Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 18 – L174F

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The segment discusses the severe punishment of Iranian Beavivores and the door of punishment. It emphasizes the importance of showing gratitude and not giving up hope, as well as the potential return of the Iranian Beavivores to their former state of life. The segment also touches on the idea of a culture created by individuals and the importance of protecting property and community for future generations.
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Had the either fatahna Iranian Bevin there or they have been shady then until when we have opened before them a door of severe punishment. What does this door of severe punishment refer to?

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It refers to death or it refers to punishment in the grave or the day of judgment or in hellfire.

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Then what will happen either home fi Moberly, soon then immediately, they will be there in in despair,

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then they will give up hope, then they will despair.

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Right now, they do not break in the dunya when they're made to suffer from difficulty, they do not humble before Allah, they do not break down to for Allah. They do not come closer to Allah.

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But when the severe punishment opens upon them, then they will completely despair.

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Mobile as soon as the plural of mobiles and mobile says one who is plunged in despair. One was despondent, one who has become speechless in grief, out of shock. And a blessa. a blast is when a person has become weak hearted, because of sorrow because of grief, when he cannot say anything. He's speechless, because of fear, because of shock because of grief. He cannot do anything he cannot say anything. So a blast is when a person is completely despair,

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complete, completely despondent. He doesn't have any words, he doesn't have any idea. He's moved full of anguish, full of sadness, full of despair. This is who mobilizes and the word it believes is also from the same root

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that it believes has completed the spirit of the mercy of Allah which is why he does not repent, which is why he does not seek forgiveness. So either home Fini mobile is one, that those who were stubborn in the life of this world, they will submit, they will surrender when

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when the door of punishment opens upon them.

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And what is the door of punishment first of all death, that when they see the angels of death, then they will surrender into the natural light. 28 we learn alladhina teta warfare humble Mullah eager to swallow me and forsake him for an hour cetera, then they offer submission, then they submit immediately.

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And also, this despair will be on the Day of Judgment.

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When they're put into the punishment, then they will despair of any ease they will despair of any goodness. All their hopes will disappear.

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Well who Alevi and he is the one who insha Allah Khan, who has created for you who has produced for you a summer well episode or well, either the hearing the sight, the vision and also the heart kalila mother Sharon, how little is it that you're grateful?

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Allah has given you so many blessings, amongst them, the most important ones being your ability to hear your ability to see your ability to feel to reflect, to have emotions. But how little Do you offer gratitude?

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How liberal is it that you use these blessings property?

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You don't reflect? You don't understand. You don't use your mind. You don't humble, you don't break down.

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You don't submit. Instead you become arrogant. canina matters. How little is it that you're grateful? And Matt over here is emphasizing the killer. That how very little is it that you are grateful? meaning you're so ungrateful.

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And Mark can also be understood as muscle, which indicates quantity or time meaning very little gratitude is that you offer and for a very short period of time is it that you're grateful?

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Well who are living and he is the one who there are config or the who has multiplied you in the earth. That means halaqa and Botha creative and he spread. He is the one who has created you and he has spread you multiplied you all over the earth. Were in a theater Sharon and to Him you will be gathered to Him you will be taken back you'll be resurrected and you will be gathered. Why to be held accountable for what you have done.

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In sort of the room I in number 20 we learn what made it and Hala haka mentor Robin sama Anton buchon 10 tashiro. It is of a science that he created you for mud, and then your human beings spread all over the earth. In total molcajete 24 we learn hola who Allah de la fille de la hittar shown. He multiplied you all over the earth, and to Him you will be gathered

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who who has

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lead up where you meet, and it is he who gives life and causes death, whether who, and it is for him meaning it is only within his authority within his ability to do what if the leveleleven, the alternation of the night and the day,

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it is only he who can bring the night and the day in succession, one after the other, nobody else can do that.

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No one else can cause the earth to rotate.

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No one else

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if the earth does become still, do we have the ability to make it rotate? We cannot, we don't have the ability at all. Well, who under the you here you meet wallow who, and this authority is only with him this power is only with him, of his delightful lady when now, if we want the night to be a certain length, we don't want it to reduce we don't want it to become longer. And we do that no

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fly therapy with and do not understand that if he is the one who has all of this power, then he is the one whom you should obey, whom you should become humbly submissive to

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bulk ALU rather than say missler like McConnell a Walloon what the former people said, What did the former people say that or do they said either mithuna when we have died, well could not Robin and we have turned to dust, worry llaman and bones in Nanaimo borusan. Are we really going to be resurrected?

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If you notice, all of this is different, either. metronomic, una trabalhar Islamic analemma borusan. This is the time again and again, what is it show? There's no way How is it possible? We can never ever be resurrected once we have decomposed once our bodies have disintegrated into the earth. So we see that the machine of Makkah had this argument.

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But Allah subhanaw taala says that what they're saying is what the previous people said,

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the people of every year from the time of new Hardison until today, they have the same argument that after we have disintegrated, how can we be brought back to life? My your healer allama were here with me.

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In throttle Nazareth, I attend to 12 we learn your coluna in animal doo doo nephele hafler in our corner alarm and polluting Kaden Calverton, hasura.

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They're presently saying that will indeed be returned to our former state of life. Even if we should be decayed bonds, they say that then would be a losing return. Meaning it's not possible at all. The previous people What did they say? Allah subhanaw taala says lucado worried in a certainly we were promised nano we were the owner and also our forefathers had them in a blue this from before.

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We have been promised that there will be a day of judgment. And our forefathers even they were promised that there is going to be a day of judgment. But still, there hasn't been any day of judgment. No person has been resurrected. In her there Illa ourselves we will have wiliness is nothing except the legends of the former people. A South leaders of Florida, who's sober.

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And it's a story that has been made up by people It has been fabricated. People know that it's false. But still it is narrated over and over again.

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false stories which people have invented, but still their narrative. So this is just an invention, Strange Tales that the people of the past invented. And they have been narrated in every generation, that there is going to be a day of judgment when people are going to be resurrected. But look till today, it hasn't happened. And it's never going to happen. It's impossible that we're going to be brought back.

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A loss of penalties has been asked them limonene

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To whom does this earth belong to? Who owns this earth? Who owns this dunya woman fee her and whoever that is in it in contempt alimony? If you know

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if you know who owns this earth and whoever that is on the earth, say oh Luna soon they will say Lila. Allah is the one.

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He is the one who owns all of this. Allah says Ponce, a ferrata the Quran then will you not take heed?

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When you know that he is the owner of the earth, and the owner, the Malik he can do whatever he wants with his creation, isn't it? he can do whatever he wants with his possession. It's up to him. So when he owns he runs the entire Earth, every system that is in the earth, when he is so capable when he is so powerful, when he is so Supreme. You think that there are other beings besides Him who deserve to be worshipped

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or you think that

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He cannot recreate, he cannot resurrect, of course he can

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ask them pull Malibu Santa where the Sudbury water boiler should leave? Who is the Lord of the seven heavens and the Lord of the great throne? Who is the Lord of the seven habits? First of all, who owns the earth? Now, who is the Lord of the seven heavens Who has created them? who manages them? Who owns them? Allah subhana

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wa bhullar should Arlene

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say a coluna. Soon they will say they know they belong to Oba he is a club. He is their owner, he is their Lord, call a falletta tycoon and say to them, will you not have fear?

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When you admit that He is the Lord of the heavens? And he is a Lord of the mighty throne?

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Then will you not fear him while you worship others besides it?

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Will you not fear him? While you doubt, his promises, his words, his ability,

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all say to them, man via the Hema Lakota coalition in whose hands is a realm of all things. mallacoota wilda at the end is for mobile.

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One is molk and the other is melaku. Entire Dominion absolute Dominion absolute ownership, man via the Hema Lakota coalition who has the absolute ownership of everything.

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Well, who will you do? And he is the one who gives protection yujiro from the veterus gene? Well, the word job means neighbor. And what does the neighbor do? He's supposed to protect the supposed to support. So what are you do? He meaning Allah He gives protection. He grants shelter, meaning he helps him ever he wills

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What are you generally and none is protected against him.

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yujiro he is given protection meaning no person, no being no creation can be given protection or lay against him meaning against Allah.

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Allah is the one who gives protection and none can be protected from him.

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The understand he is one who gives protection and none can be protected from him against him in contempt, alimony, if you know,

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say aku lunella. Soon they will say all of this belongs to Allah. He has the mallacoota coalition. And he is one who can grant protection and none can be protected from him. If anyone tries to hide from him, he will not be successful, say a co lunella called safe.

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Then how are you deluded? How you bewitched? How are you enchanted? This heroin is from? And second is magic. That How do you come under the effect of this magic? That when you understand all of this, when you see all of this when you realize all of this still you doubt his oneness, still you doubt his power? Still you doubt his words? Still you doubt that he has sent a messenger

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when you can accept with your mind that he is the only one who has absolute authority. Then how how can you worship others with him? How can you doubt resurrection? How can you turn away from his obedience? Allah says well Athena home bill, rather we have brought them the truth. We're in the home look at the bone and indeed they're liars.

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What we're telling them is the truth. What Allah has informed us off is the truth.

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And what people have invented, what people say about his oneness, or about the Day of Judgment, about resurrection, about the Prophet of Allah, about the commands that Allah has given whatever people say, what is that?

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It's all nice, because Allah is the one who was most truthful, woman are still coming alive, Kayla woman has documented a lie he had either no one is more truthful than Allah. So if Allah has informed us of something,

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and people believe otherwise, people say otherwise, people do otherwise, then people are wrong.

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Because after accepting all of this, after acknowledging all of this, that yes, he is the only Lord. He is one who has absolute possession. He is the one who does all of this. Still, if a person says no, there are other beings besides Allah who deserve worship. Still, if a person says no change this Koran alter the interpretation, then definitely this person is a liar. Allah has given us the truth and if a person does otherwise

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Then we're in the home look at the bone that they're indeed liars.

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And why are they lying? Because they don't like the truth. They don't want to accept it. It goes against their desires.

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So what's the lesson of all of these is

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that when the Hulk has come from

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when your mind accepts it, when your logic accepts it, and accept it with your heart as well.

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We'll listen to the recitation of these as

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Elana key boo,

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boo, boo,

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boo, boo,

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Boo. Boo.

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Chateau a la ilaha illa Anta Mustapha Luca

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assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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