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Al-Kahf 45-59 Word Analysis and Tafsir 45-46

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I was a bit of a mi* language into smilla rahmanir rahim

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that's number 153. So little calf is number 45, to 59.

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So in the story that we have just read, we learned about the test of wealth. And now in the following if we learn about how to cope with this test, how should a person think, what should a person believe, that will help him go through this test easily, successfully,

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what Leibler whom, and presented them, meaning to the people,

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methyl Hyatt adonia the example of the life of this world,

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give them the example of the life of this world, so that they can understand its reality.

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And remember, the word method is used, for example, to present something that is abstract in concrete terms, to present something that is intangible in tangible terms. And both the tangible and intangible, the abstract and the concrete both have some similarity between them.

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So the example of the life of this world,

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tell them explain to them through this, through what is mentioned in this ayah so that they can understand the reality of this world.

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And what is that example come out in like water, which water and the level, we send it down from where we enter summary from the sky. In other words, like rain that falls down from the sky.

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And when rain falls down from the sky, what happens as a result of that, for teletherapy, then it got mixed with it, what God mixed with it, never too early, the plants, the vegetation of the earth, if the lotto from the roof address ha Lambo and hunt, if the layout is when two or more things, when two or more, you can say components are mixed together, they are joined together, blended together, we have learned 30 instead of the Toba highlight where I'm an employee, what are hora say here So, holla is to join to mix together two or more different things. So, if the lava it was mixed, it got mingled, what God mingled, then a battle of the vegetation of the earth be happy with it. Now, this

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word be he has been understood in two ways, first of all be meaning with it. So, the plants that are on the earth, they get mixed with the water. In other words, they absorb the water, they take the water in, and as a result of that, what happens the plants the vegetation, it gets nourished, and it also flourishes it becomes lush and green, you will notice that even if you give water to your plants yourself, it will not have the same effect as that which rain has

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when rain falls down you have seen around you recently that how the color has changed, it has become more lush it has become more bright, more lively. So, it's a lot of the inner Battle of the absorb the water becoming more lush becoming more green. And secondly, if delta V has been understood as because of it. So, because of the water, the plants of the earth they get mixed with one another, they get mingled with one another. In other words, because of the water coming down from the sky, the plants they grow they become dense, they become so thick that the branches they get intertwined with one another the blades of grass even they are mixed with one another the twigs the trees, if

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you go to a forest, if you go into your backyard, all of the plants are mixed with one another which is why sometimes you cannot even trace back the root of the plant where it is growing out from. So for telecabine in a battle up Firstly, it becomes lush and secondly it becomes thick, it becomes dense. But then what happens? does it stay like that forever? does it stay like that for the entire year? No, only for a few months and then what happens? Fall comes again for us and then it becomes hachiman dry stubble, broken pieces. Hasheem is from the root letters hashey mean and hashing is basically to smash something to smash something to tiny pieces and in particular it is to smash

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something that is dry.

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Just imagine if you have a dry piece of bread, and you put it in the food processor, and you hit balls, what's going to happen? It's going to crumble, it's going to turn into

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tiny, tiny pieces.

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Similarly, if you take a dry leaf and you step on it, you put your foot on it, what's going to happen? It's going to break into pieces. It's going to crumble. It's going to disintegrate. So Hasheem is the crumbled particles, the broken pieces of something that is dry,

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of something that has become dry. So for us via Shimon, all of these green and lovely and lush plants, what happens to them, they become dry stubble, they turn into broken crumbled particles that have absolutely no weight, they have lost their color, they have lost their beauty, they are into broken up bits now.

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And these broken bits, what happens to them that ruins

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the winds, they spread them, they scatter them abroad, they pick up these dry leaves, they blow them off the trees, and they blow them around everywhere. And as a result of that they end up breaking every time they're hit against something. You know, sometimes when it's extremely windy, especially when fall comes. You see all of these leaves flying around. And each time they're blown, they hit against something, they break down further, they break down further than through who Leah who that roof from the roof address. Then raw Well, that would invert one is to scatter.

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So the winds they pick them up, they blow them and they crumble them. They turn them into smaller and tinier pieces. What can Allahu Allah, Allah is Ever Allah Connolly Shea in upon everything, he is mocha de la. He is one who is capable. He is one who is all prevailing. He is the one who is all powerful. When he decides that fall should come, no one can resist that. When he decides that a plant should shed its leaves and the leaves should be picked up by the wind and blown everywhere and broken into tiny pieces. No one can stop that. Because what can Allahu Allah Konishi in muckety

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muck that it is one who has acted out and acted out his absolute authority,

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ability, perfect ability, supreme authority that none can resist, none can avoid, none can question

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What can I lower the coalition in Madeira, he is capable of putting an end to what exists and he is capable of initiating what has come to an end. And between putting an end to something that exists and initiating something that has become non existent is only his kalama Khan. He just says good. And that's it for outcomes and the scene changes. He says gone and the water comes down and the entire Earth becomes green and lush. He just has to say corn and it happens what kind of long wildlife coalition.

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So in this ayah we are told about the reality of the life of this world.

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And what is that reality that nothing is within the ability of people.

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People have no control over their lives, who has complete control unless

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donia comes to a person, the life of this world. health, wealth, family, friends, education, career. All of these things they come to a person with all their splendor, with all their beauty with all their attraction and why that person has them. He thinks that they will never end.

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If he has youth. He thinks he will never suffer from old age. If he has children. He thinks they will never leave. If he has parents. He thinks he will never have to leave them. If he has a good job. He thinks he will never have to leave. If he has a good house. He thinks he will never have to leave that house. If he has money. He thinks he will never depart from his money or his money will never depart. This is what he thinks when he has it. He thinks he will have it forever.

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But sooner or later what happens either what he has comes to an end or he comes to an end

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because his good skin. His youthful skin will begin to age. His children that are very small infants toddlers. They will become

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holder who have been living in his house one day, they will move out. The parents who may have seen from the very beginning, one day, he will bury them.

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The money that he has the house that he has the car that he has one day, he will see that it has no value, that it doesn't carry any weight at all. And he sees it going away from him.

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Man has no control over his life, over his circumstances, over his affairs at all. He cannot stop his body from aging, he cannot stop his health from deteriorating. He cannot have his children, he cannot stop them from moving out. He cannot stop his parents from dying. All authority is with who

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almost died. What kind of love are the coalition?

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So what's the lesson in this for us?

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That everything in this dunya is temporary. Nothing is eternal. Everything is temporary, whether it's in the form of people, or it's in the form of wealth, or it's the form of knowledge, or some authority, everything is temporary, nothing at all is permanent.

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And who has authority over it.

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When a law makes a decision, no one can resist it. No one can avoid it.

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And a person who believes in this who understands this, he will remain firm upon his email, he will not lose his faith no matter what he's going through. If he has a lot of money, he will not lose his faith. If he loses something again, he will not lose his faith. If he goes through difficult times, he will not lose his faith, he will stay firm upon it. And a person who does not get this message, he will have a little bit of wealth and he will think that nothing of it will depart.

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Now we see that this reality of the life of this world is shown to us through this example, many many times and

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similar examples are mentioned repeatedly in the Quran. So that we do not get deceived by this dunya

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we do not cling to it. We do not hold on to it. We do not try our utmost to just preserve this dunya but still what is amazing is that we are deceived. We are holding on to it. We are clinging to it with all of its sorrows and griefs and its pleasures and its comforts but the fact is that the comfort and the pleasure of this life is less. It is little it is temporary.

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We learned insulted, Hadid is number 20 a loss of biodiversity says errorlevel unknown higher to dunya lair even when one was in tune, whatever home Vina comb water Catherine Phil unwary will

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know that the life of this world is nothing but amusement and diversion, and adornment and boasting to one another and Competition in increase of wealth and children. commodity ladies in arguable cofell on about two who some Mayor Haeju federal or homeless fallen like the example of a rain whose resulting plant growth pleases the tillers but then it dries and you see it turned yellow. So my akuna hakama then it becomes scattered debris will fill Hirata either been shed Eden, woman Farah to Manila and in the Hereafter is severe punishment. Or it is forgiveness from Allah. What is one and approval? Woman hired to do Nia Illa material and what is the worldly life except the enjoyment of

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So this dunya it does not last. It is just a test. Everything comes to an end. Every day. You move on, you leave something behind. Every day. You see something decline. You see someone pass away. Every day you feel that you're losing someone, you're losing something

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because this dunya This is a reality. Nothing is permanent. It's temporary. It goes away. It leaves you or you leave it

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alamelu Alba Luna, the wealth and children what are they, Xena?

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They are just the adornment of this worldly life. Man wealth no matter what kind of wealth it is, whether it is money, or it is servants or it is some assets, clothes, houses, furniture, any kind of wealth. And Alba noon, children.

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Notice the word balloon has been used and balloon is primarily used for who sons

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Because people are more proud of having sons, generally you will see across various cultures. This is the reality of people. They prefer having sons over daughters.

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And mainly people are proud about their sons. So I'll manual balloon wealth and sons, what are they zenithal Hayato dounia. They're just the Xena of this life. They're not Xena, or the archaea. They are Xena only in dystonia,

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through wealth and through children, a person adorns himself in this life, how? Like for example, if a person has money, what will he do? He will wear certain type of coats, he will decorate his house, he will drive a particular car, he will use a particular pen, he will eat at certain places certain foods, which all show the wealth that he has, the money that he has. And through all of these things, what is he doing, beautifying himself adorning himself and children are also what a means of beauty. Which is why generally, what is the goal that people have in their lives, I have to study, I have to go to school, so that I can have a career so that I can make money. And I can have a family,

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do things people aim for? Why? Because this is what brings beauty to your life.

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If you have one and not the other, or if you have neither, then it does not make you beautiful in the sight of people. This is what brings beauty to people in Estonia.

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Generally, people boast about their children as well. For example, if they have a little child who begins to speak, they will tell everybody, this is what my child says. Just imagine if a person has two or three little children dressed very nicely well behaved, how proud a person would be of them. He would love to show them in front of other people. And if a person has children who are going to med school, again, he's so proud about them, he will tell everybody this is only Xena of this life, Xena to hire.

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They are not Xena for the archaea. And this is something that we should understand

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that wealth and children are only a benefit to a person were in this dunya not in the asset unless a person invests them for the hours

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that he spends as well. And he trains his children so that he can benefit from them in the hereafter.

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In sort of server I have 37 we learn woman I'm welcome when are allowed to convey Lottie to caribou Marina zilpha 11am Anna, what I'm gonna slowly it is not your wealth or your children that brings you nearer to us in position, but it is by being one who has believed and unrighteousness then such a person, his wealth and children, they will help him in the hereafter as well

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into the Sharla, 88 and 89 we learn yo Malayan Pharaoh Merlin, whenever noon 11 at Allah be convinced the day when they will not benefit anyone wealth or children.

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No matter how much money you have, how much billions trillions, it will not help.

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Similarly, no matter how successful children a person may have, no matter how beautiful and intelligent and smart they may be. They will not help unless and until they're righteous in them and at Allaha because when Sally only one who comes to Allah with the sound heart

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and this is the reason why we have been warned in the Quran. That Yeah, are you Allah Dena Amano latonia Come on welcome. Allah Allah. Allah pseudomonads Nikolai number nine that all believers, your wealth and your children should not divert you from the Decker Obama.

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Because many times the person gets busy in just beautifying himself, adorning himself with his wealth, and with his children,

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all of his time, all of his effort is focused on what getting more money, using more money, enjoying more money, or looking after the children.

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But remember, that they are only limited to this dunya therefore they should not distract you from the vicar of Allah. Because in the Hereafter, your wealth and children will not help you. Unless you have prepared them for the

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latterly come and welcome Allah Allah to come.

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So wealth and children they're only Xena of this life. They only benefit a person in this dunya so what is it that will last?

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We learned in the previous example of life that everything and children sometimes they die in your life.

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Sometimes they move away from you, they move on with their lives. They leave you, wealth even it leaves you. You see your favorite thing, breaking one day.

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I remember once this lady, she showed me a dish. And she said, I got this on my wedding shower about 30 some years ago. And it was a lovely dish. And as you stood up, it fell out of her hands and it broke right there.

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It broke right there. And I was thinking that no matter how valuable something is to you of dystonia, ultimately, it's something of dystonia. And eventually, it will finish it will finish, no matter how precious it is to you, no matter how special it is to you, it is going to finish. So what is it that continues? What is it that goes with you? What is it that will remain? If children will go, wealth will go? What is it that will remain them well back yet, and the enduring ones and ones that endure are what have suddenly had the good deeds

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while back to soil health, the good deeds that endure, what is going to last is what of sila hat, it's the good deeds that you do now. They're going to last they're going to continue with you to the effect and benefit you over there. Your wealth will not go with you to the grave. Your money will not help you on the Day of Judgment, your wallet will not come to you on the Day of Judgment, no, you will be empty handed. The only thing that will be with you is what a solid had an bathia to a solid, what will remain are the good deeds, good deeds will remain and what does a soil health refer to what are these good deeds, it includes every kind of good deed

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whether in word or inaction,

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whether it is a statement, or it is an Arma

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including Salah, including the including a modal model, including the Heron and Mancha including the dhikr of Allah

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or even our founder, Darren who he was questioned, which are the good righteous deeds that last what are the valkia to slowly had, and he replied that they are La Ilaha Illa, Allah Subhana, Allah Alhamdulillah, Allah Hu Akbar and La Whoa, la la la quwata, illa Billah Hill are the year.

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This is Betty.

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This is what's going to last.

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If you spend a lot of money on your backyard, you spend a lot of time landscaping, getting the perfect trees, getting the perfect arrangement, eventually what's going to happen, fall will come, it's gonna go, all the beauty is going to go it's going to be covered in snow, all that wind is going to blow and perhaps a tree will be uprooted. Perhaps the fence will fall destroying all of your plants. But if you say some, and because of them, trees grow for you in general, they are more lasting. They are back here to slowly

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what you plant in this dunya eventually, it's going to finish. But what you plant in the alpha, it's going to remain it's going to last the wealth and children they're going to stay behind in this dunya what is going to go with you. It's the good deeds that will go

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but if you look at it, what is it that distracts us from performing these good deeds from performing alberca to soil from saying these simple atka Subhana Allah Alhamdulillah Allahu Akbar.

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Think about it after Salah a few times we have this as a panel that hamdulillah Allahu Akbar. But what is it that stops us from even doing that from even saying that it's either wealth, or its children.

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Let me just save these five minutes and instead go to the dishes quickly. Let me just go in, fix this quickly do this quickly. Or let me just sit with my child, Doctor him laugh with him play with him. I'm not saying that's not important it is. But many times we do that at the cost of

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forgetting that everything else will stay and that the other side had will go. If you look at it, that the hereafter it is certain. And the benefits of this dunya they're very doubtful. You spend so much time with someone trying to please them but you don't know if they'll really be happy. You spend so much time getting some more money but you don't know if you'll really get it. You don't know if you will really be able to enjoy it. But still, how much of our time goes on that which is for sure.

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And that which is doubtful,

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well back to solid how to hire in the UK because

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they are better in the sight of your Lord in terms of the web in terms of reward

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will hire on Amala and better in hope. Emma is from the real veterus Hamza mainland. And remember that ml is such all about which there is a possibility of its fulfillment, it's quite possible that it may be fulfilled, you hope that it will be fulfilled. So we'll hide on Amazon, meaning the back the other side, he had the good deeds, the enduring good deeds, they are better in the sight of Allah, in terms of reward,

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Allah will reward a person for his back he

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will hide on Amala. And this is worthy of being hoped for. This is something that a person should hope for what a person should hope for what a person should expect, is not only wealth and children, but what should he hope for reward in the hereafter? And how can he hope for that by doing some back here to see

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if a person walks and desires dunia? Even if he gets it eventually what's going to happen?

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It's going to finish it's going to go away. It's going to decline. It's going to die. But if a person does back here to Sally hat, and he hopes reward, then inshallah Allah has promised and that is much better hide on our internal because a weapon will hide on MLS.

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If you look at it, in times of difficulty in need, a person hopes that his wealth will aid him a person hopes that his children will aid him. But in the Hereafter, what is it that will aid a person? Is it wealth and children? No, it's the back here.

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This is where a person should put his hope. This is what a person should be relying upon, not wealth and children, but rather good deeds.

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welcome children.

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We learned earlier that children they make a person behave. And also they make him stingy. And they also make him a coward.

00:28:11--> 00:28:15

And this is very true. But what does that give strength to a person to move on to continue

00:28:17--> 00:28:45

to do but the other side of that it's the righteous company was with nafsa Marilla Dena, the owner of Bumble whether it will actually keep yourself in the company of such people because they will move you forward, they will not let you stay at home, they will not let you do nothing. So hold yourself with these people cling to them. Because no matter how much time you spend with your children, no matter how much time you spend with your wealth, eventually it's going to go.

00:28:47--> 00:29:15

I remember somebody once mentioned that they only like to spend their time with their children, and nothing else. They don't like to clean, they don't like to cook, they don't like to go out. They don't like to shop, they don't like to be with their friends. They just want to give their children 100% attention because their children are the highest priority. And I thought to myself in a way that's very good, that you're giving your children all the attention. But eventually what's going to happen.

00:29:16--> 00:29:21

Their children are going to move on and they will remain

00:29:22--> 00:29:45

they will stay behind. And because their children, they have sacrificed everything. And when their children have gone they're going to be left sad and depressed. So many times that happens with people, so many women I've seen in my own life, who spend all their time only with their children and children. As soon as they start going to school. The mothers are sitting at home they're like what do I do? They're sad, they're depressed. They don't know what to do.

00:29:46--> 00:30:00

So latterly Come on welcome, Allah, Allah to come on zikalala at whatever stage, whether they're infants, or their toddlers, whether they're going to school, or they're going to university or they're married at any stage, don't let them

00:30:00--> 00:30:01

distract you from the day

00:30:03--> 00:30:28

and many times is fitna this test it begins even before the child is born, that while a woman is pregnant, that's it. She cannot continue with her studies anymore. She cannot continue with her work anymore. She cannot continue with anything. It says though she has become ill she has become sick and she cannot do anything at all. Yes, it's difficult. But lateral you come on welcome Allah, Allah, Allah. It's just a phase. And you're being tested.

00:30:29--> 00:30:45

At this point with regards to bacteria to soil you have a person has to become selfish. He has to give preference to the backyard decide to head over anything and everything. Because eventually in the long run, what is going to benefit him? Albania Do

00:30:47--> 00:30:49

you see that Xena is something that is temporary.

00:30:50--> 00:31:06

If you have jewelry, you want to renew it. If you have some degree is some certification after some time you have to renew it. If you have some shoes, you have to get a new pair very soon. The Zener it keeps getting renewed again. And again, this is a constant cycle in life.

00:31:08--> 00:31:29

If you have children, they move on to school, then they move on to their careers than their wedding, and then their spouse and their children. And then their house, it continues It never ends. So if you get lost in the Xena that right now, let me just, you know, set my house and then I will focus on thumbsucker of Allah, believe me, that will never end.

00:31:31--> 00:31:36

Because this will continue. You get bored of Xena, you have to do something else after that.

00:31:37--> 00:31:42

Even when you have to spend your time with your wealth and children have the right idea

00:31:43--> 00:31:53

that when you're spending your time with your child, don't just look at the child and be happy or how cute how nice, how good looking how you know, smiling, is that the only thing you see in the child.

00:31:54--> 00:32:15

Think about how you can do his tarbiyah what kind of things you can teach him so that he can be an asset for you, he can be as other criteria for you. So look at it this way, instead of just bringing pleasure to your heart. by spending time with the child and enjoying the child. spend that time and invest in that child that is a benefit in the

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even the time that you spend with your children enjoying having fun, even that you can make it back to soil health, for example, instead of singing with the child random things. You know, sometimes these phrases don't even make much sense. But if you think something useful, like La ilaha illAllah, then the child is also learning something, if you read the occur, the child is also benefiting he is learning. So the double benefit, but that can only be possible if your focus is back. If you remember that this time spent with the child or with my money will eventually go, this child will go This money will go if I take use of the moment and I do some back the other side. That's going to

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help me that's going to help my child. It's only possible when the focus is on the other side.

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using it in the right way is a means of benefit to a person