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Ibrahim 18-34 Word Analysis and Tafsir 27

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You submit Allahu Latina amanu bill cola savety filha to dunya Allah keeps firm those people who believe

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with the firm word, when in the worldly life and also fill in the hereafter as well. You subito from the roof letters sir bat from the work the speed and the speed is to give strength to give resilience to stabilize.

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So you said bit Allahu, Allah gives us beat, Allah makes firm, Allah stabilizes, Allah establishes who those people who have believed, how does he make them firm? How does he give them stability? Bill cola Sabbath with the firm word.

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What is this firm word? What is this established word?

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This word is off galima by Eva calamata head

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because a slew her saboten were photo her for summer, do color hair color Hina. So a believer is given stability, fin higher to dunia in the life of this world. Why? Because of the holy Sabbath because of the firm strong Eman that he has.

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Because of the Quran.

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That when a person stays committed with the Quran, then a lot of times it will give him stability. Again, many times people are afraid. What if I change? What if I go backwards?

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What is it that's going to prevent you from such behavior? A loss of power without his help? When will Allah give you stability? When you are firm when you do something? When you keep a strong connection with the colon bill cola Sabbath, Phil Hyatt adonia waffle Acura and also in the Hereafter,

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in the hereafter also, Allah subhanaw taala will give stability to those people who are firm on our Sabbath.

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What does he mean by this, that he will give stability in the hereafter?

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Remember that the hereafter begins with that.

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So when a person dies, where does he go? in his grave? And in the grave? What happens? What happens? The angels the one Cardinal key they come and the question him. And that's a very difficult test. We think it's a very simple test. Three questions are going to be asked, we know about those questions. We know their answers. It's very simple. It's understood.

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But the fact is that sometimes you know the answer. But the situation is so intense, it is so difficult. You're so worried You're so scared that you forget everything. Tell me how many times that has happened with you that you memorize. And when you come you see the test paper, your mind goes blank.

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And sometimes you're shocked. I knew this word. I knew the answer. It was right in front of me, but I couldn't remember.

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So the believer who is firm who is committed to the word of a lock to the Quran, in this dunya then what's going to happen in the grave when he is questioned, Allah will give him stability. Allah will give him confidence, he will give him the ability to answer those questions, he will give him the ability to pass that test.

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Secondly, Alaska also includes on the day of gentlemen in his app, Allah will give him stability over there. And thirdly, on the bridge, that when people will be crossing the bridge over the Hellfire to get to Jannah Allah subhanaw taala will give him stability over that bridge so he does not fall

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Will you leave the law who's really mean and Allah leaves to stay who the wrongdoers were for an Allahu Maya and Allah does whatever he wants. So we see over here, that when a person is committed, despite the difficulties, despite the opposition, despite the unfavorable circumstances, then what happens Allah subhanaw taala will make him firm.

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But what is needed from us commitment, if we stay committed, if we keep doing what we're supposed to, even if we're going against the flow, even if we're going against everybody in our family, in our household in the society, we're the only ones but we remain firm on the Quran. People market us, people question us, they make us wonder if really what we're doing is the right thing to do. But still, if a person stays committed, he does not leave, then what's going to happen a loss of penalty Allah will make him firm. Allah will give him firmness, Indonesia, and the hereafter. Many times we wonder how come we don't have stability in our actions. It's because we ourselves are not committed.

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We are assaulted or committed we are assaulted distant from the horror.

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So when a person tries to be stable, a lot will give him stability.

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And this begins with what with a man that when a man is first

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In the heart of our Sabbath, it's firm in the heart, then Allah will give him stability in this dunya and also in the hereafter.

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And this begins with being true to yourself being committed. Many times we say we're going to do something but we don't do it. Whereas we see that the Sahaba they were people who fulfilled their word. They did what they said and Allah subhanaw taala praises that in total 23 Allah subhanaw taala says middle Mina de Jalan sada Kumara huduma. Hurley, they fulfilled the promise that they had made with Allah. Whereas we learned about the genetic code and sort of the Toba, that will mean human Ah, ha de la, la in Atlanta, I'm in Fort Lee, Vanessa Connor, when an akuna Minnesota hain, but when Allah gives them what happens, they turn away by looby. They become stingy. So one way is fulfilling

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the promises with Allah fulfilling your commitment. I said, I'm going to study the Quran. I said, I'm going to do this, I learned about this, I am going to do it because I said I was going to do it.

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And the other is of not fulfilling promises. When a person does not fulfill promises, he does not fulfill those commitments, then what happens? If Allah does not give him stability? Even?

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Think about it. When you come here every day, if you tell yourself No, this is a commitment that I have made, I have to come every day, then what happens?

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Allah gives you the ability to come, somehow or the other. And you may wonder sometimes that how am I going to get to school today? How is it ever going to be possible? How am I going to appear for the test today, but if you are committed a low will enable you.

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And sometimes what happens if you don't show up one day for a reason that is not even justified? Then what happens?

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You're not even able to come anymore. You miss one day for an unjustified reason. And you miss another day and you miss another day. You missed one test, you missed another test. You don't memorize one lesson. You don't memorize another lesson. You skip one assignment, you end up skipping another one. If you try to be committed, you remain committed. Allah will give you that commitment. Allah will give you that stability.

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But if you yourself, don't try, then Allah will alternate enable you. You submit Allahu levina Amma know, how will Cody savety where filha to dunya and also in the hereafter. And on the other hand, when you little Allahu Allah it mean those people who do Zalman themselves, Allah subhanaw taala. These industry, then in the context of Allah mean, the kuffaar, the NFL clean the machine. What happens to them in the grave when they're questioned? When they're questioned when they're examined? They don't know the answers. They don't know the answers. It's possible that a person used to pretend that he was a believer, but when in the graveyard question he has no idea as to what the

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answer is. There's a Hadees which is reported by a Buddha to learn who in which the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that indeed when a dead person is buried,

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he hears the thumping of their shoes, whose shoes the people who bury him. When he is buried, he hears the thumping of the shoes of people who bury him as they walk away.

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And then do angels with shades of black and blue colors.

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black and blue colors, they come to him. Just imagine someone approaching you in black. You have no idea who they are.

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They appear to be very scary, very daunting. How will you feel terrified, you're alone in the dark? No one can hear you.

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And one of them is called mooncup and the other is called Nikita. As for a righteous believer, his prayer and Quranic recitation appear by his head.

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His prayer and his called onic recitation. His fasting appears on his right and his giving of Zakat appears on his left and his other righteous deeds of charity. supplication walking to the prayer places and rendering good and benevolence to the people appear by his feet.

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He is then approached by the two angels in a threatening way from the direction of his head, but his prayer and Quranic recitation say there is no passage from my direction. He is then approached from his right side, but as fasting says there is no passage from my direction. He is then approached from his left side but is a cast as there is no passage from my direction. He is then approached from the direction of his feet but has other righteous deeds of charities application walking to the prayer places and rendering good and benevolence to the people. They say there is no passage from my direction. He is commanded set up

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by the angels. So in other words, the angel does they approach the person the good deeds, they defend him. Why because he had stability in those good deeds, then the person who sold setup and

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He sets up having no fear, and no terror, because he knows that I will be saved. Having no fear, no terror, and he is made to envision the sun. He's made to see the sun setting. And he says to the angels, let me pray.

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He says, Let me pray. Why? Because the time of us is going, how can you say that? When he used to say to the people in the dunya,

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that I'll talk to you later, it's time to pray.

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I'll call you later. It's time to pray.

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But if a person ignores us, Allah, talking to people, then how can he do this? When he's in the grave?

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So they respond, you surely will but first answer our questions, who is your Lord? He replies, my Lord is Allah. They asked him, What do you say and testify in regard to that men who came to you? Or who is your prophet? And he replies, as he used to say before that, my prophet is Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, He is Allah, Servant and Messenger. He brought us clear signs from Allah and we believed him, I testify there is no true god but Allah and that Muhammad is a servant and Messenger. They asked him, What is your religion? He replies, my religion by which I lived, is Islam. They say we expected you to give these answers. We expected these answers from you,

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upon the certitude upon this conviction you lived, and upon this conviction, you died, and upon it, you will be raised when Allah wills. And in this regard, Allah subhanaw taala says, You said bit Allahu levena amanu, we'll call it savety, Phil hyah to dunya. Well,

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on the other hand,

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the non believer, the person who does not believe when he is approached by the angels, from the direction of his head, there will be nothing to defend him.

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Nothing to defend him, because he was careless with regards to his deeds.

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And when he is approached from his right side, again, there will be nothing to defend him. When he is approached from his left side, there will be nothing to defend him. And when he's approached from the direction of his feet, there would be nothing to defend him. He is commanded, set up, and he sits up in his grave, in a state of terror and fear. They asked him who is your Lord? He replies, I have no idea. I don't know.

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They asked him, What do you say and testify in regard to that man who came to you? He says, which man and he's confused about his name. He is confused about his name. So they tell him Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam he replies, I do not know. I heard people say things. And I set the same.

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Remember we learned about Eman that is based on shuru and Eman that is based on the athlete. So he says, I heard people say things and I said the same. So they asked him, What did you do in your life? He replies, I don't know. I don't know. He is told, you never knew. You never knew. You lived your life as it were, if in ignorance, we expected these answers from you, upon doubt, to live upon them you died and upon them you will be raised when Allah oils

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from other hobbies we learn that when this person is not able to answer the questions, he failed the exam, then the earth is constricted upon him, it is made tight upon him such that the ribs

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they overlap one another, just like the fingers of your hands, they come like this. This is how the grave is tightened for him.

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And at the same time, a window to Hellfire is open.

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So who gets stability in the exam of this life and in the exam of the grave and in the exam of the Hereafter, the person who is stable on his deeds, the person who is committed the person who has constancy, the person who is perseverant, who is not shakey

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who does not miss out on obligations and things that are important, without a genuine reason.

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And remember, it's an entire attitude. If we do our homework, if we pray all of our Salah if we complete our fasts, then this will reflect in all aspects of our lives. And if we fall short in one thing, then this will reflect in all other aspects of our lives.

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You submit Allahu Allah gives this this beat a person cannot acquire it himself. It's a special gift from Allah. But who is it given to? Who was it given to the one who proves himself to be worthy?

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We listen to the recitation

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lm ta Ke

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Ke moto

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de una escuela

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y el Primo

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in Hobby

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man oh

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Ultimate, ultimately, everything is in the hands of Allah and no one can stop him.

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No one can stop him.

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And if you want that allows decisions are in your favor, then you have to prove it. You have to show it with your commitment with your dedication.

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So we all need to check ourselves how many fasts I need to complete? How many Salah I have been negligent about

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my Zakat have I paid it? Do I need to learn about it? This is very important because these are the deeds that will protect us in our grave

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recitation of the Quran How strong is it? How much do I recite? How much do I read? Because these are the deeds that will protect us in the grave. And once we get that protection, then we will have that confidence. So we have to check ourselves we have to analyze ourselves. What obligations are we not fulfilling?