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Ta-Ha 105-135 Word Analysis and Tafsir 127-135

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What are they gonna do see? And does do we recommend us refer the one who transgressed, the one who commits transgression. The one who does is far he exceeds the limits.

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What is rough is this, he exceeds limits in fulfillment of his desires. That to fulfill his desires, he doesn't stop at any limit.

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Because of that, he leaves the Quran. He does not recite the Quran anymore. He turns away from the vicar of Allah.

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He stops doing what he was doing previously, worker there lekan urges him and Asafa, how do we recommend him that he will be resurrected blind on the day of judgment? When maybe it will be and he does not believe in the science of his thought. Because if he truly believed in them, he would observe them. He would remember them

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whether there will be a shadow. And surely the punishment of the Hereafter is more severe, and it's more enduring. It's more lasting,

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it will be permanent.

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Because sometimes what happens what is it that prevents us from holding onto the Quran

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from continuing the recitation of the Quran, because we want to eat want to have fun, we want to go out we want to talk. It's the desires, right?

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Love of dunya it's the desires. So the one who commits His wrath in fulfilling his desires, what does Allah say? That this is the punishment for him, that he will be raised blind on that thing. And the reason behind that, is because he doesn't really believe in the idea, because if he truly believed in them, he would give importance to them,

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whether they will or should do, what

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if and only then has it not become clear to them, he had alone. Over here he Dyer gives a meaning of the day his shed and what is it is shatter. It gives knowledge and what does knowledge do? It clarifies things to a person.

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So Flm Yoda home has not become clear to them. Come lakanal tabula homina Quran how many generations we have destroyed before them.

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How many generations of people have come in this dunya and have gone?

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How many generations how many people have come to this dunya and they have gone em shown a famous equity and they walk in their homes in their dwellings.

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In a sometimes you go to a place and it says that this building is 200 years old. It's 300 years old, it's 500 years old. This structure was built 1000 years ago, I'm sure in a famous acronym. They go to these places. They walk amongst these buildings, they see them they witness them. But still they don't take a lesson in the field. ellika is indeed in that are surely signs for who literally knew her for those people who have intelligence.

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Those people who have intelligence, they take a lesson.

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What's that lesson? That when they see the remnants of the people who have gone before them, they realize that dystonia is temporary.

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It's enjoyment is little.

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It's enjoyment is little,

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it's very short lived.

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And the final award is which one, it's the one that isn't the hereafter.

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Therefore, my energies, my time my efforts should be dedicated to which home the home of the hereafter not the home of dystonia, because the home of this dunya I will go and eventually it will go. Both of us will be separated from one another, but the home of the hereafter that is eternal.

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And through through Hajj, if 46 we learn Flm jezero Phil early feather cornella home khulumani Aki Luna Bella so Have they not traveled through the earth and have hearts by which to reason?

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Oh, then yes, marijuana via an IRS by which to hear for in the hella thermal episode well, I can determine kulu allottee for pseudo, for Indeed, it is not the eyes that are blinded but blinded are the hearts which are within the breasts.

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That sometimes we see but we don't take a lesson.

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Allah subhanaw taala is asking us don't they see? So many people have gone before them? So many houses have been destroyed before them. They see these buildings, but their makers are gone. Their inhabitants are gone. Don't they realize one day they will also go

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when Ola kalama Don Saba caught Mira Baker, and if not for a word that proceeded from your Lord, which Kadima is this, the kalama of rescue

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that these people will be allowed to live until a certain time that they will not be punished in this dunya rather the punishment is for them in the hereafter. Willow left Kalamata on Suboxone

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Bigger, like cannibalism, and surely the punishment would be resentment. It would be a necessity, it would be inevitable it would be an obligation.

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lizanne from the root letters lambs, I mean vizima lezama is to stick to something.

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And from the same root is a word lesson, which gives meaning of word, permanent, it's obligatory, it's incumbent.

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So had it not been for the promise of Allah, that these people are not to be punished until the day of judgment, meaning in the hereafter only. The punishment is not to descend upon them in this dunya had it not been for this promise, these people would have been finished. This punishment would have certainly come upon them. What a god muslimah and a specified term agilon masama. This is connected with Kalamata because Kelly Mattoon what edge alone Muslim, this is Raka outfit. So had it not been for kalama and had it not been for agilan Muslim?

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You see the people of Makkah, they used to demand the punishment for the Prophet sallallahu Sallam all the time, that if we're wrong, how come we're not punished? Okay, if you say that the people before were punished because it is believed in their messengers. If we disbelieve in you, how come we're not being punished? So what is the last penalty

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that Allah has promised? He has said that these people are not to be punished until the day of judgment in the sense that they're going to live their lives in the dunya punishment is not going to descend upon them as a descendant of the people are the people who have submitted the people of New Hardison.

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Had it not been for this, they would certainly have been punished.

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Therefore, for spirit, or profits are a lot of fun and be patient. over what erlenmeyer coluna over what they say.

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What did they say? Words of mockery, denial, they would taunt him, they would abuse him verbally. So be patient over what they say. And how should you comfort yourself was a bit heavy handed and exalt with praise of your Lord.

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Do the speech of Allah Subhana Arabic has been initiated in two ways. But first of all, do it this way. And secondly, praise Allah.

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Why praise Allah? Because in this ayah the times have been mentioned in particular, as to when to do the speed.

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And some scholars have said that there is no specific time for this view. You can do it this way any time isn't it?

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But the time of Salah is fixed. So what's up behind the lot bigger popular toleration, see before the rising of the sun at this time before the sun rises? Do we have

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do the Kabbalah do the handover

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and also praise Allah, Allah would that be fudges Allah will cover the Hulu BIA and before it's setting

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and this refers to the late afternoon prayer as a

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woman and as a lady and from the periods of the night. And there is a plural of Indian and Indian is used for hours, and especially the hours of the night.

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So also pray to Allah. Praise Allah do this be when? In the hours of the night with Sunnah does it refer to Margaret reshot as well as the 101st a bit, then exalt What are often now and also at the two ends of the day

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at the office of Florida.

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And scholars have said that are often the hub it refers to those who have Salah. Why? Because the time for it begins at the point where the sun starts to go down.

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The time for the hood begins at the point where the sun begins to go down.

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And this is the end of the first half of the day. And the start of the second half of the day.

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You understand?

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after noon after 12? What happens? Half of your day is left Isn't it?

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Isn't it So, before noon, you have a chunk of the day and afternoon you have another chunk of the day. So often now the two ends of the day meeting where one part of the day comes to an end and the other part of the day begins. So what time is it the time of soul. So after often,

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there are like a turbo so that you can be satisfied.

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So in this ayah what is said that Be patient over what the people say. lower their mockery over their times over their denial and busy yourself into the curve of busy yourself in the worship of Allah

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so that you can have the law of the hearts you can be happy

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You can be pleased. You can be pleased with what with the reward that you will be given in the hereafter. And what is that reward that you'll be able to see almost primetime.

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In the Hadees, we learned that Jared even Abdullah, he said that once we were sitting with the Messenger of Allah sallallahu wasallam, when he looked up at the moon on a night when it was full, and he said, verily, you all will see your Lord in the Hereafter, just as you see this moon and you will not have to crowd together to see him. Therefore, if you were able to not miss a prayer before sunrise and before sunset,

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meaning make sure you don't miss your budget, you don't miss your muscle, then do so. Meaning with you will be able to keep to your budget and also on time, then you will be able to see Allah and then the prophets Allah Lawson recited this ayah

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so Allah tada so that you can be happy and satisfied. What is this reward, seeing a loss.

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And now I look at Allah has also been understood as so that you can be satisfied in your heart despite the opposition that you face.

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Because think about it, when people are taunting you when people are mocking at you. When people are accusing you. They're denying you they're not listening to you. Opposing you. How do you feel? Very sad, very depressed. You see at the beginning of the soda, what did we learn morons and now illegal and

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don't be sad, don't be depressed. So what should you do to get out of that depression, due to the economy?

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engage yourself in the worship of Allah. Praise Allah on time. And then you'll be happy.

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You will have satisfaction because Allah basically lay the ultimate end.

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And our Lakota has also been understood as, so that you can be content with the decisions of

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God, the circumstances that you put in.

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And now look at Allah in the dunya and also in the hereafter. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that Allah subhana wa tada will save all people of Paradise and they will reply, we are at your service and your pleasure Our Lord, He will then say, Are you all pleased? They will reply, why should we not be pleased Our Lord, when you have given us what you have not given any other of your creation? Why should we not be pleased? Allah will then say verily, I am going to give you something better than that. And they will say, and what could that be? And Allah will say, I have allowed for you My pleasure. So I will never be angry with you again after this. Never be angry with you after

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one atom with the nine acre and do not extend your eyes. Then we're done. For me that that mud which is to stretch to extend something, so do not extend your eyes, a llama Matera nabee as well germane

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to what we have given enjoyment of do as well as your minimum to the various categories of these people. Meaning do not stare longingly, do not stare with desire to what we have given the people of dystonia, because what they have is just Zelda that had the dunya it's just the glitter of this life. Zara is used for a flower a rosebud.

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And it's used for the apparent and temporary beauty of something, the temporary beauty of something.

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So what they have, yes, it's very attractive. It appears to be very beautiful. But what is it in reality?

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It's just like a rosebush, which is very beautiful for some time, and eventually it opens up and what happens, then the petals begin to fall, and it's gone.

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You know, there's a particular tree that you may have noticed these days. When spring comes, it blooms. It has beautiful flowers, generally it's either pink or white.

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So what happens within a few days, literally all those flowers are gone, isn't it? It doesn't even last the entire spring or summer.

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This is the Zahara of the life of the dunya. This is the reality of what these people have left in a home feeling.

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And why have they been given this so that they're being tested?

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What is up bigger hail on whatever call and the provision of your Lord that is much better and more enduring. Meaning Yes, what they have seems to be very impressive, but what your Lord will give you in the hereafter agenda, it is much better and more or less than

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what they have today. It will deteriorate what you will get tomorrow, it will be everlasting and it is full of because also understood as spiritual provision of a man of prophethood that what you have is much better.

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With the Quran that you have, it is much better than what the other people have.

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So don't look at what they have with you.

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Desire thinking oh I wish I had the same thing. I wish I had also gone and completed my degree and today I'd be making so much money like this person is making know what you have received is much better. You have the Quran which they don't have what is called a bigger higher on what abacha

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what a lack of equality and command your family with seneff was severely hurt and also remain steadfast upon his Tabata is to remain steadfast on something with solid. So command your family to pray and also you remain firm on Selena.

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Let us look at this. We don't ask you any provision, meaning we have sent you in this dunya to perform certain good deeds, we have not sent you in the dunya to make money. When you come to us we will not ask you how many houses you had. How many cars you possessed? No, we're going to ask you what what you did

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lenise Alucard is nano nosocomial, we provide you risk welaka to lithoco. And the final outcome is for what for dakhla meaning for the people of taqwa. So in this ayah the addresses general that beast at first on the commands that Allah has given on the obligations that Allah has imposed on you many times what is it that stops us from fulfilling the commands that Allah has given to us?

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What is it?

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Think about it, it's that we have to earn risk, right? I have to earn money, I have to have this degree I have to do that I have to do that. But what is Allah say we have sent you in this dunya to do some armor.

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Let us look at this. nano notice aka we will provide you what alphabet to be taqwa. Therefore, don't forget your purpose.

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una de Murcia

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Walla Walla,

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and they say, Why does he not bring a sign from his Lord? Lola, Tina,

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the people of Makkah, they would repeatedly demand miracles from the Prophet sallallahu wasallam.

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And over here, the same demand is mentioned that they say How come he does not bring a miracle that we have requested that we have demanded? Why doesn't he bring that mirror be? If he's really a prophet, that he should be able to show us that miracle? Allah subhanaw taala says our lamp that to him, has not already come to them. by year two evidence which evidence Murphy's sorrowful owner, that which is in the previous scriptures, in the former scriptures, a sorrowful Allah, which scriptures does it refer to the Torah and the NGO? So has the evidence not already come to them? of what is mentioned in the previous scriptures, meaning what is written in the previous scriptures

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about his coming about his arrival about his science. So is this evidence not sufficient? Is this evidence not enough? Why do they want to see miracles? When in the previous scriptures it has mentioned about his arrival and he has arrived when the hood

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They used to constantly say to the people of Arabia, that we are going to have a messenger and through him, we're going to become victorious over you.

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And the people of Makkah, the Arabs were very much familiar about the arrival of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. So when he has come, then isn't that a sufficient sign? Isn't that a sufficient miracle? Why do they want to see something else?

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While an moluccana home? And if we had destroyed them? Where are their women? Probably he would the punishment before it before what? Meaning before the coming of the messenger. If these people were destroyed, because the machine of Makkah, they would also say such things that if we're wrong, then how can we have not been punished? As far as you tell us that the previous people who did check who did, who did such and such actions that are very common within our society, they were destroyed? How can we have not been destroyed? A loss of panel data says had we destroyed them before the messenger came to them? La kalu. Surely they would have said, or have been our, or our Lord Lola or CELTA,

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Elena masuleh? Why did you not send to us a messenger, meaning on the day of judgment? This is what they would say that Oh Allah, why did you not send a messenger to us? Men hubballi before unadilla that we were humiliated when Elsa and we were disgraced. Now they learn from the root letters, that lamb lamb, from the word Zilla, and what they learned humiliation

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and NASA from the root letters hawza. Yes, please you and because Eunice disgrace what's the difference between the two? Villa is when a person is humiliated in his own sight. When a person is disgraced, how in his own sight, and his vision is humiliation disgrace in the sight of others. So before we were humiliated and disgraced, why did you not send a messenger to us?

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So Allah subhanaw taala, saying over here, that the messenger has come to you, and right now you reject Him, you demand a miracle, you demand one thing after the other, you market him, you verbally abuse him, you don't believe in Him and you say things such as why have we not been destroyed? Well, if you had been destroyed on the Day of Judgment, this is what you would have said. So, it is out of Mercy of Allah, that he has not punished you and He has sent a messenger to you

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say, Cologne, on Moodle, Robison, all of us are waiting, meaning each of us you and us, the believers as well as the non believers, each and every one of us is waiting, waiting for what waiting for the end of this affair, meaning waiting to see how the Prophet salallahu affair ends up

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who becomes successful, who become successful, is it us or is it you?

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So colcannon mater of Busan, Fatah Basu. So, you also wait meaning Be patient, keep doing what you're doing and we will do what we are doing for satara lamona soon you will know man as Hubble slit office, so we who are the companions of the sound bath of the right path. So, we we have done this word earlier module and so, we a man that is perfectly sound perfectly balanced in his farm in his appearance in his physique. So sawed off so he is a bat that is correct, it is straight, it is free from any deviations, it does not take a person to the wrong destination rather it takes a person straight to the destination. So soon you will know who are the companions of the right bat

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woman and who is rightly guided meaning soon we will find out who is on the straight path and who is reaching the destination. Today you do not believe

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do what I am calling you to and you do not realize that what I'm calling you to is in fact of benefit to you. But tomorrow you will find out tomorrow you will know who was right and who was wrong in total for Can I have 42 we learned was so far and the moon haina your own either been a little looser Villa but soon they're going to know when they see the punishment that who is farthest astray in his way in throttle karma i a 26 Auto we learn say Allah Muna harden manual can assure they will know tomorrow that who is the insolent liar.

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We listen to the recitation

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of all, please silly woman the

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As mentioned earlier, this was what was revealed at the early stage of the meccan era.

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And that was a stage when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam had just recently publicized his though,

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because in the first few years, he had kept it secret. And after a few years, he had publicized it.

00:26:11--> 00:26:17

And when he publicized it, that brought about a lot of hostility, a lot of opposition.

00:26:19--> 00:26:33

And as a result in this solar, we have learned about the story of Musa al Salaam, the story of federalism in a lot of detail that shows to us how the messengers have

00:26:34--> 00:26:54

received so much opposition and hostility from those whom they have called to the way of Allah to, however, at the end, who was successful, it was the prophets of Allah. It was those who were upon the hook. And through this story, the prophets are alone a sudden was being confronted, that yes, there is a lot of opposition.

00:26:55--> 00:27:03

It seems as though you were surrounded by your enemy, that you are so weak, that you have nothing, that you are unable to do what you want to do.

00:27:04--> 00:27:18

And the disbelievers your opponents, there are so much more in number, there are so much more powerful than you There are so much more wealthier than you. But still, what should you know, that at the end of the day, when people do

00:27:20--> 00:27:28

that those who have the fear of Allah, they're the ones who are going to be successful, as demonstrated by the story of Musa and heroine.

00:27:29--> 00:27:49

And we also see in the final ayat in the concluding ayah, to disorder, that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was given certain instructions, such as that he should be patient over what the people say. Because one is that you refute every criticism, every accusation of people. And if you start doing that, then there is no end to it.

00:27:50--> 00:28:01

Because the more you get yourself tangled into such situations, the more you get stuck in them. So what is the solution to that? ignore what they say, and visit yourself in the vicar of Allah,

00:28:02--> 00:28:07

busy yourself in the worship of Allah, stay focused on your mission.

00:28:08--> 00:28:24

Because when you will stay focused on your mission, then that will bring happiness to you. Furthermore, that will bring happiness to you. And if you start defending yourself, if you start refuting everything that people say about you, then that will not make you happy,

00:28:25--> 00:28:30

that will only make you miserable. And this Quran has not come to make you miserable, it has come to make you happy.

00:28:31--> 00:28:40

And we see that amongst the instructions the Prophet sallallahu Sallam has given is do not look at what these people have. Because their own also had a lot

00:28:41--> 00:28:43

compared to what the money is what you had.

00:28:44--> 00:28:51

But all that wealth, all that money, all that prestige, all that glory, it was finished,

00:28:52--> 00:28:53

it was swallowed up by the sea.

00:28:54--> 00:29:36

So similarly, if your enemies have a lot today, don't get intimidated by it. Don't think that you're unfortunate know, what you have is much better. What is full of bigger, hi Iran, whatever call the provision that your Lord has given you it as much better and in this is advice for each and every single one of us. Because when a person comes towards the dean, when a person begins to learn the Quran, then definitely he suffers a little bit, because dunya some suffer more, some suffer less scholars of the past they used to say that we have never seen that a person who strives for the Hereafter, that he will not suffer in his dunya and a person who strives for dunya you will not

00:29:36--> 00:29:43

suffer in the matrix of his hereafter. So, this is true that when a person's goal becomes the accurate and he will suffer in the dunya

00:29:45--> 00:29:49

and when a person's goal becomes dunya then he will suffer with regards to the metrics of the hereafter.

00:29:50--> 00:29:54

It does happen some a little bit and for some much more.

00:29:55--> 00:29:59

So if you are suffering in this way, do not feel bad.

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Do not begin to compare yourself with those who have much more than you in the worldly sense. Think about the risk the provision that Allah has given you, which is everlasting,

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which will not just bring you comfort in the dunya but it will bring you comfort in your grave and also in the hereafter.

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And also one more important instructions the prophets Allah Madison was given is that become firm on salah

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and also command your family to praise Allah.

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Because Salah is what keeps the person focused, it brings comfort and peace to a person's heart, that no matter what difficulty is going through, Salah will bring him peace

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because alphabetically lay down

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and was there you know, the slavery was solid. So in this order, a lot of advice a lot of instruction is given as to how to deal with opposition, how to deal with hostility, how to deal with such situations where you are very few where you are limited in your resources and the enemy is much more and what we see is that a person should continue to do sober and he should keep relying upon Allah subhanaw taala and stay focused on this mission subhanak Allah whom will be hamburger, the shadow under either illa Anta the stockbroker