Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 26 – L269B

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the use of the Prophet sall immuna recitation during prayer as a means to motivate people to recite the surah and act on what they have learned. They emphasize the importance of the title "The return and our lives also have an end" in the title of "The final touch whoever uses it." They also discuss the benefits of following the Quran and the use of words like "has" to describe emotions and actions, and the importance of knowing more than possible domains home. The speakers emphasize the need to focus on reflect on the word "has" and use it to make decisions. They also discuss the success of Islam as a way to create a perfect image of oneself and the Earth, including the benefits of various plants and animals, and the importance of rainwater on plants, including the potential for green-inspired crops, the benefits of humans to benefit from it, and the potential for humans to use it for agricultural crops.
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Bismillah Ar Rahman Rahim lesson number 269 sort of off Ayah number one 219

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sort of path is a murky surah and it was revealed in the middle of the second year.

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This surah is very short it has 45 verses which are very short, a total of 357 words and about 1500. Who

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are what have been called Tabata learn who? He asked and work with the Lacy that what did the Prophet sallallahu Sallam recite during their eat prayer and walk it said sudo cough and Surat taraba de ser to one shotgun coma.

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So in their prayer, what did he recite surah cough and throttle, come off. This we learned from Sahih Muslim.

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We also learned that omission benhaddou. She said that for approximately two years or a year, and a part of another year, our oven and the oven of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was one and the same. Meaning they shared the same oven.

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They shared the same oven. So she was basically neighbors with the Prophet sallallahu sallam, very close to the masjid. And I memorized sutra off we'll call an emoji from the tongue of the Messenger of Allah who used to recite it every Friday while standing on the member delivering the Friday Sermon to the people.

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So what do we learn that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam recited the surah when on Fridays even in the Jehovah

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jabber when someone reported the Prophet sallallahu Sallam used to frequently recite in the morning prayer of welcome Aaron Majeed.

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He used to frequently recite with Sora in fudger prayer, this Surah Surah path.

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So, basically we see that the prophets are allowed to sit and recited sort of off in large gatherings, such as, such as tomorrow. And also at the beginning of the day in federal Sala even Cathy writes that the Messenger of Allah recited the surah in large gatherings such as reads during Friday sermons. Why? Because the surah contains news of the beginning of creation. It contains news of the resurrection, the return the standing before Allah, the reckoning, paradise, Hellfire, reward, punishment, many lessons of encouragement, and many lessons of discouragement as well.

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This ayah talks about if that will help Lucia Bharath dm his sub mod Jana now, just the lead until he

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so this is the reason why he recited this surah so frequently.

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And in the last verse of the surah, Allah subhanaw taala says, For that kid will pull and he may have worried, sir mind with the Quran, who the one who fears my threat. So, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was obligated to remind the people and in order to remind the people, what surah did he use this sort of, because in this is a combination of many, many reminders from the beginning of creation, do the hisab do resurrection, do the mod, the final return the final abort in general or inner?

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Now from this surah until the end of the Quran.

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From this surah until the end of the Quran, there will be much mentioned on the Day of Judgment. And the style is very beautiful if you think about it. On one side is the conclusion of the Quran. On the other side is the mention of the conclusion of the human being.

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That where the Quran is coming towards the conclusion, what is being emphasized the Hereafter, the author, the return and our lives also they have an end. And that ending means that something new will begin.

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And at the conclusion of the Quran, the reminder that is being given is of the Hereafter, because that is essential, essential for a person's actions to change. In these last four years, we will learn a lot about the author, because this is a means of reviving a person's email. This is a means of rectifying the heart of a person and reminding him of the hereafter so that he's actually able to do what he has learned. He's actually able to act upon what he has studied thus far. And he's also able to have stability over righteousness. stability, indeed, is the karma indeed, because without fear of the Accra without concern of the hill, a person cannot

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remain firm on the path of righteousness, it's not possible. If a person becomes heedless of the hero, then he becomes heedless in his actions as well. And if a person is worried about the author, then he is careful about his actions as well. So in order to give us the karma to us in order to revive our image and make it stronger, what does Allah subhanaw taala do? Focus on the

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there's much mentioned, a lot of detailed mention of the

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this is just like when a building is being constructed. The last stages of finishing stages, what happens in that stage, that any rifts, any gaps, any cracks, they are filled up, they're sealed, so that when they're sealed, and all the touches are made, then what happens, then the building is complete, then it can stand. Because if you leave one pipe, open, you don't close it properly, you don't see the property. If you leave one wall weak, then what's going to happen the building will collapse very soon, some great disasters going to happen, some leakage is going to happen, destroying the entire building, bringing it down to the ground.

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So in order for a construction to stand, in order for a construction to be complete, you have to give the final touches. Similarly, a person has been learning the Quran, reading the Quran, studying the Quran. And now finally, what final touches are being given of improving the faith? And how is that done by mention of the author

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from this surah from Serato of another group, which is a sixth group of soldiers, that is beginning and this group has a total of 17 soldiers. I wish the first seven from off all the way to sort of worker there are murky and the following tensors from pseudo Hadeeth to pseudo terrain, which ones are they muddy? I've been telling you that there are groups of disorders, that there is a group of murky sources followed by medini. Just as over here we learned a group of murky sources followed by many sources which were sort of Muhammad, fat and Hydra. Similarly, over here, we will learn seven murky sources and then 10 muddy sewers and then after that, again, there will be a group of murky

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souls until the end of the Quran

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Bismillahirrahmanirrahim have one call and in Majeed parve by the honor

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of heroes Nakata.

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Welcome Anand Majeed by the Quran that is glorious by the Quran that is very honorable, that is very exalted. Welcome on well is a person over here. And the objective The reason behind swearing an oath is to make the object of custom a witness. So over here the Quran is as though being made a witness to what do a great reality Whirlpool earn and muddied by the Quran that is glorious. And look at the cipher of the Quran that is mentioned. Majeed

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Majeed is from the rue clatters meme gene that and Majeed means the image, one that has much the possessor of mud and what is merged algoma greatness Silvana mutlak complete sovereignty, complete authority merged is to have an ability shut off. Honor, respect. And it's also to have glory and greatness. Because one may be very noble, but it's not necessary that they're very respectable in the sight of others, or they're given a high status as well. It's not necessary. Something might be very good, excellent, perfect in its characteristics, but people have no idea about it, they don't give importance to it, but much is what that one has an ability and also has glory and greatness.

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And this word, it gives the meaning of abundance, and it also gives a meaning of vastness. For instance, it is a merger that enable even camels measure that in even meaning the camels reached a very vast open huge luscious field. So a field that is vast, it gives a meaning of vastness, as well as katra because with vastness There will also be a lot of plants that the animals can feed on. Similarly, the Arab say, frequently shuddering, now one was done gentleman who will refer meaning every tree can produce fire, somehow or the other you can use the wood to burn fire or there are some trees that can be used to ignite fire. However, the best in producing fire are what Mark and

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prefer that when you rub the twigs together, it produces fire

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So, what's done journal meaning that it is the best, it is at the top. So, the word mud gives the meaning of glory, greatness and such glory such greatness such inability, there is a lot that is very Rossier that is also very confused. And we see that Allah subhanaw taala he is often described as El Majeed, the one who is very noble, the one who is very glorious. What does he mean by that? The one who is very prestigious, and the one who is what Cyril followed meaning He bestows a lot of grace and His Cathedral height also gives a lot of hype, also very noble. So, what does it mean by this, the Koran that is Majeed, meaning the Quran that is very honorable. That is very Kareem. That

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deserves a lot of respect. It's not an ordinary book. It's not an ordinary color. It's a great and glorious book.

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Surah brooch is 21 to 22 we learn bellhawk or animoji Don, Philo him muffles but this is an honor on an honored Koran that is inscribed in a preserved slate. So in this order artists are normal, when it is so respectable, then what does it mean we have to do? We have to show respect as well. In certain hurdles, we have been learning a lot about respect either with Allah with his messenger with the shittier with the fellow believers everything about the deen it deserves respect. And the Quran also is very noble. Therefore it deserves respect. And when it deserves respect, what does it mean? That we take every word of the Quran Seriously? We take every word of the Quran seriously, we give

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importance to it. We humble before we apply it, we follow it not that we disregard it.

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Well Quran in Majeed, Majeed has also been understood as one that is very glorious in its status, exalted in its status. So when it's exalted in its status, it has muddied over other books. So it is a more Haman over all the previous books, when it's a more haven over all the previous books, what does it mean? It is a criterion it is a guardian and preserver corrector of all the previous books. So it is NASA, it is the aggregator. Not that it is monsoon it is abrogated, no, this call on it is hacking. It is one that makes the decision one that tells you what to do not that it is my goal, it is to be followed not that it is dictated. You have to follow the Quran, not interpreted according

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to your own desires, not use it to fit your own whims and desires. No, this Quran is to be followed because it is Majeed. And it is Majeed also means that it has the head, a lot of head of dunya other Hara, that when a person follows it, when a person lives by it, when a person observes it, he will not suffer loss neither in this world nor in the hereafter. So have one or an image of by the Quran that is close. So Allah is taking an oath over here by the Quran. And the reason behind the person is to make the Quran a witness, a witness to what to a major reality. And what is that major reality? The reality of the the reality of the truthfulness of the messenger that in other words,

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the Quran itself is a witness to what do its truthfulness. The Quran itself is a witness to its contents, whether it is the mention of the author, or it is the mention of the messenger anything the Quran says anything the Quran tells us about what is a witness on that the Quran itself how, through the evidences that are given in it through the examples that are mentioned in it through the stories and the facts that are mentioned in the Quran, one core energy.

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And you see over here well Khurana Majeed is a cousin and there is no job Why? Because the job is implied by the context. It doesn't need to be said

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and this is a very prevalent style in the upcoming Maki service. What that accustom a swear an oath will be taken. The job is not mentioned explicitly. Why? Because it's understood. It's implied by the context. And you will also notice that the words and also the sentence structures are very complex, more complex, they're more brief to the point. And at the same time, they're very profound, that in a few words, a lot have been said. So, you will notice that there is less than seed, but the meanings are very deep. And the words are very brief. Why? So that they can have an effect on a person. Therefore, in order to choose

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benefit from these words What do we have to do? We have to focus reflect on them. We have to think deeply, we have to be very alert so that the meanings can actually penetrate our hearts and we can take a lesson so well or an emoji by the Glorious Quran Balaji boo, but they wonder, we have sent you as a messenger. The Quran itself is a witness to that. We have sent you as a messenger to warn the people. But look at the reaction of the people. Instead of believing the larger boo. They are wondering, they are amazed. They are in doubt. Why are they amazed, under whom one zero min home that a warner has come to them from themselves. A messenger has come to them who is of themselves.

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main home, main home, meaning he's a human being like them, or that he belongs to the same nation as them. His NASA his McCann is not very eat from theirs. They recognize him for kollel kaffee Luna, so the disbelievers say out of amazement, her the shaman RG This is a very strange thing. What is a very strange thing, the coming of the human messenger or the warning that he has brought off the Day of Judgment. This is very strange. In sort of Eunice Aya to Allah says a Canon ignacia giovane n o hanaa Ilayaraja the minimum and didn't have the people been amazed that we revealed revelation to a man from among them, saying Warren mankind, meaning Why did they find it so amazing? what's so

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amazing about that? Why did it out it? Yes, it is indeed a great thing. But it doesn't mean they should doubt a human messenger has come. But look at the warning that he is giving. And why they amazed either mitzner when we have died, will connect to lava. And we have become dust, their nickel, Roger and buried that is a very distant return. Meaning does He say that we will be resurrected, we will be brought back alive? Either medtner?

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Shall our our meaning Are we going to be resurrected? That's not mentioned. But it's implied that when we have died, will connect to lava and we have turned into dust. Our bodies have disintegrated. Our organs have torn apart, our bodies have turned to dust. He says that we're going to be resurrected, then they say they're legal that is meaning this resurrection after death or on your own it is a return meeting or return to life after that, that is buried. That is very far. What is the mean by very far over here? meaning an event that is very, very unlikely. It is far from reality. It is far from being something that a person could ever imagine.

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Or being the norm meaning it's not the norm. It doesn't happen. This is not something that we see. Nor is it ever possible. So they're like Roger and Barry that is a return that is very far, meaning les akuna It's impossible.

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Allah says further our lives, we know more than possible our domain home, whatever the earth diminishes off them, we're in the Nikita one half eels and with us is a retaining record.

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Are there I am now we know. What do we know mathan casole trancoso, noon tops are nuts to decrease to diminish. So whatever the earth diminishes, it decreases men home from them from what from their bodies when they have died. When a person dies, and his body is buried in the ground, what happens to his body, it is disintegrated. It is consumed by the earth. So Allah says we know exactly what the earth consumes are their bodies, that when their bodies have disintegrated their flesh and their hair and their blood, whatever is withered, whatever is severed, whatever is stored, whatever is scattered. Allah knows exactly where it is. Other alumna Martin casole have to mean home. Even this

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is not absent from our knowledge, the entire process of the disintegration of a person's body. Allah knows about that. So you think it's difficult for him to resurrect? It's not. And on top of that, we're in the Nikita harfield. And with us as a book, a record, that is her field that is preserved. What does it mean by this? Meaning a book, a record that has everything preserved in it, everything recorded in it. So in that book is the record of their actions of their lives of their death, and what happens to their bodies after they have died?

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So they're not outside of our knowledge. Rather, we know exactly where they are exactly what they do exactly where their bodies end up. It's not difficult for us to resurrect. So Allah soprano Carla's knowledge, it encompasses all of the details of man, including the details of his body, after he has died. Meaning what happens to the body? Where it is buried? How it disintegrates? What happens to it, Allah knows about it from the beginning to the end. If you think about a man's origin, what is it?

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Earth, Clay dust, and his nutrition? Where does that come from? From this earth as well into the to the 61 we learned who are unsure communists early was datamodel confy. Her he has produced you from the earth and he is also settled you in it.

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In Serato, musala 2526, we learn alumna journal of the key factor here and what have we not made the earth a container of the living and the dead? Meaning while people are nothing, when their bodies are formed, where do they form from from this earth? When they are in this dunya their body is growing? Where do they get their nutrition from from this earth. When they die, where do their bodies go back into the earth. So they stay inside the earth. When a person dies, his body stays where in the earth and Allah subhanaw taala has a record of everything.

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Therefore, whether a person's body is mummified, or it is turned to ashes and blown away, or it is eaten by an animal, or it is thrown in deep water, or it is blown to bits by a weapon, or it is buried deep down in the ground in a tomb. No matter where the body is, no matter how it is. A lot will recreated. A lot will resurrect the dead.

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Because all of the details are known to him the count of every single atom, every single particle of one's body. You don't even know where your hair goes. You don't even know where it falls. But Allah has a record of everything.

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So if a person reflects on his origin, his ending his resurrection, this will break his ego. Because if you think about it, what was the problem with English speaking? Why were they not accepting the messenger? How can we accept a human messenger? Bella ijebu. and gentlemen, gentlemen home for color cafe Luna, Heather shagun rG. This was ego. This was arrogance. And a lot breaks that arrogance by saying we know where your body goes after you die. You come from this earth, you go back to the earth. And while you're walking on the earth, you become very proud. And you raise objections and you think Allah cannot resurrect you. Of course he can. If he can create you the first time, he can

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create you another time as well. Because Nothing escapes his knowledge, or there are limits and also our domain home. We're in the Nikita, Juan Hafiz.

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And just a side point over here, there are aluminum and aluminum. Know that the bodies of the prophets of Allah, the messengers of Allah, they're not consumed by the earth. They're not consumed by the earth. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, Allah has forbidden the earth to consume the bodies of the prophets. And he was similar. But other people, when their bodies are consumed, they're disintegrated. Allah knows about every single person. And sometimes, you know, when you look at this, when you look at soil, when you look at clay, think to yourself, this was perhaps someone's body part of their body

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a few years ago,

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you know, when they bring sod, and they deliver it at your house and you can put it on your backyard and make the soil very nice. It's all fertilizer, it's all Earth tilled soil. You wonder where it came from?

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Perhaps it was a part of somebody's body.

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Perhaps it was someone's food.

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So other than causal argument, this is a reality of human beings. So why we arrogant

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bankers who will help me but they denied the truth llucmajor home when it came to them, instead of believing, what is their reaction, denial, rejection, rejection of what? of ill health? What does the Hulk refer to the Quran, the Sahaba will call on his new Bulwark, the evidences he brought. Whatever the Quran says Well, convertable will help kill a man

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for whom fee and remarried so they are in a confused condition because they denied the first time. This is why now they are in a very confused state. A marriage marriages from the roof letters mean blah Jean

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Maharajah is to mix to merge, do things together Mirage, el Bahraini el Tolkien, he has joined the two seas, they meet together one of the meanings of Mirage Is that something gets mixed up.

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And when something is mixed up, when two or more things are mixed up, can you tell them apart? No, you cannot. You cannot tell them apart. And it becomes a confused mess. Sophie Amira, Marie, if they are in a confused state,

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we see that a man What does that bring to a person, peace of mind?

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It brings to a person contentment, because any problem that happens, any difficulty that happens, who does he refer that Allah, Allah decree that Allah send it my way? And when a person does not have a man, then what does he think it's that person's magic or that person's, you know, evil because they have come in? They're living in our house. This is why we are suffering from this evil. People have different explanations that

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but when a person has a man that Eman brings him, peace of mind, it brings him contentment. And when a person rejects the truth, then what does he have to do? He has to justify his denial How? By presenting excuses by presenting evidences. And in that process, he ends up contradicting himself as well.

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At one point, he says one thing at another point, he says another thing, he contradicts himself later. So he is in a marriage in a confused state.

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This is why we learned in certain with death era 45 that the people of Hellfire they'll be questioned Masada confused.

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They will say Lubna committed Muslim we didn't pray. We weren't of those people who used to pray. We didn't use to feed the poor, the hungry. And we're called Nana holdall, marinha alien, and we used to enter into vain discourse with those who engaged in it why this is the work of those who don't have email, because they have to keep on justifying their actions. They have to keep on justifying the wrongs that they're doing. So over here, also, the machine of Makkah, they denied the truth they denied the messenger. So at one point they called him sir head. And at another point they called him shouting.

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at another point they called him guy him. at another point I called him Majnoon.

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If you think about it, can image noon be a sheriff?

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Can he know?

00:27:34 --> 00:27:47

Can image noon be Asahi? No, he cannot be this is I contradicting yourself. So for home family marriage, they were in a confused state of affairs because they had denied the truth.

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If they had believed their life would have become so simple, but they denied and thus they are confused.

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Instead of the number I have 14, we learned what you had to be here was the monitor and foster home woman were unaware, and they rejected them. While their inner selves were convinced of it out of injustice and heartiness meaning they denied out of what? injustice, artiness while their hearts, they were content. Meaning while their hearts were convinced of it.

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So many times people reject the truth despite being convinced of it. And when they're convinced yet they deny what happens. They become very confused. They don't know what to do. They don't know what to say. In order to justify themselves they present one excuse after the other and they end up contradicting themselves and this was a state of the people of Makkah as well.

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So Allah subhanho wa Taala gives many evidences many proofs that people cannot deny. If they use their mind to reflect to ponder, then they have to accept the reality of what the Quran says.

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Fnl mianzhu in a summary photo, have they not looked at the heavens above them at the sky above them with their own eyes? gave her banana her how we have constructed it. Why do they deny? Why do they doubt Do they not look up into the sky and see how we have constructed it. Look at the words that Allah uses for the sky banana. This is from Banana, banana and what has been a construction, a solid construction. So how we have constructed the sky, how we have built it that it doesn't have any pillars. Yet it is strong. It is firm. Look at its form. Look at its beauty. And look at all that is in the sky.

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Insert Lockman I attend Hello customer where TV lady Ahmed in Tarragona. Ha he created the skies without any filters that you see. inserted there yet. I have 47 was summer Bernina hubby Aiden. We're in lmsc room. We are expanding the sky in certain number

00:30:00 --> 00:30:10

12 we're gonna focus on sovereignty that we constructed above you seven strong skies. Don't look up to the sky, how we have made it

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and we haven't just made it but we have was a narrow hair and we have adorned it as well. We have beautified it as well. How is it scribing beautified how to the various things that Allah has put in the sky, from the stars to the Sun to the moon to the clouds to the various colors in the sky as the sun rises as a sunset as the clouds go by. There's so much variety to even the rainbow was a in the how we have adorned it. The day the night Even that itself is beautiful. anytime of the day you look up you will find the sky beautiful. Anytime in the night you look up and you will find the sky beautiful. In total milk I have five Wanaka Xena sama dunya be Masada And We have certainly

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beautified the nearest heaven with stars. insert another webinar in our folk on sovereignty data with Jana Siraj and

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in that sky We have also placed a burning lamp and if you look at the sky, when the Harmon fruit and there are no gaps in it, no openings in it, no cracks in it through discipline of Forge. And forge is literally the opening a gap between two things a crack, like for example, a crack in the wall. There are no furuta in the sky, there are no gaps, no cracks, no holes in the sky.

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Because if you ever see a hole in the sky, if you ever see a crack in the wall, does that give you this? No. You always wonder what is that whole? You always wonder what is on the other side? And what if something comes in? You always have that fear?

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Just imagine if one of these styles was not there.

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You would always have this fear what if a spider falls down? What if something comes from there?

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So when you have a covered seating a smooth ceiling, that gives you a sense of protection that gives you peace of mind when I'm in for rouge in through the milk I a three to four LS has led Hanako savasana working metal Have you hooked him into firewood? Folgers during vasara Health Roman football? No you don't. Somehow Jerry buss or Kela Taney. Look again, again young can every local bus or Hacienda has, your gaze will return to you defeated, humbled, fatigued, you will not find any fault in the sky that Allah has created. Why is this mentioned that if Allah can so perfectly create the sky, which is so huge, any place on earth you go to what will you find above you? The sky, any

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place you go from the north pole to the South Pole, any place so the sky that is so vast, that is so mighty, huge, strong, and it's full of so much variety with its various and ever changing components. If you think about it, the sky is always changing. The colors are always changing. The clouds are here they move. The day comes the night comes. It's always changing always. What does that show the greatness of Allah, the perfection of Allah, the might of Allah. If Allah can create the sky like this, you think he cannot resurrect man after he has died? Of course he can. This is why in silicon nazar 2729 Allah says unto him, I shall do Hello, can I miss? banner Ha. Are you a

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more difficult creation? Or is it the heaven? Allah constructed it and look at how he constructed it will offer sanka for Silva, he raised it ceiling so it's very high no matter how high you go. You can ever touch the sky. Even if you go up 100 floors 200 floors 300 floors, you go 5000 feet up in the sky. Can you ever reach a point where you can say okay, we've touched the sky. No, he raised its ceiling

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yet it feels close isn't it?

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And he proportion it for so we're her alpha Shalala and he darkened its night What a horrible haha and he extracted its brightness. So if Allah can do this, he can also recreate men. Look at the sky. Well, and also look at the earth, mother dinner her we have spread it out. Madonna from the root letters mean that mud and mud that is to extend something to stretch something from the same root is the word mud and what is mud a long period of time because that beard has been lengthened stretched, so mud to extend the length and so while above

00:35:00 --> 00:35:46

Madonna ha we have extended it, we have stretched it. What does it mean by this, that this earth has been rolled out before you. So you keep walking, walking, walking. And you can ever reach a point where you can say this is the end of the year? No. Because of the shape of the earth. It's spherical, isn't it? So this is why you keep walking. And when you reach the water, you keep floating on it, and you reach the other side and you keep walking. You will never reach a point where you can say I have reached the end of the earth. No. Well, Alba Madonna Ha. We have spread it out. We have rolled it across. Well, Elena Fie her and we have cast in it. What Razia firmly

00:35:46 --> 00:36:32

anchored mountains. Why, in order to fix the earth in its place, in order to protect the Earth as well, because of these mountains were not there, then the Earth would constantly be shaking, what unbutton fit her. And it's not just that the earth is perfect for you to live in. But Allah has also beautified the earth. Allah has also beautified the earth. You see many times you're living in a house perhaps there are many things that you find inconvenient that you find unpleasant. But what do you say to yourself, at least to have a place to live? Isn't it but if you think about it, Allah subhanaw taala has not just given us a place to live, but he has also beautified it, he has also

00:36:32 --> 00:37:19

made it very beautiful, how there were unbutton a fee her and we have produced in it men Connolly's out him by heed of every beautiful kind, we have cost to grow in the earth, every beautiful kind of zone. zone over here refers to kind kind of what about plants. So, in the earth, He has made to grow various kinds of what plants and these plants that are various How are they each and every single one of them the hitch, the hitch? Well, her gene badger and badger is to be happy, to be beautiful, when something is pleasing to the heart, when something brings delight to you.

00:37:20 --> 00:37:24

And what is it that brings happiness to you what makes you feel pleasant?

00:37:26 --> 00:38:01

What is it that makes you happy, that which is happy itself, that which is bright itself? That which is colorful, that which is fresh? Like for example, if you come across a person who is very dull, said when you see them? Are you going to be happy? No. But when you come across a person who has fresh smile on their face, gleaming with joy, what's going to happen it's going to put a smile on your face as well. So but he is that which is fresh, beautiful, lively, that which brings happiness, how by its very beauty.

00:38:03 --> 00:38:54

So in this earth, Allah has produced various types of plants, from flowers to shrubs to trees to crops, to vines, various types OGE but each and every one of them but each when you look at it, it makes you happy. How through its lovely colors through its freshness. Through its beauty zodion verheij insert Lockman I attend for unbutton Alfie Herman collies origin carry over their intelligent Karim noble insert of art, I have three wahala the middle of a war geography her Alessio unhealed are women currently, some a lot. Geography has a genus name, same thing as mentioned over there, that it is he who has spread the earth just as that as mentioned over here, and he has placed

00:38:54 --> 00:39:17

in the earth firmly set mountains and rivers. And from all of the fruits he made there in two types, at least two types of fruits Allah has produced. So the earth has been made spacious, it has been made vast, open, yet firm, and also full of variety. So it's not just that people's needs are fulfilled, but at the same time, it also brings joy to them.

00:39:19 --> 00:40:00

We see that just as the sky, it's always changing. But every time it changes, there's beauty in the sky. Whether it has clouds or no clouds, whether it's sunrise or sunset, it's beautiful. Similarly the earth, summer has its own beauty spring has its own beauty. Fall has its own beauty and winter also has its own beauty. That in spring, in the summer, you'll find the plants lovely green, and in the fall, you'll find them orange and red, and yellow, such beautiful colors, and when they fall when the trees are empty, and the earth seems so barren, the last couple

00:40:00 --> 00:40:18

Is it with white and sometimes when you see the snow, sitting on top of the branches, or a beautiful sight it is. So look at the beauty as well that Allah has placed in the sky and in the earth. But yet, people's benefits are not compromised.

00:40:19 --> 00:41:08

Because sometimes for the sake of beauty, there's so much compromise on what is practical. But we see that despite the practicality and despite the needs of people being fulfilled the earth and the sky, they're also beautiful, double slit, often where the claw licola with the money, giving insight and a reminder for every servant with servant, when he returns to Allah, double slotta double Slidell from vessantara dubsado is to give Basilan to show to explain. So dubsado is insight enlightenment, because when a person has insight, is he able to see clearly is he able to understand, yes, insight, enlightenment is what opens up the mind of a person

00:41:10 --> 00:41:15

is what enabled him to understand the reality to see beyond the surface.

00:41:16 --> 00:42:03

So over here, unless us double slit often, what does that mean by double slit then, then why is it muscle that we have done this, the sky is a particular way The earth is a particular way, we have done this for the purpose of giving the puzzle for the purpose of giving insight. so that people can have insight, people can have enlightenment, all these signs Allah has placed for us to reflect on for us to see because Allah says Flm em little. So we are to see, and not just appreciate the surface, but to have insight, to realize something to understand a major reality. And what is that the fact of creation, the fact of resurrection, that Allah is their Creator, and Allah will also

00:42:03 --> 00:42:26

resurrect devil. So often, there is a purpose behind all of this with a claw. And also as a reminder, meaning all of these things that you see above you, around you in the sky in the earth, they also serve as a claw, as a huge reminder, a big reminder, this is more than just that key or the the claw is constant,

00:42:27 --> 00:42:38

or a lot of the repeated reflection, repeated reminder. So if you think about it, the sky and the earth, various things that Allah has placed in them, they first of all, give us insight.

00:42:39 --> 00:43:04

And secondly, they constantly remind us that you look above you, you're reminded you look around you you're reminded, summer comes you reminded spring comes you reminded fall comes you get a reminder, constantly, there's a reminder with the call, reminder of what of the power of the creative reminder of what of the resurrection.

00:43:06 --> 00:43:44

That everything that begins has an end, that this life that was here, these plants that were so lively, now they're coming to an end. Now their leaves are falling, they're dying. So tubs are often what they call, but who will take this the car licola will give money for every servant, who returns returns to returns to Allah, the One who returns to obedience of Allah and reflects on his ultra. So we see that observing the creation of the skies and the earth and all these great things that Allah has placed in them. What does it provide insight, enlightenment, proof and a lesson

00:43:45 --> 00:43:49

for every servant who submits in humility, and also in repentance to Allah.

00:43:51 --> 00:44:23

More signs, when is the luminous summary? And we have sent down from the sky manual Baraka water that is, bless it. from the sky Allah has sent down what kind of water mobarak What does it mean by mobile, one that is full of blessings full of height, Cathedral, Cathedral height, this is what Mubarak is. So the water that Allah sends down from the sky, what benefit does it bring only a little? No. A lot of benefit.

00:44:25 --> 00:44:59

It's life giving water. The earth that was dead, the plants that were dead, what happens to them, they come alive. It's life, giving water Malmo Baraka and when this man mo Baraka when it falls down from the sky to the earth. For unbuttoned IV then we cause to grow with it meaning because of this water, what do we cause to grow genette in gardens orchards will have will have seed and also grain from the harvest. Meaning only when there is rainfall, then it is that the

00:45:00 --> 00:45:09

orchards the gardens that people have they thrive minetta because you may give a lot of water yourself, but the effect that rainwater has,

00:45:10 --> 00:46:03

your hose does not have the same effect Not at all. Those of you who do any Gardening in the summer, any kind of gardening, whether it is a flowers or even maintaining your grass, or even of growing some vegetables, you may have seen that if it rains, all of a sudden the color literally changes of all the plants, how rapidly they grow, how fresh they become juicy and watery they become and when there's no rain, and you just watching them with your sprinklers or with your hose. It doesn't have the same impact not at all. For unbuttoned Ivy Jeannette gardens orchards and also a humble hasley have his green garden cereal seeds and Hubbell hasid alhazmi is that which is more that which is

00:46:03 --> 00:46:05

harvested from the roof of his house slot than

00:46:07 --> 00:46:17

that which is more than harvesting. So how green that is obviously meaning that is reaped grain that is harvested. You see when it comes to fruit,

00:46:18 --> 00:46:36

that is on trees, all of the fruit is not faked at the same time. Remember, all of the fruit is not great at the same time, it's only that which is ripe, that is picked that which is ready only that aspect. But when it comes to hub, in order to get even a little bit of green, what do you have to do more the entire field.

00:46:38 --> 00:46:50

So Hubble has lead the hub that is reaped, that is harvested that is a result of what this rainwater as well. This green that you harvest that you eat, and you also reserved for later.

00:46:52 --> 00:47:18

So we're here we're being made to think, think about it, where does your food come from? who provides you who causes all this to happen, who sends down the rain, the real power, the real might it is with who? Allah subhanaw taala if he can revive that Earth, and if he can cause so many plants to grow, providing you with provision, you and also your animals and so many others, then, in fact he can also resurrect you

00:47:20 --> 00:47:39

when and the date farms that are best to cotton that are lofty, tall, towering vesica Florida bass, bass in path and basketball is from blue and blue is full length height subasta Cod, ones that are very tall.

00:47:40 --> 00:48:01

So when nephila meaning and we also cause to grow dead paths that are very tall, and these state farms let her for it, meaning it has been their own fruit, what kind of fruit that is in the lead arranged in layers, Thunder is from the root vectors for them, right? And tala tala is to rise.

00:48:02 --> 00:48:08

And Thunder is basically the first of the fruit that comes forth.

00:48:09 --> 00:48:55

The first of the fruit that grows on a tree, when you have an apple, it's not just that the Apple was very tiny from the beginning, and it started growing. It's not like that, there is a bud okay. And that is what turns into a flower. So this is what turns into the fruit, this is what color is. So for the dead farm, the first initial stage is the father then comes robot and then comes down. So there are different stages. So these dead bombs they have tolerance, and from the very beginning from the very initial stage, these are what no bleed the leaves from the roof so there's no blood that and what does that mean that which is in layers that which is arranged one above the other.

00:48:56 --> 00:49:12

Then what is a snowman is when teeth are arranged property when a person's teeth are very well arranged. So that How tall are the leads these fruits? How are they in layers, one on top of the other sitting clusters of dates.

00:49:14 --> 00:49:54

Now we see over here that the date palm is mentioned in particular, why? Because it is superior to other trees in many ways how first of all look at its height bessacarr very tall, then it's evergreen, then it can survive for many, many years, many, many years. Then the fruit that it gives, it can be eaten fresh, it can be eaten ripe and also before it's completely right, isn't it then it can be dried up as well and use later and that fruit itself is a source of so much benefit. Then this date farm has also given as an example for Kalamata yoga. So this is why the date poem in particular is mentioned.

00:49:55 --> 00:50:00

All of this Allah says it is a literary bird as provision for this

00:50:00 --> 00:50:29

servants, all of this Allah has produced as provision, what? These dead farms, the fruit of the dead pan, then the Janette have been her seeds. All of this is provision for the servants and servants, who does this include human beings, and besides human beings, even the jinn, and besides the jinn, even the animals, all the servants of Allah, this is provision for them.

00:50:30 --> 00:50:40

Well, a hyena, and we give life be with this water, this rainwater, memobottle cat, what do we give life to build a Mater, a deadline, and

00:50:42 --> 00:51:27

likewise will be the exit the exit from where, from the grapes, that just as the earth the soil that was barren, dry, nothing was on it. And when there was rainwater, look at all the plants emerging from the earth, growing so rapidly producing so much fruit, that in one season, you put the seed in, nothing comes out initially, then eventually a plant comes forth and it grows. And within a few weeks, you have so many ripe tomatoes, you have so many ripe cucumbers. Within weeks, Allah shows you how quickly this happens. That helical route exactly the same way will be the approach. You're coming out of the grapes.

00:51:28 --> 00:51:45

So if Allah can produce so many things from the earth, you think he cannot produce you from the earth after you've disintegrated into it? Of course he can. If you think about it, the tomatoes, the different vegetables that people eat, that come out of the earth, where were they inside beer?

00:51:46 --> 00:52:10

Nowhere, but the seed had all the details in it. So when that seed that speck, that tiny amount was given the water life giving water, look at how the entire plant emerged out of it. So if a person's body has decomposed disintegrated, Allah subhanaw taala he knows exactly where those broken bits are.

00:52:11 --> 00:52:19

And when he wants to bring them alive out of the earth, He can do that very easily. So why do you deny What's so difficult about it?

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