Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P08 092A Translation Al-Araf 73-102

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of repeating and reforming words and phrases in prophets' we'd be a mess statements to make it more understandable. They also talk about the need for reform and the importance of reforming people who exceed limits. The segment provides context for various statements and topics related to COVID-19, including a "rocky weather" message and "rocky weather" messages. The transcript also describes various sources and events, but does not provide specific answers or details.
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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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Muhammad who want to SallyAnn out of SUTA Hill Kadeem Allah beret Pharaoh the bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim for Beshara li Saudi were Sidley Emery. What Hello, data melissani of Tahu Kohli perbanas. In our in lesson number 92 pseudo are off I am number 73 to 102. Before we begin the lesson, I know 73 202 30 hours.

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That seems like a lot. But as you saw yesterday's lesson, what was the lesson about

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the stories of the prophets? And did you notice how the verses were so similar?

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And also how the words were repeated so very often.

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So today's lesson is also very much like yesterday's lesson in the sense that we are going to study the Stories of the Prophets and the concepts are somewhat repeated. And the words you have done them before. Believe me you have done most of these words before so it's better to keep it all together because when you keep the stories together then concept are better understood.

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So it seems like a lot but don't get scared by it.

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Okay, translation

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why Isla and towards some muda some mood, a home their brother, Sally her saw the

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corner he said, Yeah, oh, call me My people are obudu Your worship Allah Allah. Mad not lecan For you men from Allah when any God got you other than Him.

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But in fact jet comm it came to you by unity in a clear proof, men from probe become Europe. Heavy this nelco to a she cannot Allah He of Allah. La come for you. I attend a sign for the new house so you won't leave her that goop she eats fee in early Earth land. Allah He of Allah wa ala and do not they must sue her. You all touch her. We sue in with any evil for Holcomb consequently it will cease you are the one a punishment early one most painful when Kuru and you will remember it when Jr Lacan he made you whole affair successors men from body after didn't

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work and but what a con. He settled you fee in an hour the earth that you all make men from So who the * explains costura dialysis well and then he tuna you all carve algae Bella the mountains were you there as homes for Kuru. So you all remember Allah bounties blessings, Allah He of Allah wa ala and do not die so you all act wickedly fie in of the the earth mousseline as one to spread mischief.

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Color he said I'll manage the chiefs, the elite and Levina those who is stuck baru they were arrogant men from home he his people Lila Dena to those who was still very full. They were considered weak they were made weak livan for whom mana he believed men home from them all do talamona You all know a man that indeed solely hands on more saloon one sent a messenger men from rugby his

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Carlu they said in may indeed we be male with what are Silla he was sent be with it. Minimum ones who believe

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color he said. And Medina those who is stuck baru, they acted arrogantly in that indeed we believe it with which don't you all believed, be with it. Curfew rune disbelievers ones who disbelieve

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for our Kuru. So they got tendon so they wounded

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or they hamstrung and now cutter the she camel war and I thought they acted incidentally. I'm about Ambree command order will be him of the rub will call you and they said yeah, all solid solid. It dinner you come to us Bhima with what their Idina you threatened us. If canta you were mean from a word saline them

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messengers for further tune so it sees them are watching for to the earthquake for us but who so they became fee in Bury him their homes jeth mean ones lying facedown

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for the one last so he turned away I'm home from them, we'll call her and he said, Yeah Oh call me my people, local, certainly our beloved to come, I can relate to you all reasonable message or be of my rub when I sat through and I sincerely advised Lacan to you all when I can but learn not to have Bona your love a NASA Hain those who are sincere advisors. Well, you will turn and look are they hustler? Is when Carla he said likoma He to his people, all do that donor you all come you all commit Alpha hisher the indecent act the shameful act mad not so welcome he preceded you be here with it. Men from a higher than anyone mean from a lion I mean the world's in the come indeed you

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let that tune and surely you all come by Regina to the men shall who attend with lust men from do any other than a Nyssa the women bowel rather and to mu all common people must reform ones who exceed limits. Ones who are extravagant

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warmer and not Ghana it was Joab answer call me he of his people in that except on that call do they said read you whom you all drive them out or expel them men from Korea T comb your town in the home in the Bay in our Sun are a people Utako Haroon they claim to be pure or they purify themselves for angina who then we saved him what Allah Who and his family in law except in LA Tahoe his wife cannot she was made from a lobbying those who remain behind

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well until now and we rained down or lay him upon them matara arraign funds so you look see K for how can or was October two and result a majority mean of the criminals

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were ILA and towards mediana Medion a her home their brother sure are you sure are you gonna he said yeah call me oh my people will do your worship Allah Allah. MA Not Lacan for you men from Isla in any god

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who other than Him that in fact Jaya at home it came to you by unity in a clear proof men from a Bikram yoga for Ophuls so you all fulfill al Qaeda the measure while reason and the balance the weight water and do not double Hasu you will reduce you will devalue a NASA the people a share a home their things water and do not too fussy do you all spread mischief fill all the in the earth bother after a slur he had it setting in order

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rarely come that or you all have your own is best luck home for you in if continue where meaning wants to believe

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Wallah and do not talk or do you all sit because only at every so often but to a donor you are threatened what and this will dune you will stop you all hinder I'm from severely way Allah He of Allah men who are mana he believed the he in him well and the balloon haha you will see it everywhere Jaya as crooked with guru and you all remember it when come to viewer colleague and very few for a thorough calm so he increased you all one Zulu and you all see look Playfair how Ghana was arguable to end result consequence I will sit in are those who spread mischief

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we're in and if Ghana it was thought if I told a group men come from you, Manu they believed the lady with that which or sale to I was sent be here with it. Water if a tune and a group learn not you know they believe first be true. So you all be patient had her until your coma he judges Allahu Allah been an air between us. Well, who and he who is best and hacky mean of those who judge

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Bala he said Alamelu the chief

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novena, those who is stuck baru they were arrogant men from coma he his people, Lemma regenda Surely we will definitely expel you. Yeah. Oh sure. Are you sure I when Lavina and those who are new they believed Merica with you men from Korea, Tina, our town our dwelling Oh, our letter Odin, surely you will definitely return back fee in militina our faith, our creed, color he said what without even if Kunta we were carrying Wanzhou to test Wednesday dislike. But in fact, if there are enough we fabricated Allah against Allah He Allah gave you an ally in if a donor we returned fee in multicam your feet bother after it when the Janna He saved us Allahu Allah minha from it. When I am not your

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guru, it is Lana for us. And that Neruda we return fee her in it in that except, and that Yeshua He wills Allahu Allah Allah buena our What's your he encompassed for dinner our red color every che in thing or in my in knowledge? Allah upon Allah He Allah. Dr. Khanna we have trusted or have been our or our rub if you judge by in an air between us webinar and between Domina our people will help with the truth will enter and you are highly robust and 13 of those who judge

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will color and he said a minute the chiefs and Medina those who care for Rudy disbelieved men call me he from his people law ain't surely if it DEVAR Tom you all followed should eventually arrive in the come indeed you eat and then the house Iran surely losers

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for our for that term so it sees them are ready for the earthquake for us for who so they became fee in daddy him to homes draft the mean ones who lay facedown

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and Lavina those who get the Boo baby like two or even three as if love not yet know that wealth fee her in it.

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And Medina those who get the booty belied she or even jerry can who they were home they are hustling the losers

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for the whole last so he turned me away. I'm home from them. We'll call her and he said yeah call me all my people Laqad certainly I belong to come I convey to you this Annette messages or be of my rub when I saw her too and I sincerely advised Lacan for you all for kafer so how so Why, sir, I agreed

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upon Coleman people can fit in ones who disbelieve

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one and not all the same now we sent fee in Korea 10 Anytown men from the union and you profit in there except 100 Now we seized a haha it's people build up sir with the hardships, what the raw and the difficulties learn the home so that they your delivery room, they may humble themselves.

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Some then, but then we changed mechanic in place, as a yachtie of the bed AlHassan the good Hatter until our fall, they increased What are new and they said, God in fact, Messiah attached Abba. Now our forefathers of the raw the adversity, was survivor and the prosperity for a while now home so he sees them both attend suddenly. Were home while they love not yet alone, they perceive

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well now and if or if only. I knew that indeed 100 people a quarter of the towns I knew they believed what the cow and they adopted taco. They feared Allah

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La Fattah Hana surely we opened I lay him upon them Bearcat and blessings. Men from a summer the sky went up and the earth

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when I can but get the Boo They belied for a while now home so we seize them Bhima because of what can do they worry xe don't they earn

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all did for Ben. I mean, he felt secure. I have new people on Quora of the towns and that yet to whom it comes to them.

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But sooner our punishment biotin at night, were home while they may even want to sleep,

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did work and I mean he felt secure. I flew people and kura of the towns and bet yet to whom it comes to them, but sooner our punishment they'll have by daylight. By four noon we're home while they yell or goon they play

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dead for them. I mean they felt secure MCRA plot Allah He of Allah, financial not yet man who he feels secure MCRA plot Allah He of Allah Illa except an como the people, Aloha Salam, the losers

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or did WA and lamb not yet the eight guides Lavina to those who get a sunnah they inherit

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the earth men from body after a hernia it's people I'm that low if Misha we will have Saba now whom we reach them be there will be him because of their sins whenever to borrow and we stamp we see you I know upon can you be him their hearts for whom so they learn not yes maroon bay here

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bilkul bet Alcoa the town's knuckles so when I read or Laker upon you made from combat II hear their news or its news. While you're called uncertainly, Jaya at home, it came to them they're sort of home their Messengers been by you that with the clear proofs from us or not Canada where you may know so that they believe be male with what got the Boo the belied men from Kabiru before

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Gallica. Likewise, you have to burn his terms. He seals Allahu Allah, Allah upon Karup hearts and caffeine of the disbelievers

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well now not we're not we're Giardina we found the axillary him for most of them men from our hadn't any covenant we're in and indeed we're Giardina we found a federal home most of them left our city surely want to cross limits

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that's the sort of the recitation of these verses

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what Isla de muda Holmes all you

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mean ILA in law you will

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be handy he now turn to law he

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will be he wants to sue hobbies so

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what the chordal is

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the idea

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of the

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Holy *

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the * goes oh I 10 Hato Jeeva Allahu

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Allah You wanna die of the move seething all alumina old lady in a sec bow.

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Me Haley levena still die holy man I mean at

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all owe

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on Linus tech Bo be lovely.

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To be here

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and Maria be more else audio. Deena.

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Work on wheels audio. Tina

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Domina say Cerny in the alpha that will move Logitech over us back up there him Jamie vertrouwen

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Motoko Marisa be one also to

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give good to hear Moon Nelson have been wide open he told me he Do not offend

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Keisha Thomas

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me in

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told me he loves

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owners we adore her

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the Agena level

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that's mean a little more beauty Why am

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I okay thank

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God dreaming we're Ilana Deanna Chu I

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mean ILA in more your body

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of work being by

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MISA and

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see To me that is

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very high

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meaning what

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do you do now what also do

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what else do

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we have

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tell you

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what the goal is

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to move seething why

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even to

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be ready to be here

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you got to let me know those

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first few

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Herky me all

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ready in a spec

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Milano region

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carrying body stellina law you can't even

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hear me let him

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down on law homing

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one I have to

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Munna was the ruler who left a navy

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up burner stash Boehner now I mean

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anything walk on

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me that you need data to show I even in either your own

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form of logic or to the movie that injecting a lady

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meal gonna Wolfie had a lady in the Bush who is

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to be $1 okay if

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if Ed

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I can say

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while Paul

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was so

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00:25:08 --> 00:25:08


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me man can we exceed

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our Amina Hello

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dear soon as or how

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long he will cause your own Our Lady and I are retune

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loaner shall

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be the

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who will be him for whom there is no DeLuca look on ambisonic I mean

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do you mean OB mannequin boom

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God one

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minute Do you watch

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it again

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