Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 18 – L175A

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Al-Muminun 91-118 Translation 91-118

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Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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My mother who want to study a lot of Solihull can him.

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Let him initiate on over Jim Bismillahirrahmanirrahim what the shrine is sorry, we're silly mg washlet better melissani of kung fu Cody probenecid enter in.

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Lesson number 175 pseudo minimoon I am number 91 to 118.

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man, not it the other he has taken Allahu Allah, men from one adding any child, woman and not Ghana, it was Mara who with him, men from Isla him any god he then then leather harbor surely he went kulu every Illa him God Bhima with what holla he created one Allah And surely he would gain ascendancy.

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Now Allah, surely he would gain ascendancy

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bearable home, some of them are Allah upon bobbin some others Subhana glorified, Allah is Allah Ummah above what your seafood they attribute

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I am nor Lie of the unseen was Shahada and the witness further either so he is exalted a man about what you shikun the associate

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call say Robbie O'Meara Eman if to the end, you definitely show me man that which you are doing they are promised

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Robbie are my rock fella then do not that you're only You make me fee in alone the people avoiding the wrongdoing were in there and indeed we are law upon and that nudie occur we show you man what Naira to whom we promised them we threaten them law or the rule surely ones who are able it for rebel bility by which here it is a second best. essay attack the evil. nano we are alone most knowing the man with what your cell phone they described

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will call and say rugby are my route. Or do I seek refuge bigger with you? men from hemas evil suggestions?

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Evil incitement

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a shayateen of the devils What are we do and I seek refuge bigger with you rob big my Rob and that yeah boonie they are present with me.

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had their until either when

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it came I had a home one of them. And moto that Allah He said Robbie are my rub if God returned me Not only that, I mean armor do i do slowly hand righteous FEMA in what doc do I have left? Can never in a hurry. Indeed it Kelly Mattoon a word who he thought elucha one who says it woman and from well are you him behind them

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in front of them.

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But the one a barrier. Enter until yo de ubar soon they will be resurrected

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for either so when newfie hot it was blown facility in the trumpet. fella they're not unsub any relationships been a home between them. Yo ma he then that day wanna and nor yet US alone, they will ask each other

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femen so whoever suffered that it was heavy. mozzie knew who his skills for Ola eco so those whom they are emotionally shown the successful ones.

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Woman and whoever perfect it was like mozzie know who his skills for Ola equals So those alladhina are those who hurt you. They have lost

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and forced the home themselves. fee in Japan NEMA Hellfire, Harley Dune wanzhou abide eternally

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beneficial, it will scorch it was

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Would you her home their faces and now to the fire?

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We're home and they see her in it. Kelly Hoon once you are disfigured,

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alone did not duck on it Was it my versus Dhokla it is recited or they come upon you for quantum so you will be happy with it to get the boon you all denied you all belied

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or do they said robina or our vida but it overcame Elena upon us. Shaka tuna, our wretchedness Wakanda and we were overrun by people, but the ones who are a stray

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robina or our rub of Regina, remove us, take us out

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men her from it for him then if erdenet we returned for a nap then indeed we volley moon one two around the

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corner, he said, if the remain despised or get away

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fee her in it. What a and do not to call the morning you all speak to me? In a who indeed it can. It was a group men from a birdie My servants Jaco Luna they say robina Oh our Amanda we have believed, fulfill so forgive Lennar for us or Hamner and have mercy on us will enter and you are hiring best or Rahimi of those who show mercy factor has to move home. But you all took them

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safely Yeah. In mockery. Had the until and so they made you forget victory, my remembrance while kuntum and you were main home at them.

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Don't harpoon your love in me, indeed, I just say to whom I have rewarded them. Alma today be mad because of what Subaru they endured with patients and the home that indeed a home they are unfair, his own those who are successful.

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Pilot he said, Come how many liberties you remain fi in the earth, either in number 70 of yours. pallu they said lobbyists now we remained Yeoman ad o or barraba some part young of 31st so ask Allah The those who can corner he said in not lava stone you all remained in there except pallida very little

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low, if only unlucky indeed you come to you were the other moon you all know

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did for them has said to you all thought you all assumed

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a number that indeed not but holla Konerko recreated You are the son without purpose.

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were unknown, and that indeed you are Elena to us, learn not towards your own, you will be returned

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further either. So he is exalted. Allahu Allah, and Malik the king, and the true love not enter any god in that except who he Prabhu, an arch of the throne, Al Karim the most honorable

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woman and whoever yet he calls he invokes ma with Allahu Allah in our hand, a god. Have another laugh, not bohannan any proof the whole for him, be here for it.

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For intimate, then indeed not but he Sabu his reckoning in the with Robbie, he is in the who, indeed he learned not usually who he succeeds. alkaff yourown the disbelievers will call and say, Robbie Oh my Rob. If you forgive what ham and have mercy will enter and you are hiral best avahi mean of those who show mercy of those who are merciful.

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Matt de la whom you

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Neela either

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don't have

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worry me

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a national movie.

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Bob Bo became in T shirt.

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Jo homes

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the mouth

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of the genie

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with two male colleagues

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Una todo Joe

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Wash me