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Ta-Ha 1-40 Word Analysis and Tafsir 37-40


AI: Summary © The transcript discusses the importance of cutting a child off the world and keeping him in the house all the time, rather than just giving up. The speaker emphasizes the need for education and training for everyone to become successful. A woman named Maria Cena was given a bath and hesson to see what happens to a box, and the speaker also talks about a woman named Jacob who lost her child and is now alone. The conversation also touches on the difficulties of life and how everyone is challenged and must be trained to become successful.
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Because what occurred and certainly manana we conferred favor. I laid upon you monolith and okra another time.

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Yes, we have responded to your requests over here. We have given you what you need. However, we have also conferred great favors upon you before that other times that other occasions when NFL newsletters mean no known man which is to bestow a favor to be kind toward someone.

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So right now you're making the law. You're the law has been answered. But before we gave you, even when you did not make the law we provided you even when you did not request that provision, we helped you even when you did not request that help, because Allah subhanaw taala He is the one who cares for his servants. So when did we provide for you When did we help you when you didn't even seek requests that help

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is a hyena when we inspired in our omega to your mother, my you her what was inspired

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when we revealed when we inspired to your mother what was inspired to her

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the word where he has been used and this where he already gives meaning of a lamb.

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Now the mother of mozzarella salon when she gave birth to Masada Islam, what happened that was the year according to some scholars were fed arm was killing the newborn sons off the Bani Israel. So Messiah the son was born in that year and he was supposed to be killed at any time the soldiers of the army would come and kill him. But the mother of Masada center, obviously like any other mother, she did not want that her son should be killed. So Allah subhanaw taala put this idea in her heart, he inspired her with this idea that she should put him in a box and put that box in the river. And like this mozzarella salad would be saved.

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And the word that has been used is where he because it was a lamb. It was this idea that Allah subhanaw taala put in her mind.

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And also the that perhaps you were sleeping, and in her sleep, perhaps you had a dream, in which she saw that she was doing this so she thought of putting her son in a box and putting that box in the river. We learned through the process I number seven what oh hyena either only Moosa, Annie Leary and we inspire to the mother of Moosa that suckle him, Feed him, nurse him for either 50 or lay he, but when you fear for him, that the soldiers are going to come and kill him for LP heavily on me, then cast him into the river, while at the hoffy while at Bethany, and do not fear and do not grieve, in now do who lie, would you are a luminol mursaleen Indeed, we will return him to you and

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we'll make him one of the messengers.

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Now, just imagine, just imagine, a mother is putting her son, newborn son in a box, and putting that box in the river, how difficult it must have been for

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how difficult we protect our children from the slightest of things even we become so protective, but she put her baby in a box and put that box in the river. And this was at the commander.

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So what was that were he an equity fee that you asked him if the fee from the reflectors of the alpha path is to throw something far away. Whatever field kulu became a robber, it means to hurl to put something to toss down so put him fit their booty doubled we have done earlier as well that was used for adjust for a box a case so put him in a case put him in a box in a chest faculty fee he then cast it meaning throw that box where Phil yummy in the river, which river

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Nile fell up then it should cast it What should cast it the river should cast the box the case fell you'll kill your move where besar Haley at the bank at the shore and this lamb over here fill up lamb over here as for our giving the meaning of Hubbard that this is what's going to happen then that this box is not going to continue to float in the river somewhere into the ocean or perhaps be drowned into it know the river is going to bring the box towards the shore and it's going to leave it over there. And when it's left over there Yeah, who he will take him who will take Masada center I'll do would be an enemy for me what I do will know who and an enemy for him and who's that enemy

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fit our own that fit our own will take him from there and he will not harm him.

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Did musasa asked for this? No. But Allah subhanaw taala granted this protection to him anyway.

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So you are

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Asking for some Dora's. Yes, they have been granted. But remember all those times when we protected you, when we provided you, when we took care of you, when you didn't even know when you didn't even ask,

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or later.

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And I bestowed upon you later alayka Allah Allah is to give something to someone, to be kind and generous toward someone do bestow a favor towards someone. So, either alayka I favored upon you might have better meaning. Love from myself.

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What does it mean by this?

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Some have said that what this means is that, a lighter alayka Mahabharata mini I bestowed upon you with my love, meaning I bestowed my love to you. In other words, I loved you. I favored you with my love, I made you my hubby, my beloved.

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And when someone is beloved to the other, then he will definitely take care of him. He will protect him, he will preserve him.

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Others have said that will LA to la cama habita, meaning that I cast love upon you so that everyone who would see you loved you. Everyone who saw musasa fell in love with him.

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You see every child, every baby is attractive. But there are some babies to whom everyone is attracted to you.

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It is said that musasa was so attractive, he was so cute, that anyone who saw him fell in love with him. Tom said that there was something about his eyes, that anyone who saw him just fell in love with him. So even though a child was found at the shore, at the bank of the river, and fit our own, took that child, still when you saw that child, he did not kill him. He did not inflict any harm upon him. Why? Because that child was so adorable. He was so cute. How was it by chance? Was it by chance? No, by Allah subhanaw taala well, later alayka Mahabharata mini when he does not either IE and so that you are made under my eye does narrow from sonar, sonar is to produce something with

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skill. And this word in particular is used for like for example, things are produced in factories, how are they made,

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temperature has to be of a certain level. Similarly, the air quality has to be of a certain type, the color, the size, the shape, all of these things are considered. So when you puzzler, so that you are brought up you are manufactured, you're made, are there any under my guardianship and my protection. These were the favorites that are lost the pilots are bestowed.

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On the one hand, Allah saved his life. And on the other hand, he also cast upon him love from himself that whoever samosa fell in love with him. And musasa was brought up in the house of the enemy, but Allah protected him from harm. So why do you fear now, when you have to face the enemy?

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why I brought you up in the house of your enemy, he could never harm you. Now, if you have to go back and face that same enemy, why do you fear I will protect you, I will preserve you. So if Allah is help us with someone, then no one can harm that person. No one at all. Even if he is this close to the enemy, even if he's living in the house of the enemy, even then the enemy cannot harm me. When, when a loss protection is there.

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So through this, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam is being reassured, he's being consoled that, yes, you're surrounded by your enemies. But remember, they cannot harm you. They cannot do you any harm, because you are under our divine protection, just like Moses and was under the protection of Allah. So

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now you see that musasa was brought up in the house of someone who claimed to be God, someone who worshipped idols as well.

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But still, we see that his religion was fine. Nothing caused him loss, not the environment, nor the enemy.

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That sometimes we worry a lot about the religion of our children. That what's going to happen? What school are they going to go to, you know, somebody is going to teach them a bad word, somebody's going to teach them a bad concept. And they're going to begin misbehave and they're going to start using inappropriate words. We think that the third area of our children is entirely in our control.

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Remember, it's not entirely in your control. You can do your best. But one day you take your child to a friend's house to relative's house, and then he picks up one word that you don't want him to ever say again. And it's a cause of great embarrassment for you. Now, what's the solution? cutting your child off from the entire world, keeping him in the house all the time? That's not the solution.

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The solution is in praying to Allah, that Allah, you take care of this child.

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You provide him the best, the best of you. Just like Maria Maria Cena was given a bath and hesson and musasa was brought up in the house of the enemy. But look at him. He became a prophet of Allah, a prophet of Allah.

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And we learned intellectual life as well, that when the parents are righteous than what happens of law takes care of the children, even if the parents are not there anymore, even if they have died, even if they have passed away. What kind of a boo boo masala Ha.

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And we see that the mother of musar listen and also, she was a righteous woman.

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So Allah subhana wa tada take care of Messiah. So

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we don't instead of focusing on number nine, we'll call it the motivator owner, convert to our na Li willock. let Dr. Lu

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the wife of her own, she said to her own, that this child is a comfort of the eye for me and for you don't kill him. It is at that she did not have any children of her own. So when she saw was Arizona, he was so adorable, that she wished to adopt him. But for your own you wish to kill him. Because obviously he was from the Bani Israel. Perhaps from the garments that he was wearing, or the kind of box that he was in, it was quite obvious that he was from the Bani Israel so you wish to kill him. But because you are so attractive, the wife of Iran fell in love with him. And so you don't have to give up. He couldn't do anything. It is also at the fit our own. He tried to kill musasa many times

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many times, but each time the wife would come and protect musasa. So what do we see that if Allah is protecting someone taking care of someone, then no one can harm him

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is dumb she took her when your sister went when your sister was walking. This was when the mother of Masada center had put musallam in a box and that box was in the river. So she sent the older sister of Masada Sam to walk by the river and see what happens to the box. So it's them she have to go when your sister was walking, it is said that her name was muddy. So she was following that our booth to ensure the safety of musasa them and also to know of his news for the Hulu. So she said when she saw that the rocks hadn't picked up by the people of her own, and that fit our own and his wife have taken musallam as their own child. So she said to them, how shall I inform you either upon maniac

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follow the one who can be responsible for him? The one who can take care of him for you? Meaning Should I tell you about a very good nanny, someone who can really take care of him really well.

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Why did this happen?

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We learn into the classes I attend to 13 that will also have to add to Mimosa feriha and the heart of Masada Sam's mother became empty of all else. She was so worried. She was so concerned that her heart became empty of everything else in Canada tubidy v. Lola, Rebecca Allah can be held in the corner middle meaning she was allowed to disclose the metric concerning him had we not bound foster heart that she should be of the believers.

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We'll call it the oath he could see. And she said to his sister, follow him to the mother sent. This is terminal service and that follow him for bussola to be here on gentlemen, we're home Larry Sharon. So she watched him from a distance while they perceive not. Meanwhile, the people of her own had no idea that she was watching him.

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Well, hold on now I lay him out there, I'm in public. And we had prevented him from all wet nurses before.

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So now imagine musasa was an infant and an infant has to be fed by a woman. He has to be breastfed. So all of the wet nurses that were available, they were called and each of them try to feed most artists and most are listening would not take from anyone and I imagine an infant is crying is hungry, how desperate you would be give him a bottle, give him something feed him from somewhere. So musasa they got many witnesses for him. But Allah subhanaw taala says well hold on now I lay in Marathi armeniaca blue all the wet nurses were prohibited upon him for pilot so the sister said Halla De Luca, Marla, elevating yaku Luna who, for whom Luna soon she said, shall I direct you to a

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household that will be responsible for him for you while they are to him for his upbringing sincere. Should I tell you about a family who can really take good care of him? So while I do look Amala my akula so they said of course please tell us. I imagine in a desperate situation like that where the child is hungry, you just want any solution. So they don't care if the wet nurse will be from the bunny Israelite or from who they just said, get anyone who can manage to feed this child for generica. So like this, we restored we returned you Illa Oh

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meeka dear mother, we brought you back to your mother, your own mother, why? Kate the color I knew her so that her eyes become cool. Her eyes can get some rest.

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The color I knew her for the researchers call for how, by seeing you again, by nursing you again by feeding you again data cover I knew her. Well 1000 and so that she does not create

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that has done has been understood in two ways that she does not grieve over separation from you. And lathers and that you also don't grieve over separation from your mother. Did you ask that you should be returned to your mother at that time? Did you have any idea who you didn't? Who took care of you? Who provided for you? Who preserved you? Allah soprano tality

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caseworker, I knew her well.

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And later on, well, cartels and Epson and you killed a person.

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How, by mistake. And this person was a he was a Coptic fan of Jane Eyre coming along me. So we delivered you from distress, from grief from worry, what was a lump that massage isn't an experienced that first of all, he had committed murder. And definitely you will be afraid of Allah subhanaw taala this was the one that he had. And secondly, the harm that fit our own would find him and he would kill him. So Allah subhanaw taala delivered him from Islam. How? By taking him out of Egypt by taking him out of Egypt. We're fatten NACA Fortuna and we try to a severe trial. We tried you constantly one fitna after the other one test after the other for the NACA futuna for donors

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muster. And according to others, it's the Florida of the word fitna. So we tested you with different different tests one test after the other with various ordeals, with severe tests, constant tests.

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Notice that Musab grew up in the house of the king in the house of the film, but still he underwent many tests one difficulty after another.

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The day he accidentally killed the Coptic. The day after that, he found out he was informed that her own and his people were trying to find him in order to kill him. Now when he found out that I am the wanted, man, what did he do? He just ran away from Egypt. Right where he was at anyone go home. Right from there, he left and he ran and ran and ran until he reached Medea. And when he reached madeon, who did he know? No one. Did he have any food? No way. Did he have any water? No. any money? No. Did you have any idea about who the people were what he can do over there? Nothing. But he made

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that Rob be in Lima and delta l am in Highland Valley. So Allah not only provided him with a family with a wife, but also a job. He also gave him a source of income.

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For the NACA for tuna we tested you severely one test after the other for a visit se Nina Viet Lima de and and then you remain for years in the people of Medina for how many years? for 10 years, he lived over there and he had a family and he had a source of income and some

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coding and then now you have gum or Musa Allah cada upon decreed time. Yeah Moosa

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meaning when you have come here on the mountain, to get this fire to get enough, you didn't come here by accident. It was all planned. It was all a part of the plan.

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And once upon a time he grew up in the house.

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That murder that happened, yes, it was an accident. However, there was a reason behind that. When you left Egypt when you lost your house when you lost your family, and you ended up in Medina and even that was not by coincidence. And when you left me at the end to travel from there, you coming in this direction. Losing your way, again, was not a coincidence. You finding this light this fire was also not a coincidence. So magic Darla cadonia Musa, when you have come over here or Moosa, it is according to the plan of Allah, you have come at the right place at the right time that had been decided for you from before. And after that the right time when you are at the right age of

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receiving Prophethood of conveying the message to the people. So what do we see in this ayah

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that the prophets of Allah, they all lived difficult lives. They all underwent great difficulties,

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even before they became prophets, like for example before Masada Sam received Prophethood he underwent so many trials before the process

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Sorrell Allison received Prophethood again, he also received so many difficulties. He grew up as an orphan. He underwent so many difficulties, we see that Miriam also, she underwent so many difficulties. Risa Listen, I'm your Herodotus. And I'm Zachary Ellis. And I'm all of them experienced so many difficulties, all the righteous servants of Allah, where the profits are otherwise, they go through difficulties. And these difficulties are not because Allah has abandoned them, or because he dislikes them. These difficulties are because they are being prepared. They're being trained, they're being prepared for a huge task that they have to perform.

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Because difficulties they train a person, they make him strong, they make him courageous. When a person has been exposed to many different things, he is more confident. And when a person has grown up in a very closed environment, that he doesn't have confidence. He doesn't know how to deal with people, he doesn't know how to deal with various situations.

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So we see that everything that happens in life is for a reason. And a person should remember that this is a part of the risk that Allah has given me whether I have asked for it, or I have not asked for it. Because sometimes we regret a lot over our past. Why did this happen? Why did that happen? Why did I suffer from this loss? And why from that loss, but the fact is, if you had not suffered from that, you would not be here today.

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If musar, Edison had not suffered from the loss of his home in Egypt, if he had not gone to Meridian, how would he come here? How would he get the training of being a shepherd? He wouldn't. So everything that happens is for a reason. And a person is being trained as an expert ISS was an article in FCW. And I have produced you, I have made you for myself.

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You have been crafted like this, you have been made like this so that you can do my work.

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So don't be sad over what happened.

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Don't be regretful over what happened. rather see all those points in life where Allah helped you were a lot took care of you even when you didn't ask for that assistance. If he took care of you there, he will take care of you in the future. You remain determined. you dedicate yourself and he will take care of you.

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all the tests,

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Poli Sci Fi,

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sci fi

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few relate this back to the I that we read at the beginning.

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This Quran has not been given this guidance has not been given that you become miserable, that you become sad and distressed.

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Think about all those times when Allah has taken care of you. When Allah provided for you, he preserved you, he gave you so many opportunities. And this for an alter this guidance also that has come. It's not so that your life becomes difficult. It's because you have to be taken up to a level higher dislike musala salaam, the SE underwent so many difficulties. But when he was given this responsibility, it wasn't to make his life miserable. It was because he had to convey the message to the people he had to perform a very honorable task.

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So a person who has positive thinking about Allah that my Lord will never wish evil for me. Then only he will be happy with the blessing of the Quran. Then only he will be content with the difficulties that he faces as well. Then he will not go complain to people. He will go make the right to Allah just as Masada centimeter I don't know. He didn't say Oh Allah This is so difficult. How can I go back

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Don't you know about this? Why don't you care for me know,

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he trusted Allah. He through his stuff. He picked up his staff. He prayed to Allah rubbish for his Saturday.

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So it begins with the correct perspective. You have to have a positive thinking that my Lord always wants good for me. And if he has given me the score on this is also from my good.

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Yes, there are difficulties, but difficulties are a part of life. I'm just being prepared for something greater. be hopeful, be positive, and see yourself becoming happier every day and not getting depressed.

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So proud Nicola who will be humbucker Michelle de la ilaha illa. And, Mr. Federica wanna to be like I said, I'm really committed to life.