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An-Nur 11-20 The Incident Of Al-Ifk and Word Analysis and Tafsir 11 – Part 2


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The transcript describes false statements made against a woman named Hamza calf, as well as the negative impact of rumors and relationships on people's opinions. The importance of patientism and learning from past experiences is emphasized, as well as the need to be mindful of one's behavior and not allow negative emotions to hold back from success. The speakers stress the importance of being resilient and strong, even in difficult situations, and emphasize the need to be mindful of one's behavior and not allow negative emotions to hold back from success.

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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim

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in the Medina jell o Bill iski. Indeed, those people who came with Elif

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meaning who brought it up, who initiated this incident of if

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this entire incident, this entire accusation against our shuttle did on her, it's called if

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what does it mean? If, from the reflectors, Hamza calf, literally is used for everything that has been turned away from its original direction,

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something that has been turned away from its original direction, something that has been changed from its original purpose or original state, something that you know, something has been made for a purpose that something should be fulfilling. It does not fulfill that rather it state is changed, its purpose is changed, its direction is changed. For example, if you have a machine which in order to function, you have to assemble in a particular way. If you don't assemble in that way, if you open it up, if you turn it sideways, if you bend it, if you don't assemble it, the proper way isn't going to function. No, it's not going to function properly. So this is what if gets to turn

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something from its original direction, and when it's turned around, then it will not be able to fulfill its purpose. And from this, this word is also used for a lie for a false statement for a statement that has been turned around turned away from its reality, that the reality is something else. But it's been twisted, it's been distorted, it's been turned around, it's been misrepresented. And as a result, something that was completely different, is understood differently.

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And when this word is used for a lie, it is more profound. It expresses the greatness of that lie. So in the Latina jell o bill, if key, those people who came with falsehood, against to against meaning, or a shadow on her,

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and the word if over here, this word denotes the declaration of her innocence. That all that has been said about her is what if a lie It's far from reality? She has not done anything wrong in the lead manager or belief key. So right at the beginning of these if this word what does it denote her innocence, that she has not done anything wrong, all that people have said against her. It's if it's a lie, it's a big lie. There's no reality to it.

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So those people who are there, Allah says Earl Splatoon, there are a group men come from you. respa is used for a group of strong men that are numbered between 10 and 40. So basically, it's not a huge number of people. It's a group of strong men that are numbered between 10 and 40. The same word is also used for who in the Quran, the brothers of use of artists and um, they call themselves no respect.

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So they are in Ursula men come from you, meaning they're not mushrikeen. But who are they? They are from among you are Muslims from within you?

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And primarily, it was the Muna 15 it was the hypocrites who had initiated this, who had participated in this. However, it was not just the hypocrites, it was also some sincere believers who actively participated in this.

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Amongst them, were the companions of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam has said even savate who was her son even salad, the great board he, as well as Mr. Evil Sasa, who was one of the relatives of a robot could only learn one of the relatives of ratios that are in her as well as Hannah beans, Josh, and who was she xenophanes your sister.

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So they are from among you. Meaning, although they have slandered or you should have it on her, although they have slandered her, they have accused her of something that is unacceptable. But they're still from within you. They're still Muslim, they're still believers. men come. It tells us many lessons. First of all, it tells us that they're from within you from you Muslims. Secondly, that yes, although they have said this, it has not taken them out of Islam. They're still believers because their men come.

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So what do we see that it was only some people who actively participated in this? All of us have all and the companions did not participate in this

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Many of us, however, did not have a share in this Why? Because they knew how to control their tongues.

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They knew that just because you have heard something, just because somebody said something does not mean it has to be true, does not mean that it is definite. This is why they did not follow blindly. They did not participate in spreading the rumor. And they were not hasty in passing their comments or their judgments. Most of us have a word like that.

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And amongst those Sahaba were the parents of Arusha, Donna, as well as many other great companions, who did not actively participate in this rather they control themselves. But there were some believers men come who did participate in this. What does this show to us? The Great via the great training that the Sahaba had received from the profits.

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That when you do not know about something, when you are not sure about something, don't talk about it, don't pass it on.

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So in alladhina, Jaya will will if key Earth's bottom income,

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Allah subhanaw taala says letter, who do not consider it. Consider what this if this accusation against our children who do not consider this if to be shuttler Lacan to be evil for you. Who was is addressed to, to the believers, but in particularly our children who have family the profits of a lot of them, don't consider this incident to be evil for you. Why? Because Bal rather who are hierarchical, rather, it is good for you. Now, imagine this if it was something so terrible, it was a big lie. It was a slander that caused so much hurt, and so much distress for the profits that allowed them. His wife, his family, Abubakar have learned how to deal with so many companions, the

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profits or losses, and they were distressed because of this. But what is a lossy? Now there are some who

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don't think that it's evil for you. Don't consider it to be evil, no matter how much grief No matter how much concern it has caused you. Why?

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Because many times what a person learns through difficult circumstances, he cannot learn from good circumstances, from favorable circumstances.

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And the mistakes that you make on an exam on a test what happens to those mistakes, you never forget them. You always remember that.

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So yes, it was a big mistake on the part of many companions. Yes, it caused great distress. It caused great concern and worry and sadness, but still don't think that it's evil for you.

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Look at the positive aspect. Look at the good side of it. In it is a lot of good for you. How could it be evil for the Prophet sallallahu Sallam for the believers? Then imagine the prophets wife had been slandered if she could be accused after her anybody could be accused, isn't it?

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And these things are not to be spoken about is an utter slanders and relationships that are going on amongst people, what is this fascia indecency. And we are discouraged from talking about such things. Now imagine there was a rumor about the prophets wife and a righteous companion. And this is going on throughout the whole city.

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Imagine if that pure society is corrupted in that way? Wouldn't you think it would be evil? Of course. But what does Allah say? Don't think that it's evil for you, well, who will highroller calm brother is good for you. This shows a very important lesson to us. That when we undergo some hardship,

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when we suffer from a problem when we are the target of other people's injustice, we are the target of other people's unfair treatment. At that time, do not beat yourself. Do not beat yourself. Because unfortunately, when we are being treated unfairly, we feel that people are not giving a right to us injustice is being done against us. People are talking negatively about us when they shouldn't be what happens. We feel pity.

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We feel that we're so unfortunate. Nobody cares for us. But the fact is that if you reflect upon that situation, that situation that incident, that torture or that unfair treatment has taught you what no other situation could have taught you.

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It has made you stronger

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It has made you a better person, it has made you a concerned person. It has made you perhaps a caring person, someone who is more alert, someone who is more cautious, someone who is concerned about other people's feelings. Many times you will see that there are people who have undergone a lot of hardship themselves. And as a result of that, they get so much courage because of which they want to help other people.

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That story that I mentioned to you about that woman who was fighting against sex trafficking in India, she herself was raped. And because she was raped, it affected her so much that you wanted to save other people.

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Now, imagine somebody undergoing something so difficult. If you begin to pity yourself, you will not be able to do anything, you will not be able to get out of that pain, that hardship, that negative thinking.

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But if you reflect on that situation, and you think, why did this happen? What can I learn? How can it bring benefit to me? How can I bring benefit to others because of what I have learned from the situation. So this is a very important lesson. Anything that happens in life, something that goes against you never pity yourself, think about it, it has taught you something very important.

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Now the question is, how was this incident? Good for believers? Because Allah subhanaw taala says balou highroller, calm how's it good for the believers? in many, many ways. First of all, a loss of panatela rewarded the companions who were directly affected by this for their patients, which companions or it should have been on her, her family, even the Prophet sallallahu Sallam

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because whatever calamity strikes a believer, any difficulty that a believer comes across, even if it is a slight as a prick of a thorn, what do we learn that it is a means of expiation for sins, and it is also a means of reward for a person as long as he has been patient, as long as he has been in Allah subhanaw taala. And he does not do anything that would anger Allah. And if you look at it in this entire incident, we see the patience of the Muslims. We see the patients of eyeshadow on the line, we see the patients of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, we see the patience of a worker of the Rondo and his wife. That how patient they were that I showed the diner. When Mr. told her, she did

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not create a fuss over there. She did not throw a fit. She did not make a scene at that very place. She was so patient that she went home she took permission she went to her parents and then she confirmed and after it was confirmed, after the Prophet sallallahu Sallam came, what did she say for sovereign Jamil? She was so patient throughout this incident. Her parents the prophets are a lot is on them. So when a believer undergoes a difficulty, but he is patient, it is a means of reward. It is a means of expiation of sins.

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So yes, what has happened, has caused you a lot of distress. But look at the positive side. Look at the positive side, be hopeful for a ward that insha Allah, Allah gave you an award for this.

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We see that from the difficulties that a person experiences in his life, a lot of good can also come forth, isn't it? Because when you learn many lessons when you reflect on how you can change your behavior, what you should be doing, how you can be more proactive. All of these things, they teach you many, many lessons. So at times of difficulty, never pity yourself. Never think that oh my god, what has happened is so bad. Rather be patient and hope for reward from almost planetary.

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So we see that I should have learned her her family they were very, very patient.

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Secondly, another height. First height was reward for patients reward for submitting the second plate. How else was this incident good.

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That Allah subhanaw taala revealed the innocence of eyeshadow the learner he revealed the innocence of soft one evening.

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And as a result, their piety, their righteousness, it became evident because imagine Allah soprano data revealed if he revealed verses concerning them.

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Obviously that elevated their rank, isn't it so?

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If you think about it use of Isilon even he was accused of Xena by who?

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By the wife of Al Aziz, but his innocence was also declared by who shahida share he didn't mean earlier, that if the shirt is stolen from the front of the shirt is drawn from the back. So somehow his innocence was declared

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Similarly, we see that muddy and medicinal even she was accused of sin.

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And again, her innocence was also declared by who? by her son who spoke in the cradle.

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But we see that I shed a lid on her, how was her innocence declared?

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Revelation, Allah declared her innocence, if it were revealed, so Bella highroller, calm, this is better for you. Yes, it cause you distress. It caused you a lot of hurt. But remember, this is good for you.

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Also, it was good for you how that then when African, the hypocrites they were exposed, their hypocrisy was revealed. The hatred, the enmity, the jealousy that they had in their hearts against the prophets, or a lot of them against his family, against the Muslims in general, that was exposed.

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And that's something very, very important. Because when the enemy is from within, it's very difficult to point him out very difficult, because he is merged inside.

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But when such difficulties come, when a person goes through difficulties, then he sees who is truly my friend, and who is not my friend.

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These experiences tell you, who is sincere to me, who is not sincere to me. And otherwise, you would never know. And you could be deceived by such people, they could cause you so much harm, they could cause you so much loss. So when such incidents happen, yes, they cause you distress, but remember that your enemy has been exposed to you. And you have been saved from so much harm.

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Also another benefit, which was that the weaknesses that still existed in the Muslim society, they became evident

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that the Sahaba, they had been receiving a lot of training from the Prophet sallallahu Sallam from Makkah, it had been a long time. But obviously, it takes very long for people to change.

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And after all, they were human beings. And as human beings, we all make mistakes. So after this incident, the weaknesses that still existed in that society, they were exposed.

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And as a result of that, more commands were revealed, more commands were sent.

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And you see, it is only after a test, that you find out where you stand. If you don't have a test, do you know where you stand? No. Do you know what your level is? Know?

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When a person takes a test, then you know, okay, this is what they're strong at. And this is what they're weak at. Correct. You can see your mistakes, then you know, where to improve, you know, okay, something that you have mastered or Hamdulillah, something that you're good at, but something is still weak, something still needs improvement. So when this incident happened, the weaknesses that still existed, they became evident, and now there'll be a could be done concerning them.

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Another very important benefit that came out of this incident was that many many commands were revealed as a result of this incident.

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And these commands, they were regarding personal life, they were regarding family life, they were regarding societal life, communal life, and inshallah you will see that in this order. We will learn about many commands, which are with regards to hijab. And as we learned earlier, with regard to the punishment of Xena with regards to accusing someone of Zina. Now remember, all of these comments could also have been revealed otherwise. But when this incident took place, then the people were more ready to accept. When this incident happened, then they were more cautious. They applied those commands more carefully, with much more attention.

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And also, another highlight that came out of this incident was a realization that there were people who had the confidence to even attack the Prophet sallallahu Saddam's family,

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they had the guts to even attack the family of the Prophet sallallahu sallam.

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When a person does something important in life, when a person does something good, what happens? Naturally, he will invite enemies, he will invite those people who are not going to like him, those people are going to stand against him.

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At these moments, what should a person do? He should display the best of luck the best sub just as a prophet sort of notice that him and his family are you should have learned how to do

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that a person should not react with anger. He should not stoop to the level of the other person.

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And a person should remember that if the other person is coming up against me if he is becoming my enemy, if he is saying negative things about me about my family. This is from shame.

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This is the attack of shaitan. shaitaan wants to distract us from something that is more important.

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Because we see that when this accusation was made against our children, how did the Prophet sallallahu Sallam stop going to the masjid? No. Did he stop leading the people in prayer? No, it still continued, that he stopped mingling with the companions. No, he continued to mingle. But what happens shaytaan he causes such negative things. He creates this nuzzle. He puts this pneus in the hearts of people. Why, in order to distract them from that, which is more important.

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Imagine if you were accused in this way. Would you forget to pray? Perhaps, would you forget to do something perhaps? Would you think about not going to school perhaps? Would you think about leaving the Quran recitation for one day? Perhaps. Why? Because we're so weak. But we see that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and his family, his close companions, they remained firm, even in this situation.

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So a very important lesson, a very important benefit, that when such unfavorable circumstances happen, be resilient, be strong, don't get distracted. This is just a plot of shaitaan to distract you from what is more important.

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Therefore continue to focus on your work, have trust upon Allah, Allah will take care of me, Allah will expose the truth.

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So Allah says Bella hydro Lacan, rather, it is good for you. Don't think it will be evil, it is good for you. There are many lessons that can be learned many benefits have come out of it. But remember, that liko limb the main home for every person from them from who, from the, from those people who participated in this incident, for each person, among them, he will have much less of a minute isn't what he acquired of

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whoever participated in this, depending on how much he participated, he will acquire that medicine. This is something very scary.

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That no matter how righteous a person may be, if he does something wrong, if he says something wrong, then the burden of that sin is on him, regardless of his status, because the harmonica Sabbath, where I lay her mcdata

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if you look at it from the sincere companions from the sincere believers, there were some who participated in this incident in spreading this rumor in accusing the wife of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and amongst them was Hassan even savate, who was the poet of Islam, the one who said poetry in defense of the Prophet sallallahu Sunnah, because there were people from among the Michigan who said poetry, humiliating the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. So in order to counter that has sadly been savate he said poetry in defense of the profits.

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And the profits are all of a sudden prayed for him along with a little headquarters that assist him with Angel debris, that he should say the best part, the most effective portion, the most confident manner, where the people use swords to defend the profits out of those that have used his tongue. This is how much he loves the Prophet.

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But after all, he was a human being, and he did make a mistake. So what does Allah subhanaw taala say Luca Lymbery, Emmanuel mcda. subliminal is this teaches is a very important lesson, that we should never be deceived by our righteousness by the fact that we are doing so much good by the fact that we are involved in Dawa but the fact that we study the Quran, we teach the Quran we do this, we do that. And because we're so righteous, we're so much better compared to other people. If we do something wrong, if we say something wrong, you know, our good deeds are enough to make up for that wrong.

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What do we see? Regardless of how righteous you are, regardless of who you are, legally marry in Menlo Park de minimis.

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If you have done something wrong, if you've said something wrong, you are going to get the share of that sin of the wrong that you've done.

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You see a true believer he can never ever believe a sin never.

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It's the hypocrite who consider sins to be like a fly something so insignificant, something so small. What's the big deal is only a flight something so tiny. But a believer he considers a sin to be like a mountain. So he cannot say that it's okay. Nevermind, I also do this good deed. So that good deed will be a means of explanation for the sin that I'm doing.

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The many times we don't control our tongues. Many times we do things that are incorrect. And we satisfy ourselves saying I'm also doing this good.

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But this is a warning for us that Lee kolibri in Minho McDowell.

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subliminal is for every person, he will get the sin according to how much he indulged in this, how much he participated in this

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one levita Allah. And as for the one who undertook the one who took over

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the work the one that is from newsletters while I'm here.

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And remember that the word the one letter, one letter has several meanings. One is to turn away. The other is do dig charge of something, do assume the responsibility of something to undertake something.

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So when Larry tala tala over here does not mean he turned away, but rather it means that he took charge, he undertook the responsibility of given a whole it's greater share the greater share of what of this if

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meaning the one who had its great portion, its greatest chair, he assumed most of the responsibility for it, because he initiated it. He is one who made it public and who is he have to live and obey? He is the one who started this. He is the one who made it public. So for that person, Allah subhanaw taala says main home from them meaning from the Roseburg law, who are they gonna lean for him is a great punishment in this dunya and also in the ashram.

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Why, because when a person initiate something, when a person starts something, if it's good, then he will not just get the reward of doing that good deed himself, but he will also get the reward of all those people who follow him in that and if a person initiate something evil, then what will happen, he will get the same of all those people who will follow him in that.

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So the one who took its greatest chair, by initiating it, he will have are the one.

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Now in this ayah, many, many lessons can be learned. But the primary lesson is that in the lava, you there Pharaoh any lead in

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those people who believe those people who rely upon Him, who trust upon Allah, Allah defends them.

00:27:19--> 00:27:42

Allah defends them. He proves their truthfulness, he proves their sincerity, he proves that they are right and others are wrong. Provided that a person trusts upon Allah, he continues to rely upon him, and he does not do anything to earn the Wrath of Allah to earn the anger of Allah to be deserving of the punishment of Allah.

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So we see that the people they accused are shielded on her. However, she remained calm. She did not do anything that was wrong. And look at how Allah defends her. That I add, I revealed the people who said wrong things about her. What they said is called if ally which is enough to say that she is innocent.

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And any person who participated in this he is going to get sin, regardless of our righteous he is

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and the one who started it for him as a severe punishment, a great punishment. Look at how Allah defends the righteous. Look at how he defends his believing servants. So when you have someone has a lot of defending you, why worry if you're truthful, if you're sincere, then remain confident Allah will take care of you.

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Let's listen to the recitation.

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