Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 18 – L174E

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the use of language to convey information and potential conflict with reality, emphasizing the importance of understanding one's own beliefs and values to avoid negative consequences. They stress the need to change behavior and avoid facades, following laws and following rules to avoid confusion and misunderstandings. The speakers also emphasize the importance of changing one's behavior to achieve their desired desires and avoid harm. The difficulty of losing control of actions and creating behavior is discussed, as it is reflection of one's values and desire. The advice offered is also given on how to deal with behavior that can affect one's health.
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Am lumea ready for solar home? Or have they not recognize their messenger? Do they not recognize the messenger? For whom logo monkey rune? So they are toward him this technology?

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Primarily the people of Macau are being addressed that do they not recognize their messenger? And as a result of that, they don't acknowledge him. They pretend not to know him. So in other words, what is preventing these people from believing?

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What is preventing these people from believing? It's the first time they've ever heard a messenger has come.

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Or a book has come? Or is it because they don't know this man? They don't know how mozzarella sir. And if he claims to be a messenger, they don't know if he's speaking the truth. No, they know him so well. It's understandable that if a random person a stranger, he comes to you telling you something, you would doubt what he's saying, isn't it? They resemble you walking in the mall in the street and somebody comes in says to you, oh, you know, you should definitely buy this product. It's so good for you. It's that good for you? random person, you don't even know about him. He doesn't have any, you know, proof that he has knowledge about what he's talking about. Will you accept what he says?

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No, you won't accept him.

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But if it's someone whom you know, and if he says something to you, will you accept it? Yes, you will. The machine of Makkah. They knew the prophets are about Islam since his childhood. He grew up amongst them.

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And he was known as a person of highest integrity and honesty.

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And they knew him to be very, very truthful. So when they knew him, to be that truthful, it was unreasonable on their part to doubt what he was saying. So um, let me already photo Sula home for whom lumen Quran? Allah Subhana Allah says in Surah Tunis is 16 colo sha Allah metadata who are legal whether Adderall can be for Padilla B's to fecal murramarang mencoba de f a data

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I have remained in you for a long period of time for my whole life. I have been in you then don't you understand? You know me so well. Then how can you not accept what I'm telling you?

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And if you think about it, the coming of the messenger was also not something new in total or halfaya nine. We don't call Malecon to be there. Amina also say that I'm not something original, something new from the messengers. No messengers have come before me as well. Me, oh, Luna? Or do they say that be aegeon with him is madness?

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Do they say that he is mad, that he's suffering from insanity, that he has been possessed by a jinn? And because of that they don't give importance to what he's saying.

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But the fact is that Have you ever seen a person who is really much new?

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Who is possessed by the jinn,

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that person is suffering from so much pain, so much hardship? He cannot even speak properly. Image no one is clearly

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someone who is suffering from insanity. Someone who's suffering from some mental problem, or someone who has been possessed by a gene, you see him and you recognize him to be much new.

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Nobody will have doubts about that even children are afraid of such people.

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Even children realize that there's something not right over here. So how could they call the prophets of Allah Sara Mattoon,

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amico, Luna v. Gina Manasa hippocampi Majnoon, Allah says, No, the real problem, the real reason as to why they don't believe in Him is because belgica a humble happy, rather, he has brought them the truth, or a third of them, and most of them will help pay for the truth, carry home, they want to dislike they don't like it. And this is a problem with many people.

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They know what the truth is. They know what the right thing to do is. They understand they realize, but they don't accept it.

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They don't accept it.

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They don't do it. Why? Because they don't like.

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And if you think about it, this is something that many people do inwardly matters as well as religious matters,

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isn't it? So? Like, for example, a person knows that eating a particular food is good for him.

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But he will not eat it, why? It doesn't taste good.

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He knows what is good. He knows what is right. He knows he should be doing it. But he doesn't do it. Why he doesn't like it. Similarly, he knows that a particular food is bad for him.

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He knows he should not be eating it but still he will eat it why he likes it.

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You understand? Similarly exercise, people know it's good for them, but they will not do it. Why it's too difficult.

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Right? Many things with regards to dounia and also with regards to Dean. People know they're good for them. People know they should be doing

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them. But still, what is their attitude? I know it's wrong. But I know I should be doing it. But we have an explanation for it. We have a reason behind it.

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When does this happen? When a person becomes slave to his desires,

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he only does that which he likes.

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He only does that which brings them comfort, which brings them immediate pleasure, instant reward.

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And if anything is difficult, if anything goes against the desire, no, I can't do it.

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This was a problem with the people of my cars. Well, they knew the profits.

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They saw the truth, they realize the truth, but they didn't accept it. Why? Because it went against their desires.

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Allah says, Allah with the barrel.

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And if the truth had followed their inclinations, meaning of the truth was made such that it conformed to their likes and dislikes. The truth became what they wanted it to be. And what would that be that everything they like becomes permissible.

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And everything they don't like, is out of their face.

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There are no restrictions, no limits. Everything they want is permissible. Everything that they don't like is out of their face, whether with double hukou or home then what would happen a lot faster that is similar to all of them, surely, the heavens and the earth, they would have been ruined, and not just the heavens and the earth, but also woman fee hidden, and also those in the

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And isn't it true that if everyone's wishes are to be fulfilled?

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If everyone is allowed to do whatever they want, then nothing can function in this dunya. Nothing can function in this universe

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that one person would want. I don't want the morning to come right now. I want 36 hours in my day. I want to sleep. No sun should come out. Okay, the sun does not come out.

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Then what will happen?

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Will the plants get nutrition? Will people get the sunlight they need? No.

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If a person says I don't want it to rain right now, okay, no rain, the plants will die. Will you get food? No.

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So if everyone's desires are to be fulfilled, if the truth, follow their desires, it conformed to the desires of the people, then the first set that is similar to a lot.

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Similarly, if for example, a person says I want to drive, I don't want to follow the rules. Who are you to tell me I'm born free.

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don't impose any rules and we don't impose any restrictions on me, then what would happen?

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What would happen?

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chaos isn't it's a facade, the facade that is similar to a lot, there will be so much chaos, so much facade. So when Allah subhanaw taala has made rules a certain way, when he has given us the help, then we are no one's to alter it. We are to change ourselves, according to the Hulk not change the Hulk according to our desires.

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And what was the main desire of these people, the people of Mecca that don't tell us not to do

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Don't tell us not to worship idols, we should be allowed to worship them.

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So, if the truth was made, such that there were other beings who were to be worshipped besides Allah, then what would happen left for us at that is similar to a lot because of schilke contradictions would come forth, as is usually the case when there is more than one ruler, woman fee when Allah says well, Athena home basically him rather we have brought them their message, for whom are in the Korean War alone and they are from there they could turning away the words it has multiple meanings.

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Like for example, remembrance, mentioned, reminder, advice, and vigor also means that which is a source of fame and honor for someone. So by Athena, whom basically him we have brought them the Quran, in which they are mentioned, in which is a source of their honor, in which is a reminder and advice for them.

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In through the zakharov iF 44 we learn what in the holodeck are laka. What do you call Mecca? For what is their reaction? For whom are in the Korean word alone, they're turning away from it.

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The prophets are a lot of setup at all the people of America, that if you just believe in one customer, one customer, then you will have the riches of the world who will be the more successful ones.

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And then we should in America, that's not difficult. What is it? And when they were told La Ilaha Illa No, we cannot accept that.

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So, the Quran, it was a source of fame and glory for them. They weren't willing to accept it. They weren't willing to live by it.

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And the

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Actually, they would swear solemn oath before that if a messenger comes to us, we will be misguided in sort of the fact that I afford to do we learn what some will be language, emailing him, let injure a home neuron, layer coonan oma fella major una de Ron Masada home, Ilana for

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the messenger did come to them, but it did not increase them accepting the version.

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So we see that people who follow their desires, what happens to them, even when they see the truth, they don't want to accept it. They don't want to change according to it,

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to the point that they even one, the divine law to be changed according to their desires

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to suit their desires.

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Whereas we are to change ourselves according to the Quran that Allah subhanaw taala has given to us.

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And this is why we see that there are so many people who want to interpret the Quran in their own way, who want to interpret the text of their religion their own way. Why? Because they want to continue to follow their desires. They don't want to change themselves, they want to change the law. And if the law is changed according to their desires, then there will be facade all over the earth, amongst all the people of the earth. And this is a fact that we see that where people follow their desires, people are allowed to do whatever they want to what happens, there's no peace, no peace in that society, nobody can live in peace. People can go kill anyone, they can go steal from anyone,

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they can go, you know, bomb somewhere, and they can go steal from somebody as well, they can do anything they want, nobody is held accountable for sad. So we need to change ourselves, not change the law that Mr. serpentine has given to us.

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We see that it's not just at a big level, that in a country where people are not following a particular law, they would be facade, but also a very small level that, for example, in this institute, there are certain rules that have to be followed that have to be observed. But what do people want exceptions should be made for them.

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I have come from this situation, therefore, please make an exception for me. Okay, some people can be accommodated within the certain rules. But exceptions cannot be made for everybody.

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Because everyone's situation is not the same.

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And if everyone is given exceptions, then what would happen? They would be facade isn't

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there will be facade. Like for example, we have certain rules when it comes to taking the tests. You take the test on the day of the test, right? And if for a genuine reason, genuine reason you weren't able to then you take it, When,

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when, within the week, right? Now, if a person says no, I'm too busy, I'll come back after three, four weeks, you know, two months afterwards, please take my test. And if everyone is accommodated in this way, then what will happen?

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The entire results system there will be facade in it isn't.

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If a person says you know, I'm coming, what I'm not going to mark my attendance. I'm coming but I'm not going to attend the groups, then isn't that going to affect the result? Of course it is going to affect. So this is a simple rule that we must realize, in our lives, in everything that we do. That rules are made, so that we conform to them.

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Not that we change them according to our desires. Because if they're changed all the time, then nothing can be accomplished. There will be facade everywhere.

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Now the people of Makkah, what would they want? What were their desires.

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One desire of theirs was that we don't like this. bring another

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insert Eunice I have 15 we learned that the people of Makkah they would say a typical Indian lady Heather overdale who bring a Quran other than this or change it. And this is what people wanted as well. Change the Quran, change the interpretation,

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interpret in a modern way, in a more realistic way. That suits our lifestyle that suits the contemporary world. This is what people want.

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Similarly, the machine of Mecca they would want that well known and loosely the head of an alleged criminal career Korea taneous Lee so there's a clip I 31.

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The How can this Quran has not been sent down upon a great man from one of the two cities Why?

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And the people have the same objection today that why do we have to follow him? Why do we have to follow his son? Why do we have to interpret the Quran the way that he taught us? Why can we not interpret it independently? Why do we have to conform to his teachings

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so is

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That the mosquito maka demanded all of these things. But were these requests fulfilled were these demands fulfilled? No. They were made to change themselves according to the Quran and the same applies today

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that no matter what we say about the religion change this alter that interpreted this way interpreted that way it cannot be done we have to remember that we have to change ourselves

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and this alone or do you ask them

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meaning what is the reason for their denial? What is the reason for their disbelief?

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Is it because you're asking them for a carton for a payment card is from the rule collectors haul or Diem

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and card is a land tax

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land tax It's also used for expenditure

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that you're working for someone and whatever you know costs you had to bear you give them a list at the end you give them all the bills at the end this is what you have to pay me so hard is that which is someone's do that which is someone's Do you have to give that money to them? So I'm just Alucard and are you asking them for payment that this work that you're doing you're asking them look I'm doing so much for you so you have to pay me monthly this much money

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and because of that they don't want to accept you they don't want to follow you they don't want to believe in you know, for her Raji Rebecca Hi, butcher ward of your Lord is better meaning the reward that your Lord will give you that is far better than what these people can give you. Well who Hydra was a thing and he is a Vesta providers in Sorocaba if 47 we learn called Marisol to come in Nigerian for huella come in Nigeria Illa Allah say whatever payment I might have asked of you, it is yours in keeping with yourself. If you think that I'm asking something from you, keep it with yourself. My payment is only from Allah in 1320 to 21 we learn that which I mean Oxford Medina,

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Iran. Yes, sir. palaia komeito, Barrymore, Celine, Tabby, rumalaya lucam Angela, follow the one who does not ask you for any payment. And this is a sign of someone who is honest and sincere.

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What in NACA, and indeed you letter the room, surely you call them Illa slotting was the pain to a bath that is straight.

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But despite that, they do not believe what you're calling them to his guidance. And you're not calling them for any personal gain. No, you're calling them purely for their benefit slid off and was the pain. You're not asking for any edges.

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You don't have any personal gain. If you call them to this way, when you call them, it's in order to guide them, but they're not willing to accept. We listen to the recitation and we'll continue

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the state of hombre that when a person is immersed in this delusion in this deception in being immersed in fulfilling desires, that to the point that, first of all, a person does not even see the truth. And even if a person does see the truth, he does not wish to accept it. Why? Because it goes against his desires, he's too comfortable, where he is, he's too happy where he is, he doesn't want to change, he doesn't want to improve.

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Because you see, whenever a person does something of the deen, it requires some effort isn't, even if it's a little bit of effort, you have to do something, you can't just sit there and do nothing. You have to do something. And many people don't like to do that something

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because it requires them to move from their place that requires them to put in some effort to go against their desires.

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And we see that in order to accomplish anything, whether of this dunya or the Acela, we have to go against our desires.

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We have to curb our desires, we cannot be fulfilling our desires and thinking that we will achieve whatever we want to achieve. No, a person who pursues his desires cannot accomplish anything.

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Change is a universal thing. Everything changes, isn't it? Nothing remains as it is. Everything changes in this dunya. And we see that in order for harmony to exist in order for everyone to exist peacefully, people must change themselves, things must change. And if things remain the way they are, then nothing will be possible.

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Like for example, if the weather does not change, then are we going to get food are the plants going to grow? No. If the weather stays as it is, then they will not be harmony, they will not be life, they will not be peace. So similarly, if you want to excel, if you want to achieve something, then you have to change. If you want the other person to be happy if you want the other person to be satisfied. If you want happiness to exist in your household and your family then you have to change and if we don't change

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if we want everything else to change, then remember that it will be no peace and harmony in dystonia. No peace and harmony

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will continue what in the Ludhiana and indeed those people Lao manana bill karate who do not believe in the hereafter. Honestly at all the from the bat, they are lenok eborn surely wanzhou deviate.

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If you connect this with the previous ayah that the profits or the loss and then we're in Nicoletta the room illustrata. Mr. Kane, you're calling them to the straight path.

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But those people who do not believe in the Hereafter, they deviate from the straight path. Nike Buddhism newsletters known katha nuku and Nicole bus to swerve it is to deflect it is to wander away

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to stray away from the right path.

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And the word is also used for shoulders because the shoulders what happens when they bend? Right?

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So our next little thing unacceptable, meaning they don't walk on the right path. They are deviated from the straight path. This is the quality of those people who do not believe in the hereafter.

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Because what keeps a person firm and steadfast on the straight path is his belief, his certainty, fear of the hereafter that one day I have to die.

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One day I'm going to be questioned. One day my deeds are going to be displayed.

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When a person thinks this way, then he will remain on the straight path. He will control his desires, he will curb his desires.

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He will leave unimportant unnecessary things.

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But a person who does not fear the hereafter who does not believe in the hero who has no sense of accountability. Then what will you do? Mr. Molina be Sam Iran daijiro

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well our him now home and if we gave them

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Mercy, who the people of Mecca, waka Schaffner and we removed maybe him whatever is with them min loading of harm, meaning whatever harm they're suffering from. If we out of our mercy, we removed it from them, then would they change? No lead up to him Yama Hoon, surely they would persist in their transgression, wandering, blindly lead you lead away from the real fetters lamb, Jean Jean. And lejog is when a person becomes stubborn on something wrong.

00:25:37 --> 00:25:49

When a person becomes stubborn on something that is wrong, he does not change, he persists, he becomes obstinate, he insists on the wrongs that he's doing. So the lead up to the enemy.

00:25:51 --> 00:26:05

So here loss of data tells us of their stubbornness and their disbelief, that even if their difficulty was removed from them, still, they would not change. Why? Because the fact of the matter is that they don't like the truth.

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They don't like the truth.

00:26:09 --> 00:26:11

Now, what is this difficulty referring to?

00:26:12 --> 00:26:13

We didn't say

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that the crush, they did not embrace Islam for a long period. So the prophets are a lot of them, he made them out against them. And he prayed to Allah, that Allahumma or in near la him be suffering castleberry uses that, oh, Allah helped me against them by seven years of famine, like those of yous have

00:26:33 --> 00:26:39

helped me against them with what, seven years of famine, like those seven years of use of rice.

00:26:41 --> 00:26:59

Because you see, when that famine was coming, right, that's when use of it, Sam came out of the prison. The King had the dream, right? He was concerned about the interpretation, use of redness and I'm told him about the interpretation and then that is how people accepted Him. That is how he gained position.

00:27:00 --> 00:27:08

So the machine and Mako are also not willing to believe in the Prophet sallallahu sallam, so he prayed to Allah, Allah helped me with seven years of famine, just as you help your profit user.

00:27:10 --> 00:27:27

So what happened to the machine of maca? They were afflicted with such a severe year of famine, that they were destroyed and it completely and they ate dead animals and they ate bones. And they started seeing something like smoke between the sky and the earth because of severe hunger.

00:27:28 --> 00:27:45

And Abu Sufyan he then came to the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and he said, Well, Mohammed, sort of all this and then you came to order us to keep good relations with kith and kin, and your kinsmen have now perished. So please Invoke a lot to relieve them during leave this difficulty to take it away from us.

00:27:46 --> 00:28:22

So it was removed. But what happened? They went back on their ways they didn't believe on the profit side, a lot of them just as a people of their own. Every time they were afflicted with a problem they would go to Masada center, pray to your Lord, if it's removed, we'll believe we'll let the Bani Israel go. But what happened? Every time they will go back on their word. We learned incidentally Anam is 28 Willow Rue de la Dooley man who are on who were in the home locatable and even if they were returned, they were determined to that which they will forbidden and indeed, they're liars. That on the day of gentlemen, people will request that Allah send this back to the dunya will

00:28:22 --> 00:28:39

change. Allah says if they're returned, they will not change. Why? Because a person who does not like the truth, who does not want to accept it, then no matter what he goes through, no matter what experience he faces in his life, he will not change.

00:28:40 --> 00:29:22

He will not change and this is the most miserable, unfortunate state that a person can be in that nothing, no difficult circumstance no difficulty in life can change a person can make a person humble can make a person turn to Allah. He has become so hard hearted, so persistent, that nothing can have an effect on him. Allah says what are called 100 now whom will either be and we had gripped them with suffering with punishment from us, they can only be him, but they did not yield to their Lord woman yet a lot of our own, nor did they humbly supplicate before him. What does this adab refer to the famine

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that they experienced the people of Makkah. But despite that difficulty muster can only be mistaken from the ruthless scene Caf known from sakana which means to become still so is the kind of they did not become miskeen before their Lord. They did not become needy before their Lord they did not humble before him. They did not surrender. And it's the kind who is also understood to be from the root letters calf well known count to be meaning they did not become what they should have become for master can only have begun

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and is the kinda This is on the apparent

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That when a person gives up when a person surrenders when a person becomes a miskeen camasta can only obey Him. When I have a lot of our own, you know, love our own front, a little blah, blah. And what does that mean? Whoa, sure and holder of the heart, the humidity, the submissiveness of the heart. So is the kana is on the law here, and the lover is in the call.

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Outwardly they did not surrender, and inwardly they did not humble.

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They did not pray to their Lord. Rather, they remain firm on their, on their arrogance, and their comfort and their stubbornness on wrong. For believer difficulties are a blessing. Why? Because they affect him, they change him, they make him humble. They make him turn to a loss of hangleton. They improve him their cause of improvement. But for a person who is not a believer, what happens, difficulties are a source of great disaster for him. Because he goes farther away from Allah.

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He goes farther away from the truth.

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He says, Why me? If there was a god, I would not be suffering from the struggle.

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If Allah was really merciful, I would not be in this situation. If Allah wanted good for people, then people would not be suffering at such a large scale and dystonia today.

00:31:32 --> 00:31:35

So we see that a believer, he puts everything in perspective,

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that when he receives blessing, he doesn't get fooled by that. My lord is very happy with me. And when he suffers from difficulty, he does not become angry. Rather, he thinks, what have I done?

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he reflects on his behavior, he thinks about how he needs to change. But a disbeliever on the other hand, what happens to him when he gets lunia, he feels God is so happy with me.

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And when he loses adonia, he becomes upset, he becomes angry, he loses his faith even more. He goes farther away from the truth.

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Who is this person, a person who is very stubborn? Who does not benefit from any situation in life? Who does not take a lesson from any situation, any circumstance in life? In total Anoma 42 to 43 we learn what are called the sadhana Illa. oma mimin publika. For ohana, whom Bill said he will de la de la lomita.

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But did they have done their own? No, they did not.

Al-Muminun 51-90 Word Analysis and Tafsir 69-76

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