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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of bringing together the Muslim community to address issues such as addiction and drug use, emphasizing the need for moral leadership and providing leadership for the nation to avoid harming their community. They also discuss the use of drugs and alcohol to create a MAC Wi-Fi, the importance of avoiding harms’ memories, and the need to be thankful for things given to others. The speakers stress the need to be thankful for things given to others, including opportunities and money, and to focus on one's own success.
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Have them in the afternoon as time over the scope do not stop here with either a man or

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a woman who's the women say

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and yet they keep

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coming up further ahead. Yeah, right shall we

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don't want to share the other one as you go and see

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who our food

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dealer and come to our half hour to party. How to party here

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you have a couple rokocoko Many of our opponents so far?

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Oh hello funding has rolled

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them into marriage and health care law. Your money's

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worth Taku has

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been around longer and Rocky.

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Top of mine Oh, hold on, so we just make our own. You Ever

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Wanted me to give a woman schooler who

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calls in all Vienna? I'm never I was going to the hospital and had he come walk for failure and not happier than some of my neighbors are stronger Google or

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and something new.

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And have you learned

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that no no put that in a heavier golden ball and haven't

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done yet.

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and something you've done. Most of the time, what happens is just gather this eat prayer.

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And remind you it is your prayer is a sacred occasion. For parents who is the stranger to this big huge hallway. I'm thinking the lobby outside of the holodeck upon jumps.

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Practice in gymnastics, all the way.

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When handling the left, the right view of the heart. There is no culminating during these days, are centered around the life of Ibrahim is

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a great patriarch of mama. He is

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a great patriarch of none of us

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who really has sacrificed his ethics are struggling, many of which took place in the vicinity of Mecca, the Sacred Precinct where the hands on poles. They planted the seeds of monotheism that border

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and copper and the life of our Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu said so we call your attention my brothers and sisters to two verses

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relating to Ibrahim Eilis,

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Allah subhanho wa taala. He says, I will then initiate on the Rajiv

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Thank you for

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I need to know whether it will be the most needy check here on the day and grouping each other who my head is dropping the SLP. So Allah Tyler says Verily, Ibrahim was a nation in and of themselves in a dynamic manner,

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but also a leader

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will return to the

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finding that he was devoutly obedient to Allah. And he is that he was naturally disposed towards knowledge is

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then your minutes to speaking. He was not allowed to the ideology. So a lot of time reminds us that he wrote he, he was a leader.

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A leader, at one time is one.

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Military advertising army of one he was an army of one. And in this there is a lesson for many of us because of the living and it cannot be non Muslim society. We might be the only Muslim in our neighborhood. We might be the only Muslim in our school might be the only Muslim on our list.

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I might be the only Muslim amongst our viewers. But that even again, we have to be prepared to be a leader. Even if we're standing alone.

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We have to be prepared to be a leader. Even if you're standing alone, Ibrahim did not follow the power. Ibrahim, He now gets into the peer pressure, which was to join the idolaters into idolatry. And so we must not be proud. We must not give them to the demands and depression of the popular culture. We shouldn't use the native of the Catholic culture, Muslims using profanity. We have Muslims using words that are appropriate for someone who is following the prophetic guidance. We must be prepared to stand alone brothers and sisters, because we left we prepared to stand alone. Allah subhanho wa Taala will bring those costs down and gift us but we compromise our principles. If

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we just go with the flow. If we go along to get along, then no one will respect them.

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No one will respect us. And the Ibrahima kandalama. Meaning

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he was a nation in and of themselves of masters from the same group as he then he was a leader, we must be prepared to me. He was a moral leader. He was a spiritual leader. And we must be began to provide moral leadership and spiritual leadership for our nation, because our people are suffering.

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Our people are suffering. Our communities are suffering, who is going to meet if not the most. There are 123 suicides every day in this country, and the number is growing. There are 3000 suicide attempts every day in this country, and the number is growing. There are 170 drug fatal, drug overdoses and the numbers grown in this country. There are 241 people every day, somewhere in this country who died of excessive alcohol consumption to say nothing of alcohol related fatalities on the highways and alcohol related fatalities, and only to domestic violence just overconsumption of alcohol alone. 241 deaths every day and the numbers are wrong. There is a crisis in our nation.

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And like we must be prepared to provide moral and spiritual leadership because the root of the crisis is a spiritual void. And that void is not filled by the Muslim Brotherhood.

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With God, the shake,

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boy was

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in the Ibrahimi can tell the audience that he was involved in obedience to his book on the internet.

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It was following the footsteps coming from him. And in their hearts, we follow his footsteps that we should be prepared.

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Or we should understand we have to be obedient to last time. Many of the young people everywhere they get a text messages from their friends. I don't know if I will most of them anymore. I'm not feeling it anymore. I belong to a party. I like getting high. You might like getting high, but you should love or wash your hands on time.

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You might like you might like hanging out with your

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friends, you might like going to the party. You might like wearing your skinny jeans, you might not like to get a tattoo but you should love a lot more ponytails

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will be in the nest

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lead name

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when the admin was shipped to the net, but most of the people that the non those who love the likenesses that the setup was the one as they shouldn't have Allah. So for many of us we sell the drugs or the alcohol or the friend or the bad habits. And the base is reserved for the love of Allah when it was shipped.

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Those who believe the more intense in the love

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the more intense in other words in my life those things but they love the love for me out there love for love and the desire to please Allah and then he's out

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Until May Allah they need those

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your world who love someone amazing, if you love your wife, your beggar, if you love your husband, your awareness, then what should be our weakness, your loss, and for time, who created the wife who created the husband?

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If indeed, you're believable when the Nina was shaking her head in there

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he was a honey. Even when the whole world was steeped in idolatry, his natural disposition was towards the worship of one God, towards the worst of the loss and loci and the laws blessed us, His blessed us to have that disposition. Why are you here today, and maybe 10 People who are Muslim, and this might have happened Arizona here, because Allah put that disposition in your heart and desire to obey Allah subhanho wa taala, you follow that disposition, and now Allah strengthen, so that he can stand against the smell

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of idolatry, and against the type

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of massage that we might be comfortable, with stronger, as you produce make you stronger, and stronger and stronger, until the the impact in the entire world. And even though

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he wasn't announced, the

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brothers and sisters, today, people not worshiping God, you're not worshipping idols of stone, and gold, or rock, or more wood, carved out into various human life.

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But the idolatry of today, the biggest of the biggest forms of idolatry is the worship of the self. And Allah wants us to use them, and pray for them. And

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how well have you not seen the one who is taking his very inclination of his soul as his God? And so we here I, I don't think we have to pray. I don't think we should stress in the middle. He's been induced low immodest, I don't think that I have to wear hijab is always high.

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Because the rise and

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the eagle has been set up as an athlete commercial, Ibrahim slash the idol. And one of the items he smashed was the idea of ego and we should be about smashing that

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ourselves so that we can be liberated from the enslavement to the soul because the soul winning, imprisons us and traps us that oh, how nature and Neff says that he is shuffling

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and humble us and when is liberated, and can be free to crawl into the nest and look

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up the name

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of Leah Linnea and who he is very badly, but he just doesn't enter into my paradise in terms of my server shaking on the moon. He was deeply thankful for the blessings and the NGOs Allah bestowed upon him *gy when they're in the movie.

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He was really thankful to Allah. He was thankful to Allah, brothers and sisters, we should be thankful for the lyric that Allah has bestowed upon us. Allah has given us for many of us are searching for diaphragm hair, so much food is given a shelter. And we move our houses as we move from our 1500 square foot house to the 3000 square foot house. He's given us more than we need to live in. He's given us no one two, we have one car a second car or motorcycle.

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He's given us an apple transportation

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to show our closets are filled with clothes. When the next kid has voting rights the man has to say stop the entire basement of the messed us up the floor or the closet that

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we have so much access. We shouldn't be guilty we have to be thankful. Allah Tala tells us

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nicely. If you give let's our Ibrahim was thankful for his blessing and the greatest blessing the blessing of

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the greatest blessing the blessing of life.

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Not having the love in the heart of a human being to

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check in them they're looming. So we should be playful brothers and sisters. Allah Tala amazes but

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remember me how to remember who gives you thanks for my lessons and don't be an England? Check

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Allah says he chose you brought him and indeed he is from all to you and these at that time, how did he come? The patriarchal number appears it's the man who Allah chose him. And then another person where Abraham has mentioned Allah mentions that he chose us

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he tells us why we're here today Allah tells you why we say that the wall God chose Allah Tala ptosis the J he moves in the head, who extra that who were mad John, I need to defeat him and harass

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me Rahim. Militant people need Rahim strive in the way of Allah, as it should rightfully be the case, how much he had, he will never go the right route and we worship the law for 500 years without any stop.

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Would that be enough? For sure.

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And when we fulfilled the right you know, just our vision

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what about our vision and not hearing our intellect

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shaking on the moon,

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he was thinking

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Who was the man who was chosen you just in the chosen for him for the same issue. But you can then struggle in the way of Allah how he has as you need the right

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as his wife is because Apple is chosen. Many of us we sit around as if they have nothing to do with war as well as myself as our so what are we going through this thing? What are we doing people misrepresenting it? What are we doing to represent it? What are we doing for people vilifying and discarding it? What are we doing to prepare the correct image? What are we doing

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to live and uphold the federal towhee in the world seeking in kinda

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worshipping the self as we said, once you've been these growth, worship the alcohol worship instead Satan worshipping themselves? What are we doing to cause people to be worshipped for a long time, the only thing that we bring happiness and fulfillment to the heart of a human being.

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We're just here to let the struggle in the world we love is the man who will hand down the road to scouting. And he guided him to a straight path the laws chosen us and he's guided us through a straight path, the path of learning and 100 Rasuwa so what I need you to add in something seven, rather than super good. Thanks for that message on CC unstinting. Thanks for that lesson. We're gonna come hope that the best thing in the world worked and pass them on to future generations is not going to happen by itself. And understand if we don't do it alone, being someone who will.

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my feelings for Sophie lifted down when you told me I could have told him and didn't tell me that it is the financial

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pieces, whether you have gone along and then the audit routine as well. One last one I need. Only believers were returned back from the system and helping as vaping industry that Allah will bring another people who really love them, they will love you, but he loved a lot and because he loved a lot. He struggled with his cover for the deen on the loss and whatnot, and to establish it in the land and to give people guidance and direction and comfort. Food approval probably had less lawful Allah had

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when he said a Jehovah's possibly more

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I can't be with them all the hospitals out there my sister

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in law

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hadn't spoken crying he was facing this the wrong

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One and it was complete

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and humbly that

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along the long run

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I got

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no love your loved one when

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I love my love for video and love like

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what can you do then you can do

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that rather than system no no this was during this period. Don't forget the remembrance of Allah, the prophets, the prophets of Allah it goes hand in hand and describe these days and even history. Here I am in your schools in particular in that there there is a meaning and drinking regularly by law. So as you eat and drink and as you visit and you restore relations and Pacha reunification, remember last time and then he literally

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does not the remnants of the love the comfort to the house. Remember a lot of fun abundant,

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evil entity that

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was subject to corporate power was the only way to leverage the federal law funded

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and glorify him in the morning and in the evening. So when they are allies and our tongues and our hearts are filled with the remembrance of Allah subhanho wa Taala and wait as we eat and as we drink and as we visit and as we go about in safety and security of the make the law or the blessing of safety and security and many of our women who roam and then have mental health when they come up with these two great lessons we thank Allah for giving us and making us safe

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from you

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maybe remember our brothers and sisters in various parts of this word was dropped and who knows and they know mostly and they know Lean thinking

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of me was giving a look as to what will be needed only and

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down but he is happy a better perhaps

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Robin No

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one spoke not in any manner

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whatsoever no Stevie why one of one of one of

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the photographs and getting all our thoughts

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to be made and now we're being about the woman on the internet that the gentleman when you're ready to hold the wind and I knew that you had lost audio when they hear that in a snap up story now but who went in and

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what you're planning on going down with your

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loved ones wobble for now other than either when they attend your own free event and Nina

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Nina whenever

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many of our events whether you're hungry man, yeah, I'm gonna rock up. Wow, what a man Well, you're gonna want to have your own long

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as he could even kind of all of those whose demeanor people have things almost immediately because of the verbiage I use immediately Jamia, I'm going

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to share with you the alarm. We can understand what we proved here. When we could you make me Allah because the minute the Pakistan will fill the hem of the Kashmir issue remember we've been looking behind the Allah Allah those who see me The purpose was to them for free man and Hamish

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including the cannula close who's been in your lungs during this community even Andriola over who yell Allah, but it was dumb enough to miss your love

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when he lost your job

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with the modeling family instead of on a movie pass

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Yeah, you're gonna

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love it can you attend

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TPR yoga we couldn't again

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hear your

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demeanor he gonna he may have found out Aloha Allah

00:25:21--> 00:25:34

pa in Geneva the solemnity were never to walk on those who was demeanor again among those who was believed to have it better or fulfill more

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have you had the better your view book by your love

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is clear and yummy can it be your Allah be cooking academy Allah Allah those who see me in them

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come in at

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any and all of the appropriate events are set to run at the same end in the lobby. You know, we've

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been so long winded whenever you want something along with us for alone. As a young a young

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farmer in America, yeah, Allah was around continue with

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Allah. Allahu Allah Jimena de Frente Hina totally functioning today he won't be referred

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to a Facebook member yet yes, Allah has

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been a very very mean and you have made the hell of

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a lot of

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your love to

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sit down with

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COVID can really show

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up better as

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you go along so Messina, the senior you're also posting even in Germany also removes the need of the other nail on the screen a lot more

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your house you're allowed to have more non intrusive because you can set it

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as it is now we know he's still alive and what's happening now that alone

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because the Shen young along with the problem will

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have to read a man

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what I did

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was, I don't

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know what they would call him he along

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with our ledger who fell in love

00:28:08--> 00:28:10

with our weapons we now have

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the head and the head in your

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phone sooner they will probably miss ed to be corrupted

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00:28:27--> 00:28:30

it was all about why there's any

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one early he was he was still in Europe.