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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam Salam aleikum, wa barakato the others as you would come here to another episode of Roku Ramadan 2018 day 20. Love Colossi no only 10 days left in Ramadan. This is the actual actual, you know the countdown or final countdown of Ramadan.

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We're still talking about the previous from the seed of the Prophet Mohammed Allah His Salatu was Salam.

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We talked about the attempts that the Prophet system was making by giving the power to the cabeza used to come for Hajj.

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So he made 26 attempts and talking to 26 providers, which none of them wanted to believe. And the actual the last puppy that

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well, the last day of Hajj in a minute,

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where he met

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some Shabaab, you know what actually, they were sixth, you know, youth from the hustle edge from this parabola of Hassan, which belonged to Medina, or at the time is used to be called yesterday, he spoke to them, and he invited them to use them. And he also the, the, the aim of the Prophet Mohammed, as I said, is to find the papilla that would also offer him support, you know, and protection.

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What happened in Medina was that, you know, like I mentioned in the previous episode is that yesterday, on Medina, they had, you know, we had three main segments, you have the house, the fifth house, the fifth house, village, and the hood. And there was a huge war happening between the houses, and then the husband, you know, for years years, and then the who they used to tell the atoms, they used to tell them that a profit would come, a profit that would come from them from Venezuela. And once this profit comes, and in fact, it was the term of that profit at that time, they used to say, this is the time of where this profit would come. And if this profit comes will be

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from Venezuela, he will finish off the end of the house.

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So now this, this man, Mohammed of Sudan, who now is talking to these people from hustlers, they said, Oh, the hood used to tell us that these men will come from them. So they said, We better believe in him. We better believe in Him before Yahoo comes and claimed that they had these profits from them and whatnot, and then they will be this big war between them and the whole. So they went the profit. They said, Yes, Nam will believe, but we will need to go and talk to our brothers from an OS. So they met you know, they met with the Prophet The following year, the year of the 12th, of the VSL, the prophets of Salaam, they came back initially why they came back eight people from a

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position for from an else they came. And then they gave what we call the first beta, the first oath of allegiance to the Prophet Mohammed had a sister, but there are only eight, right? I mean 812 altogether, eight people from in the

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house and from the causes, and the end for from and so they they want to have people who they give the oath of allegiance to the rest of them. And once they give that oath of allegiance, the oath of allegiance is basically not to worship anyone other than Allah, not to steal, not to commit Zina to enjoin good and forbid evil. This is the type of bait that they gave to the Prophet Mohammed is also said, and he said with them.

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Boy, he was a young man by the name of massage, no man who was 25 years old, who actually the leader of that, you know, that's 12 people who came was a man from a salad, his name is Asad, Nosal, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allahu Allah. He was only 18 years old, shabam 18 years old. The Prophet Mohammed set with him Messiah was 25 youth, right? To deliver you know, and to talk to them to talk to the people of Medina of yesterday about Islam. And then they came back the last year, the following year, they came back 73 people 73 people who probably doesn't give them the biggest way other the second beta, the beta, aka Why did this happen? It happened near shamala. If you ever been in Mecca, you know.

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There's this, you know, the place where you throw the pebbles and olofinjana with 32 you know, the biggest app or the biggest drama, near the biggest drama, that's where they met and then the profit and they gave the band to the Prophet Mohammed that is Salatu was sedap

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The prophets sent them back and he said that he will be coming to them some love Love It was said that they given the BI that yes, we will protect you not only believe in you, we can offer you protection. So now the prophet of Islam had to make some preparation, preparation for what was to be cold.

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And that will we'll talk about tomorrow and sharp data, the migration, and some of us needs to migrate as well to migrate from what some of us needs to migrate from beta to Sona from doing harm to the Woodhead ad from doing wrong to the wind, good. That's a type of migration as well in this month of Ramadan. Allah has helped us all to practice and to convey please share the hair with others inshallah, to Allah. And give me a like, and share your comments with me Baraka Luffy come salaam aleikum Tara