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Taimiyyah Zubair
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Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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Kareem Amma Bharath. Pharaoh the biller him initial point rajim Bismillah Al Rahman Rahim, arbitrary acidity were Sidley Emery Raka melissani of Kuru Kohli probenecid nerima so kita Malachy to Salah Bismillah R Rahman Rahim, moussaka, what does it mean? It's the plural of me

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and me apart isn't the structure of mithral from the word waqt. What does it mean? So McCarthy is the timings okay the timings of what of a solid meaning at what time is supposed to be performed? When should you perform Salah anytime that is convenient for you, or are there specified timings for certain prayers? Bob malarkey does what it will fugly here, the first bar is the timings of prayers and fugly her its virtue, the virtue of what the excellence of what the accidents of prayer itself, because Mr. Bahari will mention the virtue of Salah again, and also the virtue of performing solar at its specified time, the excellence of performing solar at its specified time and in the specified

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time, the best time and what is the best time the earliest time possible? So what is the virtue of them? Well, only he and his statement winning the statement of Allah subhanho data that insalata cannot Allah me, Nikita makuta that the Salah has been prescribed on the believers how kita makuta ketevan a command and instruction that is malkuth malkuth. Remember how he explains it as what kata who I lay him that he has appointed the times for them? In some versions of Sahih Bukhari you will find these words more cotton Wakata Who are they him in some you will find just What the Who are you do you have it written in your book? Okay, what are the Who are they you have?

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So, what are the Who are you meaning he has appointed the times for them. So in other words, a person cannot pray so that whenever he wishes, rather he has to be mindful about the timings which Allah has specified which Allah has ordained. And we see that the timings of prayers the five daily prayers, they have been specified in the Quran and in the Sunnah of the prophets of Allah. In the Quran, where have they been mentioned? First of all in this ayah because Allah says Kitab among Buddha, their timings have been specified. And secondly, in the Quran, there are many references to the timings when soldiers should be performed. So for instance, in total Islam is number 78 Ls lb

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Allah says only Muslim latterly do Luca shamcey it also contain vocal and fragile in the Quran and Frederick kanima shuda that establish the prayer at the decline of the Sun until the darkness of the night and also the Quran of dawn. Indeed, the recitation of Dawn is ever witnessed. What does this mean? Alchemist lauletta leader Luca shamcey leader Luca shamcey lamb over here gives the meaning of the meaning near at the time when So, when the sun begins to meaning the client from its meridian. So, after the time of noon, not talking about after 12 o'clock, but after the sun has reached its meridian and then it begins to go down. So from that time onwards, what happens Allah says over here

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up in the solid meaning established the prayer and ritual that is that the hoysala

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and illa hasakah lay until the darkness of the night meaning until the night becomes dark. So until that time, what do you have to do establish the prayer. So this shows that from Miss flna half until nisswa Lane Salah has to be performed from when to when Miss Wanda half until Miss full lane, what is this one the half half of day. So that means from the time that the sun begins to go down from the meridian until half of the night, half of the night doesn't mean 12 midnight, okay? But it means from the time when the sun has set until the time when the sun will rise. So from mllib until half point, okay, that is what this will lead because that is one of our circulators right. So until that

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time, you have to perform Salah website, how do we perform from this phone how to display for prayers, which ones are they as a Muslim nation, and these four prayers, their timings are joined in the sense that they're followed by each other, one after the other. So lower the time of Zohar is followed by

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The time of acid which is followed by the time of moderate, which is followed by the time of Russia. So they're all joined and connected. So that means you can praise overslept, technically from the moment when the time enters until also begins. Again, also you can pray from when that whole window begins and ends, Mahara began you can pray from when the window begins and ends in Russia, the same thing. It's obviously better to pray right at the beginning. However, you can also pray any time until the next prayer begins. For Asia, the expiry is displayed half of the night. Okay. And then Allah says local budget and the recitation of fudger. What does that show that federalist Allah has

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mentioned separately, which means that the time of fudger prayer is not connected with the previous prayer and the next prayer.

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It's by itself. So you understand that the time of prayer, it's such that right before fudger, there is no Fuddy lasala there is no felt prayer. And right after fudger ends. After that, again, there is no time for any thoughts on it's isolated. There's free time. Okay. And that free time is for what no effort, so called Anil budget. This shows that before budget, there is no prayer. After further there is no prayer. So there is a free window. So it shows to us that from this one lane. Until fudger. Any thoughts on our there? No. from sunrise until Miss Wanda, any prayer that time? No. Okay, no prayers at that time. You can pray? No, I feel that's a different case. However, no

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funciona. So in this ayah, what do we learn the either I mentioned to you the timings off Sala. And just one more thing before we continue the two timings that I mentioned before, during after Frederick, if a woman, let's say she was menstruating, and she finished her period, after this whole life, is she required to practice you know, let's say the time of Russia ends at, for instance, 12 o'clock, for instance. And she ends your period at let's say three o'clock in the night? Is she required to get up and British? No. Why? Because the time of Russia is finished. Similarly, if she ends her period at 10 o'clock in the morning, is she required to verify? No, she's not required to

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prove it. So the same way she's not required to fast that day either.

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Because some people say that if it's before noon, that you end your period or something, then you have to pray or you have to fast There is nothing like that. ending your period and that should be followed by herself. So she doesn't need to do also until basically, if your period has ended and it's overtime, then she will fast. But is she supposed to pray Isha? No. Why? Because the time ended time already ended. Now from the Hadees. Do we learn about the prayer times? The timing for Isha prayer is until half of the night. Half of the night means from sunset until sunrise. Okay, from sunset until sunrise. How many other hours there were halfway point is which one? So for example,

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these days, Maria was At what time? almost five o'clock. And fudger is At what time? It ends at what time around 730. So from five o'clock to 730, what's the halfway point? Five o'clock to until 730. So about 1245 one o'clock, okay, until then you can very shy these days. So you have to calculate it. Okay. So from the Hadees what's the evidence, evidence of the prayer times? Because many people say when the Quran Allah tells you praise Allah so you can pray anytime.

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Right? I'm at work all day. So it's difficult for me, I'll display all my prayers at the end of the day, or I'll pray all my prayers before I go to work. But you can't do that. Or a person says I need to go shopping so before I go shopping, I will pray my answer and Margaret so that I can chop easily. Now you can do that. Nor can you delay them from their proper timings. No, you cannot pray before the time begins. You cannot pray after the time has ended. You have to pray within that correct window. Have the center of the law have no Muslim other color color to Allah American and me she have in a narrow mode of nerve disease or one other disease and remember halifa he's also a man,

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so he also leads people in prayer. So what did he do one day, a hora salata, Yeoman, he deferred the Salah one day. What does it mean by deferring the Salah inshallah we'll get to that for the whole array here. Oh, what's up musubi sir Levin's Ave. He came to him about a who so he informed him that and then Maria shorba that Molina been turbo, a Honda Sonata Yeoman. He also deferred the

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Now one day, well COVID iraq while he was in Iraq, for the holiday, he was rooting inside of you. Someone was rude and sorry, he came to him for color. So he said, Man, I said, What is this? omocha Why are you deferring the sobre? La Mesa did not put it into you know, that energy briella that jabril nasbla first wonder that one day he came down, meaning he came to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam for Salah, he prayed for Salah Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam also prayed with him. So masala then again jabril. After some time he prayed for Salah Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So masala then again after some time to be prayed for Salah Rasulullah

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and then again so masala after some time he prayed gibreel for Salah, Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and then some masala and for the fifth time, W pray for Sundar Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, sama Allah and then gibreel said we had to do with this I was commanded. Meaning I was given this command to come and pray with you at these times. For color remote, so remote said when others easily wrote what he said to

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him, no matter who had this, you are narrating meaning Are you sure about this? our energy brina who are commonly Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam our inner gibreel was it actually jabril who he akarma he established the Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam dr Sol at the time of the prayer did gibreel tell the prophets on a lot of sent about what time he should pray? Allah Allah, Allah setka Delica kind of a shoe every muscle in your head designed to be this is how the shield will be Miss Ruth used to narrate from his father. So in other words, yes, I'm very sure about this because this is the narration that I have received. And then Colorado road was said welaka had desert near Asia,

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or Asia also narrated to me. So he's giving him another proof that another suit of lies on Allahu alayhi wa sallam Can I use it I saw that he will prepare ourselves for now will shun Sophie who did Latika while the sun would still be in her who did a meeting in her apartment, public and who before it would become completely visible. inshallah we'll discuss this. So in this Hadith, what do we see that Omar bin Abdulaziz, he deferred the prayer once once means that it wasn't his usual habit. It just happened once. And by deferring It doesn't mean that he deferred it from its proper time, but rather it means that he deferred it from its mooster hub time, because remember that when a Salah is

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performed in congregation, then what is best that it is performed at its earliest time. Why? Because we know that that is one of the best deeds to be performed a solid to Allah walk the higher performing the Salah at its proper timing at its earliest time, meaning as soon as the time has entered presale at that time. And when in congregation people are praying, they should establish the center at such a time. Why? Because so many people want to pray together, they want more reward. So it's best that it is performed at the earliest time possible. But Mr. bin Abdulaziz What did he do one day he deferred it. So he differed from Mr. halftime and which prayer was this it seems that it

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was also Salah, because or what also gave him another proof that I should have looked over and then she said the prophet SAW the laws and and prayed at such and such time. It seems that it was so a lot of detail on who he came and he advised him not to do that again. Why because I should be performed at the earliest time possible. And he gave him the evidence that movie era when he was a meal of Kufa when he was appointed by more or a little on who what happened. He also deferred the prayer once and a companion came and warned him not to do that. Why, based on what happened in the life of the prophets, Allah is based on the fact that the prayer times have been fixed, we should

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not delay them. That jabril came to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and he prayed with him. Even his house said that this incident that that has been mentioned over here that jabril came to the prophets have a lot of fun and you prayed with him. This happened the day following the Israelite journey. So it's like journey. In the night the prophets Allah Larson received the command to pray. The five prayers were gifted The morning of what happened who came to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam when seems from Frederick time and at fudger time for Salah. He prayed and then the Prophet sallallahu wasallam Salah It doesn't mean that jabril prayed first and the prophets of Allah said

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and prayed after him. What it means is that gibreel prayed and the prophets of Allah said and trade along with him and for Salah I mean it shows that he followed you believe in everything that you believed it so in other words read was the email and the prophets are allowed celebrate behind him.

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I'm amazing. And this happened five times that day, because it's mentioned five times, right? So it shows that for every prayer jabril told the prophets of the laws and and when to pray, when to pray fudger when to pray, love when to pray us on when to remember it when to pray, or show all the five prayers up without him. This is an example of what that we see the practical demonstration, right? Who came and showed him Okay, we are going to pray now.

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When the sun is like this, we're going to pray now. And as it is setting, we're going to pray now. Okay, so, practical demonstration. And this proves to us another very important thing, which is that everything that the prophet SAW a lot of snow was given was not just the Quran, he was also taught many other things besides the Quran gibreel brought to Prophet sallallahu Sallam the Quran and also mithila humara who, and along with it, something similar to it meaning teachings from a loss penalty, which are not in the Quran. So this is an example of worry that is laid mutlu where he that is not recited. And this also shows to us that the Quran, it tells you about the hokum, but the

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clarification the detail, where do you learn that from, from the Sunnah? How did the Prophet sallallaahu Selim know when I am different, and how he would not speak out of his desire, he was taught what to do when and how. Because you see, over here, what when how everything is explained by God coming to him, and showing to him when to pray. So this troops was the prayer times are from who? Allah subhanaw taala. So when the prayer times are from Allah, we cannot change them. We cannot say, it's too inconvenient to pray at 11 o'clock in the night in the summer, so we're just going to move it to 10 o'clock. No, you can't do that. You can't do that. If it's actually a shot time, I

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mean, there could be some places where you don't have a shot at all, that's a different case altogether. But if you are seeing a shot, then you have to bear a shot at every shot time. It's different if, let's say a 10 year old child, who has just started praying all five prayers. For him, it is very difficult to parish at 1130 and get it for fudger at four o'clock, okay, so to help the child learn, establish the habit of praying the five prayers, you let him pray, you know, combined with motive on the day when he's really tired, that's a different story. But establishing a jamara that should not be moved from its proper timings. You see, for ibadah there are certain conditions

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for any act of worship, there are certain conditions for Salah, what's the condition? diamond, if the time has not begun, how can you pray, you can pray. If you pray, it's not that particular prayer, it will be counted as knuffle perhaps. But if it's your issue or your mother, that's not monitored, there could be a reason to defer the prayer from the first from a will walk. But as long as it's within the correct window, there is no harm. In fact, I'll just mention it right now. That the Prophet sallallahu Sallam what we learned from Asana is that Salah should be performed and it's a warlock, meaning as soon as the time has entered, except for two prayers, which ones are they

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reshot and

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the prophets that allows him prefer to do a short prayer? Why? Because it was convenient for the people. Because tomorrow was to be established, it's too soon after Muslim. Take these days, for example. You have Muslim at five o'clock before five and you have Russia at six. So if the men have to go to Masjid again and again, Russia at six, it's very inconvenient, it's very difficult. So if it is deferred until eight o'clock, is that a problem? It's not a problem at all. The prophets have said this is the right time for it had not been difficult for my own man. So he always kept you know what was convenient for the woman in mind. When it comes to Zohar Salah he would differ when it

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would be very, very hot. And this is why it is preferred, according to the select to defer the wholesaler because the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said the scorching heat is from the blast of Jannah. So he didn't want people to be coming out of their house in scorching heat, and experience a test of Hellfire just to get to the muster. Once when he was traveling, a lower time than what he got up in order to say the profits of us and told him wait a little. He got up again, wait a little he got up again wait a little three times he stopped him until the shadows became long, meaning it was very close to us or time because it was cooler than and then they established the prayer. So

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from this, it has been derived that people's needs must be taken into consideration when the prayer schedule is being set up. What is most convenient for the people? Like for example, it could be sad.

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It began at six o'clock. We're going to start tomorrow at six or five. We're going to start tomorrow at six or two

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but it's not

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Meaning for everybody. People need time to do judo, people need time to come to the masjid. All right. So these things should be taken into consideration. Usually people get off work by five o'clock, they come home by six o'clock, they need some time to have dinner, if you have a shot at 630. Again, it's very early for most people. If you have a seven, again, it's early for some people. If you have it at eight o'clock, it seems reasonable. So if it's convenient for people within the timeframe, it is permissible, but you should not delay it until the very end. That Salah is almost gone. So for example, our salsa has been performed literally 10 minutes before Maria, that's not

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correct. But those that I like we see from this another prophets that have autism that he diverted until shadows were long, it was very close to regular time, why it was convenient for people. So for example, in a Masjid, there could be a lecture going on between McRib and Russia and for that reason they wish to defer Asia. Is that okay, perfectly fine. There could be classes going on. And for that reason, they want to defer a little bit within the timeframe. Is that permissible? Yes, it is. It's just convenient for everybody. And it's not just people who are in that building, but people who are at work as well, who have to come in order to pay Salatu. Juma, for instance, if Jamal is exactly at

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1230, for many people, it would be difficult for them to come. And also remember that when jamara is being established, it's always best to keep the timings different from other Messiah. Why? Because it's better for the whole community, that if a person Mr. jamara, and one question, he always has the option of going to a different question. So there are one, we should all be cooperating with one another. Okay. So relevant Abdelaziz he asked, or what are you sure that it was gibreel? Who told the prophets on laws and about the timings? And he responded that of course, why? Because he said, this is how it was narrated to me, so I'm not making this up. It was I learned it, I learned this

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Hadees from someone. And then he gave him another evidence and what was that I shall build on her told me what, that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam used to pray so that at what time that when the sun was still in her huddle, meaning the sunlight was still pouring into her room cobla and takahara, before the sun itself had become visible, meaning before it had become completely visible, that's closer to when? Closer tomorrow. So the sunlight was still pouring into her room. So this timing is basically early time of us very, very early. So he's mentioning over here the prophet SAW the laws and and prayed are also very early. As soon as the time entered, he prayed. So this shows to us that

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we should also do the same thing we should not defer unnecessarily. Like we discussed earlier that for Salawat, they are with us, they're connected. Okay, how that level you can technically pray from when the time begins until also begins. It's okay. Your Salah will be valid. But is it Mr. Happy to do that? No. What is Mr. Have was the habits that you pray earliest time. I mean, there will be a difference in reward between the one who paid immediately and the one who deferred until the last moment. What do we learn about them when I think that he waits until the sun is about to set and then he prays quickly? Quickly pecks dislike a rooster, so it shows that this is disliked. However,

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we also learn from other narrations that if a person was sleeping, he missed his prayer and he got up and he has time to pray just one record even he should pray that and complete the prayer because he will catch that Salah inshallah it won't be covered for him. Bad money Bina la he was the COO. Mooney Bina Isla. He was the co worker Kamal salata while at akuna minal mushrikeen. Mr. Bahari mentions an eye over here. And like I mentioned earlier, that Morocco Sala will probably have the timings of the prayer and the virtue of prayer. So, over here, some ahaadeeth will be mentioned with regards to the virtue of prayer, not just the virtue of performing prayer on time, but the virtue of

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prayer itself. And he mentions an ayah This is from sudo to Rome. Keeping this verse in context we learned for him What do you actually do hanifa Allah tala he let he fallenness earlier. Let me do this hunkeler velyka Dino came when I can act on NASA layer the moon when he been in LA he was the CO Who will pay most salata. What are the kuno minima? Shiki. In the first I have the profit sort of Addison was addressed for him. What can you establish your face for the dean that is honey of meaning, direct your face focus on the correct thing. And then in the next verse, Mooney, bien, la you plural. So what does it show that the

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Addressing not just the Prophet sallallahu sallam, but to his entire oma. And what has mentioned over here, that Mooney Vina la he what Taku Mooney been is a lot of money who is money? That is the one who repents. It's from Inaba in Abba is to repent of Roger marzulli. Well hold or it is to return with humility and submissiveness with humility and submissiveness. So be those people who turn in repentance to Allah with humility with submissiveness. The commander is given over here What the Who and fear him meaning fear Allah, and then what are famous salata and established the prayer while at akuna minal mushrikeen, and do not be of those who do shake. The scholars have said that

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this verse is one of the greatest verses that tells us about the virtue and importance of prayer. How because command has been given to pray, and what is mentioned right after that, while at the core luminol mushrikeen Do not be of those who do shake. So this shows to us that if a person leaves Allah He doesn't pray, then he is resembling the machine because they don't praise Allah. He is resembling who non Muslims because they don't praise Allah. And Allah tell us over here well at the corner man machine, so praying Salah is something that that differentiates a Muslim from a non Muslim. So this is why the scholars have said that this is a greatest idea with regards to the

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virtual salah and the following Hadith further emphasizes this point had the snapper David Newser Eden Kala Hadith and our bird who have not heard that and Avi gemorah, and even Dr. Besson part of Kadena was to replace the delegation of Abdullah Christ came to Arnott also relies on a lot of radios on them, they came to him for auto so they said in now we are main from Heather hi Yemen, Libya, we are from this clan of little beer, well Lesnar, and we are not nothing to reach you meaning we are not able to come to you in LA except for sharing heroin in the sacred month being the only time in the year when we can come and visit your Prophet sallallahu Sallam is in the sacred

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month, otherwise throughout the year, it's not safe for us, we can't travel, we cannot come to you. So in other words, you're saying that we only have a little bit of time to learn something from you. So far more nourishing. So command as with something

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that we can take from you, meaning tell us something that we can hold on to we can practice very firmly when other Illa human Warriner mama Anna and we can call to it, whoever is behind us, meaning we can go home and tell our people to do such and such meaning tell us something very simple that we can do something that is essential for us to know and to perform. Please tell us about those things for us. So he said, Moodle can be I commend you with four things one, how come on and I forbid you from four things simple things. What are they? And even when the meaning I command you, first of all, with a man Villa, Summer fissara hella home, then he explained it to them. That what is Eman,

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Bella Shahada to Allah, Allah in the law, what anila Sula law, that you bear witness, that there is no god worthy of worship of Allah and that I am the messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So I commend you to do this. Secondly, I command you to do what what your commerce letter, establish the prayer. Thirdly, what he thought was okay, and give this occur. And fourthly, what undue ado, Elijah homosassa melbournian. And that you hand over to me the fifth of what you acquire as war booty, meaning you deposited in the public Treasury. Well, and her and I forbid I'm from a Dewberry, will handle me while not hiring one nothing. I forbid you from these four things. What are these

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four things? These are basically different kinds of containers that the Arabs would use for making alcohol or making wine. So he forbade them from that. Now, in this Hadith, what do we see the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he gave them four commands, and he forbade them from four things. The first thing that he commanded them was what he Mandela. And that includes two things, believing in Allah and believing in the messenger so the longest, why? Because a vida is not possible without both of these. Because when a person believes in Allah alone, then that leads to a flawless sincerity. And when a person believes in Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, then that leads to following

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the prophets of Allah, Allah. Right. And these two Islam and mudaraba sincerity for Allah and following the messengers of laws, and and these two are conditions for the validity of righteous deeds. If an act of worship is performed without sincerity, is it valid? No. If it's performed without keeping the son of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam in mind, so for example, the person says, Okay, I'm going to pray, but I'm going to pray however, I feel like it. However I want to. So I'm just going to sit down, raise my hands and just pray.

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Just shut my eyes or look down and I'm gonna pray like that. No, you can't make up your own prayer you have to follow Prophet sallallahu sallam. So you see that? The Shahada, the testimony of faith, it leads to Islam, and it leads to whatever. And these two are conditions for validity of righteous deeds. So he told them to believe in Allah and this is the house of Allah. Secondly, he told him to establish the solar solar is also the house of Allah at Osaka. This is a Hong Kong, the people and in a way Allah because Allah has ordered the people to give us a cat, right? And then we're on to ado, la homosassa mahanta you hand over this? This is hackable, the Muslim community will inherit it

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Dewberry will hunt me Will McCleary.

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So anyway, this Hadees What does it show? What does it prove? The importance of sada right after Shahada is Salah. Now in the ayah What did we learn? What are the Konami language leaking nafi of shake my cheek is negated and with that is mentioned what Sunnah. And in the Hadith what is mentioned, though head is that of the hate and what that is mentioned is common to solder. So we see Salah has to do with belief in Allah. If a person performs a lab properly, then he is negating schilke. And he is affirming the oneness of Allah. It is directly related to one's acleda.

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It is directly related to email to faith. What's the evidence that a person believes in Allah, his prayer? And what's the evidence that that belief is either missing or it's very weak, that the person is not performing this honor? That Salah is an expression of faith in Allah, because it's conversing with Allah. It's humbling yourself before Allah, frustrating to Allah. So it will really demonstrate the belief that you have and if a person doesn't press on it, then that Eman How is it going to be shown? Exactly how is it going to be proven? So it's a proof of one's faith? All right, so this is one of the greatest virtues of Sunnah. Importance of Salah Bab Albay RT Allah iqama de

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Sala the Pledge of Allegiance on the basis of establishing the meaning and they are giving the veil over what prayer what is Berra, Berra is from rain, it is muddle bore or bar it is to extend the bar what is bar hand? So extend the hand Why? In order to join another person's hand. When you do that, when you are making a promise with someone, right? You say okay, promise, handshake. So, Bera is what it's basically holding another person's hand. And this is basically to express to show that I will abide by what you're telling me to, I will stay true to the promise that I'm making with you, I assure you, that I will do this. This is what bear is. So giving bear to someone for what performing

00:33:19 --> 00:33:59

the Salah, meaning Can someone take a promise from someone from someone else that you will praise whatever Sure. Like, for example, when a person becomes, let's say, a citizen of a country, then they have to, you know, pledge allegiance, and there are certain things that they have to abide by that they say we will follow the rules, we will do this, this, this, this, you have to do that. You work somewhere, again, there is a contract, there are certain conditions, right, that are applied on you, you have to do certain things that the pledge requires from you. So likewise, when a person becomes a Muslim, okay, when a person becomes a Muslim, is it okay for the Imam for the leader to

00:33:59 --> 00:34:42

take the day off from him? That you will establish the prayer? Because it's a matter between a servant and his Lord? So Can people come in the middle? In the sense that people start holding you accountable for your prayer? Can they do that? Do they have the right to do that? They do. If they are those of authority, okay, if they are those of authority, because we see that the prophets that a lot of it was his way, it was a Sunnah, that when somebody would become Muslim, he would take the pledge from them. Even Muslim women are mentioned in China, right? We learn about Muslim women, that those who migrate to you, then forbury or hoonah, then take Barrow from them, and of the things is

00:34:42 --> 00:34:59

what that they will pray the Salah, because some people they get offended, why are you telling me to pray? You know, this is a matter between me and my Lord. You don't tell me but it's the obligation of the parents. It's the obligation of the elders. It's the obligation of the people in authority.

00:35:00 --> 00:35:37

To tell those who are under them to praise Allah. This is why we learn that if a child when he turned seven, he should be taught to pray. And by the time that he's 10, you should be praying for that. And if he doesn't pray for that, if he refuses, and the parents can be strict with him as well, right, they can be strict with him as well. So what gives him the right to be strict? Isn't this a matter between the child and his Lord? Shouldn't this be left to the child, it should be his decision, it should be his, you know, Will. So you understand that those in authority, they have the right to tell those who are under them to press on. And, of course, you can tell them to pray for

00:35:37 --> 00:36:13

them, you can tell them to improve their Salah as well, whether it is by performing the Salah at the best time, or it is by performing Salah properly, okay? Because some children dad has rushed through their prayer. Generally, we see that every Muslim is obligated with a marinara rufina Hina Mancha, every Muslim should command that which is right and forbidden from that which is wrong. So if you see that someone's not praying, it is your responsibility that you remind them that you advise them. But obviously you can't compel them. You can't force them. But a parent can say, for instance, their child prayer right now. Or as we're not, I'm not going I'm not taking you there. You know, for

00:36:13 --> 00:36:17

example, they have to go for groceries, and the mother says, I'm not leaving until you're done your Salah?

00:36:18 --> 00:36:45

Can she put her foot down? Yes, she can. Right? Can the parents take away certain privileges from their children? for this? Yes, they can. If they do that they're not being unfair. The thing is that they should be taught from a young age, right? And then by the time that they're 10, this is the best time. This is why the prevalence of autism said right? Because if you wait until they're 13 and you wait until they're 15, and you wait until they're 17 then they're adults, you can't you can't tell them.

00:36:47 --> 00:37:27

They won't even listen to someone who is not a child anymore. 1920 and you can only tell them, but how much can you so many times it happens that it is out of fear of people that people pray. And okay, there is no horseshoe in that. There is hardly any fear of Allah, there's hardly any, you know, increase in email doesn't matter. It doesn't matter, let them develop the habit of solder at least. And eventually that will also come eventually that will also come you can share with them different ideas about the reward of certain other rituals, the importance of soda and there's so many there's so many. I mean, there is many indirect ways of teaching people as well. You can tell

00:37:27 --> 00:38:05

them you know, today in class, this is what was mentioned or this was what somebody said, and I need to practice my lesson Can I just read out the Arabic to you? Can you just listen to me and make sure that I'm reading correctly there's different ways of sharing with people because we should keep reminding, share your own experience with people you never know what can help a person. The best kind of Dawa is with actions right so when you will get up and pray inshallah inshallah and keep making the offer them keep reminding them advising them. So obey Allah. Allah can very be taken over this Yes, it can be inshallah we will study the Hardys in our next class because your time is so

00:38:05 --> 00:38:11

critical long will be sure they will let you into this little corner to retake us and I'm already caught on with Allahu Allah.

Lesson 93 – Chapter 1-2 Hadith 521-523

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