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An-Nur 11-20 The Incident Of Al-Ifk and Word Analysis and Tafsir 11 – Part 1

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Are the villa him in a shape? Lana? rajim Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim? That's the number 177. So to know I am number 11 to 20

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in alladhina Jaya Oh bill if key.

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Indeed those people who came with the if with the false hood, who are the

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earth by two men come, they are a group from among you. There not much shaking, but rather Who are they, a group from among you are Muslims.

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And with regards to this incident of if letter Sabu Shambala calm, don't think it would be evil for you, but who are higher Lacan rather, it is good for you. And we couldn't Lymbery in for every person, men home from them, for every person. Among those who participated in this incident is mK festiva. Amina, isn't what he acquired of sin.

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One lady to Allah kubra, who Minho la who are their buena, Aleem, and as for the one who took upon himself, the greater portion of it than for him is a great punishment.

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This ayah and the following ads were revealed concerning the incident of if

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if Kmeans lie, and this incident is called Alif. Because this was when the wife of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam eyeshadow delana, meaning she was accused of something. She was accused without any knowledge without any evidence of having committed Zina.

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This is why Allah subhanaw taala calls that accusation if and this entire incident is known as an IF.

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And this incident, it took place after the husband have been homeless.

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It is reported in western Oklahoma that I should have learned how the wife of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam she narrated that incident herself as to what exactly happened.

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She said that when the Prophet sallallahu sallam, whenever he wanted to go for a journey, he would cast lots among his wives, and the one whose lot was drawn would go with him. So every time the prophet SAW the Lotus and went for a journey, what would you do? He would cast lots and whoever name would come up, she is the one who would accompany the profit sort of autism for that journey. What do we learn from this,

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the fairness, the justice of the profits of the learner center, so that he does not become biased in choosing who he wants to take with him. And also something very important that he took his wife with him, whenever he traveled, one of the wives would at least go with him on every trip of his obviously, a safe trip. But we see that for this trip, this was a husband this was supposed to be a battle, but still he took one of his wives, so that they also get a chance to get out of the house, go and see the creation of Allah get to travel and experience and learn about new things. So this is something that is very, very important.

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And I shall learn how she said that. So he drew lots of fungus with regard to a campaign that he was going to go out on and mine was drawn. So I went out with the profits on a loan is on them.

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And this was after the commandment of hijab had been revealed, this was after the command of hijab had been revealed. So I traveled in my holder, what is the holder holder is basically you can say, like a small case, which is covered from all sides, and it's placed on top of a camel.

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So that the person who is sitting inside is protected from the heat is protected from the sun. And especially this was used for women, so that they would be comfortably sitting inside. And the people from outside the men could not see them.

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And if you look at it, a holder was made so that the women could travel because think about it wearing and above the whole time is extremely difficult. So they were given private cases in which they could easily sit and they were covered. They were protected from the heat of the sun. And at the same time they were sitting comfortably.

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So she said that I traveled in my holder and I stayed in it when we can.

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We traveled until the Messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam completed his campaign. And then we returned.

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As we were approaching el Medina, we paused for a while.

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And then they announced that the journey was to be resumed. When I heard this, I walked quickly away from the army to answer the call of nature. And then I came back to my home. Then I put my hand to my chest and I noticed that a necklace of mine had broken. So you can imagine she's going on a journey. But still she's wearing a necklace. Why?

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to beautify herself for her for her husband. There's something very important. And when she came back after using the washroom, she realized that her necklace had broken

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So I went back and look for it, and was delayed because of that. And in the meantime, the people who used to lift my shoulder onto the camel came along and put it on the camel thinking that I was inside. And in those times, women were more slender and not so heavy, because they only ate mouthfuls of food. Because you see life in Medina, especially at the beginning was not easy. For many, many years, they weren't able to light any lamps even they didn't have enough oil. If they had the oil, they would consume it.

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So you can imagine that the women they would not eat that much food, they would only eat mouthfuls at a time. Therefore they were very slender, and they were not heavy.

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So the people did not think anything of the holder being so light when they lifted it up as I was a young woman as well at that time. So I should have learned being young being also very light when the people picked up the holder, they didn't realize that she wasn't inside. And what happened, this set off, and I found my necklace after the army had moved on. Then I came back to the place where we had stopped, and I saw no one to call or answer. So just imagine she's looking for a necklace, she comes back and she finds it, everybody has gone. This is where in the middle of the desert. This is not a gas station.

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This is not a gas station, where people usually stop. So if your family has left, if your bus has gone, then what can you do? You can go and sit somewhere and call them. No, there was no way of calling them back. She saw no one to call or answer. So I went to the place where I had been thinking that the people would miss me and come back for me. Eventually, they'll realize that I am missing and they'll come back for me.

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And while I was sitting there, I fell asleep. She was waiting, waiting, waiting until eventually she fell asleep.

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So one evening, Martin, he was a companion to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam he had rested during the night behind the army.

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Because whenever the Prophet sallallahu Sallam would travel, he would always have someone follow the caravan after the caravan had moved on from a place.

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So the caravan would be traveling at a particular pace, but there would always be one person traveling behind the caravan. So he had camped elsewhere during the night. And now that he reached this place, why did he reach this place? Because he was on his way following the caravan. And his responsibility was to make sure that the caravan had not left behind anything important. And if there were any lost objects, if there were any forgotten objects, he would pick them up and he would take them to Medina with him. So this was his responsibility. Isn't this a wise, because imagine a whole caravan is traveling, a lot of people are traveling, it's very much possible that something

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important could be left behind. And so when the people realize that something is missing, instead of the entire caravan turning back, you have one person whose responsibility is to constantly check where the cabin had camped.

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So then he sat out just before daybreak and reach the place where I was in the morning, where he saw the outline of a sleeping person. So she was sleeping. And when he reached he saw there is a person who was sleeping. When he saw me, he came to me. And he recognized me when he saw me. When he came to me when he came closer you recognize I showed the learner, as he had seen me before hijab was made obligatory for me. What do we understand from this? That the Sahaba before the ayat of hijab were revealed? They did not cover their faces. Because obviously, how would you recognize a person by their face? So when the ayat of hijab were revealed? She's not saying that were exclusively for

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us, what did she say? Just the ayat of hijab. So she said that before the out of hijab were revealed, he had seen me. Therefore he recognized me from my face. And afterwards now, when he saw me, although I had been covering my face now, but when he saw me, he recognized me. So this shows to us that before the act of hijab revealed, the women will not cover their faces, but afterwards they began covering their faces.

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So he came to me and recognize me when he saw me as he had seen me before the hijab was made obligatory when he saw me, he said, in Nadella, he was in LA he Roger to Allah we belong and to Him, we shall return. And with that I woke up, and I covered my face immediately with my job. By Allah, he did not speak a word to me, and I did not hear him say anything except in that in there, he was in a larger room until he brought his gavel and made it new, so that I could ride upon it. And then he sat out leading the camel until we caught up with the army as a lot of time. So he reached there in the morning

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What happened? By the whole time they had caught up with the army? But what do we see?

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That stuff when he did not ask I should have they don't know what happened and how are you here? Are you okay? Have you eaten? When did the army leave? Nothing? Nothing at all? Because he knew that when there are two people who are unrelated, a man and a woman who is the third shavon. So to keep shaitan far away as much as possible, what did he do? He didn't even say one thing to her.

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Except for that statement in our layover in LA Rajon, which was enough to wake her up. And that's just by a signal. He lowered his animal, she sat on the animal and then he walked with the animal. So this is something very, very important. Because many times we think that it's okay. It's okay to say how are you doing? How was your day? So what did you do? This is what we think casual conversation is about. But we see that this is what leads to evil. This is what needs to fitna so he did not say anything. And she did not say anything. Because they knew the limits that Allah soprano data had set.

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And she said that there are people who are doing because of what happened to me. And the one who had the greatest share their in was of the luck, even obey even saloon. Why are these people don't?

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Because when I should have known her when she was approaching, and so one was leading her, I believe and obey the leader of the hypocrites, the chief hypocrite. What did he say that something evil has happened indicating that dinner had happened between the two of them.

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And remember that I believe and obey. He had a lot of hatred for the Prophet sort of autism, and not just hatred, but also jealousy. Why? Because before the profit sort of artisan migrated to Medina, Abdullah, even a very was supposed to be made the king of Medina to the point that even his crown was being prepared. And when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam came, everybody forgot about Abdullah, and order law, although he apparently became Muslim, but he had this grudge, this hatred, this jealousy for the prophets of the law that said, I'm so at every occasion, that jealousy that hatred would come out. Like we learned that at the Battle of boyhood, what happened

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on the way to the battle, he said, We're going back and he took many of his men along with him back to Medina.

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So at every occasion, his enmity for the Prophet for Omarosa would be exposed. And this is a reality, that's something that's in your heart, no matter how much you try to hide it, eventually it comes out, you cannot hide it.

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So at this point, he said something very, very evil about I should have learned.

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When we came back to Medina, I fell ill for a month, I should probably lower on her, she became ill. And for an entire month, she was ill. And the people were talking about what the people of slander, were saying.

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There was a group of people who became the people of slandered, they had slandered, I should hold the line.

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And I knew nothing about it. Now, this whole talk is going on in the city, everybody's talking about this rumor has spread very quickly. And I should have the learner being ill being in her house, she had no idea that such things were going on about her.

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What upset me when I was ill was that I did not see the kindness that I used to see on the part of the prophets of Alliance.

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Because he was very affectionate and very loving towards his wives. And especially I should have rang her because she was the most beloved to him out of all of his wives. Obviously, a digital designer was definitely Beloved, but all those were alive, we said that I showed around her was the most beloved to him. And when she was ill, the profits are a lot of them did not show the usual kindness, the usual affection that he would show.

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So that made I should have did on her a bit concerned and that made her upset.

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I did not feel that there was anything wrong, until I went out after I felt better. So after an entire month, when she recovered from illness, she went out one night, and Mr. Shi went out with me walking towards almonacid, which is where we used to go to answer the call of nature to relieve our results. And we would not go out for that purpose except at night. Another very important lesson that we see

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that the women they would go to the washroom when at nighttime, and imagine they're going only once. What does that show? how little they ate, how little they drank. What happens with us, we're constantly drinking caffeine. We're constantly eating one thing after the other which is why we have to keep running to the washroom. We have to keep renewing our will do because many times I see people cannot sit in the classroom for even one hour for even two hours.

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Except for Allah, Masha Allah, which are humbler many, but there are also many who are unable to sit for too long. Why? Because we're constantly eating constantly nibbling. So we see that the women at that time they would go to the washroom only once and that do at nighttime. And obviously, they would not go alone. So she went with Mr.

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So, she said that I went out with a minister, who was the daughter of a blue ocean ignorant, Nepali, even abdomen f. and her mother was the daughter of Sullivan Ahmed, the paternal uncle of Abu Bakar, acidic. So basically, she was one of the distant relatives of ours should have it on her.

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And her son was Mr. Eben musasa.

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And he was one of those people who had participated very actively in accusing I should have learned.

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So what happened then,

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when we finished what we had to do, when Mr. And I came back towards my house. So Mister, while we were coming back, she stumbled over her apron. And she said, Mr. Hubby ruined. You know, it happens sometimes that you bump into something you fall, and somebody whom you're very angry at somebody who were very upset with, you say something negative about them. So I miss that. What did she say at that moment? That may mister be ruined? So I said to her What a bad thing you have said, I should have known her. She said to me, Mr. What a bad thing you have said about your son? are you abusing a man who was present at bother? How can you say something like that about him? So she said Good

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grief. Have you not heard what he has said? I said What did he say? So she told me what the people of the slander were saying, which made me even more

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so justified, and she had no idea. And now all of a sudden somebody tells her, she's already not well, and it made her even more ill.

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When I returned home, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he came in, and he greeted me. And he said, How is that lady? Meaning How are you? indirectly? How is that lady with shows that there was something wrong? So I said to him, will you give me permission to go to my parents? At that time, I wanted to confirm the news by hearing it from them. Just imagine, she was so patient, that as soon as a prophet sallallaahu sudden walked in, she didn't say, Do you believe in what the people have said? Do you trust me or you don't, I never did anything like that, without even saying anything. She asked for permission in order to go to her parents house because she wanted to get that information

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confirmed from her parents.

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We see the patients of eyeshadow that she does not react immediately. And before reacting before saying anything to her husband, she wants to make sure that what she has heard is true. Because she has heard it only from one person. And who does she trust her parents. So she wanted to confirm from them.

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And this is something very, very important. That many times it happens that some misunderstanding has taken place between a wife and a husband,

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misunderstanding. And without finding out about the situation immediately what happens, the wife blows up at the husband and the husband goes up at the wife and later on they find out it wasn't really a big deal. Some matters, you have to be very, very careful with them, you cannot react immediately. And you need to consult your parents first. You need to consult somebody else first before talking to your husband before talking to your wife. So this is what we see the wisdom, the patience of I should have the data before reacting in front of our husband or before even speaking to him about that. She wishes to go speak to her parents first.

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So the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he gave me permission. So I went to my parents house. And what happened? They confirm the news. And I said Subhan Allah, are the people really talking about that?

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Or the people really talking about that she was shocked. She was amazed. And she said that I've wept throughout the whole night until morning.

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Imagine she was a young girl, innocent woman. She had not done anything wrong. She was ill. And she was the wife of the prophet SAW a lot of stuff. And she had been accused of a crime that she would never even think of committing. So imagine how sad She must have been. So she wept throughout the whole night until morning. And she said my tears never seized. And I did not sleep at all. Morning game. While I was still crying. I was still weeping.

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And she said that because the revelation had seized the war he had not come the Prophet sallallahu wasallam he obviously could not confirm could not deny could not do anything, especially when everybody was talking about it. So he called early urban pilot and Osama bin Zayed and he consulted with them about this matter.

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So then the Messenger of Allah sort of

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Adam got up and he addressed the people. And he asked who could sort out Abdullah even obey even salute for him that who could deal with this person for me? Because remember of the lebon obey he was apparently a Muslim and he was from the people of Medina. He was not of the Mahajan. So the prophets are allowed to send him because he did not have any tribal relations with him. He could not even take any action against him himself. And obviously, being a leader, he could not just pick on someone and do anything against him. So he consulted the companions that who can deal with him for me.

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While he was standing on the member, the Messenger of Allah sallallahu sallam, he said all Muslims, who will help me against a man who has hurt me, by slandering my family, by Allah, I know nothing about my family, but good. And the people are blaming a man of whom I know nothing except good. Who is he referring to someone and he has never entered upon my family except with me.

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So sadly, when we're alone, sorry, he stood up, and he said, O Messenger of Allah, by Allah, I will deal with him for you. If you're from the tribe of aloes, then I will cut off his head. And if he is from the tribe of our brothers meaning village, tell us what to do, and we will do it. So then sadly, when Obama he stood up, and he was a leader of the hustler tribe, and he was a righteous man, but he was overwhelmed with tribal chauvinism. And he said to Sarah, that even wired By Allah, you will not get him and you will never be able to kill him, because of the lag when he was from his tribe, then it will say that when her dad who was the cousin of soluble Noir, he stood up and he

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said to Sally, even robota, you are lying By Allah, we will kill him, and you are a hypocrite arguing on behalf of the hypocrites. So then the two groups are close, and they started to get angry, and we're about to come to blows, while the Messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam he was standing there on the member.

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So while he was standing on the member, he tried to calm them down until they became quiet. And then the Prophet sallallahu Sallam also fell silent. So just imagine, even when the Prophet sallallahu wasallam attempted to do something, he wasn't able to do anything.

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On that day, I should have said that I kept on weeping so much that my tears never seized. And I did not sleep at all, even during the day. So imagine she spent the night crying. And she spent the day crying. And my parents thought that my liver would burst from all that weeping. Just imagine how concerned her parents must have been.

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And while they were sitting with me, and I was weeping, a woman of the unsought, she asked for permission to see me. I let her in. And she said, and wept with me. What do we learn from this? That how much the women of the unsavoury even they love the wives of the Prophet sort of honest, you see this, you know, sisterhood, this friendship that existed between them, that she felt the pain that I should have, they learn how I was feeling.

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And she just came to see her. And she sat there, just crying with our children, and she couldn't comfort her with anything. But she just sat there crying with her. When we were in that state, the profits that a lot of sudden came in, and he greeted us, and he sat down. He had never sat with me since the rumors began. And a month had passed by, without any revelation coming to him concerning my case.

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The Messenger of Allah sallallahu wasallam, recite the Shahada when he sat down, and then he said, thereafter I shall I have been told such and such a thing about you, if you're innocent than Allah will reveal your innocence. But if you have committed a sin, then seek Allah's forgiveness and turn in repentance to him. For when a servant confesses his sin and repent to Allah, He accepts his repentance. Look at the way the prophets of Allah cinnamal spoke to her because he did not want to speak without knowledge. And he said that, if you're innocent, then remember, don't fear Allah will reveal your innocence. And if you have done something wrong, then just ask Allah for forgiveness

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allows the web over him, he will forgive. He's the one who accepts repentance. Look at how encouraging he is. Just imagine any other man, any other man whose wife has been accused like this. How would he behave towards his wife?

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angry, he would yell at her, he would shout at her, perhaps physically, abuser, perhaps divorce her immediately. Send her away immediately. But look at how patient the profit sort of on a second was. He did not know he could not confirm, he could not deny. And at the same time, he had positive thinking about his wife, he trusted his wife. This is something very important. That trust should exist between a husband and wife, that you know your spouse so well, that you know that if somebody has accused them of something, you cannot believe in them. You cannot accept what they're saying. You trust your spouse, you know that they

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cannot do anything wrong like that.

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And if they have done anything wrong, if you even doubt, then what should your concern be? That their matters should be clear with Allah.

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Because that is the most important thing, if you forgive them, if people forgive them, if no harmful consequences happen in this life, then if something wrong has been done, Allah subhanaw taala can still punish that person, isn't it so, so at the end of the day, encourage the person to seek forgiveness from Allah.

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So when the Messenger of Allah saw a lot is unfinished, what he had to say, my tears stopped completely, and I no longer felt even one drop. Then I said to my father, answer the Messenger of Allah on my behalf. He said, I don't know what I should say to the Messenger of Allah. So I said to my mother, answer the Messenger of Allah on my behalf. She said, I do not know what I should say to the Messenger of Allah.

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So let's imagine she did not want to speak directly because she was hurt. She was sad. And she didn't want to say something that would be disrespectful, that would be wrong, that would be incorrect. She requested her parents to speak. But when they did not know what to say, she had to say something, obviously. So she said, even though I was just a young girl, who had not memorized much of the Quran at that time,

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look at her answer. I said, By Allah, I know that you have heard so much of the story, that it has become planted in your mind's eye, and you believe it. I know that you've heard it again and again and again. And because of that, you almost believe it. So now if I tell you that I am innocent, and Allah knows that I am innocent, you will not believe me. Why? Because you've heard it so many times that you believe that I have done it. If I tell you, I'm innocent, you're not going to believe me. But if I admit something to you, and Allah knows that I'm innocent, then you will believe me. If I say that, yes, I did it, then you will believe me, whereas in reality, I'm innocent. By Allah, I

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cannot find any example to give you except for that which the Prophet use of his father said for sablon, Jamia Allah who must die No, I do not assume that patience is most fitting for me. And it is a law whose help can be sought against that lie which you describe. I cannot defend myself, I cannot do anything. All I can say is sovereign, Jimmy long was done.

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So you see, she was a young girl at that time, she had not memorized much of the Quran. The entire Quran had not even been revealed at that point. But whatever she knew, she was able to relate it with her daily life. And that's the beauty of understanding of

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that she said, what the prophet of Allah had said,

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then I turned my face away, and I lay down on my bed by Allah, at that point, I knew I was innocent, and that Allah will prove my innocence because I was innocent. She said, I knew I was innocent, and I was confident that Allah was definitely going to expose my innocence.

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But by Allah, I did not think that Allah would reveal Koran, that would be forever recited concerning my situation. Because I thought of myself as too insignificant for a lot to reveal anything concerning me.

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I never thought that I will be revealed, that will be forever recited by Allah. I hoped that the Messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam would see a dream in which Allah would prove my innocence. So she thought perhaps that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam would see a dream, and by that he would know that I am innocent. But by Allah, the Messenger of Allah did not move from where he was sitting. And no one left the house before Allah sent down revelation to his prophet. And he was overtaken by the state that always overtook him when the revelation came upon him, until drops of sweat like pearls would run down him even On a winter's day. This was because of the heaviness of the words which were

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being revealed to him. So when that state passed, the Messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam was smiling. And the first thing he said was, be glad to Ayesha, Allah has declared your innocence. So my mother said to me, get up and go to him. I said, By Allah, I will not go to him. And I will not give praise to anyone except Allah. I will not give praise to anyone except Allah, may he be glorified, for he is the one who has proven my innocence. Allah is the one who has proven my innocence.

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Many, many lessons can be learned from the story.

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Some of the lessons that you were thinking,

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what did you learn

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that no matter what situation you're going through,

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When you're upon the Hulk, when you know that you're innocent, when you know that what you are doing is right, then stay confident. Be confident, have you been have the worker Allah, that Allah will expose your truthfulness, your sincerity. Don't worry at that time, because what happens at such situations, we think that we need to prove ourselves, right? We need to defend ourselves. But we see that the one who trusts upon Allah, a lie sufficient for him.

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At a time when she could be so emotional, she was hurt so much. She was crying the whole night the whole day. She was so hurt. But still, we see that she wasn't driven by her emotions. She didn't say give me divorce. That's it. You don't trust me anymore. This is what people do right? At the slightest thing. At the slightest occasion. This is what women think, at least in their heads, maybe I should just take a divorce from this man. He doesn't trust me. He doesn't treat me well. I don't even do anything wrong. So we see that she's not driven by her emotions. She's not rude. She does not make a scene. She does not show any negative reaction. She's just crying and praying, crying and

00:31:09--> 00:31:10

praying. That's it.

00:31:12--> 00:31:59

We see that I should have learned how she was meaning. Right? The mother of the believers. And so finally learn who he was the Companion of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam a believer. He did not think or she's like my mother. She did not say, Oh, he's like my son. Like, we typically think he's like my brother. She's like my sister. And because of this brother, sister, what do we do? We cross our limits, isn't it? We talk, we chat. We exchange emails, we send text messages, we call we do one thing after the other, we sit together at a table sipping on coffee, saying What? He's like my brother, she's like my sister. But what do we see that they did not even speak once they considered

00:31:59--> 00:32:01

the limits that Allah subhanaw taala.

00:32:02--> 00:32:49

And we see, I saw the Lana she said that I never thought hold on will be revealed concerning me because I considered myself to be too insignificant before Allah. Look at the humility. She was the wife of the Prophet. And she knew that the Prophet loved her dearly. She knew that she was confident about that. But still, that didn't make her proud of herself. That didn't make her feel arrogant, still, she remained humble. She found comfort from the stories that Allah subhanaw taala had revealed she could relate her situation very well, with that abusive listener, and his father, this has the benefit of learning the Quran, that we see that she was the wife of the Prophet sallallahu

00:32:49--> 00:33:02

sallam, she was not an ordinary woman. And she was the daughter of Abu Bakr babalon, who just imagine how special she was, what a high rank she had. But still people had the guts to say that about her.

00:33:03--> 00:33:44

And if somebody ever says something negative about us, what do we think? How could she say this about me? How could they say this about me? I'm supposed to be this. And I'm supposed to be that. And I'm supposed to have done this to them. And I've done this favor to them. We cannot understand why or how people could speak negatively about us. Remember, this is a part of life, this happens. And it's a bigger shock for someone who is too arrogant, who thinks too great of themselves. So I should have been on her being the wife of the prophet SAW a lot of times she was slandered. So who are we? Our status is nothing compared to her status.

00:33:45--> 00:33:56

And we see that, despite her young age, she was very young at that time. She was a teenager, perhaps in her very early teens at that time, maybe 13 or 14.

00:33:57--> 00:34:04

But she was very, very young at that time. Now, being that young and reacting in such a way.

00:34:05--> 00:34:46

Typically what happens we give the excuse to ourselves. I'm very young, okay. I'm a teenager. Teenagers are meant to behave like this. They're meant to react like this. They're meant to show anger. But we see that she does not behave like that at all. She's still very calm, very composed. Just because there was a rumor concerning her. She didn't say anything negative about Mr. She did not say anything negative about anyone else who was slandering her accusing her. Because what happens if somebody says something negative about us, we begin to say negative things about them. This is how we fight them. This is how we satisfy our ego. But we see that she was certain that she

00:34:46--> 00:34:53

was right. Therefore she kept silent and she trusted upon Allah. Allah will take care of this for me. He will expose my innocence.

00:34:54--> 00:35:00

When we're going through some difficulty, then we remember Allah. And as soon as the difficulties removed, we

00:35:00--> 00:35:22

Forget, but what do we see that as soon as the difficulty was removed, I should have done how she said that when she was told go to your husband go to the Prophet sallallahu sallam, she said, I will not go to him. And I will not give praise to anyone except Allah, because he is the one who revealed my innocence. A very important lesson to remember a line difficult times and also in the difficulties removed.

00:35:23--> 00:35:33

And the importance of investigating the importance of confirming something before reacting before talking about it.

00:35:35--> 00:35:52

We see that the people who did participate in this slander in this accusation, they had no evidence, no evidence, but I shall denying her she had heard from one person that everybody was talking about it. And before reacting before saying anything, what did she do, she confirmed, this is very important.

00:35:53--> 00:36:36

We see that she really controlled her tongue. She did not speak for too long, she did not speak endlessly trying to defend herself. Look at the words that she said. So composed, so short. So briefs are to the point. So why is that since you have heard it again. And again, if I say I'm innocent, you're not gonna believe me? If I say I'm not innocent, you're going to believe me. And I'm only going to say, what the prophet of Allah said. How come she was, and also something very subtle over here that she asked for permission to go to her parents house. She asked her husband, if she could go to her parents house, what do we think? It's my right? Who is it has taught me who is

00:36:36--> 00:37:19

here to tell me I can go wherever I want, I have a license, I have a car I can go. Imagine she's seeking permission to go to her parents house. Our ego comes in the middle, we think Who is he? How can you stop me. And you know, this is something very, very wise, that women who don't show that respect to their husbands who try to prove to them that no, I'm as equal of a boss as you are, then their husbands don't show respect to them, their husbands don't allow them their husbands put unnecessary restrictions on them. And if you gave the lead to the husband, may I do this? May I do that? Can I go here? Can I do this? Can I do that? Then he will give you permission to do whatever

00:37:19--> 00:37:26

you want. But if you try to show to him that I am equilibar sisters, you then you cannot get anything done.

00:37:27--> 00:37:57

We see that how her parents were also so calm, that they trusted their daughter, they knew that their daughter could not have done anything wrong like that. But typically what happens if a daughter is accused of something like this? The parents would rebuke the daughter, they would say you brought no shame to the family. You've humiliated the family's name, You've insulted us, did we not teach you anything? What did you do? You know, this is how they treat the daughter. But look at her parents. They're equally sad. They're equally concerned.

00:37:59--> 00:38:40

And very, very, very important that we see that I should have that on her when she said to her parents that please you speak to the Prophet sallallahu said on my behalf. They say we don't know what to say. Because many times what happens if there is an argument of there is some conflict, some friction between a husband and a wife. What happens the parents they come in, and they interfere too much in defense of their daughter in defense of their son. And because of their interference. Sometimes what happens the relationship between husband and wife becomes destroyed, literally. But we see that they're so wise they're so calm. They're so composed that although they love their

00:38:40--> 00:38:44

daughter, they defend her, but still, they do not interfere.

00:38:46--> 00:38:47

Let's listen to the recitation.

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In the

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there are many, many more lessons that can be learned from this incident. Let's look at the lessons that Allah subhanaw taala has taught us in the following