Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 15 – L154E

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the misuse of shipbuilding and the importance of understanding the " knowing the hidden reasons" of difficult situations. They emphasize the importance of learning to deal with difficult situations and being patient with parents. The speaker emphasizes the need for parents to be mindful of their children and encourage them to learn to be socially knowledgeable. The importance of parenting and satisfaction with children is also discussed. The segment emphasizes the need for parents to be patient and not just try to get something, and the importance of shaping children to change and not suffer from discomfort.
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So now he explains to him, he says to him, I must have been a to ask for the ship, which ship, the ship is blank, I had taken out that ship for Gannett. So it was meaning it belonged to Lima sakeena to pour Once masakan is a plural of miskeen. So there were some poor people who owned this ship. What does it show to us? That miskeen is a poor person, but it's not necessary that he owns nothing.

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It's possible that miskeen does have some belongings. And it's also possible that miskeen has some means of earning money.

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Because these miskeen people, what do they do? They had this ship and with the shipyard maluna filbur, how they used to work at the sea. How there are different types of things that people can do at sea, with their boat with their ship in order to make money. Like for example, they can use the boat to take passengers across. And with that make money. Similarly, they could use the ship to go into the middle of the sea, and fish through different things that could be done.

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So we see that a miskeen person is someone technically, who has money, who has some income, who has some belongings, but they are not sufficient. They are not enough and buy enough. It's not that he cannot afford to take vacations that he cannot afford to wear expensive clothing No. What does it mean that even his basic necessities cannot be fulfilled? So I must affino to forget Lima Sakina Yama, Luna filberg

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for our two so I intended meaning I intended and our Eva her that I make a defective

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there Eva from the roof veterus I never his fault.

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So I intended to make a fault in it. Why? Because what can I want a home because he was behind them, who was behind them. Malecon a king, a king was after them. And this king What was he doing? Yet Hulu, he takes cola Safina thing every ship of us banned by force was is to take something by force forcible seizure, to assert someone's wealth by force. So there was a king, what are behind them or beyond them in front of them where they were going to.

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And this king was taking every ship by force.

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It is said that the king of that area, he was at war with another people.

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And there was supposed to be a Naval War. And for that purpose he was taking every ship that he could find. However, it's not mentioned the Quran and Sunnah. Therefore, Alo arland what exactly the reason was behind this game taking every ship.

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So what did he do?

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He made a major defect in the ship. So that when the king and his people would see this ship, what would they say?

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This is not something useful, this is defective. And therefore they would leave it. And like this, the Masaki they would continue to have their ship, and they would continue to make money to earn money through the ship.

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What does this show to us? What does it show to us? What's the lesson in this for us?

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Everything happens for a reason. I think you've taken this too seriously with others that do not ask.

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Do not interrupt I'm telling you to speak, so to speak.

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So we see that huddled over here is providing the explanation for the things that he did. Remember that there are two types of knowledge.

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One type of knowledge is of the apparent what happens, how it happens. Like, for example, over here, what happened the ship, he took out a blank.

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There's a second type of knowledge and which is the knowledge of the hidden reasons as to why something happens, the wisdom behind it, the reason behind it. Now, sometimes something may appear to be one way. But in reality, it has a different

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reason it has a different purpose, it has a different benefit to it, which may not be visible to us, it is there, but it is not visible to us. So this is a reason why we should not hasten to formulate opinions without looking at both sides of the picture. Always think what could be the reason behind that? What could be the head in the section.

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Like for example, a person falls ill he becomes sick.

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And because of that he's unable to do something that he normally does. Now at that moment thinking why am I sick and this is not

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Fair, what should he think? What is the wisdom behind that?

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What could be the head in this? Similarly, you intend to go somewhere, you intend to go visit your relatives in another country. What happens each time you make your bookings, your child falls ill you lose your passport, something or the other happens. So there's a reason. Now instead of dwelling upon it and thinking why, why why, and this is not fair. What should a person think there must be some head in it, there must be some good in this. Remember, we learned earlier there are certain crochet

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where I said to her Boucher, Sharon, it's quite possible, because we'll know who you are until later than Allah knows, you do not know. He knows the wisdom behind the things that happen. Therefore, a believer he always accepts the decision of Allah. And remember that when a person accepts what happens to him, only then he can benefit from the situation. Only then he can benefit from the situation. If he just dwelled upon it, if he is blinded by what has happened to him, and he cannot reflect on the situation, he cannot focus on something else, then all of his time, his energy is going to be wasted.

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Like for example, if a person is intending to go somewhere, he wants to make a trip, he wants to travel somewhere, but he's unable to his child falls ill passport gets lost something or the other happens. Now that whole week, that whole 10 days that he has to spend in waiting until the new passport comes, he could spend that time in complaining in expressing his frustration in getting upset with his family.

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Or he could think what can I do while I'm still here? Alhamdulillah I have another week at home, what else can I accomplish? What else can I do before I leave.

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Whereas if he spent that time getting upset and angry, he would not be able to do anything. So when a person accepts the decree of Allah, then he's able to benefit from the situation.

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Many times it happens that if something goes against our will, if something difficult comes up, we get so blinded by it, we get so lost and we are so affected by it, we get so sad, we get so depressed, that we're unable to do anything else. Anything else. Many times I've seen that, that young women when they have their children, they say that Okay, now I have to feed my baby every two hours. Now, this means I cannot do anything. I cannot do any lesson I cannot do any study, I cannot read any books, nothing like that. And if a woman thinks like this, and really she will not be able to do anything. If she thinks Okay, I'm at home, I want this child, I have to sit down every two

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hours at the nurse's station for half an hour. What can I do? Honestly, you can do so many things. So many things. I remember when my son was born. For the first year when I had to nurse him after every like two to three hours, or almost four hours. Sometimes, I remember that those half an hour to 45 minutes, were my time to read. That was my time to read. You know why? Because at that time, you can't cook, you can't clean, you can't fold laundry, what you can do is perhaps hold the child with one hand and hold the book with the other hand. That's what you can do. You can read Quran, you can read so many books, you can do your lesson, you can prepare your next day's lesson, you can take

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notes, you can write something.

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And at that time, if you think that's it, I cannot do anything I'm bound with this child, really, you will not be able to accomplish anything except the decree of Allah and think, what can I do? What does Allah want me to do? instead? Maybe I want to do something else. But that's not good for me. And Allah wants me to focus on something else, what is that something else? What can I do? And the one who opened his eyes, then along will show him

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but a person who closes his eyes and he becomes sad and depressed, then he will not see even the very obvious he will not see that which is even in front of him. So this is something extremely important that at times of difficulty, no, there is some hide in it. There's some good in it, and I have to seek that good.

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And ask Allah to show that you if you cannot see it.

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Also, one more important thing that we learned from this is that how did he destroyed part of the ship to retain the rest of it or all of it.

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He took out one or two planks out of the ship, he made a defective in order to save the entire ship. This shows us that a person may do something harmful, something detrimental for greater good, for greater good. And it's something that happens in medicine all the time.

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Like for example, to know what the sugar level is

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What the iron level is of a person, what's done, a lot of blood is taken out of the body. Now person might say, Oh my god, you've taken so much blood out, I'm going to become so weak already, I'm so weak. Well, the thing is, if we don't take all this blood out, we will not know what you need,

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you will feel weak initially, maybe for a day or two. However, in the long run, this is for your good.

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Similarly, for the purpose of surgery, for different different reasons, the physical body of a person has to be injured, it has to be wounded, it has to be cut up, sometimes parts of the body like for example, a certain vein or certain part of the body has to be taken out from one place and put on another.

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So you have to choose the lesser of the two evils where you have the option of two evils in front of you, it is permissible to choose the lesser of the two evils for greater good and this is exactly what how did what Amala. And as for the boy,

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why did I kill him for kind of a while who, then his parents were meneghini to be leaders, his parents were both believers. And this boy, this child was going to be a cafard. He was going to be a disbeliever for Hershey, and so we feared and that you'll hear Kakuma that he would overburden them to remember the word you were at earlier as well, that he would burden his parents with what with the leannon transgression will confront, and also disbelief. What does it mean by this Eureka hometel.

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First of all, this has been understood as that he would cover them too, with historian and

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he would commit so much transgression, he would be so disobedient, so ungrateful. And he would alter this believe that would cause a lot of burden to be on these do parents, what burden?

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Remember that when parents are righteous, and their children, they are not righteous?

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Then what happens? Those children, their sins become a means of the wastage of the good deeds of their parents. We know that a person will come on the Day of Judgment. And he will say I had so many good deeds, where did they go? What will be said to him, that your children, they consumed all of them, they wasted all of them. Now, sometimes it happens that parents they put in their maximum effort to make the children righteous. But despite their effort, despite their good upbringing, the children don't improve at all. So at the end of the day, whose fault is it? It's not the parents fault, because they have done their best. However, if the parents do not try, if they don't use

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whatever is within their means, whatever is within their ability, and as a result of that the child turns out to be disobedient and disbelieving, then who will get the blame for it? The parents even because they have a share. They had the choice to raise the child in a proper way. But they did not. They had the ability to force their child to do something good, but they did not.

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You see if your child is not eating properly, if your child is not dressing appropriately, don't you force your child to eat to dress up properly?

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Think about it, don't you? You do. But many times when children don't pray, what do parents say? It's their choice. What can I do? I have told them

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if they don't do their homework, you will ground them, you will do so much to force them to do their homework. But if they refuse to pray, you're like, Okay, fine, doesn't matter. For some reason people are generally very indifferent when it comes to their religion, but when it comes to dunia, they become extremely strict. So we see that this child if you were to grow up, he would overburden his parents with the Leann and gopher, resulting in the wastage of all of their dates.

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Secondly, it is also said that when you have a woman, that he would overburden that meaning he would make them commit the hand and cover

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this child would make his parents committed to the enemy.

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So this is why the child was killed.

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Generally what happens? The parents, they affect their children.

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But sometimes it's also the other way around, where the children influence their parents. You may have seen that in the same household. There may be a child who listens to the parents, and there may be another child who makes his parents listen to him.

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You may have seen this difference within you and your siblings, even you're always obedient to your parents, and there's your brother, whatever he says, parents accept it.

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And sometimes even we see this within a couple that sometimes the husband has more influence on the wife and sometimes it's the wife

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has more influence on the husband, both happen. So we see over here that in this case the child would influence his parents. And as a result of his influence, the parents would commit a lot of tahan and a lot of copper. So in other words, this child would be detrimental to their Deen to the religion. This is why that child was taken away from them.

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Many times we see that parents, they become very weak in front of their children.

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They become extremely weak in front of their children, they will give up, sometimes it's because of extreme love for them. Or my child is crying, maybe I should feed him and delay my Salah.

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My child wants to go out. Okay, I'll take him out right now. Even if it means I'd have to leave my mother Uppsala.

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I have to watch my child. This is why I will not say my uscar many times parents become extremely weak in front of their children. Why? Because of extreme love for them.

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Similarly, these two people, this man and woman, these two parents, they're believers, very righteous. However, their child was going to make them do dorianne and COVID. This is why the child was taken away from them. What do we learn from this?

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What do we learn from this again, there is a wisdom behind everything that happens

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for Aradhana so we intended and ubaidah Houma that he should substitute for them to who should or a boomer, Allah subhanaw taala should substitute for the two parents hire men who better than him better than the child that they had in zutaten impurity, meaning in religion,

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the the other child that they would have would be more righteous, and he would be Aqaba near Rama, do Mercy

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is affection, kindness, mercy, just like the word Brahim or Rama.

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And it is also said that what acaba Rama, what this means is that he would be more prone to maintaining the family ties, keeping the family united. So Allah subhanaw taala wanted to replace their child with another child, who would be more righteous.

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Who would be a means of

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keeping the family united. And he would be a means of happiness for the parents.

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Many times it happens that children become a cause of the disunity of the family. Have you ever seen ever heard that, for example, it happens that two brothers, they have their children get married.

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But what happens they end up in a divorce. And as a result, the two brothers, they never speak to one another.

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families get completely cut off. Why? Because of children.

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Similarly, it's possible that a child of someone does something because of which their relatives, they don't speak to them anymore. Maybe the child has been disrespectful. Maybe the kind of things that he has been doing. other relatives do not accept it at all, which is why the entire family has been disunited. So how they're said that Allah was going to give them a child who would be better in purity, and he would also keep the family together.

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Remember, there's a Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam in which the gist is that Allah does not decrease anything for the believer, except that it is good for him. Think about any parents who lose a child, What will they think

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they will feel so sad. They'll be so depressed, that this is so unfair, my child, why was he taken away from me? Why?

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I remember somebody was mentioning to me once that they visited someone who had just lost their infant, it was like, perhaps less than a year, very small baby. They lost the baby and they were visiting somewhere the child became sick, he got dehydrated. And the family they didn't think that the child needed to be taken to the hospital. Or even if they thought they weren't able to take the child to the hospital in time and as a result the child died.

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Now the parents It was a first child young couple, and they were extremely sad.

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So this person, she said that when they visited the parents, you know, she said to the mother that May Allah give you the ability to have sibling Jamil and May Allah give you immense reward for your patience. She said, I don't want this reward.

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I don't want this reward. Why was my child taken away from me?

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We see that many times. People do not accept. They do not accept the decree of Allah. And they say such statements. I don't want this reward. Why did this happen to me? But what do we learn from here? There is a reason behind everything that happens

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even if that child dies

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It's possible that Allah will give you another child who will be more righteous, more obedient. And if this child who passed away were to grow, where to live in your house, he would only bring misery to you.

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So many times we see that children become a cause of misery for their parents. So you never know what the wisdom may be the believer, he trusts the decisions of Allah,

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that if my lord has decided this for me, there has to be some goodness in it.

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And then he mentioned the third thing that will emerge out as for the wall, for cannoli will emini that had belonged to two young boys. And these two boys were yet the main two orphans.

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The wall that Heather had fixed, this wall was for it belonged to two young boys. And these two young boys were orphans.

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And you remember who your team is,

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who has not yet reached puberty, and the father has passed away. So you can imagine how little these boys must have been filled Medina in the city, or Canada, who and under it, meaning under the wall was what gansan a treasure under the wall was a buried treasure lahoma for the two of them, because remember, these two children were orphans. So perhaps before their father died, he buried some treasure under that wall, on their property. And remember that this work and a boomer and their father was silent, he was a righteous man, he was a good person, he was a righteous person. So Allah subhanaw taala was not just going to him, but he was also going towards his children. How that for

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our other aboukir. So your Lord intended and yalova that both of them should reach to the two boys, the two orphans, they should reach a should the humor, their maturity, remember the age of assured when a person is physically mentally, emotionally, socially, he is strong, he is established.

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And according to many scholars, the age of assured is around 40.

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So Allah wanted that these two boys should reach their full strength, their full maturity. Why is the free Jenkins a homer? And then they should take out their treasure? Yes, definitely j is the Hodge coraggio.

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If the wall was left, as is, and if the wall collapsed, then what would happen?

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The treasure would be exposed. And remember the people of that town? What kind of people were they?

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They were not generous at all, to the point that even when guests came, they refuse to offer them any food. They completely rejected. So if the treasure of two orphan boys was exposed to those people, would they leave it? No. And if they would take it, would they ever give it back to the children? Never.

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So this is why I fixed the wall

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so that their treasure would remain hidden until they themselves could take it out. But why did this happen to the two children because your father was righteous? Well, can a boo boo masala many times, parents are fearful. If I die, what's going to happen to my child? My child is so small. He's so young.

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I wonder if you'll even remember me.

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Parents, sometimes just casually, all of a sudden, they have this thought what if something happens to me when my child even know who I am?

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Who's gonna take care of him. And you wonder, okay, my sister or my brother or my parents or my uncle or who can take care of my children. Many times parents have this fear.

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Which is why they say one of the first things that you should do after having a child is appoint a legal guardian in case something happens to you, that you should know who your child will be, you know, with after you have gone, but we see that because this father was righteous, Allah protected the children a lot take care of them.

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So what do we learn

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that if a person is righteous, that Allah will take care of his children, even when he is unable to,

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even when he is unable to himself? Many times people have this fear. If I come towards the dean, if I take the course, if I study the dean, if I volunteer, if I do something, My children are going to be neglected.

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All of you mothers over here, don't you have this concern? Every mother has this concern that I'm going to be spending so much time away from my children, what's going to happen to them, but believe me, if you make your intention sincere and you do your

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Best you put in all your effort, maybe a lot will give your children such good companionship that you will not be able to provide.

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You know, sometimes I wonder the children who are in childcare who are in the preschool in all of these classrooms, you know, they're learning one sort of after the other one after the other, one good concept after the other. And sometimes I wonder if the mothers are themselves capable of teaching these things to the children, they're not, perhaps you don't have those skills, you don't have all those doors memorized. But when your children are learning over there, who is providing risk to them, and is providing, so never ever fear that if you go towards then your children will be neglected? It doesn't mean that you leave your children completely, you don't care for them, no, be

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concerned for them. Take care of them, do your best. But be assured that Allah will take care of your children, provided that you are solid, you do your best, you do righteous actions.

00:26:01 --> 00:26:33

I'll give you my own example. When I was growing up, my mother was extremely busy. I was only about eight years old, when a little dust started. And morning, evening, everything was there. My education did not get affected, neglected anything like that. Alhamdulillah. And I feel that because my parents were so involved in this work, I got to benefit so much as well. And if they had not done any of this work, where would I be? Where would I be, perhaps we would just know a little bit about the you know, just a little bit information. And that's it.

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But because my parents, they put in the effort, they sacrifice, this is why the work increased. And if we become selfish that no, I want to spend time with my children, I have to see what they're doing. I love looking at them, I love spending time with them, then remember, you will not be able to provide everything for them. And in the process, many others will also get neglected. So somebody needs to sacrifice and the one who sacrifices a lot will take care of him.

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And it's quite possible that at the moment you feel that your children are being neglected and you see it, you see it perhaps in their manners or perhaps in their behavior or perhaps in the way they speak in the way they behave. Perhaps you see it, but remember, even that is a phase eventually that will be over. That will be over. It's just a test. You're just being tested, because Allah has promised this that the one who is sila, Allah will take care of his children.

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And you will see perhaps your family suffering right now. But in the long run, you will see that each and every one inshallah the one for whom quite as decreed, he will come this way. My mother never told me to study the colonial, she never told me to do the course. It was a surprise for her when I enrolled myself in this course, it was a big surprise for me. But 100 I when I did it, she was extremely happy. And sometimes we think that if we go this way, our children will get turned off, they will not get there enough. in their heart, they know what's right and what's wrong. Maybe on the outward, they will show we don't care about what you're doing. And I'm not going to be like

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you or anything like that. But in their heart, they know Just be patient, just bear patiently, and after some time you will see the head. So we see that for other of buka and yalova should the humor where's the free Jenkins

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and all of this happened meta milotic as a mercy from your Nord what happened the boat was destroyed a part of it was destroyed. Similarly, the boy was killed and the wall was fixed why as a mercy from Allah soprano, and Heather says Mr. Foul do and I did not do any of this on me from my accord. Um, it is what matter affair I did not do any of this out of my own will, out of my own decision out of my own intelligence article.

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Rather, all of this is purely based on what in ham from our last panel Darren and delphis

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if he was a prophet, Revelation, if he was just a righteous servant, then it had remembered what he one type is that which is given to the profits, but another result of that which is given to the rest of the people like it was given to the mother of musasa. So without further ado, and Emily rather it is based on the tofield Kabbalah in him from almost primal time. Because all of these matters are beyond human perception. Any other human being any human being, if you were to see a child, he does not know how he's going to grow up to be. So this is beyond human perception. If he did any of this, it was based on the knowledge that Allah had given him. So he says valleca that is

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that way no explanation, man of that which lambdas there you did not have ability or lay upon it sabalan in patients you do not have the ability to have patience.

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Over all of this, that we what does that we mean?

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interpretation. But remember, there is another meaning as well. Outcome actualization. So we can take this in both ways that first of all, this is the explanation that I had promised tell you about. This is the explanation of those matters, which were unable to be patient over. And secondly, this is the outcome that you were too impatient to know. And hastily, you objected my actions, this is the outcome. What is the outcome? That if the subpoena was defective, there was an outcome? What was that outcome, that it was saved from the king, if the child was killed, then there was an outcome what that he was going to be replaced by another child. If the wall was fixed, it was so

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that the treasure could be preserved. So that we Luma lambdas, there are the hisako this is what you are not able to be patient about. And had you been a bit patient, you would have seen the wisdom. What do we see that many times we speak up, we object, we complain too early.

00:31:11 --> 00:31:24

Instead of waiting, instead of seeing, instead of holding our tongue, we begin to speak we begin to object to quickly. So what do we need to do? Just be a bit more patient just a few more moments.

00:31:25 --> 00:31:58

Remember, I told you that story earlier as well, of this man who always won any competition that he participated in? And so once this person asked him that, how can you win every time he said, let's try something. So he said, You bite my finger, I'll bite yours. And eventually, he won. So he said, I only held on until you let go. That's it. That was my target. So you just need a little bit more subject. And you will see, but if you complain too soon, then you will be defeated. You will suffer.

00:31:59 --> 00:32:01

We listen to the recitation and then we'll continue

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the key

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Hey, Bernie.

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He's stuck on

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If you notice a word that's there isn't different from the word that's still there.

00:36:05 --> 00:36:12

Whenever there are more letters, it means more effort is required. And where there are less letters less effort is required.

00:36:13 --> 00:36:21

Some lm test their la usaba, you weren't even able to have a little bit of patience over this, have you been a little bit more patient, you could have learned more,

00:36:22 --> 00:36:27

you know, the subpoena and the ship, it was reminding me that sometimes you have something that works perfectly fine.

00:36:29 --> 00:36:35

You get your new phone, you get your new something and all of a sudden you see a big scratch on it, a big mark on it, a big dent on it.

00:36:36 --> 00:36:43

And at that time, you may wonder why did this happen? This is not fair. But isn't that teaching you some kind of lesson,

00:36:44 --> 00:36:51

perhaps, or life saving it from a greater difficulty from a greater harm, so that you can have it for longer it can function for longer.

00:36:53 --> 00:37:13

We see that the parents who had lost their child they were moving in both of them were believers. And many times we think that if a person is a believer, he should not suffer from any difficulty in his life. We think that if a person is suffering from a difficulty, like the death of a child, then they must be extremely sinful. But we see that the child being taken away from them was a mercy upon them.

00:37:15 --> 00:37:45

Many times we see that parents are very eager for their children to be very knowledgeable, very righteous, very pious, very obedient, devout worshippers of a loss penalty. But parents neglect the same qualities in themselves. They're not concerned if they don't have those qualities themselves. People will say, oh, I'll make my child like or mow the lawn who may make my daughter like I should learn. But our modernization had role models, right? What do we learn over here that what can a boohoo mess like? Their father was righteous. And as a result, the children benefited.

00:37:46 --> 00:38:01

So when you make the law for your children, ultimate door for yourself, exactly many times, we see that parents are not willing to change themselves, but they want the children to change. So children will only benefit if you yourself are righteous, if you bring about a change in yourself.

00:38:03 --> 00:38:24

When we're going through a difficulty, at that time, we don't see the reason we don't see the wisdom, we don't see the benefit. But if we remain patient at that time, if we accept the decree of Allah, after some time, you will see the benefit, you will see the wisdom, but only if you have gone through that state positively.

00:38:26 --> 00:39:03

I was just focusing the word sobre repetition of too much. And I was thinking that sometimes we think that we have this quality, but actually we don't have. So Allah subhanaw taala sent him to another person. And when he went through all the process, and now his teacher is mentioning him my Olympus de la sobre. So when you hear it from someone else, then you realize, yes, I don't have it. Because we are not honest or so you don't admit it. And also because sometimes we are not put in a situation that will show our weaknesses, right. in normal circumstances. We don't know what our strengths are. We don't know what our weaknesses are. But when we're put in an extraordinary

00:39:03 --> 00:39:36

situation that tells us what our strengths and weaknesses are. Just one thing regarding this whole concept of everything happens for a reason. I think we as Muslims, and especially since everyone goes through, like sicknesses, illnesses, you know, all these different trials in life, I think what we need to do is when we see our Muslim sisters in that situation, always remind them that you know, rather than sympathizing with them, yes, Oh, poor, you, you know, you're the one who's going through this such a difficult time is that instead, we should encourage them and say, You know what, everything happens for a reason. You might think this is the end of the world, but it's not the end

00:39:36 --> 00:39:55

of the world, you can still do things, you can still get up on your feet, you still have some ability, you're better than others. This is the way our attitude should be towards those people who are in difficult situations. Because many times when we're in the difficulty, we cannot see it, and perhaps somebody else can show it to us. So be that light for others.

00:39:56 --> 00:40:00

Sonico was really thinking about how when I'm musasa whenever

00:40:00 --> 00:40:34

He would Reebok or say like something objector, like say something against the day, he will always correct him, you'll always see Okay, you know what, I did something wrong, I accept it. And how many times do we when we're in a situation and we see something wrong? Does our pride come up you see, you know what I can accept the fact that I do think you have to learn that the only way you would learn is through making mistakes. And like I remember once we were shown a video in class in high school, and it was about two polar bears one polar bear crossing ice, it wasn't very thick one and then he went in, and the other polar bear decided to go around instead of going across the same

00:40:34 --> 00:40:37

thing. So you have to learn through others mistakes and mistakes as well.

00:40:39 --> 00:40:59

We see that how that is only mentioned in the Quran at this point. We don't see a mentioned anywhere else in the Quran. And even in the Sunnah. It is only a few things that are mentioned concerning him. Now there is a question, many people wonder, that is how they're still alive.

00:41:00 --> 00:41:06

is still there today. We don't know if you were to know what had benefited us.

00:41:07 --> 00:41:09

And if we didn't know, would that harm us? No.

00:41:10 --> 00:41:52

So first of all, a person should not dwell on such questions, because if it was really something necessary, something very important, it would have been made very clear in the Quran and Sunnah. But there are many people who say that he's still alive. It is a concept that is widespread amongst many Muslims, many, many. So this is why we should understand this matter. Clearly. Remember, there are many stories about Heather, which are complete fabrications, there is absolutely no evidence behind that. There is no reality to them. They're just fabrications, they're just myths. And there are texts of the Quran, that clearly contradict this concept, that Heather could be alive and he is

00:41:52 --> 00:42:18

eternal. Like for example, we learned in the Quran that coluna have seen that every soul experiences death. So if father was alive at that time, we don't know exactly when he died, nor do we find that he was alive somewhere else. However, a Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam it does show to us, that of all the people who are alive upon the earth on this day, none will be living in 100 years time.

00:42:19 --> 00:42:47

The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that any person who was alive today, when he said that statement during his lifetime, no one is going to be alive from amongst them 100 years from now, no person. So that had these shows to us that if let's say hypothetically, if he was even alive at that time, then he would have died within 100 years, when the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said that statement. Secondly, we also see that Allah subhanaw taala is the one who is and how

00:42:48 --> 00:42:59

and everything everyone else besides Him, called lumen Alisha, everyone on the earth is going to die is going to come to an end at some point or the other.

00:43:01 --> 00:43:12

Yes, there are exceptional cases. Like for example, he believes, we know that he asked Allah for respite he was given the rest bite until when until the day of judgment, so he will not die.

00:43:13 --> 00:43:21

Similarly, we learned that lesson and he was also not given that but rather he was lifted up to the heavens and he will return.

00:43:22 --> 00:44:06

seminary we see that the gel, he is alive. from several ahadees we learned that the gel is a person he is a human being, but he is alive, and inshallah when we will learn more about the journey we'll find out. However, remember that these are all exceptional cases, and do support each and every one of them. There is some textual evidence, there is some evidence from the Quran or from the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. So other than these cases, it is not within our authority to say that Oh, he is alive, Calder is alive. And he drank from the fountain of life, therefore he's never going to die. No, we have no evidence to support that. Therefore we should refrain from saying such

00:44:06 --> 00:44:50

statements. And besides remember, again, it doesn't have anything to do with your Eman just as about a police his wife, nothing to do with your Eman. Similarly, how did if it was necessary, we would have been informed about it and ultimately look at it. The Prophethood of Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam it was for all I mean, remember human beings as well as the jinn. And we see that during his time the people and after him. All the people were required to believe in him and also follow Him and not just the people, even the jinn. they're required to believe in Him and follow Him. And we see that during the lifetime of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam several jinn. They came to the prophet SAW the

00:44:50 --> 00:44:51

Lotus and and they believed

00:44:52 --> 00:45:00

we learned in silico gene we learned in total a half the gene came they believed and they began following the profits, let alone a center and remember the profit

00:45:00 --> 00:45:34

Sort of autism also said about masayoshi son and if he were alive would he follow the Prophet sallallahu sallam, or Isa when he will return who will he follow? Muhammad Sallallahu sallam. So, if father is alive, who is he supposed to follow? The Prophet sallallahu Sallam if he is, but we see that even at the time of musasa, how there was not his follower. So, what does it show that Alo arland what his reality is, we are no one to pass judgments, we are no one to say he was a prophet or he was this or he was an angel, he was something else, we have no right to say that.

00:45:35 --> 00:45:48

And if it was something very important, something very necessary for our Eman we would have been informed and interested her God Allah subhanaw taala tells us that led to a demo by near the Gila he

00:45:49 --> 00:46:18

do not advance before Allah and His messenger. And this is both in word and also inaction. If a lion is messenger did not say something, we are no one's to invent it. If they did not specify, we are no one's to specify it, we have no authority, we are to follow not to invent or to lead. So even with regards to how the what is our belief that we believe in whatever Allah and His Messenger have informed us

00:46:19 --> 00:46:32

And beyond that, we don't say anything we don't necessarily reject anything because we don't have any evidence. We just believe in however Allah has created him and whatever Allah has informed us about him.

00:46:34 --> 00:46:41

Okay, so Chronicle Levin will be humbucker the shadow there either Atlanta Mr. Furukawa. Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

Al-Kahf 60-82 Word Analysis and Tafsir 79-82

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