Aarij Anwer – Ramadan 2021 – A Juz A Day #24 An Epic Ending + Ha Meems Pt. 1

Aarij Anwer
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Are all the learning ministry Bongo gyms. Rockman Rahim al hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah who are the early he was having him while he was sitting silly and we looked at the military if crapoly

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enough denier Hassan Hassan opened up a Solomonic llahi we're going to welcome everybody to ages a day. Today we are covering the 24 jewels of the Koran 24 This is the one that begins with surah Zoomer Ayah number 32 that surah number 39 then surah offers or 40 and surah for Scylla Torah 41 This is the GES where we get introduced to the higher memes Okay, the high memes are seven surahs in a row that begin with the letters high meme and there is a lot of similarities between them which we will speak about inshallah once we get to that point, but this is the Jews where you start and then the next June the 25th June is when they will conclude as soon as Zoomer is the surah that we left

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off at yesterday just at the end just at the end of surah saw then we didn't start so presumably because you wanted to keep the surah intact and together. So today we will start from Surah Zoomer in sha Allah which would is in the last part of the previous juice and then we'll work our way through to the next Joe's inshallah tada what is the theme of surah Zoomer? I want you to notice the word sincerity mock lesson moakley Sina mandalas mandalas. From the word clouds from the etymology of hartlaub. Harley is something that's pure a floss is you're doing something purely for the sake of Allah. And that is what the religion is about. The religion in its entirety in its core, excuse

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me, is to be devoted to the worship of Allah subhanaw taala. And to remove any desire of praise, any desire from adoration from other people for our actions that are religious, okay, you can have a desire, obviously a natural desire for being praised. You know, for things that you do a desire to be thanked, by people that are older, all natural things, no one is denying that but this is specifically about worshiping will completely remove anybody else from worship that's obviously shared, and then completely removed the desire for acknowledgement, for for praise for your worship from anyone only Allah is the one who we want our worship to be for an only his acceptance is what

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we crave, and what we desire. Surah begins with the Quran with lots of other things and zeal kittleman Allah Aziz al Hakim the book this book is sent down by God the mighty the wise, in nuns, illegal guitar bubble hockey, fireball de la hammock de Sala Dean. It is we who sent the book down to you or profit some with the truth. So worship God with your total devotion, mostly son LaHood Dean and that is as you will notice, again, and again this will come in the surah

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Allah Allah Allah had Dino Hollis, and again Hollis on the same route. It is to God alone the sincere obedience is due to nobody else is that sincere obedience? Do a last part Allah is the only one worthy of worship and the only one who's you should be focusing on pleasing nobody else, particularly when it comes to your acts of worship when it comes to attain to attain salvation, right? Only Allah is the one who should be pleased and that's why I like Dino and Holly sincere obedience in the faith and religion. Well levena Holloman Dhoni and those who take guardians besides Him, other types of deities, other other you know people, maybe even a prophet, they take him as a

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savior. Well, then they say manabu melaleuca buena. Illallah is olfa we serve them only that they may bring us nearer to God. Surely God will or you know to say oh, this is God's manifestation on Earth. Well, surely God will judge between them concerning what the different God does not guide those who are bent on lying those who are bent on lying.

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Excuse me, anyone who is always bent on lying, and is a disbelieving low in the lie ahead. The men who work Gaddy Boone cafaro.

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Sorry, I'm trying to figure out why he's saying lying twice here. I don't know why he says that in the translation in the LA holla. Yeah, the man who are Kathy Boone Kathy was a liar. kofod is somebody who is a, you know,

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a rejection of the truth right? It is believer but this this belief

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In the sense of rejecting the truth, and vehemently rejecting the truth, okay? So that is the two characteristics. Allah does not guide someone if you're lying about if your life is a lie or you are vehemently rejecting the truth that is not going to bode well for attaining guidance. If Allah wanted, he could have had a son of anybody in his creation. That was not, it's not inconceivable right, but that is, you know not be fitting to Allah Subhana who he is Glory be to Him, He is above such things, this is lowly, this is for for the people, this is for the creation, this is for the people who are limited This is for in the this is unbecoming for God to have a part of a piece of

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him enter the world through the womb of a woman, right? This is just

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a pourraient. Actually, while we're Hegel kahar is the one God He is the omnipotent, the one who is dominant, okay, he is the one who created the heavens and the earth for a true purpose. will have it has a purpose is not useless and meaningless. You know, all of this is not also by chance, it came from design from Allah subhanaw taala. You COVID Allah, Allah Now, here's an example he causes the night to succeed the day while you go, we're on the Hara Allah, Allah and he causes the day to succeed the night. And I was colorscheme. So I will come on, he's subject to the Sun and Moon. So they run their course to a appointed time meaning even they, the sun and the moon and all the

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creation of Allah has a time when it will cease to exist. That's the Day of Judgment, just like human beings, we all eventually cease to exist, the entire universe will to the entire cosmos will to that is Allah who will as he truly is mighty and forgiving. interesting note about this part of the iru COVID Allah Allah in the heart, we cover on the Hara, Lady transits it as the causes the night to succeed the day, that's okay transition. But you go where kawara you can do is to wrap a turban, you know, around your head, that's the image of the queer a, from the word Cora Cora is a ball, okay. There's a UV wrap turban around your head, that process of wrapping a turban, that is a

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query, okay. And that is how Allah is describing the night and the date. That's very interesting, because, you know, it's like, the night and the day, the ways described is that it's highlighting that the earth is, you know, like a ball, you know, tuck weaved for you to wrap a turban around someone's head, the head has to be round, right? You can't have like a flat head or something, if your head is round, shaped in that manner, right.

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So that is something that I actually alluded to that the earth is his round. And there's something actually the scholars of Islam have said, from the time the Sahaba, that this is like a consensus that all heavenly celestial bodies are around and this is if for example is one of the evidences for that and it's interesting, interesting point I wanted to share with you about that the linguistics of it.

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In duck Fuhrer in the lohani unit uncom if you are ungrateful, remember that God has no need of you.

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This is important.

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Allah subhanaw taala is not in need of our gratitude. We are in need of being in a being grateful to Allah.

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While I am Bali I buy the coffee. He's not pleased by in gratitude in his servants, okay. It's not that Allah is condoning that behavior, but he's telling us if you are ungrateful, Allah Spano Dada is not not in need of your gratitude. But if you are grateful we're in touch guru yoga hula calm, he is pleased to see it in you. And as we see in other Ayat of Quran

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in Chicago, as either Nakamura thankful and grateful Allah will give you even more What does he do was zero to zero for a no show soul show bear another's burden, you will return to your Lord at the end and he will declare to you what you have done he knows well what's in the hearts of mankind, the accountability is with Allah to Allah entirely. And we cannot blame others. If we are in a situation where we are compromised. You know, if we are choices compromised us that cannot we cannot blame society for that loss patata is not going to accept that okay.

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An interesting example of the fickle nature of human beings as mentioned here, okay, which is when man suffers some affliction he prays to his Lord and turns to him in

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penitence. But once he has been granted a favor from God, he forgets the one he had been praying to, and set some rivals to God to make others stray from his path. This is the idea of in gratitude, this is in gratitude, Allah Samantha's highlighting in human nature quite frequently, that when they are in trouble, they turn to God, oh God help me. But when trouble has passed them, you know, they forget about God and even go to the extent of having idols and and having other deities, that they they devote themselves to an even even credit for getting them out of trouble, okay. This is unfortunately, the nature of humans, Allah says that is something to be watchful of contrast that

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with the unbeliever, contrast that with the believer, Allah says, This is not this person in the eye before is not like the one who is often eaten praise devoted to God. And the hours of night, prostrating himself standing in prayer, who is ever mindful of the life to come and hopes of the mercy of his Lord, You are a Jew rajmata Robbie, he is look at this beautiful description praying at night that shows true devotion,

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true devotion to Allah subhanaw taala then he is not just praying at night, he is you know, praying, extended periods of time saggi then we'll call Emma is prostrating and standing. Let's show that this is a involved lengthy prayer, then it shows he is the state of his heart. Yeah, he's afraid of the punishment of the life to come. But he also yet to do Rama therapy, he is hopeful in the mercy of his Lord Subhanallah What a beautiful description, right? This is a person who is his, you know, in this perfect balance of hope and fear and expressing that through his dedicated worship. Allah says this is this person is not like the one who was before was fickle, who forgets who's

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ungrateful, this is a grateful person. And this is the kind of person Allah will reward immensely, he says, are those who are equal, say are those who are equal, those who know excuse me equal to those who do not know where Allah is equating knowledge with action, if you know, that means you must be doing. Because if you are not doing well, after knowing, then that is, you know, a problematic thing. Maybe there's some growth required, maybe you're not it, it's not doesn't mean you're a hypocrite or something. It's a opportunity or a place to grow, but the fulfillment of knowledge, once you have fully attained and reach the pinnacle of your spirituality, that is when

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you're able to put your knowledge into action in the mind that

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truly only those who have, who are endowed with understanding will take heed. Less father says that, a very important if my servants were believed your God, and your Lord, for those who do good in this world will have a good reward. And God's Earth is spacious, or the law he was saying, you can worship Allah whatever you find peace and tranquility, in nama for sobre una rhombi already has a very important those who preserve patiently will be requited. without measure will their payment will be without account without measure. They will get unlimited agile for their patients, but they're bearing a difficulty with with patients, whether they are navigating a difficult

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circumstance with patients, whether it is an illness, that they're navigating with patients, and they're not seeing anything inappropriate, they're controlling their emotions. They're asking us for forgiveness and for his help, that is a person every moment that they are patient, they're in worship, like it's like a soldier that they're praying, right every moment of their lives could be an act of worship, so their reward is like unlimited in the sight of Allah smart Allah May Allah make us of those again notice more Holy Son lodine dedicated my worshipping only to Allah Okay, when the Prophet says I am so commanded to be the first of those who submit he's talking about his time

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Okay. And then he said

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what I will do mukhlis Allah Houdini again, sincere, I only want to please Allah subhanho wa Taala and nobody else okay.

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After this last part Allah speaks about the

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about item a 29 Sorry,

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my bad.

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Number 23 excuse me, okay. He speaks about

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the beautiful nature of the product.

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On the next page okay Allahu Allah Arsenal heavy guitar bum with a shabby hammer Sania Takashi eight Roman hoodoo Latina I have shown

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this devotion sincere devotion to Allah What does it look like this you know the the image of the person praying with fear and hope but here is an example of that that is absolutely amazing as well.

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The Quran screen it's I think expanded right? I don't I don't think

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Is there a problem with that? Can you see the screen fully or? Or what?

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Sorry, I'm trying to figure this out here.

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Host view we think should be fullscreen right my my thing should be on the side. Can somebody else confirm for me because it seems like

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the setting I have the screen should be full.

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To be active speaker view. I think after

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this you're on the side. Okay.

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Okay, let me let me now now it is small. Okay, now, it should be full. Yes.

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Active speaker.

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I think we have some issues with the screen sharing. Right.

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Can you see the screen falling out? Yes. Okay. I'll tell you what I see in my preview. Okay.

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Look, this is what I see in my preview. Okay, I see the whole screen and in the corner. Clearly that's our chausie but that's okay. All right. shall buy. Thank you very much for highlighting it does akmola hidden. Let's continue in Java. What was I saying? Yes, I was saying about Yes. The the true devotion like what does that look like devotion to Allah Sparta? What does that look like? This is what it looks like. Allah has sent down the best message a scripture that is, quote, similar, an oft repeated estaba Mata Shah behen masani. Mutt this this idea of motor shabbiha is that the eye at you know, they reinforce each other, the stories reinforce each other. And that's the idea of them

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being a motor shaft behind my family, they're often recited and that's a beautiful thing about the Quran is recited frequently. That's the relationship that the believer has with

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Dr. Sherry Roman who's understanding the Quran, and you know, and reading it, and pondering it, it causes the skins of those in all of the Lord to creep, okay.

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It makes this the hair on their skin stand up out of fear. But then, so mottolino julu, whom Apollo boom era, the killer, then their skins and their hearts soften at the mention of God. That combination of fear of a loss, punishment, and understanding this is a reality. And then the combination or combine that with Allah is the most loving, the most caring, the Most Merciful, the most kind, and that brings about that amazing combination of fear of Allah's punishment, and hope and Allah's mercy, which triumphs has, is his punishment. And that's why there is you notice there, the expression means that says that their skins are causes the skin stir, you know, feel the pain,

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or feel the fear, but then the skins and heart soften out of the mercy of Allah and the mention of Allah right? Very nice. Such is God's guidance, He bestows it upon whoever he wills, but no one can guide the one who has been who a lot of these astray, oh my love of Allah Allahu Minh had. So this is a important idea. This is what his devotion to Allah Sparta looks like.

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When it comes to

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when it comes to

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excuse me, when it comes to the

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being sincere to Allah subhanaw taala being dedicated only to him get the next Joe's in the sort of resort continues. It talks about

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who is more unjust, that he who lies about God and rejects the truth when it comes to him is not held in a boat. For those who deny the truth. This is an interesting rhetorical question, right?

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The person who katha Balala lies about God. Okay. Assuming they know about the reality of God, there is no God. Oh, God doesn't have a plan. He just is there. He started this whole thing. Let's call it

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God let's call them Mother Nature. But he has no role to play in the world cadaver Allah Allah. This is a person who's lying, but God alcazaba Siddiq rejects the truth, right? The foundational message Islam is the truth. Actually, the whole message of Islam is the truth. But the foundational message comes to them, worshipping Allah alone, on only him, and nobody else are a human being not an idol. Having a purpose, working towards salvation by following the prophets. Okay. All the prophets have the same message, this message if you rejected them, he said, if when they have received it, right, this is important. They have received the message and they have rejected the message. That's the

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person you know, who like how is this person now willing to claim immunity from the fire of *? I like Stephanie Johanna muscle, caffeine, okay. And the contrary example is He who brings the truth and testifies to it, like they're living it. They're living it and testifying to it with their tongue, will I go on the phone? They are the God fearing people, they will have whatever they want from their Lord. That is the reward of those who do good Luca fit Allahu Allah de Amadou, okay, these people are not perfect, they're going to make mistakes, right?

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Just because they're believers doesn't mean they're perfect. They're going to make mistakes, but Allah ponto will remove their worst deeds from their record, he will clean the record, and then he will give them the reward. Be a JIRA home be x any lady can Oh yeah, I'm alone, in accordance with the best of their actions. Allahu Akbar, he will remove the sins game

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and then he will take the best deeds and project them on to all of the deeds and give them the record of all the deeds as if they like the best one. How amazing how merciful is Allah subhanahu wa taala okay. It speaks about

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the, the concept of revelation in nuns, Allah, Allah Calcutta, Belinda, Sybil have a number 41 we have sent down to you the book for mankind with the truth. Okay, it's been sent across the lamb, but it's for all of humanity and it contains the truth for money that funny enough see the person who does so and adopts it. They do so for their own benefit for their own soul woman Bala fine Amaya below Allah, whoever goes astray injures his his own soul or her own soul, Mama and daddy hinder you or kill. You are not the custodian you're not there to, you know, police them, you're not there to force people, you're there to convey the message and you're there to act upon the message. And then

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if a person chooses to follow or reject, that is their choice. Okay.

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Last Martha says also here is a very interesting idea, a very beautiful Allahu thermofoil enforcer hinomoto Allah is the one who takes away the souls of people when they pass away during the when they pass away.

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And also the souls of the people who are alive during their sleep. Okay, this is like a state of subconsciousness that a person enters when they go to sleep and sleep is still like a mystery to us from like a scientific perspective gave for you to see quality Hello alcohol mode using okra jelly Musa Medan even holds those for whom he has ordained death and restores the souls of others for an appointed term. You know, those who are meant to pass away in their sleep Allah has not returned their soul back to them and they pass away peacefully in their sleep. But the ones who Allah has ordained that they will be alive another day, their soul is returned to them. And they are now back

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up and you know,

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alive again, worship a walking around again, this is a sign for those who reflect the idea here is that your life is so fat fragile, is so fragile and the hands of a lot. It's in the hands of Allah it's so fragile. Yet we think we are indestructible. We're not this is a reminder of our our

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our vulnerabilities last month as well anelli Latina valamar fill of the Jamia I have 47 if the wrongdoers possessed, all that is on the earth, you know this is again the goes back to accountability for being arrogant. On the day of judgment, the wrongdoers of the possessed all that's on the earth and twice as much they would offer it to redeem themselves from the offered awful suffering of the

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awful suffering of the resurrection. Meaning everything was on the earth. They owned it and twice over

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They would offer all of it just to be ransom from the firewall on that day. That's like an enormous, I guess, an intimate, unimaginable amount of wealth and power and, you know, and everything, yes. But in the world we're asked not for that we're just asked for something so basic, the Shahada, sila Illa, Allah Allah

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be a good person and, you know, focus on the pillars stay away from Haram. And that's all that's all right. Well, but Allah Houma la Hema Kenyatta soon, but you know, this is unfortunately the case for those who reject and then for them, it's too late for God will show them that which they had never anticipated, what they will see is the evil of their deeds will become apparent to them. And the thing they used to mock would come to a hound them will overwhelm them by the muscle inside another one. Again, the idea of that attitude of ingratitude, that fickle nature of human beings, a loss panda is warning us against that. So we don't be this way. When affliction befalls a man meaning

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infection, because a human insan is human, by the way, he appeals to us.

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But when we were still off a favor upon him, he says, All this has been given to me because of my knowledge, but he

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by no means it is a trial, yet most of them don't realize it. Again, this reality of sometimes the karate, the example of somebody who was in trouble, an ad made dua to Allah. And then when Allah gave him he went and started worshipping idols and forgot about Allah. Here is another person a very interesting one. This is a person who starts to credit himself for all the, you know, like I got myself out of trouble, right? All of this is because of me. Hmm. But this is this narcissism is a test and most people don't realize it. Okay.

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Last month, I said something very interesting that I was amuro

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absorbers, Kalima, Yasha we are closer to the not know that God grants abundant sustenance to anyone who wishes and give sparingly to anyone he pleases. Surely there are signs of this, for those who believe in the free radical actually called me, you may know the idea here is as follows. Because you were at a time, things were tight, and then a time things are loose and easy, doesn't mean that when they are tight, you know, Allah is punishing you. I mean, they're lucid, easy, Allah is pleased with you, this is the part this is the test of life. That's how it's supposed to be. This is how Allah tests us with good and evil. Okay? When This is in contrast, this guy, right and I have 49

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because it's because of me that I have good. Well, no, you're when Allah withheld. And then Allah gave both of those are his tests for you. But perhaps people are oblivious to that. This is item 53 is a very beautiful, I have a very powerful eye, all my servants who have committed excesses against their own souls, do not despair of God's mercy, for God surely forgives all sins in the law here for Jimmy, as I had mentioned to you time and time again, last part Allah will forgive every sin, okay, if there's someone who has been hurt, you have to make up to them in whatever way you can. If something has to be returned to someone, you have to make up for that as well. reparations have to

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be given. But after that, you have to ask Allah for forgiveness. And once you ask Allah for forgiveness, after all of that, you are forgiven. If it's a sin, not between you and another person, it's just you yourself. That is a whole different thing. Just repenting and saying I stopped for a lot. I am sorry, Oh Allah, forgive me, Oh Allah, and then trying to be better trying to make or making the resolve to be better. That itself is immediate forgiveness, immediate forgiveness, there's no like delaying it. It's gone right away. Right in the law. yofoto de novo jamea The problem is we think that we are too bad we're too sinful or to widow we're just always making

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mistakes. That's the problem isn't the making mistakes. The problem is thinking that we're bad ever losers something. Never ever think that we're in the La Jolla, Florida no virgin Jamia for God for surely forgives all sins is surely the most forgiving, and the Most Merciful gab.

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This is a very beautiful advice. Allah has also turned to your Lord and submit to Him before it's too late before you know coolatta before his Scourge his punishment takes over you and then it'll be too late. Follow the best aspect of what's been sent down to you from your Lord. The best aspect here is follow the commands of the Quran. That's the best thing for you. Okay, before it's too late before the punishment

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And you're too late. And you don't realize Excuse me. And if that happens, less, someone would say, Yeah, hi serrata alas for me for having neglected what is due to God. And having been a one of those who scoffed, and

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less the person says, If only God had guided me, I would have surely join the God fearing or less the person says when they see a punishment, load up out of hula Hina tallada though underneath. If I had a second chance, I could be among the doers of good. All of these are excuses. You had plenty of chances in life. Your life was not only one moment or one day, you had plenty of chances to make do. You had plenty of opportunities for guidance. You had plenty of time to make things right. It's not like your life was just like over in the blink of an eye. Bella Khadija atka iottie you know, the reality is there are my revelations came to you but you rejected them. You would postponed like

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whatever I'll take think about it later. Or you were like, Ah, this is beyond me. This is below me. Or I was stuck Martha contaminated Katherine. Those who deny the truth also perhaps being extremely ungrateful because you notice the theme of ingratitude is also running throughout the sutra, people's in, in gratitude towards Allah's blessings after a troubled time. So you're in gratitude made you forget about your Lord, and then on that day, it will be too late. You will see that their faces are blackened. must wonder right. This is not like black and isn't like the color of the skin. But this is like dark because of the grief that they're suffering dark because of the pain that

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they're suffering. La Steffi Johanna mammoth will moussaka believe isn't held in you know sufficient for those who are arrogant that Allah will save those will deliver those who feared him into the place of salvation, and no evil shall touch them, nor shall they grief Okay, then you move on to a very amazing

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a very amazing passage here from the end of this surah Well, no feel Hafiz sore, the trumpet shall be bone blown. For such a common fill, manifest Samajwadi woman fill out the Illa Masha Allah, okay, please pay attention to this one. This is a very important if the trumpet shall be blown. And whoever is in the heaven and whoever is on the earth will fall down in a soon everybody who's alive on that day, walking the earth when the Trumpet is blown for the day of judgment to begin. Everybody who's on the earth will die. Everybody in the sky, the angels will die. A thumb except the angel, Seraphin, who's blowing the trumpet, of course, the menoufia Coffee O'Hara, then the trumpet,

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we'll be blowing again for either home tiamo, young Boone, and then they shall rise and gays around them, that's when the real day of judgment will begin. And that second blowing of the horn of the trumpet is going to be the thing that brings back everybody to life. And that is when the Day of Judgment, its horrors are going to be witnessed initially, and then order will be established, order will be established, and nobody will be able to speak unless last month that gives them the punish the permission to do so. And then the accountability of every individual will start low. We'll start with the profits first, and then proceed to the people who should have gotten out do we know that

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the earth will shine with the light of its Lord and the book will be laid open? What will the allocate tab this book is not the Quran? This book is the book of deeds, the record of deeds, well, gee, I've been there been the prophets and the witnesses will be brought in because it will be questioned, then you can read the message or prophets that people receive the message. Yes. Okay. nakoda Bina humble Huck, and judgment will be passed on them with fairness, and none shall be wrong with whom law US law moon none shall be wrong, but will fit cannot see mommy not every soul shall be repaid in full for what it has done. Well, who are allowed will be my father. And God is fully aware

00:34:24 --> 00:34:26

of what they have. What they do

00:34:27 --> 00:34:53

not check out the scene from the the scene from the day of judgment was see Polina cafaro, Elijah Hannah mazuma, that's where the surah gets his name, Zoomer groups. Okay. It says throngs I don't know what wrong means to be honest with you. Let me find what sahid Sasha says, Yes, groups is what I knew to be to mean. Those who disbelieved will be driven to * in groups

00:34:56 --> 00:34:57

had either

00:34:59 --> 00:34:59


00:35:00 --> 00:35:44

You had a boy when they reach it, its gates are opened and it's keepers will say, Did they're not come to you messengers from yourselves. Allow me to musulman come these messengers that came to you from yourselves. You knew who they were yet Lou alikum it Rob Biko reciting to you the verses of your Lord, while Yun de Luna calmly Hayami? kumada and warming, you have the meeting of this day of yours, did you not get the message? Did you not know about this? Did you call novella? They will say yes, we knew about it. Yes, passengers came Yes, we heard the message Yes, we knew about the meeting of this day.

00:35:46 --> 00:36:09

Yes, we knew it. Well, I can help but can you imagine either be added caffeine but the word of punishment has come into effect upon that is when he was this I this is this expression of the Quran means that like a lot of us, he says yes. And then whatever excuses they're making are not dignified. The hacket Karima to adapt the punishment is justified upon them.

00:36:10 --> 00:36:13

And that is what is going to be the case.

00:36:14 --> 00:36:38

This shows you by the way, that nobody goes to the firewall thinking that I am wronged, or I don't belong here, or how come I'm here, I didn't even know about it. No one is going to be saying that every person who goes into it will be asked whether Angel, right? It's like verification, and it's like torture as well. Did you know about this, alright. And

00:36:39 --> 00:36:58

that is, you know, something for us to understand. Our last panel is the most just how can you be unjust to people and toss them into the fire of * without them knowing about it, without them having the ability to choose? How can you do that? Okay, so this is a clear refutation of that

00:36:59 --> 00:37:42

it will be set to the enter the gates of * to avoid abide eternally they're in and wretched is the residents of the arrogant gay. Then you see the example of the believers will see a color Nina takotsubo, Isla jannetty tomorrow, it's like, the examples are like in parallel, and there's like subtle differences in the Arabic language, which are a little too involved for me to mention right now. But you know, the examples are set up in like a compare and contrast is very, very eloquent, very involved. Those who will fear their Lord it will be driven in paradise in groups, okay. You see, this is those who disbelieved right here and then they were mentioned here in groups. Yes. But

00:37:42 --> 00:38:04

here Allah pata describes the believers with a little bit more information. They feared their Lord they had the the fear of Allah punishment, that's the prerequisite that they had. And then they will be driven to their to paradise in groups had that either jaha were 40 had a boo boo Ha.

00:38:05 --> 00:38:08

This is irresistible. I have to point this out to you.

00:38:09 --> 00:38:28

Okay, had that either jaha were 40 had a wobble? Ha. See the wall here? There is no Wow. In number 7140 had a wall the wall is missing here. Right? Not missing the wall is not there. Okay? This little while. You see it's here.

00:38:29 --> 00:39:15

And it's not here. The not here is for the disbelievers. It's here for the believers, what it is highlighting is that when they reach it while his gates have been opened, right, here's the image. As the people of Paradise are approaching paradise, the Gator or parents already open, they can see it, they can smell it, they could hear it, as you're approaching it. And it's increasing their, you know, their happiness before they reach. You know, I remember I used to go to the beach when I was a kid. And the moment I remember the most is the smell of the beach as we were approaching the beach. And that the heightened expectations we had as kids to you know, now it's time to go in the water

00:39:15 --> 00:39:59

that you know, is a lasting memory. So that is like the, the idea. You're you can see it you can smell it, you can hear it you're you're so happy, right? This is what you worked for your whole life. The one without the well is the person that the gates are like obscured. And then then they reach it, it like suddenly opens up. And it's a shock to the system and the obscurity of the gate. There's still the sound, there's still the raging fire. So the punishment like the fear is gripping them and then the suddenness of the opening of the gates, also as to the the torment and the fright. So you see how Allah is he

00:40:00 --> 00:40:46

For the believers, everything, there's no fear any step of the way. Whereas for those who rejected him, there is fear and fright throughout the process. And these people when they enter Paradise will call on the angels, the keepers of the health of the heaven will say Salaam Alaikum, they will saying good things like he spit upon you, you have become pure, you have become pure, enter it to abide eternally, they're in. And when they enter it, they will say Alhamdulillah praises to Allah, all praises for Allah, who has fulfilled for us His promise made us inherit the earth. So we may settle in paradise wherever we will. That's about what will mineral jannetty hi funa Shah, he

00:40:46 --> 00:41:26

allowed us to excel on the earth, so we could be here in paradise. And how excellent is the reward of the righteous workers and you will see the angels around the throne of Allah exalting Allah, and everybody is praising him. And that's when the day will end. And it will be said at the Al hamdu lillahi, Rabbil aalameen All praises to Allah, the Lord of the worlds that is sort of often a very beautiful, very powerful scene, we ask automakers of those who enter Paradise and are saved from the fire of health. So what often begins with hammy and this is the first of the high beams. Okay, and you will notice that the high beams are like the Surah 41. It will be ones with higher mean than for

00:41:26 --> 00:42:14

sure afforded to begin with high mean Surah 43 will begin with hi meme Surah 44 We'll begin with how mean Surah 45. We'll begin with Hamming and lastly Surah 46. We'll begin with Hamming that's the surah as we have an order from 40 to 46. All of them begin beginning with humming humming, humming humming, okay? They're called the high memes or how a meme in Arabic or aloha meme came. And these turas as I just quickly displayed them to you. They all interestingly, notice what this notice is mentioned. You know, they're all sorts that were revealed in Makkah. They're all revealed in in Makkah to the province to saddam, a they all begin with how mean they all speak about the greatness

00:42:14 --> 00:42:23

of the Quran. Look at this. This is the last of them. Then Zeeland D'Angelo cadabby min Allah Hilah Aziz al Hakim let me go to the one before okay.

00:42:25 --> 00:43:03

4610 zero cadabby min Allah Allah Aziz al Hakim let's go to 4510 zero kidambi min Allahu Allah Aziz al Hakim the revelation of the book is from the Exalted is from Allah the Exalted in Might the wise for the for Jaime, welcome kita will move in the clear book be revealed it in a blessed night. Indeed. We were to warn mankind Yes. 43 Okay, this hammy will Kitab will move in. Hi mean. Allah takes an old by the clear book in Nigeria Allahu

00:43:04 --> 00:43:52

Allah Allah. We are made in an Arabic Quran that you may understand. And it is indeed it is in the mother of the book with us exalted and full of wisdom, the mother of the book omole Kitab is the record of everything the original copy of the Quran is there and the one that we have is what Allah has sent to the prophet to prop the problem for to through gibreel okay for you to pay Hamming iancu cough kundalika you he like? Does he has revealed to you all prophets are sort of and those before you, okay, again, speaks about the revelation right after 41 Look at that. Hi mean 10 zero, Mina Rahmani Raheem. This is a revelation from the Entirely Merciful, the Especially Merciful. This is a

00:43:52 --> 00:43:57

book whose verses have been detailed and Arabic Quran for people who know

00:43:59 --> 00:44:43

or for people to know. We call me Allah moon, mushy Romana Dr. It is a giver of good news and a way of warning and then finally coming back all the way to our first Hamming 10 zero cadabby min Allahu Allah Aziz al amin, the revelation of the book is from Allah, the Exalted in Might the all knowing and all powerful, okay. This is one thing you will notice about them. They all speak about the greatness of the Quran. They all mentioned musala salaam in them okay. Musa Ali Salam is mentioned in all of them in one place or the other I'll show that to you as we traverse that game because he's gonna His story is quite long actually. I can just that this was just one I could show it to you

00:44:43 --> 00:45:00

easily. History is many I act okay. Mashallah Sam is mentioned in all of them. What met was mentioned is the torch has been is being passed on, from Musa alayhis salaam to the prophets of Salaam and his oma is like the passing of the baton. You know, the

00:45:00 --> 00:45:19

Profit the book batana Prophethood is being given over, okay? Even though there's messengers before but the, you know, the messenger Musashi, Sam represents, you know, like, the law of the Torah was widely accepted as the law, even by, you know, later.

00:45:20 --> 00:46:07

You know, like throughout the time by Jews even today and a lot of the of the Gospels, the Christians kind of put it to the side, right. So the law, you know, the baton has been passed from that to the oma on to the law of the Quran. It speaks about the importance of being united as a community the importance of being united, not divided. It also talks about the importance of being gentle and ignoring people's insults. And this is the theme of the sutra, the theme of the all of these tours, excuse me, all of them seven together, it's talking about that Allah to Allah inviting people to Allah subhanaw taala. But inviting them in a situation where you don't have the upper

00:46:07 --> 00:46:54

hand, you are like a minority, you are downtrodden, you are perhaps persecuted, yet you have the responsibility to invite people to the way of Allah. And that requires being gentle ignoring people's insults, that it requires being united as a community that requires understanding that Allah has chosen us and chosen this chosen us to be Muslims and believers in him, but also specifically chosen us to be a part of the oma of Mohammed Salim, the oma of the Prophet Salaam. That means the baton from the oma of Musa has been passed on to us, there is an added responsibility that we bear. So all of these are the themes that run through these surahs I'm going to try to point

00:46:54 --> 00:47:04

them out to you as best as I can. Let's get into Surah lawfare first sort of offer speaks about starts by talking about this Quran is

00:47:05 --> 00:47:19

read the revelation of the Quran is mighty, it's great. And then Allah, Allah describes himself he describes himself as the Forgiver of sin, the acceptor of repentance, offered them be will call me the dope that's where the name comes from offit.

00:47:20 --> 00:47:36

gobbly tobe the acceptor of repent. Repentance, Shadi de la casa Severe in punishment, the bone owner of abundance, La Ilaha, Illa, who there is no deity except Him, to him is the destination.

00:47:38 --> 00:47:53

Alas, Martha describes here in this surah, that it is hard to call people to Islam, that that were right to call people to the message of the truth is hard. Okay? Because people fly over.

00:47:55 --> 00:48:07

People, you know, have this uninhibited movement throughout the land, they are enjoying themselves, they ignore what you have to tell them about a purpose of life, and they just keep doing what they're doing.

00:48:08 --> 00:48:14

So don't let that get to you. Because people before had denied. The people have no had denied the

00:48:15 --> 00:48:47

people who came after nor did the same thing. And what are the say, well Hamad khulumani Rasulullah kulu. They wanted every nation intended to plot against their messenger to seize him, right? They wanted to undermine him and, you know, make him look like a fool. And they disputed by using false wedges, a little bit about the use of the halo Hill to try to invalidate the truth, to try to make the truth look weak and foolish.

00:48:49 --> 00:48:59

for her to home, therefore I sees them and how terrible was my punishment. This is something that happens to this day, people use fallacious arguments to try to defeat the truth.

00:49:00 --> 00:49:43

And unlike other prophets, Allah Sparta took care of those, these people are not dealt with in the same way. So this is the difference. We have to have an extra patient an extra strong in our arguments when we present them. This tour I mentioned the very beautiful passage about the angels I number seven, okay. The angels making dua for the believers seeing the Ask they glorify the Lord with his praise. They believe in Him the Astro forgiveness for those who believe so panela they say Our Lord you embrace all things in mercy and knowledge. forgive those who turn to you and follow your path and save them from the fire of *.

00:49:44 --> 00:49:59

enter them into paradise or Lord, that You have promised enter them with their the righteous of their ancestors, the spouses and offspring Allahu Akbar are beautiful, right? When you are inviting people to Allah when you're doing acts of good when you

00:50:00 --> 00:50:08

Teaching good or learning good angels are making the right for you throughout the process. And these are the beautiful daughters they make.

00:50:09 --> 00:50:51

Or Allah protect them from evil deeds. Angels are like role models for believers. This is how we should be our we should make dua for our salvation for art for goodness, but we should also be drawn for our brothers and sisters. You know, specifically someone who is you know, done well by us, someone we love for the sake of Allah, these are beautiful things these are angellist things to do. And when you make to offer your brother an angel says amin will aka be Miss Lee, May Allah give you the same I mean to your door and May Allah give you the same as well. So an angel makes do out for you when we make go for your brother or sister in Islam, how beautiful and that the feeling of, of,

00:50:51 --> 00:51:03

of the fraternity of believers, the feeling of you know, love and gentleness towards other believers, you will experience that when you make a very, very beautiful passage here. Okay.

00:51:05 --> 00:51:05


00:51:06 --> 00:51:11

surah speaks about the Tao of Musa alayhis salam game.

00:51:18 --> 00:51:21

So there's number 24.

00:51:22 --> 00:51:24

I'm having some problems, my notes here, no problem.

00:51:30 --> 00:51:30

All right.

00:51:32 --> 00:52:16

Last one, this is Ursula Moosa vi RT now soltana mubin musala Islam is mentioned here. We said Moses with our signs and clear authority, Illa Fatah. hamana macaroon to Pharaoh Harmon and Cora. They said he's a magician and a liar. But then when he brought the truth is that the slay the sons of those who believe in him and spare their daughters. But this was a very, very terrible thing to do for our own right is, you know, going on full on tired, tired mode is even saying, Let me kill Moses. But Moses says, I asked Allah to protect me from being hurt by you by by any every arrogant person. And unless about the protected Mossad, Islam, even the fifth round, couldn't do anything to

00:52:16 --> 00:53:03

move up. But now an unexpected source of help arises from the family of Moosa. I actually live in a family of the Pharaoh. And this is the thing about Dawa, when you are calling people to Islam, inviting them to the truth, and you are just like Moosa is underprivileged, he has the lower hand, not the upper hand. He has no leverage that has the leverage, but even in that the truth will shine, the truth will shine even if you know the people of truth, are a small minority and they're weak and humbled. But the truth is, power shines. And here you see the throne someone from that island family accepted Islam, accepted musala salaam and stood up to defend Musab unbeliever, a man from among the

00:53:03 --> 00:53:16

people of the pharaoh who had concealed his faith out of fear of course, right said would you slay a man merely because he says my lord is God and he's brought nuclear science from his Lord? Is that why you want to kill him? I talked to

00:53:18 --> 00:54:05

a lot of hajia coming by uniting the Rubicon Maria cuca even for Allah he got he will if he is lying, the sin of his will be on his own head will be his fault. So ecosa Can you say become bearable lady or Eva calm? But if he's truthful, a part of which he warns you will surely before you think logically if he's lying, it says problem. But if he's truthful, what he's saying is gonna come and happen and you will be the ones who suffer from that. Okay, he's talks to his people he says my people today were powerful. Yours is the kingdom today. But who can help us? If members c'est la vie? million soon I'm in Barcelona, he injure Anna, who I never for 29 Who is it? That will help us

00:54:05 --> 00:54:50

if the punishment of God is upon us that our own says something interesting is that I point out to you only that which I consider right, and I guide you to the right pad is like look, I'm only saying this in your interests. And what I'm telling you is correct. Don't undermine me here. Okay. But the person who believed he is not a coward he is a he's a brave man is slowly becoming is becoming bolder and bolder. He says my people I fear for you a fate like that of the people of old like that of the people of Noah and rather than the mood, okay. I fear all my people that the Day of Judgment, yo Madonna, you will cry out to one another. From the word NIDA. You're going to try and call out to

00:54:50 --> 00:54:52

each other and then it will be too late.

00:54:54 --> 00:54:56

Yamato aluna muda muda Vereen.

00:54:57 --> 00:54:59

He says all my people, Joseph Campbell

00:55:00 --> 00:55:47

for you the clear science because your use of useless time was in Egypt. Yes. And he was an honored person. But you didn't see you cease to doubt you never cease to doubt the message he brought you. But then when he died, you said God will never send another messenger right again this is a lie. How can you say that? And here again, Allah sponsor sensors sends you a messenger and now you are turned away for our own becomes even more tyrannical and he's trying to mock this man. He's like, hey, Harmon build me a lofty building. So I may look at the sky and talk to the let's see, there's the lord of moves are really in the sky or not, but I think he's lying. Okay, now the man who believes

00:55:47 --> 00:56:32

is becoming even bolder, he's like, oh, people follow me. Now he's coming out, right? He says, follow me, I will guide you the right path. My people, this life is temporary. It's not, you know, permanent. So don't get Don't get distracted by that. Then here after is the permanent aboard. He says when I mean as a as an Fallujah 11, where does evil will be requited with evil, but whoever does good, whether male or female, and is a believer will enter the garden where they will be provided without measure. This is important, whether whoever does good, whether male or female, your gender doesn't matter when it comes to goodness, when it comes to, you know, spirituality, there is

00:56:33 --> 00:56:58

true equality, the only thing that matters is, you know how hard time something is and how sincere and devoted you are, but your gender is irrelevant to the conversation. Okay? gender is only relevant when there is a physical implication, because of the physiology of the gender. Okay? And when there isn't any, it's irrelevant. And it is all the same for Allah spawn, tada, the gender absolutely does not matter there. Okay.

00:56:59 --> 00:57:36

He is now asking people to believe in him. And then he says, You will remember what I said to you. I entrust my affair to God for God is observant of all his servants. Right. This is what happened to him. He invited them, probably they did not believe in him. And Allah delivered him. They probably project against him, Allah delivered him from their plots, and the people of our own. They were accompanied by a dreadful punishment. So you see in this surah a very interesting story we are told about the

00:57:38 --> 00:57:56

about this believing man from the people of Pharaoh, which is even when you are weak, and you give invited people to the truth, the power of the truth shines and people who are unexpected will accept it. And that was an example. That's there, and that's something that we should be cognizant of. Okay.

00:57:58 --> 00:58:36

This is very interesting passage, we've seen some similar passages. When they were in the fire, they will dispute with one another, the week will say by Julio Baraka, Linda 47 in akuna, la quinta, we were your followers file Antonio Luna and Nana Siva min, hon, you relieve us of some of the fire today, all the Lena slackbot in Colombia, in the love of hakama. But those who have been arrogant will say, we are all in this together. God has just been judged between his servants it's now his past his judgment. We are in this together we can we can help you because you are powerful in this world.

00:58:37 --> 00:58:46

And that is you know, a good grim scene from the ending of the people who deny a last panel Donna

00:58:49 --> 00:58:50


00:58:51 --> 00:58:54

last mother says to the Prophet solemn that

00:58:56 --> 00:59:39

first with in Nevada law here I have 55 Be patient remember the the encouragement of being patient is quite frequently mentioned in this sort of be patient or profit for what God has promised is shorter come true was still fairly than big for ask forgiveness for your sins must be handled rub bigger will ashy will occur I 55 and praise your Lord morning and evening that's you focus on what you can control focus on you improving yourself focus on your own spirituality and Allah father's promises shorter come true don't worry about that just work on what's in front of you alone will take care of what's out of your control get the profits solemn.

00:59:40 --> 00:59:48

This is a you know advice to him and he was in the beginning stages of is that our calling people to Islam okay.

00:59:50 --> 00:59:59

I N number 16 very beautiful. I will call the robo Komodo Rooney a scheduler calm your Lord has said call to me, and I will answer your prayers in the loveliness yesterday.

01:00:00 --> 01:00:47

1980s I had Haruna Johanna motherfreakin those who are too arrogant to worship Me shall certainly enter * in disgrace. The idea here is called onto your Lord for strength, Allah will group spawn to you and give you strength, give you guidance, don't think you're too important or think that Allah is not going to hear you or that Allah may let you down these are all types of false ideas to not have those when it comes to supplicating Allah subhanaw taala because that's a type of your be literally who Allah is okay? And that is something that we cannot do so at the root of the rune yesterday Blackcomb Allah then talks about a science that our through a science you know a DA is a

01:00:47 --> 01:01:28

sign because a lot of people make Dora and then they find comfort and peace and they find Islam right the door eyes and eye. An idea of Allah is the night and the day. I never 61 truly God is most truly bountiful after the people but most people do not give thanks that the como la hora bukem Holly cuckoo Alicia such as God your Lord the Creator of all things let you know in level there is no god but He for under two 4.2 How then are you being turned away from him? Okay, he is the one who has brought everything into existence brought you into existence he's the one who runs things how are you turning away from him alone lidija Alan Alda, Aurora is number 64

01:01:30 --> 01:02:08

It is God who has given you the earth as a resting place and the sky as a canopy he has shaped shaped you for so welcome for Santa surah come and formed you well you are you know in this the creation that we have is is well shaped is symmetrical is beautiful Rosa vacuuming up for you but and provided you with good things all types of good things he has provided you with that is your Lord for the vertical load of wood I mean, you know reach into your ears into the depths of your soul and find out you know connect to your Lord that way. Okay, so number the sudo concludes

01:02:10 --> 01:02:17

with again Allah subhanaw taala reminding the Prophet sallallahu Sallam to be patient. Okay.

01:02:18 --> 01:03:03

First we'll in our de la haco prophet Be patient for God's promise is the truth. Whether we show you part of what we have promised them or because you to die for us for even for Elena your own it is to us that they will be recalled gave this last month that is tells a story about the people of the past with our Santa Rosa min publica as 78 if sent before you messengers mean human causes now like some of them, we have told you their story related to the story woman whom love Naxos I like and others whose story we have not told you. The Quran is not a comprehensive collection of the story of every prophet ever sent. No, there's only some and others are not mentioned. But all the losses when

01:03:03 --> 01:03:48

makanda is a student he is in love with the law whether the story has been told or not. What remains true is every prophet SAW process possible for any messenger to bring a sign except by the permission of God for Elijah Allah but when the command of God is issued, all the will how clever hasura fanatical McLoone, the matter was decided in truth and justice. And then those who stood on falsehood perished. What is this talking about? Allah gave the people a chance to believe in the prophets. The Prophet brought whatever side Allah permitted him to bring. And then when the people rejected him, hold the oven, how Allah, you know, in justice and fairness, decreed the end of those

01:03:48 --> 01:04:32

people and the ones who lost were the ones who were upon falsehood. And the ones who were upon truth were saved. So this is what Allah saying, this is going to be the end not in this world. That's not how it's going to be now. But that's going to be the end for the believers on the Day of Judgment. So be watchful of that. A lot of points to His signs, livestock is a sign for you. There is beautiful things that you there's benefits in it for you that you can get out of it you you know are you you know they carry your items and you are on them as well were unique with it he all of his science he shows you right science in a small not smaller than like the trivial but they're around

01:04:32 --> 01:04:59

you and easily accessible okay signs in history, science from the future from the word of his words are unique and it shows you signs for a year if he didn't get on so which then which then have signs of God would you deny? If Why don't they travel the earth and see the fate of those who were before that? They were a comin home or Shanda who was they were numerous and mightier and left

01:05:00 --> 01:05:41

Greater traces of their power on the earth. This is talking about the people of mcca people before the people must go ahead, you know, immense power, people must go or not so powerful. And, you know, the nations destroyed like the crown, and many others left behind in enormous and incredible landmarks that still stands to this day, right? That doesn't mean that they were more technologically advanced than us today. But the idea is that in a tough period of time, this people America and around them, and even after them, they disbelieved in the message of Allah, while people who are stronger than them were destroyed. The idea is, if I'm not gonna destroy them, you don't

01:05:41 --> 01:06:10

think you can destroy you. If you can hold them accountable. You don't you don't think you can hold you accountable. Yet all they accomplish, and I don't know no mechanics anymore. All they accomplished was of no avail to them. When the messengers came to them with clear signs. they rebelled in whatever knowledge they had, and were engulfed by the very thing that by the very punishment, they marked, they're like, what is this message you're talking about? We know what we know. Right? We know how to do things, right? Okay. This guy is just, you know, he's, he's, he's, he's a madman.

01:06:11 --> 01:06:22

But then, when they saw the punishment, was it they became what the tough guy act disappeared, all who am anomala all believed in God in the one God,

01:06:23 --> 01:06:28

chemistry and all these partners and Associates, we all you know, we reject them all now,

01:06:29 --> 01:06:41

but at that time is too long. It's too late then. Bella Mia quien Pharaoh home Eamon home llamada Oba Sarah, but believing after seeing our punishment did not benefit them at all.

01:06:42 --> 01:07:20

It's too late after you've seen the punishment is too late after seeing the angel of death, it's too late to believe on the Day of Judgment. It's not too late right now. So not Allah He led to call the harlot theory body. This is the law of God to deal with his creatures, and thus the disbelievers were losers or hasura, fanatical over to do so now Firstly, we have a few minutes Charla, like I said, we will end at 745 every time now inshallah. So we'll see that. Let's look at that. Hamilton zooming of mannerheim revelation from God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful. This is a book that Allah has sent in Arabic. And it is a book for people who possess knowledge. This is the book that

01:07:20 --> 01:07:46

teaches us inspires us to learn it's a lifelong journey of learning. It's a reminder of good news and warning, yet most of them turn away and they do not listen. What an Arab Indian calling an Arabic Quran here is to highlight that this is a las pantallas way of expressing this this is a choice of language Allah chose Okay, and this theme we'll come back towards the end we will have the surah right.

01:07:48 --> 01:08:39

This is the language that Allah is pamper chose for the final revelation, okay, he got chosen any language he could have chosen any profit, right? But he chooses the profits and he chooses the language of the Prophet that he speaks right look at number 44 Well, Allahu Akbar and an Armenian had we sent this Quran in a language other than Arabic, they would have said Lola for Sugata to Why are its verses not clearly explained our Jimmy you RB and error profit and a scripture in foreign tongue. Right if this this is the, what Allah is trying to explain. Allah is the one who chooses he chose Mustafa Salaam as the prophet and Moses spoke Hebrew. He chose Ibrahim and Ibrahim Assam spoke

01:08:40 --> 01:09:02

the language of the people of Babylon dead. He chose the prophets of Allah, and the Prophet, some spoke Arabic. And every messenger he chose, the message was given to that messenger in the language that he spoke. Okay. And that is the idea that he's pointing out here. If the message was in a different language, people will say, well, this doesn't make any sense.

01:09:04 --> 01:09:42

But what Allah responds is he says all well, in larina Ave Shiva, it doesn't matter what language the believer speaks, it is a guide, and a healing to those who believe. And it doesn't matter what language you speak for those who do not believe there is a deafness in their ears and a covering over their eyes. They are as it were, being called from a very distant place is as if it doesn't make sense to them. It's far fetched, it's like a voice that cannot decipher what is saying. It doesn't matter what language you speak. The Quran is a guidance and mercy, a healing for those who believe because that's the prerequisite. And it is the opposite for those who rejected the prophets

01:09:42 --> 01:09:59

own uncle will darlin or Abu lahab, specifically with Allah also did not accept but Allah, who was very close to the Prophet, became his staunchest enemy. He understood the Quran better than any one of us could ever understand the Quran but the understanding did not help him.

01:10:00 --> 01:10:13

Because he was a in enemy of God, if so, this is what Allah wants to point out in this surah. And this is an important point to address i think is a relevant point for us particularly.

01:10:14 --> 01:10:46

Because this is something that we might struggle with, we have to learn Arabic, we have to send the Quran in Arabic, this, that and the other. Well, the prophet was chosen by Allah and the Prophet spoke Arabic, he was, you know, from the Arabian Peninsula from from college. And that's the Quran is in that language. The difference is, the Quran is for all mankind for all times. And that is the difference between it and say, the Torah that was for a specific group of people at a specific time of the world.

01:10:47 --> 01:10:59

But that said, The message is universal and the message, we can understand it through its translation, and appreciate it and ponder over it even with the transition. Of course, that isn't there's no

01:11:00 --> 01:11:16

that's not something that the Quran says. In fact, as you notice, the Quran says it's a healing and guide for those who believe irrespective of what language to speak, I number 14 here speaks about if at home. So, number 13 is go back to that.

01:11:18 --> 01:12:00

And the turn away 10 See, I want you have a lightning bolt, like the one that struck odd and the mood when the messengers came to them from before them and behind them in the room invading at him a lot I will do Lola worship none but God. They said if our Lord had willed, He would have said no angels. Therefore we shall never believe in you. A very interesting Dawa to our other than the moon. This is historic Dawa. Okay. Or we can even call it prehistoric Dawa Arad. They were arrogant. They said who has more power than us? I will amuro Angela Hola. Hola, como eyeshadow. What did they not see the God who has created them was mightier than them in power.

01:12:01 --> 01:12:46

They are humans after all. But then Allah mother reminded them of his power by letting loose upon them a raging wind over several in auspicious days, to make them taste the torment of the humiliation is life. whether our double accurate, the accuser, but the torment of the Hereafter is even worse, even more humiliating. As for the mood, we offered them our guidance for hygiena home offered them our guidance guided them, but what was their problem? First the hub balama alhuda they preferred blindness to guidance, they preferred the life this world they prefer to enjoy what they had. And of course then because they rejected the Prophet, they were seized by the punishment of

01:12:46 --> 01:12:48

Allah subhanho wa Taala okay.

01:12:50 --> 01:13:10

There is a very important scene from the Day of Judgment I number 22 gave the number 20 excuse me on the day of judgment when this people will come hotter either Mr. Joe Ohashi in some room for other saw room what you know Doom Mr. Kanu Yama loon, they're

01:13:11 --> 01:13:52

they're hearing their ears, their eyes and skins will testify against them. They will say to their bodies, why are you testifying against us, but other than their bodies will say, God has given a speech was given speech to everyone and everything and he is the one who has created us and to him now you are going to be brought back to be judged. Okay? There's a beautiful scene for the believers who are dying that's the scene from the Day of Judgment for the disbelievers. A scene for the believers. Number 30. In the Medina, Allah who the master for more than a Zulu, Allah, human melodica look at this and be asked a lot to make use of these people. As for those who affirm that

01:13:53 --> 01:14:38

our Lord is God and then remain steadfast, the angels will descend upon them saying, Have no fear and do not grieve, rejoice in the good news of the garden that you have been promised. We are your companions in this life and in the year after, they're in usual have all that your souls desire and then usually have all that you ask for a rich provision from the one who is the most forgiving and the Most Merciful Subhanallah the angels will tell them you will be fine, we'll take care of you We'll take care of your family inshallah and be happy you are going to paradise what an incredible moment that is in a person is dying. And it's like the most fearful moment that they could, you

01:14:38 --> 01:15:00

know, think of and they could experience in their most fearful moment Allah sends angels to soothe and console them and relax them. We ask Allah to make so these people does not know how to systemize Yeah, I actually forgot to make the survey Forgive me. I will make it tonight inshallah. And I will share with you all tomorrow the survey about the classes after Ramadan, and I will share it also on the WhatsApp groups and whatnot. So Jagmohan for your mind

01:15:00 --> 01:15:07

The meat of that and I'll see you all tomorrow, same time, same place. So Hannah de la Mohammed Ganesha de la ilaha illa Anta Nesterov

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