Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P21 216A Translation Al-Sajdah 15-30

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a group of speakers discussing various topics related to a person named Alladhina. They mention various topics such as the return of men from poverty, the success of nuclear engineering, and the return of women from the past. They also mention a recitation and a promise to someone named Missy.
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Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah here. We'll go through

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that whether we want to slowly or not a SUTI and get him a Maritza Ruth bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim, rubbish roughly Saudi were silly Emery Wilander of data melissani of Kahu Kohli webinars in our Ilma lesson number 217 Surah to search the IRA number 15 to 30 translation in nama indeed not but you may know he believes big Tina with our vs Alladhina those who either when look Euro they were reminded behalf with it, her whoo they fell down. So Jaden as once prostrating was a boy who and they glorified? Be handy with Breeze rob the hem of the rub were home while they learn not get stuck be rune they are arrogant

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that the Jaffa ate for six it withdraws

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Do you know boo home their sights on from Elmo birgir The beds

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here the owner they call rob the home they rub how often do to fear what I'm on and hope women men and from whatever Rosa corner whom we have provided them, you and feel goon they spend fellow so not there are lembu it knows now soon a soul ma what? Or fear it was hidden law home for them. Men from poverty, tranquility, delight, or you have eyes just a recompense Bhima because of what can they were your maroon they do.

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Is for then, man who can he was meaning a believer. Come on. Like who? Ghana he was? First you call one who is disobedient law? Not? Yes, the wound they are equal. Um As for and Lavina those who knew they believed were Emmylou and they did a soil they had the righteous deeds for the home. So for them, Jana to gardens, Alma were of the dwelling of the abiding place, New Zealand and entertainment be man because of what can know they were here maroon they do. What a man and as for Alladhina those who first aku they disobeyed from our home so they're aboard. And now is the fire call lemma whenever, or or do they wanted they intended? And that yeah, who do they go out? Minha from it or II

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do they were returned? Fee here in it. What dealer and it was said the home to them? Do you all test or their punishment and now of the fire? Allah D which control you were, be he with it? To get the boon you all belie work and law surely knew the econo whom we will definitely make them taste men from other the punishment. Dinner. The nearest the lesser

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doona decides or the the punishment the torment, Al Akbar the biggest, the greater LA LA whom so that they your own they will return woman and who outlet who is more than just money then who do Kira he was reminded bis with signs probably he of his summer then arroba he turned away on her from it in there indeed way men from almajiri Nina the criminals moonta Ki Moon ones who take revenge while Akkad and certainly entertainer we give Musa Musa alayhis salam al Kitab the Book fellow so do not talkin UB V in mediating any doubt men about from the call he his meeting or its

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Meeting what you are Allah Who and we made it, who then a guidance Lee Burnie for children is la isla of Israel eel. What you're allowed and we made men home from them inmitten leaders? Yeah, Dona they died be Andrina by Our command. Lemma when Suburu they endured with patients. What can you and they were big Tina with our versus up known, they believe with conviction in indeed Rebecca Europe, who he you have slew he will judge by the home between them Yoma on the LTM at the standing femur in what Kanu they were fee he in it yesterday phone they differ.

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Did work and lamb not yesterday. It guides the home for them. Come how many Alexina we destroyed men from cobbly him before them. Men from El karoun the dwellings the generations. Em Shuna they walk fee in masa kini him their dwellings. Al Quran is only two generations he M Shona they walk fee in masa kini him their dwellings in indeed fee in their Lika that I have surely signs a fella do the not yes, my own, they listen, they hear our alum did and not your own, they see. And that indeed we Natsuko we drive ALMA, the water, ILA to allow the earth l juros. The dri for nuclear do then we take out, we bring out b with it czar on crops that are Kulu it eats men who from it, and Arma whom

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their cattle, their grazing livestock, what unfolds the home and themselves. A fella will then not do the not you will saloon they see they have insight where coluna and they say Mirta when Heather this alpha to the decision, the victory in if quantum you were saw the pain ones who are truthful will say Yoma on day alpha, the decision lab not infer it will benefit Alladhina those who go through the disbelieved Amen to whom their faith their belief wala and nor whom they younger own they will be given respite for so turn away on home from them went away and wait in the home in the day montazah You don't want to wait

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we listen to the recitation of these if

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your immune will be Gina Latina either don't kill be either don't feel we have

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to be handy or be more

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how well on I

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again I'm Amina gum

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saw you had

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be my God

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or Adolphe

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to be here to get the bone well I know the

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On wireman

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dog kill Robbie

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moody Remi in Delta on one day ina Musen

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be made via Gmail or Wi

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Fi Bernie is all he was

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doing IBM Marina Sabo

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you know, in the Bakken oil Cetyl they you know who Millman TV man can all do that he

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afford any

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Rooney and Joe wanna be my sacking him in NaVi daddy Gala.

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Avila is now

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our Amuro

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Rosita northbridge OB is

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follow me

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on while guna

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saw the thing, only a woman

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lady Oh II man

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alone the

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