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The speakers discuss the confusion surrounding the book McKenna's use of the word "mail" in the title of the book. They also touch on the importance of wisdom and judgment in passing judgments and the need for people to worship the creator. The speakers emphasize the importance of learning and teaching in building one's understanding of Islam, as it can benefit personal growth and personal relationships with Islam. They also discuss the use of the symbol of torture in the Christian world and the importance of passing on information and learning in order to increase one's understanding and knowledge.

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Then Allah subhanaw taala says in the next idea that McKenna li Bashar in and you do hula hula keytab I will hook my one Nobu. It is not conceivable for a human being that Allah should give him the Scripture and authority and prophet hood. So my Akula Nursey Coonoor EBA de Lehman Donella and then he would say to the people that be servants to me rather than Allah. So, now, the beliefs of the people of the book are being challenged, or rather they're being refuted, particularly their belief about reciting his sunnah the belief of the Christians regarding reciting his Salam. So Allah subhanaw taala says makelele Bashar in Makana, Mal not Cana, it was Leibish and in for a human

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being, meaning it is not possible, it is not possible it is not conceivable any this cannot even be imagined. This is something that could never happen, okay. So, it is McKenna is showing the impossibility of this thing ever happening, okay. And McKenna is used to show the impossibility of something occurring or done any naturally or Shadowrun, any in the law of Allah. So, this is impossible, Allah would never reveal something like this and Allah subhanaw taala would never allow something like this to occur. So my academy by shut in and Bashar is human being what is not possible for a human being a you do hula hoop that Allah gives him Al Kitab the Scripture will hook

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them and wisdom or hokum is wisdom or judgment and one noble work number one is prophethood. So, Allah gives these three to a human being and such a human being would be who such a human being would be a prophet, right. So, here the word Bashar is referring to any one of the prophets because they are the ones whom Allah would give al Kitab will hook them and number two, okay. So it is not conceivable for any prophet that Allah gives him Al Kitab. Now Kitab remember is given to a newbie who is also a Rasul. Nabi means profitless soul messenger and there is a slight difference between the two are a soul is the one who was given a book, okay, a new scripture, a new law and in a V is a

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follower of the Rasul in terms of the Scripture. Okay, so for example, Musa alayhis salam was era soon and in OB, okay, era soul and in OB ne every Rasul is an OB, but not every Nabhi is a Rasul. Anyway, Musa Lisanna was given the torah. So he was a Rasul right now, every prophet that came after him, was who, a nubby because they had to follow the Torah, but they were not given a new scripture. Okay. And the book that was given to the water Alayhis Salam, the war, the war, it is said just contained any words of praise, Hamed and finat, words of glorification, etc. Any it did not contain law, which is why the Bani Israel were to still follow the law of the Talat until even after he

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started his Salam came. Bizarrely, Sinha did not abrogate the law of the Torah. As we learned earlier, he was sent to confirm its teachings but he was sent to slightly make them easier for the bunny aside. So anyway, Al Kitab is a scripture that is given to a newbie who is also Rasul and hokum is wisdom, and it is also judgment, and both are similar or rather, both our partners because wisdom is needed in order to pass judgment, right. And judgment hukum is based on the Scripture, right? And Nobunaga is prophethood. And the word noble which by the way, is from known bow well, and it means if the far any, to be raised very high, and the prophets are called nubby Yun because they

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are above the rest of the people in terms of their o'clock, their character, their Deen, their knowledge, their worship, and their position near Allah. Or the word Nobu is from the word Nup. Known by Hamza now that means news, information and prophets are called Ambia. Why? Because Allah

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I gave them information that is not given to everyone else any Allah's parents or chose them to be recipients of number of important information. And then they are the ones who informed the rest of the people. So Matt Kennedy by sharing and you do lol keytab will hokhmah one noble water, some may Akula NASCI then this prophet says to the people that Kuno arriba de li be servants to me Mundo nila, besides Allah Kuno UOB This is an imperative. And arriba is a plural of our OB is slave or worshiper and medulla besides Allah. So it is not possible that a prophet of Allah would say to people that worship me instead of Allah. Why? Because the prophets of Allah, our callers to Allah,

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their purpose is to call people to the worship of Allah alone. So why would they tell people to worship them? Instead of worshipping Allah? Any? This doesn't make any sense. And if you think about it, the prophets are the best of people, the purest of creation, and Allah knows who to choose for his message. So can it be possible that the purest of creation, who Allah has chosen for his message would call people to schicke? No way, this is inconceivable. And if a prophet of Allah would not do this, then he it does not fit a prophet to demand worship from people, then no one else among people has that right to demand worship from people. Now, this is basically a refutation of those who

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falsely claim that a Saturday said I'm his god that a Saturday Salaam is supposed to be worshipped. This is completely false, because a Saudi Sudan was who was first of all a Bashar, right, he was a human being he was born. Right? And Allah subhanaw taala gave him Kitab Allah's parents, Allah gave him her. Allah subhanaw taala gave him Naboo and then he spoke to the people. But did he ever say to the people Coonoor IVA de Lehmann dunya Allah, did he ever tell people that they should worship Him? Any In fact, if you read through the whole second testament, you will never find anything like this where Jesus is telling people that they should worship him? What did he actually preach? And is

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there any instance where you see people worshiping Him serving him? No. So if people did not worship Him while He was on earth, why is that happening? When he's gone? So we learn in South America I have 116 that Allah subhanaw taala will ask recited he said, I'm on the day of judgment that are interculturally Nassetta he Dhoni will OMYA Illa Hanuman doon Allah did you tell people that take me in my mother as gods besides Allah? Sorry, sorry, Sam will respond Subhanak Maya Kuno li an Akula Melissa Lee Bihac it is not possible for me not right for me that I say what I have no right to say. So isa Hassan has no right to say to people that worship me pray to Me, because my cannoli Bashar in

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it is not conceivable for a human being it is not possible for a human being to demand worship from people. So what did resolve they said I'm actually say to people in sukma, Ada i 117. We learn that he will say my call Tula whom in llama American Eb, on the Day of Judgment recited, assembled said that I did not say to them, except what You Allah commanded me to tell them, meaning I conveyed to them what you ordered me to convey to them? And what was that? A near Buddha law hubiera bircham that worship Allah who is my Lord and also your Lord? So it is not conceivable that a prophet of Allah would demand from people that they should worship Him, He has been sent to take people out of

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Schilke Why would he put them back and shake? Why? And it defeats the purpose of sending the messengers of Allah. And he the messengers of Allah were sent to rescue people from hell. Why would they tell people to do something that leads to hell. And the people of the book took a Saturday sundown as Rob, they took him as someone to worship, as we learned in sort of the Toba 31 that it took about a home Urbana home or Baba min dune Illa wall mercy have no millennium. They took their scholars and their monks as lords besides Allah and also they took and mercy have an Imodium as a lord will mount will mural Illa Leah boo illa huwa Heda and they were not commanded except that they

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should worship one God, La ilaha illa who there is no god but He Subhana who are my usually con. So what is it that a prophet of Allah would actually tell people to do? He would say well, I can call up Benny gene, but Kuno you all should be Rabbani gene wants devoted to their

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Rob, why be my quantum to our liminal keytab because of the fact that you teach the Scripture will be my quantum federal zone and because of what you have studied, because you study the book of Allah, so the Prophet of Allah would only tell people to become a bunny Jean. Okay, now, Rabbani Yean is a plural off Rabbani and Rabbani is from the word of a ban, this is a word of Misbah, Misbah is association. So, for example, if someone is from Pakistan, you say Pakistani right. So, from rabanne Rabbani, okay, now rabanne is from Rob, all Baba, Rob means Lord and the Elif known at the end is for mobile Allah it is to add intensiveness to the meaning or to denote special reference to

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Rob Okay, so Rabbani is who someone who is devoted to rob, someone who is devoted to the Lord or someone who has special knowledge or rather, has a high level of knowledge, okay, of what has come from the Lord. It is also said the word Rabbani is actually from the word tarbiyah and tarbiyah is from Robert Welch and a topia is to nurture to nourish to culture to teach. Okay, so Rabbani is who, or Bernie is the one who you have been nurse, okay, the one who nourishes people, with what by giving them food? No, by giving them knowledge. So Rabbani is the one who nourishes people with knowledge, meaning, Rabbani is the one who teaches people, but Rabbani is different from Marlin

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Marlin gives Starlene gives knowledge and information or Bernie is the one who nourishes people with knowledge and he builds them okay, and he leads them and He guides them and he corrects them, okay. So, you know, for example, one is that you just go take a class, you study you write exams, and you pass Okay, the other is that you do that while being in the company of the teacher, any you seek the companionship of the Teacher, why because when you see companionship of the teacher, then the teacher gets to see things in you which still need to be fixed. And they correct you, they guide you, right, if they see that you need to learn something dimensioned that right? I for example, I

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remember many years ago, I had studied the field of Salah, okay, and I had taken tests etc. But I remember once I was praying Salah and my teacher, you know saw me and after my salah, she mentioned something that I needed to correct and I was like wow, I thought I knew how to pray. And this is something so basic which I have studied But somehow when it comes to practical life when it comes to actually performing Salah somehow I never made that connection between Edom and Arma and somehow it got missed. So you need someone to watch you to see you and to nurture you to develop you right to correct you to guide you. And from the same root is actually the word of Oban rabanne of Safina is

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the captain of sailors at sea. Okay, the any the one who guides the rest of the sailors. All right, so Rabbani is a moron be any a learned man, a teacher who does tarbiyah who nurtures and develops the people? No, Imam Bukhari says that little Bernie is the one who nourishes people with the small matters of knowledge before the Great Ones, okay? Meaning he's very wise in terms of teaching. So he teaches the basic and easy things, the relevant things before teaching, the major and the complicated issues and, you know, exceptional cases, et cetera. Or Rabbani is the one who teaches people what they are in need of knowing, before teaching them things that they're not in need of

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knowing right away. And Rabbani is the one who nourishes people with the Quran and Sunnah with the revelation and the way of the messenger. Then it is also said that Rabbani is a pious scholar because it'll Benny is not just one who does. tarbiyah Rabbani is also someone who is himself devoted to the rub, meaning a pious scholar, a learned person who practices what they know. And then they also teach others. So righteous, devout, obedient worshipper of Allah

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And then they also teach others. So, it is not enough to know a lot. It is not enough to be a great speaker. Okay to give a great speeches, that is not how the dean is learned, remember that the way that people are built, the way that a religious community is built is through companionship, not from you know, just fancy speeches every now and then. And if we really want to, you know, develop ourselves in our deen then there must be written gradual learning and there must also be formal action, any with knowledge, a person's connection with Allah subhanaw taala must also increase but if a person is increasing in their knowledge, and their worship is not increasing, then there is a

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problem, then such a person is not Rabbani. Now the prophets told people to become a Benny gene. And if you think about it, what kind of people did the Prophet salAllahu alayhi wasallam leave behind? Look at the Companions, there were people of knowledge and there were godly people. Right? There were people of worship, and there were people of Taqwa. Subhan Allah. So how do you become Rabbani be malcontent or li Muna al Kitab will be my quantum Tarot soon Bhima quantum Bhima means be Saba V meaning because because you have been to a liminal Kitab you have been teaching the book Wabi malcontent that reason and because you have been studying meaning because you teach the book, Allah

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will make your Benny okay, because you study the book, Allah who will make you or Bernie. So this shows that when a person gets busy in the learning and teaching of the book of Allah, then Allah helps them become Rabbani. Okay, now, if a person just wants to increase in their knowledge, just so that they themselves study one thing after the other after the other after the other, they just want to increase in their knowledge. Okay, that's good. But remember that from knowledge is a cat must also be given, okay? Is a cat is do on treasure, right. And knowledge is also treasure. So if a person has a whole lot of knowledge, but they're not benefiting the people around them, they're not

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teaching them anything. And by teaching, I don't mean that each person must have like a huge class where they're teaching. No, you find anyone who is in need of knowing it is your responsibility to teach them. It could be your sibling, it could be your child, it could be your neighbors, it could be people who are close to you. So we learn from this that learning is important. And teaching is also important. Now, another mistake that people make is that they teach without learning first, that is also very wrong. In fact, that is worse because then a person is spreading ignorance. And sometimes what happens is that a person learns or studies only up to a certain point and then after

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that they only teach that is also wrong. Remember that learning and teaching go hand in hand Vemma contempt too early Moodle Kitab to alumina Talim is to teach and through soon to do soon Duff's is to study so studying and teaching both go hand in hand. And when you continue to do this, then you become Rabbani. So it is not possible to become a wise learned godly person without Darlene and Thailand without learning and teaching.

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You know, for example, some people say that my Eman used to be so good and then I don't know what happened. I feel so distant from Allah. Sometimes the reason is that we have not been studying the book of Allah continuously. Now there is a huge gap between us and the book of Allah. So Darlene and Tara alone, any teaching, learning, this is a lifelong journey. And in order to strengthen our relationship with our Rob, and continue to strengthen that we must stay connected with the book of Allah, learning it, and teaching it and teaching it and he even if you can teach someone a live Bata, even if you can teach someone sudo Fatiha social class, you will actually feel better about

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yourself, you will feel good about yourself. Right? Any value or any Willow is conveyed for me even if it is just one idea. Why did the Prophet salallahu alayhi salam encourage people to pass on what they know what they have learned? Because when you pass on sacred knowledge, you benefit yourself, you benefit yourself and you benefit other people. You're bringing people closer to Allah, you're bringing yourself closer to Allah. But when you get disconnected from the book of Allah, you're neither learning it

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nor are you teaching it then you slip, you fall you go backwards and nobody's around you to pick you up either. So be my content early Moodle keytab will be not controlled through soon both go hand in hand together and the word Tedros soon this is from Dallas law scene and those is to study. So we'll be McClinton Third reason both are supposed to go together. I would love that said that you cannot be knowledgeable until you become a learner and you cannot be truly knowledgeable until you become Amil meaning you act on what you know. So, it is not enough to just keep increasing in our knowledge. And it is not enough to rely on what we studied once upon a time and it is not correct to

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teach without knowledge, any the only way to strengthen our connection with Allah subhanaw taala is that we continue on the path of knowledge and to continue on the path of knowledge does not mean that you have to remain a full time student your entire life. No, you can continue in one way or the other any once a week at least once a month at least something you need to take a dose every now and then in order to increase your knowledge increase your Eman increase your Ahmed you know when you continue to study then what happens? You learn what you did not previously know you remember what you have forgotten, right? So we are condemned to early Moodle keytab will be not confirmed through

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soon. And we learn that the one who teaches the book of Allah is a Maura B and he should be able to be should be Rabbani any, don't just pass on information, but also do tarbiyah. And he helped people internalize the knowledge by making it relevant by teaching in stages, right? And by constantly guiding be my content or liminal. Kitab Obama condone that through soon. So this is what the prophets of Allah said. Now, if you think about it, reciting his sunnah he had only a few followers, few disciples, but he told them to pass on whatever they had learned to pass on the message. And that is what the disciples have resources that I'm dead there were so few and they continue to pass

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on whatever they knew. And even though it was very difficult for them any Imagine if people tried to kill recite his sunnah to crucify a Saudi Saddam, uh, how much more in danger were the disciples of reciting his sunnah. So they had to do this in secret, but they did it right. And of course it was many years later that people corrupted the teachings of reciting his Salaam. And of course, the disciples are not guilty of that it's the people who came much later. What are your moral come and the turkey rule Mullah Iike one a beginner or Baba? nor could he ever order you to take the angels and prophets as lords melodica plural of Moloch and begin plural of nubby or Bab plural off Rob any

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the Prophet of Allah would never tell you to take the angels and prophets as lords that you should worship them. Why would he do that? A Moodle crumble Kufri will he order you to disbelief meaning to commit disbelief bar that is anti Muslim soon after you have become Muslim after you had been submitting to Allah, any Why would a prophet tell you to do something which would cancel out everything else that he has taught you so far? Now here what has been clarified is that the Prophet of Allah would never tell people to worship angels or to worship the prophets. Okay? Now the Christians they overly venerate. Gibreel are a sinner, that the Holy Ghost, so that belief is being

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refuted over here. And remember that the Quran is for all people. So this verse applies to the Mushrikeen also, because they were the ones who worshipped the angels claiming that they were daughters of Allah, and the concept, you know, the belief that they had an Angels that angels exist, any this originally came from the teachings of the prophets, what they had learned from Izmir elearning. They were after all, the descendants of Ismar ilardi center, but over time, their belief about the angels got corrupted, and from the pious slaves of Allah, you know, now they began believing that angels were the daughters of Allah. So this false belief has been refuted that no, a

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prophet of Allah would never tell you to worship the angels. A prophet of Allah would never tell you to worship human beings, this is impossible. So any such belief that exists, whether in Christianity or Judaism or the shift of you know, the people of Arabia or any kind of such belief that people have and they

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claim that its origin is scripture revealed scripture than this is false. Because Allah would never tell people to do *. And the Prophet of Allah would also never tell people to do *. So where did these beliefs come in from? They came in much later by people who maliciously changed the book of Allah by reading it incorrectly to pretend that they were reading the book, whereas in fact, they were not reading the book, as we learned in the previous, if any, if you think about it, the Christian theology basically where, you know, for example, they believe about resigned his surname as being Son of God, or God. This was formed much later, and it was formed way after you Sally,

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Sarah, it was a later development, I write and think about it the cross, for example, it's a symbol of Christianity, right? The Christians revere it, you know, they wear it on their necks, they put it on their grave sites, they hang it in their churches, etc. But historically, in the first century, the cross was not a symbol of Christianity, it was actually a symbol of torture, it was basically a threat, any if it was put somewhere, it was a threat, that do not mess with Rome, or else you will be crucified. So it was a symbol of a torture. And it was actually Paul, who developed this cross theology, I write and the concept of Trinity etcetera, then came you know, this belief and Trinity

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it actually came much later so, a prophet of Allah would never ever teach something like this. This is a later development, a yet more committed coffee bar the intimacy mostly moon with a prophet of Allah order you to commit COVID to commit disbelief after you had been Muslims. No way. This is impossible.