Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P09 093D Tafsir Al-Araf 127-137

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The history of Islam is discussed, emphasizing the importance of being patient and staying strong in one's actions. The success of Islam and its potential for victory is also highlighted, including the impact of famine and drought on people and the potential for bad luck. The segment also touches on superstitious beliefs and the negative impact of fear on society, including the loss of culture and the importance of staying patient.
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I will call on mother and the mother the leaders they spoke up men call me for our own who were from the people of fit our own. They said a toddler room they said to fit our own that will you leave Musa Musa Congo and his people? Meaning those who believe in Him the Bani Israel basically. Are you going to spare Musa and his men? Are you going to just let them be the UFC to fill out so that they spread corruption in the land? And what were they calling corruption? What was corruption according to them, Iman, is that are you going to let them be so that they spread this corruption in the earth where the rocker and he leaves you mean he Musa doesn't believe in you as God? Well, Ali Haddock and

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he has also abandoned your gods because the people of Egypt they used to worship many many gods so they sort of fit around are you going to leave Musa these people? They don't believe in you. They don't worship your God's Allah for our own because His ego was hurt, right? It's like somebody in power if he's told Aren't you going to do anything about it? What are you waiting for? So for our own what an egotist he was He said, Son who got to a burner home, we are going to kill their sons when a start up and we're going to keep alive Nissa home they're women. We're in an indeed we folk on above them call your own subject gators.

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So what does this show to us that fit our own had the men meaning the boys, the baby boys of Bani Israel killed twice.

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Once before Musa realism came. And secondly, after moosari Salam came why, in order to oppress the Bani Israel even more in order to keep them in his control?

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He said, we're going to do this again. What enough folk on Cohoon we have full power over them. They cannot dare to speak in front of us. They cannot, you know, do anything to get their freedom we're going to oppress them. Karla Musa, so Musa, listen, now he said, to look over here to his people to the Bani Israel is their you know, seek help Villa he with Allah wa Spirou. And be patient. Think about it. Put yourself

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in the position of Bani Israel. So oppressed you don't have the right to speak at all. Boys are being killed, women are kept alive, enslaved. And imagine somebody tells you be patient and seek Allah's help. What would you say to them?

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I've had enough, can't deal with this anymore. You better do something. Yes, I'm being patient. But if you are our leader, then you also do something to save us do something to protect us. But the thing is, that the situation was such that really the Bani Israel had no choice but to be patient. You see, for our own, he had a lot of power

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to deal with to compete with power and to defeat it, what do you need equal amount of strength equal amount of power, if not greater? And if you don't have that, that what option do you have? What option do you have, that you try to find with it with nothing and be eliminated, complete?

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In some situations, Allah subhanaw taala has given you the strength to speak up to stand for yourself. All right. And in those situations, you must do that. This is why in the Quran, we learn that who mentors lead on, they stand up for themselves, they help themselves they defend themselves, but that is when they have the power. That is when they have the ability. But when you don't have that ability, like the Muslims in Makkah than what is necessary, that you remain calm. You bear that difficulty with patience, and you just wait until Allah subhanaw taala strengthens you, until Allah gives you the power with which you can defend yourself. Now the people of Musa Sinha, there were

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slaves, they had no power at all. Could they go out in the streets and say we're not going to work forfeit our own? If they did that, what would happen if Iran would send his army and kill every single one of them? Was that easy for federal? Of course, if he had so many magicians killed using he could not get all the money Israelis killed very easily one command and it would be done. Right. But typically, what is it that people want to hear? You should go and protest you should go and you know, have your voices heard and you should stand up for yourself and you should do this and you should go burn cars and you should go kill so and so. And then you will be

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hurts. But are you really heard? Or are you actually hurt more? You get more hurt than, isn't it? So, look at the state of the Muslim woman today. There are some situations in which you can do something. But when you see it's not working out, you have to do something.

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Even if it is Torino Biller, he was Spirou because how many more lives will be killed? How much more oppression will be done? Someone asked you something, someone has to take a step back. And is there a new biller? He was miru.

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Because otherwise, you're going headlong into your own destruction. You're basically telling someone to come and kill you, because you don't have the capacity to defend yourself. And when you go in front of someone who's armed you're telling them kill me finish me off. So Musa listen I'm he told his people, is there enough Ebola he was Biru. Be patient. Now you have to bear this difficulty because you don't have the strength to repent it. It is beyond your power. You can't even defend yourself. So just be patient and keep asking Allah for help. Cry before Allah, beg him for help. Ask him to change your situation for you. Because the fact is that only He can change your situation

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here. Nobody can help you. Only Allah can help you. And many times, Allah puts us in difficulty. So that we turn to him. He takes everybody away from us, takes everything away from us so that we realize our neediness before Allah, we turn to Allah, we humble ourselves in front of him, and we beg Him for His mercy. And he reminded the Bani Israel, that in the herba indeed the earth Lilla He it is for Allah, meaning the entire earth belongs to Allah, you're afraid to fit our own. You think he's in power today so he can do whatever he wants. Don't worry. The one who is far more greater is who Allah subhana fit our own only owns Egypt, Allah owns the entire Earth. Allah even has power

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over fit around. So don't be afraid of him. Fear Allah. And remember that you will also have this earth belongs to Allah, He caused us to inherit it. Maya Shah, whomever he wants, meant everybody from His servants, meaning it's up to Allah, He can give control over the earth to anyone, whoever that he wants. But the fact is that we allow people to and the outcome is for who will not clean for those who fear Allah. This is the key. So important that finally, the victory is for who those who have Taqwa if not in this world, definitely in the hereafter. So what should be our focus? Have Dakhla like the Muslims when they were in Mecca, what were they told, focus on your prayer, focus on

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your piety, focus on your manners, focus on your relationships with others, this was the focus not that you go and protest in the streets and you go and kill the leaders of the machine. No.

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But they were told to be patient over there. Focus on self improvement, because when a person purifies his heart, strengthens it with the love of Allah with the fear of Allah and in his actions he changes then what happens then Allah subhanaw taala helps him then Allah improves his condition Kalu the Bani Israel they said oh the now we were hurt from Hamza, the other what does that mean? Hurt? They said we were hurt Min cobbly Before um that that Dena, you came to us, woman and from bar the after Donna, you came to us, meaning all Musa. Our condition has not changed since you have come to us. When you weren't here. We were oppressed, we were suffering. And we were hopeful that someday

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relief would come. You came, our hopes were high and what happened? Instead of relief. We are still in trouble. We are still suffering. Because before Musa alayhis salam came remember the children of the Bani Israel were killed by our own after Musala salaam Kim again their children were being killed. Musa Assam is so hopeful imagine if a leader is is told such a thing, that nothing has changed since you've come. In fact, we have gone back to how we were previously. Imagine if you were a leader, and you were told like this, that nothing has changed since you've come we've seen no improvement. Would you be discouraged? Would you be discouraged? greatly, but Musa alayhis salam he

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is so hopeful, he says I sell a book home. Perhaps it is hope that your Lord and your liquor that he will destroy or do work on your enemy. Be hopeful Allah can destroy your enemy, where's the Khalifa come and

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He can give you power he can cause you to inherit, he can cause you to have succession fill early in the earth. But remember, for younger than he will see K for thermolon. How is it that you do meaning what actions do you perform? So he reminds them that look, not having a blessing is a test. Right now you should be hopeful. But having a blessing is also a test. Because where you want victory, it's very much possible Allah can save you from your misery. But remember, that Allah will still look at what you do. And this is something that we should remember. Not having something is a test and having something is also a test. But we think if we are deprived, only then we are being tested.

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And if we are free, if our wishes are fulfilled, then Allah is happy with us. But the fact is that Allah is still testing us for young Laura Kay for thermolon So what happened? Allah subhanaw taala he punished for their own but how well occurred and certainly a hardener we seized LF in our own the family of our own and over here doesn't just mean family, but it means his people so it's the Egyptians the Coptics so we see is Allah fit our own how with what Bisi mean with the years singing as a floor and off? Off? Center? Okay, not sinner. Letter, Hulu.

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Senator, nothing that is different. Santa means here. Okay. So certainly we see that the people have fit our own with yours, yours. Basically, when the plural singing is used, it refers to years of famine and drought. Because when a person is hungry, doesn't have water than every second seems very, very long. Has it ever happened to you that you're fasting you're very hungry, and the short day of 10 hours seems like 20 hours.

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So Sydney and refers to years of drought and famine. So we see is the people of our own with famine, one oxen and shortage Mina Thammarat of produce the Murghab florala formula doesn't just refer to fruit but every kind of produce, why? The Isla homea the Koran so that they would remember, they would remember Allah, they will take a lesson that perhaps this famine, the shortage of food supplies, is because of our oppression of Bani Israel, perhaps it is because of our rejection of Musa alayhis salam. So what happened for Eid, so when it came to them, and has another good, what good came to them, eventually the famine was over. Eventually the drought was over. And it was

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followed by a lot of rain. When this happened, called who they said Lana had he, this is for us, meaning we expected this. This is for us. We deserve it. It was only expected that after years of famine, eventually there would be rain. After so many months, eventually there would be rain. So this if this is normal, we're in and if disabled whom it reached them, so yeah, turn some evil. Meaning when that famine was there, some difficulty struck them. What would they say? What would they do year by year? They would take as bad omen who be Musa with Musa Rama MA and those with him? He'll play euro is basically from the room that was thought Yeah.

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for it? What is the thought it? Bird? Okay, now the Arabs? If they wanted to decide if they should do something or not if they should travel or not? What would they do? They would take a bird and cause it to fly.

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So they would release it. If the bird flew to the right, they meant good luck, let's do it. And if the bird flew to the left, this had bad luck keep away from it.

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Okay. So, basically an event happened because of which they said that this person or this action is good or it is not good.

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Okay. So basically it is to take an omen and what is that, that to say that because of this event, because of this thing that has happened, you know, such and such will be good or such and such will not be good. So, for example, when people are getting married, sometimes they break glass. Why

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do they do that? Why did they do that? That any evil that can happen? You know, whatever. It's broken off right now. I don't know. But people have such superstitious beliefs, right? If a black cat has passed in front of me, danger, don't go.

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Not a good sign. Right? If a particular kind of bird is heard, they're like, Oh, don't do this. Right? When people take such events or certain objects as signs and you're like, Oh, don't do this. Okay, so this

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said that this evil has happened to us. Why? Because of the presence of Musa and his people.

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Anything good that happened? Yeah, it's normal. It happens. Nobody do anything bad that happened. It's Moses fault. It's because he's here that this is happening to us. And many times we also become very superstitious, right, and we say, oh, because this person is in our family since they have come such and such as happened, that you know, divorced woman, she came to my wedding and this is why my marriage is falling apart.

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That widow, she came and sat next to me on my wedding day and I have this fear that my husband is gonna die.

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superstitious beliefs this is many people do that. And you know what, if they don't verbalize it, they think like this in their head. And remember that this is all forms of schicke because a believer he has his firm belief that nothing good or bad happens except with his permission and will. Allah subhanaw taala so to say that this divorce happened, because on that day, this person came. This is all superstitious beliefs.

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And you don't want the confident why should we become so weak? Why should we become so afraid? That because they have come? I'm so nervous, everything's gonna fall apart? No, don't freak out. Don't panic, calm down, relax.

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So they blame No, sir. Listen, him and his people. Allah says Allah unquestionably in the mouth law in a womb or in the law, indeed their thought if they're evil omen is with Allah, what I can act our own layer Allah mode, but most of them they do not know

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what Carlu and they said in their pride, Ma Ma, what does mama mean? What ever it may be? Whatever whatsoever that Tina you come to us, be with it. Men I attend from sign, meaning almost no matter what sign you bring to us, lead us how long so that you bewitched us, be her with it? firmer so not not no, we look out for you meaning at all ones who believe. They said oh Musa, do what you want, show what you may but we are never going to listen to you we're never going to let the Bani Israel go we are never going to believe that you're a prophet. So what happened when they became so stubborn for Osel now so we sent our lay him upon them up to fan the flood, heavy rains after all

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that famine heavy rains, so that their streets were flooded, their houses were flooded, and floods are very destructive. Because they destroy Imagine if there's water everywhere your house is destroyed. animals die cattle right everything is destroyed. So for all Solera you have to find well Gerard Gerrard locusts that the little crop they had left the locusts consumed everything destroyed everything well Kamal whatever food they managed to store the bugs they consume them common lice but it's not just lice Kamal is also used for Has it ever happened to you that you get a bag of rice or a bag of flour and you see these black tiny tiny creatures crawling around extra protein

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because sometimes you find him here food as well. So those bugs we will okay that is called common. So whatever food they managed to store it was infected with the common what buffer there and frogs plural of lifter frogs it is that there were so many frogs in their houses like literally inside their clothes jumping out from everywhere and command not just infecting their food but even life all over their bodies. Imagine so much what dumb and blood all the water turned into blood. I yet in signs amorphous solid distinct and separate ones meaning all of these punishments were not sent together. They were all spaced out how that first of all little fan was sent. They said almost we

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might listen to you you ask Allah if your moves us from us, you know we might let the Bani Israel go Musa al Islam Mithra they didn't change then what happened Allah sent another punishment July same thing they turn to Musa you make dua if it goes we'll let the Bani Israel go they didn't change Allah son Coleman so one after the other like this amorphous solid but what happened for stuck baru but they were arrogant wakanow And they were Coleman of people moody mean criminals. Well I'm and when Walker it happened or lay him upon them a ridges of the filth that exists over here first to plague when the plague struck them. So the worst of all the punishments that fell on the people of

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our own when the plague fell upon them Kalu imagined disease making them physically sick and that disease is spread everywhere. Kalu this idea Musa Musa Oduro you may Dora learn

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For us, Rebecca your Lord Bhima because of what are he that he has promised or in the car with you? What promise did Allah have with Musa that if our own and his people if they changed and Allah subhanaw taala will also change their situation. Allah listens to his prophets. So they said you made the odd because this promise that Allah has with you You are such a righteous man you're such a good person. People will don't make the offer themselves but they go to others and they say you're so nice you make the offer me they said you make the Allah and surely if cash after you remove I know from this register the filth meaning this plague law no mean Angelica we will surely listen to

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you we will surely believe in you want to know Ceylon and we will definitely surely send Morocco with you Bani Israel the children of Israel and many times people don't think about changing unless they're physically ailing, physically hurting. So when they became like this they said you make dog we let the bunny is what you go for llama mozzarella salami, da and then when Kashif Now we remove downhome from them a register the filth what happened Billa until agile in a time home they barely who who wants to reach it? He then home they uncouth when they break meaning they went against their promise. They made a promise of Musa if this punishment is removed because of your DUA we let the

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Bani Israel go. But when that punishment was removed, what did they do? They went against their promise un kozun Nakata is to break a promise. Notice the word Isla Julian whom Bailey who who the punishment was lifted until a term that they were going to reach eventually, because they were just playing over here. They just wanted to get her to that punishment. And such people eventually they do have punishment in the hereafter. So even if they do get relief, it is only for some time so what happened when they broke their promise one after the other fun to come Nam in home then we took revenge from them. How for a rock now home then We drowned them who for our own and his people were

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Phil yummy in the sea. Why be unknown because indeed they can double they denied Biya Tina with our signs, what can I do and they were unhappy from it or feeling heedless. How are they heedless? They saw great things happening, but they didn't take a lesson. You see a believer when he suffers any difficulty, he doesn't behave like a donkey that doesn't know why his master tethered him and why his master let it free. A believer when he suffers from any difficulty he realizes this is because of something that I've done. So he turns to Allah immediately seeking forgiveness. A believer is not a heedless person. He takes a lesson from what's going on in his life and what he sees around

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himself, but the people of our own, they were completely heedless. And because of that they were punished. You see in life when different things happen. Allah is teaching us but if we close our eyes don't learn anything. We're depriving ourselves. We're behaving blindly. What Oh, Lesnar, and instead we cause to inherit a coma the people which people Alladhina those who can who they were you still there are fauna. They were oppressed, which people were oppressed, the Bani Israel, those who were oppressed what happened? Allah subhanaw taala made them inherit meaning made them the owners of machete, Florida of mushrik. East ugly of the Earth, warmer arriba and its Western parts melodic

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Florida Muslim, meaning they became owners of land, its eastern parts and its Western parts. When you talk about east and west you're talking about a big space. They got all their freedom, but which land allotted that which Bell rockin Fe we had blessed in it, because remember that one for our own didn't let the bunny slot you'll go eventually Allah ordered Musar listen protect the Bani Israel so they left in the night and when they were crossing the sea for our own follow them right and when he followed them Bani Israel came out safe but around as he reached the middle, the sea closed upon him he was drowned. But he is trial set free. Eventually the media to Philistine their original home and

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they became a free people over there. Imagine a nation that was oppressed Allah set them free. Your situation can change no matter what a terrible situation you're in. But for now what is necessary, we hold on, we remain patient. We expect only good from Allah. We only seek help from Allah. Allah says what thumb and it was complete Kalama to word Rob Baker of your Lord which word which promise and house

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Now, the excellent one, the best one. Allah has made this best excellent promise what? That if you turn to Allah, if you are patient, you strive in the way of Allah, you remain firm that Allah will grant you success shortly, definitely he will help you. So this promise it was fulfilled, in whose case Allah Bani Israel in the case of Bani Israel, why? Why did Allah give them victory? Why did Allah save them? Because they went out in the streets and they protested

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no be ma Cebu because they were patient because of their patients SABR is the key to success whether Mona and we destroyed the model you don't muted me devastate, destroy, it has to collapse building.

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We destroyed Makana that which yes narrow. He used to build sod noon or aim to build to construct who used to build fit our own with our own, what como and his people, all those great structures that they built, destroyed, warmer, and that which can oh they were yardie shown. They used to erect the already shown rain regime or Russia is basically to rise up. Okay? Remember the word Marlo Schatz, Marcia, the plants that grow upwards. So all these great structures that they cause to stand in their civilization, all of them destroyed. And we see that so many of them are still present today. But there's expertise, their skills are all lost. We can't read their language we cannot

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figure out till today how they constructed those pyramids. All that technology gone, finished, destroyed. So what's the main lesson over here, that those who oppress those who misuse the power that Allah has given them, no matter how much power they have, they have only some time, even if it's 20 years, 30 years, 50 years, eventually, their days come to an end. Eventually they meet their downfall and those who are oppressed. Remember, Allah has mercy for them. But he will show mercy and He will take them out of their situation when they turn to him when they are patient.

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But we turn to other people, we look at what we have, but the fact is that we have nothing we turn to Allah, He can change our situation. May Allah spanked or to help all of us in the difficulties that we face? Recitation walk all mela only go may feel Ramona

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if I owe more can you find out who

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to sleep boom say to me boy he'll be Musa.

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the long you want to

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