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Ammar Alshukry
AI: Summary © The story of Medea and her struggles with trauma and trauma-related challenges is discussed, including a traumatic experience and negative comments. She faced challenges to her success and struggles with her life, but ultimately maintaining a positive attitude for a long period of time is crucial. The importance of faith and positive thinking in postpartum is emphasized, along with the benefits of postpartum, including the ability to take time to ease and maintain a sense of faith. More information and advice are needed to help people understand the benefits of postpartum.
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What does the story of Maryam tell us about dealing with trauma for Hamana to have the burden to be

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muddy, I'm just went through it. She just gave birth in a way that nobody has ever had, ever. And it's a difficult experience. And so, when we look at the advice that her baby boy, Jesus Christ says to her, which is divinely inspired, obviously, let's break down what she's told to do. What is she told to do? And what does that mean? For Canada mean data Allah has any and so she was called on from the one or from below her. Don't grief don't despair, your Lord has made for you Springs was the NA KPJ Nala and shake the base of the palm tree.

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dates are going to fall upon you eat and drink and be content. And if you see anybody for cooling in in the vertical or harmony, Salma, Fela, aka lemon, Yama, INSIA. Say I have made a promise to Oklahoma. So I won't speak to anybody today. I've made a vow to Iman. She's basically fasting from speech. So I won't speak to anybody today. These are the advices. So let's, let's break down what we see in the story of Medea on how to deal with a traumatic event. How do you deal with something that's very, very challenging something that's very, very difficult. Number one, the first thing is submission to the decree of Allah subhanaw taala. Life is filled with surprises and holding on to

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Allah, and being content with his decree, and not collapsing is one of the fruits of a cousin, no one is going to be able to convince me otherwise. I believe that this statement in early labor in Iran to Allah we belong and to Him, we return. I believe that if we were to value the effects of this statement on the Muslim world, if someone I don't know like some sociologists or some psychologist, I'm going to do research on this. I think it would be incredible because the fact that we can have so much depth families in the Muslim world, we have extended families we have huge, huge relationships, huge amounts of people in our lives, and when they pass away.

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You say in 911, we belong to Allah and 10 we return that effect of faith. The Prophet SAW Allah do send him says, had that Allah Masha, Allah five, he says, when when, when something happens, don't say if, like, if only I had done I was reading an article, just a couple of days ago, there was a, you know, a person who the He's an athlete, and when he was younger, he was coming up through hard times, and one of his friends got shot. And he says that I still carry that with me, because I was supposed to call him to hang out that day, and I didn't call him and he got shot. And I still blame myself for that. The promise of abiertas. And if you're anchored by this theology, that we have the

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belief in Destiny, you are able to shut off that door and say, No, the problem is a little lie. Some said Don't say if because you could always torment yourself with that game. If only I had called them if only we didn't get into an argument before they left the house. If only this if only this if only this was in the province and the license called that he said that is the playground or that opens up the door for shaytaan and shaytaan will go to town. And so this belief in destiny that you know what medium knows that this was written? What can Ameren mock at the end it is something that is destined for her to have. All that she has to do now is submit and be patient. So

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admission to the decree of Allah subhanaw. At that is number one. And this is a gift, this belief in Allah and other is a gift that ALLAH SubhanA data has given the Muslim world has given those who who believe in Allah subhanaw taala. It's one of the pillars of our faith. Just think about this. How does an entire nation 1.6 billion people go through the pains of life? It's not like we don't have people who died. It doesn't doesn't. We don't. It's not like we don't have people who get sick. It's not like we don't have people who go through incredible, incredible tragedy. And yet, how does an entire society nations of people go through the pains of life without drinking alcohol, because

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there's a sweetness that comes with faith, where you don't need a bottle, and you don't need a pill. It's faith and reason combined, united and ignited. It's the most beautiful way of life. And you're invited. Number two, the second thing we see in the story of medium is set up is time to yourself, solitude. She doesn't give birth right in the middle of everybody in Jerusalem. She goes off somewhere where she's going to be alone, where she's going to block out the noise, she's going to block out the negative energy Maryam is that I went away. It been cathedra said she did it so that she doesn't see them and they don't see her. She's going to go offline. She's not going to respond

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to anybody. She's not going to feed their flames. In fact, the baby tells her and says, if you see anybody say no, I vowed a vow of silence for today. No further questions. I'm not taking any questions today. That's what maybe my day said I'm is doing. That's number two. Number three is breaking the cycle of grief. Fernanda Hammond, Tatia Allah doesn't he don't grieve the Morpha city and said, Don't grieve, and don't worry, as she's sitting at the base of the palm tree, don't let your anxiety take off. Don't sit there and imagine all of these different conversations that you're about to have with people and what you're going to say back to them and all of that type of thing.

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And perhaps she grieved that she was all alone, but she's told don't grief and also after that, remember the blessings of Allah subhanho data, or the Java or bouquet Atticus Ada, your Lords made for you a spring and shake the base of the palm tree, and you're going to have right dates falling over you. And so if you lose someone you love, remember that you are gifted that person for a particular amount of time to look and see what is positive in any circumstance. And also after that is maintaining your strength and not succumbing to victimhood. She she doesn't say I'm useless, I'm worth nothing, I can't do anything anymore. No, Allah subhanaw taala tells her, or at least it is

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that I'm tells her shake the base of the palm tree, you have some agency, you have some control. So shake the base of the palm tree, she was commanded to do that, after she had given birth, that she have a small sense of accomplishment, a little exercise. Also, some who have commented on this verse, they said, can go a long way in making the person feel better. And the insistence on eating and drinking sometimes when people are in sadness, they're in grief, they're in depression. They don't want to eat.

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They lose their appetite for extended periods of time. And so we see in this verse as it is that I'm Jesus telling her to eat and to drink and to be content. And now what I really mean when he said with regards to the dates in particular, he said that dates is the best thing for postpartum. And he said that if there was anything better than dates for a woman after she has given birth, than it would have been mentioned in this verse, and he recited the verse. So that's something that all of our mothers can comment on, on whether dates are something that's good Inshallah, to Allah, what they've experienced with regards to it. I've done some research, small research with regards to the

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effective updates on postpartum and how they learn it seems that it is something that's actually very highly recommended, even in the scientific community, but also knowing that with every hardship, there is two eases with every hardship there is not just ease with every hardship there is to ease as Allah subhanho data says, For in the mitosis in the mitosis Surah, Allah says that with every hardship, with the hardship there is ease with the hardship there is ease, I'm literally translating it because hardship in the verse comes in a mighty for form, it is in a definite form, Allah speaking about a specific hardship, and then ease is used as a general form a, a absolute

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form. And so ALLAH SubhanA data says with the hardship there is ease and then the next verse, Allah says with the hardship there is ease, so it indicates that the same hardship is being spoken about in both verses, but the eases are different. And that's why it said that with every hardship there is two eases laborers one you slain, there, one hardship will not overcome two eases and so knowing that, knowing that ALLAH SubhanA data doesn't put you through stress to break you, Allah subhana dalla puts you through challenges and difficulties to raise you to uplift you to carry you she was afraid in that moment that her reputation will be tarnished. She was afraid that she was going to

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If she was going to harm the dean, she was afraid that through her coming with this baby, that people were going to lose faith, but she was actually going to be a source of faith much greater than she ever imagined. And she didn't become forgotten. She became the most remembered woman in history. These are a few points that I was able to find with regards to this particular verse. But I know we've got people who are psychologists watching, I know that we have people who are therapists who are watching I know we have people who just have experience who are watching. So I want you to look at this verse inshallah Tada and I want you to comment with regards to what you see, as far as

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the advice that Sid has said, um, gave to medium and what benefits and Shaula data we can all extract together from this. And finally, now that she's been comforted, contented, fed hydrated. It's now time for medium to go and face her people.

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