Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 16 – L155E

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The transcript describes the history of the legal system in India, including Jesus's mission to help people to benefit others and his implementation of a promise to judge before a person is fired. The group will receive a reward and certificate of victory, as they protect themselves from evil people. They will also receive a certificate of victory for protecting themselves from the evil people.
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Faster, so they were not able, who they are using my dude once the wall was built, they jujin dudes were not able, and he has no clue that they pass over it. Yeah, todo la.

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And Zahara is to become visible. But it also means to overcome something.

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So they were not able to climb over it.

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This wall that the Canadian built, Yeah, dude. And dude, we're not able to climb over it. Why? First of all, because of its height, it's extremely high. Secondly, you can imagine the surface of this world.

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How would it be

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extremely slippery and smooth.

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If you're rock climbing, if you're mountain climbing, whatever tools you have, you can somehow manage to stick them onto the wall. And then you can go over, you can climb over, or at least it's grippy, that your feet can stand firm against the wall.

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But we see that this wall is made off the surfaces of copper. How can your feet stand over there? How can you bolt anything on it, it's impossible. So if I must thorough and so

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almost a thorough and nor were they capable level for it for this wall knuckle than any penetration. knuckle is from the rotators noon offer. And nakaba is to pierce to bore through to make a hole through something.

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So they were not able to climb over. And secondly, they were also not capable to make a hole through it in order to come out to the rest of the world and create facade.

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So we see that, through this wall, Allah subhanaw taala enabled me to not just save the people of that time, but also for the later generations. This was little carnations back here to solve

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that the lasting good deeds, the good deeds that endure, that continue to increase even when a person has gone. This is the kind of sort of ajaya that he left, that if we are saved from facade of the duden do today, it's because of the barrier that the Canadian built. Because imagine there are huge numbers and imagine the kind of facade that they create. So because of this barrier, he has done your stand upon all of us.

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Now I want you to notice something, the words is thorough and is different. Don't they mean the same thing, don't they

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is thorough is thorough, same translation, isn't it? However, there is a difference in the words. First is without data. And the second is with data.

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As I mentioned to you earlier, that less letters show, less effort, less work, and more letters show more effort, more work.

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So if you compare the two actions, climbing over something, and making a hole through something, what's easier, what's easier, climbing over and making a hole through something is difficult. So, for climbing over is thorough has been used and for making a hole is still thorough has been used.

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Now what was the reaction of the codename when he made the structure? And he was so successful in executing his plan when he accomplished such a huge task. What was his reaction, bata, he said had to be this is from the mercy of minority.

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This is not from my power, and my ability and my wisdom and my knowledge and my technology. And my understanding, no, this is from the realm of Allah.

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What did we learn earlier?

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Say Masha, Allah, La quwata, illa Billah. There is no kua except with Allah. So this is not out of my own power. This is because of the mercy of a loss predator.

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And also this wall is environment. How

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a blessing for the people, that it is going to save them from the evil of your judgment.

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And look at his humility. Imagine if you've made something as strong as this wall. What will you think nobody can destroy?

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Nobody can harm it. Nobody can do anything to it. But look, as of tonight, what does he say for either Java or Adobe? But when the promise of my Lord will come, meaning the Day of Judgment, what's going to happen, Gerardo who the aka he's going to make it into powder. He's going to level it.

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Just look at his humility.

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When I was reflecting on this, I remembered that when the people made the Titanic, they said not even God can destroy this. Why? Because it's so strong. It's so

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Powerful. We've put in all of our effort, all of our energy, everything into making this ship. Not even God can destroy it. But we see over here, there's little cullinane says, Yes, this wall is huge. First of all, it's from the mercy of my Lord. It's not my own accomplishment. And secondly, whenever my Lord wills, He can finish it, he can destroy it.

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Look at how focused he was on the

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look at how focused he was that he has, no matter what I've done, eventually, it's going to finish. So what's the pride about why we're proud of it?

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For Elijah award, Robbie Jalla, who the cat, the cat is from the routers, dead calf, calf duck, and duck is to demolish something, to crush it to powder, to level it, to flatten it. So he's going to flatten this wall, it's not permanent. And he says, What can a wardrobe be? And the promise of my lord is ever help God, it is true.

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The Day of Judgment, it is definitely going to happen, it's definitely going to occur, there's absolutely no doubt about it.

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So we see that the righteous servants of Allah, they do not attribute their accomplishments to themselves.

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If they ever achieve anything, if they're ever able to accomplish something, who do they give the credit to? A loss.

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Because if you think of it, who gave you the ability, who gave you the mind, who gave you the ability to plan to execute that plan successfully allows a penalty. So this is from the bounty of Allah, this is from the mercy of Allah echnology.

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And we see that today man on Islam as well, when he realized the blessings that he had, when he was able to understand the speech of the ENT, what did he say, for the best simile? dahican He smiled, and he laughed when holier wakatobi Azir ne and escallonia mythicality and Anthony, that, oh, Allah give me the ability to be grateful for this blessing that you've given me that this is not out of my own power, that I've been able to understand the speech of the ants. No, it's because you gave me the ability. So give me the ability to also thank you for it.

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This is the sign of a servant who acknowledges the favors of Allah, who is a grateful servant, who is a humble servant.

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That every time he accomplishes something, he says, This is from the bounty of Allah has been from the lobby. This is from the blessings of Allah lahmacun, Allah, dia, Lola and Hayden Allah

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that we would not have been able to obtain guidance had Allah not have guided us this is only from the guidance of

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some discussion on

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Joe Joe, Joe Joe Ceduna.

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if you look at it generally, why do people conquer lands over the course of history, all of these empires that have grown Why? What's the objective behind them?

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They want power over everybody everything What else? To be remembered to acquire wealth

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to manipulate other people

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resources to get a hold of them.

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But we sit at zilker name, he is conquering he is going from one place to the other. But we don't see him manipulating the lands of people, their resources, their wealth, no, to the point that even when they offer him, we'll give you the money, do this work for us, we'll give you some expenditure, some tax will collect it for you. He says, No, keep it with you, I don't need it. I have enough. Whatever Allah has given me, that's much better for me. So we see that the reason behind his conquests was not to just expand his empire, it was not merely to gain more wealth.

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It was to help people to benefit people.

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And remember, the first expedition, where he met people, a lot of panel data told him, it's up to you, you can finish and you can also be good. So what did he say, I will only punish those who do learn. And as for those who believe in your righteousness, I will treat them well. I will say good words to them.

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So his mission was also to spread the word of Allah, to make people know about who Allah subhanaw taala is,

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this was his mission.

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We see that he had a mission, he had a plan. And he kept on going, he used all of his resources, he never wasted a moment. And he kept on going. And this surah we are told to recite every Friday. Why? So that we can take this important lesson that we are here in this dunya, not to enjoy or not to have fun, but we are here to work. And this is the work that we should be doing as well.

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If you notice, every place that he went, the weakness of those people has been mentioned,

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that lemenager alone mini hospital, they were so poor, so weak, so backward, they didn't even have clothes, or they had nothing to save themselves from the heat of the sun. And other people, they were unable to express themselves. Look at how weak the people were.

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But look at how kind and just he was that he benefited the people. He didn't manipulate them.

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We see that his yaqeen his belief in the Hereafter is what kept him focused on his mission. And we see that people when they don't have a proper belief in the Hereafter, then they get lost in destiny. When dunia comes before them. When power and wealth comes before them. They lose themselves even.

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We see that the Canon had so many resources, he was so powerful that when he came across people who were not able to express themselves, were not able to understand any word, he managed to communicate with them. And today, if we come across some person who doesn't understand English, who speaks another language, we don't know how to do that, what to them.

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Once I remember my husband's grandmother, she was walking in the street. And this car drove by and they stopped. And they asked her Do you speak Hindi? Or do you speak of the and she said I speak to. So then they gave her a book, which was about Christianity. And it was on and

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on and on.

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I was amazed they have different materials and so many different languages. If we come across some verse, we don't even know what to give an English, isn't it?

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We don't even know what to do in English, there is nothing, hardly anything.

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And he never took credit for the work that he did. He always attributed a to a loss penalty. And when a person remains like this, only then you can stay humble.

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We see that you put the people to work and this was in a way well wishing for them. He made them work. He made them help themselves. We think, you know, if we just give money to someone, they should be able to take care of themselves. But that's only a one time home. If we help them become established, then that's much better.

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Now, the last day where we see that for either Java or Ruby Java, who the care what kind of work will be held, this promise has been understood us first of all, they have judgment.

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And secondly, it has also been said that this promise refers to when they do not judge will be allowed to come across the barrier.

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And that barrier will then be destroyed.

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We learn from a hadith that isn't even magic that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, Yeah, dude and dude are digging every day. Through What? Through this wall through this barrier until they can almost see sunlight. They can almost see light coming through this barrier.

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Then the one who is in charge of them, he says go back we will dig again tomorrow. But what happens? Allah subhanaw taala restores the barrier and he makes it stronger than it

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And this will continue until the appointed time.

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And the appointed time is when near the Day of Judgment closer to the end of time.

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When Allah wishes to send them against the people, they will dig until they can almost see sunlight. Then the one who is in charge of them will say go back we will dig again tomorrow insha Allah, this time he will say insha Allah. So when they come back the next day, they will find it as they left it. So they will dig their way out and emerge to attack the people.

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We learn from another Hades has recorded that Dana wins cherish the wife of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam she said, The Prophet sallallahu Sallam walked from sleep one day and he was read in the face. And he said La ilaha illallah wa there is no God but Allah water the Arabs from the evil that has approached them. Today a hole has been opened in the barrier of jute and jute like this and he made a circle with his index finger and thumb. And whenever the learner said the Oilers messenger will leave it destroyed even though there will be righteous people amongst us, he said Nam either capital hubbas Yes, if evil increases

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even though there may be a lot of righteous people at that time, if Evil has increased, yes, you will also suffer.

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So, when is this time exactly when they do not judge will appear when they will come.

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This is going to be near the end of time. After that.

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When the gel has been killed by restarting Sara restarted, Sam will be there. And then the children Judy will be released

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into total MBA and every 96 or 97 we learned had either footy happier Judo judo. We're home in Cali hadn't been in saloon. Until when the damn of judo dude has been open, and they're from every elevation descent. Work a terrible word will help and when the true promise has approached, so it will be when

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closer to the Day of Judgment.

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We learned that they are judging by Judge when they will come out of this barrier when they will be able to go through it. They will come pouring out from every high place. From every mound from every Dune from every building, anything that you can think is high, you will see a judge pouring down from there.

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What does it show

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their numbers and how quickly they will spread how many they're going to be and how quickly they're going to spread all over the earth. And the first of them will pass by the lake of Berea, which is in Palestine.

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And they will drink it on up.

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Imagine the damage coming out. And as you're sweeping through the entire Earth, they will pass by this lake and they will drink it on the first of them. And the last of them will pass by and they will say there was water here once. So just imagine that before the whole group of them will be able to pass by that lake, even that lake will be finished they will drink it on this is how quickly they will consume, they will completely destroy and finish all the users as of the year.

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And Arizona Sam and his companions, they will be besieged in mouthful. A lot of times it will tell them go take my companions to mountain and they will be safe over there. And the rest of the people what will they do, they will hide themselves in their fortresses in order to be saved from the damage and the companions of a silencer and they'll be so hard pressed, that the head of a bull would be dear to any of them than 100 dinar is to any of you today that there'll be so hungry, so desperate, with so little that they will desire, even the head of a bull that they could eat and that will be more precious to them than 100 the note is to you today.

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So they will pray to Allah subhanaw taala for the destruction of Judah Jude. So Allah will send upon them a worm in their next How will they be destroy with a worm that is going to produce in their next so you can say some kind of infection Allahu irlam what exactly it's going to be, but this is going to spread very quickly amongst a region. And in the morning, they will all perish as one that not even one of them will be alive.

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And Reese is anemones companions will come out and they will not find even one hand span of the earth not filled with their stench

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that imagine all over the earth you will see the dead bodies of Whoo. You have so many of them and the earth is going to smell because of their corpses

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and restarted Santa and his companions they will pray to Allah subhanaw taala again

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Because just imagine if the earth is filled with such corpses, what's going to happen?

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So Allah will send birds that will have necks like those of birth camels. And these are candles with very long necks.

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And this is not difficult for Allah. Allah subhanaw taala sent played on a baby on who? On abre and his army. So Allah subhanaw taala can send any kind of junior, because when Ireland Would you do that Rebecca Illa, who he has many journals, so he will send such birds and bees, birds will pick the bodies of the Jews, and they will take them to wherever a loss pile data will go around. And then a loss of data will send rain.

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And this rain is not going to leave any house or any tent or anything on this earth untouched.

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That it's going to wash every single thing until the earth will be like a mirror. that it'll be so clean, every part of the earth is going to be so clean.

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And this hadith is narrated in Muslim.

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Now we see that the numbers of your duty and merge are so many. And this is the reason why no one will be able to stand against them. They're savage stripes. And there's so many of them that people will not be able to stand up against them. That even resizes them and the believers they will retreat they will hide because of their huge numbers.

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And another Hades, which is intimately. Italian tells us that the Muslims, they will live fire from the weapons of Julian McGeorge for the next seven years. Just imagine the bows and arrows are the weapons that he or she will have. There are so many that the Muslims are going to like fire from them, they're going to use them as firewood for how long

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for the next seven years. So just imagine how many of these people will be

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another heading styles is that they do not judge when they will come out, what will they do, they will dry up all of the water of the Year by drinking it up because of the great numbers.

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And the people will seek to protect themselves from them in their fortresses.

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And they will fire their arrows into the sky. And the arrows will come down covered in blood as it has for them. So they will say we have defeated the people of the earth. And we have also gained the upper hand over the people of the heavens. So this is what they're going to think in their arrogance. But then the last panel that is going to finish all of them.

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So we see that yet judenrat Jude, they're going to be one of the biggest signs are the approach of the Day of Judgment.

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And after them, what's going to happen, the Earth is going to become completely clean,

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and then resign his center is going to lead the people who's going to establish the truth. And then Islam will prevail for some time and then eventually, it will be eradicated from the surface of the earth. And then very soon, the day of judgment will occur

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and the sun rising from the west, that's one of the last things to occur, because after that not always going to be accepted. But we see that these are the center when you will come there are people who are going to believe in

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on behalf

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szczepanik Allah who will be handicapped. Michel de la ilaha illa Anta

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One or two really Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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