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Al-Hajj 25-37 Word Analysis and Tafsir 29-31

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rajim Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim

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lesson number 169 similar to Hajj is number 29 to 37.

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In the previous ayah we learned about Leah shadowman Ephrata, who were Carlos mala heafy, a yam Mr. Lumet RLM arasaka, home in behemoth al anon. So after the animals have been slaughtered, then Allah says Somali Yakubu, then let them complete. Let them put an end to their foster home. Their untidiness, their filth. Well, you fool nudura home and they should fulfill their vows Somali aku Yakubu from the roof letters of word Yeah, from the word Baba. And other is to make a decision about something.

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And this is done by a cone. And it's also done by ferry by account like for example, to pass a judgment to make a decision. Like for example, we have learned early in terms of Islamic work a lot of buka Allah, Allah Yeah. So that is what a decision that has been made. All these who are judging me makes a decision.

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And through fair through action, what does it mean? That when something is executed, when something is completed, when something is concluded, like for example, we learned falcoda hoonah savara, Samoa that Allah subhanaw taala made the skies and other hoonah savasana what he completed them into seven heavens. Similarly, we learned that for either of the two monastics, that when you have completed all of your monastic

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So Allah is done by poll and it's also done by vary by account. What does it mean, to pass a judgement? By Farrell, it means to conclude an action to complete an action to do something.

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So So mollycoddle, then they should put an end to death at home. They're untidiness.

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The word toughest is from the Veterans Affairs.

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And death is untidiness, it's used in several ways. First of all, is used for such mud or such dirt you can say that is on a person's clothes and his body due to travel. So for example, if a person is traveling, what will happen his clothes will get dirty. Now for us, it's not the same because we get onto a plane and we can have a plane and that's it. But people who are riding their horses were going on their camels, or perhaps who are going in their cars across the desert with the windows down. So what's going to happen eventually, after some time, your clothes are going to get dirty.

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So that is used for such dirt that is on a person's clothes and body because of travel. Secondly, deafness also includes the extra pubic unwanted hair of the body, which should be removed. And deaf or thirdly also includes grown nails, nails that have grown.

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And usually when a person is traveling, then what happens these three things happen.

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And death is a term, which refers to the obligations of refraining from cutting the hair or clipping of the nails, or wearing stitched clothing in the state of Arizona.

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So in the state of Ohio, a person is not allowed to trim his nails a person is not allowed to trim his hair. And a man is not allowed to wear stitch floating a woman obviously local demand isn't alone.

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So after the animal has been slaughtered, what should they do so mal Yakubu de facto, meaning they should put an end to their death, they should remove this untidiness. They should remove the alarm. They should trim their hair or they should shave the hair of their head and they should bear they should change their clothes. They should trim their nails. What does it show to us? That If a person's nails have grown, this is not a sign of beauty. What is the design of untidiness and filth? Because stuff is what grown nails we think growing nails is a part of beauty. It's not a part of beauty. Because who has long nails? Animals have long nails and when a person has long nails,

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naturally what's going to happen? A lot of dirt and filth is going to collect under the nails. So it is a part of FIFA to trim the nails.

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The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said there are five practices, five practices, which are the characteristics of fitrah. And what are they? First of all circumcision. Secondly, shaving the pubic hair. Thirdly, cutting the mustache short. Fourthly, clipping the nails and fifth plucking

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The hair of the armpit. This is recorded by Buhari.

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So there are five acts of fitrah, which every person must do. Obviously, some are relevant only to men, but others are general.

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So these are things that a person must do. So long nails and excess hair, what are they? They're impurity. And if a person does not care much about them, then he is walking around with impurity and filth on his body.

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So Somalia coup de facto, after the animals have been slaughtered, they should put an end to this untidiness.

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While you full and they should fulfill nudura home their vows, they should fulfill their vows as well. Moodle is a plural of neither what is another.

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Now that is to make something that is non word that is not obligatory. Why did you upon oneself, but with a condition? You understand that something that is not obligatory? What does a person do? He makes it obligatory on a condition that for example, a person says that I am in this difficulty right now. I'm suffering from this crisis, or law, if you take me out of this problem, I am going to pray to knuffel every single day in gratitude to do nephal. Now, is it mandatory on a person to pray to knuffel every day? No, it's a good deed. However, it's not wider. So what does a person do? He makes it wider upon himself based on a condition if you remove this difficulty, then I will pray do

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not fall everyday out of gratitude. So while you follow the wrong they should fulfill their vows.

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Now, what are these vows referring to? Many times people, they make certain vows that oh life you take me for Hajj, I will do this and this for you. And when they do go for Hajj, they forget all of those vows. Allah takes them for Hajj and they forget about them. What does Allah say? Well, you for

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all those promises they made, they should complete.

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Like for example, a person says Oh, if you take me for Hajj, I'm going to slaughter three animals, for example. I'm going to give this much charity.

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I'm going to perform these many tawaf.

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So all of these promises that you have made fulfill them when you feel miserable.

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And also, when the ATO were full, and they should perform the web of what have been debated idea of the ancient house. They should also perform the top half of the ancient house. While the tofu is from the web, toffee tofu literally means to go around.

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And remember there are five types of the life.

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First of all, is the tawaf Alka Doom, which is the Welcome to life. When a person arrives, then he performs at the left, when a person first arrives at the machine, how long he performs, the left. And other type of life is the life of Aruba, which is only limited to Aruba, meaning when you go to do Irma, that the wife that is part of that that often is referring to. Thirdly, there is the wife of Hajj,

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the wife of hatch, which is known as the levered hedge, it is also known as the left was era, it is also known as the left if alpha. And remember this is an obligation. When a person is doing hedge This is mandatory.

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Fourthly, there is also the farewell to life, which is known as a TOEFL with the farewell the wife, which is when a person is leaving. He went for hygiene when everything is done, he's going back home, so before leaving What does he do a weapon with her.

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And fifth, there is the novelty of the voluntary the law

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that a person goes live over there for a month. He's staying at Makkah for two months. Now he went he did Irma, he went to Medina came back, again did Irma, but now every day he goes prays five times a day, there should be more than he can do. So, what does he do

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and that the life is voluntary.

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So over here, which the wife has meant,

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over here, what is meant is that the wife of had which is the pillar of hedge,

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which is the pillar of hedge. So when the toe were full, and they should also do the lab and this the wife is done when after the vocals after the Rami Jima. So then people go for the length, but they shouldn't or for what the house which is an RT.

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RT is a newsletter signed off.

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And RTF means ancient.

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archaic means ancient that which is old, very old.

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Without a lid on who he said that old messenger of

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Loss of a lot of Salah which Masjid was the first to be built. And he said, I must you don't have.

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So he said then which one and he said beighton muchness. And I said, How long between them he said, 40 years. So they were built 40 years apart. And we have learned earlier into the earlier 196, that in a weatherbeaten, will the early nursey landlady be bacchetta Mobile,

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the first house that was established for mankind for worship was which one, the one that isn't bucha, and that is blesser, as well.

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Secondly, the word RT, it also means honorable that which deserves a lot of respect. And thirdly, LRT is also used for that which is free,

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or that which makes free.

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So it's a house, the car is a house that liberates people, from what from the worship of other than Allah, and people worship only Allah over there.

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And also, it's it, it's free in the sense that no one can overtake it. No one can come and say, I'd like to buy this real estate, there are lots of people who come and visit I'd like to buy this property. Can anybody do that? No, it cannot become the personal property of anyone. It's a free house. It's a free house, no one can overcome it.

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However, we learn from the Hadees, that when the day of judgment will draw very near the carbon will be destroyed.

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Up until then, it's a free place, however, when the day of judgment will draw very near that the karma will be destroyed. And also we learned that the Koran the must have, it will be lifted, people will not have access to the Koran anymore. And this is a sign of the day of gentlemen, it's extremely close

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of the library, Ahmad he said that I heard the Prophet sallallahu Sallam say those away contain from avicennia will destroy the Kaaba, and he will steal its treasure and kiswa. It is as if I could see him now he is bald headed and has a distortion in his wrists, he will strike the garba with his speed and pick x. So basically, he will destroy the car by himself. And you can imagine the state of people at that time that no one will stop him.

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No one will stop, no one will be there to respect the garbage do hold it in high regard to consider it as a place that is to be respected and not violated. So you can imagine what the state of the people is going to be at that time.

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So Allah subhanaw taala says over here, that will leftover food will baited RTF they should also to the left of the ancient house,

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their liquor that what does it mean by the ellika meaning, that is the obligation, this is what people are required to do that they should do tawaf and before that they should fulfill all of their vows and they should also remove all of their death.

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So this is the obligation on people.

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When you're awesome, and whoever honors whoever regards hodl Mattila he, the sacred ordinances of Allah, for who a higher level than that is better for him. Whoever you are outwardly, what does your outline mean? It's from the word. Thirdly, enter Aleem is to regard something as great to give respect to something, to think very great of something. So whoever respects whoever venerates whoever exalts and dignifies the format of Allah? What are the huddled masses of Allah What on earth is a plural of Homer? And Homer is a sacred thing, whose disrespect whose violation is prohibited. So what is it something that is sacred, it could be an action, it could also be a thing. And hometel

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law are those things whose violation is forbidden, particularly in the state of Arizona, we're not allowed to violate their sanctity, especially when in the state of Arizona, they must be respected, and they must be observed properly.

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And amongst them, first of all, is the garbatella. The beta, how long the masseter how long, it must be respected, it must be on a person must not do anything that is disrespectful over there. And unfortunately, right now, we will talk to their phones as if they're walking around in a mall. This is disrespect. That is a place that has been fixed for the worship of Allah, not for you to chat with your friends and family. So this is utter disrespect to the house of Allah. What do we learn over here that whoever respects the house of Allah, the whole matter of Allah, and that is better for him? And if anyone disrespects the huddled masses of a law and that is obviously bad for him.

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It's not good for him. So first of all, let's have a look. What comes the Carver Toma. Secondly, maka also the balance

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However, the sacred city, thirdly, not just the better than heroin, but also the shadow Harlem, the sacred months, even they should be respected, even their sanctity should not be violated. Nothing that is not permissible should be done in those months. And it also includes all those things that remind the person of the dean that remind a person of Allah subhanaw taala, all those things that must be respected, because Allah subhanaw taala has legislated them, whether it's a time like for example, the month of Ramadan them onto the ledger, or it is a place like for example, a Masjid, or it is an object of book, for example, the Quran.

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So these are all automatic, and they must be respected.

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So anyone who does that, for who will hide Allah, Who, then that is better for him, meaning it will bring him more reward, it will bring him more reward. This is something very important that we must reflect on.

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Generally, what do we think? Like when it comes to everybody, it's a ritual when it comes to the rituals do the rituals and that's it. But what do we see that along with the acts of worship, there must also be respect that is shown

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you understand that along with the acts of worship, respect must also be shown. And if a person is more respectful, then he will earn more reward.

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Like for example, if a person is reading the Quran, and he's just reciting quickly, he doesn't care about the fact that he's reading a property or not, he doesn't care about what he's reading. He's not concerned about how he's sitting, how he sound as he's reciting so quickly. Okay, he's doing a good deed recitation of the Quran. However, because of the lack of respect, there will be less reward as well.

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The more respect there is, the more reward that will bring.

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Because sometimes people will do good things, but at the same time, they will make fun of them. They will insult them, they'll say, Oh, I don't really think it's that important. I don't really think it's that serious. They will pass jokes about it. This is disrespectful.

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So both are important performing the ritual and also respecting it because they increase the reward for a person.

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Well, okay, let's login. And it has been made lawful for you what an animal, the animals are grazing livestock, meaning they're permissible for you to eat, to slaughter in there except my Youth Law Aleykum that which has been recited upon you earlier.

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inserted into it number three, we have learned in detail that of the behemoth of an arm, which animals are not permissible hajima eleiko made that what will happen will indeed woman Hillel elated, la Hebei, wollmann, Hanukkah, to Walmart, to Walmart aradia to one woman acara several. So all of these we have done. So a llama is clarity.

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First enable so avoid and register the field minute outside of the items which enable and also avoid Ola Zoo the false statement. So when you are in the state of Iran, when you've gone for Hajj, after that, when you offer your sacrifice, then make sure it is the right animal which you know to be hunted and add Hajj and also otherwise fujitani will register minute ozanne stay away from the filth of the idols and ozanne is authority of weapon and weapon is used for an idol and image and this is different from Sonam in the sense that weapon is used for such idols that are made of wood and Sonam on the other hand is made up gold and silver, a precious metal something like that.

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So fujitani will reach them in an outside avoid the filth of the idols, which filth is this? Remember, the filth is of two types. One is tangible and the other is intangible. Now, a person might say that this idol, okay, even if it's made of wood, it's not unclean, it's not filthy. It's physically clean. There is absolutely no bacteria on it. However, we see that many times when it comes to idol worship, there's a lot of filth that is involved. Like for example, many times the dedication of the animals is considered to be very holy. It's considered to be very pure.

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Or for instance, blood is used a lot of the animals. So yes, physical impurity is also there when it comes to idol worship. But whether that physical impurity is there or not. There's definitely spiritual impurity. There's definitely spiritual impurity.

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So fujitani was religious I mean, outside

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Stay away from this field, and which has been used to dissuade us from the worship of idols and doing * completely. Because the machine of Makkah, they will perform all of the rituals of Hajj, but they would also do a lot of idolatry, they would also sacrifice their animals for who, for their items. So that is being forbidden over here, what is the bucola Zoo and also avoid the false statement as soon as from the fetters IRA, and Zoo literally means to bend. And from the same root as the word Seattle, which is to visit someone and a zoo is used for a false statement.

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It is used for a false statement a statement of untruth because literally means to bend something. So when something is bent, does it remain proper anymore? Does it remain straight anymore? No.

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So a lie is also a misrepresentation of reality. So what it enables.

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Now in this I have four things are mentioned, four commands are being given to us over here. First of all, what's the command that is given? What's the instruction, honoring doing the third limb of the Hello mathema

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because when a person does that, that will bring him more reward. The main times people go for Hajj but they don't respect the place. They don't respect the times. They don't respect the rebellion that is going on over there. That is extremely necessary.

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Secondly, we have been told that the livestock that can be slaughtered is which one which Allah soprano Tara has declared as lawful for us. Thirdly, we have been told in this ayah to avoid the idols to avoid ship to avoid idolatry. Because up until the conquest of Makkah, the machine, the polytheistic tribes, they have placed many idols inside as well as around the Kaaba, they have placed many idols in the entire area of hum. And just in the Kaaba itself, there were 360 idols. So when the pilgrims they will perform the tawaf, they will perform the rituals of Hajj that would obviously be around the idols. There remember that this is a late murky soda, okay? It's a late

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machimura some parts of it. And very soon the believers are going to migrate. So there'll be mentally prepared, because hedge was going to be made obligatory for them very soon, Hydra was made obligate during the sixth year after hidden. So when they were to come back to perform hajj, or Umrah or they were to come back and visit the garba and worship Allah subhanaw taala over there, what are they being told that make sure you avoid this filth of items, that you have nothing to do with it. Even though people are showing their respect to the idols, even if you are around them at that time, you must stay away from all such activities, that even when people are slaughtering the

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animals or slaughtering them at stone altars which are dedicated to idols, but you have to stay away from such and later on when Makkah was conquered, obviously, idols were completely removed from there. So this has to do with the early part of the Prophet Solomon Prophethood, when there were idols over there, but now obviously, there are no idols. So hamdulillah this command does not apply to us. And fourthly, what command is being given watch to enable cola Zoo and avoid the false statement, meaning avoid lies. Because many times what happens when people are in a huge crowd,

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people don't really know them. If you want to sell something, you really want the other person to buy it, it's possible that people begin to lie that by Allah I bought this for 20.

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So you buy it from me for 25, so that at least five real profit, whereas in reality, but only for 10 million. So this is what gold is doing. Now, just because a person wants to sell does not mean he begins to lie. Or for example, a person comes and he sees a nice empty spot. By the time he reaches over there. There's another person who comes and sits over there. So it says by Allah I came here first. No, you didn't come here first. So avoid the folder zoo, which becomes very common when there are lots of people and when people become greedy for good.

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And we learned that on the zoo. It's of the aquarium cafe. It's of the major since the profits are a lot of sudden he once said Shall I not tell you about the worst of matrices. And as a habit said yes or messenger of Allah. He said associating others with Allah and disobeying one's spirits. And the prophets are a lot of cinema at that time he was reclining. He was reclining. And he said that the acquittal kabyle are associated partners with a lion disobey Barents and then he sat up straight, and he said, and indeed giving false statements and indeed bearing false witness supposedly

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false witness saying false statements. This is what this is also off a couple cupboard. And he kept on repeating this until this habit, they said we wish that he would stop.

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So this is how major of a sin. This crime is called a zoo. So this is why we should stay away from these things. Because you see things what do they do? They consume the good deeds of a person. Another person has gone for Hajj. He's put in so much effort so much when he's taken out time from his work, and he goes over there disrespects the carb, eats of the haraam, and does something that will completely nullifies or bother, what uses all of that effort. It's gone, it's wasted.

00:25:45--> 00:25:58

So when you're doing something good, make sure you preserve that good as well. How? By avoiding the things by avoiding major sins by avoiding shake by avoiding deceiving people, by avoiding nine

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because if a person does not do that, then all of his good deeds are wasted.

00:26:05--> 00:26:33

However, he inclining only to Allah Chanukah is the plural of Hanif, meaning as you are performing one ritual of hedge after the other, as you are doing your hedge, be home affair for Allah. What does it mean by Hon affair, that worshippers of Allah only being meclizine being sincere worshipers. And this also includes being free of

00:26:35--> 00:26:38

the way I was shaking it, not ones were associating partners with him.

00:26:39--> 00:27:12

Because we're making you shake Bella he, whoever associate partners with Allah fekir unima Harlem in a summer, it is as though he has fallen down from the sky or from the roof address, horror, horror. And horror is to fall down with speed. And to make a thumping sound on landing so hard is to fall down with speed and also to make a huge sound upon landing. So the one who does check it is as though he has fallen down from the sky. And as he is falling down from the sky for

00:27:13--> 00:27:34

you, so the birds, they snatch him apart, they catch him and they tear him up into pieces that are far from the rotators how fast and hot is to grab something quickly, is not something quickly and take it away. In lemon hockeyville hot for the first bar who she happens, okay?

00:27:36--> 00:27:53

So if a doctor followed by you, that the birds they snatch it, meaning they catch him, and they dare him into pieces, tearing him apart? Because there are some birds, some big birds, what do they do they hunt other birds as they're flying. They hunt while the prey is in air.

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So similarly, if a person is falling down these birds, they catch him and right there and then they tear him into pieces or web. It falls within meaning it makes him fall it carries him that way from the root of his hair. Well, yeah. Which is to fall down from a high Re Who the wind FEMA cannons are he in a distant in a far off place. So he goes on the rotators seen how cough and certainly to be far away to be distant for circley as hereditary.

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So over here, what do we learn that the one who does Shake It is as though he has fallen down from the sky. When a person falls down from the sky, there are two options. Either something's gonna catch him midway halfway, there is something that's catch him halfway he's finished.

00:28:42--> 00:29:03

Or the wind is going to blow him it's going to take him to a very distant faraway place. What's going to be left of him? Nothing. Is it going to remain alive? Not at all? Is there any doubt about his destruction? Not at all, can he survive No way. This is the outcome of the one who does show

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that when a person leaves the worship of Allah alone and turns to others, then he will have nothing but utter destruction, utter destruction, because all of his good deeds are going to be wasted nullified.

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Now imagine a person goes for Hajj he spent so much money puts in so much time and effort. He goes over there and he begins praying to the Prophet sallallahu sallam. He begins praying to the righteous who live there once upon a time.

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He begins praying to the family of the prophets of Allah. This is what is it anything but check in his chick.

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So the one who does check it is so he has fallen down from the sky and he has been destroyed, meaning all of his good deeds have been wasted, wasted. Just imagine there's a person who really takes good care of his health.

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He eats healthy he exercises he drinks a lot of water, tries to eat as much raw food as possible to make sure he's getting all the nutrients. And then what happens? He ends up in a car accident, and he's finished. Now all that effort that he put in to maintain his body, it's gone. It's gone. It's finished with his good health benefit him know, what is eating healthy benefit him? No. This is exactly how catastrophic should is that no matter what good deeds a person has done before, no matter what good deeds There are, of whatever level of whatever sincerity, they're finished, completely eradicated. When a person does

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all the reward is wasted.