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An-Nisa 86-93 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 89-91


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What do they wish low doc foreigner that you will disbelief Comerica for just as they have this belief, what do is love? And what kind of love is is Hollywood muhabba?

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That these hypocrites they yearn they wish, who does they refer to?

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The hypocrites damona 15 who are mentioned in the previous ayah

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that these people they wish that low duck furuno Kanaka follow that if you would disbelieve just as they have also disbelieved.

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What is the covert that they have committed?

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Leaving the prophets

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and remember that the cover of the hypocrite is hidden, it is concealed. It is stuff

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we learned earlier instead of abakada, either Nicola Nina Ave, Carlo, and

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well either Hello Elijah cleaning in kalu in America. And before that, almost 1030 says that woman a nassima, Kuru Elena Villa, he will be the only woman whom many they're not actually believers. So, what do you know that punakha Makka foru. What is the scope of this cover is that which is hidden, meaning they don't publicize that they want benefits for Muslims, and they also want benefit from the disbelievers. They're only concerned about their benefit. And we know that some people became Muslim. They stayed in Medina, or they went to Makkah, some people who became Muslim in Makkah, they did not do hijra from Mecca to Medina. So they wish the same thing for the other Muslims as well.

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Then why are you compromising so much? You know, in your dunya?

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Why are you sacrificing your family, your house, your business, your money, live the same way that we are living and you will gain the benefits of being a Muslim and you will also gain the benefits of being with the disbelievers. You will have good everywhere.

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So Allah subhanaw taala calls this that when a person appears to be a Muslim, but he's a Muslim, only to gain benefits of being Muslim. And at the same time, he also wants benefits from the kuffaar. So what do latok for una cama cafaro fedrick una sola so that all of you become the same.

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You understand the meaning of it the coolness aware

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that all of you become the same.

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What does it mean by that?

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That we all compromise on our Deen and then we can live in harmony with the disbelievers.

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This is why they didn't migrate. This is why they wouldn't want to be with the Muslims but akunis Allah.

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Allah says that the human Hongbin do not take from them earlier close friendship, they do not have any close friendship with them.

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Have you had your roofie sebelah until they do digital in the way of Allah?

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What is this digital

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hater obviously, is at that time from Mecca to Medina

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until and unless they migrate from Mecca to Medina.

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Until they do I don't consider them to be your close friends because they're not friends.

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They're not friends. At one time, they will come and take benefit from you at another time they will come fighting against you. So don't be deceived by these people don't take them as friends until and unless they do Hydra to Medina. And we also learned that there were some people who lived in the outskirts of Medina why they didn't want to live inside Medina because if you lived inside Medina, you have to go pray five times a day in the masjid. You have to follow the discipline, then you have to defend. You have to fight. And if you're living away, then you can live your own comfortable life. But if you're living with the community, then there is a lot of responsibility. So in order to

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be saved from that responsibility, they would live separately. What does Allah say? Don't take them as only air until they become a part of the community.

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Secondly, have you had you roofie civilian that is understood as until they leave you had no meaning they leave when they leave their houses with the Prophet sallallahu Sallam to wherever he is going for battle fees to beat in there.

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Because there were some hypocrites who live in Medina pretended to be Muslims went to the masjid prayed five times a day in jamara in congregation but when it came time to go fight in the way of Allah, they would stay at home. They would stay at home. So don't take them as earlier until they accompany you. When you leave feasibility in the way of Allah.

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For interval, then if they turn away from what from hijra,

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if they turn away from Hydra, and they don't come and join you. They don't come to Islam for holdover.

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Then you take them, meaning you can take them as captives if they can

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I'm in fight against you work with aluminum, and you can also kill them. Meaning if they come and fight against you in battle, just as you would kill other disbelievers. You can also kill these people because they're actively fighting against you. Hi soldier to move wherever you find them. What does it mean by this wherever you find the meaning in the battlefield, wherever you encounter them, you're allowed to kill them, then it's not like you're killing a Muslim and that's haram for you know, because they're fighting against you.

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They're fighting against you. Therefore, you can take them as captives, and you can also kill them.

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What are the Tokido men whom were alien? Well, honestly, and don't take from them any money, nor any deceit.

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So we see in this ayah, that the difference between a believer and a hypocrite is that a believer wants everyone to believe

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and the hypocrite wants, that those people who are guided should also be misguided.

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A believer wants everyone to grow in their Eman in their armor. And the hypocrite What does he want? He wants everyone to compromise on his Deen.

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This is a sign of nofap

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This is a sign of nofap what?

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That just has you have compromised. You want other people to compromise as well. Just because you got a house on through how long ways? you're encouraging other people. Why don't you do the same thing? You know? It's so easy.

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It's allowed you know there is a fatwa. You understand?

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Why don't you compromise? Okay, no big deal.

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This is a sign of hypocrisy.

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The hypocrite wants that other Muslims should also compromise on their Deen. Why? Because he's compromising.

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Secondly, we learn about the prohibition of taking such people as close friends. Why? Because friends influence one another. So there is a person who compromise a lot with regards to his religion in order to gain benefit of the dunya. Don't take him as a volley. Don't take him as a close friend, because if you do, they're going to affect you. And as a result, you too will compromise on your team.

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We also learn from this either our Deen it demands sacrifice.

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You cannot live a Muslim without sacrificing.

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Sometimes that sacrifice means moving from a big house on how long to a small rental property.

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Sometimes it means leaving a car that was bought through how long

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do a bus pass?

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Really, but our Deen requires sacrifice a person cannot be a true sincere believer until and unless he does hijra and what is it? It symbolizes sacrifice, you have to sacrifice.

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We also learned that people who don't side fully with Islam are not worthy of the friendship of Muslims.

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They're not worthy of friendship of Muslims.

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Now you may question

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some people might wonder, but we are living in a place

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which is a land that is not Muslim.

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And there are other lines which are Muslim, so doesn't mean that we have to do

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we must do literal.

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Because it says you have to

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remember that if living in such a place is making you compromise your team, then you must leave.

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If it is affecting your deen,

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if it is affecting your deen, then you can't just live in a place just for the sake of your work just for the sake of making money. Because at the end of the day, you will be questioned about your deen

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and secondly, if you are living in a place like that, then you're near should not just be to enjoy the benefits of that place that I am here, I enjoy the benefits of the country gives welfare. I just take take take, take benefits and I don't contribute.

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You also have to contribute.

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You also have to contribute and the biggest contribution that you can give is to save the asset of other people.

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This is why some scholars have said that for a Muslim, the only situation in which he is allowed to live in a non Muslim land is that he lives for the purpose of doing Dawa, serving the deen

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otherwise it is not permissible. Because then what will happen if you're only concerned about your dunya you're only consumed with the dunya over there, then eventually you're going to compromise anything.

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And we see that sometimes Muslims come to these places and instead of working instead of contributing to the society, whether it is charitable work or welfare work or religious work, any kind of work instead of doing that they take advantage from the place

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They take advantages. Is it fair that you're benefiting from the money

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and many times unjustly by making false claims and you're not helping the other people especially with regards to their alcohol

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is it fair it's not fair

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in the Medina yes Luna except now over here exception is being made from what

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exception is being made from the capital of those people who deny hater

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when Karina hater those people who do not do a draw who are mentioned the previous I because the previous it has said that don't take them as earlier until and unless they do a draw. And if they don't do a try then take them as captives kill them if the common fight against you.

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Now over here exception is being made from the couple of these people. What is that exception?

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First is alladhina Yes, a Luna Illa comin baina como Bina who Mesa

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those people who join us in unison the reflectors? Well, sod lamb. Those people who join a nation of people between you and between them is a treaty, there is a Misuk. And this means half refers to a factor of peace.

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You're not at war with them.

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So for instance, if you're living in a particular country that is not Muslim, and that country is not at war with other Muslims, then it is permissible for a person to live there.

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It is permissible for a Muslim to live there. So la Latina, soluna illa Coleman beiner, como by Naomi circle.

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So first of all, there with a column between you and between them, there is a mishap. There is a pledge of security, a fact of peace, that we're not going to fight, we're not going to have any battles.

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Second exception,

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or Jerusalem, they came to you, meaning if they're forced to come to you in battle,

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because remember the Muslims in Makkah, who had not migrated, they will be forced to come in back. Now you may wonder why did they come? They should have not come.

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But remember that in the tribal system, you cannot do whatever you want by yourself.

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You cannot if you go against the tribe, that's treachery. So, those people who come to you meaning who come to you in battle, and have said absolutely, their hearts are constricted,

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hazardous material collectors have sought and hassled is to surround something,

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to surround to detain, to restrain. So their hearts are yearning. They feel very constricted. They feel very uncomfortable. They're very uneasy. About what about a new Katerina come about the prospect of fighting you?

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Oh, you're partido calm, or that they fight their people. They don't like the idea of coming in battle against the Muslims. And at the same time, they don't like the idea of going against their tribe,

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going against their tribe. so in this situation, they are averse to fighting you. And they're averse to fighting their own people. So what should you do? They have come in battle. And because they don't want to fight you, they don't want to fight their people. What are these people going to do? They're not going to fight you in battle.

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Because it's possible that you accompany in battle but you don't participate in the actual battle.

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The only remain towards the back or you are in the battle but you don't fight anyone you don't kill anyone. You have a gun but you don't shoot. Similarly, you're only helping out with the food maybe or the other side. So if such a person is not actively fighting, he is forced to come because of the situation that he's in but he's not actively fighting.

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Allah Subhana Allah says well I will share Allah who and if Allah will last a lot of whom Allah Allah would have given them mastery over you. Given who mastery these Muslims who have come fighting against you with their

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and salata use a little is to give power and mastery and dominance to someone, so alone have given them the sleep over you.

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And over here senator gives the meaning of strengthening of the hearts, that they would have such confidence that they would actually fight against you, they would have no hassle in their hearts in fighting against you.

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So if Allah wills, He could have given this confidence in the hearts of these people, and they would come and willingly and openly fight you. So because they are not coming with this confidence, but rather they have discomfort in their hearts for the quarter lucam so they will refer to you. Then Allah says for any earth as a loop

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Then if they withdrew from you, meaning they leave you they don't fight you for them yukata lucam and they do not fight you were in a coma Salama, and they offer peace to you.

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What does it mean by this? They offer peace to you. Meaning they offer some kind of reconciliation. They submit this SLM or they say, like, you know, I'm a Muslim, I'm not gonna fight you don't worry.

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So alko aleikum wa sallam, then Allah says, familia Allahu, Allah him Sevilla and Allah has not given you any way I can see these people meaning then you cannot find them. You cannot fight these people, you cannot kill them. Who?

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To summarize, the second exception was of those people who are forced to come with their people to fight you. Why? Because they don't like the idea of going against their people. If they do, so, they're going to be finished. They're going to be killed. Right? So for their protection, they have to come like this. Remember that some of the most other thing, even? Who are the most other I think those who were oppressed, they had no choice. They were most other I've seen from before. If they said no, no, I'm not coming to the bathroom with you against the Muslims, they will be killed immediately.

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So if they accompany the Muslim army, against the Muslims, but they come with the hustle in their hearts, meaning they are very uncomfortable at the idea of even fighting against you, then what's their ruling?

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That if they don't fight you, then you don't fight them?

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If they don't fight you, then you don't fight them, then what does it mean? If they do fight you, then you are going to fight. So this is conditional.

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As long as they don't fight you, you're not going to fight them. Because really, sometimes a person is bound by the situation that he's in and he doesn't have any freedom to make his own choice.

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So what do we learn that if they don't want to fight you, then you don't fight them. If they offer peace, then restrain your hands from fighting against them, and do not kill them if they do not join the army of the disbelievers to fight against you. But if they have to join the army, if they have no choice, then they must not kill the Muslims, they must not actively fight against the Muslims and as a result, you should also not fight them.

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And we learned that our bass, the uncle, the prophet SAW the Lotus and and he accompany the machine in the Battle of battle. And he joined the battle with great hesitation he didn't want to fight. But he joined the battle with great hesitation. This is why the profits are lost and commanded that he should be only captured and not killed.

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Then it was a Saturday Duna atherina Sony will find others meaning there is another group of people there is another category of people. So we see there are different different types of people, different types of hypocrites or different types of political Muslims you can say you will find another group UD Duna they wish and yet Manu Khan that they are secure from you were Manu Calma home and they're also secure from their people. And who are these? They are the most ethical worry that could lead in Amano Amanda, either Hello, it is a Athenian pallu in America.

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They are the hypocrites that they want to be at peace with you and they also want to be at peace with their people.

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Which is why

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every time would do it'll fit nothing. They are returned to fit.

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What happens? Okay, Sophia, they're plunged into it. They're thrown into it.

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Columbo do lol fitna what is fitna

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a trial so what is that trial

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this trial is pitted against Muslims fighting against the Muslims. So every time they have the opportunity to fight against the Muslims what happens they're plunged into it. They're thrown into it remember Okay, so to turn someone upside down to throw someone face down.

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So okay Sophia, they're thrown into it, they're plunged into it for 11 years to come then if they do not withdraw from you, meaning if they do not stay away from fighting you where you will put eleiko masala and they do not offer you peace over here where you will go this is directly connected with lemmya Desi lucam and in this case, it's not necessary to repeat love every time okay?

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It's not necessary to repeat love every time. So what this means is let me Arthas illyricum if they do not withdraw from you, while I'm your co la como Salama and if they do not offer you any peace while I'm your Khufu idea home and if they do not withhold their hands from fighting you. Then what should you do

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for Hulu makuu Heiser crypto then take them as captives and fight them in the battle and kill them anywhere you find.

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In the battlefield, why?

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Why? Because they're given the opportunity to fight. And every time they come fighting against you, every time

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and they don't offer any peace, they don't stay away from fighting you. You see, if you compare this idea with the previous and the previous video, what was mentioned

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that they're coming, but they offer bees. They're coming, but they don't fight you.

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So in that case, you don't fight them.

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But if they're coming, and they say, yes, yes, we're Muslims, what we're being forced, but at the same time they're actively fighting, then what are you going to do? What are you going to do? You have to defend yourself, you have to fight them as well.

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So welcome to the home prices of crypto.

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But we'll let it come and these people Allah says your Alana come early usofa, Medina, these people we have made for you against them a clear and manifest proof. What is so fun

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and evidence.

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We have given you a clear evidence against these people, meaning you have the right to fight them, and you have the right to capture them, if needed. Why? Because of their treachery. And what is their treachery, that every time they're offered into fitna, they fall into it. And our fitna over here is ultimate understood in another way, which is,

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first of all, it is battle against the Muslims. And secondly, there's also that that fitna over here means

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what does it mean?

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That they claim to be Muslim, but they still do what Michigan do.

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They still do what Michigan do.

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Every time they're forced into doing ship, they do shake

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they compromise and their religion to such a great extent. So from this, we learned that there are three forms in which a person who is forced into fighting against the Muslims,

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there are three forms in which he can obtain security from the Muslims. What are the three forms, first of all,

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are off a center offering peace,

00:22:12--> 00:22:29

offering peace to the Muslims? And what does it mean by offering peace? Either it is to do some peace, some soil, some back to a peace agreement, or it is offering Salam or something like that, in which you offer to them, you tell them you convey to them that you are safe from me, I'm not gonna fight you.

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Secondly, they do not join the army of the machine. They do not join the army of the disbelievers in the sense that it doesn't come they stay away from fighting you.

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And thirdly, if they have no choice, but to join the army, then they should withhold their hands from fighting you and killing you. They may accompany the army, but they're not allowed to fight against you.

00:22:52--> 00:23:02

If these three conditions are met, then that means they are sincere. And if they don't fulfill these conditions, what does it mean? They're not sincere, they're corrupt.

00:23:03--> 00:23:20

So, as a conclusion to these, if we learned that the Muslims had two opinions about the hypocrites, what do we do? Do we treat them as Muslims, and we don't fight them, even if they come fighting against us? Or do we treat them as machine that we find them wherever we find them.

00:23:21--> 00:23:22

In any battle.

00:23:23--> 00:23:28

Over here, a Lost Planet, Allah gives us a solution, he makes the magic clear, that don't generalize.

00:23:29--> 00:23:36

Every person is in a different situation. And depending on his situation, you deal with him.

00:23:38--> 00:23:43

Depending on the situation, you deal with him, many times we generalize or look at them, they don't

00:23:44--> 00:23:44


00:23:45--> 00:23:55

know, don't generalize, every person is in a different situation, maybe they do want to do Hitler, maybe they do want to migrate, but they can't. Maybe there is a problem, there is a genuine reason.

00:23:57--> 00:24:18

So you have to deal with the person depending on the situation that they're in. And based on that, there are three situations, one of those situations the first group is of those people who fight you, without any construction without any without any hesitation actively the fight you. So in this case, you fight them.

00:24:19--> 00:24:26

The second is that they are with the people with whom you have a peace treaty. So obviously, they're not going to fight you. So when they don't fight you, you invite them.

00:24:28--> 00:24:36

They are with the people with whom you have a peace treaty, even if the people are not Muslim. So because they're not fighting you, you're not going to fight them.

00:24:37--> 00:24:44

So just the excuse just the explanation that they are with the machine, therefore they deserve to be fought, no, it's not justified.

00:24:46--> 00:24:57

And the third is that they verbally say that we offer peace or they say that we're Muslim, but they practically jump in warfare, every time against the Muslims.

00:24:58--> 00:24:59

So when you see this repetition

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In this behavior that every time there is something they come against us, then such people they're not actually Muslim. You're going to find them because their disbelief is so obvious

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that the recitation of these verses

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well either

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de Pon

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Oh, come on.

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boom boom como

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una hora de una

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mano, mano.

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Okay, Sufi

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amiata, zero COO, COO, coo coo,

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coo coo, coo coo

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coo coo coo