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Santa Monica Welcome to library cuts everyone welcome back to on 3430 hamdulillah bromine. Today we are blessed to have a first time guest that hamdulillah Rami and sister Danya tabacky, who had hamdulillah recently joined the team as a fellow and is based in Canada. And you can read her bio on Europeans website hamdulillah Grameen, she she completed her her degree and also took from the University of Jordan, Amman, she, she holds a Master's of education with specialization and societies, cultures and languages from the University of Ottawa. And she does just wonderful work with the public education system and refugees, but also at hamdulillah. She's been working on a

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research paper regarding and most of the lochsa and we're very excited. I'm the librarian for that paper to come out this year inshallah to Ana which will shed some light on some of the hidden gems with the Luxor and we're very happy to have you with us, Mr. Daniel, welcome to the Welcome to the show.

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A lot of coffee and you were telling us about the painting behind you Would you mind sharing that with the audience because beautiful Mashallah. My grandmother, Michelle.

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The life long life she she's an artist and she always paints from a shop so she does not sell them even the lowest dollar she should. She does them all for charity work and her my grandfather laid him off. He they were ambassadors for the ports, and actually the book that I'm kind of translating through a translation but it's a loose translation my grandfather's last project he did before he passed away

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last year and he said she's nine years old Mashallah 90 years old and still painting on an Oxfam law court my last pants I connect our hearts and binds and actions and deeds to Alexa. And honestly I'd be remiss if I didn't mention what's happening in Jerusalem right now and in quotes right now you know it's it is difficult and horrific situation where that nastiness is really materializing of the occupation in the worst sense we have these these gangs state sanction gangs running through the streets you know, chanting out Death to the Arabs and we asked the last contact to liberate it and we asked the last Prime Time to place its importance in our hearts and to also make it a priority

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for our our activism for advocacy insha Allah time Connect are your eyes and our deeds to it always a lot. I mean, and that is of course something we one of the intentions we have with the research that you're publishing on an officer is to really is to put that weight in our chests once again so that the weight of the issue is always a front and center for us but in the nighttime.

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So just that kind of thank you for being with us. Shaykh Abdullah, as always is like a locker Good to have you Mashallah. It's good to be here.

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And it fits with standard Danya as we are getting to sorted a slight as well, so it matches the theme of luxan. So I'll give inshallah Tyler just a brief overview of the Sierra of the two surahs that we primarily cover within this Jos, which is a calf and a slot and what the connection between those sewers are. So first and foremost, we know that when it came to healthcare, that it was the profit slice I'm being asked certain questions about about that which came before him to test whether or not he was a prophet. And these sutras are still MCing sutras. And you might wonder how is it that Jewish scholars from Medina are asking the Prophet sly some questions. And it is McKee

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Porter on which is sort of in calf. And the the narrow multiple narrations that sort of speak to this incident, but one of them we find from Ibn Abbas will be a lot of time on hold that the Quraysh seeing the influence of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in Makkah and being afraid of the rise of the Prophet slicin I'm actually sent two of their men another have been Hadith and our equivalent of you more eight to some of the Jewish rabbis in Medina to ask them about some of the questions of the Torah and the need, that they could see how to basically undermine, you know, the people of Mecca are looking for a way to undermine the Prophet of the prophets lie some. So they're

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saying maybe the Jewish rabbis can give us something that can undermine his knowledge of that which came before him. So the Jewish rabbis tell them to put three questions before the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam and they say if he answers these questions correctly, you should know that he is a prophet and a messenger of Allah. And he fails to do that, then you should know that he is a pretender and he is not a messenger of Allah. So it's very interesting that they're giving these questions to the people of Mecca and saying, look, if he passes this, he is indeed the foretold prophet in our scriptures. If he fails to answer these questions, he isn't

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Not the prophet in these that has been foretold in the scriptures. So they asked the Prophet slicin them first about the young men who had left their city in the distant past and what happened to them?

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And this is of course, referring to a Sabal calf, the people of the cave secondly, they asked the prophets lie some about the man who travelled through the east and the west of the earth and what had happened to him. This is talking about a father. It his Salaam, thirdly, asked him about the rule, and what the rule is, what is the Spirit? What is the soul? So they come back now that have been harder than equipment? I've been worried. And they, they, they say that we have these questions. So they come to the profit slice of them and they asked the profit slice and the profits otherwise someone was accustom to, yes, a lunatic when they asked the profit slice on anything,

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Allah subhanaw taala sends the revelation. So he told them that he would answer them tomorrow. But gibreel at his Salaam did not come to the prophets, I send them with the answers except after 15 days. And you know, of course, the the reasoning as we take in our own lives is that the prophets lie some did not say insha Allah that God willing, the answers will come to them. And so it is important for us to understand that everything happens in sha Allah, by the will of Allah subhana wa tada and because of that the revelation came later than it typically would have come and the Prophet slicin was taunted as a result of that. However, the precise detail with which the answers did come

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when they came about who is Hubbard Caf where who the people of the cave were about how the it his salon and moosari salon about little coordinates, were so decisive, that even though the delay was there in the answer, the profit slice that I'm in fact informed of details that were to the point that were accurate, that that fulfilled everything that had been said. And on top of that, they also they answer details that people did not even know about even those that were learned in the Scripture. So the prophets Eliza alum, answers that question or answers those questions rather by the will of Allah subhana wa Tada. And then you have the story of an Islamic Mirage, the journey of

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an Islamic when a mirage and of course the connection between the two surahs. I recommend you read in the companion guide and I know that you know, standard Danya and Charlotte Tyler will be talking about this as well. But one thing to keep in mind from a setup perspective, you know, there is another deep connection as it relates to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam the journey of morsani salaam and Hodder Ali Salaam, where he is asking him questions and he does not yet know the Prophet sallallahu wasallam if you read the journey of the Prophet sly some and others thought wouldn't be alive. These are just some things to pay attention to when Djibouti and it Salaam takes the Prophet

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sallallahu Sallam from point to point and shows him scenes and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam is asking Jabri Ronnie Salaam, what is this? What is that Subhanallah this journey of showing him things that he had not seen prior to that Salalah Harney, Assam so that is happening on the night of an assault with Raj, we have the prophets being gathered behind the Prophet sallallahu sallam. So after this long, you know a slate of suitors that comes with the stories of the prophets to affirm the Prophet slicin them what greater affirmation to the prophets Eliza them than to lead the prophets in prayer Subhanallah I mean, after the sutras have come down to him, so Allah morning, so

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I'm affirming his heart, and now they are gathered for him in a loquats in Jerusalem, and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam leaves them in prayer. That is the greatest affirmation to the messenger sallallahu wasallam. And just as the prophets of Allah Han he was sent on was questioned, with those questions that no one would know. Except for a prophet that was foretold in the scriptures. We know that when the Prophet sallallaahu salam came back from the night journey from the journey to Jerusalem to the heavens and back, that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam was able to tell them things that he had seen along the route, they said, How could it be that you had gone from Mecca to

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Jerusalem in one night, and come back, and Subhanallah one thing that happened is that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was able to recount the things he saw along the way that were happening at that time. And so when they go back and they speak to the people, or when the prophets lie, some speaks to the people about what he saw along the way. The people of Mecca could then go out and they could speak to those that were between Mecca and Jerusalem and find out if what the prophet sly son had said, Indeed happened at those times. And that was the case. So the messenger so ally center was able to speak about the movements of people between Jerusalem and Mecca on that night who was

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settled where what was happening were some of the sights and scenes that he

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Sorry, his thought was slam on that night. And then when they asked the profits license about oxa Subhan Allah,

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Allah has raised the, the site of an oxide in front of the messenger still alive is that um, so he started to describe Jerusalem. Exactly. And he was looking at it while he was describing it to the people. So even after he came back, Allah bless the messenger, salallahu alaihe salam, to have the to have a quotes to have an oxide in front of him. So he could actually point out what he has seen sallallahu is done and then express that to the people. We also see some kind of love that with the messenger, it has a lot to assign in this regard, that the questions that were being asked to him, the prophet sly son was answering them on the basis of knowledge on the basis of what was being told

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to him. But then after the slot when Mirage, the prophet sly son was able to answer questions based on what was shown to him. And this is, of course, a transition that the scholars mentioned from Emily, a painter in antiochene. From the certainty of knowledge, through learning through the certainty of sight to actually being able to see things and the challenge for us in the Quran, from the very beginning is a Latina, you know, not belabor those who believe in the unseen, with most any salon with a harder array, his salon, of course, all by the power of Allah moosari, his salon was being given access to one element of the unseen, which was the way that a lot uncover work the way

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that the Divine Decree works. And that was only by Allah's permission to give him a window into that with the profits of the lions, and I'm being raised on the night of an assault with my Lodge, with gibreel at his salon explaining to him the sights that he was seeing, he was being given a window out of his mouth was Salam into what he had, what he had been preaching about what he had been told about sallallahu sallam, to where Allah subhana wa to Allah gave him you know, such access to no other human being had been given before of the unseen, that he could then speak about. So the licen him after having seen it himself. So this journey of moose Islamism, whether it is that I'm at this

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journey of the Prophet slice, I'm done with it, some, I think, is one that is often lost upon us this journey of the combination of the prophets praying behind the Prophet sallallaahu, Selim affirming the messenger and his Salatu was salam, welcoming the Prophet sly somebody as he goes through the heavens, you can imagine what this what this brought to the heart of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and indeed Subhanallah the change would happen as a result of that. The last thing I'll mention in this regard, is that the scholars mentioned a fatty that they mentioned a benefit in this regard with sortcl calf that certain calf was a group of people that went to a cave to escape

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fitna and that the Muslims were about to leave Mecca to escape fitna to escape trials and tribulations, you know, from the people of Mecca, the fitna that the people of the cave, the tribulation, that the people of the cave were escaping was different in its nature, but it still speaks to the willingness and the idea to depart from the comfort of your homes, as a result of conviction in your beliefs and to endure the struggles and the trials that come with that. And in both situations, you have sincere supplications that were made, and then eventually victory that is given from Allah subhanho wa Taala. To a believing people to a righteous people, in this case, the

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most righteous generation that has ever walked the face of the earth, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and his companions, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to send his peace and blessings upon him and to be pleased with his companions and to join us with them. Allah amin, inshallah tala, I'll invite first and foremost to step down yet if she wants to share any reflection, and then we'll move on to share a little bit.

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What's interesting about sorts of SWAT as its makansutra, except for three verses, and it was revealed around a year and two months before the hedra. So it has the characteristics of a madness with almost no structure, the long verses and it's the beginning of the Quran, as we read it now, then the contest still almost say about an athlete. And it's almost like the scholars would say, a transitionary surah between these two periods, because it deals with a lot of topics, such as a strong marriage and, and the profession of the decider. And also the themes of like blessings and thankfulness that we see a mix with intimate and kind of touches over commandments of social

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dealings and justice in Islam.

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Mashallah, Mashallah, I can't wait to hear some of the further reflections you have about a coffee. So indeed, SubhanAllah. It is, you know, it's like just like it's a transition point for the profit slice. And then it's also a transition point in the poor and as well, so Pamela is, as you say, it takes on the style of, of both periods as well and some of the themes incorporates them as well.

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Monica Lewinsky from Chicago. Yes, Paula, you know, with the sort of extra you know, what we know of the name of one of the illustrious campaigns, said the Abu Bakr radi Allahu anhu. He was called the voracious one the truthful one is because we're sort of under de soleil, they were selling he really he really believed in the promise. And a lot of it was sentiment believe that what he said was true, true to the degree that he believed that he ascended the heavens as Fabio de Leyland, you know, that he went, he went from Russia to Harlem, and I mentioned in Oxford, and then he really jealous that he went up to the heavens and Subhanallah what would happen happened in couches that took place, to

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the degree that the coloration that people were, they didn't believe this cover from the palace, a lot of them this news, and they came to Abu Bakar and Abu Bakar, another Allahu anhu at this time, is where his name his nickname, who was given a siddik, because he believed and he said, if it is, as he said, then this is this is the truth, this is what has happened. And this kind of love is directly and indirectly and as a reassurance and an encouragement for the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam being that he said to him up to the heavens subhanho wa Taala and he showed the Prophet sallahu wa sallam that which was, you know, unbelievable for him, but this was a huge a huge

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encounter for the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, which was strengthen him at the same time by showing him right your lane, as mentioned earlier at again, which is a different level of surety not to say that he was never sure, but when you see an ad, again, it is something that is my CEU something that you can, with your senses, you can actually see. And Subhanallah that is something that is amazing for lack of better words, and encouraging for the promise of the lie, there was something for him to persist on this message which will be filled with trials and tribulations. And throughout this message, and throughout this, these encounters and throughout this comfort from a

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loss of kind of went down to this love and protection and honor that Allah said kind of without it gives him at the same time throughout all of this, there will still be a level of sadness to the degree that he may want to not literally but feel like he wants to you can absolutely destroy himself out of sadness for wanting guidance for people. And that's the verse that I want to speak about in the chapter of the calf. At the very beginning, we're a loss of kind of what data mentions a reality for him and some scholars say a prohibition for him. Were last month Allah says here for the unlikeable here on Neff circa Allah fit him in them, you know, we hadn't had he suffer. And this

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is the sixth verse in the chapter of calf. Well, last month, Allah says here, perhaps you would kill yourself in grief over their footsteps or over their thoughts over what they left because they did not believe in the narration did not believe hadn't had it. And some scholars say that Hadith the narration is the Quran. What is interesting here is that a lot of kind of what to honor as scholars mentioned, that this is a form some would say of a prohibition, that it is not befitting and not for you as a messenger, which was which has been given a message, you have no ultimate control over their guidance. So do not get Don't be sad to the degree to where it will cause you stress to the

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degree that you may want to kill yourself not literally, but that much stress which could alter your reseller or your giving you the message to the people, it's human to be said and as a matter of fact, it's important for us as Muslims as human beings to love people and to ultimately want guidance for them because that is the right of a lawsuit kinda want to honor upon them. But it's just upon you as Allah subhanho wa Taala says in the chapter of rock that verily upon you is in but out what Elena is up, it is upon you just to relay the message to the best of your ability in a conducive fashion that which they can totally understand. And with that being the case you have

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fulfilled your Eman, you fulfilled your responsibility. If they choose not to take the message, if they're belligerent upon you still have mercy on them. But do not let that sadness bring you to the level of grief. And which is an interesting point is some scholars say that the word SFS ilam you know, we haven't had the SFR This is an explanation of a behind me that he was someone that was stressed to the degree that it brought him severe grief and grief rather than anger because there's another version of our ally uses the same word esa when Allah subhanho wa Taala says in the Quran, I struggled last time Jean, we says Phantom acid for them to condemn and who for whom he may well

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that's what Allah talks about. The people of their own, when they were the ones that angered a lot

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When I'm asked for when I'm naming for other lockergnome ngma, when they deserved and cause our anger, and took a noun for Avila con album, edge Marine, and we cause them to drone. But yeah, I never set up an opinion and we made them an example for the future nations to come. But here it is grief. It's not anger, it is grief. So understanding that, firstly, the love of the prophets of Allah, there was something for his people, and the love for Ines. gymea. And for all of mankind, it's important for us to look at that aspect of his lifetime, that aspect of his message. But this religion, as we know, is a religion that is also you can be sad, it is upon you, you know, to be

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sad, if you are trying to call someone to the message as he tried to call his uncle, you know, as he tried to call certain people to Islam, many of us may try to call our family members that may be Muslim, but they're not praying, they're not practicing. We haven't found members that may not be Muslim, and they have no desire to be Muslim. As a matter of fact, they may be belligerent to the message of Islam. And this saddens the human being. So when we read this verse, it's important for us to remember the human side of the Prophet sallallahu was some and he was saddened by the people. And throughout this era, it is numerous, numerous events that we talked about earlier, when he left

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them thought if and he was, you know, thrown pellets and things of that nature to where it was a level of sadness to him and even asked for a loss with Allah to forgive them for inaudible como la animal that they don't know. So it's important for us to remember the human side of the promise and align it with center to look at our lives and see those people that may not understand this message or those that may understand it, in our belligerent in defiance against it, do not let that sadness take you away from continuing on this message, to call the people to goodness to call to the people to their Creator. So looking at the encouragement from Allah subhana wa, to the Prophet salon, it

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was something comforting him and realizing just as that was with the process of him, he will never leave you as well. As long as we stick to the message that Allah spent Allah wants us to emulate and to exemplify. A lot of this does not come from the beautiful reflections of Allah and I couldn't help but think like a robocall the last time I'm home once again he passes the first I have the poor like unsorted bucket right like I mean, yeah, if the profit slice I'm said it's true. The profit slice of them had full certainty and what was being given to him and abubaker or the law I know had full certainty in what was being given to the profit slice alum and any window that abubaker was

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given was just extra affirmation for him all the time. But He manifests just the perfect set like truthfulness like what you said is true. I don't need to I don't need to see the opposite of love because I see you and I know you and the same thing with the messenger sign something that is the reward for the believer is that the affirmation is increased Lee as dadoo imana so that they can grow in their fate so vertical if you can for the beautiful reflections instead the danyetta family you can reflect on Shaykh Abdullah said and then go into your topic and take your time and shall I'm sure everyone is very interested to hear what would you have prepared for us in the nighttime Luffy

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Miss Medina

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so uncommon name of the surah as we know, as sort of stopped but also has two other names. Many straight as Hannah and today I want to focus on the words of Hannah for the surah as soon as involved between two types of presses the the sort of before so within the head adamawa hypnotist, start, you know subhanho wa Taala um, I should warn, the commander of a lot is coming so be not impatient for it. Exalted is He and high above all they associate with him. So the word to speak as mentioned here, and the praise that comes after and so the gaff is enhanced hamdulillah the answer lad obtained kita opium praises for a wall who has rebuilt the book to the server.

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And so the slot starts with a spanner lady sob up to healing I mean, unless you that had on the inadmissible officer under the barrack. Now, how old are you, Maria human is Gina, now who was me I posit word to him who has made his servant travel by night from the sacred place of worship to the furthest place of worship, whose surroundings we are blessed to show him some of our signs. He alone is the old hearing also. So the surah starts with starts with the name of the words. And that's why it's named after my name, and no other sort of put on it actually begins with the lunch panel. And there's actually no other surah in the Quran that has the words panel, so panel mentioned as many

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times it is, and sort of the last straw and we there's other students that start with sub Baja, which is a verb, but unlike thumps panda is a noun. And when we say the word Spanner, it's the word span just is and it's not restricted to time or place like a verb. And it's kind of means a lot is exalted before operation and

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After patient and whether or not Christian even makes the spear His glory is independent of whether our chances of Panama.

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And when you think about the advent of a strong metal, just miraculous nature of it, of the journey defied all the normal physical rules of time and distance. And to reflect on that it's kind of the same way that the words pan is not restricted to time or place. And just trying to contemplate that makes us an awful lot. And this is a lesson for us here in thicket. It's very accessible, because Allah is very accessible, and it's within reach for us, when a lot of scribes to speak, like saying so panaway will be handy here. He calls them lay upon the tongue, and being able to address Panama in any time or place wherever you are a true blessing.

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So we're just to speak mean or say subhana wa. When we say Subhana, we're declaring and affirming the perfection of a live solution by negating any deficiency from being attributed to Allah. Not only is he free from any flaw, but his above all flaws. This is a core element of our understanding of the law says our poor to create, as we said, This is my consoler sources paragraph. And he is not like he's nothing like humans, he is above anything to be compared to secretion, and Arabic we use a word called Tansy, which means both exalted and above any false claims. So circling back to the beginning, where we start with suparna, even Ashley mentions in his Tafseer, that sort of starts

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with this word without anything preceding it, and kind of alerts the listener that they're about to use something great. It's on a smaller scale. It's like when we read a news article says incredible and exclamation marks, we already know that there's something great that we're going to read or something of great importance, asserting this also prove the magnificence and unabashed an unmatched ability of the speaker, who is a lot and also assures us that the person that he's going to be talking about has a high status, which is the proper his soul to the salon.

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Again, also Thirdly, the announcement the miracle the swag Morales Mirage, is prefaced by the words panel guiding the listener to our ideal reaction when we hear this, like we said, say no worker is idle. His reaction was immediate belief. But most people, they immediately disbelief when they hear something that their minds can rock around. And this is unfolding in the syllabus. The disbelievers of Quraysh will try to dismiss this as a dream. And the words apana wouldn't be mentioned here if it was just merely a dream, because it deserved a big type of announcement. So this I actually confirms that the Prophet alayhi salatu salam met on this night journey, he went awake and not in a dream.

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And he wrote went both has just said Little human, both soul and body. And we know this because Allah says be up to he, he uses the word servant. And it's a comp in this court has called for body and soul. So again, we see that the form of praise of suparna means allows perfection by negating any sort of perfection in his attributes as essence. And again, his actions which is a sort of Mirage,

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and the word out, I just want to focus a little bit on that because a lot doesn't refer to our profits name here doesn't say, the Mohammed obiora suta. He, he says we have to hear because whenever a lot refers highly the prophets. He mentions, they're a rookie, he mentioned that there are servants of the law. And we were taught here that the highest as an honor one can achieve, it's actually a good idea. And I'll look on his, his servant is more valuable, more honorable and being called by your title or by your name. And second of all,

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as Chabot is talking about the Prophet still being human, the prophet wants incredible and unique journey of astronomy knowledge, but he still remained the app and he didn't become superhuman. That's amazing, because later on in the surah, and that is describing how Pura is challenged a prophet with numerous times as bringing them bringing on face to face with Allah or with the angels as proof of his prophethood. Allah instructs, it instructs the Prophet so sensei tapana, it'll be helping to Illa helping to a lava, Sharon Rasulullah say, Exalted as my Lord, was I ever bought a human messenger. So it's really sort of really focuses on the fact that no matter what miracles

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occurred at the time, it does not deduce the prophets humanity at the end of the day.

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So later on, we began with us and us regarding data minimize to the harm, so going from Mecca, to Jerusalem to muster up so I love the work and how long we have blessed its surroundings. So we noticed that I have a lot of promise to offer. It's a place that a lot of biochar surrounding not just the masjid and not just the storming walls, but the city is and the Lamont area. It's almost like a ripple effect. Our circles the Basilica emanates from the core, American Arabic means to grow and to increase. And we have but again, something it's almost like a gift that keeps on giving. It's just stretches beyond ordinary give. When Allah puts berikan something in itself is a miracle. And

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when Allah matches Abel budock, everything's running off. So it's another wonder that that should stimulate our hearts to save the planet. And the miraculous journey of love

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Prophet he embarked on my Raj really reflects the status admissions officer. As part of our doctrines program leader, visiting mastery also does not only tie offers closer to current issue on hand, but also bestows upon us the many rulings and virtues. And there's many narrations and holidays of the Prophet and so to snap, that magnify the value of Michelle so in our lives, it's blessed by being the first public for Muslims, and being the sacred and being sacred, sacred mosque over any other mosques being one of the three sacred mosques in our religion. And it's a direct connection with a mastery of some their second pillar of Islam makes it makes it an undeniable

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element of our theology, and the magnificence of a straw, a mirage is centered on in the West land of myself. So I'll also emphasize as a central point to our belief, and the miracles of the West.

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Later on, we talk about the foot on and, and the effect it has on us. And again, this is the professional the law is also an essence, but also his speech, which is fine. And right in the beginning, we know for certain that this put on came down without any doubt without any false, reflecting on almost perfection and majesty. And between the iOS 40 and 46. There's more the pagans of Mecca. And there's they talked about they had statements of shilka tributing, angels as daughters to Allah. And then I 43, Allah completely refused these statements saying supply now what am i aku Luna Luna lumen kaviraj? Here is he an exalted amongst immensely above anything that they say,

00:31:37--> 00:32:16

because for a lot of partners, our offspring will take away from this divine perfection. And after that, and I 44 it doesn't start with panda but to submit, explaining that the seven skies and the earth and everything between that makes to spear to Allah and forms that we do not know, because the word form we know is why our tongue. So it's really important to kind of have this in mind that the creation around us at any time of day is also making to spear and to tie up the end of the surah. And the beautiful passages between 105 and 109. Allah talks about how the arm came down with it. And and verse 107, Allah says that there's two options regarding how to look at on either ugly and

00:32:16--> 00:32:57

unexplained. And those who have those who have the knowledge of the previous books, wonderful on was decided upon them, they a lot tells us they fall into root, they were known as Japan or have been awarded to our Lord, our Lord's promise has been fulfilled. And here's a planet notizie manner in regards to negating any perfection that's attributed to Allah being him not being it for him to break the promise. And the promises I is to them hammered coming because that was a promise that was in the previous books and a lot always and consistently, the filter promises and we know that they kept crying and their suit at a question all the law, and the more they heard of the put on, the

00:32:57--> 00:32:58

more they increased

00:33:01--> 00:33:41

zarco Ohio, so Pamela that was um, absolutely profound, and I think inshallah, my request of you is going to be, we need to take those notes and turn them into an article because that was really profound. Michelle, I think that it really helps when you're saying sapan a lot to actually think about the way that it's used in the poor. And and, particularly, I think what you what you just did Michelle lon and situating it in historical context and the way that these sort of slow, very, very powerful, very thorough Tabata kolomela bless you have started danios and I know that we all benefited from that tremendously low reward you it's probably I was just thinking about the

00:33:42--> 00:33:43

sort of calf

00:33:44--> 00:34:21

is also setting the Prophet sallallahu Sallam for the question, and he's going to get from the the Jews in Medina. And maybe some of the Christians that he will encounter afterwards being people have the book, whereas certain Islam is the questioning now that he's going to get in Mecca from the pagan sort of this last line of questioning. So it's the questioning coming from both ends. And Allah subhanaw taala, elevating our messenger and he his Salatu was Salam in both of those situations. And I really, I think appreciated more than anything else, honestly, how you tied the tests beer to the slot that someone says, How is it possible? He went from here to here? How is it

00:34:21--> 00:34:58

possible that you did this and this and that, and it reminds me of a narration about the Day of Judgment where some of the Sahaba asked the Prophet slice alum, and I'm paraphrasing about how will people be made to walk on their faces on the day of judgment and the answer of the messenger it slot was slammed was the one who made them lock on their feet will cause them to walk on their faces last night. Because amongst them a lot, I mean, but it's it is it is it's something right like a lot is not subject to our dimension of time and space. And the fact that Subhana I mean, he can do whatever he wants and the name of the surah and as we mentioned at the beginning of the series that sometimes

00:34:58--> 00:34:59

a surah has multiple names.

00:35:00--> 00:35:09

So the name of the surah is in facts of Hana. And there is no other sort of like that is truly something to marvel at. So I bought a coffee key for those wonderful insights

00:35:11--> 00:35:14

from the lady have anything last comment you'd like to share on Chaldean?

00:35:15--> 00:35:26

Yes, one thing that comes to my mind is Subhan Allah the word Subhana Allah Hamid Mashallah me along with us for just mentioning his name every every time you know and even when I was when the Prophet sallallahu wasallam inshallah.

00:35:27--> 00:36:13

He says Subhana Allah as the Abdi and it's interesting how you know, Michelle, she mentioned how it is a tissue leaf being a servant is one of the most noble ways to be called. Other than that for creation it is the total opposite right it's total opposite but what the creator that is the most noble of names is also some even mentioned, you know, the 11 names to Allah Subhana Allah so when we look at the name Abdullah it was the same thing that's a panela as I said, with the first thing that came out of his mouth color in the Abdullah at any detail about what Jalan in India, and also what was he says response to Allah subhanho wa Taala when the last month Allah said undercoated in acid

00:36:13--> 00:36:17

taffy dooney we're omya illa Hanuman doing Illa Allah Subhana

00:36:19--> 00:36:57

responses the sponsor of Tansy is no shape for fashion. Are you associated with any of that because you are far from that? That's what glory means to glorify to magnify and whenever last month Allah talks about what bothered to her the law, what are the Subhana you know, it's always companion so there's like a lot of effort capitalizing on that just a connection with this, some kind of line being an opt in and you see it with the story but Isa de Salaam kind of joining the two is miraculous, as all the chronic miraculous but just looking at that beautiful connection of being an opt in being proud of being an opt for a loss of kind of what data and at the same time, by being an

00:36:57--> 00:37:03

optimist magnifying a lot in the way that that may leak will be that is a benefit that

00:37:04--> 00:37:04


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not a coffee comes Xochimilco once again and started dunya duck loco chef Abdullah and to everyone for tuning in and shout latonya reminder European institute.org slash Ramadan you can download the Koran 3430 companion guide which talks about some of the structure of the sutras and inshallah will be enriched by what's coming in this season as well in the future but not as was the day by Dr. Bob Wyatt. And a reminder to please consider contributing tip amongst the other organizations and wonderful efforts that you support the salon. Baba koloff ecommerce and I want econ Welcome to law here without a cartel.

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh it's your brother yahia Rahim. It gives me great pleasure to share with you this series are Muslims guide to righteousness to good deeds and good conduct. And I pray that Allah subhana wa to Allah makes it centered and focused around the words of Allah the scripture sent to our nebulizer lamp, that it is a clear path of the Sunnah of the prophets I send them and that it is something that is of a beneficial knowledge that you and I can practice in all parts of our life in our privacy and our public being Allahumma amin