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You know what Allah is saying here? He's saying yeah, they came up with those names and they taught them to you. But God gave you a brain afara item he gave you the ability to see and you could have seen that dad was wrong

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and you could have not continued to name them over again

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when Nigeria either

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now what NASA he will come out of our

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that's when a group of men surprise King doubt in his chambers. He's the prophet that had 99 wives, right? Oh, it says hey, just use Vienna TV we break down every section of the Quran into straightforward understandable pieces. I started by doing a TV to make the Quran accessible for people of all levels of understanding the beauty and guidance found within this passages shouldn't be limited to scholars click the link to start your journey to the Quran and Arabic today

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I'm gonna show you quantum logy. Maji

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Allahu Allahu.

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Ke then KISSmetrics

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weighs in here in

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some main tube

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hoo we have so corny Tammy and I love one word in one word love one no matter when and force one

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will be Him Who am little sir NEMA term and fell in

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word, mannequin fists word Tina to Nisha to whom she in

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the AE then a war with the me

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wild boar

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rubbish actually Saudi where Sidney Emery Wagner octets I'm in descending co leaf and hamdulillah masala to select more and also the early he was ah man. I'm about everyone wants against and I'm already going what I want to like Ricardo I pray Allah gives me clarity and speech and organization of thought. So the lessons that I'm hoping to share with you are shared with you in a way that you can benefit from insha Allah so we're on Iron number 22 The the I before this that we discussed and I laid the groundwork for it yesterday was you have daughters, or Allah has daughters but you get to have sons and Akuma Dhaka Hola Hola. Hola. You get to have sons he has, he has to have daughters. He

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then says tin can even kiss but on Liza. That meaning that whole idea if that's the case, it even means in that case, the SmartOne that is a division. That is visa. These are not trying to say that for me Luiza.

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That's a really hard word to say. Okay, bud, and Zara are actually similar palette in the mouth. Now in Arabic, we study something called Bulaga. And we also study something called cassava. And for Saha means speech that is clear. And for Sahabi linguists, they have categories, what makes speech clear, right. And one of the one of the things that takes clarity away from speech is when you use letters in a word, that are too close to each other. And so the Arabs don't like to say words, where the where the way your mouth is going to move is going to be close, every letter of it is going to be close. So cough and cough, don't like to be close to each other too much, or BOD and Wah, for

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example, on the same word doesn't shovel what you know, it becomes difficult. So the letters have to be sufficiently spaced apart in your mouth, for the word to sound clear. Okay. So this is, you know, this is why, by the way, there are languages that the syllables sounds so close to each other, that when you're trying to make sense of what people are saying, You're

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because I was in Taiwan, and in Taiwan, you know, Mashallah. The Muslims in Taiwan, somebody said their name, they said, Abdul Karim, I was like, Yeah, but what's your like?

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Like your super name. And they started out like, okay, Abdulkarim, okay. Because there was a, there was a Shah, and those are sure. And those showed us and they're so close to each other. And they know how to tell them apart from someone who studied the Arabic language. Those are too close to each other. So you don't put them next to each other. You see. So what happens in the word, Liza? It's actually

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By facade standards an ugly word, this is actually considered an ugly word. By the way, this is the only time this word is used in the entire Quran.

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And scholars describe how the ugliness of this word is corresponding to the ugliness of the belief.

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And so the word was used, because it depicts not only the belief that is, it sounds ugly, because it is ugly. Now, let's look at the meanings of this word. Bossa who muda when, when somebody does bars, the verb is actually because they chewed on something. Well, I kind of have a fumble who Milan

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is Baza that would be the dictionary translation. If I ever published a dictionary that speaks. When you click on visa, you'll hear Ronnie

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you know, like when you talk during Iftar okay, then chew and move around. He chewed and move the date around in his mouth. Some people are really disgusting what how they like they're just really loud when you can see you can you can tell everything that's happening inside the you know, and but you know, when kids do it that they do the gulp out loud you see that

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this is all part of visa like moving food around in your mouth, the uncomfortable sounds that it makes. Then it was also used for because the back of the day they had the Seawalk right the miswak and when they used it too much, and it started splintering and getting nasty, and you'd like you might borrow mine. No, no, no, that's disgusting as Lisa it's already all chewed up. It's already all used up. Okay. Well, those are mean original, then they use the word loser for a certain kind of guy. Like I must be a doozy.

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Anyway, that don't work. Well. Yeah, music theory, a solution. A pathetic person, a lowlife. A scumbag. That would be a dude that is called a Bouza.

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Dusa right now, some of you guys are like, now I finally learned something I can use in my life. Yo, Dusa what's going on? That's a cool nickname. Yeah. So anyway, and then, it was used for Canada who Madhu to Jason will Kima the call the person boozer because they he was ugly physically or his values are like chewed up he has no values, like the food that's been chewed up women who bozza who have a who you lose, who will these are who Nakazawa Bahasa who it was used for when somebody cheats somebody, when somebody scammed somebody that would be you know, you get these phone calls nowadays, right? So that's, that's where this is, this word is associated with Allah says, what a scam

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division. What an ugly division, what a division in which you chew the food, and spit out the ugly and give that to God. This is the word that's being used to describe what they believe. Now, just as I was preparing for today, I was like Subhan Allah, Allah took the first passage where he took us to the heights of beauty.

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And then he's taking us to the lows of ugliness. In this passage is a direct contrast between the two, you see, the highest of the high and now the lowest of the low that can happen in Santa Fe accent Nidoqueen from Maradona, who as well as happening will reduce them to the lowest of the low and that's what's happening. This remarkable contrast is happening and from it what should we learn we should learn that the the not judging people the Quran doesn't judge people the way judges ideas. The Quran empowered me and empowered you to judge ideas and you know what anything that stands against Islam is Luiza is chewed up disgusting spit out used to brush

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fraud scam

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is low life is pathetic not the person the idea to carry them Chris Martin visa so I Lucy Rahim Allah commenting on this word. He said something more he said Mapusa man also means something that's lacking what a what a an incomplete thought process. Little Martha de la unfair. Would you resign? Yeah. These are fair lab in Castle. If he doesn't know who must own Kathy Cara. It could be on the pattern because Arabic scholars procedure scholars in the linguistic capacity they don't just look at a word and its meaning they pay attention to how it sounds. The Czar's starts with what Hasakah you guys know the mafia, Taka surah? What Holika does it sound we'll start with the customer. Right?

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We'll do speakers Farsi speakers zerust okay there, right. So there's a there is fear Allah, this is fear, love and fear Allah is like Decra right. And there are other words in Arabic like this like Shara which is coming later on or DITZLER when you have words like this, these they are word

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words for ideas that are meant for an extreme this secret en la vida de Masada. So these are means extremely ugly, extremely fraudulent. It's not just the idea of ugliness. And by the way, it's a mustard. And the who must learn can the camera. And this is the other important thing here.

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I've explained this concept many times, but for this purpose, we need to review it. If I say this is a white mug, then White is an adjective, right? But if I said this mug is whiteness itself, is not white, it is what whiteness is whiteness. I'm taking it too far. It's not it's not that important. But I'm saying when you think of the concept of white, the infinite concept of white, the idea of white, all of it is some fuse together into this one muck.

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I'll give you another ridiculous example. This person is knowledgeable. Knowledgeable is an adjective. I said this person, Man, this guy is knowledge. He's knowledge itself. Too far, bro.

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Because that what does that mean? All of knowledge has been encapsulated inside this person. So usually we don't describe things with ideas because knowledge is an adjective and knowledge isn't a knowledgeable is an adjective knowledge is an idea. You don't describe things with ideas. But in Arabic, you can.

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In Arabic You can and when you do that means the entirety of the idea has been encapsulated in this. It says if the next time you think of ugliness, ugliness itself is this isn't just ugly. It's ugliness itself.

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It's the idea itself, the highest form of mobile, Dahab hyperbole in the Arabic language that you can use and this is done on a number of occasions for different kinds of concepts. This is something that's used in I told Bill when Allah says they shall biller and to elude you welcome. And Bill is this this is the master data secret in mobile data. This is where it's used other places in the Quran, it's used, you know, I love Melissa, for for reciting Saddam nukes. This concept occurs in other places too. And this is again, my way of not just shaming but also encouraging you this stuff. You don't have to sit under a tree in a desert somewhere to be able to learn this level of Arabic.

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You can do that from home. And you this generation has zero excuse zero people back then I don't have a camel. If I had a camel, I would have been there, bro.

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I have a camera, but I have no water. I don't have a water bottle. I met this rich guy. He had a water bottle bro, I wish I had a water bottle than I could have gone.

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what excuse do you and I have? Like, we don't have to travel for knowledge. Knowledge travels to us.

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Knowledge travels the US. And Dallas is a funny place. We've we've come we've turned Islamic education here. It's like It's like the mall. It's always open. There's always something going on. You're like wow, it's always happening.

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You know, so that we just take it for granted kind of thing. You know, this is the, the mentality we have to have towards the thirst towards Allah's words, right? We have to develop that thirst. And I want to get to a point where people like me are irrelevant.

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Because you guys already have access to this stuff. Everybody can talk about this stuff. Now Now we're not teaching I'm not one person is teaching a few 100 we're learning from each other. That would be the most beautiful thing yet I doubt also now who will be in our home, they're learning from each other, they're discussing among each other and one of my dreams inshallah with Allah is to actually create Halaqaat circles of people that are not one speaking everybody listening, but they're studying and contemplating together. They're exchanging together. I mean, I have that with my geek squad. Not at Best Buy my own Geek Squad, but inshallah and the entire OMA can develop that,

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that culture around the world. By the way, if no Kathy Rahim Allah read this as the czar, not just these are but that which is also interesting, because this is a hiccup like he gets stuck, like it's not smooth, like it's interrupted, like the idea itself is so choppy and disjointed. The ideas that have no comments, no continuity in them, neither does the word or its syllables that this is one of the right readings of desire to now we get to the heavy stuff in here

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on some may to move up. These are let me translate first. These are nothing but names that you came up with. These are nothing but names that you named. That's what it says. But let's talk about the word names.

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There's a name for this thing. What is it

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As a name for this thing, what is it? Okay, when you have a little baby,

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they can see this too.

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But they don't know how to name it.

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They don't know how to name it right now, stay with me. This exists. But it took you a while before you can learn it's what? Name, the thing comes first or the name comes first. The thing comes first. Then as you learn, you learn the name.

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But you know what Allah is saying here.

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These are just names. There is no thing.

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You're saying pen, but there's no pen. You're saying that malnad Rosa. They're figments of your imagination. They're just names that you came up with. They're not even names for an actual thing. This that's not not that's a rock.

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That's not my not, that's plywood.

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That's the start to resent that sheet rock.

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This, that's not their name. These are just made up. So concepts that have no reality you understand? In here in that smart one, some may tomorrow. This is what you could call mythology. Mythology is you name a bunch of gods and, you know, warriors and stories and none of them have a reality. They're just met. And I want to compare this with Allah Himself. Because these are their gods, which are just names. I started thinking about this is the group of sutras including sutra Rockman. And so Terashima and Allah says about Kosmo Rob pika ninja and he was a cron and he also says before this way of college Borup because volgende and even the Kromme the Allah's name is

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mentioned as blessed. And Allah's face is mentioned as blessed. Allah's Name and Allah says, face, the face represents the reality. Like the pen is the reality. The name represents what the the, the term, the description, the idea that helps you recognize Allah azza wa jal has both the ISM and the reality about a customer a basic way of household objects, to generally wear the crown. And in both cases, the description is of the reality very general goes back to rob, because Rebecca Digia, they're both module and in the first wedge, and boudjellal so that the glory belongs to the reality

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in these ayat is a very powerful concept, contradicting what they're saying, you guys come up with concepts, you come up with a theory, you come up with a story, then that story becomes reality for you.

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It becomes all facts for you. This is what Allah is saying. And in here in smart when some meet him or her. A smart is some also there's a famous Hadith I mentioned in a portion of it. COVID Hadith, yeah, Allah who submit that the resources, Salam said, Boy, say Bismillah, invoke God's name. So some doesn't just mean to name, but to call upon someone to call upon someone by their name. So these are just names you call upon that you made up yourselves. These are just names that you just invoke, when nobody's listening, nobody's listening to these crimes. You know, you're just trying to Astone that's all you're doing.

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And Tom, whatever, open, you came up with these names, and your ancestors came up with these names. That's weird. Because they didn't come up with the names, who actually came up with the names. The ancestors,

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they only followed it. Right? They didn't name them. They just followed them. But what did Allah say? You name them, you and your father's? So who is he blaming first?

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You. But if you think about it, the one you should be blaming first is who the father is, as they started it. They're the ones who did it. I'm traumatized by my grandfather's sherek, bro. That's why I'm like this.

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You know, it's, it's, it's passed down shirt gets generational ship trauma.

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blame them, blah, blah. Don't blame me.

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You know what Allah is saying here? He's saying, yeah, they came up with those names. And they taught them to you. But God gave you a brain afara item, he gave you the ability to see. And you could have seen that dad was wrong.

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And you could have not continued to name them over again. So when you follow that religion in the next generation, you name them all over again for the next one. And when the next one didn't use the brain God had given them they named them all over again. The passive followers of a generator of a religion are the RE creators of that religion in that next generation. That's what Allah is saying in this if you're not following an ancient religion, you are

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recreating that religion for yourself. You're doing a here of that ship, you're doing a revival of the ship. So that's why you're responsible. They did what they did you are responsible. The personal responsibility, you can't blame it on the past. Some made him or her into what about such heavy response? Like philosophical concepts are taught in the Quran in such brief language? What does that mean for Muslims? Oh, we're in this mess because the Muslims did this, then they did this, then they did this, then they did this. And that's why we're in this mess. You see what they did? Was not, you know, we must stop when the conflict happened between the sahaba. We know we messed up because we

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didn't do anything that we were supposed to do. You can't blame anybody else. They have their their history. They've got so much on the hamaca Sabbath, for the comarca septum, they are gone, they will earn what they earned what they had to earn, you're going to earn what you're going to earn. That's what he's saying here. And Tim, what about them?

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This is also telling humanity a thing. Why are you so committed to something that's been passed down to you, you need to think in every generation.

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You need to restore in every generation, this is a scary reality. You know why? Because if Muslims become like this, if Muslims become like this, and the religion gets passed down without thinking,

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just because my dad did it, that's why I do it. You know what happens then? Then the religion becomes easy to corrupt.

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Ibrahim alayhis salam built the Kaaba.

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And at some point in those generations, people started passing Islam down without thinking, because it was Islam.

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All the shoot in Arabia are the last Muslim children of Ibrahim.

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At some point, those generations stopped teaching their kids, why are you muslim?

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At some point, and so they learned from just observing and behavior and they added something and they didn't think anything was wrong with it. And somebody came in added 1%, and another came with one other another percent, and the percent before you know it in 20 generations, that's 1,000%, away from Tawheed. And Islam, before you know it, because nobody thought about it.

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We cannot pass Islam down to the next generation without making them thinkers.

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Without making them thinkers, this is what should this is the origins of schicke. He says na Anzahl Allah will be having some fun, how amazing. Allah says Allah did not send down any Sol pong with them. This is going to take some explaining bear with me. Let me explain some fun first. Okay. Sunpan in Arabic is used for authority.

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Okay, it's also used for proof. I don't have a screen for Sivan. So I'm going to tell it to you sometimes two things so far, what are those two things, proof and authority, okay, but they're connected to each other. Now, authority that is like the king has authority. Right. And the Kings General has authority. And the Kings General has a lieutenant and the lieutenant also has authority. And the lieutenant has a soldier and the soldier also has what authority, but the authority of the soldier is not his own.

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It was given to him by the lieutenant. But the lieutenant's authority is not his own, it was given to him by the general the general is authority is not his own, it was given to him by the king. So when you have authority by proxy, authority by connection, that authority is called Sultan.

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The authority by connection is called Sultan. So what that means is when a police officer pulls you over, he has the authority to stop you granted to him by proxy of the state. But when that same police officer is not wearing uniform, and he's not in a police car, and he's a civilian, he does not have the same authority. He cannot exercise that authority at that time, or once, because that salon is no longer there. So what that means is, it's not the police officer that was powerful on his own. It's only because he had that proxy connection to the actual government, you understand. When Allah says Sovann it means you have an argument or a proof or authority that comes from a

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higher source and is connected. So when he says, Allah did not send down and he says Sultan with these names, these names exist, but if you trace them back, because where did you What on what authority? Did you come up with this name? You have to go back and go back and go back. There you will find Allah is not the source of this authority. In fact, you can find anything about it except for a minute she makes women bleed

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That's the authority. Oh, let you lean on the guy. That's the authority, Monza Allah who will be having some fun.

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By contrast when Allah says This is Allah's word, Quran is Allah's word. Is there is there a Sultan in it?

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Yes upon come with it. The Sivan of it came through Gibreel who is getting it directly from Allah azza wa jal, and then that Sivan is passed over to us with Allah salAllahu Alaihe Salam, which is why Allah says, update Allah Who elfia All of us who obey Allah and obey the messenger or whatever you tell Rasulullah Takata Allah, this is someone, whoever obeys the messenger has actually obeyed Allah. Why? Because Allah has given him what? So Don, and so don means he's been authorized by God Himself, He has been authorized by Allah Himself, you understand this concept? Okay, so this is not until Allah who we have been Sunpan

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these names they came up with, they just found them with their ancestors and never really thought more about them. And that's, that's the next thing that I wanted you to understand. I went ahead of my slide. But, you know, if it's not Allah, the ultimate Sultan, then what authority? And what evidence? Did you get this from? Where Where does it trace back to? Well, if you did ask them, Where did you get this from? They're only going to give you two answers.

00:26:17--> 00:26:22

Most people who follow a religion in this world only have two answers for why they follow that religion.

00:26:23--> 00:26:29

Number one, that's what my family does. That's been passed down for generations. That's our heritage.

00:26:30--> 00:27:07

Jordan Peterson calls it civilizational Christians. He says some interesting things. Sometimes he says some ridiculous things. Sometimes it's all good. You know, we take the good and leave the bad. But the one of the things he describes himself as is a generational or civilizational Christian, you know what that means? I'm Christian, because I'm part of the Christian civilization, not because I believe in Christianity. It has nothing to do. And there are people that are ethnic Jews. ethnic Jews means I'm Jewish, because I'm part of the Jewish heritage, not because I believe in Judaism. I'm an ethnic Jew, atheist. totally possible. totally possible. By heritage.

00:27:08--> 00:27:43

You can have people that are Hindu, they don't believe in any of those gods, but they're going to do it. And they'll go to all the other rituals, because that's what my dad does. And this is what we do. You have Chinese that the Chinese are very quickly becoming atheists, but they still have temples because it's part of the ritual. If you go to Switzerland, you'll hear church bells. The majority of the country is not a believer at all. They're atheists, when they when they have church bells ringing round the clock. Why? Because it's the heritage. They're Calvinists. They were obsessed with time and clocks. That's why the Swiss have very precise clocks and stuff. And Swiss

00:27:43--> 00:27:52

watches are the most expensive because the branch of Christianity they they shot out from was obsessed with time management was part of their faith.

00:27:53--> 00:28:09

Anyway, I digress. The point is one reason they'll tell you why do you follow this religion? Because that's my family did. That's where I come from this part of my heritage. So it's an answer about culture, culture and history. The other answer is why should I follow? Why do you follow this religion? What do you mean everybody follows it?

00:28:10--> 00:28:12

Well, you think everybody's crazy.

00:28:13--> 00:28:20

If you're saying you're the only one who's right, everybody else is wrong. By the way, this argument is used in Muslim families a lot.

00:28:21--> 00:28:32

Some young men some young woman starts learning a little bit about their religion. This young girl 18 years old, decides to put on hijab scariest thing to put on HR, not in front of non Muslims in front of your mother.

00:28:33--> 00:28:35

Obviously puts on for the first time a Muslim,

00:28:37--> 00:28:38

put it away prevent

00:28:39--> 00:28:39

somebody die.

00:28:41--> 00:28:41

What happens

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is, Allah says,

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Oh, the rest of us are coughing, right? We don't know anything. Your mother doesn't know anything. Your grandmother doesn't know anything. You're our entire family. Everybody's going to hell. Hey, everyone, this is the only one going to have a look at her. Let's take a picture at least we'll get a picture for someone from Jana.

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Do you know what the answer is? We follow this because who follows it? The majority because then how can the majority be wrong? How can the majority be wrong? And these two things dictate most people's lives? What is everybody? And by the way, you know what we call this is not just your grandmother's problem. There's your problem too. It's called Trends. Some idiot does a dance on Tik Tok and now a billion people are doing a dance on tick tock because everybody's doing it. I mean, that's how you become valuable as a human being and

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you know, somebody sings a song now I'm gonna sing that song too. I want to be part of the human fraternity of idiots.

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this is what we become. These are the two reasons you follow something.

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And then he then the bar here is really interesting because the buffer Sharon kind of had to do a little bit of gymnastics here when they said the train

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installations, if you read the English translation of this ayah, Allah did not send any authority or proof for them. They say for them, or regarding them, meaning regarding those names, but that's not what the IRS says technically it says behind not na or unhappy mountains of Allah who fee ha or LA humming sopin. Okay, he didn't send any authority for these names. I assume in the past I probably have mistranslated myself too, because I didn't pay attention to the but I'll go all in in socks. As these names came. They were not attached to any authority bias for fusion. They don't come with any authority. But when the prophet speaks from Allahu Allah sundown, he comes with the authority of

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Gibreel because he's fused with him. Abba Hosseini. Oh, Edna is inseparable from him. So he comes with the authority, but these arguments don't.

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So that's the with the BI is really important here, Maya Angelou, Allah who will be her in some time. Then in by the way, a similar idea occurs in solitude. I thought that was really interesting. Who the other he said, I'm speaking to the nation of art in sort of era. But what are they become ritual will not open to God loony? If he is not in some NATO Mohan?

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Are you arguing me with me about names that you made up yourselves, you and your ancestors? Exactly the same words? In other words, these exact words were said 1000s of years ago, before the prophet by another prophet to his people, what does that tell you? This is a recurring problem.

00:31:33--> 00:31:44

And this problem did not stop 1000s of years ago, and with the coming of the Prophet did that there are some in fact, it's still happening now. These are things you made up you and your father's.

00:31:45--> 00:31:58

I met a Muslim recently, whose father goes to a certain group, and they have saints and they believe that those saints you have to make dua to them and you have to have a picture of them in your house and all that kind of stuff. And they're Muslim.

00:31:59--> 00:32:03

And he told his dad, I can't I can't do that. And he said,

00:32:04--> 00:32:09

Well, you don't believe in this one or his grandfather already started opening up the photo album of all the saints

00:32:10--> 00:32:23

you know, and you know, as he's doing it, the funny enough in here is a smile on some way to Musa Anton, what about Open Minds of Allah who will be having some time? This was what this is.

00:32:24--> 00:32:49

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