Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P24 246A Translation Al-Mumin 23-55

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The group discusses various events and potential outcomes, including returning to Islam and evil, returning to the realm of Islam, and a woman named Jana who is temporary and benefits in the Middle East. They also mention various woman named Kari and her health issues. The conversation is difficult to follow and appears to be a group discussion of various topics.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato Nafe. Madhu and Salli ala Rasulillah Karim and my bad Tao bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Frobisher rattly Saudi are your Sidley Emery workload aka data melissani Yah hoo poli rabanne acid Nyla

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verse 23 to 55 Surah Moltmann.

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Were and last but certainly our Salah We sent Musa Musa alayhis salam, Biya Tina with our science wear and soul bond authority movie in one clear ILA to fade down around WA and Harmon Harmon. We're and Tyrone Tyrone for polio. Then they said Saharan magician has a great liar. dilemma. Then when

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he came Bill help with the truth jahaan Bill happ he brought the truth. Men from Rendina near us, Paulo they said Papadopoulou you all kill abenaah sons Alladhina those who am I know they believed Mara who with him? Well, and is that you? You all keep alive? You all keep alive. Nice.

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There women were MA and not guide plot Alka feeding those who disbelieve Illa except fee in volatile astraying

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well, and Allah He said fair around that I won the Rooney you are leave me acquittal, I will kill Musa Musa alayhis salam while yet Oh, and he should call robber, who is Rob in me? Indeed I a half who I fear and that you but they will. He will change the intercom, your religion, your way of life. Oh, all and that youth here he will make to appear. He will make to prevail. fee in the earth Alpha sad. The corruption the mischief wha and Allah He said Musa Musa alayhis salam in need indeed I have to. I have sought refuge. Be rugby with my Arab world and rugby calm your men from Cali every Mata Kabir one arrogant law, not human he believes beyond me in de al hisab the reckoning the

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accountability, wha and paella, he said Rajon Amen minion a believer men from family fit around have their own jack to he heights EMA Anna who? His faith his belief.

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Do that to loon you all kill right Julian? Amen. And that you're cooler. He says Robbie, my Arab Allahu Allah wa while but in fact, Jaya ACOEM he came to you, Bill by Jeannette with the clear proofs. Jacksonville Baijnath. He brought you all the clear proofs, men from rub become your rub.

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Wa and in if yaku he is guarded and a liar. Finally he then upon him

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gazebo who his life

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were and if you're who he is, saw the one who is truthful. You say become it will reach you but some lovely which Yeah, you can. He promises you all. He threatens you all in indeed Allah Allah La not yesterday he guides man who who he must refund, one who transgresses one who exceeds limit because a big liar yeah Tommy. Oh my people. The Con for you all. I'll milk the kingdom alone today over hearing ones who dominate fee in the Earth Farm and then who young sunnah He will help us men from bias punishment. Allah He of Allah in if Jana, it came to us, Allah, He said

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Iran Iran, MA Not only can I show you all Illa except man, what are our I see what and man not the I guide you all Illa except Sabine way or Rashad the rectitude, wah and paella he said a lady who Armineh he believed yeah call me all my people in me indeed I a half who I feel highly come upon you all Mitla like Joan de Aza the clients Mitla like the condition phone, people know of no, salaam, WA and

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WA and the mood of the mood. Wah and Alladhina those who mean from body him after them were and man not Allahu Allah, beauty do he wants a Holman any wrong any injustice, Lily I bad for the servants were and Jaco me go my people in need indeed I a half who I feel I lay come upon you all Joma day at tonight, the mutual calling Joma on day two, well Luna, you all will be turned away motivating as ones with Baxter and as once retreating, ma not lakum for you all men from Allah He Allah men from Assam, anyone who protects any Savior

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WA and man whom you'll blame, he lets go astray. Allahu Allah. firmer than not LA who for him mean from had anyone who guides? What and Lepad certainly, Jaya ACOEM he came to you use of use of Alehissalaam men from before bill by Jeanette with the clear proofs for muscle tone. Then you all always remained then you all remained fi in Shatkin doubt mimma from whatever Gerakan he came to you be with it just couldn't be he he brought you all it had till either. When Halakha he died autumn you all said learn we'll never yeah master he will send Allahu Allah men from the IDE after him. Rasool and any messenger Gallica likewise, you the loo he lets to go astray Allahu Allah man who,

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who he must refund, one who transgresses one who exceeds limits Mahtab one who is in doubt

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Alladhina those who do enjoy the Luna they dispute fee concerning

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science versus Allah He of Allah behavior without Soufan any authority at it came to them, Deborah, it was very big mountain in heat in the near Allahu Allah, wa and find the near Alladhina those who am I know they believed Gallica. Likewise, you have to bow He seals Allahu Allah, Allah upon Kali, every albick heart with 1,000,000,001 Arrogant Jabbar in

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a big tyrant. Wa and Allah He said around their own Jaya Hi man ogni Ohama you build li for me. Seven a lofty tower. Sarhan a lofty tower, la li perhaps I Abbulu I reach L S Bab the means of access as Bob means a somewhat disguise for Apollyon. So that I look ILA to Isla God, Musa of Musa alayhis salam, WA and in me indeed i The Aluna who surely I think him, God Ibn Allah, wa and Katha Lika likewise, Xena it was adorned leave around for around so evil Amelie his deep work and soda he was stopped and from a Seville the way we're and man NOT gate plot fairground around you

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Allah except fee in the Bab ruin, destruction. Wa and Allah He said a lady who Ramana he believed, we are calling me all my people. It can be our own. You all follow me as Deacon I will guide you save either way, or Rashard the rectitude the right guidance, ya call me all my people in nama indeed not but how they read this, I'll hire to the life at the near the worldly madonn a temporary benefit while and in indeed

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the hereafter here it there Lrr the stability man, whoever Camila he did say at an evil fella then not judges. He is recompensed Illa except Mitla like have it well and man whoever harmala He did soil often righteous good deed mean from the garden Emile out or

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a female where while who he might be known a believer for hola Erica. Then those Jade who Luna they will enter Elgin Netta the paradise Jules Hakuna you they will be provided fee her in it be right without his any account work. And yep, oh me. Oh my people, man what Lee for me, either Oh, can I call you either to Nigeria at the Salvation worth while the old nanny you all call me Illa to and now the fire the whole nanny you all call me? The Act fura so that I tonight so that I disbelieve Billa with Allah in Allah wa and who Shrek I associate partners be with him. Ma what laser it is not Lee for me be with it in any knowledge WA and Anna. I add Oh can I call you on Isla to Al Aziz the

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always all mighty love of the most forgiving, larger Amma no doubt and nama indeed, that which the Oh nanny, you all call me. He lay he to him. Laser. It is not law who for him the Albertan any call fee in a dunya the world WA and law nor fee in

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the hereafter. Wha and Anna that indeed? Mara Danna, our return Isla to Allah He Allah wa and Anna that indeed, El Masri FIM those who transgress those who exceed limits. The US have companions and now the fire.

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Fast that does go Runa then soon you all will remember man what a cool I say the come to you all. wa N Ufa widow, I entrust Emery my affair my matter Allah to Allah He Allah, Inna indeed Allah, Allah, ma serum. Always all seeing bill with the servants Phurba who so he saved him Allahu Allah say he had evils man. What Makka roo they plotted WA and Hakka. It surrounded be al with people around around Sue even allow the the punishment and now the fire your aduna they are presented Hi Lena upon it or do one at morning wha and oxygen at evening. Wha and Yama andI de OMO it is established as the hour or the Hulu you all admit people around around a shed the most severe either the punishment

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were and it when Jetta had junuh they will be mutually disputing fee in an hour the fire for your oluwo

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Then he will say a dua for

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those who are weak Lilina. To those who is that battle. They assumed greatness in NA, indeed we could now we were Lakhan for you all turbine followers for *. So our anthem you all move known once to Everett.

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I know from us now see when abortion mean from and now the fire Allah, He said Alladhina those who is duck baru, they were arrogant, they sought to be proud in indeed we call on all of us. Fear in it in indeed Allah Allah. In fact hakama he judged Boehner between LA but the servants were and Paula he said Alladhina those who feed in and now the fire Lehigh Zanetti to keepers Jahannam of * with the whole you all call. Rob back home, your your half fifth, he lightens Unoh from us Yeoman de Maine from Alaska, the punishment. Paulo they said our Willem did and not the coup, HB the GM comes to you all Rousseau LUCAM your messengers bill by hinnat with the clear proofs, all they said Bella

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Yes, Paulo they said further, then you all call WA and MA Not dua calling al Catherine, the disbelievers Illa except fee in Bala astraying. In na indeed we lie Nan su surely we will help surely we will make victorious Rusu Lana, our messengers per and Alladhina those who am I know they believed fee in Al hayati, the life dunya the worldly were and Yo Ma on the your OMO. He will stand as had the witnesses Joma on the law, not yen foul, it will profit it will benefit other Alinea those who do wrong, those who are unjust, ma the era to whom their excuses were and love whom for them a learner to the curse. Wha and lagoon for them. So even at the home, WA and Lapid. Certainly

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our Dana, We gave Musa Musa alayhis salam al Hoda the guidance WA and our retina we made to inherit money children this raggy Israeli al Kitab the Book who then a guide where and vichara a reminder literally for possessor Al Al Bab the intellect first bear so you can do with patients in indeed rather promise Allah He of Allah. Hopkin is true WA and is that fair? You seek forgiveness Lee them big for your sin. Wah and Sabbath you glorify behind the with praise Rebecca your rub Bill ICG in the evening WA and Al Ibaka the early morning

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Tina wants to move on moving

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healthy mean Damian

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was session

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one as

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well walk all the way down to the Ellone

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in me awful au de la de la

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vida Musa

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to be

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really mean Obeah will mean peace

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Well all

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long walk on

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your blog before we

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can even weigh

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the men who are most of

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the year Oh Mina

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Ed and

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then a solo nine

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while ballin lady

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meet let me know

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why am Allah Alodia

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while Oh Mia

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Mia Omid Danna, yo imagine one mood emoji Vereen

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Allah He knows him one

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fan as you know two movies

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be had either had to lay along the heels all

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day long city

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La lady in a wheelchair the

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way it is gone in the

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curb on

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the law here the lady in

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Canada the council

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be Muhtar Kent very

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well gone as you

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as bad as

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body or ILA either he moves

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around as

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he also does every

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round gonna

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walk all a lady

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who only informs me in Overwatch

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yeah call me

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Min i mean i say

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that getting out

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why me Maddie

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you wanted your own any Elan

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did your own any

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shooting give you an email he said he

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Camila lysing

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lady lady said

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you're on one

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in a long while.

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Mystery in

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in Allah must

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be 99

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Why she Oh my doubles

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why oh my

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or ABS

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one lady in a step

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up in a lot of other hacker

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walk on ladies

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on all

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duniya why oh my

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body mean

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Danny is on

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Moodle Rory

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he have to those

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big fish behind in the week I'll be launching new one

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