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Lesson 94 – Chapter 3-9 Hadith 524-538

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Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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Kareem I'm about Pharaoh the ministry point rajim Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim, rubbish rightly so today we're Sidley Emery. melissani of Kuru Kohli. probenecid

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Bab is a way it Allah accommodates Allah. But Can someone make sure that a particular person is praying someone who's under their care? Someone who's a subject I, for example, the leader taking a promise from all those who are under him or a teacher taking a promise from her students or let's say the Imam, or let's say the parents or even a spouse, because many times it happens that we are committed to doing something but when we promise other people, then it just becomes easier to do it. Like for instance, if you wish to listen to a particular lecture series, all right on your own, you want to do it you are committed to it however what happens you get lazy. But if you have promised

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someone that I will be there for the class at this time on this day, then what happens? What happens? You are able to do it, it just helps you. So Albay RT Allah accommodates Allah.

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Mohammed muthana Cora had an idea here caradonna is marine on 100. In our case, Angelina Abdullah, Allah He said they are too. I pledged meaning I made a promise with who Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, I pledge my allegiance to him over what Allah economy just wanna to establish the prayer, what ether is and to give this oneness he liquidly Muslim and to be sincere and honest and well wishing to who to every Muslim. So Julian bin Abdullah when he became a Muslim, these are the three things that he promised the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he pledged allegiance to him, undoing all of these three things. If you look at it, Salah Firstly, this is Allah subhanaw taala. And it is the

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exclusive right of Allah soprano.

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And it is you can say at the top of all the physical acts of worship Zakah This is a lot health and also the health of people. No, sir. Well wishing one knows how equally Muslim, this is the right of who, all the Muslims. So he made a promise that he would be sincere to all the Muslims. And there is a very interesting story by Julian Abdullah, that once he bought a horse from a man, and that horse, he paid a very little price for it, instead of only one cylinder even Abdullah, he bought the horse for one day when he wrote the horse, he found the horse to be really good. And he said this is more than a deer. So he went back to the men, and he gave him more money. He said, what you sold me is

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more than one Dirham. So he gave him more money, he went back, and he wrote the horse again, and he found the horse to be even better. So he said, it's worth more money. This is not right, I should give him more money. So he went, and he gave him more money. And this kept happening until he had given him 100 to $200. Why? Because he had promised the Prophet sallallahu Sallam that he would be sincere and well wishing to every Muslim. And he was being true to his promise. When I heard the story, I was amazed because we do the exact opposite. What happens is that if we find something at a very little price, we think that it's such a good deal. We benefited a lot. We want to suck out

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every possible benefit from the other, even if the other is suffering. But we see the exact opposite over here, that he felt that the horse was worth more than $1. He went and gave him more money again, again, again, because he was sincere to him. So sincerity and well wishing it demands from the person that he wants for the other, what he wants for himself. The Hardys What does it teach us that law, you know how to come none of you can truly believe until you love for your brother, what do you love for yourself? It wasn't just a verbal promise, he actually understood the depth of it. And he applied it. He applied it to such a great extent

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that he didn't just go once but he went repeatedly and kept giving more money until 100 to 200 that he had given if you've made a commitment with someone if you have to pay some money to someone then delaying it. That is unfair, that we're only concerned about ourselves and we forget other people, lowest price possible and everything that when we are only concerned about ourselves saving money, then what happens is that other people are suffering. Like for instance, if there is a fee then that we have to pay somewhere we want it to be reduced and reduced and reduced for this reason for that reason. But we don't think about the fact that there are other people whose money

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Going into this, right? Take the example of a typical Islamic school. People think that it's a favor that they're doing if they're putting their children in an Islamic school and they want that the fees should be very, very less, very little. They shouldn't have to pay anything, in fact, but they don't realize that the teachers are earning less money, less money over here, just to be in an Islamic environment to help Muslim children. And the parents want to pay even less money. Islamic education should be free, right? Whether it's a weekend school or an Islamic school, whatever it may be. But we don't realize that we are being selfish over there. We're only thinking about ourselves.

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We should also think about others, that if someone is charging too much money for something even that is what thinking only about their own profits, are you thinking only about their own earnings and not the need of the rest of the people. But a fella took a follow on prayer is expiation, meaning it removes the sentence of a person and brings a loss forgiveness to him, had definitely said that in color had the scenario here and an image color had that initial color similar to who they've had a lacuna Jewson in their model. There'll be a lot more. So he said that we were sitting with or model de la Horne who for color so he said meaning or motto Buddha and who said, A Yocum,

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which of you Yeah. For who he remembers. Allah Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the statement of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Phil fitna concerning fitna about fitna. What is fitna trials? So which of you remembers the statement of the profits or losses and I'm concerning the trials on to Anna. I said I Who? Who is I? Who's narrating this? Who they refer to her Leyva widow or no he said I remember come up Carla who just as he said mean exactly what the profit sort of autism said. I remember it I've memorized it, Allah or Maradona and who said in Naka, indeed you are lazy on him meaning the Prophet sallallahu Sallam about him, our La Jolla, or about it meaning the

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statement, you are legendary, surely very bold, meaning you have the confidence to say it as he was said it something that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, although I said meaning faceva with our note that he noted that fitna to gradually the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that the fitna of a man meaning the trial of a person fee in regard to his family, his family and his wealth. Well, well as he and his children were daddy and his neighbor took a funeral her it expiated a similar to the prayer was so more and the fasting was soda too, and the charity will undo a nephew and commanding right and forbidding wrong. So in other words, the tests that a person experiences that he goes

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through in respect to his family, his wealth, his neighbors, his children, and he fails those tests basically, does it happen all the time? We fail, meaning we fall short in our duty to all these people around us. So what is the kafala? for that? What is the explanation for that? What do we learn from the statement the profit or loss of our sila was sown was sadaqa. Well under one menu, parlor, or model Buddha or in who said, Lisa, Heather odd, this is not what I meant. Meaning This is not the kind of fitna that I was asking you about. When lacking but and fitna to that fitna, allottee, which the mood you? It will, it will surge like waves come out your Moodle borrow, like

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the seed, you know, it's waves, they surge and they collide into each other. So in other words, he said that I'm not asking about the fitness that people will suffer or the people suffer at a personal level at an individual level, I'm talking about the fitness that will be at a much greater level that will be like waves of the see. What does it mean by that, then it will be prevalent everywhere. So basically, he's talking about the times of great trial, the times of great fitna, in which there will be a lot of, you know, clashes between people, because what happens with the waves, they collide into each other, right? So he's talking about the times when there'll be a lot of

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conflicts, a lot of differences, a lot of clashes between people, whether it is verbal or physical, political, and it will affect everyone meaning everyone will be suffering because of it to some extent or the other. And also waves crashing into each other shows that people will be very verbal meaning it's not just that people will keep their feelings to themselves, but one person will say one thing and other will oppose him. So you know, heated debates and differences during into physical conflict. Basically the fitness that we see around us and the fitness that we have known to have existed since the time of birth.

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So he said this is the kind of fitness that I'm asking you about. Color who they forgot who they were and who said laser alayka me

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Have some meaning you don't need to worry about it. Yeah ameerul momineen or leader of the believers, because in the indeed Vayner between you or Dana and between it bourbon, there is a door that is McLaughlin that is closed between you and rat fitna that great fitna, that will happen. There is a closed door between what does it mean? That it's not going to happen in your lifetime? So you don't need to worry about it or a little bit or IRA. He said, or mulled it over and he said, Are you subtle? Will it be broken? He's referring to the door, that you're saying there's a closed door between me and the fitnah? Will that door be broken? I'm used to who or will it be opened? Allah He

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said, You CSIRO. It will be broken. Because this is what the prophets of Allah saddam had informed how they felt with or knew about Allah or Morocco and who said he then then later you will have to abandon it will never close ever meaning after that, that door will never close. Why? Because if a door is open, then you can shut it. But if a door is broken, then how can you close it? You can't. So in other words, you saying that then when that fitna will begin, it will never end. And this is true, that since the death of Morocco and the way the oma was shaken, the instability that has been there since that time, it has not ended till today. It's only gotten worse. Either. Now, you will

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have whoever the meaning that the fitna will only increase then the storm will only intensify for now we said a canner model so who is we over here? Those people who heard this Heidi's from her data? So who is it that heard this Heidi from her Neva shocky so she is saying the canal we said to to her Deva acana Romero did Rama Yala, motorino, Alibaba the door, meaning who the door is referring to call an hour for a visit. Of course, yes, he knew what the door was referring to come at, just as an additional hurdle later. Just as doona after a lot, tomorrow is a later the night. Meaning just as a person knows that after tomorrow will be night, meaning the day will be followed

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by night. So just like that, or Montalbano on who knew who the door was referring to, in the head does to be had eaten later than earlier. I narrated to him Hades in wish there were no false things, meaning it was 100% true for hibben and ness, Allahu Deva. She said we were afraid to ask her for anonymous lueken. So masuk told us pasa Allah who truly ordered masuk to ask her data. So for Salah who so we asked him the Who's that door for Allah Al babble Omar, he said the door is Omar. And this is why we see that

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he was killed, right? He was martyred. So the door was broken. It wasn't open, it was broken. And what happened after the death of her mother, whenever I knew when he was killed, was my lovely daughter and who became the halifa. But since then the disunity how the oma has been unstable. It has never become stable after that, because one fitna after the other, one great trial after the other and literally it is like the waves of the sea, waves of the sea. And the waves scholars have had it refers to the speech of people their propaganda, what they say, because many times what happens, people are motivated by what others said, or what others say, like, think about the

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incident of if the slander against actual Buddha. What was it all about? It was about what one person said. And the coal the statement, what happened. It just sparked a fire in a treaty. And everyone was affected by that. So this is why the scholars have said that when there is a lot of fitna, and people are talking a lot, then only say something if it is going to come the situation if it's going to better the situation. And if you know that it's not going to get any better. Even if you say something, then what's best that you remain silent, which is why we see that many companions, what happened at this time of fitna, they just retreated, they kept to themselves, even

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our motto or didn't get involved in politics at all. He didn't say much. Why? Because he knew that it wasn't going to make a difference. People are too, you know, emotional at this stage. So in such a situation, there is no point saying something and the status is another lesson that you know at a smaller level, within a small community or a place where people are working together. If there is fitna going on, then either say something that will put an end to that fitna, or remain silent, remain silent. Why? Because if you're going to talk, it's only going to add fuel to the fire. It's only going to spread more lies more rumors, right. so in this situation, it's better to remain

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silent. So in this case, what do we see that the fitna of a man meaning his sins, the deaths that he failed?

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When he deals with his family with his children with his neighbors, then what is the photo for that? Santa? Like one of the companions, he has a lot of knowledge and I'm really afraid because of my tongue. I have a very sharp Dunker with my family. And it happens that outside we're really good but when it comes to dealing with our children, sometimes we have a very sharp turn, or talking to our husbands sometimes with a very sharp turn. So it happens people fail. So what's the cafaro for that? constant is the fall and performance of righteous deeds with righteous deeds, those that are mentioned over here. So this is the virtue of Sunnah that it expects my minor since had this an

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affidavit to

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re enter into the military here on the earth men and Nadia year and evening Miss Odin, and the Roger lander men are solver minima at in Latin that a man of Sabah he reached men from a woman of Latin a case meaning a non Muslim woman, a non related woman, what happened to this man, he ended up receiving a kiss from her meaning there was some physical contact between the two for attending obeah sallallahu alayhi wasallam so he came to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he told him because obviously his heart and approached it but what happened over here for ns and Allahu Allah revealed up in a slide at the bottom of it in their head he was 11 min and laid in and has an ad you'd have

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Mr. year that established the prayer when at the two ends of the day and a portion of the night because indeed good deeds they erase that deeds for Colorado so the man said yeah, Rasul Allah or messenger of Allah. Allah, however, is only for me, Carla, he said, ledger marry him that no this is for all of my oma for every single member of my alma their Salah, their regular prayers, their good deeds, what will they do erase their bad deeds. Now, what do we see over here? That the man he was not an ordinary man, he will also have we have the Prophet sallallahu Sunnah. A Companion of the Prophet Solomon isn't but what happened. He ended up falling with a woman to such an extent that she

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kissed him. This wasn't Xena. This wasn't the night it was only a kiss. And it seems like it happened accidentally. Because you see, a slob Amina Marathi. It says, oh, the woman is being blamed for it. Not that it was entirely her fault. Because what can a woman do if the man doesn't agree, but it seems like he didn't intend this. But it happened. He didn't deliberately do this, it accidentally happened. So it accidentally happened. And this, this teaches us many things. First of all, that a kiss between a non Muslim man and woman is a sin. But it is not a major sin. It is a sin but it is not a major sin. Because we know that major sins they're only forgiven when when a person

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does tilba. Right? minor sins are forgiven by the performance of good deeds. It has an attractiveness, he would say Are these minor sins not major sense. So if it was a major sin, then this I would not have been revealed over there something else would have been mentioned. All right. So it's not a major sin. However, this doesn't mean that it is allowed. Okay, because some people might say, Oh, look, it's not a major sin. He wasn't punished. No, but it is still a sin. It is definitely a sin. And remember that this didn't happen deliberately. It happened accidentally. So there is a difference between that and we should remember it. And also one more thing that we see

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here is that minor sins are forgiven by what Salah, but notice the famous sweller established the prayer, they're forgiven by what if karma to salah and there is a difference between just praying further and performing the solid property establishing those other what is establishing the Salah, performing the Salah with you know, fulfilling all of the schrute, the Akan, the YG bat, all of the conditions, the main pillars, and all the obligations, not leaving anything of that out. So, when a person performs further in that manner, then his minor sins are forgiven. And when a person will establish the career properly, then what will happen, then how an infraction you will look. It will

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stop a person from indecency and wrongs. And after all these are human beings, so if sin does happen accidentally by mistake, then the good deeds will erase that

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bad fogless will actually walk to her the excellence of performing the prayer when Lee walk the her lamb over here is of love. So what does it mean at its time, meaning at its proper time? So what is the reward of performing the prayer at its proper time? What's the benefit? What's the word

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You and Lee walked he has been said and Buhari did not write for a while he worked here, because we know that there is a particular timeframe that is allotted to every sauna to eat Salah. And for certain prayers. The best time is which one right at the onset, right of that time frame meaning as soon as the time begins, and for other prayers, what's the best time

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later, like for instance, Aisha and to her right when it's hot. So this is why I'm Buhari road footless will actively work the hair, performing the prayer at its proper time, meaning at its best time. within the timeframe. within the timeframe have done I will have a lady who shall have no other medical Sherpa to call Well, he didn't are you sorry. Bharani call us a miracle of our Milena Shivani yaku Hadassah Sahiba. Had he he said that he had done a saw who had hidden the owner of this house the person who lives in this house he told us he informed us what a shout out and he indicated Illa daddy to the house of our dinner to the house of Abdullah. So in other words, he's talking

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about our beloved even mister that he's the one who told me the house must have been nearby. So that's why he pointed towards that. Bala he said meaning Abdullah even was rude. He said that's the ultimate obeah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, I asked the Prophet sallallahu wasallam a uniformally which deed have boo Illa is most beloved to Allah. Which good deed? Is it that Allah subhanaw taala loves the most Allah, He replied, a signer to Allah work the performing the prayer at its proper time. Allah even as Ruth said, some of you then Which one? Carla? He said, some liberal wedding, then being beautiful to your parents. That's the most beloved deed after solder to our last

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caller, he said summer au, then which one follow he said and he had a piece of even striving in the way of Allah. Allah even this route said, had this any beginner he told me about this Willow and if is the two who I asked more from him less agony, surely he would have given me more meaning if I had asked him about more about other deeds, which our last panel title likes. I'm sure the prophets on Allison would have been formed. However, it will Massoud stopped after three, why

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practice this first? Okay, good. Why else? A lot has been mentioned. So, deal with this before you move on to something else. What else? Why else do you think you stopped after three questions out of respect for the Prophet sallallahu Sallam? Because many times it happens that you're asking someone for something, you're requesting something from them, you're demanding something from them, and they will respond they will give you like, for example, a mother is being asked by her 20 year old daughter, Mom, can you please board dinner for me? she pours it? And then mom can at least have a glass of water. The mother will bring it on? Can you please pass this to me? Mom, can you please

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have this the mother will give it because she's a mother after all right? But out of respect, the daughter should stop at some point. Why? Because it's not good to take advantage of other people. That just because they're listening to me, just because they're answering they're fulfilling every request of mine. I shouldn't keep demanding from them. I should also be considerate of their needs. Because sometimes it happens that for instance, a scholar has been asked questions, one after the other after the other after the other and they're exhausted. And they say that I need a break as well. But people don't leave them even in their break time they will go and ask questions from them.

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And they will respond why out of the fear that on the Day of Judgment, out of fear of Allah, they will keep answering and people have no respect for them. They're not considerate of their needs at all. And many times it happens that excessive questioning is based upon what hypothetical situations and many times you're not even going to come across it or you heard something you heard about another something that the scholar mentioned, you know, it reminded you of something, but is it really something that you're going to act upon? If you're concerned about amo, he lectured you already for three hours for two hours? You focus on that? Right? Seven was rude. He asked the

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prophets of Allison about a data loss penalty loves best. They asked him about another one. He asked him about another one. And he knew that if he asked him more, he would have responded but he stopped there. Out of respect for the prophets.

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So we need to remember this in our daily life as well. that some people, they listen to everything that you ask of them. Can you do this for me? Can you do that for me, but don't take advantage of them. Don't use them to the point that they get tired and exhausted. Brain solar is something that people rarely do. Being good to parents.

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See is striving to please Allah subhanaw taala. But these answers that the prophets of Allah answered indeed, they motivate you to improve what you're doing already. If someone makes themselves available, they say that I am available here right now. If you have any questions to ask them and ask them take advantage, definitely. But if you see that they are getting ready to go, then hold on, right hold on until until later.

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Now, we see over here that the best good deed is which one, rather the deed most beloved to almost Panthers? Which one? A solar?

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A solar, I know what the hell? Why do you think so? What's the reason behind that? The shows that Alice pans are like certain deeds, certain people, right? Allah subhanaw, taala, loves, loves certain actions, certain times certain places, certain people who possess certain characteristics. So this is an action that Allah loves best, most. Why do you think so? What's the reason? Yes, definitely. But Allah works here. Why do you think Allah loves this action? You're talking about the benefits without a filter? Right? Why do you do a lake or be leave the bar? It makes Allah happy. When a person responds to his call, immediately. Think about it. What are we nothing. And if we call

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someone, and they respond the first time, how do we feel? Great. It makes us happy. Anything, whether it's your calling your child or you're sending a message to someone or you're or you're calling them on their phone, and they pick up immediately they respond immediately. It's a really good feeling you like it, we are only human beings. Because you see, a person will only respond to the call to prayer, when he likes that when he loves that. So when a person will show his love to Allah, then Allah will also love him.

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You have boom, when you have buena. Then Allah loves them, and they love Allah. So Allah subhanaw taala loves this deed, performing the prayer at its best time at its proper time. And the next good deed is which one, beware. Because if a person is good towards his parents, then he is acknowledging there are many favorites. And if a person will be beautiful to his parents, then he will be beautiful to Allah as well. Because after our last panel data, goes axon is greatest on us. After a line is messenger whose side is greatest on us, even before the husband, it's the parents, the husband can provide you, but the parents provided you and did your therapy and taught you, the

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husband can encourage you, but the parents they build that self esteem that self respect that motivation, you know your values, your good morals, they put that in you. So the greatest air sign on us is from who? from Allah subhanaw taala and after Allah and His Messenger, our parents if a person will be beautiful to the parents, he will be beautiful to Allah. Allah He had a piece of Indian land and the next thing is that our last parent our loves algae had the feasibility because striving in the way of 11 birds of two kinds, right? One is through with weapons and the other is with or even a naps and the sun. So when a person strives in the way of a lot to worship him to

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serve his Deen to spread his Deen, what does it mean? that a person loves the religion of Allah more than himself. So when a person will show his love to a lot like this, and Allah will also love him and what he does, then burb a solder wire to him suka fara. The five prayers are expiation, meaning not just solid in general, because earlier we learned a fanatical following Salah is kafala but over here we learned that the five prayers in particular so the font, the word your prayers, they are also aquafaba had the Sunnah Ibrahim Hamza Kala had the Avi hasn't been what the our D you and yours either and Mohammed Ibrahim A and a B sedimentary abney Abdur Rahman and Avi hora de novo semi

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam a akun or item the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said have you ever thought Have you ever considered Tell me lo and if indeed now one if there was a river, be there be a haidakhan at the door? Have one of you EOC does he do fi he washes himself in it. He takes a bath in it, cola Yeoman everyday. Hum send five times. Mother kulu What do you say Delica that you became in dharani. It would leave Mandarin he from his filth and dirt, dirt on his dirt and filth. Meaning what do you think how much dirt would be left on

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His body would there be any dirt left on his body kalu they said larrieu became Indonesia and nothing of his dirt would remain. pata he said further leka so that is mythical salata homes, the description, the example of the five prayers, young Hello, who the hell have I? Allah wipes out because of them and hapa sense because since we keep committing them and the five daily prayers, they keep washing and washing and cleaning a person, he goes and gets dirty, and what happens, comes and performs the Salah, takes a bath is clean again, he goes gets dirty again, washes up, and by the end of the day he's clean. The next day, same thing. So with each prayer, what happens, the sins of

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a person are washed away. Which sins are these minor sets because the major sins we know that. For them a person has to do Toba and he has to seek forgiveness from us.

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And also remember that the five daily prayers continue to clean and wash away a person from his sins. This will only happen when he will stay away from major sins. Because what do we learn the Quran in touch that he will cover? Illa Martin honan who if you abstain if you keep away from the major sins, then what will happen? no caffeine or uncomfy article. So there is a condition that major sins have to be avoided. Lying is a major sin reliever is a major sin. So we have to keep away from these things if we want our son out to clean us and purify us. But one of the sisters, she said the entire month of Ramadan, she was making dua to Allah if she could find a house next to a river

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ravine. We all want that. She didn't get that. And after a year, she found a house next to the masjid. So this is exactly what we learned over here that praying the Salah five times, it's as good as washing yourself in a river five times, there will be no dirt left on your body. But why is it on rocky hair? Why is it what does it mean to waste. So wasting the prayer, wasting the prayer. And what it means by that is that a person is performing the prayer but he's not getting much benefit out of it. Because the leader of slack is of many different kinds. Like for example, if a person is praying Salah, and he doesn't have too much Nina, meaning he doesn't have that calmness. So he

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doesn't stop at every step. He doesn't pause properly, he doesn't stop properly, he doesn't become still in record. Rather, he just goes down and gets immediate. He goes and besides that gets up immediately. So this is lack of Medina, lack of format Nina, that is also the leader center. Because the worst half is which one, the theft of prayer? And what is the theft of prayer this that a person doesn't perform the pillars the Akan property, right, he falls short in performing them properly. Likewise, the lira sweater is, for instance, if a person made a mistake in the prayer, or for instance, he's confused whether he prayed three or four. And he's I forget it, I'll just finish like

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that. And he doesn't fix the prayer, or he doesn't perform the search the sow at the end, then that is also the leader of solar. Why? Because he is praying the sun up. But at the end, he's not getting the same result, the result that he had intended, the result that he had wanted the result that he could have received the reward that he could have received. So he's wasting the prayer. It's like you have an hour to study an entire hour. But what happens? You just sit there staring at the wall. You just sit there thinking about something, aren't you wasting that time. You could have gotten so much out of that hour, but you didn't. You neglected the hour. So when you neglected it, you wasted

00:33:53--> 00:34:14

it You didn't get the right advantage out of it that you could have gotten so the weirdest one out here and walk the hair, wasting the prayer and walk the hair from its proper time, meaning delaying the prayer, delaying the prayer, either performing it very late or performing it after its proper time.

00:34:15--> 00:34:59

Because remember that there is a timeframe for every song I write the best is that you pray immediately. But for some prayers, we know that it's best to pray after some time, but if a person delays until the last moments, so 20 minutes before my will bring us five minutes before fudger anti spraying. If this is a regular habit, although technically his prayer will be valid. But if it's a regular habit and what will happen eventually a time will come when he will miss budget when he will miss us when the whole will be delayed completely certain years so that you can walk to Intuit Marie my 59 we learned for Hala from embarrassing holophone a bar of salata. Whatever OSHA Howard

00:35:00--> 00:35:45

So for Elko, Nevada, but there came after them successors who neglected the prayer and pursued desires, because it's only when we pursue our desires that we neglect the prayers. So they are going to meet evil, meaning they are going to suffer punishment. So delicious, went out there and walked he has had the most revolutionary Allah has given me the unrelenting and NSN color, and a Salvadoran who said, Matt already for Shay and I don't see anything mimma from that which Ghana it used to be Allah I didn't know via Salama radio silent at the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam we named all those good things that were practiced at the time of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. I

00:35:45--> 00:36:24

don't see any of them today. Things have gotten so bad that all those good practices, they faded, they've disappeared, they've gone. And so what I what I knew was of those companions who lived a long time after the death of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. He died at a very old age. Right. So he said that I don't see anything that was practiced at the time of the Prophet sallallahu. ala it was set aside. I mean, why are you saying that? people pray, we pray in jamara. We pray at the masjid the Adhan is pronounced, the imam leads the prayer, the prayer is practiced. Honor, he said, and as of the year to malba year.

00:36:26--> 00:36:49

He said, Have you not wasted the prayer? Look at how you wasted you have neglected the prayer. This has also been narrated as Elisa sanera reading, haven't you done to the prayer, what you have done to it? And what is it that people had done to it, that they would delay the prayer, they wouldn't pray at its best time.

00:36:50--> 00:36:59

At a one time, they would defer it. And we learn about this, that Omar Abdullah Aziz, remember when he was a halifa. And one day he deferred the prayer?

00:37:01--> 00:37:38

He came, right and he said to him, what is this? Why are you deferring the prayer? So then he told him to Hades, in which we learned that jabril he came to the prophet and he showed him at what time to pray, what time to pray, what time to pray. So that show the times are fixed, and it's best to pray as soon as the time enters. So this was a practice at that time, unfortunately, that the leaders when they would establish the prayer in the masjid, they wouldn't do it at its best time. Rather, they would delay it and defer it. How much inshallah we'll learn about that after the next Hardee's had doesn't

00:37:39--> 00:38:11

quite have a foreigner or the word of no Wesleyan abou obey that had dad on earth man have knee ability to wed. zz father, he said severe to severe yaku he was saying the hunter Allah nsmb Malik, he said I came to unassailable manikato on who were beat the mush at the mush at Damascus way upkeep and he was crying for all too so I said my Yukiko what causes you to cry for color? So he said, already for Shay a mimic a doctor in their head he?

00:38:12--> 00:38:53

He said, I do not see anything from that which I saw before. Meaning, what I saw at the time of the prophets, all of a sudden, I hardly see anything of that prevalent today. Illa except How do you select this prayer? We're heading to and this prayer, by the way yet it has been wasted. Why? Because it has been delayed from its proper time. So this is why he was crying. He was missing the good old times. What carlebach Ron had the thermal hammer the new Bucklin elbow Santa, you have what on earth man have a beautiful wedding. And we see that it was the practice of some leaders of the Muslims at that time that they would defer the prayer for example, we learned that hijab and use it,

00:38:54--> 00:39:13

he would habitually delay the prayer from its time and sometimes he would even establish the prayer after its proper time. For instance, we learned that our thought he said that once he went for Jumeirah, Salah, and the leader that time will lead he did not begin to do Masada until it was very late.

00:39:14--> 00:39:51

So late that he said, I thought said I came I prayed myself, because I was afraid that if I didn't pray, I would miss my lord completely. And then he sat down for the hope the hope was going on on on the time of the hook ended. So I thought said I got up and prayed myself. And then I sat down again, and then eventually will lead the leader at that time he established damansara after the time had ended. Now you may wonder why did I thought do that? Why was he even there? Because he was afraid that if he didn't go he would be killed? Because there was a lot of persecution. So this is a fitna basically, that started after the time of hon.

00:39:53--> 00:40:00

So this was a practice at that time that people would defer the prayer they would delay it, delay it from its proper time, so much

00:40:00--> 00:40:49

So that even in the massage, it wasn't the sort I was not prayed at its right time. Now we know that there is a window, Allah subhanaw taala has allowed for us to pray at any time within that timeframe. The best is what allow Octavia meaning as soon as the time begins. For some prayers, we see that it's best to delay which ones will hurt and Russia and other prayers, if there is a genuine reason to defer the Salah. But within the timeframe, you can do that. But it should not be the habit of a person that he is constantly praying late, late, late, because what will happen if he does that he will eventually Mr. property, Bab el muslin de una de bajo azzawajal I will suddenly the person

00:40:49--> 00:41:17

who is praying he you nadji raba who he is in close conversation with his Lord, the mighty and exalted. Why isn't it mentioned this? Why? Because think about it in prayer, you are conversing with your Lord. It's an appointment that you have with your Lord. So don't be late. If someone tells you come and see me between two and three, and you come to them at 259

00:41:18--> 00:41:32

is that polite? It's not polite at all. If you come at 255, and you have just five minutes to speak to them. Is that polite? No, they gave you a whole hour, and you come so late, it's rude.

00:41:33--> 00:42:21

It is rude to do that. It's impolite. Why? Because they've been waiting for you. And when you will come now, you are going to be rushed, you're not going to speak to them properly, or you're not going to speak to them at all. Like for instance, if we have an appointment, and we don't show up, then what happens that entire time is wasted. Not just yours, but the doctor and the receptionist and another person who could have seen the doctor that time. So it's rude. It's unfair. You're being unfair with yourself and so many other people, right when we delay an appointment when we miss it. So we're almost certainly united Europa who are azzawajal This is why a person must rush to the

00:42:21--> 00:43:07

prayer as soon as the time comes in, and he should not delayed unless there is a genuine reason to do so. Had this and I'm Muslim removal on him quite a high definition and kata and NSN katakolon abuse or Allahu alayhi wa sallam, in the other come in a Salah, when one of you praise united Europa who he actually talks to his Lord. He's conversing with his Lord funair yet feelin that he should not split on Yemeni to his right, because it's very impolite that you're talking to someone and you start spitting on your right side. What I can hear you sir and if there is an urgent need to do so, then he should only split where under his left foot or call us or even Anakata data layer below

00:43:07--> 00:43:50

Kodama, he should not split or demo in front of him Avenida de or before him. What I can do that the automated or rather he should do so on his left or under his feet. We'll call a Sherpa to lay observe verbania day he will earn you money you should not spit to his front nor to his right what I can on your Saturday, but on his left of me or under his foot. We'll call her maiden arnesson annina bs en la hora to send them lay absorb Phil Qibla he should not spit in the direction of the dribbler whether on your money nor on his right well, I can earn the sad dichotomy but on his left or under his foot, we have read these Hadith in detail earlier. But what do we see here? That the facts the

00:43:50--> 00:44:07

prophets, a lot of them do not allow us to spit in front of ourselves when we're praying and you see different words have been used, or them been a fiddle? quibbler What does it show that his Lord is before him? He is going to speak to his Lord, so he should not delay the meeting.

00:44:08--> 00:44:45

Rather, he should come immediately like musasa Anwar do to La calabi little now what is this conversation unidigi united from when? And when a jet is what a conversation that is silly. That is like secret. So you're whispering to someone. And it means that you're whispering to them, and they are responding to you. It's not one sided. It's both sided. So that two people are having a conversation and a third doesn't know. Okay, a third doesn't know what they're talking about. Because he cannot hear them. So in prayer, what happens in the Hadith Sahih Muslim

00:44:46--> 00:44:59

narrative that when a person is praying for that and you say, now what happens when he recites Allah responds, when he says 100 reliable I mean, Allah says hamadani Rd, my servant has praised

00:45:01--> 00:45:43

At the end, when we made a vow to Allah asking him for guidance for the straight path and what happens, Allah says when they are de, Massa L, my servant shall have what he asked for. nobody hears this conversation, because it is one object, it is a private, secret conversation. So take time to Dr. Lord, don't rush through this conversation, and make sure that you come on time so that you can have this conversation comfortably. And so be the one who wept that people paid attention only to Salah. And now, even that they're wasting how they're either they're delaying it, or they're rushing through it. They're not benefiting from it. They're not really talking to the Lord. And also for

00:45:43--> 00:46:01

worldly appointment. If it's with a doctor or something. We always want that the doctor should give time to us that we hate rushed appointments. People think about switching doctors, if the doctor is always in a rush, because some doctors, what do they do? They come they check. They say any questions? Okay, no questions. See you next time.

00:46:02--> 00:46:16

Right. And if you ever have such appointments, you're like, this doctor is useless. I mean, they're not helping me. So what happens and people want to switch to someone else who will actually listen to them, and explain things to them, and give time to them.

00:46:17--> 00:46:22

And think about it. A lot of panels, I will listen to you as much as you wanted.

00:46:23--> 00:46:25

He will respond to you.

00:46:26--> 00:46:27

The longer you ask him.

00:46:28--> 00:47:08

But if we're not even asking, we're not even talking that how is that fair? that how can we ever complain that this is going bad in our life, and this is not working fine. And I'm not happy? We have no right to complain. I remember somebody was telling me about their obstetrician, that how she was always rushing through their gynecologist that how she was always rushing through their appointments, always. And she felt very unsettled after each appointment. So she said this is not right. So she had to switch. She wanted to, I don't know if she got to or not, but she wanted to do because she wasn't satisfied. Because the doctor was always in a rush, always in a rush. But if you

00:47:08--> 00:47:35

have a doctor who will actually ask you and and explain things to you. And if they're giving you something to read, they tell you to read it, and then ask any questions that you may have, you feel very settled, because you spent time. So there is a difference between a prayer that is rushed, and a prayer that you perform, you know, with ease and when you give time to it, do you have a different feeling at the end?

00:47:36--> 00:47:38

When is that you're getting over the Salah,

00:47:39--> 00:48:06

then each law will be like a burden. And the other is that you perform the Salah then you cannot wait for the next prayer. When you remember a lion good times he will remember you that times. Right? When you take time to perform the celeb properly in good times, then in difficult times, Allah will help you. But what happens we forget him in good times and bad times. Then we pray long prayers for Luda in our deal.

00:48:07--> 00:48:47

So this is something that we should remember. And focus on. You know, every week set targets for yourself between each body class, set a goal for yourself that now this week, I'm going to focus on this. So this week our focus should be improving the solder How? By praying it on time as soon as the time enters. And secondly, by giving time to the prayer because it's a meeting with Allah. And you don't want to rush the meeting. Nobody likes a rush meeting. Because a rush meeting is like a burden. That when you want to speak to Allah, then you pray for that and when you want to listen to Allah can recite the Quran and if you combine the two meaning in your Salah you recite the Quran and

00:48:47--> 00:49:27

that's the best meeting that you can have doesn't have to be Romano Kala Hadith and easy to believe Rahim Allah had definite katella to Anniston annina beside Allahu alayhi wa sallam a call here today lufa sujood The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, be correct in your prostrations. When you're doing such that you're tadeu meaning your back should be straight, not that you are, you know, lying down on the floor with your head on the floor air that the roof is to do with a suit. And none of you should spread out there are IE his four arms can can be like the dog, a dog when it sits, how does it say it's four arms are touching the floor, right. So none of you should do such that like that.

00:49:28--> 00:49:59

Rather How should the such that be on your palms on your palms, and your arms should be up and remember that your pants should be straight. They should be touching the floor all of it entirely, because sometimes we just place our hands on the floor so that our fingertips are touching and the bottom is touching and that's it. But remember that the hands should be straight the palms should be touching and you will notice a difference in your such that when your back is straight and your palms are touching your posture, the way your

00:50:00--> 00:50:14

Your body will stretch and relax. It's amazing. So we'll lay up so that it can help either bussaco and when he needs to spit fillet absorb anabaena. Today he will argue me that he should not spit in front of him nor on his right for interview.

00:50:15--> 00:51:06

Because indeed he is conversing with his Lord, Bab, la blah, the delivery fee sheet that will help abroad what is abroad mean? It's from birth, and what does it mean? When something is called, right? So abroad is to make cold This is what the word literally means. And what it means over here and abroad, the bus livery is to wait until the day cools down. Because at the time of when the sun is up, and we're talking about, you know, countries where it's really hot, like, for example, if you go from LA, right before a lot, if you ever go for the left, you will find that the motif is empty, you'll be able to perform the work very easily. Why? Because it's so hard that people cannot even

00:51:06--> 00:51:49

come all the way to the bottom and walk there. Even though if they find it very difficult. So some people they actually wait for that time so that they can go for the lab, because the sun is extremely hot, literally people are going around, you know with water bottles and they will spray on each other. Why? So that people can cool down. So a broad delivery, meaning to delay the zone until it gets cooler. The sun is not right above your head. I don't know if you've ever experienced such heat ever. That if you go out it's difficult to walk even. It's difficult to walk even. And if you're not wearing proper shoes, it's impossible to walk your feet will literally burned from

00:51:49--> 00:52:32

underneath. Literally. I remember I was very young. And there was this lady who had come to work at our house and she was telling me that where she used to live before it used to get so hot in the summer that they would take a rock leave it out in the sun until it would become so hard they would make a very thin Chowpatty read, and they would put on that work. And it would literally cook. Because these people were so poor, they couldn't afford firewood, they couldn't afford it. So they would wait until that time of the day when it would be extremely hot. So they could cook their bread. Imagine so that the car is even they get so hard. It's difficult to open the car doors and

00:52:32--> 00:53:13

you have to leave the windows and doors open for some time, turn the cooling on and then go inside inside. Otherwise, you would literally get overheated because it's extremely hard. Every once after school my father he picked this up and there was a tape, you know a cassette it was on the dashboard and it had melted. It had melted because of the heat of the sun. So in this country, we don't experience that kind of heat. But in other places of the world there is a lot of heat, especially at this time. So he brought the bill every delay delaying the Zoho prayer until it is cooler when fee should that will help. Is it necessary for us to defer the Lord pray? No. You can pray. But if a

00:53:13--> 00:53:43

person is outside and they have to stand under the sun in order to pray, or the place is not air conditioned, or the ceiling is not proper, then in that case, you can wait until that heat has calmed down. It's become cooler then inshallah you can breathe over sauna and this is Muslim. This is according to Sunnah of the Prophet sort of odd, isn't it? Now, from this verb onwards, the timings of the prayers will be mentioned. And remember it begins with losada not

00:53:44--> 00:53:50

Why? Because the first prayer which the Prophet sallallahu Sallam performed was

00:53:51--> 00:54:29

the first obligatory prayer, he would pray from the beginning. But after Salah was made felt reversal I was the first one which he performed. And in her these also it is a Muslim we learned about the timings of prayers that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam mentioned and it begins with so that had the center a UVA bluesoleil Manor Paula Henderson Abu Burkina answered a man of color Sala herb Lucas Anna had this in an era to determine well, it'll be later whenever your own molar of the lab neuro model and Abdullah hidden Yamato and Nomad that both of them who are who they are and of the loving or not because two chains have been mentioned over here. So both of them had the fellow who

00:54:29--> 00:54:59

they both narrated to him, and Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam from the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and who call that he said either Shut the hell up when the heat is intense for a burrito then delay the prayer for a breeder and delay the prayer until it gets cooler. Why for in the ship that are heavy because indeed intense heat Minh Fei Johanna is from the blast of Jana

00:55:00--> 00:55:48

scorching heat is from the blast of Hellfire, meaning it is a taste of Hellfire scorching heat. So it is not correct that a person is praying and he should be made to experience the punishment that people will experience in Hellfire because in Hellfire there is what extreme heat. So a person should not be made to pray in such a situation where he is going to be extremely hot. So this is why he said that defer the prayer until it is cooler because it's impossible for people to walk outside and go to the masjid to stand because remember that the floors were not carpeted. You know how the motion of the prophet SAW this and it was the ceiling was automated what branches of boundaries had

00:55:48--> 00:56:28

the number sha Allah had definitely under qualified definition? And in mahadji a bill has any summarization a weapon and a B during college he said at the end I will add the new Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam over the mo at the end of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam pronounced the end for soldato for Carlos and he said a bread and bread. Wait wait until it's cooler. ohada intellect intelligence. Wait, wait a bit. It means wait until it's cooler. intellect meaning Wait, we'll call it and he said she said that will hurt him in Fahy. jahannam scorching heat is from the blast of jahannam for either so when he said that horrible when the heat is intense for a burrito and then

00:56:28--> 00:57:13

delay the prayer until it is cooler. had that until he said that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam told him to wait until or aina fate to ludie until we saw the shadows have to do what are to do small hills. So small hills until we saw their shadows that is when the prophets Allah has allowed him to give the land and that is when the soil was performed. Had the thinner alumina abdillah color had done so piano fields now humanism Lee and Sarah who say you and Abby who later on in the BIA sallallahu alayhi wa sallam McCall, either they'll help you when the heat is intense for Aubrey to the celerity then delay the prayer until it's cooler for in the shade that will help him in fakery.

00:57:13--> 00:58:12

jahannam because indeed intensity is from the blast of jahannam wash Takata narrow and the Hellfire complaint in our behalf to its Lord for call it so it said your a bit oh my lord I kind of badly Baba parts of me have consumed other parts because fire it is such that it consumes fire. So parts of me have consumed other parts for adding Allah has been FSA any so it's Lord allowed it with two breaths. Never seen two breaths. Never seen a breath fishy there in the intense summer. Whenever sin and a breath is safe in the winter for Hawaii, so it a shed do intense. The most intense method you do know what you find mental help from the heat. What I should do and most intense method you do

00:58:12--> 00:58:39

know what you find me nasm hurried from the cold, meaning when you experience in dense heat of the summer and intense cold of the winter. So you're talking about a day in the summer when they have a heat alert and a day in the winter when it's extremely cold, extreme weather conditions. What do we learn from this idea that this is the breath of Hellfire?

00:58:40--> 00:59:01

This is the release of extreme temperatures from the hellfire. So when we experience extreme weather conditions, yes, this is a time to you know, be careful and protect your body. overdress yourself so that you are safe. However, this is also a time to seek protection from a boss

00:59:02--> 00:59:45

and seek His forgiveness. Because this is a reminder of how Hellfire will be. This is a warning rather of how Hellfire will be. So anytime that it gets extremely hot, extremely cold and you see that the people around you the other talking about the weather, it's necessary that we remind each other extreme cold is also a punishment. Because like for instance, the jinn they're made of fire. So how will they be punished in the Hellfire Iblees for instance, how how will that happen? scholars have said that this is from them, that their punishment will be from the intense cold of the Hellfire ism hurried. And in general, these two are not there, no heat, extreme heat and no extreme

00:59:45--> 00:59:58

cold, just moderate temperature. So in this dunya when the last panel data makes experience these two extremes at two different parts of the Year in two different ways. This is really a warning and a reminder

01:00:00--> 01:00:49

So we should take a loss parameter this protection had the center motobu helps in color had done A or B or had done airmesh had done apple cider vinegar and Avi sir Eden Kala Kala Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam agreed to wait until it is good for English it doesn't hurt him in faith Hmm. Because in 10 seat is from the blast of Johanna dava, who Sofia and we are here with Alana airmesh I remember that it is not necessary to defer the her prayer always It is only when it's extremely hot. So, when it is extremely hot, then yes little can be deferred. And from this we learn that if it is extremely difficult for the people to come at a particular time and perform the sauna,

01:00:50--> 01:00:52

then within the timeframe,

01:00:53--> 01:01:31

the Select can be performed at a time when it is most convenient for the people. Because at that time, it was difficult for the people to come in intense heat. So this is why the profits or losses from said every two people can actually walk, they can actually stand they can actually touch the floor and do such the property. So just like that, if there's some other things that can create inconvenience for the people, then that should be kept in mind and the timeframe should be fixed accordingly so that it's easy and feasible for the people to come in persona. In congregation. Ideal is right at the beginning, but it can be later as well. If that is easy for the people. But if it

01:01:31--> 01:01:43

doesn't make a difference then it's best to perform sada as soon as the time enters subchronic alarm will be handed initially will let you enter the stock little corner to relate Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh