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Fussilat 1-24 Tafsir 6-8


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The speakers discuss the importance of the Prophet sallahu Sallam and the core values of Islam. They emphasize the need for individuals to invest in good action and not devise their worship. The "immediate" concept is also discussed, with emphasis on the importance of rewarding one's actions and staying true to one's values. The importance of listening to the Quran for a long time is emphasized, and advice for future students is offered for improving memory and recitation.

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All say to them, meaning Oh Prophet sallallahu Sallam say to the people, those who deny you that in another shalom Islam, I am only a man just like you.

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I am only a person, a human being Miss Lacan, like you mean I'm not a gene, I'm not an angel. I'm not a superhuman. I'm a normal human being. But what's the difference between you and I, that you have no idea what he has been done to me, Revelation has been given to me, just as revelation was given to the previous messengers.

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And what is the essence of this way? That unima illa who come in who were hit, that indeed your God is only one God, though he

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and this is the essence of there were in a law calling people to Allah.

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What do we see over here, that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was a human being? And what kind of a human being was he?

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mythical, like us, similar to you, meaning similar to other people?

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That just as they are human, he is human.

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The word mythical is the key.

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So whatever other people experience, he experienced that as well. Did it.

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Just as the knowledge of people is limited, similarly, his knowledge is also limited. Right? How that he only knew of that which Allah informed him.

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Just as a person can only learn about that can only know of what he has been informed of. Similarly, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam had only knowledge of what he was informed.

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Because if he had knowledge of labor and Shahada, then he would never make any error, isn't it? Then no harm would ever touch him. No harm would ever touch his companions.

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But we see, instead of the Toba what happened that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he gave permission to them when Africans the hypocrites, and Allah subhanaw taala reprimanded him later on liver at dinner when

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they were lying when they were offering their excuses. Why did you allow them you should not have allowed them.

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Similarly, we see that the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he was a normal human being in the way that he behaved with people as well, in the way that he dealt with people as well. Like, for example, a normal human being, he gets annoyed, isn't it? So he gets upset with others, he gets happy. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam also got annoyed sometimes. He also became happy, he showed his happiness. He showed his displeasure just like other people do, what do we run into with our boss, our boss or whatever? And

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just like any other person would, in that situation?

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So we see that the prophets of Allah saddam Who was he, a human being just like other human beings, and this shows to us that if other people they die, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam also suffered from that.

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In nakoma yidden were in the home my you tune.

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So all announced to say this to the people that innama Anna verschuren myth loco, I'm a human being just like you, but the only difference is you have a layer where he has been sent to me, meaning knowledge has been given to me. And what is that? A NEMA either who Camilla who was that your God is one God foster Kimo LA. So, become straight be steadfast for him. Foster chemo LA, take a straight course to him

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is the chemo is from the root letters of Well, me and is the farmer is to be steadfast. And when the word is the karma is followed by Isla foster chemo, LA. It means to remain firm on something you understand, do remain firm on something.

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So over here for supima lie, remain firm in the sense that take a straight course towards him.

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Don't deviate from him, but focus entirely on him in your worship, don't go here there but rather your worship should be dedicated entirely to a loss of Pantone.

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Your goal, your purpose, your intention, your mission, your striving should be towards

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Allah subhanaw taala Why? Because a never ilaha illa who had your God is only one God and when he is your own

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Only one God then what does it mean? You're living you're dying, your worship your sacrifice, everything should be for who? Allah subhanaw taala only foster chemo LA,

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you're striving should be towards him.

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And this should be constant because it's the farmer has also remained firm on something right? So it should be constant. Not that one day you worship him the other day you forget about him. Not that one day you strive a lot in order to please Him and the other day You're upsetting him you're doing those things which upset Allah subhanaw taala no festa tiempo la he don't go here there remain focused on him. He should be the purpose of your lives his worship, festival chemo LA and also foster chemo LA is the karma Illa means to return to someone to revenge to someone so first okay moolah. What does it mean? repented to him, meaning leave the worship of everyone and worship only

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Who? Allah soprano.

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And the membership is of two types, right? Major, and minor.

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So schilke leave all types of area and also major shift. First of all, he will lie, because he is the only one who deserves worship

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was the few who and seek His forgiveness. Why seek His forgiveness for what you've done before? For what you do now out of being a human being. Because after all, people are people. And no matter how focused they are, there are times when they slip, isn't it? You tell yourself, I'm not going to show up. I'm doing this sincerely for the sake of Allah. I only want pleasure from him. I only want to please Him. But what happens? Somebody comes and says something negative to you. And you say I'm never going to do it again.

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So you're a human being. And later on, you realize No, no, if I'm doing this for Allah, that doesn't matter what people are saying to me.

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So after all, you're a human being you slip. So what's the hero who seek forgiveness from him? Well, hello, Lil mushy keen and Waterloo to those people who do shake.

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So what do we learn in this ayah

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the message that the Prophet said a lot of sin Umbra.

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And what was that? That Allah He alone is your God, he alone deserves your worship. And when that is the case, for still tiempo la he was the fiddle.

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He should be your focus and at the same time also seek forgiveness from him

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because the fact is that no matter how much you worship Him, can you give the heck officer whether you cannot therefore seek forgiveness? Well wait a little machine and war to those people who do *. Why machine intervention over here? Because that's the opposite of faster people delay.

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One way is a focusing entirely on a loss of panel data and the other ways of what deviating from focusing on other than Allah.

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So we're a little machine and who are the machine How does Allah describe them? And Levine allow you to those people who do not give this

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well whom Bill herati whom caffee alone and in the Hereafter, there disbelievers

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first thing about Michigan is what that alladhina allow you to know the cat The cat, what does it mean?

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what else is a cat

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growth okay as a term What does the cat refer to

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mandatory charity

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the cat is basically used in two ways. First of all in its literal sense, and secondly, in a technical sense, literally the cat means growth purification. So, it is understood as purification. Now, for example, purification of the soul has gear to neffs

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and what does it mean by those two things

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What do they include?

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What are those two things that are part of that complete as clear when you want to completely thoroughly clean something, what are the two steps that you have to take? Yes,

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the clear and then the holy what is the clear from Allah? Hello,

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hello are either Hello Ella Shelton, when something leaves when something is gone and the place has become empty, okay.

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So, the fear is that you remove you get rid of what?

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impurity, right and what is the worst impurity when it comes to the belief of a person should

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okay? So let's get into it. First of all the clear to get rid

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The impurity what's the second step?

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And what does that lead me to adorn? Because you have to replace the filth with something good. Right? If Phil was occupying a place when you get rid of the field, you can't leave it empty. Because if you leave it empty, what's going to happen? Something else is going to come in its place. And if you leave a place empty then it's only going to collect

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dust right. So you have to replace it with something. Okay.

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So first step is to clear and then the second step is

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to adorn to beautify beautify how with good things.

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So when you get rid of schicke, what do you replace it with? The heat.

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When you get rid of react, what do you replace that with? Islam?

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When you get rid of lying, what do you replace that with? truthfulness? When you get rid of Leanna What do you replace that with? Amana? When you get rid of bad characteristics? Bad luck? What should you replace that with? Good luck when you get rid of listening to wrong things, what do you replace that with? Listening to good things, listening to Quran

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when you get rid of reading bad things, what do you replace that with? Reading good things. So this is what this guy's

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into the chumps i a nine to 10 Allah subhanaw taala says for the F Lucha menza

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worker, the horrible man, the sir, that the soul the not the one who purifies it, he has succeeded. And the one who instills it with corruption, who only makes it more filthy and fills it up with impure things. Then he has failed.

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Or the airflow Hammonds aka aka the harbor man. The sir.

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So, Allah Vina ly tuna sakata hora de mashiki the first meeting is those people who do not give this a cat who do not give purification, meaning who do not do purification, purification of what of their knifes of their belief of their actions. So now you don't have the data meaning law you don't and nafsa zecca. They don't purify the soul. You understand? They don't purify their aqeedah they don't purify their actions. They don't purify their work.

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And it has been said that what it means but I don't as a Catholic is that they don't purified themselves from schicke by believing into heat, so they do not testify to the fact that La ilaha illa Allah.

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Secondly, Zakat, what else does it mean, mandatory charity.

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And the cat's remember that when it comes in a Maki context? What does it mean by that murky context?

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murky context before hijra, right, then the cat refers to most of the time purification of the soul. Why? Because up until that point, that that was not mandatory, giving the mandatory arms was not necessary. That came when later on in Medina. So just imagine Muslims are still in Makkah, when the Word of God is used, they don't think about mandatory arms.

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So you don't have the data. What does it mean they don't purify themselves?

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And if we do take the meaning of the cards to be arms, then it refers to just sort of charity, you understand? Then what does it refer to charity, giving to those who are needy.

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So Allah did allow you to look at those who do not give this a cat, primarily, who don't purify themselves, who don't purify their actions, their beliefs, and secondly, they don't even spend on the needy, the poor.

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So Allah subhanaw taala says for Wayland, in which she can walk to the machine.

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And what's the reason behind that why home will acidotic home Cafiero, the disbelief in the hereafter? Because if a person believes in the Hereafter, then what will he do? He will constantly try to improve himself he will do his best

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and he will also be concerned about the creation of Allah subhanaw taala therefore he will be charitable towards them. He will be generous towards them, be concerned for them.

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In turtle halka i a 3234. This way that is for the machine is described what is that way? We learn Hulu for Hulu thermogenic

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Hema solu thermophysical Tila and zaru hacer una they're on for slew

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that sees him and shackle him, then into the fire drive him, then into a chain whose length is 70 cubits, insert him. Why? Because it know who can allow you may know Bella Hill early

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first crime, he did not believe in Allah, the One who is great,

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like tuna sakata, didn't never testify to La ilaha illAllah.

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And also Well, I hope to Allah time in miskeen. And he did not encourage the feeding of the board, the second meaning of life, giving charity to those who are needy.

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So when a person does not have belief in the Hereafter, then who does he neglect Allah and also the hunk of Allah. And if a person is worried about his health, worried about herself, worried about his eternal life, then he is concerned about the health of Allah, which is why he will constantly purify himself. And he will also be concerned about the health of the creation of Allah, which is why he will be generous towards them.

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In alladhina amanu Indeed, those people who believe were Amina slyly had and they perform righteous deeds. lahoma agilon viaero mamnoon for them is a reward that is uninterrupted.

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On the one hand, are who the machine whose way is of disbelief whose ways of corrupting the soul whose ways of neglecting the rights of Allah and His creation, and on the other hand, are who are letting me know what are

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those who have believed they give the hug of Allah, while I'm Allah, so Allah had to give the hook of Allah and also the hook of the Hulk of MMA

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and Amazon, what does it mean that which is right and proper that which is good, that is free from facade, that is free from extremes. So they perform righteous deeds as well. So for them, there is agilon a reward that is later mamnoon mamnoon is from their home countries meme new noon man and man is to show favor to someone.

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Whether it is to show a favor or to remind of a favorite,

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show favor, locker, the man Allahu Allah, meaning is worth a fee him for Sula, that Allah has shown a huge favor to the believers when he sent a messenger to them.

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And man is also to remind the other a favor, what's the evidence for that

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led to believe those are the critical bill money well.

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And remember that the literal meaning of the word man is to cut something to be cut off.

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Minoan from the same root is used for death, because death is what

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when life has been cut off, a person will not live anymore, he will not read anymore. He cannot do anything anymore.

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So viral mamnoon mamnoon over here in its literal sense, one that is cut off. So viral mamnoon means uninterrupted, eternal,

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solar home around noon for them is their award that is unceasing, that is never ending that is permanent.

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What do we learn about their award about the various blessings in general that it will be that the fruit of Jenna lamb newer Lamb of tour, it will never come to an end.

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And also in the Hereafter, the reward is permanent, meaning it will neither be exhaustive nor will it ever come to an end what do we learn holiday in a fear of the unknown.

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Also, later on, no one has been understood as that they will have reward on which one will not be done. They will not be made to feel that a lot of favor has been shown to them.

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Therefore, they need to do a lot. Because when a person gives you a lot of gifts, but they keep reminding you of them, they keep telling you how do you feel.

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Just take your gifts back Leave me alone. But we see that in general part of reward is that the people of general will never be made to feel bad about the blessings that they're enjoying.

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In the near what happens you enjoy but don't you feel bad at the same time?

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Like for example, you go to somebody's house, they put out the food for you. You really like it. You want to have it but you feel bad after taking a plate or two. How much am I going to eat? You feel embarrassed?

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If you love a particular dessert, you take one piece you take another piece you want to have more but eventually what happens next stop enough. What will they think they are telling you eat? Eat what you like no no, it's okay.

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Why, because you have this feeling of guilt as you are receiving somebody else's favor. But we see that part of the perfection of the blessings, the enjoyment in general, is that the people will never be made to feel bad.

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So the home agilon Ryoma, known for them is a reward that is uninterrupted, that is eternal, and they'll never be made to feel bad about it.

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So on the one hand, the ultimate end of the disbelievers is mentioned and what is that way you learn? War, destruction, punishment.

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And on the other hand, the end of the believers, as mentioned long as you don't

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you think about it, Indonesia, everything is temporary. Every single thing is short lived. every blessing that you gain any enjoyment that you have, it comes with sadness, what sadness,

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this will finish, it will come to an end, you buy something very nice for yourself a bottle of cream, whose fragrance you love, but what happens you want to buy the biggest size? Why? Because you know, eventually it will come to an end.

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And if it's on sale, you buy two or three. Why? Because you know that eventually they will come to an end.

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So everything of this dunya It comes with this tag, which tag that it will eventually come to an end. It's limited, the pleasure will eventually sees but we see that the reward of hereafter How is it? eternal, unending, unceasing. It's endless. There is no sadness attached to them. There is no grief attached to them. This is why love, hopefully, this will come to an end. While at home, we are known that oh, I ran out of that. No, no fear, no worries in JAMA.

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And we see that this part of the eye has been understood in another way as well that lahoma a general vitamin known

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that those who believe and do righteous deeds, their reward is eternal, meaning they continue to receive reward.

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That when a person he has is to karma, on a good deed, if he does it continuously, regularly, even when he's not able to do it. Does he still get rewarded for it? Does he? Yes.

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Like for example, the person has a habit of doing something every single day. Let's say he has a habit of reciting the Quran every single day. He has a habit of reciting SoTL milk every single night. But one night he's traveling, or one night, something unusual happens he's unable to read, will he get that reward still? Yes, because Allah says let them know, even though their action has come to a stop.

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But their reward has not come to a stop. Why? Because they had they were doing righteous deeds. And what's the evidence of this? We learned the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said for a traveling or sick person,

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a person who is traveling or a person who is ill. His deeds will be recorded in accordance with what he used to do when he was resident or well,

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that although he is traveling, although he is sick, something unusual has happened, which has prevented him from continuing his action. Still, he will get the reward. Why? Because if he was not sick, would he have done it? Yes, if he was not traveling, what do you have done it? Yes.

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So the home eduroam hieromonk, they will have a reward that is unending.

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Similarly, when a person does other kajaria, he gives other airplanes where the benefit will continue. He's gone, he has passed away. But still the reward is coming to him. He does something good, he is gone. But still the reward is coming to him. He is unable to do it anymore. Because of whatever reason he has passed away, or his circumstances don't allow him to continue with that action. But still, the reward will continue to come to him.

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Because in alladhina, amanu, Amita. Sally had long as you know,

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what does it show to us? What lesson do we learn from this? That we should do things once in a while, how consistently, regularly.

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And whatever your circumstances allow you to do? Do it, do it because you never know when the situation will change and you will be unable to continue doing the actions that you were doing before.

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So if you've invested previously, and now you're enabled, what will happen you will continue to receive reward

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isn't it

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But if you haven't invested, if you haven't put in much effort previously, then will you benefit in the future? You will not. This is just like a person who is youth or when he's young when he has the opportunity, learns a lot studies a lot works a lot saves up, investors money, and then later on, he enjoys, doesn't he? He doesn't have the time to study as much he doesn't have the time to work as much but he still has his income coming in. Why? Because he invested previously. So the same way with our good deeds.

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Quran interested in Chicago 25 a las panatela says lo agilon lado mamnoon

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intro to clean Isaac's lol Edina Emmanuelle Amina slyly had Fela home agilon

00:25:51--> 00:26:01

team into rockside, I have 54 in the hands of Allah is una mela human effort. Indeed this is our provision for it there is no depletion

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incertitude i 108, Otto and Layla modules of the store that is uninterrupted

00:26:11--> 00:26:13

they will listen to the recitation and then we'll continue

00:26:14--> 00:26:15


00:26:36--> 00:26:36


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leave me

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una de

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Nina washi.

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And he wrote on line something very, very beautiful. And it's very similar to what this verse number five says that we'll call Illuminati Academy method only, that the greatest punishment that Allah subhanaw taala can put on a person is that his heart is sealed, that he listens to the verses or hears the message, but his heart is healed, then the message or the guidance can never come to such a person. So we should all pray that Allah subhanaw taala opens our heart as well. Alhamdulillah we're all coming here. But we should pray that Allah opens our heart Even more sometimes we begin to feel I think I've done enough or I think I already know this stuff, or I think I'm good. I've been

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there done that. I think I've done more than enough now Now it's time to do something else. So make sure that you make the offer yourself and people around you as well. Because sometimes even when we tell each other well, you know, it says this in the grand look at what you're doing. You're like, No, no, I study already. I know what it is. This is an exception for me. I need to do this right now. Because this is an exception for me. And I have no other choice. This is what we say to ourselves. And you see for whom liars marone that they don't even bother to listen. When a person thinks he knows a lot. He is perfectly fine. Then what does he think he doesn't need to learn more.

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But the fact is that each time you listen, you gain something, isn't it? So you have to listen, we have to listen. And listening includes that we listen to the recitation of the Quran. At that time, don't think oh, I have read the whole Quran. I have studied the whole Quran. I don't need to listen. No, you do need to listen. Listening is the first step.

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And he also said that if a person gets an opportunity to do a good deed, like if they're on vacation, and they memorize one surah during that time, and they take that opportunity, that's great, but if they don't use that opportunity to do anything, meaning a good deed has come your way

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For example, you've been asked why don't you tutor such and such person in Arabic grammar? That was something good that came along to you and you took that opportunity. That's great that person is availing all the good that Allah subhanaw taala has sent to them. But if that person rejects it, then they have really gained a loss. So everything's vanilla, even standing here, you know, like, prettiest two minutes. Listen to the Quran during this time, what do people do, they go outside, you know, they get a glass of water, that's fine. Unless you have something here with you. You drink it here, you know, there's no need to walk around too much go outside too much. Or even during, you

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know, the dream class, people say, you know, I'm kind of tired, I'm going to sit outside, you know, you're missing out on such a great opportunity, which after this, you might not get again, if you leave it once, who knows if Allah subhanaw taala will give it to you again or not, he's making this easy for you, he's made a specific slot for you the this half hour you're going to do on the recitation of the Quran, what more can you want, sometimes we try to take out half an hour from our day at home, it doesn't happen. But we Allah subhanaw taala has made this time for you specifically to recycle.

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So when a person availed his opportunities, he is in fact investing. And then when he invests like this, and even when he's unable to continue the action, he will continue to receive the reward.

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So this is a huge lesson for us that if we want reward that is later on known, then, for the time that we have our action should also be.

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Hearing itself is a huge faculty. I was watching this video where a woman she was deaf for all of her life, till the age of 29. And when she received her hearing at the sound of her own life, she was crying at it. So if you don't use this in the proper way, we don't know what else to do it.

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So it's a huge blessing. And it's something very easy to do. In order to see what do you have to do open your eyes. But in order to listen, you have to open your ears through already open. You don't have to do anything. You don't have to put in any effort. Just listen. And for listening, you need the interest of the heart. When you have it. And you listen, you will benefit.

00:32:09--> 00:32:22

And you know, sometimes we think that we have studied and we have learned, we don't need to listen anymore. But the thing is that sometimes you listen only for five minutes only for 10 minutes. And it could serve as such a huge Mindfreak. Such a huge reminder.

00:32:24--> 00:33:01

I remember during the summer, one of the sisters from the previous batch, she was teaching an assembler course. And every time she would finish a class, she would come and sit in the class. And one day she told me that by the time I came out of my class and came in here, there are only like five minutes left. So I thought to myself, Why go five minutes, what am I going to get? When she said I came anyway. And she said I came anyway. And I was reminded of one thing. And this person sitting next to me. I just spoke to her after class. And I was able to benefit her and she was sharing with me how she benefited from those five minutes even. And what do we think? Only five

00:33:01--> 00:33:11

minutes? Only 10 minutes? What's the point? But the thing is you listen to the Quran even for five minutes. You can get a lot a lot.

00:33:12--> 00:33:18

though, is there any difference? No matter whatever you're hearing, please benefit from it. Because if you want it

00:33:20--> 00:33:33

this is the listening part this time is going to make a big difference. I don't think it's less of a sign of the course. Whatever you're going to get it for on is amazing. every verse every time it comes up in a new way.

00:33:34--> 00:33:36

Every part is meaningful. I got I have to.

00:33:38--> 00:34:12

Just a few days ago I had a sister asked me if I could pick up a CD for her. I feel called a bookstore and she said I want something with Quranic recitation with side by side translation. And I asked her I said that they didn't have anything like that they had only put on recitation. And she said that no, don't get that from me. Because what's the point if I'm not going to understand it? And I was just thinking after what we learned today that how much benefit there is just from even listening, the Quranic recitation and how you know, it opens your heart and it improves your recitation. So what can you give her now? Get her a CD? And along with that you can also give her

00:34:13--> 00:34:22

which is the brief explanation of the because what did we learn earlier that are on an Adobe, and they call me, the early moon?

00:34:23--> 00:34:32

And who are those people who know who understand the Quran in Arabic And if that's not possible for a person who has knowledge. So the first step is to understand the Quran.

00:34:35--> 00:34:46

He told me that she had completed her memorization, and now that she has joined the course. I was very happy that after memorizing now she's understanding

00:34:47--> 00:34:55

and I asked her if this experience was different, she said, it's very different before I had to read a lot. And I said, Now you have to descend a lot and write a lot.

00:34:56--> 00:34:59

And the person reads a lot, listens a lot, writes a lot. Then he becomes

00:35:00--> 00:35:02

Herman his understanding and knowledge

00:35:04--> 00:35:16

was the other way as well, students, when they complete the understanding of the Quran, then they go towards the memorization as well, that is another way also, they're memorizing. And then they review the translation again as well. So that makes it stronger. Exactly.

00:35:18--> 00:35:51

I was just thinking that a lot of times these days, we make the excuse that we're not like the Sahaba. Because we don't understand things, the way they understood things, we don't see things the way they saw them, we don't hear the Quran like with their ears, with their understanding. And this versus also kind of talking to us these verses, because we make the same excuses that the machine made. And the response is that we should remember that the Prophet son was no different than us, except that he received revelation. And that his only message was like Isla de la la. So we understand that and we believe in the hereafter. And we constantly try to improve ourselves. And

00:35:51--> 00:35:52

that's the way to be like,

00:35:54--> 00:36:30

just before we continue, one thing came to my mind, about lahoma agilon vitamin, that if a person availed the opportunity that he has, and he invests in good action, he does something to the best of his ability. And even when he's not able to continue with it, the action continues, and inshallah the reward also continues. An example came to my mind that 1994 was that my mother, she started teaching the Quran regularly. I mean, these courses began, and every single year, she would complete one course.

00:36:31--> 00:37:11

And 2007 was the last time that she taught daddy macaron course, and that she wasn't able to complete due to whatever reasons. But then, you know, when I opened the website, and I looked at all the recordings, and if I want to learn anything, preparing my lesson, I listened to her lectures, she's not teaching regularly anymore. However, in so many places, the same courses being taught again, and again and again. So I mean, a person, okay, he doesn't have the ability to continue for whatever reason, they're busy elsewhere, they have other things to do. But if you will have taken advantage of the opportunity that you have, and you continue in your action with Mr. Karma, wherever

00:37:11--> 00:37:20

you are, whichever city whichever country, that even when you're not able to continue, your work will continue. And inshallah the reward will continue.

00:37:21--> 00:37:55

Just because she's taught the Quran more than 10 times, it doesn't mean that you don't teach anything else anymore. No, 100 I just didn't see why she stopped so many other books, and are humbled so many people are benefiting from it. So never should a person think that I have done enough. Never should a person think I have done enough. I have taught this once I have studied this, once I have studied this three times. I've taught this three times. So you know, I've done sufficient and I don't need to do anything else anymore. No. When you are consistent in your action, only then the reward will also be permanent, consistent.

00:37:56--> 00:38:33

Many people say to me that, you know, now you're teaching for the third time sufficient? Do you have a kid now, after the scores, don't do anything, take time off and spend the time with the child. And I know I can't do that. When I look at my mother, we were kids, we went through school, she had her son, she raised all their children to travel from one place to the other. She was consistent. And that is a motivation for me as well. And that should be motivation for you as well. Then everything Have you done something once, twice, thrice, four times. It's sufficient No, keep doing it. Keep doing it. Because you don't know when your situation will change and you will not be able to do it

00:38:33--> 00:38:37

anymore. So when you're not able to do anymore, at least what you've invested in the past

00:38:40--> 00:38:42

and you can do other things as well.

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Hello colonna.

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R Rahman

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