Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 16 – L156A

Taimiyyah Zubair
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Santa Monica

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karimabad ferodo Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem labiche rashly surgery where Sidley Emery, Washington of death Ambleside kuqali urbanicity

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lesson number 156 surah Toluca have a number 99 to 110

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What are aachener and we left Baba home some of them yoma event that day

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he will be surfing like waves fee in some way and it was blown fee in a suit the trumpet fecha marinera home So, we gathered them

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all together in one assembly. We're opener and we presented Johanna Hellfire yoma even that de Lille Katharina for the disbelievers are a definite presentation alladhina those who cannot it was or you know whom their eyes fi in report a covering on from victory my remembrance What can I know and they were left not yesterday to your own they are capable seminar to hear

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does for them has Ciba he thought and Medina those who careful they disbelieved, and that yet does he do they take they adopt reverdy My servants men from dooney besides me, oh, Leah as close friends in indeed we are at a dinner we have prepared Johanna Hellfire, they'll care Farina for the disbelievers new zula as hospitality as a lodging

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say How shall not be Oh, can we inform you, Bill of surina with the greatest losers are Myrna Indeed Allah Vina those who burn it was last sir you whom their effort fee in a higher the life adonia of the world while home while they are so buena they think unknown that indeed they your see noona they are doing well. So Nara in work.

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Ola, aka those alladhina are those who care for their disbelieved Be it with vs. Or be him of their while he got he and his meeting for habit. So it was wasted. Or marylu home their deeds. Fun so not no chemo, we shall assign we shall establish the home for them. Yo ma en de LTM standing Was there any wait

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there Lika that Josie de recompence Johanna mo is Hellfire Bhima because of what cafaro they disbelieved What the * do and they took a fit my versus what also Lee and my messengers whose were in mockery

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in Indeed Allah Vina those who am I know they believed what our mill ended our soil he had the righteous deeds Gannett it was the home for them Jeannette gardens outfit THOSE OF THOSE OF PARADISE Newsela as a lodging as hospitality

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highly Dena ones abiding eternally fee her in it may not Yerbabuena they will desire on her from it. He Were there any transfer any shifting

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all say low if Ghana it was unbearable to see me there then as a legally mathy for words Robbie of my rock learner feeder, surely it would be exhausted. Alberto the sea parabola before and that then further it is exhausted. Kalamata words Robbie of my route one Oh, even if jitna weekend be Miss Lee with it's like mother as a supplement to say innama indeed not but Anna I am by Sharon, a human being a man. Myth local like you. You have it was inspired, lie to me and NEMA that indeed not but either hukum your God in our home

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God were hidden one Furman so whoever can uh he was young do he hopes Luka meeting probably he have his robe failure man, then he should do our Milan deeds slowly hand righteous Weiler and not you Shrek. He should associate very bad that he in worship or be he of his robe or whether anyone

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will listen to the recitation of these

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de mucho Viva

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La Vina

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una una

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de Monaco

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Al-Kahf 99-110 Translation 99-110

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