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Al-Kahf 60-82 Word Analysis and Tafsir 71-78

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I was a bit lame and a shivlinga rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim

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lesson number 154 Sultan calf will begin from Isaiah number 71. So in the story of Musa al, salaam and Hadith, we learned about the occasion when both of them met. And we saw the salon request called it, that he should allow him to stay in his company so that he can learn from him. But he called it he said, a condition and what was that condition? That you're not allowed to ask any question? until I tell you until I inform you. So it wasn't that moosari salon was not allowed to ask at all, what was the condition? That until I'm fully done with what I'm doing, and I have fully explained the matter to you, until then, do not object do not question do not suggest Do not interrupt at all.

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So in other words, musallam was not allowed to interrupt until hodel had completely finished his task, or he had fully explained himself. And this is a very important principle, that we must also learn, because if we do not apply this, then what will happen, it will interfere our learning, and it will also interfere the other's teaching. And at the end of the day, who is going to suffer, the student is going to suffer and not just him, perhaps other people will also suffer because of him.

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So the terms were agreed, and both of them they set out

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the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam in which the entire incident of Messiah Islam called it was mentioned. Part of that he says that allow the settlements are excellent. And if you follow me, ask me not about anything till I myself mentioned it to you.

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So they set out walking along the shore until a board passed by and they asked the crew to let them go on board. The crew recognized how that allowed them to go on board free of charge. So both of them were allowed to go on board free of charge. Notice how a student can benefit when he is with a particular teacher or when he is with a certain person. Why masala Salaam didn't have to be anything either, because he was allowed for free. Therefore musar listener did not have to pay anything. So when they went on board, suddenly Musa saw that they had pulled out one of the planks of the ship with an ads and musala Sam said to him these people gave us a free ride, yet you have broken their

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boat so that it's people will drown. Verily you have done a terrible thing.

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So before how they even explain himself here musallam was objecting. So a lot of said Did I not tell you that you would not be able to have patience with me? Masada ceramsite call me not to account for what I forgot and be not hard upon me for my affair with you.

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The Messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam said in the first instance Musa al Islam asked and how they because he had forgotten his promise, because forgetfulness is a very big part of human beings. Then a bird came and sat on the edge of the boat, dipping its beak once or twice in the sea. So alhadeff said to Moosa, my knowledge and your knowledge in comparison to Alice's knowledge is like what this bird has taken out of the sea. This is what Heather said to was our listener. So let's look at the ad now.

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Allah subhanaw taala says from Paula Paul, so both of them set out in falaqa, young Polycom Impaler from the roof letters for lamb off. So in Tanaka Yamanaka interlock, and in Prolog is to take off, it is to set out it is to depart. And another word from the same root is a word for law and politics. divorce. Why? Because when a woman is given a divorce, and when there is completed then she is free. She has been set free, she can leave, she can go. She's not under the obligation of asking her husband or anything like that she's free.

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So from Tanaka, both of them meaningless and harder. They proceeded.

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Now, up until now, there was another person with musar. Listen, you share a balloon, right? His own students. So where is he? He's not mentioned over here. So some scholars have said that at this point, you shall be known, stayed over there and most and held it only they proceeded. And others have said that no, since it hasn't been mentioned that you shall left therefore, we will understand that you shall was also there, but he was only observing, he was not saying anything at all, because he was a student of the student. So his rank was even less than so therefore he didn't say anything.

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So fundada had until either rocky Beifuss affinity until both of them embarked on the ship, who Moosa and hodel

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Remember that the word Safina is generally used for a passenger ship. There is another word that we have read for ship which is full and full case generally cargo. Okay. But Safina is generally passenger. So both of them embarked on the ship. What happened? How they hahaha. He tore open he made a hole in it.

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Hurricane Sandy reflectors hard rock off, and Huck is the opposite of Hulk. Where Hulk is to create Hulk is to destroy. So haha he destroyed it. How did you destroy it by pulling out a plank or two from the side of the world? Allah He said musasa he asked her out of amazement. And because he found it very surprising. He said to her doctor, have you destroyed it? Have you torn it open, literally, so that you would drown its people.

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Lamb over here is not a purpose, but rather it is of consequence. Leto Allah, that as a consequence of this, what's going to happen the people on the ship are going to drown out the cache. And certainly you have come with a thing meaning you have done a thing that is in law that is very serious, that is very evil.

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You have done something that is extremely wrong. The word Emre is from the root letters Hamza membre. And the word Amma is also from the same root however, notice his word is him with a castle under the Hamza. And it has two meanings. First of all, it is used for something that is very scary, very frightening. But having said that, it is very scary, very frightening. So what you've done is very frightening. People could drown any moment, the water could be filling up the ship because of this hole that you made, and the people could drown. We're in the middle of the middle of the water.

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Secondly, the word EMD is also used for something that is extremely serious.

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Very serious.

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I was a fan when he returned from the Hiroko from his court. He said about the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. That God Amira, hon Abby cub shatta, that certainly the matter of this person, meaning of Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam has become very serious that look, the hirakata is asking about it.

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So it is something very serious. So what you have done is a Mancha It is very serious, and it's extremely frightening.

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We see that masala Salah, he was extremely strong. He was very bold. He was very daring. And he did not fear speaking of the truth, when there was a need to do so. Which is why he went to for their own. And which is why when he saw something like this happening, he didn't care who was doing it. He didn't care what condition was said he knew this was something wrong. And he spoke up, he could not control himself over there he spoke up.

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And especially when it came to the commands of Allah subhanaw taala when it came to the rights of people musala salam would speak out what was necessary.

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And this is the reason why he reprimanded Hadith so severely that he says an apology, Shay and mo you have done something so serious, something so frightening. He doesn't care about who's standing in front of him. He just says shaden in

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color, he said, who said Father said, I never did I not say in Atlanta Sofia Maria sobre that you will not be able to have suffered with me. Did I not tell you? So how did he reminded musallam of the previously agreed condition. So what was the responsible citizen? Did he become stubborn over there? That no but what you have done does not make sense and why did you do it? And I do not accept this I rejected he didn't argue wisata salaam remembered immediately. And he apologized. He did not become stubborn. He did not begin to give excuses. What did he say? Bala? He said led to a hidden he demanded C to do not hold me accountable for what I forgot. In other words, I'm sorry, I forgot. Now

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the question is Why did musallam forget?

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Why did he forget the condition? And if you look at it, this was something very serious. They're going on the boat and all of a sudden applying could you ever been pulled out? Anybody in this situation would do the same thing? Isn't it? So this is why he forgot. And generally people forget the most important rules even the most important rules in a state of emergency. in a state of fear in a state of panic.

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The basic rules the most important rules people forget about them. They completely leave their mind when they are in a difficult situation. So he says lead to kidney be managed

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See too, and he says well after you can, and do not burden me, do not cover me mean me concerning my affair ursuline with difficulty toyokuni is from newsletters or help off and Rocco

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is to cover something, and it has a hapa Yuriko, Iraq is to lay such a burden on someone that is very difficult for them to carry.

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It is to live such a heavy burden on someone that is very difficult for them to carry. So he says later you can do not burden me with what with your son, because you see at the end of the year or someone is on so it is my role. It's the object. So do not burden me with difficulty memory concerning my affair.

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What was the affair of musasa time he was there to learn from her.

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So in my learning from you, do not be too difficult with me.

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Please make it easy for me. In my companionship with you. Do not be too strict with me. Do not be too hard on me rather deal with me with ease and burden.

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So what do we learn from here? Two things about musasa. That Firstly, he admitted his mistake.

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He apologized. He says led to a b minus c two he did not become stubborn.

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And secondly, we see that musallam requests harder not to be too strict not to be too difficult with it.

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Because if you think about it, if the teacher is extremely strict, then what will happen? It will become difficult for the students to learn.

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If the teacher is extremely strict than the student is even worried to ask a question, to voice out their concerns. So we see that musar listener is requesting that his teacher not be too strict with him.

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So what do we learn for the student that if he is ever made a mistake, what's the easy way? Just apologize. Simple. Make it easy for yourself, make it easy for the other.

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And if you do find it very difficult, you can also request for some ease.

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You can also request for some ease but that ease should be something that is genuine.

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That now the Hadees continues, we learned that both of them they disembarked from the boat. And while they were walking on the shore, how they saw a boy playing with other boys and how they took hold of the boy's head and he pulled it off with his hands killing him. mozzarella Sallam said to him have you killed an innocent person who had killed none. Verily you have committed a thing that is no good. He said they are not telling you that you will not be able to have patience with me. Did I not tell you that you will not be able to have patience with me.

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Last time Dallas has fun taco. So both of them set out again. Now once they left the board, what happened? Both of them set out musallam. And how they had that until either lucky or when they both met. They both came across who Lamin a boy. And remember who lamb is used for a young boy

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who has just reached his teens you can say about 1213 about that. So find the power hitter, either lucky or gulaman. What happened for other law who saw harder he killed him? Paula he said musasa obviously you could not tolerate that either. This was something far more serious than destroying the board. He said a cartel turnips and Zack Eaton have you killed a soul? That is the key Yeah. What is the key yummy.

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The key is pure is from the words that cat pure, innocent. And why does he describe the child as a pure, innocent soul? Because remember that until a child reaches the age of puberty, his sins are not recorded for him.

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No matter what sin he does, no matter what action he does, he is not held accountable for it.

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He can be reprimanded, but the legal punishments will not be applied on him.

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And also because if a child who has not yet reached puberty, if he does any good deeds, then those good deeds are actually recorded for him. This is the mercy of them. Good deeds are recorded, but the sins are not recorded. So this is why he describes a child as the key. So you have killed enough since the kitten builiding have seen without a soul meaning not as a punishment for a person that he had killed.

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Generally when is the person allowed to be killed

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when he has committed murder in causes. So he says you have killed this boy not in casaus builiding FCM locker the G cache a new class. Certainly you have done that.

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A thing that is hateful, that is deplorable. Nuclear is from the roof letters known care for any other word from the same root. Mancha, what is Mancha that which is rejected by their uncle, that which is rejected by the Sharia, which is not acceptable at all. So, you have done something that is local, that is denied, that is unacceptable, that cannot be understood. I mean, what could be a genuine reason behind killing a child such as him? Why would you do something like that, I do not understand why you have done something such as this. Now, again, masala Salam had been enjoying good, and he had been forbidding evil, since a long time he was a prophet of Allah.

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And according to the law that he had been given, killing, innocence, killing those who had not committed a crime was obviously something that was forbidden. And if you look at it, killing someone who is innocent, is an act that is rejected by one's uncle. And it's also rejected by the law that Allah has given. Therefore masala salon was unable to remain patient. And he spoke up. You see what others said in Nikola Tesla Dr. Maria Sabra, you will not be able to have patience with me. What gave us bu lm lm to hit v. Cobra, how can you have patience over something that you do not know of? This is what he meant that musallam did not know why harder was doing these actions. And before how

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they could explain himself, we see that muscle insulin is objective. This was the patients that he was lacking. Now, apparently, it might seem that musasa was also disrespecting his teacher. Because if you look at it the way he says look at the datasheet and look raw, this might seem a bit harsh.

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And we have learned that a person must be extremely respectful towards his teacher.

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Now this is not disrespect. And especially if you look at the situation the masala salon was in, no matter who it is. Even if it's your own parents, someone whom you respect a lot, if they kill an innocent person, will you remain quiet? Will you remain silent? Will you be able to take it? Not at all, you will speak up.

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And musasa was far more sensitive than us. Therefore, he spoke up or he said Who's that harder said to him now again, reminding him lm a poll. Did I not say lacquer to you in neck Atlanta, stuffy or Maria Salvador that you would never be able to have patience with me?

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Did I not tell you? If you notice over here the statement is slightly different from the first one. How

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was it different? Previously, what did he say? When he reminded musallam? What did he say in the previous statement? Color alone a call in a calendar study are more useful. And here what do we see that he says? Lm a con lacquer. So we see the addition of lacquer over here. Why did I not tell you

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it shows a more intense reminder a more you can say severe reminder that this is not the first time I reminded you earlier as well.

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And it says though he's saying that you have not been able to understand this and you will never be able to understand this fact that you do not have patience with me. In Nagaland, testator Maria sobre la you do not have the patience that is required to learn this knowledge that Allah Subhana Allah has given to me.

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Allah He said musala Sam said into el tucan che in if I do ask you about something, BARDA after it means after this incident, if I do ask you about something philatelists are happening, then fine, do not keep me as your companion.

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Do not let me be in your companionship, then you can expel me.

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Certainly you have reached may lead only from near me or that on an excuse. What is an earth

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an excuse? A reason? So he says that you have a reason now to reject me. You have a reason now to refuse me to refuse to allow me to accompany you. If you do leave me if you don't allow me to accompany you anymore, you are justified or the bailiff tamela dooney you are justified.

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We see that musala sam he admitted his fault again. Then he he apologized again. He realized that how their status was higher because he was teaching him here and therefore he gave him so then what happened? Fun Tanaka. Then they both proceeded again. Had the until either attire when they both came

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across both of them musen whether they came across as nefarious people of attempt, which down is this?

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Do we know which down to says? No, we don't know because the name is not mentioned over here. We also don't find the name in the sooner therefore there is no need to guess. So fundada all had either at a lumberyard when they came across the people over town, and what happened when they got there is that

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they both asked for food from its people is that armor is from Thor, I mean, what does foreign mean? Food and is still term is to seek food to ask for food or request for food. So both of them they asked for food from who from the people of that

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they were travelers and travelers they have a right that when they are passing by a particular city, they can make requests for them to be accommodated for them to be taken in as guests and this is why in our religion there's so much emphasis on spending on who on even a Sybil on the traveler so both of them asked for food but what happened for about but they refused remember the word about about what stackable it is to refuse harshly so the people of the town refused and you know you former that they take them in as guests that they offer them to hospitality youth EULA yufu is from bae yada yada evil WTF. Remember the word life? Who is life? Guest life Ibrahim and Leia is to take

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someone in as a guest to be a host

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to receive to take someone as a guest. So the people of the town refused to take them in as guests.

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And remember that this is something that is against generosity. And this is also something that is against a man refusing to offer any hospitality to guests to visitors. This is what against email. Where do we learn this from?

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How do we know that this is against a man? This contradicts even

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remember, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that men can I mean Oh biLlahi well, Yom will fill you claim by info. Whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day What should he do? He should honor he should be generous towards his guest. So if there is a visitor, if there is a guest, and they are not welcomed in, they're not treated with generosity,

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then this is what this is against.

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So we see over here for about annually, for whom at what does it show that perhaps these people were not believers?

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Some scholars have said that the fact that they rejected to offer any hospitality to them, this shows that these people were not believers. So when it moves on how they do, did they argue with them? No, they just left them.

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And instead for water there, so they both found fi here in it meaning in the city. They found GDR on a wall, they found a wall in the city that you redo it intended, what intended the wall was intending, and that it should collapse. you redo is from the word era. And what is the other main intention when a person intends to do something?

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What do we see over here? Who's intending to fall down the wall? Now do walls? Can they have some kind of intention?

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Can they what do we think? It's not possible?

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But what do we learn that even the inanimate things, they have the ability to do the speed of a loss.

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We learned earlier that what Eman che in LA is a bit of a handy way like a lot of communities be home. Every single thing is doing that as we have Allah although you cannot understand how they do it. And we also see that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he had that drunk by which he used to give the sermon. But what happened when it was about to be replaced? It began to weep and the Sahaba actually heard it crying. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam also said about 100 that we love 100 and 100 loves us you have buena when you hit boo.

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So how can a mountain love someone? Think about it?

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We cannot imagine. Similarly we cannot imagine a while intending to collapse. But what we learn from the various texts of the Quran and Sunnah is that the inanimate things also they have some sense

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They do have some kind of conscience that we are unable to comprehend, but they have something. So you read the iron condor, this wall intended to for others and said that the word UD do is actually figurative. And what this means is that it was about two it was at the verge of falling down. Because when we intend to do something, then we're at the verge of doing it. So you read the iron condor and the word yancopoulos on the newsletters noon off, but not

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according to an opinion. And noctel is what? To break a promise. And according to others, and others on the surface of God, but no other is to pierce

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to crush. So in other It was about to break, it was about to violate, or it was about to fall down. It was about to collapse. So what did he do when he saw this? Well, for camo, so he set it up, right? he restored it apama Ulema karma is to establish something to make something Stand straight. So this wall was about to fall, what did he do? He fixed it. And he made it Stand straight.

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Bala musasa, obviously, he was gonna say something. So he said, lotion, if you will, let the holster surely you could have taken or lay upon it, meaning on fixing this wall, you could have taken from the people, some are drawn some kind of reward.

00:26:39--> 00:26:46

Now we see over here that musallam did not ask him that, why did you fix the wall when they did not offer any hospitality to us?

00:26:47--> 00:26:54

Rather, he suggested. But we see that in the suggestion is a very subtle objection.

00:26:55--> 00:27:00

In this suggestion is a very subtle question. And what is that question?

00:27:01--> 00:27:17

Why did you do this? or Why did you not charge them? How could you do that? When they rejected you? How could you do that? So what do we see from here that musasa was not even allowed to comment, or to interrupt in regards to what other was doing.

00:27:18--> 00:27:29

And we see that before even how they could explain to musasa musasa spoke up in each of these three instances.

00:27:30--> 00:27:35

As soon as they did something musallam spoke up. This was a suburb that was lacking.

00:27:36--> 00:27:44

And this is the kind of suburb that is necessary for a person to learn that before something is fully explained to you Do not interrupt do not speak up.

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So what happened on how they said hair, their funeral Kobani for the neck, this is it. This is farting between me and you. You go your way, and I go my way. This is it. Our companionship has come to an end. This is fleurop parting separation farewell between me and you. But before you go Setsuna aka soon I will inform you better really with interpretation of what man that which lambdas that you were not able to lay up on it. sabalan impatience, I will tell you about what you could not be patient over the Prophet Allah, Allah sent him said, We wish that musala Sam was patient so that Allah would have told us more about both of them. What do we learn over here? In this ayah

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we see the kindness of others. He doesn't just say Okay, that's it. Go away from here. Now. What does he say? This is the separation between me and you. However, before you leave, I'm going to tell you, I'm going to tell you exactly what I was doing. And what you were not able to have any server over. Now Apparently, it may seem that Heather was extremely strict. You may wonder like, what's the big deal? If anybody would be in that situation? They would speak up? They would question they would object. This is what we've been seeing so far. Anybody in that situation would behave in that way. It was very normal for musala salaam to speak up in these situations. But we see that Hubbard had

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warned musallam before

00:29:21--> 00:29:25

and he gave him many chances as well, one after the other.

00:29:26--> 00:29:41

But repeatedly, what was being proven that in order to learn this knowledge, in order to be in the company of a person needed immense sub, and musasa was given many chances.

00:29:42--> 00:29:47

But each time what was proven that musasa would not be able to continue anymore.

00:29:48--> 00:29:54

So this shows to us that a student may be given several chances to do something.

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But there is a limit to those chances.

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After those changes have occurred.

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fired, then the teacher has a right to make a decision regarding the student. And if the teacher does make that decision, it's not unfair.

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Because what does it show? If the student has been given several chances, and he's still unable to do what is required of him? What does it show then it's beyond his ability. It's beyond his capability.

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And if he is given more and more chances, then he is only going to get discouraged. He is only going to waste his time, and he's going to waste other people's time as well.

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It's not that the teacher or the system is being extremely strict.

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It's because both of them are not suitable for one another. Like, for example, it's possible that a person comes to take this course. Now there is a certain condition that you have to have a certain percentage of marks in a particular subject and other certain percentage another subject. And several chances are given if you're unable to take the test on time, okay, you have this window.

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If not this, okay, right after the course within this window,

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you have to pass the test, and within a number of chances, but it was student is unable to do it. How many chances should he be given? How many retest should he take 12345. Imagine every time a student takes a retest, somebody has to make it, somebody has to mark it, somebody has to enter it, somebody has to process all that information. But if the student is not benefiting from every chance that is being given to him, and he's taking five tests, six tests, what does it show, she's not capable, either there's incapability, or there is lack of effort. And after a certain time, the chances will expire. And if the admin makes a decision that the diploma will not be offered to the

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student, then this is not injustice. And this we see everywhere in the world, any school, you go to any Institute, any university, you have to meet the requirements. If you don't within the limited chances, then what happens Eventually, the time expires, the chance expires. And if there is rejection, then remember this is not injustice. Because many times we blame the administration. We blame the teachers and we don't take the blame on ourselves.