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Fatir 1-14 Tafsir 11-14

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Well, local Hanako and Allah has created you mean to Robin from dust. So my main note affecting then from a sperm drop a lot created your origin Adam renesola, from what? From dust, some lemon notes button and then the rest of the people they're created from what from the sperm drop or who of the parent, some majority as well and then he has made you into pairs, meaning he has made you into couples as partners. People are born as individuals and what happens? They begin to live together and then two people get married to one another. So my journey as virgin has made you as pairs males and females, he has made us couples as partners.

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women, men, women only sir. And no female carries. What in her womb.

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Woman woman on Cirque de Melo is from humble and what does harmony

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burden meaning What a load what a person bears for a person carries. And the hamilo she carries meaning she conceives or she becomes pregnant when onset any female and this female can be any female, whether human or a bird or a fish, insect, any female whatever it carries, whether it is the fetus or is in the form of an egg, anything that it carries who knows about it? Allah knows about you

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when I told her and nor does she deliver tiller well blog I what are what does what army to put something down to deliver. So she does not give birth to elaborate me except with his language.

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Any woman any female, whenever it can see it's whatever she is carrying in her womb. And whatever she gives birth to whatever she delivers at what time where? Which place do what? Who knows all the details? only unknown.

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Sometimes even women don't know they're expecting females don't even know they have they're carrying something in their wounds. They have no idea. And who knows about it Allah subhanaw taala knows.

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So all of this knowledge is known only to Allah in sort of art.

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We learned a lovely Animal Man definitely look cooler on sir. Allah knows what every female carries. Well, not illegal or Hamill, what matters there too. And what the wounds lose or they exceed. Sometimes what happens? There is a miscarriage or

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a woman is expecting the doodad gums it cause a week goes by so everyone knows about it. We're colusa in the hood, we mequoda and everything with him is by the measure.

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So all of this is known to Allah in the barrel meaning what am I your unmodeled memoir I'm reading and there is no person who is given a long life more are much more are mothers who the person was given a long life.

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You're always wondering factors I mean bra or What does ermotti mean?

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Age life, you're a model, he is given a long life.

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So there is no one who is given a long life memoriam Marine, any person who is given a longer

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summer I'm not referring to the person in your model is over.

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So no person is given a long life to live.

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Well, I Yun Kasumi normally, and nor is it reduced from his life from his age, universal noon paths or knocks What does not mean to decrease to diminish reduce, nor is it reduced from his life. inlet except vikita. In a book, what does it mean by this?

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that no person is granted a long life, nor is any part of his life reduced, except that even this is in the book.

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That each person's lifespan is what decreased by a loss parameter he knows about. And this part of the eye has actually been understood in several ways. One of them is that each person's lifespan is pre recorded, it's decreed Where is it? Pick it up. So for example, so and so person is to the 54 years, five days and three hours 36 minutes, two seconds. That's exactly when he's supposed to them. So this is pre recorded written from before. Now what happens because of the certain deeds that he performs, his lifespan may be increased or it may be decreased, isn't it that we learn from our hobbies that when a person does

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slid out of Russian, that's a means of increasing his life isn't itself. So that's a means of increasing his life. So, there is no person who is given a long life, longer life than was decreed for him. Understand it was written, he was supposed to live only 54 years. But because he's so good towards his relatives, Allah increases his lifespan by two years, by five years by 10 years.

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Now, this change, this edition is also written were

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in the record, in the form of fools.

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Now, a person does wrong things, for example. And because of that Allah takes a Baraka from his life away. He's punished, like, for example, we see that the people of the past are of the nations all of them, how are they destroyed at once? All the people, the young, the old, the age of the women, children, everyone destroyed at once isn't enough. So when are you assuming normally because of their deeds, their lifespan is reduced. This is also recorded where

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this is also recorded in the book, insert a valid ID number 39. Also, this has mentioned

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that a young fella who Manisha when you spit were in the hood omocha, that Allah, He eliminates whatever he wills or he confirms it.

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That in the low hand marbles, whatever is written with him, whatever he has recorded, it's up to him, something he predestined from before he can change it from La Jolla chef, he can eliminate it will use it. And he can also confirm it. This is just like, if a calamity is coming to a person's way he makes the right it can be averted, isn't it? He gives other how it can be averted that it was written that it was going to come his way. But because he gives other it is a version so Allah eliminated that can he do it? Or she can? It's completely his choice. It's his decision.

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So why am I your model made more money while I Yun costume in early in Laffy keytab except that it is recorded in the book which book local muscles in the valley that are the La Jolla seat indeed that is very easy for Allah. He can change anything or he can confirm it as it is recorded. It's very simple for him.

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One is the Wilbur one and the two C's. They're not equal. They're not the same. Yes, though he seen Well, yeah, it's the way I still use when two things become equal. They become the same elbasan the two seas so the two C's they can never be the same which two C's has been forgotten. So one shabu one is fresh and sweet palatable for drinking. And the other is what Heather will judge and one is salty and bitter. Are they the same? No. One is fresh. And the other is salty.

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What is that which is sweet, pleasant, cool water that a person likes to drink? Even if there is no need to drink?

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When do you typically drink if you're thirsty?

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Or you had extremely spicy food, then you wish to drink something? Right? But sometimes, you're perfectly fine. You know, you open up a bottle of water for instance, and you have a sip. And you like it so much that you finish the whole bottle. What are you really thirsty? No, you weren't? didn't really have any spicy food? No, you didn't. So this is what are this fresh, sweet, pleasant water that you want to drink it. This is what I fix. And fill out is that which is tasty. It's from the roof address falada and fill out is that water that's extremely delicious. That is very sweet and pleasant. And it's also great in its quantity. So I've been forgotten very pleasant and sweet

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and fresh. Which quenches the thirst and abundant in quantity that a person wants to keep drinking has been forgotten. You want to keep drinking cool water.

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And it says isn't one that is present, easy to swallow. So if seen, well then you've done all of these words before. What does it mean by that is that we're just easy to swallow goes down your throat very easily without any difficulty. doesn't drink easy to drink. Sir Elin Chalabi will have them in front of a judge and the other one, it's all salty,

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salty, and will judge very bitter. And a judge. Remember it's used for that which when you drink when you put in your mouth or throat begins to burn. You can't even have more than one sip. And honestly try this. If you ever happen to go to some C. Then have a sip of water. Try it. No, you only want to try it.

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Remember, I tried it once impossible to drink, you can't have more than a sip of water no matter how thirsty you are. It's very salty. It's bitter, very bitter. So what hasn't been heard? It's so bitter. So it's amazing that there are two C's. And sometimes they're running together two rivers, or one river, entering into the sea, two bodies of water combined together. But it's amazing how different they are. Isn't it? One source sweet and the other soul bitter? One you can drink endlessly, you can drink, you know, again and again. And the other you can't even take a sip of it. Isn't this amazing?

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What does it show that Allah subhanaw taala has kept variety in his creation.

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And sometimes the differences are very great, isn't it so that one is extremely sweet and the other extremely bitter.

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This variety is there. If you see within the colors of different different things, the contrast so much we look at a zebra, black lines, white lines, isn't it amazing? Such a contrast. So this contrast this variety, Allah subhanaw taala has got in his creation, for us to learn from and we see this within people as well. That people are of different nature, one person extremely sweet, and other person not too sweet. But we see that each has a purpose behind it. For each there is some benefit that a person can extract. Right? Which is why Allah says that women call in and from each meeting the salty and sweet from both of them. What do you do that could

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you eat fresh meats? What does it mean by this? seafood? You get fresh, like non Korean fresh, tender, succulent fish, from where? From seawater and also from river, isn't it? You get them from rivers and all different seas that Corona Lachman, furrion.

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And 30 from Ruth, I just thought, Oh, well, but Allah it's used for tenderness when something is juicy and succulent. That Tell me if you deep fry something. Where's the juice gonna go? Try having a drone that coluna Lachman berean. What does he do in a helium atom? And you also extract ornaments. That's the whodunnit. How deep is the Hodge? you extract from what? From both the sweet and the salty paleo cotton ornaments decoration that were sooner that you were

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from salty water from Sweetwater. you extract Haley and jewelry such as

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pearls. You get freshwater pearls you get the saltwater pearls, right? different different del persona you wear them.

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And why the last penalty was over here. That salty water is beneficial, and Sweetwater is also beneficial. We think that only Sweetwater is beneficial, just because we can drink it just because it's sweet on the tank. That's why it's beneficial and salty water because it's not to eat on the tongue. This is why useless it's not incense.

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It's only natural that you like certain things, and you dislike other things, isn't it? Because each person's taste is different. Some people they have a sweet tooth and other people they like savory food,

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isn't it? every person's taste is different. Now, just because you don't like something doesn't mean it is void of any way it is void of any benefit. No, there is quiet. And

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it's only natural that a person likes some individuals and he does not like other individuals, isn't it? Now, what do you want to do those people you like you want to be with them? And people you don't like you want to be far away from them. You don't want to see them. You don't want to talk to them. You don't want to know them. But if alasa primadonna has made them a part of your life, can you avoid them? You cannot avoid them.

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So what should you focus on? On the good that is? Yes, they have a bitter taste. But think about it. They are a source of so much benefit otherwise

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Yes, the seawater extremely bitter, but can you not get a lot of seafood out of it? Of course, don't you get so many pearls out of it. Of course. The fish the seafood that is found in sea that is much more tasty.

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The seawater, it's not good on the tongue. However, when you add the sea and you breathe in that sea breeze then it's actually good for you.

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sea salt isn't so beneficial.

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You can

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You see water for the purpose of curing your common cold? It's good for your skin.

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Isn't that amazing?

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Now look at it so many benefits that come from where.

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And we think just because it's bitter on the tongue useless. Just stay away from there's no hate in it. Is that fair? It's not fair. So think about it this way as well. There might be some people who don't like you don't get along with them. But it's perhaps only one aspect of their life of their nature of their behavior. If you don't like only one thing.

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Put that aside and look at other things. Look at the other benefits that you can get. So kurunegala

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with us a little sooner. It's quite possible when they talk to you. They're not nice, but when they cook,

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right? Quiet quite possible, right? Because sometimes girls, they have this bias against their in laws. I just don't like why.

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Why? I don't know. That's it. There's just no reason no explanation, no justification, nothing whatsoever. So don't focus on what you don't like focus on the benefit. Focus on the head. Focus on all the good things that exist as well. Lachman, Perea, and Elliot and Silva Suna and you extract worlds and you wear them. And when you wear them, you look beautiful. And isn't it amazing when you face challenging situations, difficult situations doesn't make you more beautiful. If you really benefited from them, it makes you more beautiful. Because you become more conscious, you become more aware you become more careful.

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Like for instance, there are some people who in their lives, they have experienced a lot of difficulty from certain individuals could be their relatives, and they make an oath when my daughter in law comes, I'm going to do this, isn't it. They can also when my daughter in law comes, I'm going to give her space, I'm going to let her do this. I'm gonna allow her to do that. Now it's quite possible if they hadn't gone through that bitter experience. It didn't make them sweet in this way together. So sometimes what vitur people teach you, good people cannot teach you what you learn from bitter situations you cannot learn from normal situations. Sometimes they make you more beautiful,

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they make you more patient than make you more concerned about other people. You think of it this way. When I was unwell nobody took care of me. So when other people are unwell, I should be very concerned about them. Does it make you more beautiful? It does

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and sometimes it's just this like for another person for no reason. No reason especially as on these this put this thing in your head you don't like that person and you just keep that in yourself I don't like and there's no justification for it. So keep making do I feel that that Obama removed this deal from our heart remove this hatred from our heart? So the Quran Allah

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Allah Suna What are all phulka and you see the ships pee in it in were in the water. And these ships What are they doing mafia are ones that are tearing through, during through what? During to the water cutting through the water splitting the water behind the wellhead is a Florida of Magneto nincada. We have done this word earlier as well. And what is more for me to move to proceed while cutting through what you're proceeding on. Like for example, a ship as it sails on the sea. What does it do? It splits the water behind it, isn't it so which is why you see two lines going sideways.

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So my wife Sheila, they're going through the sea Lita with a woman for me Why? So that you can gain you can see from his bank. You can travel on water on seeing you can go from one place to another and you can gain so many things that Allah has created for you when I look on the screen and so that you may be grateful.

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We don't have to let them know I have 40 wahoo under the Sahara Desert kuruman hula alien, but that's the human her heliacal persona, but also will come away filati will eat up the woman probably well under control Sharon, very similar I

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can I have 53 wahoo under the Mirage behind he had been forgotten. We had them in a judge machala Baden, who my buzzer hunt

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you are you laid off in the house, he causes the night to enter the day where this variety is found in the water. This variety is also found up in the sky. Completely two different things the night and the day where the water is sweet and bitter. The night is dark and the day is bright. But what happens you lose your lane of in the hall because it's the night to enter the day where you will adjourn the Hall of remain and it causes the day to end

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The night. Night is not permanent day is not permanent. And how does this happen? How does the night pass into the day the day passes into the night? Well, Sahara shumsa, will be subjected the sun and the moon, and could no yejide each all of them they flow, they float, they proceed, they're orbitally, agile in one masama for a time that is fixed for them.

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Who has placed the system,

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Allah spent on this place the system,

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very common level of book on level one, that is Allah, your Lord, and To Him belongs to me. If you look at it, night is not permanent day is not permanent. When the sun is out, it's not there eternity. When the moon is out, it's not there eternity, isn't it? So. So if you're experiencing difficulty with someone today, don't think this difficulty will stay forever, it will come to an end one day, it will go away.

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You have to be strong.

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Similarly, it's quite possible you will love someone and you want to be with them all the time. But can you be with them all the time? Realistically, it's not possible.

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Where you like someone they go, you dislike someone they come and go, but remember they will go or remember the difficulty will go you understand or you love someone they have gone remember a loved one replace you with something.

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So don't ever feel despair.

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Don't feel negative, always look at the positive side. And you know, sometimes these difficulties are just in our heads. They're just in our heads like that this dimension that this ill feeling is just in our hearts. And Allah he can make it go away. But that's when we are willing to let it go. When we have made up our minds that I have to fix my relations with someone so no matter what I have to improve it, I have to fix it. I have to put in the effort when you make up your mind. Then what happens a lot even facilities

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but when you think oh I don't like that person Africa doesn't have to get rid of them. Then stadium.

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So eulogy later for now, how will you region our fileted will suffer shumsa will come up it isn't a lost control. Cornelia de la masama daddy como la hora, bucola 111 let into the room and dooney and those beings whom you call upon besides Him, what is their reality? My MD quantum and ketamine, they do not even own something as small as a ketamine what is literally the husk, the cover of the dead stone, when you eat it, there is a stone inside, right? Some people divide those dates which are free of any bits.

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Get the normal dates with a bit inside. And when you open the dates and you see the fifth you will find the husk covering it a cover around a thin membrane around it.

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If sometimes if you touch it, what happens it sticks to the dead stone or it gets stuck to the pile, the fruit barn. It's that thing? It's that small. So those beings whom you invoke besides Allah, they own nothing, nothing at all. And Allah What does he own everything from the salty water to the bitter water from the night to the day from the Sun to the moon, everything he owns it and the false gods into the room. If you call upon the lions.

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They don't hear your call. They don't even know you're calling them. You made the out to them they will not hear your call. You call them for 1000 years you call them loudly they don't even hear they cannot respond they for example if there is an item and a person is praying before it then it here no it cannot. There is a person who is dead in his grave and a person is making their art to it can that dead person here impossible into the room layers marudhar

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wallow some euro and even if they were able to listen, could they respond? No muster Jabu locum they can ever respond to you. Why Elmo piano? And by the way, don't misunderstand this Hello some your that they can perhaps listen? No, this is just hypothetically speaking. They don't listen, first of all, and if let's say even if they could listen, could they respond? They could never respond. Could they answer your prayers never will yom will be empty and on the Day of Judgment. Yuk photoinhibition calm they will completely deny your association

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that when you associate them with a lot, they will completely deny that they will not take any responsibility or they will declare their innocence from you. They will disown you.

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And we learned this in many many places as for example in sort of Mario 82 we learned come there say a Corona very bad to him. When you're cool noon are they

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that those Gods they will deny their worship of them and they will be against them opponents they will become opponents of those people who worship them.

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Instead of Eunice is 28 to 29. We learn physeal navedo mokara Shaka over Makoto iyana darboux. The shadowcat will take whatever worshiped us

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into halfaya five to six we learned women although loom in my other room and done in LA he Malaya studied hula, hula, Yeoman piano, who mandra

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who is more Australian and he who calls upon other than Allah, someone who will not respond to him until the day of judgment. And they have their invocation are completely. They have no idea they're being even called

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to a person who calls upon them. How Australia's Allah says, When are you in a bit wickedness, Mojave, and no one can inform you, like Hobbes like,

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like the way Hobbes tells you, no one can tell you that.

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The reality is that Allah informs you off, no one can inform you.

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No one can tell you about the consequences of things of actions, the way a lot of

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what are you going to view coming through?

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It's like, you know, when somebody says to you, that nobody else can give you this good of an advice. So listen to them.

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Right. So similarly, Allah Who is the Habib, the one who is completely aware, fully aware. So when he is telling you about something, did he listened to Him, obey Him? Do what he's telling you to do? And stay away from what he's wanting you from where you are, because no one can tell you the way he tells you. No one can inform you what he influenced because he is audible it was Chicago.

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Okay, listen to that.

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the mini

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nose for a

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while Levine I am co

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as a

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tomorrow in

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on our Roku Louis

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larly como como la

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be no hobby?

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Let me see when people turn to other than a lot of people will be turned to asking them for help worshipping them praying to them. They may be able to hear but can they respond? Can they fulfill your needs? They cannot can they take the difficulty away from you? It's impossible for them. So, why turn to someone who does not even own a kidney? Who does not even have control over me? This is how small insignificant they are.

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You find out somebody has a lot of wealth you get impressed by that somebody does not even look at me. What do they have? Nothing. What are they worth nothing. So why turn to them? They own nothing at all.

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Listen to the recitation.

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one owes me Oh

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as salam or aleikum wa rahmatullah.