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At-Tariq-Al-Ghashiyah Translation


AI: Summary © The transcript describes a recitation of a dialogue by a speaker about a person named Mr. Lara Sudhakar who created a machine for heating heating. The speaker describes a woman named Moosa who is supposed to be killed by a storm and is supposed to receive a reward. The transcript also describes a recitation of a dialogue about a woman named Mr. Luffy who is supposed to receive a reward for his work.
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Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Dr. Lara Sudha. Hill Kareem I'm about for the Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. furbish rightly Sati were Sidley Emery. Let me lasagna Coco Lee. Robin as in

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Lesson number 307 sort of pathetic. I am number one to 17 translation or summary by the sky. What party and by the one that comes at night Warner and what a rocker it made you know, what is a potluck? The one that comes at night? unmatchable, the star, assertive, the one that is piercing bright, in not all naps in Seoul, London except I lay her upon it. Have your own one who guards one who protects Fernando so he should look I'll insert the human being member from what Julio called, he was created. Holy cow he was created man from man in water death. One that gushes for your produce, it comes out men from benei between a soul the loin, the backbone water and the ribs in the

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who indeed he Allah upon Roger he his return recorded surely one who is able here on day two boiler it will be tried a settle it the secrets center the not Lahu for him, men from all wet in any power, weather and nor NASA and he helped her was simmer by the sky that possessor of red by the returning cycle will end the earth that possessor of solder of the splitting of the crack in the hole indeed it laconian surely a word for Sloane decisive, warmer and not who it bill has at all. amusement in your home indeed de Yaki doing their plot Qaeda a plot or erkki do and I plan Caden a plan from a hill sagiv recite alkaff Irina, the disbelievers I'm heading home, give respect to them provider a

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while sometime

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we listen to the recitation of

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this meeting.

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He was

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Arla, I am number one to 19

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sub verify, if Smith name that because of your Lord arella the most high under the the one who he created for somewhere, then he perfectly proportioned one of the and the one who

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he measured. He destined for harder than he guided one or the underground hole, a corridor he took out a metal the pasture for Giana Whoa, then he made it was a stable, a schwa blackened center Carioca soon we will make your recite center so not done sir. You will forget Illa except now whatever share a he world, Allahu Allah in the whole indeed he Yara Lomo hemos and Java, the apparent llama and what

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it is hidden.

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Asuka and we shall make easy

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You will use raw for the ease or toward the ease further kit. So you remained in if method, it profited, as they call the reminder. So your vet Colonel Sir, he will receive admonition man who yaksha he fears? Well, and yet adjure Nebu her, he will avoid it for the most wretched and muddy the one who yes lair he will enter to burn and narrow the fire and Cobra the greatest dumber than last not your mo to he will die. See her in it. Voila. And nor Yes, yeah, he will live.

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In fact, as Lucha he succeeded. Mind whoever does occur, he purified himself was incredible. And he remembered he mentioned his Smith name or be he of his Lord, for Salah, then he prayed Bal rather to see Luna you will prefer a higher to the life of dunya of the world. Well, hello to and the hereafter hi urine is better, whatever call and more lasting in indeed has this Luffy surely in a social the scriptures owner the former saw her feet scriptures, Abraham of Ibrahim Formosa and Moosa. Are they human Salah?

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Let's visit the recitation of these verses this meeting.

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He says this small speaker levy

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kid in authority

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says that karumi

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suitable ATIA is number one to 26 has a packet it came to you, how do you report a lot

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of the one that envelops or alhaja the overwhelming event would you run some faces urina even on that day, harsher, humbled

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one that works Neshoba one that is exhausted, Tesla, it will enter to burn. Now on a fire Hermia one that is scorching the spa, it will be given to drink wine from Ireland in a spring

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one that is boiling laser, it is not a home for them. Darwin any food in the except main from the year in a thorny plant. Law neither you smell, it nourishes one end nor you need it availed from during hunger. Would you hold some faces yoma even on that day nerima blissful, radiant, Lisa you her for its effort for its striving for obeah one pleased see in generating a garden. The lofty law not the smart rule. You will hear fee her in it lovelier in vain talk. See her in it. I am in a spring Giardia one that is flowing fee her it sold on couches more for raised high elevated or acquire bone and cups mobile one placed set for women medical and cushions must be arranged in order

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arranged in rows was our bu and find cards

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Bits numbersusa laid out a fella do they're not young children they look ILA towards an A bill the camera gave her how holy It was created. What ILA and towards a summer the sky kafer how roof era? It was raised, what Isla and towards LG by the mountains. kafer How? Mostly but it was fixed. What ILA m towards

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the Earth Day for how salty help, it was stretched out further than remained in memory. Indeed not but you are more than one who remains less than you are not I lay him upon them. Be mostly at all a warden at all a controller in the except man who boiler he turned away, or cafaro and he disbelieved for your IV boohoo. So he will punish him. Allahu Allah. And either the the punishment of the greatest in indeed, Elena to us. yerba home, they return some then in indeed, Elena upon us. She said the home day reckoning. That's the sort of the recitation of these verses.

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He has Hello

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ladies laser.

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fi has