Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P26 269E Tafsir Al-Zariyaat 31-60

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The Verse operation is a double mission to bring punishment to individuals involved in crime committed by the operation Verse. The punishment is sent through the angels and victims receive a punishment of being in a certain position. The importance of magic and "slack" in various cultures is also discussed, along with the need for fulfillment and avoiding false accusations. The importance of worshipping Allah is emphasized, and the need for worshipping his wife is emphasized. The importance of being a good steward and not giving up on one's responsibilities is also emphasized.
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27 Verse number 31 surah 2/30

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Allah, Ibrahim alayhi salam said to his guests, Famille Hotbot calm. So what is your situation? Meaning, what is the real reason why you're here? Or you have more saloon or you who have been sent because they said we have been sent it's the angels the angels don't just come themselves they come when Allah sends them So Ibrahim our listener knew that they wouldn't just come to give him the good news. There is another reason so he asked them what is that reason? All they said in there or Silla? Indeed we have been sent ILA Comey Majidi mean to a criminal people, which criminal people, the people of loot early his sanim Lee Norris de la la Him in order that we send on them meaning we upon

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them, he Jah rotten stones of mill cleaning of clay, meaning we are to bring a shower of clay stones upon them. Why as their punishment. Remember, not only Santa was one of two people that believed in Ibrahim alayhis salam, he was his nephew also. And when Ibrahim Arneson and left his people, he settled in a sham and Luther his son was also made a prophet and he was sent to the cities of Cebu for the purpose of Dawa and he was there he did Dawa for a long time he stopped his people from their crimes for a very long time. And what happened here, Allah's panel data finally sent punishment upon them, and he sent it through angels. So here, the angels were sent on a double

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mission first to give good news to Ibrahim on his sunnah and secondly, to bring punishment to who the people of loot are the his Salaam. And this is how this life is at 1.1 person has been given risk, and another person has been deprived of risk Linode CRLA him haidara tambien been clean and these stones are Musa Warmington, they are marked while seen meme is the root, yes, the order in the word that we see is seen well mean that the original root is while seen me Watson and Watson is to put a mark on something was so wama is that which is marked, y is something marked to make a distinct and to set it aside for a particular purpose. So Musa Warmington marked why? Because these

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rocks were especially made for this punishment, and also warmer, marked, as in made distinct for the person whom they were to hit her in the rock back near your Lord little mystery fiend for the transgressors for a horrid Yuna. So we brought out meaning from that city, man can a fee her whoever was in it, meaning meaning of the believers, meaning any person who had Iman was taken out of that city before the punishment was sent. Allah says for mass or not, whether or not we found Fiat in it. In that city, we did not find Leila Beighton except one house Vyra other than Beighton house meaning only a single house, minute Muslimeen of the Muslims

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before the punishment was to arrive, all those who have Eman were to be taken out. And Allah says there was only a single house of Muslims notice more meaning is mentioned and then mostly mean, right? Because this was only one family that had Eman inside. And Islam outside also, the family of Luther and his salaam they were people of Iman and Islam faith inside and outwardly submitted to Allah. And of course his wife was excluded from this. What are our can our fee her and the punishment came upon them, what can I feed her and we left fee her in it meaning they're in in that place where these people used to live, I attend a sign

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for who Lavina Johar fauna for those people who fear Allah either Bill Aleem the painful punishment for those who fear punishment. There is a huge lesson a huge sign in these people in this nation that was punished. What is that sign? What is that lesson that leave your sins

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and stop justifying them? Because this is what these people did. They justified their crimes. They were warned repeatedly, but they didn't pay any heed.

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And eventually, they saw the consequences. So what arachnophobia I

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Ethen there is a sign in it Ladino Johar phone and either will Aleem Wi Fi Musa and also in the story of Musa meeting there is a sign it also Allah who when we sent him Illa fit or owner to fit our own be Sultani mobian with clear proof. Musa and his son was sent to fiddle around with clear proof but what did fit our own do fatawa Allah He turned away be Rokni with his supporters rockin rock calf noon, broken is used for a pillar and also side side or corner of something.

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All right, like rockin Alia Mani one of the corners of the Kaaba, all right corner. So, rockin is used for a side of something that is taken as a support.

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All right, and the word look and also applies to a pillar or something that is taken as a support. So fit our own turned away, meaning from Musashi salaams message. Why? Because of his lookin, what was his rockin? What is it that supported for our own? It was his kingship. It was his people. It was his wealth, it was his position.

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He was fooled because of it. And he turned away from the truth with it, what color and he said Sahelian, a magician, OMA Junoon or a madman. This is what he called Musa alayhis salam that either He's a magician, or he's a madman. This is the older Multilift Now how could a person be a magician and a madman at the same time? performing magic requires a lot of intelligence, a lot of intelligence, you know, skill and focus and practice and because magic, most of it is just illusions,

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right? I watched this documentary beyond magic or something, you seen it, I watched it on a plane couldn't study because of the noise and the kids I'm like, might as well do something. And in that they were saying that magic is basically Applied Psychology.

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All right, let you see how you want to amaze your audience. What emotion you want to create in them? And then you work backwards. Alright, very complicated. Don't know exactly how it works. I couldn't figure it out. But this is what they said. Which really struck me that a lot of magic is just illusion. And for that, there's a lot of hard work that goes into it. Practice, right firstly, how you want to trick the other person and then practice and hard work and then research and working with different types of people to make a trick work. There's a whole lot that goes into practicing magic and fit our own says either He's a magician, or he's a crazy person. Now crazy person and

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magician cannot be one. It's not possible. This is the Colm waterleaf. You see, he contradicted himself. The people of Morocco are the same. Allah says for ohada Now who so we'd seized him what you know the who and his soldiers fun of other now whom and we hurled them we threw them phillium me into the sea. Well Who am Salim? And he was blameworthy. Moline lamb. Well mean Molina is someone who's deserving of loan guilty, well who am Aleem it was his fault for our own fault. Well if he didn't and also in odd meaning is a sign it oh Selena I lay him when we send against them as the * our team, the wind that was our team, our team, Baron Aryan cough meme dry and devastating when

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generally, when it blows, what does it bring some benefit? If nothing, you know, the breeze itself is comforting, even if it's extremely hot, right? And there's a bit of a breeze that itself is comforting. There's some hair in it. Right? When wind blows, there's pollination there's rain or something here, Allah says it was Riehle our team, why because that wind brought no benefit. It was dry, it was devastating math or the math not that it leaves minchie in anything utterly it came upon meaning there is nothing that that wind came upon

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INLA except that the third row even the word is coming before in the IRA right. That except that gyla to it left it It made it as God Ramin like disintegrated ruins or AMIM Rami mean we have done this word earlier and truth has seen also. And Ramin refers to basically rotten bones, bones or old decayed, disintegrating, falling apart. This is wrong

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mean Chromium is also used for broken bits of dry leaves.

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So there is nothing that that wind came upon except that it left it as it made it as disintegrated ruins, Wi Fi thermal, and also in some mood meaning there is a sign in the letter home when it was sent to them Timothy through Enjoy yourselves had the Hain for a time, the people of the mood remember they demanded a specific miracle from their prophet. And what was that miracle of a sheet camel of a certain size, certain type that should come out of a certain place, and slowly or they said I made dua, and the exact miracle happened. And these people were warned that do not bother the camel. Forget about bothering it, they killed it. Right. And when they killed it, they were given a

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warning by their Prophet you have three days three days if you repent good if you don't then see the consequences. So if p then a hunter Matera who had their hand this is referring to the three days that they were given and sort of who they are 65 We learn for our Kaluga for all eternity trophy Daddy comes the letter A

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thought our anomaly or beat him even though they were given a warning three days you know this very exact amount of time. What did they do? I thought they turned defiant. I thought what I into a while or two is basically such extreme arrogance that a person doesn't care

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he turns defiant. I thought I'm gonna be him. They were insulin toward the command of their Lord. They didn't care that three days we don't care. We don't believe you. They didn't listen for a hada tomo sorry for two so the Thunderbolt sees them well whom young balloon while they were looking the punishment came as they were looking this saw it approaching with their own eyes. And as a side approaching, they couldn't do anything to defend themselves to help themselves. And that's exactly what's mentioned from us delta rule. So they were not able they were not capable. They had no strength they were unable to min pm in any standing. What does pm mean, to stand up to rise up? They

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were not even able to rise up as the punishment approached them.

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Because you see, when there's you know, some danger approaching you what do you do? You sit there and freeze. Typically people what would they do? The fight or flight kicks in, right? So get up and do something what happened here from us delta or woman pm and they were not even able to get up. Why? Because they didn't have the time. It came so suddenly and so quickly. They couldn't even stand up why American Omantel slipped in and they could not defend themselves, meaning they could not escape that punishment. Despite their worldly prosperity that they boasted about. We'll call them a new human called blue. And also meaning there is a sign in the people of New men or blue before

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meaning they came before all of these nations that are mentioned over here in the home Kenan Coleman facet pain. Indeed they were a people who were facilely who were defiantly disobedient because no one listened and warned them for over 900 years. But they didn't pay heed

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was summer and the sky Allah has been a Navajo we have built it we have constructed it be Aden with strength, a means hand and also strength a yedder. Strengthen right so we have built the sky with strength, meaning very strong one in Allah Musa your own and indeed we are surely expanders Musa your own portion of the word mo Sara who was Moser one who expands meaning we are expanding it ever growing it increasing it in its size, we have expanded it and we continue to do so, while Aruba and the earth for oceanaire how we have spread it out for rationale fell regime

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and fuel OSH we have done this word earlier, the one who has made the earth as a fuel rush and for Rachna is basically to put a floor right to put a floor and also to level the ground in order to prepare it. David out.

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Also the word is used for spreading out bedding, meaning something that a person is going to rest on sleep on you spread it out but when you spread it out, what do you do? You also make it smooth. All right. So for Rachna we have spreaded out for Nirmal Mahi dune. How excellent Alma he dune. Those who prepare

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err, notice por el is being used over here for the purpose of royalty. Mahi Doom plural of my head, my head from mud. What is mud cradle or bed and my head is one who prepares the mud. One who prepares the bed or the cradle. So well out of the for Rachna half for Nirmal Mahi Dune, the earth we have made it level and how beautifully we have prepared it for you so you can live upon it comfortably with ease.

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For Rachna gives a sense of that it's made vast, huge, and may he don't give us a sense of that it's made comfortable, livable woman Konishi in, and of all things halacha. We have created XO, Janie to meets, everything has been created how in pairs. And we have read this earlier that how there's different pairs in different types of creation. In some creation, it's male and female. In other creatures, it is one of a part meaning one that complements the other completes the other woman could Alicia in Kalapana. So Janie, y la La Quinta karoun. So that you remember, what do you remember that you are needy? You are incomplete.

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You see, why do people get married? Why?

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That's the question.

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For many people, because you're supposed to do,

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right? I mean, that's what supposed to be done. You grew up at a certain age, you get married. But there is a sense of completion that comes with marriage.

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I'm not saying that a person is incomplete. And their loser if they're not married? No, that's not the meaning. All right. The point is that as human beings we feel incomplete. Until there is love until there is a relationship. Right? So So Jane in everything, what does it mean? The creation has been created, weak, and needy,

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isn't it? No matter what creation you look at, it's dependent on something else.

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Even things that we make, like for example, a phone, it's useless if it doesn't have battery, isn't it? And even if it's fully charged, if it doesn't have a SIM, a working sim, again, it's useless.

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And if it hasn't working sim and full battery, but you happen to be in a place where you don't get signal,

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then what? Again, that's useless. So we see how everything in this world is dependent on something else, isn't it?

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And we as human beings are most dependent, so needy, in so many ways.

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You know, once a man as the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam, that if I find a lost camel somewhere, can I just take it? Like with somebody's camel, they lost it? And I find it can I just take it? He said, What do you have to do with it? It has its water, it has its food, it can, you know, take care of itself. You don't need to go take it. But I was thinking if there is a lost human child, can that child be left? No, because it's so needy.

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Isn't it? This is how we human beings are we have so many needs. Allah subhanaw taala says, fulfill rule in Allah. So run, run to who in Allah to Allah, Flee to Allah.

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fifth rule fell off your arm is to run. Fit odd is basically direct one's face towards someone away from something else. Right meaning you're deliberately ignoring something you're facing someone. And then the one whom you're facing, you just run towards them. This is Phil

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and Phil on is also to run from something that you're scared off. You're afraid.

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You need help. You need protection. This is why you run do someone from the same root as the word my father and my father is refuge, a place of shelter. So fulfill rule Illa Allah run to Allah, you're needy, no matter what needy you have, go to Allah for its fulfillment.

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And what happens? We find ourselves needy, we have the sense of, you know that something's missing. And we try to fill that void with what? With food?

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Right, or with some company or with some entertainment. Right? I'm not saying these things are not good, they have their place. But remember that true fulfillment will only come with the worship of Allah, it will only come by running to Allah. That is when you will feel satisfied.

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So you could have the best meal followed by the best dessert in the best company. But what happens in the most fanciest of restaurants even you see people sitting and looking around? But what else can I take in? What else can I take in?

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Even in the most fanciest of malls, you know, you see greed in people. This is human nature. This is the reality of this world. It is never meant to bring you full satisfaction and contentment, it can never fill that void.

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It cannot. Because we weren't built for it. We weren't made for it. So fulfill rule in Allah, Ron do Allah that will bring you you know, a sense of completion, a sense of joy, a sense of fulfillment, that cannot come with anything else.

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And notice how in the previous verses, different nations were mentioned, and their outcomes were mentioned.

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Right? So take a lesson from all of these incidents, leave your sin and pay attention to your Lord run to him. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that Allah the Exalted says all son of Adam, get up for me and I will walk to you walk towards me, and I will rush to you. So fulfilled rule il Allah in the local min Hoonah the little Mubin indeed I am to you from him from Allah, a plain warner a clear warner. This is the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that he was supposed to say this to the people fill ru il Allah run to Allah while at the GR Lu and do not make my Allah He with Allah Illa Han Aha, another deity do not associate partners with Allah in Nila comb men who

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Nero mobian Indeed I am to you from him from Allah, a clear warner

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Gallica similarly, man, atta man not after he came. Alladhina men published him to those before them before who the for the people of Makkah. Middle Azulon any messenger meaning no messenger came to a nation before INLA except Aalu. They said, meaning that nation said Sahelian OMA Junoon that nation said to their Prophet, that he was either in magician or a madman, because this is exactly what the machine said to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam also, what was his message? Run to Allah? What did the people accuse him off? You're a magician or a mad person. Allah says, Uh, well, Sobey he did the while. So they suggest each other, they advise each other, they enjoying each other be of

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it of what of this accusation that the Messenger of Allah is either a saccade or merge Junoon. Did they tell each other? The wild soul from wasa? Yeah, what does we'll see I mean, to give an advice to somebody with a lot of emphasis in join, and the lastly is to enjoin each other.

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That why is it that every nation hurled the same accusation to their Prophet? Did they advise each other did each generation tell the following generation that makes sure if a man comes to you saying this, this is what you should accuse him of? Like what's going on? Bell rather home, they are Coleman tahune, a transgressing people. They are a transgressing people they have wronged their profit they have overstepped their bounds, which is why they accused their prophet in this way. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is advised here fatawa learn home so just turn away from them. They hurl false accusations at you don't pay attention just turn away ignore. And if you do so, from

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under the maloom you are not at all blameworthy. Mulu from loan loan is to blame someone Maluma is one who is blameworthy, meaning you won't be condemned for turning away from these people. Well, that good and remind

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remind we think in the Quran, you know, if the Prophet sallallahu Sallam is advised, turned away from these people, that means stop telling them.

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Right? That's not what it means. What it means is, don't argue with them.

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the false accusations they hurled at you.

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However, keep reminding, keep conveying why? Because for in the Vicara because indeed the reminder, then fairly meaning it benefits the believers.

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So they should not be deprived just because some people don't want to listen.

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You understand? Because sometimes what happens is we're doing something good. And we don't really get a positive response. We get frustrated and then we give up when we give up. What are we doing?

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What are we doing? We are depriving those who are still needy, right? So over here the Prophet sallallahu Sallam is advised ignore the falsehood that

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accuse you off. However, keep doing your work. Keep reminding because reminder benefits the believers. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in the MENA Holika more often the weapon necessary and either to kill vichara that the believer has been created, how multitenant he faces a lot of difficulties, a lot of tests.

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The weapon he repents frequently, nessa and he forgets a lot.

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He forgets a lot. Well, the first time I read this hadith, I'm like, is that it? Is there an a mistake here? You know, did the person who wrote it did they make a mistake that I listened to an audio to make sure that I understood correctly and double checked? Yes, this is exactly what the Prophet sallallahu sallam said that the believers in a set he forgets.

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But either the camera, the camera, when he's reminded, he takes a lesson. This is what sets a believer apart. He's a human being, you will make mistakes, he will forget a lot. But when he's reminded, then he takes a lesson he pays attention. And then he corrects himself. Allah says, well, halacha Regina will insert I have not created the jinn and men in Lally are budoni, except that they should worship Me. This is the purpose of our creation, to worship Allah. We weren't created to serve this dunya we weren't created to collect this dunya no matter what we do here will eventually be taken away. This is the reality of this world, either we will leave it or it will leave us. The

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purpose of our existence is to worship Allah, not to worship our houses.

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And we need to see how much of our time and how much of our lives are dedicated to Allah, and how much of it is dedicated to something else. Allah says Matt, what do you do men whom I do not want from them, middle has been any provision. Allah does not need provision from us. Because sometimes we think Allah needs our worship. No, Allah doesn't need our worship.

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He was still Allah when we weren't there. Isn't, he was ALLAH, when there was no sign of us and He will be Allah, when we will be dead?

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Correct. Allah is not in need of our worship. We are in need of worshipping Him.

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Allah does not want any provision from us woman, what do you do annual ceremony and I do not want that they should feed Me. We weren't created to collect food and then give to Allah Allah is not in need of us. Because you see when we think about the relationship of a master and servant, usually, Master is a need of his servant,

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isn't it? Allah is not in need of his servants, because in Allah indeed Allah who will result he is the continual ultimate provider, little Quwata Mateen little OVA, possessor of strength, el Medina, the one who is strong and firm in his strength Mateen from means that noon means one who is firm in strength whose strength never weakens and nothing is difficult for him. So Allah is the provider, he is the firm possessor of strength. So the one who does not have risk, who should he ask Allah the ultimate provider for in the Lilina wala mu for ena. So indeed leadin Allah Allah mu for those who have done what Bill, whether it is a shake, or of denying the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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the New Bern, they shall have a the new job. The new job means portion, the well known and basically the word the new means the loo, a container, a bucket, a bucket that is used for drawing water out of a well,

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all right, but then, you know when water is taken out of the well in the bucket, then people transfer that water from the bucket to where their own containers. All right. So each fill is what somebody's portion, somebody's share. And from this the word the noob is used for mostly portion share. So those who have wronged shall have a portion a share.

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A share of what of punishment Mithila similar to the no BS, hobby him the share of their companions, those who are like them, meaning their predecessors, just like the people of our own, just like the people of the mood just like the people of Luth Fela estar de lune so they should not be impatient. They should not impatiently urge me, they should not hasten, because you see, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam whenever he warned people about the hereafter, what would they say? When is it, meaning bring it already? Allah says don't worry

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Hey, it's coming Falaya start delune for where you learn so Whoa, little Edina Cafaro for those who deny me I'll meet him from their day, which day Allah you are doing which they have been promised or you are doing from worried meaning that which they have been warned about. So oh Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam convey without concern for their denial for they will be caught and every one of us should have this fear that sometimes the truth is obvious before us clear to us but if we ignore it just like the people before us ignored it, then what are we expecting? For way Lulu Latina Cafaro me yummy hemo lady you are doing there's a promise day that is coming about which there is no doubt so

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let us prepare for that day. Recitation

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all of

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a yomo saloon

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JD Leonora Cena

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believe Musa

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Musa LiFi

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gonna feed

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me meaning

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meaning mostly me. What are what can I feed

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for food foon and lava le Wafi mousse

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gonna be su Bonnie Mubi photo lab you oak Nene will call

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me will warm we walk me is outselling

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Johanna to come on me was the Sermo muda is

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me for I don't want a mini on beating up on that tomo spa upon to our home meal home firm firmus dump on

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WD welcome oh man oh

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in Hong Kong

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safety was some

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Russian now

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he do

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well I mean coalition owners own Janene

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funeral oh and along

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moody well.

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Now logging in.

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mobi gather early karma

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was all in

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well now follow up or tune

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it for Nellie levy no one

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else has been Furla is that a gene Oh

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Gus oh me, me more levy your

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panic alarm will be handy I should have a La ilaha illa Anta, a stuffy Raukawa to be like a Salam or Aleikum Warahmatullah wabarakatuh

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