Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P25 251A Translation Al-Shura 1-19

Taimiyyah Zubair
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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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Muhammad who want to sully Allah Saleh al Karim I'm about to bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim are Beshara li Saudi were Sidley, MD Washpool melissani. have totally webinars.

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That's the number 263 solid Assura

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This is not your this is Shura. sharara is thoughts and Shura consultation.

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Lesson number 263 sort of the shoulder is number one to 19 translation. hammy, hammy, I ain't seen of Ryan seen golf,

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Gallica thus, Yoshi, he revealed alayka to you. What ILA and towards a Levina. Those who mencoba lick from before you, Allahu Allah. Allah Aziz the always Almighty, Allah Hakeem the always always

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low for him, man, whatever says summer work in the heavens, warmer and whatever fill up in the earth. We're who and he is a literally you the exalted, Aleem the grid

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decadal it is near a summer where to the heavens, yet have a thunder, they break asunder. Men from filthy hinda above them, while Mala Iike and the angels you said be shown they glorify, be handy with praise, but not be him of their

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way I still feel Runa and they seek forgiveness Limon for who fee is in the earth. Allah unquestionably in Indeed, Allah Allah Hua He is Allah for the most forgiving of Rahim, the Most Merciful

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One Lavina and those who it to her do, they have taken men from Dooney he besides him, oh, Leah close friends, Allahu Allah have feelin a guardian or lay him upon them warmer and not unto you or lay him upon them be working at all a trustee.

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What are their Lika and us Oh Hanaa we have revealed a Laker Do you? Quran Quran Arabic Persian Arabic Letendre so you warn mother al Cora of the towns woman and whoever hola her is around.

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What turns era and you warn? Yo mama of de el Djem the gathering la not labor any doubt fee in it for the con a group, Phil Jana in the agenda in the Paradise while Sadiq Khan and a group fee in a series the fire

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wallow and if shirt he willed, Allahu Allah La Jolla whom surely he made them in Merton, a community, a nation, Washington single. Well, I can but you the Hello, he enters man, whoever he assured he wills she in Russia at his mercy. Well Wally Moon and the wrongdoers ma not law home for them. Men from religion, anybody, any protector, Wallah and nor mislead any helper

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um, or it took her do they have taken mendini here from besides Him, Olia close friends, for Allah who so Allah who he is actually the close friend were who were and he is your heat. He gives life l Mota to the dead ones were Hua and he Allah upon Kali every che in thing or the Iran always all able

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warmer and whatever is the left home, you all deferred V in it. Men from che in anything sahak woohoo so it's judgment, either towards Allah, Allah Valley con that or you all Allah Who is Allah, Allah be my route or LA he upon him though Can I have trusted what la he and to him will enable I return. Sadly, creator originator a summer worth of the heavens while and the earth Geralyn he made law calm for you all men from unfussy Calm yourselves as virgin spouses, mates, woman and from Al Anon

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On the grazing livestock as well John meets Yatra ACOEM he creates you He spreads you fee he in a laser he is not or it is not gonna miss lee he like similar to him che on anything we're who and he is a Semir the always all hearing elbow sleeves the always all seem low for him. McCauley keys, a summer word of the heavens while up and the earth yerba Soto he extends a risk of the provision Limon for whom your share He wills where are they and he restricts in know who indeed he because only with every che in thing are Limon Oh is all knowing Shara he has ordained local for you all men from a deen the religion ma that which was saw he enjoined be he with it. No hon. No. Are they he

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Salam wala de and that which Oh hyena we revealed a Laker to you warmer and that which was Selena we enjoy and be happy with it. Ibrahim Ibrahim were Musa and Musa were ISA and Isa are they he was salam

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and that at the mu you all establish a Deena the religion, wala and do not data for roku. You will differ fi in it Gebre It was great. Allah upon Allah Mushrikeen the polytheists ma that which that through whom you invite them Alaihe to it. Allahu Allah Yeji Toby he chooses la he to himself, man whoever he assured he wills where the and He guides la he to himself man who you enable he returns

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warmer and not defer roku. They deferred INLA except men from bar the ASTER ma that Jaya home it came to them a real move the knowledge Bazian as rebellion buying a home between them while hola and if not clearly Matan. A word subaqua A proceeded move up big from Europe. Isla to Adele a time Musa ma one fixed la cobia Surely it was decreed by in a home between them were in and indeed and Medina those who already saw they were given inheritance. Al Kitab of the book. Men from bar the hem after them Luffy surely in shocking adult men who from it Marieb one that arouses suspicion. Sally Urlacher Sofer, that further than call was the theme and stand firm gamma just as omit that you were

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ordered? Walla and do not that the beer you follow? A Hua home their desires will call and say amen to I believed Bhima with that which Angela He sent down? Allahu Allah, Min keytab of book were almost two and I was commanded the Ardila so that I do justice by nakoma between you. Allahu Allah, Allah buena, our rough water Bukom and your rub. Lana for us, Erma Luna, our deeds welcome and for you that are MaryLu comb your deeds. Let's not forget that any argument by Nana between us webinar comb and between you, Allahu Allah, ye drummer, He will gather been an air between us where la he and to him and mislead the destination.

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One Lavina and those who you had Juna, they argue fee concerning Allah. Allah may Min from BART after ma that was to diva he was positively responded LA who for him?

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To whom their argument their HIT button, one that is useless. Or in the near rugby him there are what are they him and upon them? What about anger? While a home and for them? Are there been a punishment? shoddy don't severe.

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Allahu Allah, Allah the the one who unzila He sent down al Kitab. The book will help with the truth. While me Zahn and the balance warmer and what you Rica. It may inform you

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It will inform you la isla perhaps a saga that our urban one that is near your star julu He seeks to hasten be here with it Alladhina those who love not yet me No, no. They believe be her with it. Well Lavina and those who Amanu they believed wish Phil corner ones who are fearful men her from it where Allah Munna and they know under her that indeed it will help is the truth. Allah unquestionably in Indeed, Allah Xena those who YouMail Runa they dispute fee concerning a SAR that our Luffy surely in Bala astraying burried for

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Allahu Allah luckily for most kind, very badly he with his servants Yasuko he provides man who he assured he wills were who and he is alcovy the most strong LR Aziz the always Almighty

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let's listen to the recitation.

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This mean

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gathered EJ oshi

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Wallasey is hiking level Maddie summer was you American of the

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DACA do summer

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the Moyers

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he only

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be wonky walk

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what to do oil will

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be very

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whoa the moon

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fell in love

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for the one standard deviation

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more then it will

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only they'll do some

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as well

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the local movie laser

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was semi on mosey Lahoma was some our the other social disease for email.

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addition he's very sharp

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Dyneema was saw the whole Neddy

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woman was slain EBI, the raw email

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and Emily moody

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movie. Gabor on Mushrikeen

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Amelie along we igtv lady my

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lady lady me only bye

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Mills love bigger

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monopolies know we're

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guarding him luggage

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very Derek was talking

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a long

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long as you

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mosey on

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be him wanting

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me alone lady

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shop they want me is

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Yes Dad you will be

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one lady

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and I mean

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hola hola LT V

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busy days

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