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Ash-Shams-Ash-Sharh Tafsir Ash-Shams 11-15

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We see that at the beginning of the solar, last panel dimensions, big science, great science, the sun, it's like the moon, the night, the day, the sky, the earth. All of these things, what do they point to?

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The power of Allah, the recognition of a loss panda. So we see that Allah subhanaw taala has made has provided different arrangements for the guidance of men guide for their desk ear so that they can improve themselves.

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That first of all, he has placed many signs in the universe. And all of these signs, they point to the recognition of a love a point to the power of Allah, His mercy, his knowledge, his greatness. And then besides that, after that, Allah has also placed within men a conscience, this natural alarm, a sense of good, a sense of what is good, a sense of what is bad, which is why when a person does something good, he feels happy. And when a person does something bad is hard Tilton does yesterday, I read a story about this man, he was going with his teacher, and they found a pair of shoes by a field. And they figured out that those shoes belong to the farmer who was working in the

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field. And this man is student, he said, let's just hide the shoes and see how this man reacts. So the teacher said, okay, that'll make you happy. But what will make you even more happy, is something different.

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So he said, Okay, take this money, these coins and put them in his shoes.

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And then they went and hid behind some bushes. That man came this old form, and he came. And as he's putting his foot into the shoe field, something.

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So he looks and he finds money. He's amazed, he looks around, you know, who put it who came by, he couldn't figure out to put it in his pocket. And he put the other foot on. And then again, he found more money. Again, he's wondering what's going on. And then he just fell down in frustration, thanking God, that somehow you sent this money to me and I can use it, I can benefit from it.

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So anyway, this teacher told the students that look, if you hit the shoes, okay, you might have been happy. However, this has made you more happy.

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So Allah has put this recognition of good and evil in the heart of every person, your heart will tell you, when you do something good, you will feel happy. And when you do something bad when you harm the other person, temporarily, okay, you will feel happy. But later on, you feel guilty for that woman, perhaps you'll have a laugh. But then later on, you feel bad, you feel horrible about what you've done. And this is true that when you're bad to someone, than somebody else is also back to you, it comes back to you. So it's going to hurt you, it's going to make you sad. So Allah has placed this ability to recognize good and evil in the heart of every individual as well. And then on

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top of that, Allah subhanaw taala has also sent messengers and books for the guidance of mankind.

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So we see that Allah has made the arrangements for the guidance of people at every level, signs are placed within the human being, there's recognition of good and evil. And then on top of that, to make things even more clear, Allah has also sent guidance.

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Now, if a person does not benefit from this guidance, and he does not purify himself does not improve himself, then he is a criminal himself. Whose fault is it? It's his own fault. This is why I love his book called harbor Mandisa. Look at the Harmon the sad he has failed. So in order for a person to be successful, what does he have to do purify himself? And remember, that this process of purification, this process of Ischia, it cannot be done? Unless and until a person is sincere with themselves? Unless a person is honest with himself, because typically, what do people think I am fine. I'm a good person. I'm honest, I'm a truthful person. I don't seem I don't do anything wrong.

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But the thing is that every person on earth he makes mistakes at some level or the other. No human being is perfect. If you analyze yourself, honestly, honestly, if you ask yourself, you will find many faults in yourself. And if you don't want to ask yourself, if you don't see them in yourself, ask other people and they will tell you about the faults that you have. So every person needs to improve. Every person needs improvement, the one who realizes that and he's constantly striving to improve himself, which is why when he makes a mistake, he apologizes. Which is why when he feels that he likes him something he learns about it, tries to implement it, that person, he will be

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And a person who thinks I'm fine, I'm a good person, I'm normal. You don't need to worry about this does give business then what will happen? He's only suppressing himself. He's only suppressing the voice of the heart. And eventually he won't even be

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To improve himself.

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We're called Herberman the sir, that people whose veterans literally like ruin. People who end up serial killers are rapists, and so on and so forth. What happens with them is that in their childhood, for example, when they did something wrong, initially, they felt that they were doing something wrong. But then they suppressed it, it's okay. It's no big deal. So what happens eventually, that they don't even feel guilty about the wrongs that they're doing? There's no guilty conscience either. They don't even feel bad about it. In fact, what happens is that when they do something wrong, they feel happy about it. They get pleasure by it. So Allah has put that fitrah but

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if a person does not respond to that call, the SIR ha, he buries it, he kills it, it's buried, then what will happen? What will tell him what you're doing is wrong. What will tell him what you're doing is good. Because the harbormaster says such a person has failed.

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So this is why it's necessary to respond to the call of the heart

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or the airflow Hammonds, aka Howard Holloman, the sir.

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Now the question is, how is this case supposed to be done?

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I mentioned to you earlier that this gear is with regards to a loss of data with regard to the messenger sort of loaded sentiment also with regards to the people who are around us. Now, how is this care to be done? What's the process because this is something very important

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and something very, very essential because this is what leads to success. Now, what methodology are we to adopt in order to do this?

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Remember, that our religion that Allah subhanaw taala has taught us in the Quran, in the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam is complete, and the oma achimota lacantina well at mentor Alaykum near Mati, which is why we see that the guidance that is in the Quran and Sunnah, that is enough, meaning if a person follows that if a person adheres to that that is enough for every aspect of life, even when it comes to this gear. So for this key also, what do we look at? The Quran and the Sunnah? What was the weight of the profits of the models? We learn that the profits are allowed insulin was sent for the purpose of doing this care, what do we learn that yet through our labor, it

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weighs a key in the profits or loss of alternative does give people? So how is it that he did the skill of people that first of all, he educated them, he taught them? Because without knowledge, knowledge of what is right, what is wrong, how to do certain things, how to stay away from certain things without knowledge, you can't do what is required, which is in the same way, what has mentioned where you are, number one will Kitab al hikmah. He teaches him the book and the Wisdom. So the first step that does care is knowledge, gaining knowledge.

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And we see that in that knowledge, the first and foremost is what the Quran, because yet through our name it you are lemuel kita. Well, hikmah and we see that when a person recites the Quran, when a person reads the Quran, then that is a means of cleansing the heart.

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And then, secondly, after knowledge comes river, the acts of worship, because they're also means of purification. We see that where the Prophet sallallahu Sallam taught people, he also taught them how to worship and he also performed Elijah himself.

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And there are many other things that can be done that may be done. However, remember that the Sunnah must be adopted. And if a person adhere strongly to the Quran and Sunnah, that this key will be done automatically. Because the main thing that a person needs to read his heart off are two problems. If you summarize all of the problems of the heart of the diseases, there are two types. One is she will have and the others shout out to other adults. What's the solution to delts? knowledge? What's the solution to chawan desires that you learn to control your desire? So how do you control your desire to lie to break your promise to cheat someone to steal somebody else's property? These are all

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Shahada. So how do you stop yourself from that? by strengthening your knifes and how do you do that through Nevada? What did we learn that the hedges what's the I have that international upon layli? Here, a shed do a shot do an Akuma peeler. So the prophets have a lot of teachers ways that we should go hungry all the time, and that we should not talk to people, and that we should separate ourselves from family from work for just a week and for a weekend and go away to a place in the forest and just worship there. Even if that's your brain for now listening to lectures or no, this is not the right methodology. Because when a person does this, that he gets away from his family,

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you know from his work and goes on a retreat and what happens when they come back, you're back into the same fitness

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Same problem, the real test is that while you're in the people facing those challenges there, you have to control yourself. And for that, what's the best training, getting up in the night and praying, because at that time, you have to force yourself while your husband is asleep while your sisters are asleep, you get up and perform will do instead, and pray that will help you control your desire that will help you control your shadow wax. So the solution to chahat is knowledge. And the solution to shadow artists, or Eva, Eva, and we see that the prophets or the Lord is that I'm right at the beginning of prophethood, one of the first commands that he was given was what to stand in

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prayer at night. Because that is what helps you.

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And we see that he continued this throughout his life, to the point that later on when he was much older, his feet would swell. And it wasn't just him, but it was also his companions who followed him in there. So our religion is complete, it is one that is most perfect, where Allah has told us to do this. Yeah, he has also taught us as to how to do this clear. And the best example is that which we find in that the prophets of Allah.

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And the thing is that as long as a person keeps learning, and he's unrighteous company, he will be purified, he will be cleansed. Why? Because as you keep learning your faults, your sins, your shortcomings are exposed to you. For example, you know that lying is bad, you know that breaking promises is bad, you know that not fulfilling Amara is bad.

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But when you learn way, the limit of 15 when you learn about that, then it really shakes you up, that it really reminds you and the way the ayat of the Quran will affect you. And when you read them again and again, insula when you reflect on them, that will improve you in a much better way.

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Compared to you know, not eating at all, or not wearing certain types of clothes, or not doing certain normal things. No, that will not help you as much as the Quran. Because this is the guidance that Allah said. So anyway, called the airflow Hammonds, aka, aka the harbor man. This

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as a person strives to learn and strives to worship along with that he must also make dua to Allah constantly made dua to Allah because one of the meanings that I told you is the guy who does this care, Allah does does care. So you can try but who will enable you to truly do your task? Allah will This is why ask Allah to do your best. And the Prophet sallallahu Sallam did that along the itfc. That was the key and the high Romans aka Antalya Mala. So Madara Toma, and this is something that we should be concerned about for all of our lives. Because this is a lifelong struggle. Remember the story of Caesar. He was very righteous. And he was doing the kind of dead skier himself out by

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staying away from people not eating, not living a normal life, which is what people think is dusky. But did that really purify him? Did that help him stay pure? No, we see that at the end how shaitan misled him to the point that he committed scheck, he committed Cofer.

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So this is something that we should be concerned about all the time. Because sometimes what happens is that, you know, when we have learned, we automatically start feeling so good about ourselves, and jetliner comes and attacks a person you know, you're so knowledgeable you've studied on these people don't know, no, you need to keep learning, keep reminding yourself, because this process of this gear is a lifelong process. And remember, that is what does your desk

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remember that as well? Because berkeleyside didn't have much. He did a lot of rabada. But he didn't have much,

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which is why he fell at the end. What do we learn from the Hadees, about the superiority of the scholar above the other, such a huge superiority? a huge difference. Why? Because the alum can see the faults, he can see the mistakes, he can see the errors, and he can figure out how to improve them as well, how to get rid of them. But the one whose focus is only rabada or adopting ways that are against the Quran and Sunnah not found in our religion, then this will not lead to proper purification

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that the time of new halozyme as well how did she begin that initially, the people were have knowledge they had and which is why there were those righteous people but when they passed away when they're almost taken away, it is later on that she began to the later generations they were very much into worship, into respecting the elderly respecting the righteous. However, what they lacked was knowledge which is why she has managed to lead them astray.

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But some will do better.

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Some will deny their profit, how better by reason of their transgression.

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Cuz they've had somebody who was their messenger, Sally Harrison. And before what her? What does it mean by birth? Hahaha. First of all, because of their rebellious nature because of their rebellion, they denied their profit. Why? Because of their terroir because of their rebellion. So in other words, it was their De Leon, that led them to disbelief because of the transgression that they practiced. So what does it show to us, that when a person does not do this clear that he ends up committing great transgressions, he is unable to distinguish between right and wrong.

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They were, they were rebellious in their nature, disobedient, which is why when the messenger came with clear proofs, what happened? They denied they rejected the truth.

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So this is a further elaboration of how we're called Hoberman, the sir,

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when is it that they denied their messenger it embarrassed her, when the most wretched of them was sent for it embarrassed or when he rose up? When he was delegated, who was delegated? Or her, the most wretched of it the most wretched who What does he refer to

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sammut. So I saw a file most Shafi meaning the one who was most wretched amongst them, the most evil amongst them, and who was the most evil amongst them, this man whose name was put up, and he was the one who was the opposite of the chicken, he's the one who hamstrung the chicken. So the most wicked person of the entire tribe, who had suppressed the voice of his loves the most, which is why he ended up killing Michigan, which is why he was so proud about it happy about it, it embarrassed

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for all in a homeless pseudo law, he, so he said to them, who said to them, the Messenger of Allah said to them, who was the Messenger of Allah to them, Sunday hennis Allah, He said to them, now pata la he, this is the Sheikh Abdullah, who of Allah, now put the law meaning had he This is the sheep cattle of Allah was Sophia, her and her drinking. This is the she camel of Allah. So in other words, don't harm her. Don't touch her with evil without the Messiah be sue him, don't touch her with evil don't cause any harm to her was Sophia. And this is her drinking turn as well Sophia seen coffea meaning her drinking is also from Allah, if she drinks a lot. That is also from Allah. And if she

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has a separate day for drinking a separate turn for drinking all to herself, this is also appointed by who? Allah subhanaw taala. So therefore, leave her for her drinking turn, don't prevent her don't harm.

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We see that the people have some mood, they demanded a miracle from their prophet and that miracle was what they wanted she can to come out of Iraq and that happened, but that she can became a huge test for them how they would drink so much, they would have nothing left on their turn on their day. So for Karla home Rasulullah Hinako de la he was Sophia. But what happened? They didn't pay attention to his warnings. This guy's DONE How? By paying attention to the voice of the heart by responding to the call of who the messenger if he's telling you do something, do it. If he's stopping you for something, stay away from it. This is what will help you to this gear. And the one

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who does desk here he will succeed and the one who the Sangha, then he will be ruined. So what happened these people that said, Forget the Boo, so they denied him. They rejected him and what did they say? You're not a messenger, we're not going to listen to you.

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And they hamstrung her this law that she came up how by cutting her leg. And this is one of the worst ways of getting the camera. Worst waves. Why? Because now in this way the camera bleeds to death

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isn't been bleeds to death. We showed you the video of how a camera is actually supposed to be slaughtered. That how within less than a minute that huge animal it's dead. So the way that Allah subhanaw taala has thought this is the most beautiful way it's the perfect way and what the way that these people adapted for aka ruha horrible for them them or they boom began became so their Lord brought down upon them. What punishment dum dum

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dum dum is from the root letters that mean that means Dumb, dumb, and dumb dumber is to beat something in a way so as to level it with the ground to hit and beat something until the object reaches ground level.

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Two just imagine, dumb, dumber. He inflicted such punishment until they were flattened until they were completely crushed. So that no traces of them were left for

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dum dum Alejandra boom. Why didn't begin because of their sin? What was their same? Getting the sheikh ammo that leave of the messenger not doing that as clear. So for them they were Alejandra boom, Bada bing, what does it show to us that when people do wrong when people commit sin, then the punishment descends on the allies, not unjust allies not unjust that he would punish people for no reason? No. It's because of our own wrong actions that we suffer in this life. And the afterlife in sort of earlier one i 165, we learned our masaba como si button, other sub unit layer, Colton Anna Heather Cole, who am entering the end for SQL. It is because if you yourself, it's because of what

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you have done. into the room I have 41 loan officer to fill but it will barely be male customers ad nurse because of what the hands of people have earned. So for them, the Marlin camera boom began the him and then for some were her he leveled it completely. He leveled what the people of the mood. What does it mean by that? This is understood into his that he made them all the same in punishment.

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He made them all equal in punishment, although it was one person amongst them who had gotten up in order to kill the Sheikh Al However, when the punishment came, it was equal for all of them, irrespective of high and low, rich and poor, young and old. No, not even one person could escape. So were her.

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And secondly, so were her that literally he leveled them as if you just rolled something over them faster roller on them, so that they were completely flattened, flattened on the earth, so that nothing of theirs remained. Nothing of there's remained no art, no civilization, nothing remains as a worker.

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If you think about it, one man amongst them got up to kill the chicken,

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the rest of the people, what was their obligation to stop him? So part of this cares what that you stay away from wrong yourself and also stop others as well. Because if you don't stop others, then eventually what's going to happen, you're going to see the sin, and you're going to end up doing it as well. its consequences are also going to affect you.

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When they did not stop him eventually what happened? The punishment came upon them when I hover over her, and he does not fear the consequences, they're off layer Haku. Allah does not fear, what does he not fear? its consequences whose consequences

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of the punishment that he sent upon them. Why? When is it that a person has fear? After inflicting some harm on someone when they're weak in their power? Because they fear that revenge will be taken?

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Like for example, if the army of one country, they attack another country, then after the attack, even if they're victorious, do they have this kind of fear? They do? Why? What kind of fear that somebody will take revenge, they will stand up against us.

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Or what's the fear that we will have lost so much of our resources, our people, our money, our arms, we will have to spend a lot we have exhausted a lot or another fear that others will criticize. But when Allah sends a punishment on someone who doesn't feel the consequences, why no one can stand up against him and take revenge

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and his resources they're unlimited. Well, Mariela, Medina, Rebecca Ella, who his resources are unlimited.

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So if one civilization is wiped out, so what

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Allah says so many cars are in so many other servants, and then who dares to criticize Allah? If they dare to criticize Allah, we can do it now. But in the Hereafter, nobody can. So Allah does not fear the consequences.

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