Riad Ouarzazi – Your Ramadan 2012 #17

Riad Ouarzazi
AI: Summary © The segment discusses the history and importance of Islam, including the use of money and the belief that God can bring wealth to individuals. The segment also touches on language and language learning, including the use of shava and baking bread. A chef attempted to leave a foreign country and went to a machine to make bread before eventually finding a baker who failed to finish their work and eventually joined a bakery where he made bread and became friends.
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam as with less than a modicum of light.

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The other words as you were coming here to another episode of rockier Ramadan 2012 day 17.

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A man by the name of Hassan mostly has an imbecile he was meant from the bicycle assessors from Iraq. A man came to him. And he says,

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Oh, sh.

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am. I've been married for a long time. And I've been asking a lot of handouts Allah to bless me with kids, yet I don't have kids.

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And then has a buffer. He says olika XML is the file, he says increased from the amount of is the fact that you make and you make lots of mistakes and seek forgiveness from someone.

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And then another man came to him and he says, Yeah, I say

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I'm a poor man.

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And I need some help. And I need you know, more more I need I have a lot of things to sort of take care of and I need and I don't have money. So as I said, he hasn't called him

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a criminal is to make lots of mistakes and seek forgiveness from Allah. A third man came to him and he says, Yeah, if I say

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I'm, I'm a farmer. And you know I'm working in my field and and but there is no rain and I need to have rain. What should I do?

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The Imam Hassan bossy told him, XML is the file, seek forgiveness from Allah make lots of different mistakes.

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One of his students, you know, noticed

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this, the scene here and then he went to his teacher has some bugs. He says, Yeah, I say,

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I saw three men coming to you with three different needs, but you prescribed the same prescription to all of them. And you said seek is to find a man who needed you know, Baraka in it, you know, he needed kids, he needed children, a man who needed you know, money and wealth and another man who needed rain, different needs but you all prescribe the same prescription. You give them the same advice seekers to

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have some busty told him Didn't you hear Allah Subhana Allah says in the end and so

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welcome to start filling in who can have

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your the series

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Well, you did come in with any you did. We am worried when he were

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come and have

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Allah subhana wa tada says, we were not attending his people. And he was calling his people for years he told them is stuck in the hole kind of follow. seek forgiveness from your Lord.

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He was certainly surely you know, except he is the Perpetual Forgiver

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is stefanova Bachman who cannot fall and then when you stick a stick up what would Allah give you? Here's what Allah gives you. Uncle Sam is a comida ra He will send down rain from the sky upon you. The people of North they used to in fact, a lot of them were farmers and they had feed so they needed rain.

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You see this summer la comida Allah, Allah subhana wa tada would sit down the rain from the sky upon you, you'll see some very common law William did VMware earning money and Allah subhanho wa Taala would provide you

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balaka blessing in your children

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and he would provide you wealth

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which I'll come to why I love him and how and he will provide you with gardens and rivers.

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These are the beauty of estate fund ladies and gentlemen. If you need help from Allah in terms of your finances, you want you know you want more wealth so that you can maybe take care of your needs is too far. If you are, you know you're seeking children, you've been married for so long and you want some children and you're not gonna have children, as is to

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seek forgiveness from Allah subhanho wa Taala you want rain is too far is too

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For seeking forgiveness Ladies and gentlemen, Vicar of Allah subhana wa tada and

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they put the they strengthen your buddy is too far under the color of Allah, they put strength in your body. And also ladies and gentlemen is different and the dhikr of Allah subhanho wa Taala should comfort in your heart

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is your heart.

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If you remember Allah, Allah shall remember you, for God oni call Allah Subhana Allah says, Remember me, I shall remember you.

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The Prophet Muhammad, Allah Subhana ceremonies says in this hypothesis of Allah subhanaw taala says, and I believe, and I'm the mother Kalani, what have wicked vicia Fatah, I am with my stage. Allah says, I am with my slave as long as he remembers me, and he moves his tongue with my remembrance.

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Some have a lot hamdulillah

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Allah, the more he remembers you,

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and the more Baraka he puts in you the width, the mobarak A puts in your life, the more Baraka he puts in your children's is all to the dhikr of Allah subhanho wa Taala especially in this month of Ramadan.

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The Prophet Muhammad Allah Sato, Selim says and Harriet Potosi said that in the Hadith I say that La la la

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ciudad de la who the main home avec La Casita, three types of people that do, this application shall never be rejected.

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One of them is a decorator, aka the one who remembers a lot. A lot. He's the hat is Mr. JACK. In fact, if not Josie mm, it will Josie. He mentioned this amazing story about him. No, I'm at the hand. But he says I haven't even had bad ones. You know, he traveled, you know, to a very foreign land.

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You know, at the time, you these imams that people used to know them by name, but they you know, they wouldn't know them by face ends they live in the in the in the same town and know where they live in other than that, you know, you wouldn't they wouldn't know them by face. There was no pictures, no videos at the time. So you know, like you now you hear chef, so and so. You may have never met him but you you know him, you know, you know the chef how he looks like because you've seen him you know maybe on TV or on on internet, but I'm just trying people they they would hear of the shoe. But they would know you know how they look like and as they live with them. So Mr. Novak,

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he traveled to this foreign land. And then he went to this machine and after he prayed he went to he wanted to sleep in the music came to him this you know, the the gardener, the guy who works in the messages, yellow Boom, boom, boom, you know, stand up a leaf. The man says what do I have? I'm an old man. And I've been said I'm a traveler. I have nowhere to go Can I just you know stay in the machine.

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Is that no, no, no, it's pretty good. And you have to leave you have to leave. And this officer was like a little rough. So remember what happened he went out the door and then he said at the door by the door of the message it came to him the guard the overdoses Yeah. Oh man. Yeah shava go go. Well, you know common leave. Come he says even by the door of the magician's yes, even by the ball, you cannot stay here. And then he dragged him from his feet from his legs into the into the street.

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There's like this, he dragged in and dragged him from his feet into the, into the into the street. Outside was a baker. You know, like a bakery place and there was this guy who was baking food.

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And then he saw this old man he says, Yeah, shava shava chef, yeah, Chef, come come. He called him come. He says you can stay here. You know, stay in my you know, be great, you know, for the night until tomorrow.

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You know, you can stay in management says a lot here. Thank you. And then he put his back to you know, some of you know, lean on it. And then he noticed that this you know, the the bakery man. He's making lots of liquor, you know, as he's baking his bread. So Pamela hamdu Lillah

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Allahu Akbar and then he puts the bread and then it's the final law and and he's making the bread and he's making the same I told him Come look, I hadn't had How long have you been doing this? Yeah. And he making this much thicker of Allah subhana wa tada all the time. He says What are you

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Head says what had What? Know what this? He says making this much thicker.

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He says, I've been making this thicker like this, you know for for a long time thought in all my life let him and I told him Don't you get tired? Then says no I get used to it. I get used to it some talking walking you know, bacon, some have not handled that a lot.

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So he asked him a

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familiar gentleman back he had a dick is this what did you find from the Baraka of this decode from the blessing of this? Did you find anything? He says yes. Just what did you find? He says, the man says every May Allah has fulfilled

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every dollar I've made Allah has fulfilled except one.

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He says okay, what which one Allah has not fulfilled yet. The man said, you know the bakery, you know the baker, that guy wouldn't bake the fleeces. Every there I've made, Allah has answered except one. mm Max is which one, he says the one that I'm still waiting on is to see the face of email, no back more than 100

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I want to see the face of email.

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And that email says, Allah has answered your call, email. The husband has been dragged from his feet out so that you can see him, you will disappear. And you'll take me under this default has pulled him out from the measures and being dragged to come so that you know that you can see him.

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I am a madman.

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This is the Father nikolova Allah Subhana Allah Allah, Allah has answered all his

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inner Ladies and gentlemen, the dhikr of Allah Subhana Allah Allah Allah He brings not only comfort into the hearts

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sereni tea Baraka, there are so many beautiful of God that I'd like to share with you, that can shout Allahu taala make one day than your life's. I will share some of them with you tomorrow and sha Allah with the IRA. In the meantime, you know, moisten your tongue with the members of Allah Subhana Allah in especially in this month of Ramadan, for every statistic we had that you say for every tech be that Allah subhana wa Jalla would plant the tree for you in general. So today Ramadan In fact, for every test we have, it's going to be 700 trees in gender.

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so busy yourselves in sha Allah hota hai to comfort yourself, especially when it's too far is too fast.

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And we mentioned some of the know some of the secret of the car some specific car that would be very useful to all of us in shallow Tata, especially in this this month until tomorrow for another episode of Rocky Ramadan. 2012 I say I said mid to late the IRA account

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