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An-Nisa 26-35 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 34-b

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So when Natty and those women who the half owner new shoes or when you fear their rebellion,

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meaning those women, those Anissa the half owner you fear meaning you know for sure that when the signs are visible when they're clear, and you fear that it's going to get worse. What do you fear? What do you know for sure?

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They're in the shoes, meaning the new shoes, author women.

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What is the word new shoes mean?

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New shoes 100 whatever is known chain z?

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And Nash's a new shoes literally means if differ, if differ, and what does it mean? To be high, to lift up, to rise up.

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As we learned earlier, until the buffalo that kayfun when she's when someone acts to her donkey, how we rise up the bones and then we clothed them with lamb.

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Also, we learn the Quran that elaborated upon when chizu when you're told that, get up, and leave, then get up and leave. Don't stay in sit there.

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When you're told to go home, then go home. So naturally, what does it mean to get it?

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And from this, the word new shoes is used for the disobedience, or the ill treatment, the rebellion of a companion.

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That imagine two people, they're together. And one of them, he lifts up his head, or he lifts up himself against the other.

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When he lifts up himself, what is he doing?

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He's rebelling, he's being unkind. He's being unjust. He's been crew, he's not treating well.

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So the new shoes of a woman is when a woman rises up or when a woman refuses to do that, which is obligated on her

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meaning what is her responsibility?

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So it is tough for a man

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it is to rise up from what has been imposed upon a person.

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So what is the duty of a woman for salejaw to Canada to have these the duties of a woman?

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A woman says no, I'm not gonna listen to you. I'm not gonna care about you. And the husband tells her don't tell anybody about this. And the woman goes and publicizes his secrets to others, what is this new shoes, because she is rebelling, she is not doing what is imposed upon her.

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So the new shoes of the woman is her disobedience to the husband, her disrespect of the husband. It is when a woman does not like her husband, she hates her husband, she acts as if she is above him. She ignores him. She doesn't give him his help.

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So in other words, in your shoes is when the woman does not give the husband his help.

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And what is the hook of the husband

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of the woman, the canoes of the woman, as well as the house half of the men, which is sexual fulfillment.

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So if a woman refuses, and she's ill treating the husband, she doesn't give any respect to him. she shouts at him, she yelled at him, as if he's a child, as if he is nothing as if he's a servant. And we need to look at ourselves. How do we treat our husbands?

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Sometimes we think that, you know, we're Frank, it's okay. Or he's being unjust. So I can shout at him however I want.

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I can treat him however, I want no. New shoes is that a woman rises up above her husband?

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Would you think that she is better than him? When she pretends as though she is above him?

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So allottee to her phone, new shoes, and then these women, what are you supposed to do? Divorce them? Is that the command? Generally this is what people do. Generally, this is the first step that people take that if a woman is not respecting the husband, what is the husband? Divorce? The woman did not bring a glass of water, divorce. The woman went somewhere where he told her not to go divorce. What is the command that Allah Subhana Allah has given to the men? What should you do? First of all, fairy Luna advise them, admonish them, make them realize fairy Luna is from well I love and what is wildly effective speech.

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It is to give an advice to someone which will soften their heart and how is

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done by mentioning the reward and reminding of the consequences. So this is what wireless

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and it is also to counsel someone to exhort someone, and thus it leads them to repent, it leads them to reformation.

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So far, I will not admonish them.

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So first of all, it is the talking stage, meaning you speak to them, you talk to them, you make them realize about their actions, counsel them, tell them to protect their honor. Do you think about their children? Do you think about the house? Do you think about the family

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reminder about her duties and the rights of the husband make her fear of loss of data. This is what needs to be done.

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Because many times what happens people forget, especially women, sometimes are so frustrated. They're at home husband is at work, or he's at work because he's making money. And the woman is getting upset. This is not fair. I have to cook up to the children. And he comes home eats dinner and goes to sleep. This is not fair. Well, he's out all day because he's working. So sometimes women are very upset when they're very emotional, what happens? They start yelling at their husbands. So what should the men do? Yell back at her? What does Allah say,

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for a woman? Talk to them nicely. advise them, remind them, calm them down. Because if the man also starts yelling at her, then what's going to happen? The situation is only going to get worse.

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So if you find that you're not having a good relationship with someone, before cutting them off, what should you do? Doctor?

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And just if you talk to them, I'm sure the situation is going to improve. So first of all, for even

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if this doesn't work, that the man Beltre wants, like for instance, the man told her secret she goes until somebody else is like, Why did you tell her? Why did you tell somebody else? Now one is that a man come back home angrily and bla bla bla. That is inappropriate. And the other is that he comes back home. And in a very calm manner, he talks to her discusses with her reminds her

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but the woman doesn't care. And she goes in depth about something else. She goes and does something else that is also unacceptable. Then what is a man supposed to do? Then, you know, what does Allah say? Why do you wanna film A Dodger? Leave them in bed.

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Meaning This is the ignoring stage. start ignoring them now.

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Because a woman This is a worst feeling that she can have being ignored, especially by her husband.

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So this is the ignoring stage.

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And what does it mean by this? Why'd you do one is from Hydra? What does it mean? To leave to abandon from the same as the word Hydra.

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And it is to leave something with the body or the tongue or the heart.

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So why don't you do one net meaning leave them separate yourself from film A lodger in the bed. Nadia is a Florida mock job. And my job is from the veterans thought Jean

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leggera is to lie down. And mock Jr. is a place of sleeping or place of lying down.

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So separate them in beds, meaning separate your bed from them. Don't sleep with them.

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Don't sleep on the same bed, don't sleep in the same room. Don't sleep in the same house, whatever. But ignore her. Why?

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So that she realizes her mistake.

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And sometimes you see the women that just need time on their own as well?

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Isn't it so they just need to think on their own and realize what they have done.

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So what you do wanna film A Dodger, ignore them, separate the beds from them. And some say that what this means is what you Ramanathan Mataji. Don't have any physical relationship with them.

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Don't have physical relationship with them for some time.

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It doesn't mean eternally. What does it mean for something? Why do you wanna feel more dodgy?

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But then still, if they don't get it? Still, if they're very disobedient, then should you divorce them? Then should you give them follow? No. Then go to the third degree of making somebody realize their mistake.

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And what is that 131 and strike them?

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Oh, my God. Well, then he will witness from birth and what does that mean?

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to hit the strike.

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Now, unfortunately, some people you know in their apologetic way of approaching the Quran.

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What do they do? They say, Baba, it means to travel, you have to reboot.

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So what it means about the Buddha is that you leave them go away from them. And that is what the prophet sallallaahu Selim did when he became upset with his wives that he left them for an entire month. So what did the Buddha means leave them? It doesn't envied them. No way.

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Why did you wanna film odagiri? Means separate from them? And what tribhuvan in the Arabic language, what does it mean strike them? And what do you take the meaning of travel from the word Thor?

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When it comes with the Audrey buena feel of it adorable Phil out? Always it has to be followed by fill out if you see such an interpretation, that is incorrect. What do we bhuvana means strike them.

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And this is the punishing stage.

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You see somebody is not listening, like for example, a child? If they're not listening, what are you going to do? You're going to talk to them first. Right? If they still don't listen, what are you going to say?

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Or you're not going to talk to them? And if they still don't listen, then maybe you're going to punish them.

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So this is the punishing stage. Why, for the purpose of Islam, not for the purpose of age law. Remember that?

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This love is for the purpose of what's the objective is law reformation. Not ag law, what does it mean,

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from Georgia to give a wound to injure. So this does not give the man the license for domestic violence. But what is this, that thought of why in order to do this law,

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and we learned from several ahadees, or the statements of the companions that the proper manner of love is that, first of all, a person, a man cannot hit the woman on her face, cannot hit the woman on her face. Even if it's a very gentle slap, still, he cannot hit her on the face, it's not allowed.

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Secondly, it should not be such a burden, that leaves a mark on her body.

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You see, sometimes somebody slaps the other, their face goes red, or their part of their arm goes red or the bench very hard that sometimes you will get a bruise. Or if they strike with something else, it leaves a bruise. Or sometimes it's so bad, that person starts bleeding, or a part of their body, their limb is broken. This is not permissible. It should not be such a dub that leaves a mark.

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And even our vessel that I know he said that this means that you strike with a miswak What is it is whack a toothbrush, then what is it sure that the objective of this thought of is not to beat them? Not to give them a wound. But the objective is Islam. Because if somebody even hits you slightly, even with a pencil, how do you feel?

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It really hits you. But if somebody hits you violently, then you don't get affected whether you become rebellious. Right?

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You don't listen to them rather you get rebellious. Which is why when parents when they hit their children, what happens the first two, three times the children get very, like emotionally shaken, right? Sometimes they're crying not because they're hurting, but because of the fact that they got beaten up. But if the parents continue to be the children, then what happens? doesn't affect

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it doesn't affect and sometimes it goes to the extent of even children trying to take revenge from their parents physically.

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It happens.

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So the purpose of this job is not HR, what is it?

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And if you notice, over here, the solution to new shoes is not for now.

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What is the solution? three stages.

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And even then, a last part that is not a lottery boom. And then we'll follow Kahuna. No.

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Because many times, what happens if there's a bad relationship with somebody we think, get rid of them. gone get along with somebody, I want to change jobs. Get rid of them. I can't stand them anymore. But that's not really winning the situation that's actually losing the situation. Winning is that when you make the other person realize, and how do you make them realize by talking to them, if they don't get it, ignore them, and if they don't get it, maybe just hit them a little bit, just like a slight nudge or a slight strike with a fan or something like that. Just to make them feel that this is getting serious. And if they want to understand they understand and if they don't get

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it then

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Obviously, the relationship is going to come to an end.

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We learned that Initially, it was completely forbidden for the men to strike their lives. And we learned that a woman she came in contains the profits out of him that my husband struck me. What was she told that you go and strike him.

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But then later on, she was stopped. Why? Because if she was allowed that he would hit her much more violently, and she would suffer,

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we don't have him consumed in a city, except that when the men were completely forbidden, distract their lives, the men came and complained to the profits.

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And they said that since this restriction was placed on us, our women are getting out of control. So the profits that have allowed them to strike but he said, we're laying up river here,

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we're laying up river, here will come, the best among you will never strike their women, the best among you will never strike their women.

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So we see that this is a permission, this is an allowance.

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And when does it come? This is the third stage, after a while, and after had, then the outcomes. If that doesn't work, then do that.

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And we learned that and what are the nine who he said that those who hit their wives, you will not find that there are good people. Those men who beat their wives, you will find that they're not good people. This is only a permission

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and allowance. And those people who take this as a license for domestic violence, you will find that they're not good people.

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If a person cannot respect his wife, if a person cannot have mercy on his wife, cannot have love for his wife, Rama for his wife, the newly added Rama for

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and we see that the prophet SAW about a sudden, what did he say that fear Allah regarding women, for their your assistance. Fear Allah regarding your women.

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Then Allah says for in Uttarakhand, then if there will be you,

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who obeys you, the women, meaning if after your wife if they obey you, or if after world and how do they obey you? Or if after World hug and are they obey you falletta bajo la nessa Villa, then don't seek against them away, meaning don't find an excuse to come against them, to hit them to beat them, to be violent towards them, to treat them in a bad way.

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So for that Abu Salah Hina sybilla. And basically what this means is that if they have reformed themselves, then forget the past,

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leave whatever happened and just pretend as though nothing happened. Because if you stay in your past and keep reminding the woman or if you don't get over what happened in the past, then you're not going to be able to live properly.

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Whatever happened in the past has happened. So if a wife made a big mistake, even big mistake, but if she has done Toba if she has changed, then forget about what happened. Why do you still keep talking about it? Because if you keep discussing, if you keep mentioning it what's going to happen?

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What's going to happen? She's going to become more rebellious. You're going to have more anger towards her

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and the situation is never going to improve.

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So if a foreigner calm if they obey you, if the things are fine, fanatical horniness abida then don't find any way against them, meaning to their detriment in order to harm them. Because remember, that in the law, how can I Li yen can be evil? Indeed, Allah is Ever I Li yen, meaning he has renewed What is earloop? hight Highness?

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So he is the one who is most high, and he is also Kabira meaning he is the one who is Most Great.

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No one is higher than him. No one is above him, and no one is greater than him.

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Why are these two names of Avast pantherella mentioned over here

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as a warning that you are men have been made the coven. The women yes are supposed to feel sorry have gone in that half a lot. If they do not choose, you are supposed to do worse, and then had you and if it doesn't work, then the end if they obey you, then don't do anything against them.

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And if you do so, then remember that there is someone above you.

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Remember that there is someone much greater than you higher than you who can punish you for your actions because Allah subhana wa tada does not like

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Allah does not like him.

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So this is a warning for men against

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OReilly and Kibriya against the IE meaning, showing themselves to be very great. And Kibriya being arrogant against the women.

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Because Amanda take a lot of pride in being calm, but they don't fulfill the duties of being a woman.

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They say that, oh, Allah says worldly, we wonder. So I'm gonna beat my wife. It's a permission. What does Allah say? Remember that Allah is our Lea and COVID there is someone who is much greater than you above you, this woman, okay, she might not be able to say anything to you, she might not be able to stand up for herself or to take revenge. Maybe because she is a hatherleigh. She's not even going to tell anybody about how you treat her. But remember, that Allah is watching you. And remember that Allah is greater than you.

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In the lock, enter the yen.

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Let's listen to the recitation first, and then discuss what

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So first of all, we learned that the men they have over the women, they have superiority over the women. Why? Because they are when they are aware, this is why they have superiority over the women.

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We also learned from this ayah that there are always reasons behind the commands of Allah subhanaw taala.

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There are always reasons behind the commands of Allah subhanaw taala. Whether a command is shuttering, or it is something that deals with Kony affairs.

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Like, for instance, over here, two reasons have been given for men being common. And what is that reason? That first of all, we might have thought that a lumbar lumada valve? And secondly, what women and for whom? And why to him? So because of these two reasons, they are the one what is the church was that every command that our las panatela has given whether it is county or shattering? There's always a reason behind that. And these reasons, what do they reflect the wisdom of almost pantalla?

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Also, we learn from this idea that the one who spends has superiority over the one whom he spends on

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the one who spends on the other, he has superiority over the one on whom he is spending. Where do we learn this from?

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Where do we learn this from?

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We met un* woman and why to him, so be man for a woman and wedding in Belvedere is a suburb, it is a reason of cause. So why is it that they're qalam? Or why do they have superiority over the women? Because they spent What does it show

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that a person who spends on the other has superiority over him as we don't want that Heidi said earlier hiral mineralia is

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that the upper hand is better than the lower hand.

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We also learn from this ayah about praise that Allah subhanaw taala praises his little eye that guarding secrets, anything that is a secret that is a private matter between you and your friend, between you and your companion between you and your co worker, between you and your teacher between you and your student. Anything that is a secret between you and the other person. What should you do? It's because it's a part of being solid.

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Because for salejaw to Banita don't have a lot. It's a part of being silent.

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Also, we learned that if a person is teaching the other or

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During therapy are the other, how should it be done?

00:25:03--> 00:25:05

in stages? gradually,

00:25:07--> 00:25:16

we cannot expect someone to become perfect after one lesson after one month, and you have to go from one stage to the other.

00:25:18--> 00:25:26

If one thing doesn't work, what should you do? Try another. If that doesn't work, what should you do? Try another changer method.

00:25:27--> 00:25:44

So this shows that deep or tarbiyah? How is it done? through several stages? If one doesn't work, what should a person do? change his method, change his style, because maybe there is a problem with his style to change the style.

00:25:45--> 00:25:56

We also learned that if someone is disobedient, or rebellious, the solution is not in getting rid of them. But rather, the solution is in wishing well for them.

00:25:57--> 00:26:20

Because if you look at it, the man who can just give divorce to the woman over here, the men could have been instructed if you don't like them, but licona. But the solution is not allow. Why? Because if you give for lack, is that going to fix the situation? Is that going to fix the problem in the woman? know, what is the solution that you wish well for the other person as well, and you fix them as well.

00:26:21--> 00:26:24

Many times if we don't get along with someone, we just want to get rid of them.

00:26:25--> 00:26:32

The solution is not in getting rid of them. The solution isn't reformation isn't reformed.

00:26:34--> 00:26:40

You know, some people say that beating or hitting was striking. This is something that should never be done.

00:26:41--> 00:26:45

Some people say that right? Especially today, that never hit.

00:26:46--> 00:26:59

Of course, by hitting, we don't mean that beat until they're bruised. But it means that strike a little bit, as I mentioned to you, the conditions that not on the face are not something that would leave a mark Why? It's a part of teaching.

00:27:01--> 00:27:04

Now, this doesn't mean that everybody has the right to beat their children.

00:27:05--> 00:27:27

No, remember the etiquette as well. Because we go on to extremes. If we start beating, we don't stop. And in order to stay away from it, we think that don't even touch them. Don't even touch the other person. But sometimes children especially you have to all of you mothers, don't you do that sometimes it's not a big slap each time. Sometimes it's just a slight nudge.

00:27:28--> 00:27:36

Just a slight nudge. And that's enough. And if you do more than that, it's not going to work. It's never going to work. So just a slight nudge.

00:27:37--> 00:27:50

So those people who say that no, no, no, never even be harsh, never ignore. It's not going to work. No, it does work. As long as you do it with moderation according to the law that allows plantera has given.

00:27:52--> 00:28:29

Also, we learned that after that the meaning after teaching somebody the other, after disciplining someone, don't remind them of their past mistakes. Don't remind them of their past mistakes. People try so hard to change themselves to improve themselves. And once they have changed themselves, once they have gone such a long way. What do we do? Remember when you did that? Remember when you used to do that, remember when you used to be like that? What does it do? kills them from insight. Forget the past, let it stay in the past, cover it hide it.

00:28:30--> 00:28:48

also learn that if a person has been given any kind of superiority, whether it is superiority, in authority or in knowledge, or in beauty or anything whatsoever. If a person has been given any superiority, what should he remember?

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That there is someone higher than him. There is someone above him.

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We learned that a man he was beating a slave and the prophets are about us Allah. He said, You have to learn you have to learn Allahu Akbar or la kaminska either had an art Allah has more control over you, then you have control over the slave.

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You have the ability to strike the slave. Allah has more power over you.

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And the man when he heard that he freed his slaves.

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So in every situation, if we have some authority, some superiority What should we remember? There's someone greater than us.

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Well vocal quality or admin, or the above every knowledgeable person is one who is more annoying I leave the all knowing Allah subhanaw taala.

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So never get fooled by the little that you have been given. Never.

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Now, early in Kabira This is a warning against the men. But this is also like a comfort for the women. That don't worry if

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they're treating you bad. If they're doing Zalman you, then remember that there is someone greater than your husband, who's going to defend you because Allah subhanaw taala, whose side is he on? The Muslim?

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And if you think of it, it's easier to give to Allah than to go through this process of reformation. What is it sure that the relationship between a husband and wife is something that is liked by a lot of penetrative, which is why so many steps have been given the try this first try that first, okay, even if it's gone to such an extreme, okay, even try this? What else do we learn from

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that, in both situations where the man is mistreating his wife or the wife is mistreating the husband, if either of them are not giving the others that eventually what's going to happen?

00:30:50--> 00:31:06

Divorce shock. inshallah, we will read in the next time, that if a woman feels that her husband is being unjust towards her, then What's she going to do? She's going to seek somebody else's help. Because a woman if she tries to ignore her husband, and she couldn't work,

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maybe to a little extent that her husband comes in, she barely smiles or she doesn't talk much. What does that show that I'm unhappy? I'm not happy with what you do. If it's something small, it works. But if it's something very serious, something very major, then somebody else needs to come in order to fix the situation. Which is why when the woman gets married, who is on her side, the world, right? So because if a woman is given the permission, okay, the new striker husband, it's not going to work. It's only going to worsen the situation.

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