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Al-Anam 111-127 Translation 111-127


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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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Muhammad who want to suddenly out of silicon karimabad for a little bit let him in a shaytani r rajim Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim. For the SRA, he saw that he was certainly under the watch of data melissani of kuqali obon as a dinner in

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Lesson number 84, Sudoku and arm is number 111 to 127.

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and evenness a manner indeed we know zelner we sent out, email him to them, and Malaya ecosa the angels for karma home and he spoke to them. I don't know they're dead ones. What has shown there and we gathered all over him upon them, Cola, every shaking thing to relearn face to face. And also covenants in groups. Man, not caribou,

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mineral soda, believe in law except that you share the world's Allahu Allah when a killer but for whom most of them

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they're ignorant,

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what are their liquor and likewise, there are now we live liquidly for every Libyan Prophet, or do one enemy, show our train from Satan's and ends, our women will drain and return

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you he inspires by the home some of them either to bargain some of others

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adorned a recall of the speech

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to delude to deceive

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and his share He willed or broker your math not far Lou they did it for their home so you leave them while they're in bed which yester own they fabricate

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well, and let us or so that it inclines

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towards it as either two hearts and levina of those who lead not usually Luna they believe in the hereafter

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when they are very new and so that they are pleased with it, when we have 230 and so that they may earn they acquire Mel Watt home materi phone Wenzhou earn wants to commit

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do so then other than Allah, Allah arbitrary I seek hackerman as a judge one more while he and lobby is the one who Angela he sat down he come to you allocator by the book, Euler one explained in detail.

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One novena and those who are trainer whom we gave them and kita the book you know, unknown that indeed it moaners alone one cent down men from Rob Baker you have been helped with the seller so do not the Conan you definitely be men from a moon 13 those who doubt

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for 10 minutes and it was completed clearly moto word of Baker you're

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in truth where I blend and injustice lab not mobile then anyone who can change legally Murthy for his words were hurt and he is a severe the all was on hearing and they always are knowing

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what to tell you obey Excel most manhole fee is in an earth the earth.

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They will lead you astray. I'm from sabini will Allahu Allah in not yet to the owner they follow in except a one. The supposition the conjecture we're in a not home Illa except Yahoo zone this speculate

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in the indeed, Rebecca your read.

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He alone is more snowing man of who you don't know. He goes astray. I'm from Serbia he his way or her and he or no more is more snowing today with those who are rightly guided for Kona so you will eat memory from what vokera it was mentioned. His name Allahu Allah, Allah He upon it. In a quantum you will be if he with his vs. Look minion wants to believe.

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owner and what laquon for you, unless if not the Kuru you will eat most of what vokera it was mentioned is smoke.

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Name of Allah, Allah He upon it, were called while in fact, or already for Sona, he explained in detail, lacunae, so you may have Roma he made unlawful or may come upon you in May except man what

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you were compelled, you know you towards it or in the end indeed Cathedral many leoben Moon, surely they lead astray. Be aware of him because of their desires, the writing without any knowledge in the indeed of Becker, Europe, who are he is most knowing to deal with those who are transgressors? Well, we're all and you all leave we're here apparent outward, and isn't of the same. We're about to enter who and it's hidden inward in the indeed and Medina those who the Acciona they earn and Esma the same, so you rizona soon there will be recompensed the man because of what can do they were here are 34 they earn one and do not that guru you will eat mimar from what lamb not youth girl it is

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mentioned his smooth name Allahu Allah Allah He upon it was in the row and indeed it left is surely a same we're in and indeed a sheltering the Satan's Luna surely they inspire Enter to earlier him there close friends leave the local so that the dispute with you were in and if occur tomorrow whom you all obeyed them in the comb indeed you lemma shikun surely wanzhou associate partners with Allah

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O is the end man who Cana he was Matan dead for a hearing so we gave life to Him.

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And we made level for him neuron alight the MC he walks be whether it be in a nurse the people come in like who my fellow who has example C in a woomera darknesses laser. He is not the heart surgeon at all one who goes out men hair from it does their makeup likewise Xena it was adorned lincare Farina for the disbelievers Merrill Waterloo they were here on balloon day to recover liquor and likewise journal we have made see in Cali every Friday attend town. Okay. Great Ones. leaders. Marjorie, me her it's criminals. Liam Kuru. So better plot see her in it warmer and not em Karuna they plot in there except the unfussy him with themselves warmer and not your Sharon they perceive

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what is there and when it came to them to assign a verse call you they said learn never look meaner. We will believe Hector until we are given wrestler like Mel Watt Ooh, Tia he was given. Also messengers Allahu Allah, Allahu Allah are in the movie is most knowing Hazel where your journey he puts he makes this isleta who has profited. So you say this soon it will reach and levina those people who are Jomo, they committed crimes, so horrible humiliation, in the mirror, a lot of law were available and a punishment shreddy don't severe. be mad because of what they're new. They were young, Kuru they plot

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feminine. So whoever unit he wants, Allahu Allah, and that he or Thea who he guides him. Yes, he opens sodre who has just learned Islam for the Islam. Woman and whoever you read he wants on that you will know who he lets him go astray. He makes southern Ohio his chest the Yukon narrow hydrogen tight the unima as your saw I do the ascends he in a summer the sky

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likewise, your journal he metrics are more who Allah alleged set the field on a pond and Medina those who lead not up noon they believe

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were held there and this Serato pet or beaker of Europe Mr. keema went straight. Cause in fact for solna we have explained openly we have elaborated as the versus the common for a people use their karoon data keys. They think Lohan for them barrel home, a salon of the piece. In the near him they have a horse and he will be your home their guardian, their friend, Bella because of what terrible they were here. I'm alone. They do

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Let's listen to the recitation of these verses.

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he has to let

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me know.

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Amina mutairi.

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Mascara moto

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mommy or daddy

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the pacu

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the world

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messing with his own habima Can we

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move on

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is false

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wanting to move in.

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Mina had

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Don't be

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