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Aarij Anwer
AI: Summary © The speakers emphasize the importance of optimism and avoiding pessimism in community settings, particularly those with reality and Prophet's words. They stress the importance of being mindful of one's actions and avoiding giving up on one's opinion. The discussion touches on the negative impact of alcohol use and the importance of rewarding others. The history and characteristics of the Islam religion, starting with the Bible and moving on to otherible religion, include the Newiled Church and Jesus Christ.
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Listen The only time in this any Africa Holy abana at enough Indonesia hacer la fille Faro de hacer una wolfin Allah wa Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu Welcome to a just a day. Today we have the 23rd just with us. I can hear from or I can see from a sister Shamim has mentioned that you all can hear me which is great but if he called somebody online on the Facebook feed can also mention if they can hear me or not that will be truly appreciated as I come along on

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the 23rd juice that we have today with us is the Jews of the Quran. That

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Oh, thank you but the feminine the use of the Quran that has surah number 36 surah Yaseen. It has surah Safa through 37 surah Saad surah 38 and surah azumah surah number 39. It's a now as you can see, the Jews have more and more and more sutras and this will continue to be the case until we finish our study of the Quran in sha Allah tala one thing that

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is to note here is that we will be the 24th just we will actually embark upon a series of sutras that all have a similar opening in fact, they have the same opening Hamming. So when we get there inshallah you will see, like, we will kind of start to lump them together to talk about them as like a collection, but today we will still analyze and study the sutras individually inshallah tada

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surah Yaseen is the surah that is the the first word that we will start with today. It begins with the two letters scene, which is a which, which are just disjointed letters, as we mentioned before about disjointed letters, this is a last panel What are allowed,

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speaking about the majesty of the Quran, and referring to the majesty of the Quran, by referring to the letters that make up the Koran, and the same letters make up the language that the people speak. So it is a challenge for them. That here is the book that Allah has produced, we're using the letters that you all know and understand. So Pamela says, Yes, in how it begins, its theme is a theme of a person should be optimistic, especially the one who is calling people to Islam, who is doing the our, the job of the prophets or Salaam, and by extension, all of our jobs, is to invite people to Islam, but do so in a manner that is optimistic, even when there is a lot of opposition,

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even if there is no results, the point should not be

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or the lack of results, for example, should not deter us, neither should it make us give up, we should actually be optimistic, and invite people to Islam and share what is good with them. irrespective of what change takes place or not. In reality, we can't really change anything, you know, the whole idea of changing the world, we actually can't do that. But we can change one person's world perhaps by sharing something good with them, and that good will actually change their lives and their worlds. And that could be also that if that is the case for them, then their family and they're extended like their progeny afterwards, all get transformed in all starts with one

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individual and that is the optimism that surah Yaseen wants us to have. How does it start so they assume starts with the scene well, Anil Hakeem Yeah, scene and it I swear by Alcor al Hakim v.

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The wise for an

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having some problem with my

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thing here. There we go. By the way, the Wise pour an

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full of wisdom in NACA laminal mursaleen. Indeed, you are one of the messengers, Allah serata Mr. Hakim on a straight path. Tell de la Cesar Rahim with the revelation sent down by the mighty, the Merciful, the tender Acoma mountain, whom for whom off you don't know that you may want a people whose father's forefathers were not warned before antis, they are unaware. So this is

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the introduction Allah provides to the surah that Allah is the one who's sending the book and the book is full of wisdom. And the one who's sending it a last part Allah is Mighty and merciful. Okay, so he has this is the perfection, being just mighty could make somebody like tyrannical

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Being just merciful can make somebody weak. But the combination of the two represents perfection. And that is actually what a lot Hannah wadala is. And he says to them, this is actually something he tells the prophets of Allah, that it doesn't matter what happens. You always have a law on your side, who is an Aziz Rahim? And you will always have the revelation of the Quran, which is an Hakeem full of wisdom. So don't ever lose sight of that. Don't ever let the difficulties make you pessimistic, always be optimistic. And this is, you know, a consistent theme of the Quran By the way, but this surah Ifill highlights it a little bit more. And this is actually how the prophets or

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some lived his life, he sallallahu alayhi wasallam had quite a lot of difficulties that he faced as he was going through and conveying the message, difficulties of a community community level on a community level difficulties on a government or excuse me a governance level difficulties on a personal level, yet we find the Prophet salatu salam was described as moderate to a hidden etc. etc. taba Suma Min rasulillah like Anna says, I have never seen anybody smile more than the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and that is how we are taught, we smile in the face of difficult times, difficult times, do not should not make us pessimistic, we remain optimistic, because we are

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the ones who have the book which is full of wisdom. And Hakeem, we have our Lord who is Allah Aziza Rahim, the mighty, the Merciful, and what else would a person need? So that is the introduction to the surah. Now Allah, Allah says to the Prophet Salaam, your job is to invite the people, your job is to call the the tune zero Coleman, right. But most of them will not believe a prophet that God have called Allah, Allah carry him. And this is referring specifically to the people of Makkah, not all people, because people of Medina majority of them didn't accept Islam. But this is a surah, that was revealed in Makkah. And it's talking about the people of Makkah, at that point, particularly

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those who were leaders. And this is an important point, the iron has to be understood in the with the background that it was revealed in the Quran does not reveal its background, it assumes that you will know it, or you will find out about it. So to detach it from its background, will actually make it

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seem out of place. And here. The background here is the people of Makkah, the early Meccans, they were the ones who majority of them did not believe for whom law, you know, and Allah says actually, they have made up their minds not to believe, but there's always a reason to be optimistic, or prophet. These people who made up their minds, Allah says, they made up their minds, you know, what level also, you know, basically make it so that they will not believe we have put yolks around the necks right up to their chins. So they cannot bow their heads. This is a metaphor or describing what the arrogance that they have right now. It also describes how Allah has barred them from

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understanding the religion because they have made up their mind to reject the Prophet. So it's like this is Allah's retribution on them. And this is also perhaps a scene from the Day of Judgment came. However, Allah says you should always have a reason to be optimistic or prophets or solemn, because there is someone who will take heed in number two in the room, Anita Roddick, will rahasya Rockman I believe you can only warn those who follow the reminder and fear R Rahman, the Gracious God that in the unseen by by sheer hooby mfat. In what ajilon getting, give them news, the good news of forgiveness and in noble reward. So this is the idea. You will do something you will invite people,

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but you may not get the results. The lack of results should not make you pessimistic, you should remain optimistic because there's somebody who might take heed. There's someone whose life you might touch. The next part here is the example of the three anonymous profits that are mentioned here. In surah, Yaseen three anonymous profits that are not mentioned by name, Allah says about them, while the riblah whom Matalan telcordia T is gentleman salute. I don't know what's happening with my internet today. But alas, inshallah, we'll try our best. We count to them. The example of the of the people to whose town our messengers came, if they were to have us or not la hemos naini. We sent two

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messengers, forget the buma. They were both rejected for us as nabee third, if we strengthen them with a third, and all of them said, We are messengers of God, the people said bye

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You are just humans. How can you be messengers of God. And in reality, there's no such thing as revelation in the first place. You are lying, you're making this up. They said, well, Robin, I am in a lacuna. masago, our Lord knows that we have been sent to you. And our job is to convey the message to you clearly give.

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Again, this is the idea of this is the most stubborn type of, of opposition that a person could face someone who's already made up their mind before you would speak to them. And unfortunately, you know, you get to see people like that on the internet quite a bit. Especially if you interact with them on like social media, or like YouTube comments or Twitter comments. people's minds are already made up, it doesn't matter what you want to tell them. They are like closed vessels. And so at that point, you just say like, our job is to convey the message. You want to read this article, read it, you want to listen to it, listen to it, you don't want to do it. That's your prerogative. So they

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said, you know what our job is to convey the message to you clearly, they started blaming their profits, they're like, hey, because of you, all this evil stuff is happening to us. And if you don't stop, you know, this causation of evil is because of you, we are going to kill you.

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There's that well, your evil is with you. Although it okuma Morocco, you know, this, you don't associate it keep this association to yourself, you know, you know, but ultim Coleman lusophone you are people who are stepping over all types of boundaries. Now. SubhanAllah even if there are people who disbelieved most disbelieved, most were extremely, not just not just disbelief, but most of them were extremely, had had a lot of animosity towards their profits, threatening them to kill them physically, yet, the profits are optimistic, because there is somebody who will believe and there is that person which I'm an apostle Medina theologian, who ESR from the furtherest part of the city, a

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man came running, he said, My people follow the messengers. Perhaps the idea of Medina is that this is somebody who maybe wasn't expected, right, from an unexpected place, a person believed and that's the idea of being optimistic that you don't know you don't know where the good will come. You don't know whose heart is touched from the unexpected. So keep on doing what you have to do. Keep on inviting towards good. And leave the rest to Allah Spano. dada, da I'm in UC Santa Medina de la Jr. Yes, sir. He said, My people follow the messengers follow the ones who look their messengers, they don't want any money from you liars. lucam ajilon. They're not here to get rich, or take your

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wealth, or who moved the dune they're actually rightly guided look at how they are their manners, the way they speak. All of these things tell you this is a rightly guided person he is and then the logic of hate mamoli Allah or Buddha Allah de photonic Why should not not worship the one who has brought me into being but he told us our own, and he will then bring me back to life and all of us will be brought back to life and held accountable Falcone is to bring something into existence, from scratch from nothing. So why why Allah is worthy of worship, because he is the one who brought us into existence from,

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from not from nothing, and other identities and idols like Tony and Misha veritone children, they can deliver me, they can help me in any way. So this is a beautiful understanding of the heat of this era of the oneness of Allah and worshiping Allah alone, of understanding the idea of prophethood very, very clear thoughts of this person. And his end was to read the full agenda. You know, it was set to him enter Paradise. Now, some scholars have to say that he was probably like, murdered because of what he said. And that's not like far fetched to believe. But either way, whether he was murdered or not, or whether he just lived in natural life and died a natural death.

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When he died, it was up to him, enter Paradise. And when he did, so, he said, I wish Yeah, later Follow me on the moon, my people would knew how amazing is my my lord's forgiveness and how he has honored me.

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So that was, you know, his, the one who believed and that was his reward. Again, the idea being be optimistic. Don't be pessimistic in the face of difficulties, and keep on doing what you have to do. Now a lot then turns and kind of pivots to the idea of, you know, it's time to take heed, it's time to take things seriously don't think it's just another day another day and this, you know, things are the way they are now. It's time to

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gets serious because

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you know life and death is a reason to take heed, contemplating about the nature of life and death should be a reason to be serious and to take heed. So he says, and I am number 31, for example,

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lm er Oh, come on, like nakaba

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go and a couple of home mill purani anomala him Diageo. Have they not seen how many generations we have destroyed before them? Never, never shall they return to them. And all of them gathered together will certainly be brought to before us how many people have lived and died, and there's just they're gone right? Now your God, we have no idea who they were, they have the does not know nothing that connects you to them. They are, you know, lost to history. But all of them will be brought back to the on the day of judgment in front of in front of Allah, Allah. The idea is, you know, this is a world where you're mentioned, is very, very small, very tiny. And many people's

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mentions are just wiped away, kind of confined to history, even not even written history. They're just, you know, people who are not even mentioned by name, they're gone. And that should be a reason for us to ponder. What is the reality of this life? What am I doing right now. And that is a reason to take heed to try to change our attitude. Allah gives an example of how everything is heading towards like an end, resurrection after that death. And this is going to be an interesting theme with the next few life and death resurrection. After death, Allah is going to contrast that everything is going towards death. And then resurrection example is the earth.

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Ayatollah Khomeini later, there is a sign for them in the lifeless Earth, we revive it, you produce grain from it, from which they eat, the Earth is lifeless, and brings it back to life and makes it a source of life, produce grain from it that people consume. So panelo

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night after day, last month, talks about how Ayatollah Khomeini lay there is a sign for them in night, we withdraw from it, the light of day, and they are left in darkness. And this is how this is maybe a metaphor as well, that it is nice and bright right now. You know, you are in the, you know, in you, in these good moments in your life, everything is hunky dory. But just as the day the light of the day dissipates, and it becomes night and all of a sudden is dark. Soon that can happen to you as well. Whether that's difficulties, whether that's the end of a person's life, maybe end a person's life. So a too soon didn't realize it. But in our home was the moon wake up before it's too

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Even the sun and the moon Allah gives an example how the shadows attached at the Mr. karela, the sun follows its determined course, meaning the sun is moving in a particular direction. And we know that to be true. And also the sun is moving towards a point where it will cease to exist was the current law. And that is the idea of life, or creation and resurrection together the moon.

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But darna humanism have ordained the phases had the identical role jounal adeem, until it becomes like an old date stock basically like the it's like the shape of a crescent, very, very thin. And, you know, it's kind of like curved like a crescent. That's what the old date stock is like, or joining a theme. So the idea being here is it's like something is flourishing and blooming. And then all of a sudden, it dissipates. The day is bright, and all of a sudden it loses his brightness and it's dark, all things as bright as it may be the sun, everything is going towards an end. So pay attention Take heed, your end might be near and your resurrection is close by. So this is a

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beautiful message to get us focused on what we have to take care of in this life. So we can prepare for the next some scenes from the Day of Resurrection, a lot of rings on line number 51. And he says

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my computer's a little slow loading today. I don't know what's happening. I want to feel feel sorry, fella for if I will know if you have your story. But it will mean that the lrB humean saloon, the Trumpet will be blown. This is the sign of the Day of Judgment. The angel is that our field is going to be the one who blows the trumpet. And this is a a real thing. This is not a metaphor. And the sound of this trumpet. We don't know of course, but it is what

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It's called a sore in the Quran, the trumpet, and it's going to be a real incident. When it happens in marks, firstly, the death of everybody. The second time, it's blown, it marks the resurrection of everybody for either home. So, this is referring to actually the second instance of the trumpet being known by either whom in a death era be human soon, they will be, they will rise up from their graves and hastin toward to the Lord. Now, this is a day of gentlemen everybody is rising up and rushing towards, you know, big sense of this going towards Allah to hoping for his mercy on this day. But then all we are Ilana whoa to us, right? Whoa to us. Not like whoa, but Whoa, as a w. e. Wo

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to us.

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Mumbai Kadena who has aroused us from our sleep. This is what are the lord of mercy has promised and the messengers have spoken truth that at this point will be too late. That belief at this point the Shahada La ilaha illAllah. Muhammad Rasulullah at that point is too late man. Ah, but what's interesting is they say Yeah, why Ilana? While while is a expression of regret. We saw that in Surah number 25, the person who was brought back to life and then he's biting at his hands on a regret he says, Yeah, he says

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yeah, Layton at the hub tomorrow. Su de Sevilla. Yeah, ye lotta Litani, ye lotta lightening that word while is to show intense regret and intense pain. So that is the feeling the Quran describes the people on their judgement, who did not believe will have intense regret, intense pain, there is nothing worse, I would think, or I would, you know, in you know, put forward there's nothing worse than the pain of regret.

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And that is what these people will be feeling the most. So parallel That and more scenes in Canada last I hadn't wahida it will be but one blast, and they will all be brought before us together. And on this day, Allah says on the omala toes lamona Sunni Shia, no person, no soul will suffer the least amount of injustice, no one will be harmed, or no one will be shortchanged. In the least it will be the most perfect justice that will be served between animals and humans. What are the zona lahmacun de Lune and the reward that payment payback that you will receive will be only for what you have done. So be conscious of the choices you make because they have consequences. That's the point

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of this example and this is number 55. Allah says

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he contrasts that with the people of Paradise in the US harbor genitalium official in fact you Hoon will escort the makers of those and this is the style of the forum and the people of Hellfire mentioned right next to it the people of Paradise are mentioned and vice versa. In general, the people of Paradise shall be happily occupied on that day they would be in a happy occupation finding things to do that will make them pleased.

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home as well to home them and their spouses as much it's his strategy as wives here. In fact, the correct transition is spouses will be female Lila Liam our eco Tolkien shall recline on couches in the shade. This is going to be like a relaxing atmosphere. Le home fee have kiya Allahumma down they should have fruits they're in an all that they can ask for what am i down? faqir is you know fruit but also something that's enjoyable. So anything that is enjoyable, they will have an anything they will desire yet their own they will get but most amazingly Salah moon tola Mirabella him the most amazing thing would be this the greeting of peace from Allah. Allah Salam from Allah subhanaw taala.

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The viewing of Allah on the day, in the Day of Judgment, and in paradise. That would be the most amazing blessing of Jenna. We asked a lot of makers of these people I mean, anatomy SR Hara online asks on the Facebook feed that from our sleep, this is about the torment of the grave. So market there is it's not to refer to someone being comfortable. The idea is that they were woken up from their slumber like just like a person wakes up suddenly, and they're like what happened here? That's the suddenness is what Allah is referring to. When he says Mombasa Nami Mercado, okay.

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the prophets, Allah Allah concludes something here because the prophets are some of you if you as in the beginning of the surah, the prophets or someone's being criticized by the people of koresh and the prophets, as evidenced in the story of the three anonymous prophets, they were marked. So a lot of circles back to address some important points about who the profit zone is, is not a point number one, our alumni who share we have not taught him any poetry, well, my mid level, nor would it be fitting for him. So Lawson, it is not appropriate for the poster now to say to, you know, it's not something he did previously, and it wouldn't suit him for Salah because he is a prophet of Allah is

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a messenger of Allah, he's not an entertainer, okay? poetry is the jaw is the

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is the vocation of those who try to entertain even education, you know, in education, you know, like a lot of the Islamic texts and you know, back in the day, especially, teaching methodology was done. A lot of it was done through poetry, that make it lively and not so drab and that's fine, as appropriate. But the prophets job is he is the messenger, entertainer, Mr. Lamb now share about 1 million Bella who, in who illogical Quran movie, this is merely a reminder and a clear or an also, by the way, clarifies how the Quran isn't necessarily poetry. In fact, anybody who's studying even basic Arabic poetry, will know that there is a room marked difference in how Arabic poetry is and

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how the Quran is. Like, stylistically, there are two completely separate categories. And if someone starts to, you know, assume that just because the Quran has rhyming endings, that somehow is like, it's only a miracle, that's a, you know, a person who was deluding themselves and being very foolish. So this is who the Prophet is, he's not a poet, he is the one who warns, and he warns those demons in a man can a higher than the one who was alive. What does that mean? not alive in body because everybody who's hearing this message is alive and body. And everybody who heard the Prophet was alive in their body, but the one whose soul is alive, their heart is alive.

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Well, your hip, an old world, carefree, and the one whose soul is dead, like in the sense of like, their heart, their spiritual heart is dead, couldn't care less about the salvation, then this is the Prophet is actually establishing evidence, a providing exhibit after exhibit to be provided on the day of judgment that will convict that person. So Kerala. So this is the idea or hate bellewholesale Caffery in the province. Some was extremely saddened by people's stubbornness, the problem some, you know, was a gentle human being, and he was forced on them, somebody who wanted good for every person. So when people were stubborn to their own detriment, it would make him sad and he allows us

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to him consoling him on his own cupola home, let not their words review or profit, we have knowledge of all that they say and all the day all that they conceal and all that they revealed for like a balloon in another mama you said una mama you only known the prophets of Salaam was challenged a man by the name of Abu obey even half also it is narrated and asked him in WA in said the same thing came to the prophets of Salaam, with a with with a chrome a boon that was

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that was about to crumble, okay, and he brought this bone to the Prophet sallam, and he, you know, took the bone and like, kind of crumbled in between his his hands, and then showed the Prophet solemn you know, like this, this crumbled bone he just like tossed it in the air like this, you know? And then he said he, here Mohammed is this going to be brought back to life, this bone that just crushed and just tossed in the air like this? Will it be brought back to life? So, a lot responded to this particular incident with this is number 77. In which Allah says, I will Amira in sun does not man see that we created him from a drop, men look for a drop of sperm, either will help

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him win. And now he is a grown individual, ready to be openly contentious, openly argumentative, and he says, bah bah bah, Matalan producing arguments against us and forgets about the nature of his own creation, forgetting how he was brought into life, all of my years in a llama yomim who will who can give life back to the bones after they have rotted away. Who can do that? Right. These are bones it's now dust. It's

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articles that are scattered, they're gone everywhere. That's it, it's over. But a lot says, while you're here, Hillary and Sha, Allah, Mara say he who brought them into being in the first instance, in the first place, we'll give them life again, the one who made them in the first place, will make them or remake them. In the second instance, as well, well, who are we currently helping Arlene, and he has knowledge of all types of creation. So this is a beautiful response that Allah gives, you know, if a login, bring these into existence in the first place, and that's something if a person

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agrees to that premise, then it only logically follows that a law can bring that person back to life. And because he is the one who is powerful, and he is the one who was knowledgeable.

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So this is, the response that's given also is another response, the one who produces fire from you from green trees. And from this, you can no fire shattering, muddy, narrow, you know, a green tree has some moisture, and it's still like the molecules of water molecules are still there. But when you burn them, it turns to water evaporates and then becomes into fire. So you see, like how something that was alive, a lot could use it to, you know,

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you know, it's used to kindle a fire is used to bring the idea of two opposites together in the same place that allows response to this, as well like this is not something that is so far fetched. If two opposites can exist in the same place, like a green tree becoming lit by a fire, then it's not as far fetched to say that a lot can bring back someone who he committed into existence the second time. So that is, the response. The prophet SAW must challenge the last part or responded to the challenges the profit on face through the Quran. Surah concludes very beautifully, but Allah saying our lesson of the Holocaust, somehow it will be recorded in Allah lucam Islam is He who created the

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heavens and the earth, not able is he not able to create others, like these people, meaning alum made this whole cosmos, you don't think you can create a few people, of course he is capable of doing so he is the supreme creator, Holla Holla. Salim, the unknowing, supreme creator, his way of doing things, his magnificence, his dominance is such that when he decrees something, he says to it couldn't be fair Kunal. And so it is, so all glory is for Allah Subhana, Allah de melaku, to cliche in his hands, who has control over all things, and to him, you will be brought back to life right now you have control over things as well. But the ultimate control is in the hands of a lost power.

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And on the Day of Judgment, you won't have any control, every single thing will be by laws, decree laws work. So that was sort of ya seen a very beautiful surah that again, talks about how prophet

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the prophet SAW Selim, was taught to be optimistic by the Quran, and how we should be optimistic and how those like we shouldn't become heedless. We should wake up to the reality of life and how death is near. That's a reason for us to take heed, and the resurrection is a real thing. Just like you see resurrection. Now, it is going to be a real thing then as well. Then the next one is Surah a sofort, Surah sofit. It names comes from what

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is his name, the root of it is from the root letter saw falfa which is the role and the name of the surah comes from the very first ayah or sarfati Safa, what is the theme of Surah sofit. What is the theme that we will focus on the theme that we will focus on from this surah is as follows. Allah threats will be fulfilled, this surah will show us example after example of how people said something Allah responded, people made a mockery of something Allah responded, and then He will speak about how the threats are the people who said something similar and live something similar, what how Allah executed his threads upon them, and thus, the warning is served. So it's a it's a

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nice surah that speaks about all that. It is

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Very remarkably different surah in its flow. If you're reading the surah you will notice this flow is very unique, has many short ayat, very powerful IOD sarfati Safa VISAGIE La Jolla fatale etc. In Illa, Hakuna la hide, very beautiful, very fast pace, I have a change of pace here that is noticeable by those angels who raise themselves in close ranks, and the those who drive away the wicked with reproof and the reciters of the reminder in the Illa, Hakuna Wahid your God is one, this is an intro where Allah takes an oath. And this is the first time we're seeing a lot of taking an oath here in our study of the fraud sequentially, a lot more will come later. But right now this is

00:35:47 --> 00:36:07

the first instance. And there is a connection, a correlation between what Allah takes an oath by and what the topics that he's discussing, he's taking an oath by the angels, the different rules that the angels perform. They are the ones who are arranged in rows, they're the ones who execute Allah's commands.

00:36:08 --> 00:36:54

You know, it is says that God is, Does God sahab they drive, you know, they're in charge of the upkeep of the world. And they are part and parcel of that, you know, there's obviously a natural way a natural phenomenon, right, that drives the clouds that and the Quran references that in many places, right? What is he also not to be Hallelujah, I have to see Rosa Harbor, he is the one who sends the winds and the winds are what, you know, bring together the clouds. So that's the natural phenomena. But then there's also a spiritual being that's there with the clouds. And that's the angels. zadra is a juror. They're the ones that are there with these clouds, by Allah's command. And

00:36:54 --> 00:37:42

the idea is that Alice Pamela's creation has a apparent, you know, natural phenomena that he is that he speaks about, that we can observe. And then there is a spiritual essence to it as well, like the angels that take care of the universe. And this is a beautiful thing, because, as you'll see, the people will admit what's natural and apparent, and then they will reject what is the unseen, the spiritual, and that is what the people will say, here the mockery of resurrection. Bella jovita was how Don't you know, no wonder you were you're surprised as they laugh with scorn. You know what? Look, you know, this is the attitude the attitude is so toxic. Yes, heroines laughing You know,

00:37:42 --> 00:38:29

scornfully way that ocular has grown, when they're reminded they pay no heat. But in our or is this room, when they see some sign? They ridicule it. And they say, in hava Illa. Roma, when this is just like plain sorcery, this is like a magic. It's like a nice trick that you learn that you're trying to impress us with. Do you think that we will be brought back to life when we have become dust and bones in our mix? Now I could not do Robin while Obama, that whole idea that there is this apparent realization of something and then there is the unseen, the spiritual dimension of it, these people completely rejecting that. Also our fathers, our forefathers, our grandfathers, great grandfather's,

00:38:29 --> 00:38:54

all of us will be brought back to life. That is the mockery of resurrection that they're making. The response of a lost patella is horrible. naram Yes, I say to them, yes, you will be brought back to life, and your forefathers and the bones that have rotted away, and then become dust and spread all over the world. They will be brought back together into human form once again.

00:38:56 --> 00:39:21

And you will be brought low or unto death. You don't you're going to be in trouble when that happens. That's what this is saying. It's not going to be like a pleasant like reunion. It's going to be you're going to be in trouble until that hidden and how does that happen in NEMA? He has a gelato Haider. It will be a single blast. And then their eyes will open. They will say more to us again. Yeah. Why Ilana? How they would do the same exact,

00:39:23 --> 00:39:37

you know, the same exact description with a little difference. Right, the shock. That's the same. The intense regret. That's the same woe to us way Ilana.

00:39:38 --> 00:39:39

But then

00:39:40 --> 00:40:00

the other response shock or what's happening around is a little different. What's different here compared to Sorry, I seen well here instead of them saying something, they will be told. This is the day of judgment that you were denying, that's going to add to their intense that's going to add to the interest

00:40:00 --> 00:40:43

Hence regret that they have and then they will be gathered. In fact, angels will be instructed the angels will not take an oath by it to begin the surah they will be instructed or Sharon Medina salamu assemble those who did wrong together or as a Jew was Roger whom and Associates here as well as the Zambian spouses, by the way, here as well, that means, you know, the people that you associated with because OGE in the Quran is used to mean like a pair of like a couple like husband and wife, that also mean, you know, food that comes as that or trees and plants that grow in pairs, okay, like there is a, you know, there's pollen

00:40:44 --> 00:41:28

in the plant, like a meal tree and female tree and then there's like pollen produced by I believe the male tree, and the female tree is pollinated. So that's referring to that, it also reverse somebody who works together, okay, who are kind of like a couple in the way they think. And this is what is afraid to hear as well, yeah, whom assemble those who did wrong, and all their associates, and all that they worship besides Allah and lead them to the path of the fire, but before you take them there, stop them because they will be interrogated, the regret and the pain is going to be intensified, the fear of entering will be intensified, and then they will be tossed in as they will

00:41:28 --> 00:42:13

be interrogated. What the batter Why aren't you helping each other today? Before you are mocking today, you are surrendering. And before you were making laughing, and having a good time, today, you are going to be blaming each other asking each other and saying, used to come to us from the right and from the left. You know, he was your fault. No one's your fault. You're gonna say that. And today for how carlina cola rabina it's all over. It's too late in tune, we are bound to taste the punishment. There is a group of people on the Day of Judgment who are trying to blame others. And there's a group who have accepted their fate. But they're accepting their feet isn't like any is not

00:42:13 --> 00:42:56

making their lives any easier. For Elena, can we lead you astray. And we were also Australia ourselves. And unless you're in the home, you're moving on either be Mr. deikun, they will share the punishment. No one is gonna feel that the punishment is lesser, or anything, it's going to be as severe for everybody in Napa Valley can affordable majority mean this is how law deals with the criminals. majorem criminal is the person that's how Allah describes those that are convicted on the day of judgment in the court of law, and thus they are criminals. They got a due process, though they had due process. They were questioned, their deeds are presented to them. And they were asked

00:42:56 --> 00:43:06

this is not your deeds, is this not your deeds? Are these your choices. And then they were convicted of the crimes that they had committed, and has a look calls them criminals.

00:43:08 --> 00:43:09


00:43:10 --> 00:43:55

mockery of the provinces and they make a mockery of the Prophet somebody in Allah tariku earlier in Alicia and imagine should we give up our date he's at the bidding of a mad poet is crazy. He's just saying stuff that sounds cool. Sounds poetic. It sounds nice. But he's crazy. Should we give up our our, our ways, our religion or culture for someone like that? A lot of response. But I will happily accept the homoserine he has brought the truth. Don't worry about you know what? What's the message? Look at the message. Right? The message is the message the truth. And he has brought the truth that the previous messengers had brought, confirming what they had. He is a messenger in the line of

00:43:55 --> 00:44:26

messengers. It's not a strange thing for a messenger to be like this. But then, of course, on the last shifts back to the scene on the Day of Judgment, you are surely going to take a taste of painful punishment. And that's because of what you have done to dishonor in lavaca time alone, it's because of the choices that you made. The consequences of that. That is what you're going to face. today. We asked the lover protection from such type of punishment, I mean a lot of anatomy in the believers are safe from this Allah mentions is number 40.

00:44:27 --> 00:44:59

Except the chosen servants of Allah, they are the ones who have a known provision, they have a level provide for them. This will maloom in, you know, in sustenance, a provision if food and things that Allah provides for them that will be well known and well recognizable. Something that's maloom is comforting. It's not like strange, so it's like it's familiar, foe archy all types of fruits and they will be honored

00:45:00 --> 00:45:21

honored by what they eat, or what was presented to them honored in the way they're treated in the gardens of bliss, on couches, facing one another. A beautiful scene, chilling in gentle, relaxing, facing each other chit chatting and as eating nice food being honored no

00:45:22 --> 00:46:10

false word no evil statements are uttered no grief in hearts no beef between people you love while he gets him in my in a drink we passed around among them from a flowing spring that we eating and drinking, enjoying themselves. This drink is by law white, we'll let the delicious it been delicious for the one who was drinking it laughy how Ohlone was is a type of an alcohol but not the one that causes intoxication. It doesn't have the head the heaviness or intoxication of alcohol at home and how you use our phone. It will have the negative effects. It will only be the good stuff. And it will be divine. You know drink that Allah will present to us. We ask other makers of these people.

00:46:10 --> 00:46:54

They will also have beautiful spouses are modest gays and are beautiful I call Serato perfect in meaning they're beautiful, and they're modest is beauty that's on the outside and there's beauty in the inside. Unknown baildon macoun postural, by the way someone who's restricting something, so their eyes are restricted only to their spouses. That's the idea. Maybe only their love, and their affection is restricted only to their own spouse as a beautiful trait. A non Dubailand mcnown like they are closely guarded pearls. That's how Allah describes the woman a paradise like their pearls. As a beautiful thing. Sisters sometimes complain unless pontiff speaks about poodle or in and

00:46:54 --> 00:47:17

whatnot, what about us, but alas, Panda describes, as we'll see, man, the women of Paradise, that believing women a paradise in the most amazing, the most beautiful way and they have all sorts of pleasure and luxury but not not an ounce of displeasure. Not an ounce of regret, or an ounce of, you know, anger or sadness. So you know, don't don't get Don't be upset.

00:47:18 --> 00:47:54

For alcohol, avago Humala, all the data now here is a couple of friends talk in paradise. Very interesting conversation. What happens there like, Hey, I had a friend in the world in in Nika and leukotriene, who used to say, in the colombina, most of the thing, would you really believe in this religion stuff, right? Like, we're gonna be brought back to life, after we have turned into dust and bones, like there's going to be another life after this life, there's going to be a soul that will be rejoined with our bodies. You know, this is all like, stuff, people say, Man, there's no proof for that.

00:47:56 --> 00:48:38

Call a * and to move on your own, it will be said, Do you guys want to see where this person is? For taller. So they will look for a houfy server into him. And he will see him, this person, his friend, he will see him in, in the middle of the fire. And he will say the lucky and get the lotto Dean, you almost brought me to ruin. And if it was not for the blessing of my Lord, I would have been taken to *, just like you are in *. So hon Allah, this is not enjoying someone else's pain. This is thanking Allah that Allah saved us from that pain, number one. Number two, it shows the absolute critical importance of having people around us, that support us in our practice of our

00:48:38 --> 00:49:22

faith. It is so critical, I cannot emphasize this enough. If you are around people, if the influence that you have around you is an influence of people, we're constantly doubting the the tenants of the faith, not have some questions about the peripheries of the faith, but the core tenants of it constantly, repeatedly, constantly, repeatedly, guess what's going to happen, eventually, you will end up having those same type of doubts as well. And you will end up eventually either leaving the faith or at least the practice of the feet will be severely compromised. This is a real thing. I have seen this with my own eyes. It happens and the Quran is you know, mentioning this story for a

00:49:22 --> 00:49:50

reason that this is something this is the remember the steam of the sutra is the threat of Allah, like his promises will be fulfilled. This is, you know, a last show a glimpse from the next life thing. This is a threat to you. Don't let this threat materialize. Were you constantly surrounded by doubts and people who are questioning and disbelieving and being openly

00:49:51 --> 00:49:52

overtly or covertly,

00:49:53 --> 00:49:59

you know, adverse to faith. This will lead you down this path. Don't let it lead you down.

00:50:00 --> 00:50:49

that path. So it's a very, very clear and beautiful message from the Quran. To Be very careful of who our friends are, and who our influences are not just friends who influences you because you can have friends who you know don't believe in you know, that's, that's okay. But who influences your thought process? What media Do you consume? Who do you read that all what's forming your, your your worldview? That is very hard to be very careful. Now that will say the following statement a lot in Naga Liga, Nigel myrcene. This is how we reward the righteous, this is how we reward the righteous he will start by new la sala. And again the idea here is how the prophets faced rejection mockery,

00:50:49 --> 00:51:33

and how Allah then executed his threat. And that is historical precedents for us to take heat for our present and our future. No, hello Salaam Allah mentioned we invited or a new outcry, Noah cried out to us, and we responded with an excellent response saving him from great distress. Okay. Then, Allah says that in Gallic salam, O Allah, no handful Allah mean peace be upon Noah, among all people. This is how we reward the righteous people. Then he mentions Ibrahim Alayhi, Salam. Now Ibrahim Hassan was mentioned. When she it he from the same fate, because the prophets of Allah all have the same fate.

00:51:35 --> 00:52:12

This is a beautiful description, it's just a bulb inside him, he came to her Lord with the sound heart, a heart looking for his master, a soul looking for the purpose of its life. And when he was in that state is trying to call others to that state is calling me He called me he Mata, Mata Boone. He said to his father, what are you guys worshiping? They said, well, and they said, Are you worshiping these false deities besides Allah? In what do you think of the Lord of the worlds? Like, how is this compared to Allah,

00:52:13 --> 00:52:58

he looked up at the stars and said, for in the subpoena of Allah in the Supreme, I am sick, he stays back, he looked at the stars. And the idea is that he knew that they're going to head out to their customary festival that is outside of the city. And then he said, I'm sick, I'm not going to join you. They left him alone, and went off their ways. Then he went to the idols that they had. And he said to them, Do not eat. What is it with you don't speak, but I'll leave him alone, Billy. I mean, he struck them down. And when they came back, they, you know, interrogated him, said, How is it? Why did you do this? He said, a taboo, no matter. How can you worship things that you make with your own

00:52:58 --> 00:53:31

hands? Allahu Allahu Mamata. Malou. It is God who has created you, and all your handiwork. Allah is the one who created you and creates the actions that you do. How is it that you take your action? And then what you have made from your actions, you start worshipping it? How does that make any sense? Hello, Hola, como la de Lune. There is no response to that is that let's burn him out of Google for him for the weekend. And they wanted to harm him. But then we made them the lowest of the low humiliated them entirely.

00:53:33 --> 00:54:20

He was saved Ibrahim al salam, he goes and he says to Allah, my Lord, grant me a righteous son. So Allah says of Russia now hope you will. I mean, Helene begin in the good news of a righteous son. His smile, came not mentioning her by name, but the reference here is, of course to smile. Now, when he became a mobile of America, sorry. And he had reached the age when he could work with him. He's like, you know, in his teens or early teens, or maybe the, you know, like he's 13 years old. He's 12 years old. At that age, all ar booni Ibrahim Hassan says, All my son, I have seen in a dream that I am sacrificing you. Fun Lord, mother, Tara, tell me what you think of it. This is so amazing. He is

00:54:20 --> 00:54:54

the Prophet of Allah. He is telling his son, I see in my name, this is actually not a good translation. adream aluminum is their dream, man and that dream. Because if rimal Sam is saying, I know this is not just like a nightmare. This is a revelation from Allah. This is the dream that I know is from Allah. I see in that dream that Allah is has commanded me to sacrifice you. What's your opinion? What's your take? It's amazing because he is the Prophet of Allah. And he is conveying to his son the command of a lot, which is

00:54:55 --> 00:55:00

that this is what we're supposed to do. And yet he's asking his son Hey, what you think?

00:55:00 --> 00:55:43

Think about this. The idea is that he's giving he's honoring his son. And it's honoring his dignity and his intellect by asking him for his opinion, because he is now of that age where he desires that. That validation. And that is what a rahimullah Islam demonstrates. And that's something perhaps for all of us who have young kids or kids who are growing in that age to, not to to respect their intelligence, not insult intelligence, as something we can learn from our father, Ibrahim al Salam. He says, Oh, my father, do as you're commanded, and you'll find me to be patient. Of course, when they have bought submitted and he laid his son down on his face, we called out Oh, Abraham, you

00:55:43 --> 00:56:11

have fulfilled the dream. It is given in naka de Leon as in mercy Nene. It is in does indeed that we will reward those who do good, this was a great trial. And then we ransom him with a great sacrifice and that's eagle eyed Ha. And we left him to be succeeded by a group of followers among later generations, and peace and salutation meet upon Abraham Lincoln and zeal mercy mean and this is how we

00:56:12 --> 00:56:24

this is how we take care of or how we reward the righteous okay and he is from our faithful servants.

00:56:25 --> 00:56:26

Look at something here.

00:56:27 --> 00:56:33

Look at something here. righteous, this is how we reward the righteous Allah. Allah says

00:56:35 --> 00:56:50

gal in Naga lignans in mercy Galligan as in mercy, how we reward the righteous in Nevada, goodness and mercy Nene how we reward the righteous twice for Ibrahim, but for No, he said once for Moosa and Harun

00:56:51 --> 00:56:55

Musa and our Moses and Aaron, Allah says,

00:56:56 --> 00:57:45

He says at once, this is how we reward those who do good for him. Yes, another prophet Elijah. Allah says about him in Nikita Licken, as the machine does we reward those who do good likewise for loot. All of this is to show something very interesting. Everybody that's mentioned afterwards, Allah says about them. This is how we reward the righteous and he says at once, but his clothes. His Holly, His Beloved Prophet Ibrahim, Allah says about him twice. And that is Willow Allen, because he is mentioned with one of the two very difficult trials, the trial of his family kicking him out, and then his people burning him or trying to burn him and execute him. And then his own family, his own

00:57:45 --> 00:58:30

son, him having to sacrifice him. So as Allah mentions his sacrifices, you also give him double the praise. Right? And that's the idea that when we go through difficulties with that comes ease, and we go through difficulties with that comes as being raised in paradise to a level where others can reach who didn't suffer, who didn't go through difficulties. That is what Allah is highlighting the subtle expression in Naga radicalism. myrcene. Also, what was mentioned is Eunice alehissalaam. Eunice nslm has mentioned Jonah, who was one of the messengers in America lol full kill mush hoon. He fled to the overloaded ship, a very interesting word about God, the only place in the Quran where

00:58:30 --> 00:59:21

this word abacha is used. And abeka is used to describe a slave. It's a runaway slave, a slave that shouldn't have run away, but ran away as guilty of running away. And that is what a lot of using to describe. Yunus is on here because he ran away when he was shouldn't have run away. So panela, facade hammer Academy, that would have been the cast lots, and he was the one who lost then he was tossed or tossed overboard and swallowed by a fish and he was alive in the belly of the fish remain in that state. You know, it is actually possible there are pockets of places in a large fish's belly, where living creatures could survive in the ocean. There isn't acidity there enough at that

00:59:21 --> 00:59:40

point, it takes a while for it to get there. So it is scientifically possible for that to happen. And it 100% didn't happen for Lola and the whole government behind the lobbies of evil in Ely on your iPhone. He was then spit out by the by the whale, by the fish

00:59:41 --> 00:59:56

when he was 17 but he was sick. Because of course he just come through a you know he was in the depths of the ocean, the pressure being swallowed by the fish hungry in the environment. That's not very, you know hygenic in any way, but Allah then gave him

00:59:58 --> 01:00:00

relief and healing

01:00:00 --> 01:00:40

By the tree gourd tree sheds rotimi thin and then he was sent back to his people meet at the elfin Oh is he doing 100,000 people. But then when he reached to them, they had all believed for Madonna home Isla hain. So we let them live for a while in ease. The idea here is a last part of us threads are fulfilled. Eunice nslm actually was the exception to the historical rule. And that was something that Allah highlights as he's highlighting all of the threads and more details of universal Islam. were mentioned here in this in this passage of Quran that were not mentioned other parts of the Quran, the conclusion of the suit of is

01:00:42 --> 01:00:42


01:00:44 --> 01:01:13

we're in no soft food, we are those who stand raised in ranks, Allah is going to arrange people in ranks. And he will then ask the people, what have they done, people will make the excuses. They will say, if we only had a book, like the people before, we would also be righteous, but that's an excuse. That's a lie. But ghafar will be here they have rejected it. But so far the moon, they will know soon What is going to happen.

01:01:14 --> 01:01:27

The surah ends with a very beautiful episode for Sophia, so don't be patient, watch. For soon they will see glory beat your Lord, the Lord of the of glory. SubhanAllah because the Lord of

01:01:28 --> 01:02:09

power and might above what they attribute to him, and peace be upon the messengers and praise be for Allah, the Lord of all the worlds, we're going to talk about sort of salt as well, briefly sort of salt actually is pretty straightforward to talk about. So we'll take a few minutes to discuss that surah Saad, one of the theme that we want to highlight about sort of sod here is a very interesting theme, which is everyone makes mistakes, and allows highlighting in this sutra, the mistakes that some of his righteous, chosen servants made his profits, some of his profits made some errors, some slip ups, and in this surah, Allah highlights those been a very beautiful way, he highlights it in a

01:02:09 --> 01:02:56

way that you don't even realize that Allah is highlighting a mistake, that is like he's being critical. Rather, he's highlighting it in a way that is constructive, to help them get better to help them learn a lesson to help us learn a lesson. And that is the way when, when criticism is given, it should be given with love and kindness, it should be given with the intent of helping the person who is receiving it change for the better, it should not be given as an insult. Unfortunately, sometimes we all do that. But the Quran teaches us that we are to learn a lesson from mistakes. And the way you explain someone's mistakes to them tells us is either is going to help

01:02:56 --> 01:03:38

them learn from their mistakes, or it's going to push them away further and make them more stubborn. So here allows me to highlight actually some mistakes that some prophets made. He's gonna highlight the mistake of though this by the way, this sort of begins with the letter sod and then look for and full of reminder, this is Surah. The Quran is full of reminder of all types. This is a beautiful reminder that Allah will present here to us, it talks about how the people of Malaysia actually like introduction of the surah talks about how they would say things like, this is a magician, a great liar. He's got to make all the idols of the One God that's a really strange way of worshipping.

01:03:38 --> 01:03:39

That's a really strange religion.

01:03:41 --> 01:03:55

And you know, they used to say to each other, don't, don't worry, this is in the habit of shaming you, Rod. This is like a like a fad. It'll blow away just just relax, stay patient, a loss as the as a response to that look.

01:03:57 --> 01:04:18

And then their questioning was that why is this person chosen to be the profit and loss response? Was that like, it's a less choice, right? the treasures of the mercy of Allah is in a loss hands, this the kingdom of the sky and the earth is in the Lord's hands. He gives whoever he wants, he chooses for profit, whoever he wants, and he chose the profits are solemn.

01:04:21 --> 01:04:59

And then he reminds the profit that look people before rejected, and that is something that is the that that's something that's not unexpected. The people of Noah, the people of odd, the Pharaoh and the Pharaoh of the stakes, don't Oh, dad, the mood, the people a lot of harben aka the developers of the woods, the worshipers of the trees, like these people in Kowloon, illa Coronavirus, all of them said that they messengers Were Liars or hochkar a cop so my punishment rightly overtook them mentioned though the listener came. He mentioned though that is an AMP was good.

01:05:00 --> 01:05:46

Rather than up, though the eight in a web, look at Allah while mentioning that he's gonna mention a mistake that though is going to make but look at how he introduces though he doesn't say, Oh, that was the one who made mistake. He says that would our servant Abdullah doubt, a man of strength, Val aid, who in a word always turned to us. And that is the quality that defines a believer. That's what makes a great person, a great human being. And a great believer, someone who is always able to rectify their mistakes, someone's able to accept their mistakes, accept that something was wrong and fix it. The one who's stubborn and says no, I wasn't wrong in the first place, and would justify

01:05:47 --> 01:06:29

their actions in every way that they could. That is actually not a praiseworthy person. That's a stubborn person that's maybe a person who's delusional, full of arrogance, the one who is humble, able to understand and recognize their mistakes, able to fix themselves, that is a praiseworthy person. That is what Islam wants us to become. In a world people who turn to us. What is it that happened without, though that is Allah? Allah mentions, by the way, before his mistake, all the beautiful things that he had, then he says he had the ability, he had wisdom, and he had the ability to speak, you know, eloquently, but then he made a mistake, when there are two people who came

01:06:31 --> 01:07:15

never all hostile to people who came to dispute with those lsmw but something they entered upon David, he was a little frightened how they entered upon him. They said, Don't worry, we are two people disputing about you know, something, so why don't you can you please judge between us? What is it that we're disputing about? This brother of mine has 99 us and I have only one now that you know, disturbance Runa nyjah but Leonardo da Okay, so that he said, Give this one to me. And let me have charge of it. Now, though, that Assam didn't hear the other side of the story. He said immediately he rushed to judgment is that he suddenly wronged you by by demanding that you're you

01:07:15 --> 01:07:56

will be added to his use, and has many partners wrong one another, all save those who believe in God and do righteous deeds, but how futile they are. This was actually not to humans. These were two angels that Allah had sent 2000 Islam to teach him a lesson. So as he had said this, they disappeared. And that is when they would realize, oh, something happened here. This is for one another, and Mr. Fattah now, he realized that we were putting him to the test festival for Laura Bahu so he asked his Lord to forgive his sins Hauraki and anab he fell to his knees and turned into repentance. Allah says, Farhan, Allahu Allah, forgive us since the moment you ask for forgiveness

01:07:56 --> 01:08:40

and you're sincere, Allah will forgive your sins. That's a guarantee guaranteed, that is like a done deal. Use a suffer suffer a bow seeking forgiveness, saying sorry, will hardrock Ian fell into Rocco. And, you know, make up for the mistake, immediately the sin is forgiven. It is a foreign Allahu Allah, fee forgiveness essence, we have to be, we have to believe this with certainty. We have to believe this was certainty. That's what a lot at his mercy is. Somehow Allah, Allah then addresses doubt that David, we have given you mastery over the land judge failure between people do not follow your desires. Meaning, listen to both sides of the story, before you give a judgement.

01:08:41 --> 01:09:26

Don't let your bias let let you divert you from the path of God. That's a very beautiful lesson, a very beautiful thing that a lot teaches how he first mentioned all the good qualities, amazing things about those that Islam and then mentions, the slip up he had. And then the lesson that he learned and how beautifully he accepted his his error. And that's an amazing way of explaining a mistake of a prophet. And that's kind of like a template for us when it comes to providing constructive criticism. Also, you mentioned Solomon, he hadn't mistake his mistake was he forgot about praying, he got distracted by his horses, unless he actually did something that we don't

01:09:26 --> 01:09:59

actually condone in an idea, which is that he actually slaughtered his horses. And that's something we don't you don't accept that. Like if you forgot about a blessing of Allah or forgot about prayer because of something you were occupying doesn't mean you burn it down. But a lot of times are very gently, very subtly mentions his mistake in within words that are ambiguous by design for coffee or must have been so clear well enough, he began to stroke their legs, and a next meaning last month was hiding his flaws here. And that's

01:10:00 --> 01:10:09

A beautiful way of giving, giving criticism, particularly when everybody else has this thing, you don't expose a person and you know, shame them. You have to

01:10:10 --> 01:10:41

discuss the problem without letting it become where it is shaming the person who had that problem in the first place. It's a very beautiful approach. A last part Allah then mentions how should a man accepted his mistake and repented. He said, My Lord, forgive me, I accept my mistakes, I made mistakes. And then he made the law that will allow give me a power give me a kingdom and nobody like light like no one has ever had. So Allah gave him that kind of Kingdom. And that was a luz.

01:10:43 --> 01:11:27

I thought, oh, now I'm sick. If I'm not, I'm sick, the lady is up. And he is with us in the nearest and a good place. He mentioned also a huge mistake. I am number 41. Are you ready Salaam was sick for so long, paralyzed, lost his family lost his wealth, lost his health. Yet he was patient in the face of all that. But as a sick person, a sick person is emotional. a sick person sometimes will say things that they will regret later. And he said to his wife once that I will last you 100 lashes once I'm cured. And this was out of anger for something she said that was actually a type or could have been misconstrued as, that could have led to shift. So he was right to get upset. But then he

01:11:27 --> 01:12:04

was not right to say what he had said. And that's what happens when people are sick. We have to understand that sick people will say things that you know, because they're suffering, right? So we all have to be gentle with those who are, you know, going through difficulties as sickness to Allah. Allah then says, or could be the genetic stamp your foot here is cool water for you to wash and and drink that fully restored him miraculously. And his family was restored to him. And then his oath that he had taken. Allah said, fulfill your oath, take a handful of twigs, 100 twigs, and touch that with your touch your wife with them, while at darkness, don't break your oath, your word is

01:12:04 --> 01:12:47

important. Don't just break it. But also don't harm somebody because you've done something or taken an oath that is irrational. Allah says though, in now just now sober up. Like, you know, one mistake doesn't define him. He was steadfast, he was patient, he was patient for years near him, and how amazing of a person he was in a web, always turning back to Allah accepting his mistakes. So such a beautiful surah that highlights mistakes are made by people. But it's how you learn from the mistake how you fix the mistake, and also how you talk about the mistake when someone when you're addressing or providing criticism, constructively, somebody else, but not everybody's mistakes are the same.

01:12:48 --> 01:13:35

The surah concludes with the mention of beliefs. And he was told to make such that he says what it says Anna Hiraman who I am better than him, you create me from fire, but you created him from clay. And this is not a mistake. This is arrogance. This is thinking you know better than God. This is saying that God made a mistake. God was not judging correctly. And you were and that is that is not just a slip up. That is a person who is has the attitude of the devil. So we're warned. You're gonna make mistakes. If you're gonna make it. Make it like the prophets of Allah, learn from them. Don't be like a police. Where you become stubborn and obstinate. We ask Allah to give us a trophy to

01:13:35 --> 01:13:54

understand the Quran and Sunnah to implement in our lasers, everybody for sticking around to the end. Tomorrow we will cover sort of zomer consumer actually starts in the juice and concludes in the next we'll talk about it next just in more detail. swannack Aloma hamburger and Chateau La ilaha illa Anta stuffer to willeke salaam wa Alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

A Juz A Day (23rd): Optimism and Learning from Mistakes

This juz includes Surah Yaseen (36), Al-Saffaat (37), Saad (38) and Al-Zumar (39).

Surah Yaseen – Be Optimistic
Surah Al-Saffaat – Allah’s Threats Will be Fulfilled
Surah Saad – Everyone Makes Mistakes

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