to say hi, Bye. Hello. Right and because these words are very small, they catch them very quickly. My son I never taught him Hi. I never taught him by I don't know from where he's learnt these words.

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I don't know from where perhaps from other people or sometimes it's people say hi bye or Hello on the phone. And with that he's got it and perhaps the words are very small, it's easier to pronounce. But still What should we do every time the children say hi

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By say assalamu Aleikum as well. Although the word is difficult, it's longer eventually they'll catch it. They should realize that this is the main word that we use.

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So to hear them in or in the lab, mobile Agata and it's the yerba, it's one that is good, it's pleasant, that the person who receives the salami gets happy. It cleans the relationships it cleanses the heart. And when you say it, you get rewarded as well. Because Allah evasion Allahu, Allah is not under contract. Does does Allah clarify to you the ayah, so that you can understand

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meaning these is these commands he has clarified to you so that you can reason you can use your mind, you can understand

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and remember that it's a part of Eman to say saddam as well.

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The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, Let that hallucinogen netta had that to me. No, you can never enter Paradise until you believe, while I took me know how to have blue and you will never believe until you love one another.

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The look of Allah Shea in NFL removal, the halibut should not tell you about something that if you do it, you will love one another. And what is that? A cell anabaena. Spread the salon between yourselves. Spread the salon between yourselves

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that it should become common. When you see one another. When you look at one another, don't just pass on pretending you didn't look at the other person when you really saw them. And they saw you say Santa.

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You know, sometimes I'm so surprised. You see people in class, and you see people outside of class, same individuals outside of class that is that they don't know you. They have no idea about who you are, if you have any relationship with them anything at all, and the past by you without saying something without even looking at you. This is very wrong.

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I'm sure cinema Bionicle spreads around amongst yourself. When you see one other in the cafeteria. When you see one another in the corridor, in the hallway, in the bookstore, upstairs, downstairs outside, see Santa,

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I've just said anabaena.

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And we see how last Panther the ends. This ayah that you buy in a Lacuna Coil is that our local therapy loan that when a person understands these commands, and he begins to implement them, that is a sign of what is his reason.

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Because there may be many people who are very intelligent, they may have big degrees, big certifications very successful.

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Even when saying the Salaam you have to use your uncle, we have to use your intellect. How, like for example, if you walk into the classroom, the classes going on you can say a salaam aleikum out loud to everybody. You have to use your uncle, right? Similarly, if there's a meeting going on, if some people are having a private conversation, and they're discussing something, you can't just go say Salaam out loud to them so that their entire meeting is disrupted. You walk into the house, people are sleeping, it's two o'clock in the night, you just came back from work or whatever. And you say Salaam out loud, everybody gets worried what happened, what's going on, be moderate, say Salaam at

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that time, however, be monitored in your voice.

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So we see that when a person follows the commands that a loss of data has given, that shows his reason that shows us a call. Because there may be many people who are very intelligent and may have big degrees. However, what is it that shows the intelligence of a person

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when he follows these commands, especially these commands,

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that when he walks in, he says Scylla when he goes out, he says Salah, and he says salon in an appropriate manner, it shows that a person is using his mind. It shows that a person is conscious

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that if you walk into the kitchen, there are two people sitting over there having their breakfast. And it's first thing in the morning, don't just walk in and pretend they're not there.

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If you have a call, if you have some reason, then that means you registered the people who were sitting at the table. And you remember the fact that you're supposed to say Sarah, so Sarah.

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So when a person follows these commands, then in fact he's using his ankle. And when he does not follow these commands, and he's not using his article.

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And these commands, when a person observes them, it leads to healthy relationships. It leads to better relationships. And if a person does not follow them, if a person does not observe them, then it leads to tensions. It leads to relationships that are not that healthy, that people are upset with one another. One person is angry, the other person is absolutely silent. The other person is very moody, and what's going on? We don't know. Why are you upset? I don't know. What's wrong with her? I don't know. And if you just break that silence with Salaam, perhaps it'll make a very good atmosphere over there. Perhaps you eat in peace the other people will eat in peace as well.

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So when a person observes these commands, it shows his intelligence may have lost

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Oh boo,

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boo boo,

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boo, boo boo,

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