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you know

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a second in order so,

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whenever we build an introductory course in our

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leader when you have

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one where you need further

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financial you know more more steady killer one punish

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or something because he can be wrong or even more to see kimono see with

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more to Allah

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shame on him what this means?

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Yeah and Johannes it took over a

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for coming

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in the chat and

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talk Joker wallet lady

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in Nevada illegal mafia brothers and sisters. Today we look at the next

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Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah, Allah,

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what does it mean? And above is the source of all goodness. So for long as our Creator, as

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in Arabic, this means that he is the source of all goodness, everything that comes to us as human beings as the creation of a law, whether it is the humans, or the animals, or the earth, the trees, the plants, the environment, the skies, the weather, all of the goodness that comes to us is from above, and he is the source of all of that goodness, Allah Subhana. Allah says it's

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inevitable and what he

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truly he is the Swiss, the Compassionate. So what does this mean fault, we look at two types of goodness that comes from a boss, you can either as a first is a general type of goodness, so types of blessings. For example, all of the creation, this applies to all of the creation of ilasik habitat, and the general aspect of a dog is an application to all of his creation. So for example, you'll see an animal who walks on court, right, they walk on their four legs and cat, a lion, whatever animal walks on fourth, yet Allah has given them the ability to find food, to hunt food, without having the ability to use hands like we use hands and feet, there's a difference between

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them, and they are able to chew or bite off the food and eat it. And also can we Dinah provides that for them and gives them the ability, the strength to eat that food and to survive without having the use of hand is like you. And another example is that almost Penwith added gives us fuel or fire to keep warm or electricity to keep warm. That's a blessing from Allah subhanaw taala that applies to us. When you look at certain animals, for example, Allah has given them firm, and that firm when you look at them, and sometimes we're standing outside in the winter, freezing ourselves, even though we're covered with coats, and with sweaters, and scarf, and jacket, and gloves, and boots, and

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socks, and you know, all of the extra layers that we wear, and then we see an animal walking past in front of us a cat a dog, very, very simply walking enjoying themselves, it's minus 30 degrees, but a lot has, has provided for them a source of warmth, a source of heat, a source of, you know, strength to be able to deal with the changes in the climate. So that is a simple example, to try to understand the application of a liquid in a general sense. Now when we look at it, specifically,

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the specific goodness that comes from a loss of hundreds and it is specific to those who believe in almost 100

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we submit to Allah and through our submission, what do we find? Allah Subhana Allah says you need to call will be como news.

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He wants witnesses is for us, as human beings of our choice to make things easy for us. But in addition to that, as believers, we know that when I believe in a wall and I do a good deed, I know that I'm getting rewarded for that.

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So we know in our minds in our hearts, that there's something more that's being earned through my good deeds. And that is specific to us as believers, there may be from amongst the other creation of Allah subhanho to Allah or the other human beings who feel the same way. But this is how we feel that this is what we know to be true and right based on the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasallam. So we will earn good deeds through our with actions. And as believers we know that if we intend to do something good, the believer knows that Allah will reward the person who intends to do something good, with a good deed, even if they never do it.

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In a Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we learned that if we intend to do something good,

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but we don't actually do it, we still get rewarded for that intention.

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And if we fulfill the intention, then that is an additional amount of blessing that comes from a loss of hundreds Allah gives us goodness of multiplying that good deed by 10 times and up to 700 times by doing a good deed. On the flip side, when a person intends to commit a sin or was accountable at the end

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does not give us a sin for intending to commit a sin.

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But when a person does commit a sin, it's not like committing a good deed or doing a good deed carrying out a good action where it's multiplied by 10. And up to 700 times when a person commits a sin, it is written down in this one See,

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the compassion that comes from the loss of cannaboids, Allah the mercy, the encouragement to continuously do good, I want to do good because my good deeds are multiplied by 10, to up to 700 times. This is what encourages us and Allah Subhana, which Allah also covers up our sins, on the day of judgment, the sins that we've committed, he may question us about them, but you will not reveal them to everyone when we stand before him. That is from the mercy and blessings that come from a loss of Hamlet to Anna in terms of him being on a boat, and providing for us

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our stuff to walk,

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coming up behind a meeting without

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even getting on a solid water.

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So what is

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the source of all goodness?

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And what Allah wants from us, this is how we now learn to apply this name of Allah in our lives.

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If he is the source of openness, he loves and wants from us. And

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so Obama is the source of all goodness, that is his name, the name of a muscle language IRA and describes who he is. And because he is the source of all goodness, he wants unbearable to come from us what is there with a customer righteousness, piety,

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and almost

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201 says,

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You will never attain righteousness, until what had two people that will keep going until you give from the things that you love. And we know as believers that this is a concept in our lives that we have to apply. A question came from one of the uncle's in our community. We were sitting together on Tuesday, and he asked this question, he says, How can we as believers be in our minds disconnected from this billion as if we will work hard to please Allah and to do what's right and to continuously spreading goodness and crave and so on in this life? Knowing that in the Hereafter, we get something better from Allah? How do we mentally keep track of that? This is how many we

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had two people met, you will never attain righteousness and piety until you give to others what you love for yourself.

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And unless the camera data also says in the

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beta cell

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field, and I've been learning one of the only

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one you miss out, he recently was

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Whenever we actually love more and diverse continues on length reverse, what is the last panel with Anna saying here, he says Lisa, righteousness is not just turning your head left and rights from east to west, going about your life doing what you want. He says, one can never do righteous righteousness is and then he lists a whole bunch of things. From the things that are most common to analysts is the pillars of a man we know them to submit to a war, you know, to go for sorry to to believe in the angels to believe in the books to believe in the messengers and so on. And that almost kind of added continues that list of things that we can do to attain righteousness. And he

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says, to give to others, to help the poor, to assist the needy, to give to the one who's traveling who might need some assistance, to help our families to you know, give our self help. All of these things are mentioned by Allah some kind of a winter item to encourage us

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to continuously do good, why? Because we want the source of goodness

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to give to us through our, our righteousness and piety. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to make it easy for every single one of us to attain piety and righteousness in this video wesco Bossa Canada Allah to shout his blessings and mercy on the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, along with Sony

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for that matter and

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a lot more things on our hands welcome now,

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along the reticulated

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of walking in your wallet, you are the owner of compassion. You are the owner of goodness shower, your blessings and mercy dawned on us. Yeah, well, many of our community members are going through struggles and hardships. They all know Grantham. He is Franklin health record the strength graduate school completed full forgiveness and she bought the album many of our community members have lost loved ones in the past year or two. And in the years that have passed the album, please record on teaching full forgiveness and strengthen the family members of all those who lost their loved ones. They are not from amongst our community. We lost a little boy and Lisa at the age of almost two

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years old, who we've been making out for every single Friday do what you took him back this week. And we varied in just a few days ago. Except from his family accept the patience and the perseverance that his mother and father have been going through for the last two years and make it easy for all of them. And all of the community members who are linked to this family coming out going out again and the Amalfi strengthen the father of our Vietnam ship today for who is still in critical condition in admitting the difference in strength and how

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are the room yesterday

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I just have a couple of announcements after this.

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So we are on the wall.

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the center

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so my

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brothers and sisters we have

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one inmate the youngest son Academy that starting up our youth program begins next Saturday and shot long to Anna. Sorry, October 2, October 2, there's still a few weeks in jail not to register your youth. So you can go to the mustard websites and find the information there with regards to it also next Saturday, from 12 to three we will be having a community barbecue here at the masjid outside in the parking lot. So please do come by with your families and shop a lot and benefit from that. We also have our MP

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dresses from

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David. Nice to be here.

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Mubarak, I'm excited for that barbecue next weekend. But before we get to next Saturday, first depending on the next Monday and this Monday, September 20 is Election Day and I'm here to ask you for your support.