Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P19 190C Tafsir Al-Shuara 10-16

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss various topics including Jesus' punished actions, Lisa's actions, and Lisa's actions. They express fear and hesitation about speaking to people who aren't the right people. The importance of character, learning, and finding one's passion is emphasized. The speakers also emphasize the need for people to be the same and finding one's passion. They emphasize the importance of learning and trusting Allah for future success. The success of Islam is also discussed, including the pressure of men into the best way to do things and the pressure of women into the best way to do things.
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Are other bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim

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what Eid nada. Rob Booker and mentioned when your Lord called out Neda, from the word NIDA, to call out. So recall when your Lord called out to who Musa Musa alayhis salam, when is it that Allah called out to him? When is it that Allah addressed him? When Mossad is Saddam came to the mountain, remember on his journey from Medina on his return to Egypt, and he came to the mountain because he saw a fire over there and he wanted to get some flame from there in order to find guidance or to take some flame for his family so that they could get warmth from it. And this was in particular at MOCA does tour as we learned is another horrible Bilwa dill mocha DESE. To um, that it d go I'll

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call him a volley mean to the wrongdoing people are Musa. You have to go to the wrongdoing, people, the people that associate partners with Allah, the people who oppress Allah's creation, who are the law elimination, coma fit our own the people of fit our own, Elia Takuan. Do they not fear? Meaning how are they committing so much oppression? Have they no fear of God? Because the people have in our own fit our own he had oppressed the entire nation of Bani Israel.

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And he hadn't just enslaved them, but he was forcing them to do a lot of hard work. And on top of that, he had fully oppress them in the sense that he was killing their children right before them and they could do nothing to defend themselves. Cannavale mean, Elia? Takuan? Do they not fear? Musa alayhis salam Kala, he said, Robbie Oh my lord in the Ahafo indeed, I fear um, that you can the Boonie they will deny me I'm afraid they're not going to listen to me.

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Do you also have this fear sometimes before you have to talk to somebody like she's not gonna listen to me there's no point telling her and I'm afraid in fact she's going to turn against me and humiliate me. So in the Ahafo and you can they won't they won't listen. While vehicle Saudi illegal it feels tight BOD Yeah, of leak and leak is tightness constriction. So what is it that feels tight Saturday, my heart, my chest, I feel suffocated. I feel suffocated. Meaning I don't feel confident. I'm afraid Wallah and not young polical it moves Lissoni my tongue my tongue will not move when I stand in front of it or on to talk to him. In other words, I will be overcome by fear and I won't be

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able to talk young Tanya koverman final call for lamb cough in Tanaka is to set out remember circle calf Musa Simon Hodder from Tala call both of them set out basically Impala is to flow freely from the same root as the word Bala because what happens after divorce two people go their own ways. So layin political, meaning it will not flow freely. I will be so nervous that I won't be able to speak. It is said that Musala Salam had a speech impediment. So basically what he was trying to say was, I don't know how to talk. I won't know what to say or how to say I stammer. I stutter I'm not that expressive. I'm not eloquent I'm not fluent. My tongue freezes I have these weaknesses Lang

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particularly sunny for almost all Isla Haroon for Altos Hills, so send meaning send the message to who to how rune Harun was who the brother of masala Santa so basically he's saying oh Allah tell him how long to go talk to Iran he can do a much better job because he knows how to talk I can't do this intro to castles i a 34. Also we learn Musa this and I'm said well we have our own will upset harmony. Listen, my brother had one is more eloquent than me in speech. He knows how to talk. I don't know how to talk. Now this is something very natural. That many times a person fields like this, you know this hesitation, this fear this lack of confidence. And a person may be able to speak

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completely fine, but just because they're on stage or just because they're in front of other people. They begin to stutter. And it's quite possible that a person has a speech problem and they're afraid to speak to other people. What are they meant to do? Ask Allah subhanaw taala make the dua of Masada, his sunnah. And what is that, Dora? Rubbish, lovely Saturday where Sidley Emery will hook that and Melissa Annie, and also the daughter of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam which we learned Musa Dharma, the prof.

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Let's analyze it I'm tough the straw Allahumma Nickleby, was said deadly Sani was slow. Sarita can be that Oh Allah, a Nickleby guide my heart guide my heart because of the heart is guided the tongue will also be guided was that deadly Sani straighten my tongue correct my tongue so that I'm able to speak correctly was also him with a Kobe and remove the bias from my heart so that I can be fair and just in my speech, Masada tsunami didn't stop here. He said, What a home and they have meaning the people of our own they have our layup against me, upon me, them burn a sin, meaning they have a criminal charge against me. What was that criminal charge was on Assam had accidentally killed one

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of them in a quarrel. So he said for a half or so I fear it up to loony that they will kill me. So they're not going to listen to me at all. I'm not in their good books anyway. They have a criminal charge against me. I don't even know how to talk properly. How am I going to go to them? Now most of our SNR was not chosen. For no reason. There was a reason why I lost pounds are the chose him? Because look at how he's trying to excuse himself over here. Right? He's giving so many reasons. And very convincing arguments that look, I'm not fit for the job at all. I'm not fit for this job at all. First of all, I don't know how to talk. And secondly, I'm a criminal in their eyes. So it's

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better that Harun is chosen this unnatural, right? That no way I can't do this. I'm not fit for this job at all. I have this weakness, this weakness, this weakness. So it's better than how to notice and understand. Now, what happens is that when you will have to tell others about something good. You remember your sins, you remember your mistakes. I am in no position to tell other people how can I tell others? Who am I? I myself make these mistakes. I have no right to advise other people. I remember that. Yes, most artists I'm yet committed accidental murder. But remember that no person is perfect. Each human being is weak. And at the same time telling other people about Allah, this is

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also an obligation and because of the blessing of this work, Allah subhanaw taala will inshallah give the strength and guidance to a person to keep away from sin?

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Have you ever heard of this hire for character and train for skill?

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Have you ever heard the statement? Hire for character, train for skill?

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What was the character of Musa listen? Because generally what happens is that we look at the surface of people. Oh, how does she dress up? How does she talk? Her features or physical features? What are they like? How many friends does she have? Okay, if this is good, this is good, this is good in front of our eyes, then yes, we will give importance to this individual and we will consider them. However, if this person does not meet such and such standard, then they have no value in front of me. But what do we see over here? Is it the outward appearance of a person the external, the apparent skills that matter? No. Is it just the qualifications of a person that matter? No. What is

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more important is the character of the person, the passion that they have. Because if they have character, then they're the right person for the job. Because skill, learning skill, acquiring skills, this is a life long journey.

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But if a person has the right character, the right mindset, the moment they realize they need to learn a skill, what will happen, they will do something to learn that skill. But if a person is an eloquent speaker, if a person is very knowledgeable, they've got a whole lot of degrees, but in their heart, there is no burning passion. What are they going to do? What are they going to do? Are they really going to be of benefit to people? Not at all?

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I mean, so many times it happens that, for instance, a particular school teacher, masters in this master's in this, this and this and this, but when it comes to dealing with children, they've got no patience, nothing? Can they be a good effective teacher? Not at all. So it's the character now we need to look over here. What was the character of Musa Lisanna? Why is it that Allah subhanaw taala chosen but before that, further on with interviews, you find that a lot of people make things up while they're talking that Oh, I have this qualification. I have that qualification. I would do this and, you know, so on and so forth. But when the last part that I was assigning this job to was at a

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time he's incredibly honest and humble about it, that this is the situation I'm in this is the reality of my skills and what I have, and I feel that someone would be more adequate. Usually we try to show off but Musa Jason was incredibly humble and honest about what he could do. Yes, and that's exactly what I was gonna say, Does Akela Hayden, for putting it in better words, that the character moves

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RT Salam. How was it? First of all, we see his honesty. That how honest he is that he admits his weaknesses, his past mistakes, his faults, his deficiencies. He recognizes himself and he admits them before Allah subhanaw taala. He doesn't cover up his shortcomings. He doesn't pretend as if he's perfect that he's got no deficiencies. No. He's very honest. Secondly, we see Musa alayhis salam in his life when you look at his life, up until this point, his concern for others, that the reason why he accidentally killed a man was because why there was a quarrel going on and one person screamed out to him, help me help me save me. So Mossad isn't um, did not say, oh, it's your

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problem. I'll mind my own business know his his concern for others, he stepped in to resolve that fight. Likewise, when he fled to Medan

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was he concerned about those two girls that were just standing with their flock, keeping their animals away from the water source, concern for others? Then I see thirdly, that how important justice and truth were to him how important justice was to him. That, firstly, this is the reason why he admits his mistakes. And he makes it clear that I'm not fit for the job because I've done this and I have these weaknesses. He so just injustice is very important to him. And besides, why is it that he stepped in to help out the two people that were fighting? Why? In order to uphold justice, it is not fair. The two girls are keeping their animals away from the waterhole because if

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they keep their animals away from the waterhole, what's going to happen, the water is going to finish justice. He's driven by this drive that people should be treated fairly. Then we see his scourge that how he stepped in to help he risked his own safety, his own comfort in order to help others. Then we also see his strength. One blow was enough to kill him if he didn't intend to kill. He was just trying to stop the fight by trying to pin down one guy probably hit him hulless finished look at the strength that most artists

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hate and then those two girls are trying to keep their flock away and Musan isn't him he gets up and he goes in, takes their flock in the middle of all those shepherds and their animals through them to the water source, the animals drink and he returns the animals strength. So, in particular, these five qualities honesty is concerned for others how much importance he gives to justice, courage, strength, I mean this character and this is why Allah subhanaw taala chose him

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so this is what we need to focus on also. Sometimes we're only concerned about getting one degree after the other I'm not saying don't give importance to that that is important. But what is more important is character, color color. Allah said no way you have to go if you don't have a choice to back out and fear not your tongue will be fluent. They will not be able to kill you further have a so both of you go fine. You're afraid to go along that's understandable. Yeah, the Saturday you're afraid to go alone. Don't go alone. Take your brother with you further How about both of you go be it now with our versus our signs in now American Muslim, your own indeed we are with you listening?

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What's the merit one who listens attentively. You go we're listening to you. And this is something that sends chills down your spine. Allah is listening. But at the same time, it's a source of great comfort and hope that Allah is listening. Allah's help his protection, his support is there. In surah Taha 46, we learned in the new markoma a smart ru

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dear fit our own, so go to fit our own for cooler than both of you say, and this shows to us that Haruna listen, I was also made a messenger both of you should say that in indeed we will also look beyond the mean messengers of The Lord of the Worlds focus on your message, not your weaknesses. You see how this has made to seem so urgent? Go go and deliver the message and tell them in not assume a little bit on me. And what's your message? What is it that you have to say to fit our own? And I will say that send mine out with us Bani Israel eel the children off is so easy. Just go and say this, this is your job. Your job is to go to fit our own. Let the Bani Israel go. And Musa alayhis

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salam was just as important to him. Very important to him. That is what made him get up and help the two people that were fighting. That is what made him leave the shed and get up and go help those two girls. But it was his

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honesty, his commitment that made him stay in Medina as a shepherd for 10 years. Just imagine, as a shepherd for 10 years. Why? Because he was very honest, Justice was very important to him over here also, rescue the bunny is La eel, they should not be oppressed. So go and deliver this message. Now what we learn over here is Musa alayhis salam is concerned about himself. And Allah subhanaw taala makes him focus on the message. And this is what we need to learn. Always when you have to talk to somebody, when you have to tell somebody about something good. Focus on the message, not on your weaknesses.

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Not on your weaknesses. Nobody's Perfect, everybody's weak, but when you will focus on the message, inshallah you will be able to deliver. But the moment you start focusing on yourself, your weaknesses, I'm like this, and I'm like that, and I'm like this, then what will happen, you will feel too self conscious. And when you feel too self conscious, you're not going to be able to do your job properly. There is a who is disease, Allah who is the giver of honor, Allah, we think that a person gets honor when he has very impressive skills. That's not how honor comes for our own was rich, he was wealthy. But did he have honor near Allah? No. Did he have honor before his people? No,

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we'll see how the magicians 1000s of them. Instantly they left Pharaoh when they saw the truth. What happened to the honor of their own he didn't have any really. So what matters is character, may Allah subhanaw taala bless all of us with good luck, because good luck is something that makes a person successful here and in the next world.

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Now in all of these verses, we see the character of Musa Alice and Ivan as we discussed that, why is it that Allah subhanaw taala chose Musa Sinha because of his character, he may have lacked the skills with skills, the skill to communicate very clearly, he may have lacked very fancy image. In fact, he was someone who had committed a serious crime, even though it was accidental a crime is a crime. I mean, when there's a car accident, why do you think it's called a car accident, because nobody deliberately slams into another person's car. It's an accident. But it was because of neglect that that accident happened. So you're still at fault, you should have been paying more attention.

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So over here, we see that Musar is Santa. He's trying to excuse himself, but Allah subhanaw taala still chooses him. And we saw this and I'm says that I am not able to do this, but still, Allah knows that he can do it. And this is why Allah chose him. And some of the characteristics of Musa lism that we discussed just a recap, what were the characteristics of Mossad SLM because of which Allah chose him? First of all, his honesty, his concern for others, what else?

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his courage, his strength, physical strength, you know, the prophets of Allah is and when he went on, Miraj, he met Musa alayhis salam and on his return, he described Musa Salam as to well, not just the wheel, but to well, what do you think to well is extremely tall, meaning not just an average height person, but tall also, visibly clearly very tall. Okay, another quality.

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Yes, he had a strong sense for justice. So because of these reasons, we see that Allah subhanaw taala, chose him. And when it comes to skill, the ability to speak clearly, that Allah subhanaw taala taught him how to do that. And this is something that we need to remember also, that be eager to help others. If you're eager to help others, then you will be able to because Allah will teach you how to help others, Allah will train you, He will guide you to the best way to the most effective way. I mean, isn't it amazing how you see across the world, so many young people doing amazing things. Recently, I learned about this particular girl, I don't want to say a woman because

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she's very young, in her early 20s, somewhere in Pakistan, how she is fighting for the rights of women, you know, at the forefront, so much so that she did a TED talk. I mean, can you imagine that talk, she's from Balochistan, grew up in Karachi, studied over there, and hasn't been to some fancy university abroad, but that burning desire to help women who are being oppressed. So what happened, ways are opened up for you. So never, ever put yourself down thinking, Oh, but I can't do this because I lacked such and such and such strength, Allah who will teach you, Allah who will enable you, but you have to beg Allah for his help and assistance and do your best. Strive to do your best

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and Allah will teach you and many times it happens that good opportunities are opened up to us, but we reject them saying I cannot do this. And when we

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jetco Then what happens? The doors of goodness are also closed upon us. And you see over here Musa al Salaam? Is he being given a choice? Is he being given a choice? He tries to excuse himself and what does Allah say? kala, kala? No way. I mean, if Allah says No way, what are you supposed to do? So now a foreigner, you can't back off. You cannot just hide, can you? You can't. So likewise, many times in our lives also, we're thrown into certain situations, we're not given a choice. We're forced into a situation. It's as if every other door is closed upon us, except for just one door. And if you don't go through that door, you know that your life is meaningless. And when you go in

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through that door, seeking Allah's help relying upon him, that Allah will grant you success, he will teach you what the cola when you're only Macola fear Allah and Allah who will teach you. You know, it's amazing when you learn about the stories of so many scholars, all of them were they taught to become scholars from a very young age. That's not the case. Look at Mount Abu Hanifa. He was a very wise intelligent person, and someone advised him that Warren should study and he did it and look at him, which Muslim doesn't know about Imam Abu Hanifa. So we think that oh, because in my childhood, I never memorize the Quran. I can't do it now. In my childhood. I never learned Arabic. I can't do

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it right now. It's too late for me. No, it's never too late for you. Just think about the prophets of Allah. When is it that they were given prophethood? At what age at the age of 40? How many of you are 40 years old right now? Okay, let me put it the other way. How many of you are under 40? Right now? Majority of us, right? So is it too late for us to learn today? Is it? No, it's not? Is it too late for us to learn to acquire any skill? It's not. With practice, nothing is impossible. With effort and seeking Allah's help. Nothing, nothing at all is impossible.

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I'll give you my own example. I remember that

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10 years ago, when I came to Canada, I came to study, there was no older here at that time, there was no tiny mocha on course over here at that time, I had completed my final Quran course and Bukka sun, and I've come here to study. And it's all happened. I was just thinking about it the other day, that before I came, I had to give my high school exams and basically set for the university entry exams, right? Because in Pakistan, it's a little harder to get into universities abroad, you have to take like, for example, TOEFL and all of that. So anyway, I was doing that. And this one particular course, I told my teacher, I can't take the whole course I'll do the half course credit. And he's

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like, What do you mean? I said, I can't do the full one, I have to do half. He said, Okay, he was against it. But I took half. Now what happened when I came here, I applied into different universities. And the place which was most convenient for me required that I have the whole course not have course, that literally changed the course of my life.

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Because that meant I couldn't go to that particular university, I would have to go somewhere else. And for that reason, I made some other decisions, which also drastically changed the course of my life. And in that process, somewhere thought email Quran course started, which was an overdue. And during that time I was forced into, because there was no other option I was forced into helping students with learning Arabic grammar, so that they could understand the Quran better. I knew Arabic grammar, just enough so that I could understand I wasn't at that level where I could actually teach other people. But every day I would go through 10 different books of Arabic grammar, literally, I

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would spend five hours to prepare one worksheet. And I would sit in front of my dad sit in front of my mother and ask them please teach me I have to do this, I have to do this. In fact, they're the ones who made me do it. So they had to teach me right. They didn't have a choice. So alhamdulillah in that time, I developed a fairly good understanding of Arabic grammar, which helped me in my understanding of the Quran. Once the older boys graduated, people demanded that there must be an English course. And of course, we had no teacher. Around the same time sister was ALLAH, she managed to to show up over here all the way from UK and my mother just grabbed her because mashallah her

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Arabic was strong. She had a master's in Islamic history. And she had done several other courses. Academically she was able to and she said, I will guide you. I don't know if any one of you have seen those flyers, supervised by Dr. Furth Hashmi. Right because she used to sit in class right next to was Allah. And she used to make sure that everything is being done correctly. Because Allah said I can do

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without the fear, but I can't do the word analysis. I'm like, I can't do this. There's no way I can do it. I was forced into it because there was no other choice. I mean, if 150 people show up, we want to learn Quran, can you say, No? Thank you. Can you do that? You can't do that, especially if you have the ability. And if you have a teacher telling you that you have to do this. So every day, I remember the first class where my hand was shivering so much because it's the burden of the Quran because Lo and Zelina had the Quran, Allah jevelin. LAUREL Ada, who caution with a Saudi, Ironman Hachette Allah, this is not an easy task, it's very difficult. So all I would do is just translate

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word to word. And my mother would make me write, this is the root, this is the singular, this is how you look into the dictionary, I knew how to do that. I'd been doing that for the past three years, but you know, you lacked that confidence. But at Hamdulillah, she trained me. And over the course of that one and a half years Alhamdulillah, I was able to read and understand several Tafseer books with her, and also under her guidance and supervision. And that kind of forced me into learning more and also teaching. And I think about it, that, I mean, I came here to study something else.

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And in that process, I was forced to stay here, I was thrown into certain situations, there was no backing off, there was no running away. But alhamdulillah for that. Alhamdulillah for that, yes, there are many things that need to be done still need to be learned in sha Allah over time. But at least the connection that Alhamdulillah have developed with the Quran over the past 10 years, is something that I don't think I could get in a Western University, which I came to seek ALLAH subhanaw taala gave me something much better. So just remember this, that you may find yourself lacking skill, lacking confidence, lacking ability, but put your faith in Allah put your trust in

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Allah, and Allah will guide you. This doesn't mean put your trust in Allah and do nothing. No Till today. When I prepare for a class, I don't just wing it. I don't just, you know, listen to a YouTube lecture and write down everything and go and deliver it. This is not to show off or anything, but I'm just informing you of Hamdulillah this morning, I woke up at three o'clock and since three o'clock I've been studying to prepare the lecture. I don't take this lightly. This is a lot of hard work, a lot of hard work. But this comes with the trophy of Allah this comes when you accept what Allah has put you in and you do your best.

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I slough medical. I was her student. When we were doing 2005 course she was sitting with me she was a student with me and I've listened and well I feel so happy when I see her. And when she became a teacher, I was again her student and still I've understood it. And one fine day she was proposed and she got married. And then she had to give them they she's today and I feel so happy Mashallah. Mashallah, may Allah savor

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May Allah subhanaw taala guide all of us and, and really make us make the right decisions, the right decisions because they are very crucial, literally, they can change your whole life. You know, I'm just thinking about it that if I had taken that full course,

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where would I be?

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Where would I be, I would probably be doing something else. And I'm not saying that is not valuable, that is also useful. But the Quran is who Hiram admires Morrow, it is better than all that people can gather and collect, and I'm proud of what I have done May Allah subhanaw taala accepted and increase us in goodness.

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Allah, Allah said no way. No you have to go. You do not have a choice for her Barbie at now. Go with our signs in now Marco Muslim, your own. Indeed we are with you listening. You go and deliver the message. We have equipped you with miracles. You're not going empty handed. And remember that Allah is listening to you and sort of Taha 46 Also we learn in the Nehemiah coma a smart and if you just remember this that Allah is watching me, he's listening He will protect in sha Allah I depend on him, then yes, Allah will protect you, but def in our own so go to frown both of you for cooler than both of you say in now. Rasulullah Bilad Amin indeed we are the messengers of The Lord of the Worlds

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meaning focus on your message, not your weaknesses. Otherwise you will feel self conscious and you won't be able to deliver the message properly. And what is it that you have to say to fit on an almost sin? That sound ma now with us Bani Israel eel the children of Israel eel, meaning just go

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and say this You don't have to go give a whole lecture just go and say this and also Alana Bani Israel so we saw this and I went and this is what he did he spoke to fit on and he said obviously a minor Bani Israel eel the children of Israel

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let's listen to the recitation of these verses

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well, even though bucur Musa

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Wally me Alma

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home Paulo begging me an awful

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while the info for dairy

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barley ponies are all seen in whoo Oh, Walla, Hunan.

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the DfE round with Ebola now,

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believe me, and I will see Benny me or me

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