Tazkiyah Through the Quran #18 Hope

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AI: Summary © The transcript describes the historical significance of the messages of Islam, including the importance of finding one's heart in the light of the night and the hope of being rewarded for their actions. The message is that finding one's heart in the light of the night is a significant accomplishment for everyone, even for the smallest of them. The message also highlights the importance of finding one's heart in the light of the sun and the potential for healing.
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Hope or Raja well ml Subhan Allah having a sense of optimism, a sense of welcoming that which may be yet around the corner having a sense of a Daybreak in the darkness of the night Subhana Allah you will notice the imagery that that the similitudes in the metaphors that are given in the Quran, especially in the earliest revelation to the prophets, I sell them. They always spoke about your Harajuku mina volio Mati Eleanor, that from the darkness is that you find yourself in the light will shine through well fed jewelry. Well, Aly Nash, after the 10 nights and darkness, there were many occasions of human experience of hardship. Failure is soon to arrive, the message of Mohammed has

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been delivered. What baja by the daybreak was Shamsi what, Oh Ha ha, by the rising sun and the light that it feels all of these are images that bring life into the darkness, light into the world, after it had been made empty of it. And Allah gives us this hope were that even one speck of light lights up a room. If you've been ever been in a dark room, and your door open, just a sliver and light enters from it Subhan Allah it can illuminate so much of the darkness that you were in. And that ray of hope that ray of light is the book of Allah. It is the portal and it is the morality and the truth that it has been sent with. It is the moral stories and conviction that we learn from the life

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lessons of the prophets who preceded us that have been told through the narrative of the prophets I sell them to own life, peace and blessings be upon him. And Allah Subhana Allah He says, what an Allah layer you'll do a German accent as a matter of the greatest elements of hope is that we recognize a love will never lose any Iota, any atoms weight of good that we have done equally, we recognize why Matt can not a book and Aasiya in Surah meriam your Lord will never forget. Your Lord will never forget the footsteps you took to the masjid. Your Lord will never forget the PT in your heart when you saw someone disadvantaged or unwell. Your Lord will never forget the number of scout

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that you mean how many times you said Subhana Allah will hamdulillah Wella ilaha illallah wa Allahu Akbar that if now I was to ask you, how many times did you make mention of the name of Allah? In your past week? You would say I don't know it, I couldn't count it if I asked, but Allah Subhana Allah says, Where can I book anastasiya hope in a reward that is greater than what you can account for yourself. And Allah subhanho wa Taala says, well, in Shackleton, let as either nachum with your thankfulness you will be increased. And therefore when you have hope, your hope gives greater hope, not just for yourself and for others. One of the ways that you show your gratitude to Allah is

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having a hopeful heart, one that is full of optimism that is realistic in its perspective, but also that breaks through the bounds of the hype, that you recognize that what is unseen and known to Allah, unseen to us but known to Allah is something that is a benefit to us, even though we have not yet witnessed it into our life. have hope in the tsunami of the Prophet Mohammed Salah I sell them have a hope in the message of the Quran, that it will be your salvation in this life and your salvation into the next Allahumma amin May Allah Subhana Allah give us an ml Raja that we have hope that tempers our fear of him and that increases our loving him Allahumma amin