Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 27 – L280D

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the loss of one's life and the importance of forgiveness and loss of one's life as a means of life. They stress the importance of accepting the difficulties of life and not letting them overwhelm their personal and community experiences. They also emphasize the importance of belief in oneself and others, sharing experiences and experiences to avoid giving things out, and bonding in life. The segment emphasizes the need for everyone to do good things and avoid giving things out, as well as sharing experiences and experiences to avoid giving things overwhelm their personal and community experiences.
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Rosa Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah Ar Rahman Rahim

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lesson number 280 sora to Hadith will begin from Ayah number 22

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masaba be Muslim but infill early, no disaster strikes upon the earth, whether fee unfussy calm or among yourselves in Laffy keytab in except that it is in a register, Min corbally, a neighbor or her before we bring it into being, in other Lika, Allah La Jolla seed indeed that for Allah is very easy. What is very easy for a lot, to know everything to record everything from before, and then bring it about into being as well. In the previous if we learned about the reality of the life of this world, what is the reality of the life of this world, that it is fleeting, it's constantly slipping away, isn't it, and why the person is alive. He thinks that this life is everything, which

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is why he's distracted by it, which is why he's busy in it, which is why he's constantly competing to increase. He's constantly competing with others, thinking proudly about what he owns, being very proud of himself, his life, his belongings, his properties, but everything of this dunya What is it reality that it goes away, it leaves a person or a person eventually leaves it. This is my last panel data tells us that instead of running after this dunya what should you run after

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Sabu a llama filati Mila Beco, or Jonathan, run towards forgiveness from your Lord and also gender. Because if you have dunya, eventually it's going to slip out of your hands. But if you have forgiveness, and you have loved one, and if you have gender, then that is for eternity. That is a great achievement. And now unless panatela tells us that in this life, any difficulty that comes to you any difficulty that befalls you remember that it's written from before. Because in this life, a person is being tested as an actor. This is the main purpose of this life, a person is in a test he's being examined. What does he do? How does he behave? How does he respond? Does he get lost in

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this dunya? Or does he still focus on the

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the griefs, the worries of this dunya? Are they everything to him? Or does he have a greater way a greater concern than this? dunya so Allah tells us masaba masaba, tin foil early, no disaster strikes you fill early in the earth? What does it mean by this? What is a Muslim? any difficulty, any loss, any kind of suffering? Any kind of hurt that a person experiences? And over here, a disaster where fill out? What are the different disasters that could strike in the earth?

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drought, floods, earthquakes, natural disasters, famine, global warming, so on and so forth. Any kind of disaster, any kind of difficulty that a person suffers that people suffer as a whole in earth? One of the unphysical nor in yourselves, meaning any disaster that strikes in yourselves.

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Well, what does it mean by unforce? And forces your lives, right? And your communities? Because the word enforce the plural is used for what? yourselves meaning your lives, and also your people. So in your personal lives, any disaster that strikes you, for example, illness, loss of wealth, loss of a loved one, even the prick of a thorn? Isn't that a muslima? Isn't it? Doesn't it hurt you? Of course it does. The loss of a pen that you really like that you're used to even that is a must LIBOR, isn't it. So from big things to small things, from big losses to little little losses, whenever he unphysical and the second meaning of unphysical is what your communities your people, your families,

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so for example, in your children, your relatives, your friends, your Muslim brothers and sisters, any loss that is suffered by people in general, and by you as an individual, remember that this was LIBOR. It is in Laffy keytab and except that it is written except that it is in a book which book is this the preserve tablet, and it is written in the book from when Min cubberly and Navarro before we brought it into existence number of letters Baba Hamza Bara what is borrow me to create Barry who is very creative, the compiler local marinda Barry equal.

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So Barry is who creator one who brings into existence, one who brings

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into being. So it is written even before we brought it into being. We brought what into being nebra hair has been understood in a number of ways. First of all the knifes meaning even before you became alive, even before you were sent into this dunya any disaster that was the strike in your lifetime It was written from before. Secondly, nebra has also understood as

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that even before the earth was created any disaster that was to strike on the earth, whether it is an earthquake, or it is a flood, or a tsunami, anything that was to come upon the earth before the earth was made, it was recorded, it was written from before novela. Thirdly, how altered refers to the masiva meaning before the masiva actually came about before you actually witnessed it, before you actually experienced it. It was written from before. Now, just imagine, before you became alive before the earth was created, before that disaster came upon you, it was written from before. In Nevada, Karla La Jolla said indeed that upon Allah is very easy. What is recording from before?

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Because all that he had to do was just say, right, and the band route everything. What do we learn in this is

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that in this life, a person goes through different types of tests, different types of trials, isn't it?

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Sometimes those tests and trials, those difficulties are personal. at an individual level. Sometimes they're at a family level, sometimes at a community level and sometimes at a national level as well, isn't it to our last panel data tests people at different levels in different ways? Sometimes these tests have to do with wealth, with financial loss, sometimes with physical pain, other times with other things. So a lot just people in different ways. And life is about just because what is the last panel data tell us into little milk? A lady Hola, como tal hayata Leah, Bella calm? Or ucommerce? No harmala you have been sent into this dunya so that you may be tested, not so that you

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get lost in it Xena in it's the fall in Easter castle? No, you are being tested over here.

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And for each person, a test means something different. Because each person's likes and dislikes. each person's situation is different.

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So Allah subhanaw taala tests people how, how, in different ways, depending on their situations, depending on what they're going through, depending on what they like what they dislike. When a person receives something a blessing, is that a test? Yes, it is. When a person suffers a hardship is that a test? Yes, it is. So every situation is a test.

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Now what do we learn from here from this ayah that every disaster that strikes you, is recorded from before meaning it is muck tube, it was meant to happen? You could never avoid it. You understand?

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Any disaster that strikes you any difficulty that comes your way it was Mark to Britain from before, written from how long from how far before we learned from Hadith the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that our Luma Allah, Allah who terracotta Allah and column some call Allahu

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Allah woman aktobe all effective may akun women who are kept in enter and the comesa the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that the first thing that Allah subhanaw taala created was the pen. And when he created it, he told the pen, right? The pen asked Allah What do I write? So Allah subhanaw taala told the pen, right everything that is and will be until the day of judgment. Just imagine, before everything was brought into existence, a loss of personal data, the first thing he created was what the bank first thing, even before the earth in the skies, the first thing to be created the pen, and the pen was told to write everything that was to happen.

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We learn from another how these have to live in our motive. And as he said, I heard the messenger of a loss that aloneness and I'm saying that Allah ordained the measures of everything. 50,000 years before he created the heavens and the earth

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50,000 years before he created the heavens and the earth. So every trial, every difficulty, every suffering, what is it? MK two MK tube it is written from before. So if it's written from before, if it's meant to happen, can you avoid it? You cannot avoid it.

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When it's meant to happen, you cannot avoid it. This is why the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that masaba lemmya couldn't leave the UK. That whatever hits you was never meant

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meant to miss you.

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Whatever has come your way, was never meant to miss you. My savoca lamea can leave the UK, what an aka lamea can loosely work and whatever has missed you was never meant to hit you. If anything has not come your way, it was never meant to come your way. If you haven't received anything, you were never meant to receive it. You were never meant to get it

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that the question is that don't certain things happen because of what we have done like for example, we commit a sin and as a result we face difficulty, yes, but even that is written from before because Allah subhanaw taala his knowledge is what? Complete correct? So, he knows that from before even even that was written from before. Similarly, there are what does that do it changes at least even that was written from before that this is written, a person will make draw and it will be changed.

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So what does it show? That just because it is Mark tube, and whatever is meant for us is definitely going to reach us. It doesn't mean that we are to sit on our hands and do nothing.

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It doesn't mean that Allah has not given any freedom to us. No, Allah has given us freedom. Allah has given us the ability to do something or not do something. We learn from a hadith the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said and most men will carry you higher on what happens in Allah human elopement. bereave what he called linhai that the strong believer is better and more beloved to Allah than who then the weak believer

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but in each believer, the strong and the weak, there is what goodness

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it had inside me and farrokh be greedy, be greedy, be desirous his have his for what for that which benefits you meaning anything that benefits you strive to get it was there in Bella and seek help from Allah, whatever it is, and don't fall week. Just imagine the Prophet sallallahu Sallam told us that if you want something, if you feel that something is going to benefit you, then strive to get it and don't become weak.

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Was there in Villa and seek Allah's help to get it? We're in a Saba cache on and if something hits you meaning of some disaster strikes, you find out the content do not say low only foul, do Kanika waka If only I had done such and such,

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if some difficulty hits you then don't say if only I had done such and such If only it had been this and this, then this difficulty would not have come my way. Well, I can call God the law he will Masha Ferghana. But when some difficulty comes your way, then what should you say? This is a decree of Allah and Allah does whatever he wants. Don't say low. Because for in the low doctor who I'm going to show plan, saying low, if only such and such would happen. If only I had done that, if only I had not done that. This opens the door for who? For the work of Shetland. Mean, then you're allowing shavonne to come in.

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So basically, what do we see in this ayah? That a difficulty that comes your way is written from before? But it doesn't mean you don't do anything? No, you strive you also put an effort because Allah has given you the ability. But if despite your efforts, despite your striving, you don't get something then don't get depressed. You understand? Why is it that Allah soprano data has informed us about it? So that when some difficulty strikes is we don't get depressed? We don't give up hope. But rather we have this belief that okay, it was written from before this was meant to happen. You understand?

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I remember I read somewhere that there was this person, someone from your Lawrence of Arabia, I think, when he went to Arabia, he was traveling with these Arab veterans. And he noticed something that whenever they would travel, all of a sudden they'd be hit by sandstone. And all of their animals are dead or dense uprooted. sandstorms are very bad. They can literally ruin everything for you. Your vessels, you know, turned over broken, animals lost so many animals killed, and such a huge disaster would happen. They would say to anyone.

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They would say Mark tube and move on.

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If a person has this belief It was written, then it gives them the courage to move on, isn't it so?

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It gives them the confidence to move on with life. But if a person does not have this belief that it was true, then what happens? He just gets stuck over there. He gets depressed. He is so sad he cannot accept the situation. You understand? believing that it was mcdb helps you accept the situation. Once you've accepted it.

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Then you can do something. And if you haven't accepted it, then you cannot do anything. You won't be able to move on with life. And the thing is that life is difficult. It's full of challenges. Today, you lose one thing, tomorrow, you lose another. Today you're sick, tomorrow, something else will happen. And if you don't overcome these difficulties, if you don't overcome these challenges, can you accomplish anything you cannot. So the only way of moving on with life is accepting the difficulties that Allah sends your way

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that we see constantly in the previous is what is being mentioned Eman belief, because belief includes belief in destiny, as well as belief in others as well. And when a person has belief in God, then it gives him confidence. Belief in color does not mean that a person thinks Oh, nevermind, I can't do anything. Forget it. No. Belief in other means, if some difficulty has come, accept it.

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And know that Allah decided it. And no, that definitely was to come my way. Allah had decided to test me this way, even before I was created makaveli and number

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two, this helps a person move on with life.

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And usually, people who don't have this belief who don't have this concept, what happens to them? What happens to them? They get depressed, isn't

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it one disaster strikes them and they think their life is over. They think everything is finished. There is no purpose of living anymore, isn't it? There's no meaning to life anymore. But there is meaning to life, as long as a law keeps you alive.

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A Sabbath is who someone who keeps going forward? Someone who keeps striving to do good. He doesn't get distracted by the difficulties that come his way. Yes, it doesn't mean that he doesn't have a heart. It doesn't mean that he doesn't have emotions. It doesn't mean he doesn't feel sad. He does. But despite the challenges he faces in life, he accepts them, he moves on.

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Because this is what the test of life is right? A loss of power without a sense of difficulties are a way to see what do we do? How do we respond? Do we give up hope? Are we still positive? Do we continue the good that we're doing? Or do we stop right there thinking that our life is over? We cannot do this anymore. And remember that each day, every week, you will face a different problem, a different challenge, isn't it?

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Sometimes, it's in your own personal life, meaning your own body. Sometimes it's your own family. Like for example, just recently, I was thinking about myself, like my throat, my voice was gone. When my son was ill before that my son was ill. You know, one thing after the other was happening. It's like, You barely overcome one thing. And what happens? Another comes your way.

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But if you think oh, since I'm unwell, forget it. I can't do anything. I'm tired. Forget it, I'll just stay at home, then Okay, stay at home and don't do anything. But the challenge is that even when these difficulties are coming up, what do you do? Do you continue? Do you keep going? Or do you stop there?

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What's the lesson? If you know it's Mcdo, accept it, and move on. Move on. It doesn't mean you don't have a heart because sometimes people think it's hardness of the heart. It doesn't mean that you do feel but who do you turn to? A loss of Hamilton? Who do you seek help from? Allah subhanaw taala and as you're striving Who do you hope for reward from Allah soprano.

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And what do you expect that along will inshallah make it easy for you replace this difficulty with ease, give you the ability to do sub and reward you for that subject.

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And if a person has a car payment, probably even before I was born, this was written Mach two written, move on accepted.

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We learn into Toba I number 51. Allah says tenaciously vana illimitable Allahu Luna, who am Alana, what are the law he folia tawakoni me noon say never will we be struck except by what Allah has decreed for us. He is our protector.

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any difficulty that comes our way Allah has decreed for us already and he is our protector and upon Allah let the believers rely have debacle on Allah, that if I'm in this difficulty today, I will take me out. If I have suffered this last day, Allah will reward me with something that is better.

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insulated the harben i 11 Allah says Mesaba me mostly but in inlab in Allah, woman you mean belaire he, yeah.

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That no disaster strikes except by the permission of Allah. any difficulty that comes your way? Whether it's you know, divorce, you know,

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Breaking of engagement, any difficulty that comes your way? How does it happen? How? By the permission of Allah, and whoever believes in Allah, Allah who guide his hearts.

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Whoever has yaqeen and Allah, whoever relies upon Allah, whoever believes that this has come to me from a lullaby his permission, Allah will guide his heart, guide his heart, meaning alone will give him sukoon alone will give him contentment alone will give him relief. And Allah will guide his heart to that which is better. And difficulties are a part of life in total bakura i 155 we learn whenever no one can be a mineral how Free Will jewelry when XML and Wally will unfussy with thermal art well, but she saw beauty machines savini give good news to those people who are patient and in sort of ikana 20 we have learned what there are number of a commonly bourbon fitna are just made on

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the sometimes tests are through the circumstances that we're in, and sometimes they are through other people as well. But what's the test? at us we rune Will You Be patient? Or will you give up?

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Li Kayla, so erfurter calm in order you do not despair over what has eluded you, Li Kayla, what is mean by Lea Kayla, meaning Allah is telling you about this. Allah is informing you about this fact which fact that any difficulty that comes your way was written from before. Why is the law telling you about this? So that led up so you do not grieve over what Alana Fattah whom over what has escaped you fatter from the root letters, farewell the firewall is to slip away to pass away. So whatever has slipped away from your hands, whatever you have lost, you don't grieve over that. This is why Allah is telling you that it is mcdu

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it's Mcdo Allah is telling you about it. So that when you lose something, you don't get overly sad about it. And at the same time, while at Bhima, calm, nor do you rejoice over what he has given you. What does it mean by this? Don't rejoice over what he has given you. Meaning don't rejoice to the extent of being arrogant. Because if you get something good as well, that is also what Mark do. And you don't know what is moku for the next moment, isn't it so? So Allah is telling you about this so that you remain between hope and fear.

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Because if a person does not believe in other than any disaster that strikes him, he will become extremely sad and depressed.

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And if he gets anything, if he receives a blessing, then who will he forget? Allah? How will he become extremely arrogant. So this belief, a lot of panel data is telling us about, he's telling us to have so that we do not grieve over what has slipped us away. And we do not overly rejoice over what we have received, well, who lay your head bucola amygdalin for who and Allah does not like every person who is self deluded and boastful. Who is mortal.

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Mortal is the one who is an FTL right if the L is from higher land, which is to imagine to suppose so mactan is someone who is merging BNF CV, meaning he is very impressed with himself. He thinks very highly of himself. He thinks that he is very great. This is where my style is. And mactan is someone who shows his pride and arrogance, how in his actions,

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because when a person thinks very highly of himself, will it not be visible in the way he talks? In the way he walks? In the way he will drag his clothes? Of course. So move down, if the owl is what, in fairly inaction.

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And for who is from Falcon. Falcon is what for her is such clear that when you knock on it, it makes a sound it produces a sound. So for who is someone who is very boastful, meaning he shows of how, by his words, that he sits amongst people, and he says far too far too far. And too I did this, I did that I did this, constantly talking about himself. So Allah does not like every person who is mortal, and for whom, the one who thinks very highly of himself, and that arrogance is visible in his actions.

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And then he doesn't just stop there, but he boasts as well. He talks a lot about himself as well. Why are these two attributes mentioned over here?

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Allah does not like every person who's moved out and for whom.

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Because a person who thinks very highly of himself, he is the one who gets very depressed when a disaster strikes.

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Because what does he think? I'm the best, isn't it. And when I'm the best, when I'm everything, when I'm good, I don't deserve this thing. I don't deserve this difficulty.

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And when some difficulty strikes him, he is the one who gets very, very depressed. And when a person thinks of himself as a humble servant of Allah, as someone who is owned by Allah, that Allah is his Malik, than any difficulty that comes his way, what will be his reaction of acceptance? Moving on?

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And for who, what is mentioned in this ayah that will utter for habima. Don't even overly rejoice over what Allah has given you.

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So when a person thinks that what he has received, all the blessings that he has, the good that he enjoys, is because of his own efforts because of his own accomplishments? Then he becomes arrogant. And what does he start doing? He starts talking about it in front of other people. So Allah does not like every move that and for who, rather? Who does he like, with servants does he like those who are humble, those who are submissive, those who are accepting.

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Now this ayah does not mean that a person should not be happy over the blessings that Allah has given him Well, after for whom we might attack him does not mean that a person should not be happy. If Allah has given him a blessing, no, he should be happy. But it should not be such happiness that makes him proud. It should not be such happiness that makes him heedless. That makes him think that, oh, I have it and I will have this forever. I have it and I deserve it. You understand? Because when a person becomes happy in this way, then what does he think it's because of me, I am everything, I deserve it. And when he loses that blessing, then what happens? He becomes extremely depressed as

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well. So there should be a balance. This is why a lot of panel data is telling us about this.

00:27:14 --> 00:27:43

Who is McDowell and for her and Latina, boho Luna, those who are stingy. Those people who are stingy, selfish, only concerned about themselves, without thinking highly of themselves for who boasting in front of others, thinking that whatever they have is because of themselves. And if they have it, they deserve it. And if they deserve it, they should keep it to themselves. They don't need to share it with others alladhina Maha Luna, those people who are stingy.

00:27:44 --> 00:27:51

And they're not just stingy themselves, but when morona NASA bill Buckley, they also order other people to be stingy.

00:27:52 --> 00:28:08

Because what does the person promote? What behavior does he promote? That which he has himself isn't? That which he likes to do himself? What is bull bull is to not spend, do not give where one must give. This is what stinginess is

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that a person must give somewhere he must spend somewhere. It's his duty, it's his obligation. It's the other person's right. But still a person does not give this is

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and could be in man. First of all, like for example, a person does not give us a cat. The cat is what mandatory similarity a person does not spend on his wife on his children. Similarly, a person has to pay the fees. They don't give it. This is what out of this is what book will you understand? This is stinginess that a person must spend somewhere, but he still does not spend this stinginess. Secondly, bowhill includes not giving off your job, what is the person's status?

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So for example, a person is of a certain level has a certain ability. And because of that, he can help someone. He can help someone. He sees the other in difficulty, he's able to help him, but still he does not help him. You understand? Sometimes it's just about giving a phone number. So a person has the ability to pass that on, but he still doesn't this is what will stinginess.

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Thirdly, bond is also with regards to with regards to knowledge how that Allah has given knowledge to a person, knowledge of the deen, for example. And there are other people who don't have that knowledge and they deserve to know they must know. But still a person does not share it with them. A person does not give it to them. Just think about it. Allah has given you a treasure, knowledge. How is it fair that you keep it to yourself, when there are people who are living in ignorance around you very close to you people who

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You meet are people who are begging to learn, they really want to learn, you have that treasure, but you still don't share this is this is stinginess.

00:30:10 --> 00:30:25

Similarly bond is also with regards to obligations, that Allah subhanaw taala has put certain obligations on us certain duties on us, we have been commanded to do certain things, we must do them. If a person does not do them, then what is it, then what is it?

00:30:26 --> 00:30:37

So, for example, the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he said, The miser is the one in whose presence I am mentioned, and he does not send blessings upon me. This is also beautiful.

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It's our obligation. It's a duty on us that when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has mentioned, we send Salah on him.

00:30:47 --> 00:30:51

If a person does not fulfill that obligation, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam described him as

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a stingy person believe so, some of them for who? Those who don't have belief in the color of Allah, Who are they? And Nadine Eva Luna way maroon and NASA bill Berkeley. And they also command other people to do how they tell people don't give, don't spend, don't teach, don't share. Don't help. Don't volunteer, take it easy. Enjoy yourself. Don't bother with morona NASA bill Buckley? What are we even obligated to do? encourage each other to do good? Or the other way?

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What is it that we have been commanded to do? encourage one another to do good. But over here we see where morona NASA will be commanding other people to be stingy as well. Telling them Don't bother. Don't spend, don't give Don't go Don't help. yet. morona NASA will buckle. Well, man you manyatta Allah And whoever turns away, meeting whoever turns away from his duty, which duty

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of spending in the way of Allah

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sharing knowledge. All of this has been mentioned over here, whoever turns away for in Allahu Allah neomi then Indeed Allah, He is funny. He is rich, meaning he does not need anyone's worship anyone's charity, and he is an Hermes praiseworthy, whether you praise Him, whether you work for him, whether you thank him or not, he is still a Hamid. So it is true that when a person stays away from fulfilling his obligations, from fulfilling his duties, who is he harming? Only himself he cannot harm Allah at all. Because of all the jinn all the people were to become as wicked as the most wicked amongst them. Would that reduce an Allah smoke at all? No, it wouldn't.

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For in alone

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allies money and he's also Hamid

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will listen to the recitation.

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if you think about it, in this sort of constantly, we have been encouraged to do what spend and physical and then the other way is mentioned over here which is

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and not just doing vocal yourself, but also telling other people to do completely different ways. It says though, the person who spends in the way of Allah He has belief in inductive because Allah the neighborhood, this is all connected with what with Matt assawoman will see button and what is that I assure to us about God, belief in other inducted.

00:34:33 --> 00:34:55

So a person who gives who spends in the way of Allah He has strong belief in God, what belief that if I give this for the sake of Allah, Allah will replace it with something better. And a person who does not give in the way of Allah it's as though he is weak in his face. This is why he man and in fact both are being mentioned together again and again.

00:34:57 --> 00:35:00

We see when it comes to spending in the way of a lot typically

00:35:00 --> 00:35:02

What do we think it's just about giving money?

00:35:04 --> 00:35:14

And we say, Okay, I don't make money. So too bad, I can't give. I don't have enough money, I have very little money I can't give, I can barely survive. So it's okay. Allah knows Allah knows how badly I want to give.

00:35:15 --> 00:35:25

This is what we think. But the thing is spending is not just from your wealth. We're bull is not just with wealth. Similarly, spending is not just by wealth as well.

00:35:26 --> 00:35:32

where a person can do both with a person can also do in fact with him as an actor, how,

00:35:34 --> 00:35:44

whatever knowledge he has, he shares it with others, he tells other people about it. He doesn't just keep it to himself. any opportunity. Yes, he takes it, he sees it.

00:35:45 --> 00:36:00

Similarly, what can be done with Jeff meeting with your status with your position that you can help someone because of the position that you have, but still you don't, in fact can also be done through chair Isn't it so?

00:36:01 --> 00:36:16

So there are two completely different ways. Those who spend a lot of panatela has a noble reward for them. And those who are stingy. Allah subhanaw taala describes him as a whole because one more time for for a Latina

00:36:18 --> 00:36:20

woman yet Wanda in Aloha.

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will listen to the recitation.

00:36:42 --> 00:36:45

Si, Kayla

00:36:50 --> 00:36:50


00:36:54 --> 00:36:59

Fu, Lady neighbor followed

00:37:02 --> 00:37:03

for many,

00:37:07 --> 00:37:07

many years

Al-Hadid 16-29 Tafsir 22-24

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