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Al-Muminun 51-90 Word Analysis and Tafsir 62-68


AI: Summary © The importance of living on Epson's record of deeds is discussed, including the recording of actions and thoughts and the recording of one's actions and thoughts. The speakers emphasize the importance of being aware of one's actions and thoughts and how they can be used to prepare for a job or career. The segment also touches on the meaning behind certain words used in the Quran and how people are becoming arrogant and not doing enough to win. The importance of reading the Quran and learning from it to improve one's life is emphasized, along with the importance of practice and listening to the language to improve one's life.
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Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim

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while no Khalifa nevsun illa was our her, and we charge no soul except with that within its capacity.

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If Allah subhanaw taala has obligated certain things on us, if he has told us about what he likes, then we should never think it's too much for us to do. We should never think that praying solar will push you It's impossible. doing good deeds continuously is impossible. coming early is impossible. No, it's not impossible. because well, and you can live on Epson illa wasaga. It's within your ability, it's within your capacity. It's something that you can do. And this is why we see there's so much flexibility in the religion.

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That for example, if a person cannot stand and pray, he can sit down and pray, he can lie down and pray. Now you can live on Epson illawarra. So when a person is fearful of Allah, when a person has love of Allah in his heart, then he will excel in doing good even when things are not favorable,

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even when everything is not the way he wants it to be. Because he knows that if he cannot pray while standing, he can definitely sit down and pray he can definitely lie down and pray he will not lose that opportunity.

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While a Dana kidapawan and with us is a book, a record, which record the record in which is recorded the deeds of every person. And this keytab young decode will help it will speak out the truth well whom lie use the moon and they will not be wronged.

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So the book of deeds, we see that is not just a written book, in which is written the deeds of a person, but rather what do we learn over here young the COVID Health it will speak because nothing is talking speaking, so young to first of all, it has been said that it literally means that it will speak

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whatever deeds are recorded in it, it will speak

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it will be played whatever words a person said they will be played. Whatever actions a person did, they will be shown young the COVID Hulk and others upset that young do over here. It figuratively expresses the mobila in how clearly everything is recorded in that book.

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It's as though it is stalking, young Deductible Health and Bill health. What does it emphasize that nothing contrary to reality is in that book,

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everything that a person has done that a person has said only that is in the book.

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Something that a person has not done, he will not be accused of it well whom law US law, they will not be wrong. So what do we see in this ayah? that

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every person is obligated to do what he's able to do?

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No person is expected to do what he cannot do.

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So we have to see, what is it that is within our ability. What is it that we can do, but still we neglect

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because if we're neglecting, we'll be held accountable.

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And whatever a person does, is being recorded were in a book of deeds and that book of deeds, what's going to happen to it's going to speak out everything that is recorded in it when on the Day of Judgment.

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If you think about it, a voice recorder, if you ever record your voice, what happens? It doesn't just record what you're seeing. But it also records the breathing isn't the exhaling, the inhaling the slightest sound or even recorded? Similarly, we see that this book doesn't just have the actions and the words recorded in it. But also the intentions, the thoughts, the hidden desires, the motives, all of them are also recorded.

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And if you've ever heard your own voice that has been recorded, if you ever hear it being played, how do you feel?

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Embarrassed, turn it off? I don't want to listen to it, isn't it? If it's your own movie that has been made, and it's shown to you, how do you feel you can watch it? Now just imagine on the Day of Judgment your entire life, entire life, every word you've said every move you've made, that is going to be played?

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If you ever hear your recording, what do you generally think I shouldn't have said it like that. I should have said it like that. You can pick out your mistakes, isn't it? You can pick them out so easily.

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If you ever see a photo of yourself a picture of yourself, you're like, why am I standing like this? I should have been standing the other way. Why am I looking there? I should have been looking here. You can pick out your mistakes so quickly so easily. And this is how it will be on the day of judgment as well.

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We learned this little Jeff here is number 29. Heather keytab una Yung de la COVID. Healthy in ko Nana stanciu. malcontent, Dharma Loon. This our record speaks about you in truth. Indeed, we were having transcribed whatever you use to do. Every action, every word whether good or evil was being written.

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Not only when there people around us what happens will become very careful. Isn't it will become very conscious in our words in the way that we're carrying ourselves and the way that we're behaving in the way that we're talking. But when we're alone, what happens? We become careless, because there aren't people who are watching us. But at that time, what should we remember if people are not watching still, my words and my actions are being recorded?

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Who will remember that

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the one who is fear of Allah, the One who has love of Allah,

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in throttle israa is 13 to 14 we learn why nobody joola who Yamanaka gamma t keytab and El cognomen Shura, kita Baka. read your book guthaben Fc kallio Malaika. Has Eva you yourself are sufficient as an accountant over yourself. You are the best accountant over yourself you know what you deserve?

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In total calfire 49 we have learned earlier that will will there are key taboo federal magery minimus, Filipina Murphy, way uku Luna yawei, Latina mellie hazal kita la isla de la Sally rotten, whatever could be an inner saw her?

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Well, what do you do marami lohagarh? Well,

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if you think about it, if you've ever received a report of yours about for example, the questions that you attempted the questions that you left out, if you're made to see your exam paper again, what do you feel about the questions that you left out?

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That you should have done them? Why did you miss them? How could you miss that? How could you miss that one blank. Because sometimes it happens that when people are doing an exam, they just forget to see a portion of it. They forget to solve a portion of it. They forget to see an entire page, they don't realize that there was a back page as well. And later on what do they think that how foolish was I? How could I have left that? How can I not turn the page and see what was on the back? How could I ever do that? And this is our behavior in life as well. That opportunities come right before us

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one opportunity after the other, but what do we think I have done enough, I have done sufficient, I don't need to do more. But on the Day of Judgment, when the result is displayed, then we'll see so many blank spots, so many empty spots, so many gaps. So many places that we will wish that we had filled up with something productive with something beneficial.

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So what is this ayah tell us that in whatever way we live our life, whatever that we do today, we will see that tomorrow on the Day of Judgment. So we have to be careful. What are we striving towards? What are we aiming towards?

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What do we spend our time doing?

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And what is it that we miss and we neglect

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but Allah go home, brother, their hearts feel humble it mean whether they are in confusion over this. They are in confusion over this over what? over the book of deeds.

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They don't even think about it. They're so immersed in the dunya that they cannot see the reality of the book of deeds. They don't realize that everything that they're doing is actually being recorded.

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And others have said that mean Heather Heather refers to the Quran

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that Boku and villamartin Heather that they are in confusion over this call on

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one of whom are Merlin and they have deeds, meaning instead of doing good deeds, they are performing deeds men do need ellika besides that, besides what the helical refers to first of all, heedlessness towards on camera with regards to

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so instead of believing in the Quran, instead of acting upon the Quran, they have deeds that are other than that, meaning more worse deeds, like for example,

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and men do need alika secondly has also been understood as the deeds that are mentioned above of the believers

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that instead of performing these deeds, they perform deeds that are completely contrary to that

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home law army

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And therefore it ones who do.

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So when a person forgets that everything is being recorded, then what happens? His actions, what do they become like? They are those deeds, which are contrary to what Allah subhanaw taala is pleased with

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what our marylu men do need elica home law, Milan, they're actually busy doing those deeds.

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And when does this happen? When a person is in heedlessness, because if a person is mindful, then he would never do wrong, because he would realize that everything that I'm doing is being recorded. So how can I enter something that is negative in my book deliberately? How could I do that?

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had either a hoodlum trophy him will either be either whom he alone, until when we seize their affluent ones with punishment at once they're crying to Allah for help. had that? What does that indicate that they continue in this state of Amara? Until 100 nammo trophy trophy is actually with rafina. And it's the plural of WOODRUFF And who is one who has been made to live in luxury one who is affluent.

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So the elite, the wealthy, the rich, when they are seized with punishment, then what happens he there then at one Swamiji alone, they cry out for help. The audio Jonas from the root letters Jean Hamza from the word you have, and you are is to make a sound, it is to make a sound out of being startled and horrified.

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That when a person is startled when a person is made to feel scared, when a person is horrified, then all of a sudden he will make a sound.

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And generally this word is used for the sounds that are made by animals when they're attacked.

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When a group of animals when a hurt, is attacked, then what kind of sounds will they make

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a moving sound depending on the kind of animal, right? So from this the word is used for screaming for loud sighs for shrieking

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either homeo tone, they begin to shriek they begin to cry out they begin to yell.

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And figuratively the word out is also used for supplicating

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for making the crying out for help, so either home alone now it is that they turn to Allah praying for relief, praying for help, or they begin to scream and wail in dunia and an actor and receiving the punishment.

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So we see that heedlessness homra generally, it is within Who? Those people who are wealthy and affluent. Why? Because they have so much dunya and its pleasures available to them. They can afford them. And because of that they're immersed in the dunya enjoying one thing after the other hombre, right and I told you that hombre is a deep body of water and water, what does that represent the life of this world?

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the blessings of this world, the enjoyment of this world. So there are so deeply immersed in it. That because of that, they cannot even care about the deeds that they're performing. What kind of deeds are being recorded in their book? And when they're struck with disaster when they're struck with some punishment for the crimes that they do the cry out for help at that moment. Before that they never cry out. Now they cry out. Inside Outside. I agree. What do we learn? Come on. Luckily I'm in covering him and Caitlyn Fernando, well after Hina manasse how many a generation have we destroyed before them and they then called out but it was not a time for escape.

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So in Alameda alone when in the dounia at once when the punishment comes immediately they begin to cry out for help. And this is not just in the dunya but also in the

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into the fatter i a 36 to 37 we learn what led the NACA for Allah home narrow Johanna la Yoko de la him fire mu two whether you have a for unhuman ajdabiya gallican Coleco one whom your study hoonah fee her and they will cry out there in robina original Oh our Lord take us out Nirmal cider Han we will do righteous deeds but will they be taken out? No. This is why Allah says letter God oma Do not cry out today.

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There is no use in crying out for help today there is no use and crying and wailing. Why? Because in the coalminer Latin Sauron indeed you from us will not be helped.

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You will not be prevented from the punishment you will not be saved from the punishment. No one is going to save you today. Whether you scream

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You remain silent.

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But you can at it Why? Because my verses used to be de la la come they used to be recited upon you.

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But what was your reaction for consumer Allah Akbar become then you soon, but you were turning back on your heels. Then Keystone is from the root letters known capsid NASA and NASA is to withdraw.

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It is to move back to move away from something

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to shrink. So for quantum Allah or Aqaba, Kentucky soon instead of coming forward, when the ayat were being recited, when you were being informed of what is in the book of Allah, instead of coming forward instead of excelling in good What did you do? withdrew, you went backwards?

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You said no, I've done enough. I don't need to do more.

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For quantum Allah Akbar Khan. Thank you soon. When you were called, you refused.

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Most aquilina and what was the reason behind that? one's being arrogant

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is stick above you see, constantly this team is being repeated, that when a person is humble, he increases in his goodness. When a person is arrogant, then he thinks that he has done enough and he does not do more.

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Most aquilina ones were arrogant be with it. Meaning regarding the Quran. from listening to the Quran, believing in the Quran, following the Quran, you were too arrogant. Because you thought they were better things to study. There are better things to listen to. There were better things to do.

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So Mr. Medina v you were too arrogant to listen to the Quran. too arrogant to observe the Quran

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and mystic Marina be here He has also been understood as because of it.

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And because of it, it has been understood as the huddle

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because the machine of Makkah, they were the caretakers of the Kaaba.

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They are the ones that looked after the Kaaba. And because of that they were very proud. They felt that they did not need to do anything good.

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So Mr. Medina be being arrogant because of it.

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Sam Ilan, conversing by night Durand, speaking evil.

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Sam it is from the roof at Racine member and some of is used for darkness of the night. Some up with the scene not that without What does it mean? fruit, but with scene it means darkness of the night. Like a porch when said lamb Tikka Samara, welcome. I will neither come to you in the darkness of the night nor in the moonlight. In in despair for me, I'm never going to come to you. Okay.

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So summer is what darkness of the night when it's pitch dark, no light at all.

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And semara the verb summer is to tell stories, to check to talk to one another. To have a night majlis before going to sleep.

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Usually, you will see that when people are traveling, for example, what will they do at night before going to sleep, they will all sit together, they will tell stories to one another. People will share their experiences, they will entertain one another and then eventually they'll go to sleep.

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So Sam, it is one who tells stories at nighttime,

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in a night modulates in a gathering that is at night generally. He entertains other people.

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He's a companion to others in nightly entertainment. So who was Samad, a storyteller?

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Someone who tells stories at what time at night. What does this remind you?

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Okay, this was done back then. People used to sit together and they would talk at night they would tell stories to one another, to have some fun. Now what do people have

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a movie night?

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And movies essentially, what are they about?

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stories? For what purpose? entertainment? So the people of Makkah, what would they do? They would sit around the garba at nighttime,

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and they would tell stories to one another. They would entertain one another.

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They would chat till very late at night and then they would go back to sleep.

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Then they would go to sleep. And obviously when a person has stayed up so late, he's talking, he's telling stories or he's watching or he's listening to stories, then what is he going to dream about?

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What is he going to do the next day, anything productive? No way. So we're stuck between or be too arrogant to listen to the Quran. But at the same time, you have so much

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much time and so much interest when it comes to other types of stories

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and do your own you speak evil that journalism newsletters hedging raw and hedges is to leave something from the same root as the word hijra. So first of all means that you leave you leave what the Quran

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because you're too arrogant, but at the same time you have so much time for love stories, but when it comes to the Quran, the Quran you leave it

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and secondly, Tarun is also derived from the word hood.

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And her job is to speak ill about someone or something.

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Inappropriate speech. And it's also used for sleep talking.

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So tidy room, meaning if you do speak about the Koran, how do you speak? Evil? And when you do talk at night, when you do entertain one another, with stories at nighttime, what kind of language are you talking?

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Evil, fresh, indecent,

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mustache verina v. Sam, Iran.

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So we see that when a person he takes interest in false stories,

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when a person takes interest in pure entertainment, love stories, romantic stories, especially listening to them or watching to them at night, then it takes his concern away from more important things,

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isn't it?

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It takes his mind away from more serious matters.

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It does not let him develop interest in the Quran. It does not let him retain the Quran in his mind and heart. And as a result, it does not let him act upon the Quran either.

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Because as we learned earlier, your heart cannot multitask. Either you have love for one thing, or you have love for something else. Either you're busy doing one thing or you're busy doing something else in your heart, with your body you can multitask but in your heart you cannot either the heart is filled with love of Allah

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with love of the Quran or it is filled with love of other things. So when a person is Assam it then can he have love for the Quran? No.

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Then we shahina maka, they were very, very proud of being the custodians of the Kaaba, as we have learned in sort of the Toba isn't, we have learned in great detail that how they were so proud about it, and because of that, they thought that they were very righteous. And instead of growing spiritually, they spent their time at night entertaining themselves. And even though

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there used to be the profits on a lot of seller or other believers who would try to worship Allah subhanaw taala at night in the Harlem or recite the Quran, but were they allowed? They were prevented, they were harassed. And these people they would be talking, telling stories, and at the same time that doodling they would talk negatively about the clock.

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Today Also, if you see there are many Muslims, when they're invited to learn about the Quran, when they're invited to study the Quran. What is their reaction?

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of arrogance? We know enough, we don't need to know more. Yes, I've read the Quran. I've studied the Quran, I listen to lectures, I don't need to learn more. But at the same time, if the same people are invited to watch a movie, if the same people learn about a new movie that has been released, and they have so much time for it, isn't it? They have time to watch one movie after the other. Perhaps watch the same movie again and again, which I cannot understand why people do something that you watch before. How can you watch it again? You spent two three hours of your life on something that was hardly of any benefit, and you're watching it again and again.

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But the same surah if a person has to overcome Let's read it again, come let's study it again. Come let's look into the tafsir. What's the reaction? I've taken a course before? Yes, I heard the recitation of the suta before I've done it before, I don't need to do it again.

00:24:09--> 00:24:18

So if we have so much time to spend on nightly entertainment, how can we not have time to spend with the Quran?

00:24:20--> 00:24:37

If you think about it recently, when there were matches, people were staying up at night. People are waking up so early to watch those matches. But when it comes to pollen, is it really ever that we wake up at four o'clock in the morning at three o'clock in the morning to perhaps reciting Quran

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to pray? No, we don't have time for it. Now this has been condemned over here, Mr. quirino de Samuel on that June you leave the salon. You don't come close to the car. You think you know already, but you don't know. You think you don't need to do more to read more, but you do need to read more

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When people are watching movies one after the other, what is the explanation that they give? You can learn so many lessons from this, isn't it? You can learn so many lessons from this. I've learned so many good things. But the fact is that the Quran is also full of lessons full of lessons. Have we studied the Quran? enough that we can move on to other things now?

00:25:24--> 00:25:33

Have we really extracted lessons from the surah of the Quran that we think that we don't need to study them anymore? And we have so much time to watch one movie after the other? No.

00:25:35--> 00:25:40

So if our focus is the lessons that Allah Subhana Allah has given us the Quran as well.

00:25:41--> 00:25:44

Well, according to sadhana, annalee, decree for her alma mater

00:25:47--> 00:25:50

Yes, one Latina woman a lot more alone.

00:25:51--> 00:25:55

Because love, it prevents a person from having crucial,

00:25:56--> 00:26:21

who sure and love they cannot go exist. Remember that. It's either who sure or it's love, because now it occupies your heart, then who sure altered occupies your heart, either one of them will occupy at a time both cannot. So if a person is busy watching, listening to love stories, do entertainment stories, one after the other, he will not be able to concentrate on

00:26:22--> 00:27:04

many, many people complain, I read, but I cannot retain isn't. I read the lesson. I do it seven times. I do it 10 times, but I cannot retain it in my heart. I forget I blank out it goes away. It's because we don't listen to the plan enough. We don't read the Quran enough. And the time that we do have, we spend it on such things. You see, learning the Quran is not just about doing your lessons, because it's a different language, right? It's a different language, you can learn a language when you're totally immersed into it, you need a total immersion. You need to be listening to it you need to be hearing it you need to be talking you need to be reading, you need to be speaking.

00:27:05--> 00:27:31

When you practice the language in this way, only then you're able to learn remember that so if our focus in this course only becomes doing the lessons and not reciting the Quran enough, not listening to the Quran enough remember, we cannot benefit as much all three components are necessary reading, listening and reciting.

00:27:32--> 00:27:44

And when we focus on all these three, then you will not have time for love. You will not have time for Simon to be assignment to be engaged in nightly entertainment, you will not have time for that.

00:27:45--> 00:27:50

Allah subhanaw taala says Flm Mia who then have the knowledge reflected over the Quran

00:27:51--> 00:28:02

yet the borrow from the newsletters dalbello from the word that have they not reflected on the Quran to come out of this hoffler to come out of this hombre.

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And we learned through with Mohammed ii 24 FMLA that the baronial Quran, Allah khudobin of Fallujah do not reflect upon the Quran or their locks upon their hearts Flm Mia De Bruyne Allah meaning they should reflect on the Quran.

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They will reason for their budget of the Quran is because they have not reflected on the

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they don't know the Quran. A person can only speak ill of the Quran when he does not know the Quran.

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A person can only leave the Quran when he does not know the Quran Flm Mia double cola a home or has it come to them what millennia the other of whom will are willing which did not come to their former forefathers meaning has something come to them which did not come to their forefathers because of which they feel they don't need to reflect on the Quran they don't need to change themselves. What does this man um yet the other of whom will have will refer to my refers to immunity security from punishment that they have been told that definitely, they will go to Paradise they will never be held accountable. And because of that they're so confident they feel they don't even need to study

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the Quran.

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They don't even need to reflect on the Quran. They don't need to act upon it.

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has such immunity come to them has such security come to them know it self made.

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And others have said that mallamma t Abba Humala, when it refers to a soul and kita that this concept is so new,

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of a messenger of a book that because it's so strange as a result, they don't believe

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but what is the reality that Allah subhanaw taala has been sending messengers from the very beginning.