Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 13 – L131E

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The history of the WhatsApp group and its use of images and videos to show people living in similar houses and the lack of human knowledge of their plans is discussed. The transcript describes various topics including the transformation of the Earth, the use of words like "has" and "has changed," the potential for "has" to describe properties and the potential for "has" to describe properties. The story also touches on the punishment of the Prophet sallser, which is a punishment for those who refuse to comply with the rule of the Islam, and the consequences of the punishment.
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Once again, and you used to live fimasartan illa de Nevada mo and foster home among the dwellings of those people who wronged themselves. Today you say that send us back to the dunya so that we can do more. But in the dunya, you never thought you were going to die.

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And on top of that, you used to live FEMA sakin, plural of moscon, in the houses in the dwellings of alladhina. Rubble and for the home of those people who wronged themselves, those people would absolve what kind of role shake and Cofer and Mercia and oppression

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What are they gonna come? And it became clear to you gave him how we dealt with them.

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You know very well as to how we dealt with those people. What Robin Allah como emcell. And we struck for you the parables, the examples, we gave you many examples, we showed you many times, through many people how those people who do loom were dealt by almost predator,

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the people of art, the people of the mood, the people of their own, all of these examples are there right before us. An illustration subhanaw taala says was second to FEMA, second Illa de Nevada more infozone, you lived in those same houses.

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Now what does it mean by in their houses in the same houses.

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Some have understood this to be the exact same place, the exact same land where they used to live. If you think about it, many generations ago, somebody or the other was living where you were living today. Or, for example, in certain countries, people have been living over there for 1000s of years, 1000s of years. And before them, there were civilizations that existed, but they don't exist anymore. They don't survive anymore. They have been completely finished.

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Like, for example, if you look in Pakistan, there was the Indus Valley Civilization, a civilization that lived by the Indus River, they're completely finished, completely gone. The remnants do remain, but they're completely gone from the surface of the earth.

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And the people are living in and around the same area. So we're second to FEMA, second alladhina mo, and for some similarity, the Arabs there are not too far off from where the people have, some people have asked us to live.

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Similarly, in Egypt, where the pyramids of fit our own, our people are not living too far away from there. They're living in that same area.

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Allah subhanaw taala says, You know very well as to what these people used to do, they commit a check. They were oppressors, they were unjust, we know about how much of a tire and fitter own was. So you know, as to how we dealt with them, that these people were destroyed, they were finished, we gave you many examples with urban alcohol. We give you many examples in the Quran, through the revelation. And in the earth as well, we have placed many examples. But despite that, you never ever took a lesson. You never change yourself. You never try to improve yourself.

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You know, sometimes it's amazing how there are so many videos online, which show as to how a particular person died, how a particular person passed away. A person is running in the football field, and all of a sudden defaulted that similarly a person is sitting, he's teaching and all of a sudden he passes away. I mean, there's so many videos out there. But still, we see people watch them. If you look at the number of views, it's in 1000s, it's in millions. But still, it's unfortunate that people do not take a lesson. Still, we waste our time. Literally, we waste our time, talking on the phone for hours and hours. forgetting that one day we will also come to an end.

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We see people dying. We hear about the death of people we hear about nations about many people about countries, how they're struck by natural disasters, and within moments, their lives are gone, they're finished. But still we don't take a lesson. We will watch one video after the other without taking a lesson. Still we continue in our same bad habits without thinking of changing ourselves.

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Allah subhanaw taala is reprimanding over here that what are the yellow concave of our loving him? What urban Allah como still you did not take a lesson?

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What are the macro macro home and they had planned their plan who the previous people who were punished by a loss penalty in this dunya they had plotted their plot they had planned their plan. What was their plan?

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For example, the previous people they clashed against their messengers, how to kill them, how to evict them, how to torture them, they had made their plans.

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Similarly, there macro alter refers to ship. ship is also mocker It's a

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So what are the macro macro home? They had planned their plan. But what is Allah Sopranos are to say we're in the La hemocue home, but Allah has their plan.

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What does it mean by this, that were in the law, he really knew

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that with Allah is the knowledge of their plot of their plan. Allah knows fully well about the plans that they had made,

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about what they had thought as to how to inflict harm on the messenger on the believers. Allah knew very well, the plan was well known to a loss of penalty.

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Secondly, we're in the low hemoglobin, that Allah had their plot, meaning Allah had complete authority and power over their plot. They had made a plan to harm the messenger to do wrong things. But Allah subhanaw taala had the upper hand over them, he had the authority to make them unsuccessful in their plan.

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And thirdly, we're in the law, he mcloon is also understood as that a law has, it's just a it's recompense that he was going to punish them, he had a counter plan, if they had a plan, a loss of panel data also had a plan to counter their plan,

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what kind of macro home even if their macro, even if their plot Lita zulum, in whole Japan, that it would move mountains, Lita zula from the ruthless zywall land from the word zone, and we read the words a while before earlier, what is the wild mean decline

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and it azula so, that it would move, so, that it would vanish, so, that it would disappear, it would terminate algebra, the mountains and elgible is the plural of Java.

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Now, this part of the IEA has been understood in two ways.

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First of all, it has been said that what incana macroom in means, indeed, that the plan, the plot of the previous people, it was so strong, it was so powerful, that it could literally lead azula mean hold you back that mountains, great monuments, great things, great structures, could be vanished could be destroyed, could be moved, because of them. They had such huge plans that strong plants, so massive that they could literally move mountains, they could literally obliterate mountains, Lita zulum, in algebra,

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and in this case, their plan their mocker can also be understood as chick because Allah subhanaw taala says about ship instead of Miriam I number 90 that kind of similar to your thought pattern. I mean, who, what unshackled Aldo was the hero, Japan who had that their cut him off shake it so atrocious that they haven't almost structure from it. And the earth splits open and the mountains collapse and devastation.

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So yes, what they did was tremendous. It was very atrocious, it was horrible. And it could literally cause the mountains to move, it could literally cause the mountains to be destroyed, to be brought to the ground. Literally.

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Secondly, we're in Canada Chrome, in gives meaning of not in his nephew

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that were in kenema Chroma, their plot is not lit. azula mineralogy bad. It can not at all move mountains. What do they think of themselves? They think that they're going to kill the prophet SAW the Lotus over there. They think that they can expel him that they can harm him in some way? No, because their plans are not such that they can move mountains from it. No, they're very weak in their plants. So if we take the first meaning, that their plans were so great that they could literally move mountains, what does that demonstrate that our last round artists plan was much more stronger?

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They made a huge plan to harm the messenger, like, for example, fit our own, what did he do? He had all of the magicians come all of them. And he had all of them perform their magic against musasa. But could they harm us? arcelormittal? No, they couldn't. So apparently, their plan could be very great. It could have many great physical effects. However, a las pantallas ban is much stronger than that.

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And if we did the second meaning, their plan is not adult strong. It cannot move mountains at all. What do they think of themselves they think they can harm the Messenger of Allah.

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Allah Subhan Allah, the never think that Allah is mostly for the hero Sula, who, that he will fail in his promise to his messengers, most live, one who goes against

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so never think that Allah is most left one who breaks one who goes back on his word, on word. He on his

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Promise, his promise to who? purusa who is messengers?

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What is the promise that Allah has made with his messengers, that he is going to assist them, that he is going to help them that he is going to grant them victory.

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In aloha season, zone tocom Indeed, Allah is Mighty. And he's also zone tocom possessor of retribution one who takes revenge in the economy from the root fetters noon coffee and intercom is to take revenge, vengeance, retribution. So Allah Aziz and he takes revenge on behalf of who? His messengers. So those people who persecute His messengers, those people who persecute his believers, Allah will punish such people.

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So in this ayah, the prophets are a lot of Saddam is being comforted. He has been reassured, that even if your enemy seems to be very powerful today, remember that ultimately, you will be victorious.

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And this comfort, the profits are a lot of them needed at this point.

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Because remember, the mccunn period was full of opposition. It was as though any day Islam would be finished. Because the prophets are a lot of them after all, was just one man. Yes, there were people who believed in him but Who were they? Mainly it was the poor being it was the slaves. Any day, someone could come up and they could just assassinate the Prophet sallallahu Sallam could kill all the Muslims and that's it finished, this whole matter would be finished. So you can imagine the type of fear that the believers were living in. But Allah subhanaw taala comforts the Prophet sallallahu Sallam that never think that Allah will go against his promise. Allah is Aziz and he is xunta calm,

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ultimately you will be victorious.

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We learn insolate love it, if 51 about the promise of Allah, that in Ireland and surah Solana one Medina Amano filha to dunya. Well, my Akuma shad, indeed, we will support our messengers and those who believe during the life of this world, and also on the day when the witnesses will stand meaning in this dunya and also when on the Day of Judgment, the messengers will be assisted by almost predator.

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Similarly, we learned a lot on Rajah de la is number 21. That Khattab Allahu La Habana Anna was solely in the wahaca waggener Aziz, Allah has written he has decreed that I will surely overcome I and my messengers Indeed Allah is powerful, and he's Exalted in Might.

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Similarly, in sort of Ibrahim I number 14, earlier we read that while a new skin and nakoma are bombarding him, that surely we will definitely cause you to dwell in the land after them, the people who are opposing you, you will replace them someday. So, Allah is all able to exact retribution from those people who oppose His messengers. And when is this retribution going to be infected, he is zone to calm when exactly yo matoba will have to on the day when the earth will be changed, will be altered, will be replaced later on only by another Earth. On the day when the earth will be replaced by another Earth, W from the room fetters back that lamp. But there you bet the router deal is to

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change something to alter something and this word is primarily used in two ways. One is to change the cipher of something, to change the characteristics of something, it's the same object, you just change the characteristics. So it looks completely different. It's not the same as it was before.

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Like for example, you have a ball of playdough for example. Now, what do you do with it? You make let's say a square out of it or a particular shape out of it, and then you paint on top of it. So, you had a ball and now you have something completely different is it that that thing has been changed? No, the characteristics have been altered, the characteristics have been changed. Secondly, the word about delta V is also used for changing the value of something meaning replacing one thing with another replacing one thing with another.

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For example, you have a particular sheet on the bed, what do you do you change the sheets how what do you do? You remove them and you replace other sheets on the bed.

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So, Yamato bed or the ladle or the day when the earth will be replaced by another Earth What does it mean by this that this changing that the earth will be completely altered? Right now you see the earth you know that the earth is round. It has water on it. It has mountains on it. It has many buildings in it. It has many

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rain forests. And you have so much on the surface of the earth 1000s and 1000s of creatures with their homes, with the things that they have made with the structures that they have constructed. So, all of this will be finished, the earth will not appear, as it appears to you today, it will be completely different, it will be completely altered. And not just the earth, but also was semi wet and alter the skies.

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Meaning the skies will also be completely altered, completely changed wabarakatuhu delay, and all of them will appear before Allah who is a law and we're hit the one alcohol, the prevailing the overpower, everyone will appear, no one will be able to hide because remember the meaning of the word baraza. It is when something is visible, it is clear it comes to view, it's not hidden at all.

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So all of them will come to view, all of them will emerge from their graves. And they will be apparent, unable to hide from who Allah subhanaw taala. ahead, who is the one and he is alcohol the prevailing no one has power over him.

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We learn that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said about the changing of the earth, that on the Day of Resurrection, the people will be gathered on a white, barren, flat earth, just like the wheat bread, just like the wheat bread. Like for example, sometimes if you have read jabatan it's like white, flat, and nothing on it. Nothing on it, nothing at all. This is how the earth is going to be flat earth just like wheat bread.

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And it has no recognizable features for anyone. No recognizable features at all.

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And when you read this hideous when you read this, if you think about the houses that people fight over the houses that people spend their lives to build, to preserve, to look after, to care for, where will those houses be? Where will they be?

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Will there be any remnants of it? No. Will there be any part of that house that's still there? No. What about the pictures of those houses, everything is finished. Everything that is on the surface of the earth, what's going to happen to it, it's going to be crumbled can lead either Ducati or boo the conductor, the conductor is to beat something to crush something continuously until it turns to powder.

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Like for example, when you put something in a food processor, and you press bolts and bolts and bolts repeatedly what happens, it's completely in shreds, completely interrupts completely turn to powder, dust, this is how the earth is going to be.

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So is it really worth your time and energy that you spend all of your time, all of your resources, just looking after house, just maintaining a house, fighting over a house, ruining your life over it, destroying your relationships with other people over houses, over the things of this dunya anything that you have that you possess that you're fighting over? Remember, one day this will be finished and the earth will be like a flat piece of white bread, nothing that is visible on it. Nothing that is recognizable. Nothing at all. When you go to any street, there are many recognizable features, perhaps a tree, a building, something or the other. But on that day, there will be no

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recognizable features. This is what's going to happen to the earth. No hills, no trees, no lowlands, no Highlands, no water, no rivers, no seas nothing.

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And to the sky, what's going to happen?

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We learn in sort of a man that funny then shocked by the summer Oh, four can it well they can get the hand and when the heaven is going to be split open and it will become rose colored like oil.

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Right now we see it blue. Sometimes we see it white, sometimes black, sometimes gray, sometimes pink, sometimes orange.

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But on that day, the color of the sky is going to be rose colored. It's going to be red, crimson, like oil.

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This is how the sky is going to be. So the sky is going to be altered, the Earth is going to be altered, everything is going to be changed. And the people who are in

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all of them will appear before Allah Who is the one who is the prevailing

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What are almajiri mean? And you will see the criminals that day yo ma even that day. Gordon, what do you mean? Who are the criminals? Those are the moon, the oppressors, those who are unjust those who oppose

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messengers, those who tormented the believers, those who persecuted them above or need those who rejected Allah soprano Tara, who refuse to worship Him who did not respond to his call, who committed sin after sin, refusing to think about their alcohol refusing to worry about that, what are almajiri mean? And you will see the criminals yoma in that de mukava Nina philospher.

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They will be bound together in shackles, they will be chained up, they'll be locked up. So how can a person escape? Where can they escape? How can they run away when all of the criminals are going to be bound together in shackles,

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the word makara Nene is the plural of mocha

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and mocha one is one who is tied up and in particular, one who is bound with another one who is joined with another one who is coupled.

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So maccarone those who are bound together, those who are tied together, yoked together, coupled. Basically the word is from the roof address call for noon. And erm is to link to combine to join.

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Like for example, it has said Colin Tilbury Marbury, I joined, I tied one camel with the other camel, if you ever see a picture of a caravan, in which camels, they're walking in a row, but all of them are tied together how, with a rope, which is either connecting their mouth or their feet, or something or the they're all connected together. So if one camel wishes to go one way, or wishes to run away, it cannot, because the other camels are tied to it.

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So makani the criminals will be tied up together to one another, because they were companions, in injustice, in oppression, in committing crimes in this dunya. So on that day as well, they will be made companions, they will be joined together, they will be yoked together, with their feet die together, their hands fight together, unable to separate away from each other.

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And this itself is a punishment when a person has died to the one whom we committed wrong with. If you have ever suffered harm because of a friend, they told you not to study, they told you to do something wrong. And you end up suffering a lot of harm because of that. Do you ever want to see that friend again, no matter how close they were to you, you get so upset, you don't want to see them. But the fact that people will be tied to those whom they committed crimes with this itself is a punishment. Secondly, mokaba Nina, that they'll be tied up how that their hands will be tied up with their feet, or their hands will be tied up with one another or their hands will be tied up with

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their necks in different forms mukava Nina, they'll be bound together yoke together fill us fed in the shackles in the chains of fair there's a plural of suffered solid fair that with the Fatah on the fair and solid

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and suffered is used for a neck collar. And it's also used for chains with which criminals are tied.

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So, you will see them bound together their necks will be tied, their necks will be yoked their hands will be dyed.

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And on top of that sarabi to whom their garments their clothes, men cotton lining will be of liquid which

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their clothes will be of pitch of tar.

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What dull shell would you have human now and their faces will be covered up by the fire.

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So obile is a plural of syllable from the routers scene raw lamb

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and serval is basically used for a long gown, a long dress that gives the benefit of both the ISA as well as the Cummins. Cummins is the shirt which were on top and the result is the lower garment.

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But sir ban is one long garment that gives the benefit of both the commies and his or

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Sabino home. their garments will be milk coated on it. There'll be a liquid pitch out there on his on the roof letters of law

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and often is used for molten copper. And it's also used for tar for charcoal. Sometimes you see roads being built or being renovated. And if you look at it, this particular thing, the star liquid pitch. It's highly flammable. It catches fire very quickly. Very, very quickly.

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It's also very sticky. It's extremely sticky. Once it gets onto something, it's very difficult to get it off. And it also smells very bad. It produces a very nasty smell. And it's color is ultra dark and black, very ugly. This is what their clothes will be made of something that is highly flammable. Something that smells really bad. It's very sticky. And it's ugly in its color. sarabi lumen khazzani what they'll share, and it will cover would you own their faces, what will cover their faces, and now the fire.

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So in other words, they will be coated with a coat of tar as their clothing. And this itself is a punishment.

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Generally, people wear clothes for what purpose for the purpose of comfort, or for the purpose of adornment, if not comfort, at least they should look beautiful, no matter how uncomfortable they feel. But these clothes, they are neither comfortable, nor are they beautiful punishment and ask for their faces. Fire will be rising up to their faces. Why? Because imagine if a person is wearing clothes such as this and he's thrown into the fire, what's going to happen? What OSHA would you home or not? And who is this punishment for? Who is this punishment for those people who oppose the truth? Those people who commit injustice hoodoo. magery, mean Varley mean, who oppose the messengers

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oppose the believers, oppress them, commit great crimes against them, and also for those people who refuse to obey the commands of the Prophet sallallahu sallam.

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We learn from a hadith the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that four characteristics from the time of yahaya will remain in my oma. Why? Because they will not abandon them. It's not that the prophets Allah Mollison did not stop us. No, he stopped us. But people will refuse to abandon these traditions. And what are they, first of all boasting about their family lineage. boasting about their family lineage. This was a gyri practice. And unfortunately, it exists still today. A person may have migrated from one country to another, his citizenship has changed. But still he will boast about what particular family he belongs to who his ancestors were, very proudly, people will say who

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they are and on the basis of that they will accept a proposal or they will reject the proposal. They have nothing to do with those people anymore. long gone. They have long left those places left that lifestyle, but still, they're very proud of their family lineage.

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Secondly, discrediting family ties, cutting off family ties.

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Thirdly, seeking rain through the stars, seeking rain through the stars, And fourthly wailing for the dead, wailing for the dead. These characteristics, these habits, these traditions will continue in the Muslim ummah. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, verily, if she who wields she who cries a lot and wailed a lot when someone has passed away. If such a woman dies before she repents from her behavior, then she will be resurrected on the Day of Resurrection while wearing a dress of cotton, and a cloak of male and male is a skin disease, like scabies in which certain parasites they infest the skin and because of that, the skin is extremely itchy, extremely dry. In animals, there is a

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hair loss. So a woman who wields like this when someone has passed away and she does not repent from her behavior, she will also get this punishment that you will be made to wear a cloak of Iran. And also her skin will be extremely itchy. This is a punishment for who? Someone who refuses to obey the command of the messenger when they know that the messenger has prohibited from something they still don't care they still continue. Look at the punishment it's very severe.

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Leah doozy Allahu Why is this punishment is this unjust? Is this oppression of the bark of Allah, not at all. This is that just at the edges so that Allah can give in full and remember just that is Recompense. Whatever a person has done, he gets paid for that. He gets its wage for that.

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So this punishment will be given Leah dizzy Allah who couldn't have seen Mikasa but so that Allah can recommend every soul what it has earned, every person who will be given what he or she deserves, in the LA City or in his hub. Indeed, Allah is swift in taking the account because the person may wonder, still there is time, but Allah subhanaw taala warrants it

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In the last 30 years have you think it's too far, it's not too far, because any moment you can die, the next moment you could die in the last 30 or 47, also swift in taking the account that once you will begin the hisab it will be concluded in half a day. Half of the day it will be concluded everything will be done. Because when we think about the herself on the Day of Judgment, we wonder, or it's going to be so long it's going to take so long perhaps by the time I return will come, some things will be forgotten, some things will be ignored. No, Allah is surreal herself. He is very swift. Once he will begin to his head. He will conclude it within half a day.

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