Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P22 220A Translation Al-Ahzab 36-44

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a segment of a TV show where a woman named Lila de vie is leading a woman named Zodac to kill her. The woman is a woman from the western region of Saudi Arabia, and the man she is facing is a woman from the western region. The woman is upset because she killed her own person and the man she is facing is a woman from the western region of Saudi Arabia.
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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu

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now another winner SallyAnn eldessouky How can him and my beret furrows bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim will be struggling in Saudi UAE Sidney Emery wash looked at me melissani

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have been

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lesson number 221 Sudoku is number 36 to 44 Translation woman and not Ghana, it was remote meaning for a believing man. Whenever and nor what minute in a believing woman either when although he decreed. Allahu Allah, wa rasuluh who and His Messenger on one a command a matter

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and that the Hakuna, it is the home for them. And here are the choice men from under him there matter. Woman and whoever you are asleep, he disobeyed Allah Allah wa Sula, who and his messenger for called the in fact, Birla, he has lost he has trade Birla Allen astraying bobina one that is clear. What is and when the Kulu you say Lila de vie to the one who unarmored He blessed Allahu Allah, or lazy upon him. What Ananda and you favorite are lazy upon him. I'm sick. You retain our Laker upon you Zodac your wife, what Dudley and you fear Allah, Allah what to see and you hide, see in not secret yourself, your soul ma that which Allah who Allah mobile D one who reveals it will

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Daksha and you fear and NASA, the people will who and Allah a hacker is more deserving. And that Daksha who you fear him for lemma, so when

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he fulfilled they don't Zaid minha from her Ouattara need purpose desire

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zone what generika

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We married you to her

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BK. So that is not the Hakuna. It is our Allah upon Elmo, we need the believers, halogen, any discomfort, fee in as word wives, other EU of their adopted sons.

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Either when although they have fulfilled main Hoonah from them, water need desire. What can and was Unruh command? A lot of Allah Marula want to be done, man, not Ghana, was Allah upon an OBE the Prophet Min from halogen, any restriction? FEMA in what Ferodo he has made obligatory Allah who Allah le who for him. Sunita way Allah of Allah, fie in Alladhina. Those who follow the past mean from a blue before what can and was under allah, Command of Allah. Calderon a destiny, a decree. Nakamura? One that is ordained one that is decided

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and Lavina those who you believe they can be reselect messages. Allah Allah, we are shown the who and they fear him wala and not your Shona. They fear that hadn't anyone ill Allah except Allah. Wa Kapha and he is sufficient biller definitely Allah has even as an accountant, man, not Ghana, he was Muhammad Ali Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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Abba Father ahead of anyone, men from rigidly call your min while working but

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Rasul messenger Allah, Allah will call them and a seal and the begin

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off the prophets, what can and he is ever, Allahu Allah? Because with every che in thing, or Lima, always ongoing.

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Yeah Are you her or Alladhina? Those who knew they believed? With Kuru you all remember, Allah, Allah, the Quran, a remembrance cathedra much was a big issue and you will praise Him you will glorify Him. Book rotten in morning, we're asleep. And in evening, in afternoon

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who she is a lady, the one who usefully he confers blessing.

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He sends blessing or lay come upon you. Woman eager to who? And his angels. Leo Ranger calm. So he takes you out. Men from a Zulu mat, the darknesses ILA towards a new light worker and he is ever will move me Nina with the believers Rahima one who is Especially Merciful. De haga to whom they're greeting yo mama en de el Kona who they will meet him. Salah is peace What are and he has prepared LA home for them Nigerian a reward? Kadima one that is noble

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let's listen to the recitation

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very why me?

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Why a

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journey and seek God acres Oh jakka What

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what doubting

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Fifi seeker Allah will be the word option

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what option so Allah will have one duction

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mean ina holiday li que les I

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mean enough

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okie as wedgie area either a woman

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or worker

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man can

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be gaming

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female follow the law moolah. Soon after law he led in

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law he further on

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Shona in the law welcome

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he has

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manca motion medal

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killed was a law he will call them and maybe worker law will be Felicia in

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law and he can he

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was a veto Concho Joe well seen one lady usually early

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in cartooning, you

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know, work and I believe me me, you know, mocking him that he told me

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that I home agile on Karima

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