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Ta-Ha 41-76 Word Analysis and Tafsir 41-47

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I was going to shift

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over him.

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Lesson number 161. Sort of Aha, I had number 41 to 76

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was Boehner to Collin FC, and I have produced you for myself. Allah subhanaw taala said this to Tucson, Arizona, after reminding him of all the favors that he had bestowed upon him, when musala salam did not even request any of them, to assure him that if I aided you in the past, if I protected you in the past, then the future also when you are working for me, I will also protect you then.

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And remember, that was done article enough, see, I have actually produced you from myself, meaning from my work is Panera. Touka is from istana. Yes, linear from the roof veterus solid noon, sun

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and sun are literally means to manufacture something, to produce something to make something with expertise and skill.

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And if donnera is to select, it is to choose. There are many other words they're used for choosing for selecting aren't there. Like, for instance, estafa, which is to select someone on the basis of their software purity, what else

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each dubare it's the bias to choose and to bring near what else is data, which is to select on the basis of hate. So there are various words in the Arabic language, especially using the Quran for selecting for choosing. And istana also means to select to choose. But how is this word different is funner is to select something, it is to choose something, and then make it train it do its there'll be so that it is fit for the work that you wish to take from it.

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You understand, to select something, and then shape it format, train it, make it produce it, how the way you want it to be, so that it is perfectly fit for the work that you want to take from it.

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Can you think of an example

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like for example, if a person wishes to work somewhere, and when he applies over there, he's going to need some training. So, from all of the job interviews that have been taken, one person is selected. And then after being selected, he is made to go through some training, he is trained for the work that he has to do. And then when he has taken all that training, then he is fit for the work that he is required to do this is what is done is

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so I have selected you, I have chosen you and I have made you go through all of these stages in your life, all of these incidents, all of these events that happen in your life, all these difficulties and trials that came your way, why did they come to train you to make you fit for your job of prophethood so that you can deliver the message of Allah to the people. And if you had not gone through all of these stages, you would not have been ready, you would not have been fit for this task.

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So what this is, is show to us was an article in FCW that from all people, a las panatela selected who musasa. And there were many other people in the Bundesliga, perhaps whose criminal record was much clearer than that of musasa. Because Moosa listener actually committed a murder by mistake and accidental murder. And there are many other people who were much better than him. In that sense, however, a lot of panels are selected him.

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And when he selected him when he chose him, he made him go through further NACA futuna. So many various trials and tests, because all those difficulties were training him so that he was able to fulfill the responsibility of prophethood.

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So this shows to us that sometimes when mistakes happen, when accidents happen, when difficulties come our way, when we become the subject of other people's unfair treatment, when things don't work out the way we want them to. What do we think that everything is going against our favor? But what do we say over here?

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that in reality, these events, these difficulties are what in our favor.

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Because these difficulties are training us. They're making us more strong, more courageous, more determined. And if we had not gone through all of these experiences, we would not be ready for what we have to face in the future.

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Like for example, a woman becomes the subject of unfair treatment of her

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My husband, for instance, he doesn't allow her to do certain things. Whereas it's completely fine in the shutter, a sense for her to do all those things, but he does not allow her. Now at that time, she might think this is not fair. Why does he let me go? Why doesn't he let me do such and such. And if she rebelled, if she makes a big fuss, she won't be able to take advantage of that situation.

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And later on, if she bears that difficulty with patience, tawakkol, Allah, Allah, hoping that inshallah there is higher in this later on, she might realize, I have learned a lot through this experience. I have learned to be patient, I have learned to be resilient, I have learned to be determined. And this has helped me become more patient in the work that I do.

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So in every difficulty that we're going through, what should we remember, there is somewhere in this, Allah is preparing me for the future. And this can only be the case of the one who truly dress on those

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who really has positive thinking about Allah, that my lord is training me he wants something higher for me, because remember that had his maturity level be higher than you say, boohoo, there is another Hadith as well, that whoever Allah which is good for, he puts into difficulty, you say, boohoo, he makes him suffer from difficulties. So what's the narrative cleanup? See, when you went through all of these difficulties, you're actually being trained, you're actually being trained. So difficulties and tests, what are they a part of training, a doctor does not get his license until he has taken many tests, gold does not look beautiful, until it is put in the furnace. Similarly, if

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somebody wishes to do the work of the dean, he cannot do that, unless and until he has gone through some challenges in life, unless and until he has undergone some difficulties. Because the work of the team is the most important work, it's the most beneficial work. And the higher the task, the greater the task, the more training is required, isn't it. So if you're doing something ordinary, you don't need all that training. But if you're doing something very great, you need a lot of training, a lot of experience.

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So when it comes to the deen of Allah, the more tests and difficulties a person goes through, the more able he is to do the work.

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And you will see that people who have gone through such great situations in their lives, they have become so determined when it comes to teaching.

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For example, I know of somebody who, my mother, in fact, she used to tell us that when she was very young, there was no concept in their family that girls go to high school.

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And when girls go to high school after that, there is no concept that girls go to college university, don't even think about it abroad, impossible. But every step she had to struggle, and she did it.

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And if those difficulties have not going away, perhaps you would not have been as determined when he came to her studies, perhaps you would not have put in all that hard work, perhaps you would not have had the determination that I am going to spread this knowledge, I'm going to spread this awareness. So when difficulties come our way, they make us more strong, more determined, more resilient. And if everything comes easy for us, then we don't have that determination. You may have seen people who have gone through very difficult situations in their lives. They're the most successful ones aren't typically such people are the most successful ones. So what's the narrative

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on NFC, I have produced you for myself, and now you are fit for the desk. Now you are fit for the work of prophethood. So it has so therefore go or Musa go and you were a hook and your brother, go both you and your brother, with what the IRT with my signs with signs, the miracles, that I have given you, the evidences the proofs that I have given you go well atonia and do not slack and do not become lazy. fee decree in my remembrance, Latin efe decree, Danielle is from the Royal veterans well known year, from one year and one year is to deliberately fall short in doing something. It is to deliberately fall short and doing something to deliberately do less not do enough.

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Meaning a person can do it. He is able to do it. He has the ability, but still he doesn't do it. Still, he doesn't care. So this word, it could give the meaning of being very lethargic, being lazy, doing something being negligent to slack off and doing something. So Allah subhanaw taala says go, you and your brother with my signs go to fit around while Latynina physically and don't

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slackin in my record,

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what does it mean by this Don't slack and in my record,

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my record has been understood as first of all in remembering me. Meaning Don't forget me. Don't become lazy when it comes to doing vicars. Rather, be continuously engaged in my interest via internet. And especially when you counter the enemy, when you come across the enemy when you come face to face with your own, then at that time, don't become lazy in the day Kerbala. Rather be engaged constantly that they could have Allah so that they could have Allah will become an aid for you. It will become a means of courage and support for you. Just as the believers were told that by the interval and file I have 45 that Yeah, you are Latina Amano, either Lottie Tom Felton, fastboat

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to work go to law hackathon not gonna come to fly home, that Oh, you have believed when you encounter a company from the enemy forces, then what should you do? Stand firm and also, remember a lot much worse gorilla. Gauthier on why La La come to Oklahoma so that you can be successful. So Latynina physically, Don't slack. And in my record,

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typically what happens when we get very engrossed in our work, very busy, no work, we completely forget that,

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isn't it? And sometimes it's possible that we're just sitting, we're waiting for somebody to come over involved in something and our mind is fully engrossed in it. Perhaps we're marking something, we're writing something, we are going through books, we are putting books away. And at that time, we don't engage ourselves in the Kabbalah. What does it show to us that when a person is doing the work of the dean, regardless of what work it is, any work it could be.

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And remember, any work includes whether it's to do with cleaning, or it's organizing, or it's marking, or it's making stuff on the computer, or it's physically moving stuff, any kind of work that you can do for the dean, at that time, a person must engage himself into the economy.

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Why? Because just as we discussed yesterday, the work of the dean is not like any other job. It's not like any other job. Many people that take this work as a job, I just got paid for it simple. No, there has to be some spirit that is involved. You're doing this for the sake of Allah, you're doing it to gain a less pleasure. So you must remember a lot as well. You shouldn't just be clocking in and clocking out No, there should be some spirit. So therefore, less than half a degree.

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And secondly, Latin efe decree has also been understood as that my they could have victory, meaning telling people about me, in other words, who listen, in delivering medical in delivering the message to the people.

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So Latynina, meaning Do not be lazy when it comes to telling people

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do not slack off when it comes to doing that. Rather be very active, be energetic, and constantly be engaged in this work.

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Sometimes what happens, we keep the work of the hour only to certain places, certain times isn't. We think that this is only supposed to be at the institute only supposed to be at the school and anywhere else. I'm supposed to be like a normal human being has nothing to do with the hour or anything like that. But what do we see over here? That musalla seven, how don't have is that I'm told, this is your 24 seven job, wherever you are, whatever you're doing Latynina physically, your mission is to deliver the message to the people and do it wherever you can, whenever you can. And when you do it, be energetic, be confident, you know, be active, don't become lazy over there.

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Now think about it. When it comes to for example, setting up the house for some guests to come. We want to do everything perfectly. Isn't the food has to be warm, the plates have to be ready. The house has to be perfectly clean from before so that as soon as they come and when it's time to eat, I can just bring the food and everything is perfect as it should be.

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We want to do it Do you know 100%

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but this is the kind of work and dedication that is required of us when it comes to the universe.

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That we should give it our 100% that we don't fall short in anything at all. Just as when you have guests coming. You don't even want one book to be fallen sideways. On the bookshelf. You want everything to be looking perfectly. Not even one shoe should be outside of the shoe closet. Everything should be in its place. The cushions right. Everything should be in its place should be

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Looking very nice and proper, you don't Danya over there. So when it comes to the record of Allah also Latynina, theoretically, give it your 100% give it your everything.

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And sometimes we have such plans such as you know, when I have learned everything that I will start conveying, but what do we learn that ballyhoo Annie Willow?

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If you have to have guests over at your house, will you wait to invite them until everything in your house is perfectly ready and say, you have to invite them you have to invite them sometimes it happens that people are in the middle of moving, but still they will have their guests come over. Sometimes things are not perfectly in order the way they have to be the way they should be. But still you have them over. So similarly, when it comes to the deen of Allah, Don't slack enough. Don't delay. Don't become lazy. Because if we become lazy if we keep delaine if we keep falling short and one thing here one thing there, then we'll never be able to do it completely. We'll never

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be able to do it properly.

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In have an ETF in our own go both of you to fit our own. In no Taha indeed he has transgressed. This was mentioned earlier as well, that in the hotel, so how had he committed transgression by claiming divinity and also by oppressing the bunny?

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So we see it have an NFL owner in the hotel. It says though, this command gives a sense of urgency, because it has a hook was mentioned earlier. But now again, when an asset is heavy enough in our own in Notah that go quickly, he hasn't so much facade go already for coolala. Who, then both of you say to him, speak to him? Oh, learn a word. That is laziness that is gentle. Even if he doesn't deserve gentle speech, even if he is the most oppressive people on the surface of the earth. Still, how should you speak to him? Colin Lahaina notice the word cooler cooler is what kind of Farrell is it? Very valuable data or um

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and what's the number that are the dual destinia? What's the singular of this phone? So Cole Pula, what's the plural puluh. And what's the feminine singular, qu Li. Remember, it's sort of Maria Fuli and the plural of Poli Khulna, just with one known wakulla Nicola meroofer, inshallah, you will learn it.

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Okay, so for coolala, who, so both of you say to him polar lion, what is older laying lay him from the roof that was lamea noon. And leikin is that which is very soft, very gentle, very tender. And it's used in both tangible and intangible ways. And something is very tender, very soft. And the intangible way, when someone is very soft in their manner, in the way they speak, in their behavior towards others, very gentle, very soft.

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And it's basically when use for a statement, or legend is such a statement that is gentle, and it is very far from being severe or being harsh. So very gentle statement for colo COVID-19

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Why should you speak to him with gentle speech, learner who perhaps see the other the cuddle? Perhaps he will be reminded, he will take heed,

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o yaksha. Or at least he will develop some fear of Allah.

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So speak to him gently, that perhaps he will take a lesson or he will become fearful of Allah? What do we think generally, if we want to make someone fear a lot, we have to be very harsh towards them. We have to yell at them. And we have to raise our voice and make a very nasty expression perhaps then they will develop some fear. But what do we see? That even gentle words, gentle words, they can create fear.

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Because gentle words, they always catch the person always. So perhaps he will take a lesson. Or at least he will develop some fear of Allah.

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Now notice the word learner who perhaps he didn't already know that further on was not going to take any lesson.

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Then Allah already know. Of course Allah subhanaw taala knew. So this hope is being given to Masada, salaam and Hello Nice.

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Because every time a diary, a person who is calling people to Allah goes to the Maduro, he should have hope. He should be hopeful. You should never think from before or there is no hope from this person. They're never going to believe how to

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Love to be more or less everyone loves English? No, here no one to judge. Okay. You are no one to judge. Because we see that there were people at the time of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, who rejected at the beginning, who oppose the Prophet sallallahu Sallam who led battles against him. Imagine led battles against him, but still they became Muslim. Right? So he Daya is in the hands of a mosque, and he can give you data whenever he wants. Therefore, as a diary, you should always be hopeful. You never know the person might change he might accept, you should always be hopeful, and only when you're hopeful, then you can remain gentle. Then you can remain determined. And if you're

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not hopeful, you will give up you will become harsh, you will become rude. You'll begin yelling, you'll begin fighting with them. So cola layin that I know who you are Kuru Oh, yoshua.

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We also see over here that Ferran was the most arrogant of people on the surface of the year, wasn't he? The most oppressive, but still, without his enemies commanded to speak to him coldly, because that is the principle that is the rule.

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Regardless of who and how the other person is, what is your job? How are you supposed to behave? How are you supposed to speak out?

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Because if the other person is yelling, and the diary also begins to yell, then what's the difference between the two? What's the difference? There's absolutely no difference.

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If the other person is yelling, they're being harsh and you become harsh and return there is absolutely no difference between the two.

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So you as a diary, your job description involves that regardless of who you're talking to, you have to be speaking in a lesbian way. Colin legend.

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We learned through the nazjatar is 17 to 19. That musasa was told it have NFL owner in Hutto for Cole halakhah illa Anta dakka dakka illa.

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This is called alleging that musasa was told go to Pharaoh and indeed he has transgressed and say to him, would you be willing to purify yourself? Would you wish to purify yourself? Do you want to improve? So be suggestive? don't impose, don't say you're wrong. These suggested and say, Would you like to purify yourself? Would you like to improve yourself?

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And let me guide you to your Lord. So that you would fear Him? Do you want that?

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So, we see the total layin includes that a person does not begin to impose his views on the other but rather he approaches in a very suggestive way.

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seminarians with the natural eye a 125. What have we learned earlier about calling people to a loss of friends

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that older Elizabeth Baker will Hekmati with wisdom. What else will mower ever did Hasson and good beautiful advice. And we're jarrahdale. Home bility. Here is and when you do have to debate and argue with them do so in an asinine way. an accent way includes that you remain calm, that you remain gentle, that you do not become harsh. And this is something extremely difficult. Because sometimes when you get all emotional, when you get charged with all that energy, you forget that you're supposed to be gentle. So it's very important that we remind one another this is why musona were sent together, right? That when you have somebody with you that they will remind you don't be

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so harsh, be gentle. Calm down, relax. Don't say that instead say this.

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On Now both of them said Musa and Helena raisonnable last said to them go, they said of banner, our Lord in Nana and a half. Indeed we fear a year for Elena that he will use against us. What the punishment, torture

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or we fear and yet a lot that he will transgress because we are always a tyrant. So anything of the sort was expected from him.

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Look at them. So human, isn't it? Musa Luna listen so human so natural, that a warlord we feel we're worried we're scared that he will yofoto Elena yofoto from the fetters fell off all we have done this word earlier in terms of kind of what hon furuta. And what does it mean to be excessive in doing something to overdo or to under do and be extremely excessive in that.

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So we fear that Yeah, for Elena, that before even listening to us. He is going to hasten the punishment on us. He won't

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Listen to us, and he is going to hasten the punishment on us. Because remember that mozzarella sedan was the wanted man in Egypt.

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So before even he will listen to what I have to say he's gonna see me find me and that's it. He's gonna finish me. So I'm afraid I'm worried. I'm scared for my life.

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And yofoto Elena, that he will cross the limits in imposing torture on us in punishing us because he is extremely oppressive.

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Oh, and yada yada from the ruthless. balling Yeah, Julianne, so what was the De Leon that fit around could do possibly, that first of all, against almost a panic, we are afraid that he is going to transgress against you or Allah, how? That he will become very arrogant towards Allah. That he will try to compete with Allah, that he will become very inappropriate. He will become blasphemous he will say statements that are very disrespectful. And he indeed said that, like for example, for their own set to hammer that oh Harmon, built for me a structure middle clean, so that I can go up and look at the lord of Moosa. Who is he? Where is he doesn't even exist up there in the skies. So

00:26:19--> 00:26:29

musala ceram. And how on earth is Sam said we're worried that he's going to say things that are disrespectful. He's going to do things that are very disrespectful, that are going to be transgressing in the right of Allah soprano.

00:26:31--> 00:27:02

And secondly, our motto that he will transgress against people, meaning against us against the Bani Israel to show his power. And this happened, how that when musar Islam came again, fit our own past the law that the children of Bani Israel, their sons should be killed again. Which is why the bunny is right. You said to Masada surrounded Adina and kaaboo that we were hurt before you came, and we are being tortured even after you have come. So we're afraid that he's going to get along?

00:27:03--> 00:27:07

You know, just like a beehive. If it's disturbed, what's going to happen?

00:27:08--> 00:27:25

Are the bees going to leave? You know, even if you weren't the one who disturbed the beehive. Similarly, there's a bear who's sleeping, if a lion is sleeping, and somebody goes and disturbs that lion or the bear, what's going to happen? It's going to create a lot of disorder, a lot of facade. So this is what we're concerned about.

00:27:26--> 00:27:41

That he's going to get disturbed by us. And he's going to create a lot of facade. He's going to oppress people. He's going to torture us. He's going to become very rebellious in your right Oh, Allah.

00:27:43--> 00:28:43

Either, he said, Allah subhanaw taala responded to Musan Hold on, let the hoffa don't fear. Don't worry, none of you should fear. Because in any Indeed, I markoma, I am with you, too. I am with both of you, with my help with my protection. As tomorrow I hear what Allah and I also see, I hear your speech and his speech. And I see what he does, and what you do. I see what position you're in, and what position is in. So I can see I can watch both of you I can hear both of you. And I am with you with my help with my support. Therefore, don't fear him. Because I will protect you, I will preserve you. Fat do so both of you go to him for cooler. And then both of you say in indeed we have beaker,

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both of us Moosa and Haruna, who the two messengers of your Lord, notice rasulillah this is actually for us to lanie because it's our soul rosu lanie and rosu lair are bigger. It's modaco de la therefore the noon has been dropped off for sulan

00:29:05--> 00:29:18

so in our Sula are bigger indeed we are two messengers of your Lord for Alison Marina so send with us what is it sure that even heroin or SRM and masala Sam both were pursued?

00:29:20--> 00:29:46

Remember I mentioned to you that some scholars are different between Nabil and Rasulullah and others they don't differ between the two because it depends on the context that what title is more relevant over here both we're going with a message therefore the school has been used. So for us in Marana so often around send with us who when he is like you, the children of Israel you were sent them with us to wherever they're supposed to go.

00:29:47--> 00:29:48

Palestine a show

00:29:49--> 00:29:59

me meaning free them from imprisonment, freedom from slavery and let them go home. Whatever at the end, do not torture them. Do not punish them. How

00:30:00--> 00:30:11

he tortured the Bani Israel in various ways, like imposing extremely hard labor upon them, difficult work on them, that he used to make them work.

00:30:12--> 00:30:37

You know, if you look at the buildings that the Egyptians built, the huge structures, the huge pillars, if now even such huge buildings are built, there are many accidents aren't there, despite the fact that people are wearing so many protective equipment that can protect them. But still, there are so many accidents still, so many people die, you can imagine how many people must have died in making all those structures?

00:30:38--> 00:30:41

And who did he use to build all these structures? The money is free.

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And if anyone dare to say anything, he would be beaten, right there. And then.

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So for us in America, Bernie is slow in whether to add the bomb. And another way that he would torture the Bani Israel was by killing their sons and keeping their women alive.

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by the neck of the I think both of us have come to you with a sign with a miracle. We are a lot bigger from your Lord was Salam and peace Allah upon Manitoba alhuda. On the one who followed guidance, maybes be on the one who follows guidance. So in other words, they're inviting him. You see in this ayah is the invitation and also the good news that they're giving him the message that please let the Bani Israel you go, do not torture them. And maybes be on the one who follows guidance, meaning who submits to a master plan?

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That what is this piece, what is the security that the one who follows the guidance, he will be safe and secure from the punishment of Allah in the dunya and also India.

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He will be saved from disgrace in this life and also in the Hereafter, who, the one who follows guidance. And this is not just with regards to the oma of Messiah, Islam, but this is for believers of every time every year, that the one who submits to Allah, He is safe

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from travels, he is safe from punishment, where in the dunya and also India, he will not suffer from disgrace.

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We learned that when the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he wrote a letter to heraclius, the emperor of Rome. In the letter right at the beginning, he mentioned similar words. We learned that the letter was Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim Mohammed in rasulillah illa Hara of Lima room, Salam ala Manitoba alhuda. America for any other rule can be there it is slang for slim teslin Utica Allahu andraka Marathi

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In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful from Muhammad, the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, to heraclius the emperor of Rome. Do you notice how the Prophet sallallahu Sallam mentioned his title? The Emperor of Rome, because that was his title. Sometimes we think that if we're doing our to someone who's a cafe, he doesn't have any respect, don't use any words of respect at all. This is against Heckman.

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And this is against reality as well. I mean, he is the emperor of Rome, whether you accept it or not.

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So he said, from hammer the Messenger of Allah to heraclius or leamas room, the emperor of BSP upon Him who follows the guidance. Peace be upon him who follows the guidance said I'm on Island Manitoba alhuda that supersede verily I invite you with the invitation of Islam. So accept Islam, and you will be safe and Allah will give you a double reward.

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See, there's also good news, the message with the good news. And then after the good news, there is also warning because there has to be abundance. Because sometimes, when the good news is given to a person, he is motivated, but he's like, Oh, fine, I don't need it. I'm happy with whatever I have. But we see that warning is also necessary because for some people, it's fear that drives them.