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An-Nur 30-31 Word Analysis and Tafsir 31

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I remember once I was at this conference, and this brother he had mentioned that, unfortunately, today, the problem of the Muslim Brothers has become, I don't like the term that they use. But I would like to say to you so that you can understand hot hijab is

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that the problem for men has become hot hijab is that women will look hard, even when they're wearing hijab.

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Even when they're wearing hijab, that it's so difficult to lower the gaze, it's so difficult for men to look away. And these are Muslim men facing difficulties from who Muslim women. So just remember that yes, it may seem a bit difficult, but this is the command of Allah. This is a command of Allah, this is what Allah has obligated upon us.

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And then an exception has been made from what Xena may be exposed, that in that except, mela minha, whatever is a parent by itself,

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meaning they should cover their Xena, they should not expose their Xena, except for that Xena lotto minha, which is a parent made her from it meaning by itself,

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it is exposed. Naturally, it comes into view naturally, without any intention to show without any intention to attract the other person's attention.

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That no matter how much you try to cover, you cannot cover beyond that. No matter how subtle you try to be, you cannot be subtle beyond that. There are some things that are exposed by themselves. So for example, if we take Xena to be, as I told you that do things are basically meant in this idea that a person should not expose parts of the body that must be covered. And secondly, what a woman has put on her body to further adorn herself.

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So if we take the meaning over here as the button the body because the body of a woman is also Xena,

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then what is the part of the body that is exposed by itself? That no matter how much you try to cover, you cannot cover it any further. There are two opinions with regards to that.

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First of all, it has been said that the entire body except for the face on the hands. This is one opinion.

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However, even for this has been in there is a condition. And what is that condition? That when there is no danger of either or both the man and the woman falling into temptation?

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Do you understand

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that a woman may expose her hands and face when there is no danger of herself falling into temptation or the man who is looking at her face falling into temptation.

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But tell me something, you as a woman, Okay, you know what the state of your heart is? But do you know the state of the heart of the other person?

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Do you?

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You don't. You don't know the state of the heart of the other person. This is why the second opinion is that the Xena that a woman has to cover also includes her face and the hands. Why? Because she does not know what the other man is thinking.

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Her mind may be clear, her mind may be very pure. She may have very clean feelings. However, the other man might find her lips very beautiful. He might find the color of her skin, or the shape of her nose or her chin very, very attractive. You don't know what's going on in his head.

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Especially when a woman is in public. There could be people who are very clean hearted and there are people who can be very nasty, very nasty. You don't know what goes on in the hearts of other people. You don't know what kind of people are out there in the world.

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So this is one thing. Secondly, that if a woman has covered herself, if a woman has covered herself, let's say she's even covering her face and in order to see she has her eyes that are being exposed. Right. And she is wearing the jilbab for example Her hands are being exposed. She has to work with her hands that says she's wearing long sleeves but parts of her fingers are exposed.

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And similarly she's wearing a lounger Bab and it's extremely hot. She lives in a place where it is hot. It's the summer it's not possible for her to wear thick woolen socks or even any socks per se. So she's wearing a laundry bag as she walks let's say her doors are exposed.

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She has an app on her eyes are exposed. She is wearing long sleeves and as she's taking the money out of the wallet giving it to the man Her hands are exposed.

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Now in that case is she meant to cover her eyes and cover her hands and cover her feet? No, because Allah has said a llama Zaha minha except what is apparent by itself?

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meaning she covers herself. She's doing her best

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However, after all, she's a human being and her toes could be exposed, her fingers could be exposed her eyes could be exposed. So, therefore illa mazara mean her it falls into that category.

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Now, we see that even at the time of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam when women would cover themselves, they would wear a big shawl, they would wear a big Shawl in order to cover their clothes from inside nor to cover their faces in order to cover their hands

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and their eyes would be exposed sometimes one eye sometimes both eyes.

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Similarly, you know, the hands would be exposed. Now, these days the kind of gloves that we have tell me that they exist at that time.

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The gloves exist at that time because people say that knowing even Your hands should not be exposed therefore, you should be wearing gloves, but tell me that gloves exists at that time. They did not

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how did the women cover their hands with their job

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and if a part of their hand was exposed, it was not considered as a problem.

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Similarly, people lived in the desert and there was extreme heat. It was not expected of women that they should be wearing socks all the time. They covered themselves with laundry Bab and if while walking if let's say part of the foot is exposed, it was not considered a problem.

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Our Deen is a realistic and a practical religion which is applicable in any era, anytime, any climate, any place.

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So yes, Allah has said cover your Xena. However, an exception has also been made a llama Zahara minha. That despite you're trying to cover yourself if a part of the body is exposed, it's okay. Illa Mazar Amita because at the end of the day, the matter is between who the servant and Allah soprano, if something has happened, a person should seek forgiveness from Allah. So if we take the meaning of Xena over here to be the body, then these are the two meanings and if we take the meaning of Xena to be the adornment that a woman has put on her body, like for example the clothes she's wearing, the jewelry she's wearing, the coil that she's wearing in her eyes. Then in that case, in

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llama, Zahara minha What does it mean? It is that a woman is trying to be as subtle as possible she has covered herself, but there are some things that cannot be hidden.

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Such as your purse, your person Xena, but you're wearing a purse and let's say the other person finds it very beautiful. Are you at fault, not unless you're wearing like a bright pink or bright gold purse which really attracts attention. It's not your fault then.

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Similarly shoes, you're wearing normal shoes, they're not golden, they're not bright pink. They're not bright, yellow, they're not bright, any color, which attracts a lot of attention. They're normal shoes. But what happens as you walk by somebody looks at them and they find them very beautiful. Are you at fault? No. As long as you have tried your best to be as subtle as possible.

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Similarly, the glasses that a woman is wearing, they may be very beautiful. It's possible that a man finds them very beautiful. Now she's trying to pick a frame that is as subtle as possible, as decent as possible. But he thinks that oh this frame looks so beautiful on her face if she had no similarity if a woman is wearing camo, and remember call is not mascara, and your eyeliner, and all the stuff that you put on your eyes, the coho that's what inside the eyes. If a woman is wearing that, and the natural color, what happens to that is you cannot take it off immediately. You know the mascara and the eye makeup and stuff, you can just take it make it longer, you can remove that

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the coho, you cannot take it off. And remember that before the men would wear the women would wear not necessarily as a means of beautifying yourself but as a means of improving your eyesight, tearing up your eyes.

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So if a woman is wearing that, not with the intention to attract other people's attention, then in that case, again, she's not at fault. However, if she's wearing mascara, and she's wearing eyeliner, then definitely that comes in Xena

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seminar, if a woman is wearing henna on her hands, she's wearing long sleeves, a job such that it covers her hands, and it's only in the inside part of the hands not on the outside. So let's see she is taking some money out of her wallet and she's going to put it at the counter for the cashier to take. Now in that process, maybe the inside part is exposed. So that will come in what Elon has been.

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Similarly for woman is wearing a rink, which is not that big that it attracts a lot of attention. It's a very subtle small rink. And in that case as well if that is exposed that will come in the category of a Lamaze or Holloman except what is apparent by itself.

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Similarly, if a woman is wearing clothes under the job as she gets off the car

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It's possible that her pants are exposed. Now we learned earlier that the clothes that a woman wears, that is what Xena. Now she's going against the commands that Allah has given, this is only natural that it's going to be exposed as she's getting into the car as she's getting out of the car. So, all of this comes into the category of a Lamaze ohada minha.

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But remember, it has not been said, what they reveal what they expose, what has been said that what exposes by itself, what comes into view by itself,

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that you try to cover yourself as best as possible. But despite that, if something is seen, then you're not at fault, you do your best because if a woman is to completely cover herself, all the time, her eyes, her feet, her hands and her job should be such that nothing of the cloth is revealed from inside ever, then she should be carried around in a hole that just says we learned about I should only learn her

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and that was when she was traveling.

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So and if that was the case, then life would become extremely difficult. It would become very, very impractical. So we see that our Deen It teaches us what the commands are for whose benefit for our benefit, but at the same time within is a practical religion.

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It is a practical religion and the commands that are given are for our benefit to save us from harm.

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But at the same time worthiness practical considering the difficulties the limitations that people have,

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when they have the ribbon, another command that is given to the women and what is that that they should strike and over here Love does not mean hit but rather it means they should cast they should put barraba over here gives meaning of water to place so they should place be homely in their head coverings where do you begin upon their chests? Homer is the plural of females

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and he might have some new fighters homies but this Hummer literally mean come

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in toxicon right that which covers the mind that which covers the intellect. So Hummer is what covers the intellect and Hema is what covers the head.

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You understand?

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came out is what covers the head.

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So their head covering what does it show that part of a woman's regular outfit? Is what a headscarf especially when she goes out

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there are basically three parts of an outfit First of all, there is the commies communities, the shirt, then there is the easel, the lower garment.

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And then there's the female which is the shawl the shawl.

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So they should put their shots their head coverings over what I do you begin over their chests Do you have is a plural of J and J was used for the place where the heart is it's the chest, the bosom, the breast. So the head covering that they're using to cover their head. It should not be just used to cover their heads but rather it should be used to cover their chests as well. Why?

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Because the chest is where a woman's beauty lies,

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isn't it?

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The chest is where the natural beauty of a woman is. So it's part of Xena.

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So although a woman may have her chest covered with her clothes, however she needs to hide her chest she needs to hide her breast and how will she do that? By wearing her shawl over her chest?

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So while you're gonna be humulene Allah do you begin this is what the women should do.

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So this shows to us about what kind of a headscarf a woman should be wearing and how she should be wearing

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that first of all, the head scarf should be such that it is big enough that it does not just cover the head but it also covers the chest.

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It should be big enough that it doesn't just cover the head but it also covers the chest.

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It should be of that size.

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And when a woman is wearing that headscarf The objective is not just to cover the head in the chest, but also to cover whatever is in between so for example, the neck as well as the IRS because sometimes the way women wear their headscarf is such that they will wear it or they will tie it at the back and then they will have their earrings, their big hoops, you know sticking out and

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a necklace and the chest is being exposed. This is not the correct way.

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At the time of Jamelia in the days of ignorance, the women, they would cover their heads, they would wear this shot around their head, but that shawl they would then throw back, they would throw it backwards. So as a result, their chest would be exposed their jewelry would be exposed and this would be a means of great fitna for men. So the Hema the headscarf should be such that it should be big enough that it covers the head, the neck, the ears, as well as the chest. You understand.

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Now, when a woman wears a complete a proper hijab there are two things. One is the jilbab tarbiyah and the other is the headscarf.

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Now when a woman is wearing a headscarf that headscarf has to be used to cover the chest,

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because sometimes what happens is that a person will wear a hijab, and they will think that the chest has been covered because of that. And they will take their headscarf and they will tie it around their neck. Or it'll be very small, that it just covers their, you know, shoulders barely it doesn't cover the chest bar. Or for example, it's tucked inside.

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Or it's too small that it covers only a part of the chest. So how should we wear it? What's the proper way? What do we learn?

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the headscarf should be such that it is covering the chest on top of the jilda

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you understand that it's covering the chest on top of the Juba.

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And if for example, if you're wearing a headscarf that is such that it's not as big that your entire justice covered so for example, you can take one part and you can fit it on the other side

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so that your front part your chest is covered with the headscarf you understand, so make sure that you pin it properly, you duck it properly, you wear it properly so that the chest is covered with the headscarf.

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Similarly, in winter, sometimes when we wear jackets on top of the head scarves, we were touch that, you know we buttoned up completely and only the head part is being exposed and through the jacket, sometimes the chest is being exposed. Now Okay, when it's very windy, it's understandable when it's windy, and you have a chance that your scarf will be blown. It's understandable. I remember an incident where somebody mentioned to me once that this sister, she had her hijab on and it was extremely windy. This was in England, extremely windy. And you can imagine the kind of wind over there and also the rain. And she had not ducked her hijab in something and her hijab flew off. So we

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have to be very careful. So for example, if it's winter, okay, you can tuck it in. But when it's not winter, we should not be wearing our jackets or sweaters over the hijab such that the shoulders are being exposed on the chest as being exposed.

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Do you understand if you have to tuck it in, take it out a little from the back so that your hair is not being exposed to it because sometimes it's so tight that literally you can make out the shape of the hair the way the hair has been dyed, or the shape of the shoulders is being exposed. So how should we wear, take it out a little bit, loosen it up a little bit from the top, so that the figure is not being exposed.

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Similarly, if you've buttoned up your jacket, where let's say the winter scarf on top, so that the chest is covered.

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So while you're driven behind Marina,

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we learned that our you should only learn how she said, may Allah have mercy on the women of the Maha God. May Allah have mercy on the women of the mo hygiene.

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That when Allah revealed the ayah waldrip Navajo Marina Elijah up when they tore their aprons and they estimate themselves with them.

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They didn't have enough cloth.

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They didn't have enough cloth, they were poor immigrants. So what did they do?

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If they had huge aprons, they tore them so that they could have a big came out with which they could cover their chests with.

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We also see that Sofia bin shava she said that I showed it on her used to say when this ayah will you live in and before Marina Allah do you begin I was revealed. They took their results there is out meaning the lower garment and they tore them at the edges and the tamela themselves with the meaning they covered themselves their head, their next their chests with those timeouts because they did not have a lot

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to think about. We have so many fluids we have so many options available today.

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And if Still, we were the smallest of creamer that barely cover our head and our neck that do not cover the dress properly. They do not cover the shoulders properly. Then what answer will we have

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if anyone had an excuse? It was those women. They didn't have enough cloth

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They didn't have it. But still they covered themselves

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and also made the mercy of Allah be upon them because they were told once and they did it immediately from other Hadees we learned that during the night they could see the lamps on in the houses of people. So it was asked that what's going on? It was because the women had learned about the circle. And they wanted to have their jilbab their females ready before budget, because they wanted to go for budget to the masjid. And they wanted to make sure that wearing proper hijab when they were going to the masjid.

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This is called Sameera. Now Aparna, this is a person

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that this is what my Lord wants me. Okay, I'll do it. Even if it means wearing a torn piece of garment over my head, which may be embarrassing, but who cares? Allah has commanded me to do that.

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When I have Idina, Xena tahuna, and they should not expose their beauty.

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Now, one other time this command is being mentioned, it is being repeated, to explain as to where it is permissible to display, Xena and where it is not permissible to display the scene.

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Because when we read well are you within a Xena tahuna Lm azahara minha that was a general command right. However, over here we were told in front of who we can expose the inner and in front of which men were not allowed to expose him.

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So when I was in at the hoonah illa, first of all liberal Latina for their husbands,

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they should not expose their Zina except in front of their husbands Barun is a plural of barrel and barrel is used for husband only has been knocked wife, the word zote can apply to one of a pair however, barrel is only for the male partner.

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So the women they can only expose your Xena first of all to their husbands. Why?

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Because he is the one in front of whom a woman adorns herself.

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And he is the one who deserves that his wife should beautify herself. for him.

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It's the husband who deserves that the wife should beautify herself for him. But unfortunately, we see that women dress up a lot for one another. When they have to go to a party, when they have to go to a get together

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a lot. But when they're at home, when they're in front of their husbands, then what do they wear?

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Bad clothes, pajamas, clothes that don't match or perhaps closer, not ironed. clothes that have blind spots on them. Maybe their adoring.

00:22:45--> 00:22:46

This is not fair.

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This is not right.

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Because the husband is the one who deserves that the wife should adorn herself for him.

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First of all the husband has mentioned What does it show the most right is with him in lolly Marula Tina.

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Remember one of my friends her husband, he always complains every time she's going to a party, he will complain that look you going and you get so dressed up I wish you would get this dressed up for me for my sake.

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And we all need to learn from that.

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Oh, II know or their fathers. That is a Florida

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and the word about the plural form. It refers to a person's father's, however, upwards meaning father, grandfather, grandfather's father, their grandfathers, however upwards

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and it includes both paternal as well as maternal grandfather's. So your father's father, as well as your mother's father, however upwards

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so Oh, about him.

00:23:52--> 00:23:58

And according to some scholars, that even over here includes maternal as well as paternal uncles.

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So your mother's brother and your father's brother, it includes them. Why? Because sometimes the word of that is used for paternal and maternal uncles as well.

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For example, in total bacara i 133 we learn and Quantum shuhada it heavily our global mode is called Ebony Metro boomin parody corlew nabooda ilaha illa Hubba. Ibrahima, what is Mariela? What is her?

00:24:31--> 00:24:37

Over there, they said, the sons of Dr. Coburn insulin that we will follow the forefathers

00:24:38--> 00:24:50

who Ibrahim is married as hell Okay, Ibrahim in his house, they were the forefathers of the sons of jacobellis. Adam, however, is married or Lisa Who was he, their paternal uncle.

00:24:51--> 00:24:56

So according to some scholars about he now over here includes paternal and maternal uncles.

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Thirdly, oh about Ebola.

00:25:00--> 00:25:07

In or the fathers of their husbands What does that mean? father in law father in law is also my home

00:25:08--> 00:25:27

and about Hebrew Latina This includes father in law whether he is real or half father, stepfather so about a Buddha to him oh I wanna he not war their sons and again, I've been at Florida event it includes sons as well as grandsons, however downwards.

00:25:28--> 00:25:37

And sons includes full half meaning your own sons or the sons of your husband.

00:25:39--> 00:25:46

Oh urbanite evil Rue Latina, or the sons of their husbands. That is mentioned over here. Meaning stepsons.

00:25:47--> 00:26:15

Oh, whiny Hina or their brothers, meaning the brothers of the women. And this includes real brothers, as well as half brothers, as well as foster brothers. So Oh, one in the in front of their brothers as well. The women can expose their Xena. Oh, bunny, whiny hinda, or the sons of their brothers, which means nephews, and nephews and their sons and their sons, so on and so forth.

00:26:16--> 00:26:23

Oh, bunny hill at the hinda or the sons of their sisters, meaning again, nephews, and their sons as well

00:26:24--> 00:26:27

only sat in or their women.

00:26:28--> 00:26:30

So so far, who was mentioned?

00:26:31--> 00:26:36

Who has mentioned the men who are related to a woman?

00:26:37--> 00:26:42

These are the men out of all your relatives whom you are allowed to show your Zener to

00:26:43--> 00:26:46

any other men. You're not allowed to show your Zenith?

00:26:47--> 00:26:51

After the man who else has mentioned only set up their women, what does it mean by their women?

00:26:52--> 00:26:55

Some scholars have said their women means the Muslim women

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that a woman is only allowed to display her Zina in front of another Muslim woman. And if there's a non Muslim woman she's not allowed to show. This is according to some scholars. Why? Because there could be fitna there could be some evil that could be expected from non Muslim women.

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Because they don't care about the limits that Allah has said they could be lesbians, they could have wrong feelings. However, the fact is, that such fitna can also be expected from a person who claims to be Muslim,

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isn't it? Oh,

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so Nisa, hinda has been understood as their women meaning women who are like that many women who are actually women, free women.

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Because there are men and there are women, and there are people whose sex is not determined, because of some biological disorder.

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So such people in front of them also a woman should not expose her Xena nissa ina, meaning women who are like them, who are biologically physically women.

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But those who are neither men nor women, who have some physical disorder because of which their sex is not determined, then such people in front of them women should not display their zero.

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Similarly, if a person has had a sex change, again, they do not fall in the category of massage in

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because they're actually men. And if apparently they have made themselves women, in reality, who are they?

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They are men. They are men.

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So only say even though they're women, this means women who are actually women for women.

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Oh or mama got a man who knows what their right hands possess, what does it refer to slaves.

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And this includes both male as well as female slaves.

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So a woman may expose her Zina before Who?

00:28:51--> 00:28:53

Even a male slave that she owns.

00:28:54--> 00:28:58

Now, remember that a slave is not equal to servant.

00:28:59--> 00:29:21

A slave is not equal to servant, because a servant, you can hire him, you can fire him, he can say, I'll work he can say I quit, isn't it but a slave does not have that choice. You have him, he's yours. Unless and until you set him free or you sell him or something like that. He cannot just say, I'm sorry, I don't want to work here anymore.

00:29:22--> 00:29:40

So and remember that the slave of a family becomes like a part of the family because the family members they become responsible for him there to take care of him there to provide for him. So Oh my my look at a man when it refers to male as well as female slaves.

00:29:41--> 00:29:44

Our tab Irina, lady, Lil irati,

00:29:46--> 00:29:59

or those men who do not have any physical need, who is a Florida dabir and Fabien is on Route Fs dabang. Deborah, Deborah literally means to follow to come after and Tabby

00:30:00--> 00:30:12

has been understood as, first of all, a tabular column, meaning a servant, who is completely obedient and completely dependent on you.

00:30:13--> 00:30:20

He follows the people of the house everywhere wherever they go. And the condition is mentioned over here, Lady Liberty.

00:30:21--> 00:30:23

And it is from the fetters Hamza raba.

00:30:24--> 00:30:30

We have done the word mariadb, earlier, and eatable over here in particular gives the meaning of sexual desire.

00:30:31--> 00:30:34

It gives a meaning of sexual desire.

00:30:35--> 00:30:41

So, a servant of the house, not necessarily a slave, or even a slave.

00:30:42--> 00:30:59

And he is completely obedient and completely dependent on his employer. And he does not have any sexual desire, he does not have any sexual urge. And some have said that this includes extremely old aged male servants.

00:31:00--> 00:31:34

And you will notice that, for example, in some countries where people do hire a lot of servants in the household within the house, you will see that some men, they really have not much sense and at the same time, they don't have any desire for women. They don't say I would like to get married, they never say to their families, I never say to their master, they don't take any interest in women as such, they don't know many things are very simple people who don't have any idea about the dirty world out there. So that'd be really Lady Liberty, it refers to such men, such servants.

00:31:35--> 00:31:56

Others have said that a tiberian it refers to extremely old men, extremely old men, who do not have any sexual desire left, who have no desire for women who are not able to have any sexual relations anymore, and they don't even have any desire left. They become extremely old.

00:31:57--> 00:32:00

Now, it's possible that a man has become very old, but still he has a desire.

00:32:01--> 00:32:15

And it will reflect by the way he looks by the things he watches, by the kind of words. He says, By the kind of comments, he passes. So in front of such men, even if you see white all over their head and face, what will you do? Cover yourself in front of them.

00:32:16--> 00:33:00

But a man who's become extremely old. I remember once I met this old lady, I went to her house. She was so old. And her father was extremely old and he lived with her in her house. And he was so old, he could barely walk, barely, he could walk, he could understand hardly anything. He couldn't even see property. And he couldn't even do much. So in front of such a man and I mean he was a pious man righteous man listening to the Koran or trying to read from his memory because he could not even read with his eyes anymore. So in front of such a man if you happen to meet them, then in that case, it's okay if your face is exposed It's okay if part of your Zina is exposed, because a tab your lady

00:33:00--> 00:33:08

with an extremely aged men who are very dependent on others, who don't have any sexual desire left.

00:33:09--> 00:33:17

And thirdly, it has also been said that it refers to men who are important men who do not have any strength for sexual intercourse.

00:33:18--> 00:33:33

So at Iberian lady Odin inba such men who have no desire for Annika, who have no desire for women, who are important to have no strength for sexual intercourse minute the jelly from the men so such men, a woman may expose her Zina in front of them