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Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The importance of shaping one's appearance to reflect Islam's culture is essential, and shaping one's appearance is a fundamental part of their belief. respect towards Islam is essential, and shaping one's appearance is a fundamental part of their belief. respect towards shaping and shaping animal behavior is crucial, and animals offer sacrifice as a means of submission to Allah. slaughtering animals in the home is a sign of humility and submission to Allah. Shaping one's appearance is a fundamental part of their belief in Islam.
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Delica that is so meaning this is how it is when you are a limp, and who ever honors Shara ilahi, the symbols of Allah for inner Herman duck well kulu that is from the piety of the hearts. This is how it is there Lika. And when Delica appears like this at the beginning of an AI it is to separate between two statements,

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that the one who does schilke all of his good deeds are wasted, all of his good deeds are finished. And the only thing that he will face now in the Hereafter is utter loss. And on the other hand, woman, you're a limb and whoever honors sha Allah, the symbol of Allah.

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What are the shine of Allah Shai? It is a florala Sherry and Sherry Allah is from the reflectors, Sheen, I

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am sure Elijah literally is used for a signpost,

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a signpost, something that you see. And it tells you where you're going where you are.

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It signifies something. It reminds you of something it tells you about something. Like for example, the moment you see a green sign, what does it tell you? A green sign on the road, that you're on the highway right or you close the highway you're getting onto the highway. And if you see a blue one, you're on the normal streets roads.

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So shine are what signposts you see them and they tell you about something, they signify something they mean something. And from this the word child is used for their religious rituals, the religious symbols that remind a person about the religion of Allah about a loss of Pankaj to himself. And the respect of all of these things and rituals is mandatory. We are obligated to respect them.

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There is a scholar shareware Leola, he wrote in his book herget, Allahu Allah, that char of Allah, they refer to all of the apparent and tangible matters and things. What do they refer to the tangible the apparent things, the apparent the physical objects, as well as times and places that have been appointed for the worship of Allah,

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that have been appointed for the worship of Allah, that through these times through these places through these things, what do you do you worship?

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Like, for example, if a person has a beard, now if you think of it, a beard itself is just hair on the face. But when a person has it, and he's kept it, in obedience to the command of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. That beard is what is a means through which he is worshipping Allah

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and the beard, it should be respected. A person was not disrespected.

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So you understand what Sharia law are. There are things places times a parent things through which a person worships Allah. And they remind a person of the deen of Allah their mind a person of a loss of Panther, and their respect is mandatory.

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And Java EULA is written that these things are matters. They're so important and they're so special, that their respect and sanctity is like they respect and sanctity of Allah. If a person respects them in reality, user respecting a loss

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and any kind of negligence towards them is considered to be negligence towards Allah. If a person falls short in respecting them. He's in fact falling short in his respect to a loss of control.

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And he said that the major shot Illa there are for the major show. How many are there for First of all, the Quran. Secondly, the garba Thirdly, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam And fourthly Sunnah. So he said there are mainly for Sharia law, but they're not the only ones.

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And other scholars they have said that the Shire of Allah they include the Kaaba, they include out of,

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they include mas Delica. They include the three jemar the three pillars. They include Safa, Marwah, they include Minar. They include all of the massage that they include the month of Ramadan, they include the sacred months, redo, fit, redone.

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similarity, amateur chic, it includes the other end, it includes the akarma It includes the congregational prayer.

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So if you look at it, sha Allah is everything that is a part of the religion.

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It's a ritual

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This includes the hijab, this includes the niqab.

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This includes, for example, for the men to fold up their bands that their ankles are exposed. This includes, this is a part of Sharia law. The mustard is a part of Sharia law, the Quran, the study of the Quran, all of this is what Sha, Allah.

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So to summarize, the shine of Allah are what they're the places, the objects, the times,

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places, objects, as well as times, as well as rituals,

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places, objects, times as well as rituals that are meant for the worship of Allah that remind a person of the DEA, and the shrine of Allah also includes specifically, those rituals or those places, times that are related to Hajj in particular,

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which is why we see that the sacrificial animals even they are called scheidel. Why?

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Because these sacrificial animals, they are taken for Hajj and they're slaughtered over there. They remind a person of what of the worship of Allah.

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So when May your album shy it Allah, whoever honors and respects the symbols of Allah for enamel, the coil kalu, that is from the fear of the heart, that is out of the piety of the heart.

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So what does it teach us that the more dacor a person has, the more he will have respect for the child. And the less awkward a person has, the less respect he will have for the child.

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It's an obligation on every single Muslim, to respect anything and everything that has to do with their religion,

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anything and everything that has to do with the religion. And if a person does not respect that in any way, he makes fun of it, or he discourages it. Or he says, I don't think this is necessary. I don't think you should take the risk of doing this. When a person says such things than reality, what is he doing? He's disrespecting the shade of Allah.

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So we'll make your limb Shara Illa for inhemeter.

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And we see that the Quran is of the major shine.

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Because when you hear the word Quran, when you see the Quran, what does it remind you of? Allah, it reminds you of religion, it reminds us or bad that it reminds you of devour, it reminds you of Santa. So it's a miniature out of Allah. And we also have to make sure that we respect it, because respecting the shine of Allah, it's out of the piety of the hearts. So normally what happens because we're studying the Quran we consider the Jews to be or the must have to be like a textbook, which is why sometimes it is seen being passed around as if it's any other note because if it's any other textbook, the fact is that what you have in your hand, what is it, it is the Quran, it is the book

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of Allah, words of Allah

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seminary, sometimes people will have the poor animals having their bags, and they'll throw their bag. And they don't realize that this bag, the one that they're throwing has a corral inside it. Or sometimes they will rest their feet on it, they will put it on the floor and they will sit themselves on the chair. This is not respectful at all. Or they will have the Quran on the table and they will jump over that table, they will walk over that table. This is not correct.

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Or sometimes the way that we are carrying it. It's the way that we're passing it. It's the way that we're writing on it.

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You see, the Book of Allah is very precious, it deserves respect. And it's not appropriate if we're doodling on it. If we're doing weird things on the sides, and that we're writing very badly. No, it's the book of Allah. If you're taking notes, take them properly, put them down neatly, because it's the book of Allah.

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And the more respect the person will have, the more properly he will deal with the book of Allah

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for enamel.

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Because sometimes they say that, you know, I went for Hajj and Roma and people had the mishap on the floor. It's just our Pakistani culture that we have to respect the Quran so much. No, no, it's just a book. Regardless of who you saw, putting the most half on the floor, you saw them putting the most have right next to them, regardless of who you saw. The fact is that it's the book of Allah.

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And even though there is no text that tells you that you have to place the most half above you cannot place the most half on the floor. What will tell you what will tell you it's that the club the heart that will tell you what respect to give to the club that will tell you this is appropriate and this is not appropriate.

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Similarly, when we're putting books when replacing books, sometimes we have a pile of books, we placed the most half or the Jews right at the bottom because it's vague, and we put the rest of the books on top. It should be the other way around. The must have the book of Allah should always be on the top.

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So we have to be very careful because

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Whoever respects the Shire of Allah for in Hammond de coco. Allah is telling us this. And a person who does not respect what does it show, he lacks that

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he lacks the clock, which is not a good sign at all.

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Okay, we listen to the recitation and then we'll continue

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a boo, boo.

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They take so much care of it,

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they will not let children touch it.

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If you have a habit of putting cream on your hands, they will not let you touch their phone. Because their phone is gonna get all creamy. If you're in the kitchen, your hands are wet, they will not let you touch their phone. Why?

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Because a phone is very precious to them. Does it say in the book in the manual, they don't touch it with wet hands. It might even say waterproof. It doesn't say anything like that in the manual, who tells them

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which the heart that this is a very precious phone, it's a very valuable phone, you're not supposed to touch it with dirty hands, don't give it to a child don't do such and such. Because otherwise it will lose its value. So the more you like something, automatically, you'll begin to respect it.

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Always people wonder, do I really have the coin my heart to have the core or not? Isn't you always wonder, because the coin is a condition for so many things. Now here the test has been given that whoever has respect for the SHA, Allah, the more respect he has, the more decoy he has. So we have to see how much respect we give to the Quran. How much respect we give to the rituals of the deen to the times of prayer to the prayer itself to the recitation of the Quran, the more importance we give to them. The more taqwa there is, the less importance we give to them, the less the color is, and who is the best judge you yourself.

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Many times it happens that people who have less knowledge of the deen they have more respect. And people who get to know a little bit more, they tend to lose that respect.

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People who don't know much about what the Quran means, but the way that they will hold the Quran, the way that they will cover it up the way they will wrap it up the way they will put it on the shelf, and they will take it off properly very nicely, very respectfully they will have their will do and they will recite it very nicely. And what do we think that, you know, you don't really need to have will do you don't have to touch it with your will do, you can touch it without will do as well. Although it is permissible, but the element of respect.

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When is that you just you know you have it open on your phone and you're going quickly whizzing through the Quran and then you're like, oh, somebody's talking to me. Press the Home button. Of course the Quran. This is disrespect. That if you're reading completely

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if you're reading completely I complete the passage that you were reciting complete the sooner that you're reciting. And if you go to that village back home, where that woman is reading the Quran, even if you talk to her, she will not respond to you because he is spending her time with her.

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So we see that with knowledge the Quran must also increase respect must also increase their or they must also increase because remember, that the more respect a person gives, the more he receives and the less respect a person gives the less he receives.

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Okay, let's continue.

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Local v Harmon f0 for you in it armineh fear Isla edgerly masama until a fixed term has been understood as the Shah of Allah because that is what was mentioned in the previous ayah there in the Shire of Allah.

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There are four you benefits until a certain time. How?

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Because this is a context of hygiene, if we take it to be the rituals of Hutch, then there are benefits until a certain time. Like for example, arafa is only for some time limited time was delivered limited time.

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limited time sorry limited time. So until that time is over, you have some benefits.

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Meaning you have the opportunity to do as many good deeds as you want read as much thicker as you want, read the Quran, make Torah. But as soon as the time is over, then what happens? that opportunity is also gone. And if we take the meaning of Sure, I'd have a lot to be specifically the sacrificial animals, because even they're called Shire of Allah. Then in these animals, there are benefits until a certain time and what is that certain time

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until they are to be slaughtered, which is why some scholars have permitted using these animals. For instance, writing is extremely necessary. Because the ayah tells us that local famine if you're in a GMO summer, or for example, benefiting from their milk, it is permissible, but it's all permissible until a certain time meaning until they are to be slaughtered.

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Somewhere then my Halo has its place of being halaal Mahal is on the roof letters hi lamb lamb and Mahela isn't love. So my head is the place of making an animal halaal meaning slaughtering the animal on my hand is also understood as the place of undoing opening the home. So some mama Helloooo her lol baited Aarthi to the ancient house. Meaning Where are the animals to be slaughtered by the ancient house because we have learned earlier in through the night that i a 95 that had the N value and carrabba T and offering to Allah that is delivered to the Kaaba. The animals that are to be slaughtered at had you cannot slaughter them outside of the Haram they have to be slaughtered within

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the precincts of the home. So Ll baitul Arctic.

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Now these days what happens when you want to go in and have your animals slaughtered you can't do it yourself. But know that when you go and buy your ticket, they are going to slaughter it within the area of the home because it says over here some of my helluva invited artists that is how it's supposed to be

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while he couldn't be omitted and for every oma for every nation, Jana we have made one second, a ritual which ritual ritual of slaughtering animals. So every nation that went before the oma of Muhammad's are loaded from the moment of Admiralty slam to the omata musala. Slam to finally the Omid of Mohammed salado to them for every single oma Allah appointed for them even set a ritual Mansa comes from the reflector is known seeing cap and nusach is worship but remember that nusach is also used for sacrifice in the seletti when Uzuki so we have made for every oma a man sack, a ritual of slaughtering animals. Leah Kuru so that they mentioned his mama he the name of Allah, Allah was a

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comb over what he has provided them, when behemoth is an arm of the four legged animals. So every nation was commanded that they should offer sacrifice for the sake of Allah. And whenever they would offer a sacrifice for the sake of Allah, what would they do? They would have to mention the name of Allah at the time of slavery. Why? Because for Allah who Camilla who I had your God is one God fellow who has removed so for him only all of you should submit and when you have submitted to Him alone, then what does it mean? That in the celerity, one Uzuki balmaha woman Mattila.

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wabasha 18 and give good news to those who become humble. McBean is florala Mohammed, Mohammed is from hot

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and hot is used for very soft and low ground.

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Ground that is very soft and it's also low. And from the sword movement is used for someone who is very humble in his nature, very humble in his manner.

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Someone who is not tough and difficult to deal with but they are very accommodating. very accommodating that whatever you tell them, they listen. And this is a very unique quality. And very few fortunate people have this quality. Recently somebody was saying about someone that I know they will listen, what will she say? She will say yes, she will agree. And I thought how nice that someone is witnessing to their back that they're so humble that they will listen they will agree they will accommodate because generally what is our attitude that if somebody tells us to do something to change something Why me? Why me? Why should I change you should change

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but who is the most with someone who is humble someone who is so soft, you

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Tell them about something they accepted. It doesn't mean they're a pushover. It doesn't mean they don't have any confidence. That's why they listen to everything that you tell them. But rather it is that they're very accommodating. That if something good comes their way, if something right comes their way, instead of being stubborn, they accept.

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So but she did most of it.

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So in the cya, what do we learn? First of all, we see that Allah subhanaw taala is telling us that sacrifice In the name of Allah has been prescribed for all nations, that all people, they were given the command that whenever they offer a sacrifice, they should do it in the name of Allah, Allah.

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So we see that when it comes to the sacrifice, it is the practice of the righteous people from the beginning,

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from the time of Abraham or a sermon even before and we learned that at the time of other medicine, his two sons, what did they do is karabell Oban. And when both of them they offered a sacrifice, and Ibrahim SNM, he also prepared himself to slaughter his own son, but Allah subhanaw taala replaced his son widow with an animal.

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So we see that every nation, every people, they offered sacrifice to a monster parameter, not that Allah needs it. No, Allah does not need it. But it shows your commitment. It shows your dedication, it shows your love for Allah.

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The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, the son of Adam does not perform any actions on the day of sacrifice, which is more pleasing to Allah, than the shedding of blood

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than the shedding of blood of animals, meaning animals that are being slaughtered for the sake of Allah. And sacrifice. It should only be done for the sake of Allah. We also learned that personally, the bigger one held into Dakota, that Oh, profits or loss didn't. What should you do? For suddenly you're a bigger one that pray, dear Lord, and also offer sacrifice.

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Now, sacrifice is apparently a ritual, that you take an animal you go slaughter it, you shed blood, and you get the meat and you eat it and you give it to other people as well. But in reality, what is it, it teaches a person humility, which is why at the end of the day, what does Allah say, were Bashir in mohabbatein. Because * sacrifice is a demonstration of total submission to Allah soprano.

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And it is a proof of complete obedience to Allah xwayland command.

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For us, perhaps it's not a big deal. Because we don't live with animals, we don't use these animals. So all we have to do is go pay for the animal and get it slaughtered. Simple. But even that, actually, when you have to get all that money out, and when you have to give it for an animal to be slaughtered. Even today, in some places where people have these animals, they look after them themselves, they have maintained them themselves. And then this slaughter them, it really takes a lot of courage to do. So.

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You know, sometimes it happens that, for instance, out there, when the animals are bought, they're bought, let's say like two weeks before the actual day of read. And the children, they're taking care of the animal, and they get so attached to it, that finally when the time of slaughtering the animal comes there crying, Dawn slaughtered this goat, goat slaughter some other goat, this is my goat now. Why? Because you tend to develop a lot of attachment with the animal that you take care of. And you have a lot of attachment with your hard earned money as well.

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So when a person is offering that animal for the sake of Allah, what does it show humility, that all this is what you want me to do? I'll do it.

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The animal dogs are people who are so attached to them, they can send the goat or the sheep that you know, it's crying, it's got tears in its eyes. And you know, sometimes children are crying I remember as a child, every time the animal would be brought. And the day the time of slaughter comes, that man comes with the big knife, and off, I would run into the washroom and close the door. I could not witness that scene and then my sister would be going to pass the knife over the animal. So you develop a lot of attachment to the animal, especially when you've taken care of it when you've spent so much time with it. So this is why it's a sign of submission before. Well, Bashir in

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mohabbatein gave good news to those who are humble before

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that Allah wants me to slaughter this animal. Okay, fine.

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